(Dec 27 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 20
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The Verdict. The Jury will decide our fate. YOU ARE THE JURY. Bye, Bye great reset. We reject all that is evil failed and wrong. We embrace all that is good right and just. We must be the animating spirit in what some may write about later as the third great awakening in America. We will overcome evil with good as the good book says through action, accountability and humility. We must remove the pagan idols that always lead to great pain, misery and destruction. We must remove all of the idolatry, deception and soul sucking lies that permeate our culture today.

(Dec 20 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 19
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Closing Arguments. Liberty is a choice and when there is no choice it is tyranny. The principle is simple we operate by the consent of the governed as they did in the good book. When people in power abuse that privilege they lose our consent. We must stop going along with this insanity to protect the innocent from harm when the opposite outcome occurs. Our innocent children are now being bullied abused & experimented on by the system in the name of protecting them. This is not kind.

(Dec 13 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 18
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The Case for America. Responsible leadership has a stabilizing effect. When leadership is destabilizing, one of three things must be true: either that leadership is purposefully destabilizing, or it is incompetent, or both.Responsible leadership is not focused on the abstract it’s focused on reality, on people on outcomes. When the folks we call leaders confirm a Supreme Court Justice that can’t define a woman we have to sing the chorus again.

(Dec 06 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 17
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Cross Examination II. Technology increases the conditions and mediums for mass formation. It is most certainly a form of witchcraft (Pharmakea) with words and spells and jingles that capture your attention. In an extreme case the words and spells (Spelling) begin to rule your life because they captured your full attention. Our cell phones rule all of our lives now capturing most of our attention throughout the day. We all have a leash.

(Nov 29 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 16
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Cross Examination I. In the song the music dying is a great way to depict a generation captured in song, who ironically killed the music of our culture when it discarded truth and God. It’s explicit in the lyrics of the day all very well written. I remember hearing that song on the radio as a child. My father went to school with Ritchie Valens. I remember listening to that song with my dad many times when it came out. That tragic moment is a fitting metaphor. Strange how a vivid memory of a song like that can transport you across time.

(Nov 22 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 15
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Expert Testimony IIII. The love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil and we see that many have chosen the material today over the spiritual and traded their souls for the comforts of the creature. The love of money is searing their conscience as they remain loyal to the power that is crushing freedom for most of the world today. Indeed there is nothing new under the sun. The Marxist generation is deploying Marxist math this fall in our schools and soon we will conclude on the basis of “equity” that two plus two equals fish!

(Nov 15 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 14
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Expert Testimony III. People in my childhood that were supporting the establishment were derided for being politically correct because we instinctively knew that power did not seek truth. The phrase speaking truth to power was common in the vernacular. Questioning authority was a value. We must stop being politically correct return to being biblically correct. Why do folks that say they hate politics so much spend all their time being politically correct? People hate politics so much that they disengage in all rational thought discussion or debate.

(Nov 08 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 13
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Expert Testimony II. In my generation we grew up under the notion that it was OK to disagree and we could shake hands and continue with our lives celebrating the fact that we lived in a free country. We had thicker skin and when we criticized each other we weren’t quick to get offended. We chanted the rhyme that sticks and stones would break our bones but words would never hurt you. The idea of social justice was just a social construct and an academic argument.

(Nov 01 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 12
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Expert Testimony I. Culture wars are raging today fueled by technology and distilled into the abstract. We are no longer having normal conversations but have devolved into the abstract Meme War’s for narrative but meaning is lost and the abstract wins. However as I testify before you today a great shift in the way we consume and share information is afoot and the march towards censorship means the people are winning the narrative war with the media industrial complex. When tyrants can’t control the narrative they always resort to censorship.

(Oct 25 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 11
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Swearing the Oath. Place your hand on the bible and raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? I DO. If there is not truth how does the oath work? Can a Marxist (Moral Relativist) swear an oath properly or do they swear to an ever changing truth? When we don’t stand for truth we undermining truth itself. If we deny truth we embrace delusion. The postmodern CULTure denies truth and embraces a lie by default.

(Oct 18 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 10
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Character Witness Testimony. Let's review one of the most egregious ideologies we have ever witnessed. Gender affirming Care. This can also be described Delusion affirming, Fantasy Affirming, Artificial Affirming, Psychotic Affirming, OR Other Affirming. I just call it plain evil to ask society to accept everyone's fantasies as realities and make society pay for it. This is the Broadway that leads to destruction we are warned about in the Sermon on the Mount.

(Oct 11 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 09
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Instructions for the Jury. Justice Redefined by Gnostics: include all forms of Justice Qualifiers. Some Examples: restorative justice, environmental justice, racial justice, climate justice and all the other activist justice movements. The old singular definition of Justice as codified in the Holy Bible are passe and outmoded. ALL modified forms of justice are injustice. Why are criminals being set free and some saying that it's ok because we have to save money?

(Oct 04 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 08
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Jury Pool II: The American Ideal as written on the statue of Liberty depicting a people yearning to be free. Not a people yearning to be slaves. We must restore our American identity as individuals yearning to be free. Truth Seekers that do not comply with Tyranny is an American value. A people that cherish their Faith, Family and Freedom. How they got so many to follow blindly was simply years of prosperity and comfort, bad education and propaganda media.

(Sep 27 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 07
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Jury Pool I: Have you ever noticed that even in modern American Jurisprudence that the Supreme Court opinions seldom if ever refer to the Declaration of Independence? It's a national holiday but not an important document? GO FIGURE. Why would the highest court in the land not consider the most important document in American history in its deliberations?

(Sep 20 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 06
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Indictment II: America and truth itself are on trial. We have embraced artificial intelligence and discarded real intelligence. Remember America is founded on the fundamental truths in the Declaration of Independence that refer to the transcendental truth within us all. As is made clear in several verses of the bible and we all know these truths to be self-evident. Jesus asks what good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

(Sep 13 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 05
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Indictment I. The most egregious manifestation of this great transformation of our culture is the use of the propaganda media to promote safety over freedom. Bush number two, aptly described, had already set the stage before Obama to get us all focused on security over freedom in the war on terror. We find ourselves in a time where safety and security championed by the uniparty and a corrupt media became more important than the constitution and the rule of law.

(Sep 06 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 04
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Surveillance II: The tactics formerly lauded and used by the intelligence agencies to overthrow communist governments or tyrannical states, through psychological operations, has been turned inward and is being used to destroy our own country. Last week we detailed Executive Order 12333 signed in Jan of 2017, just days before Obama left office. The New Rules issued by the Obama administration removing the firewalls between the intelligence agencies.

(Aug 30 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 03
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Surveillance I: Have you noticed that the folks that claim not to be political more often than not are the most political of all? The fake virtue of neutrality gives cover to those that simply put their faith in government (man) and everything will be alright. Government is not good, government is force. Isn't it strange to think that blind obedience to man is somehow virtuous and not political? Vanity and pride can work magic on the psyche blinding folks from the truth and objectivity.

(Aug 23 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 02
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Personal Background: Well as I went back and edited and spell checked the series turned into at least 18 parts so this series will carry us into the fall. I went ahead and added some links to amplify some of my points as well. I made some basic video's this year for a local think tank about the flood and weighed in on the water issues we face here in the south valley. I read several books on the subject engaging this complex water issue to understand the inputs outputs stakeholders and historical context around the city, county and state.

(Aug 16 2023) - AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 01
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Introduction: We are going to start another multi-part series this week. I wanted to say thanks for all of the great feedback and comments on the past articles. I am humbled and honored to be able to put some of my thoughts out there for others to ponder. It is a great privilege to still have a local free press and a great local vibrant conversation about town. Local seems to be the only worthwhile endeavor these days. Local is where we really can have an impact and real connection these days.

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