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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 14
Unalienable Rights© - Nov 15, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2262 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 14

Expert Testimony III

People in my childhood that were supporting the establishment were derided for being politically correct because we instinctively knew that power did not seek truth. The phrase speaking truth to power was common in the vernacular. Questioning authority was a value.

We must stop being politically correct return to being biblically correct. Why do folks that say they hate politics so much spend all their time being politically correct? People hate politics so much that they disengage in all rational thought discussion or debate. Strange the activists claim the moral high ground that is today’s government and the politics gets worse and worse because people hate politics.

Fast forward to today and the opposite is true. People were taught not to question authority but to obey authority. People were taught to shift their obedience to truth to obedience to power. As the power of victim and grievance groups grew the fear of those groups destroying property and hurting people became more real and the woke cowardice grew, and grew and grew.

This could only happen if the truth was traded for power and the fear to stand up against it was sufficient for people to claim that compliance and safety were now their core values and no longer truth and freedom. We traded biblical correctness for political correctness. The emptiness that political correctness brings is what we all need to discuss and it’s called moral relativism.

If you lack the fortitude to say what you really think, Go Woke. No one will respect you, but you don't deserve any because you haven’t done anything. Makes me think that it’s even worse than being cowardly, it’s a cult. Woke cowards are willing to sacrifice truth, their own children, their own families, their own church, their own neighbors, their own country or even the whole world to serve the cult.

"Woke cowards are willing to sacrifice truth, their own children, their own families, their own church, their own neighbors, their own country or even the whole world to serve the cult." ... Ed McKervey

When you cling to a lie while laying claim to truth is part and parcel to gnosticism. Its so bad that we have all come across the grammar police in our lives and been derided for not being perfect. It’s a great example of the tyranny of the power groups that seek perfection in worldly things. Grammar police try to make people think they are better and smarter than others based on punctuation. In fact the fear of misspelling a word is greater than the fear of the lord for many of these zealots because they have no mercy, or love for those that fall short of perfection, namely themselves. How did pronouns and punctuation become more important than truth?

This trend towards claiming your own truth is a reflection on the increase of narcissism and nihilism. Do you really think you are better than others? Credentials don’t make you better than others because man does not decide what is good. If you genuinely think you are better than others that is an abuse of truth. I’ve noticed another very troubling trend over the past few years. For a generation we were threatened by the powers that be to not even move twig in the forest because the forest was sacred to the earth worship movement. The forest became like a museum.

Much like college campuses in that there were free speech zones. As if free speech was only allowed in certain zones. How dumb is that? Our kids were conditioned to obey the rules and free speech did not apply to campus unless it was in one of those zones. Image I place of higher learning you paid large sums of money to only to brainwash your children. What kind of things were they being taught on a campus that no longer allowed free speech?

In the forest we started fire wood cutting zones. We started to lock down forests everywhere and stopped forest management at the same time. The tinder piled up the forest was no longer being used and no longer being managed until a few years ago when much of it burned.

This Is A Terrible Hindsight
Look At Progressivism !!!

This is a terrible hindsight look at progressivism. We called what they were doing progress neglected our duties to manage the forests and created the conditions for catastrophe. Makes you think of Lenny in “Of Mice and Men” where he loved his mouse so much he loved it to death. Did we love our forest so much we loved it to death?

Rangers used to give us all a hard time about cutting wood if not in the designated area before the fire. Threats of severe fines and punishment for non- compliance was all folks talked about. When I was a kid gathering wood to have a fire was standard procedure. Wherever you camped you gathered wood it was not in a special zone. We were expected to be stewards of the forest and not to abuse the forest. There was a trust of the people.

Fast forward to today there is no trust of the people and outright disdain through fines and threats. The forest service acts as if the forest belongs to the government when in fact the forest belongs to the people. The authoritarians in our government become more and more authoritarian ever year and called it progress. Progress to what? Well how about the worst forest fires in our life time torching the very places that were held sacred. A Grand Funeral Pire.

Arson is the leading cause of fire. I read recently that even in cities the leading cause of fire was among squatters and transients in abandoned areas of cities. Imagine most of the fire resources bought and paid for by the taxpayers now being used and abused by those that were not paying taxes.

I love firefighters they are courageous and noble first responders. They do so much good we seldom stop to think about how they protect us day in a day out. The great sacrifices of our first responders is a testament to the great American values of courage, sacrifice, service with ethics, morality and integrity. Most folks run away from emergencies but these folks run towards them.

Our country is in big trouble right now and many are running away from responsibility or not speaking up. We need to look to the firefighters for inspiration and run into the fire and remove the threats and protect our country. With all of the fires around the world and most of them being created by men it’s a reflection of a demoralized and broken culture.

What do you think happens when we stop teaching self-reliance and good morals?

What do you think happens when we stop teaching self-reliance and good morals? The iconic Indian shedding a tear when he saw pollution changed a generation. A Smokey the bear generation. A give a hoot generation. All now deconstructed and woke going broke.

If that commercial was made today that man would be on his knees sobbing. The once sacred forests are burning all over the planet. Only a moron would blame the SUV’s and air conditioning for forest fires.

The reality is that the number 1 cause of fires is arson. The neglect of our forest creates the conditions and the neglect of our culture made it so you would be offended for telling the truth silencing the good voices that used be a culture that really cared about nature.

Climate change ideology created climate of destruction. Build back better implies destroy everything first. Folks fell for the latest utopian marketing that enables the elitists around the world to annex more land and transfer wealth from people to corporations. Why are they buying up the farmland?

These same zealots will tell you that land was sacred and then celebrate as they take more and more control of it through natural disaster and man made disaster. Obama was right. Man caused disasters are real and we need to look in the mirror and ask why we are allowing this to happen. The arsonists are claiming they are the fire fighters. Reminds me of that Jim Carey Skit with Fire Marshall Bill. Let me show you something !!

This leads me to an important point about groups and organizations. There is none perfect but one. The one perfect man died for us all. No doubt that we have an example set before us to strive to become.

Because man is not perfect we must refrain from saying things like it’s all good. There is not one organization or group or individual that is all good !!!

Because man is not perfect we must refrain from saying things like it’s all good. There is not one organization or group or individual that is all good. Let’s stop the madness here and discard this false premise from our vernacular.

It’s not all good. It’s never all good. There is however some excellent advice for those of us striving to be good and that is also found in Romans chapter 8. All things work together for the good for those who love God.

Those striving to be better, to overcome, to constantly work to restore or create where we fall short which is what we all inevitably do. Shrink not from your duty to fight the good fight and hold fast to the truth it is a meaningful and satisfying way to live.

The Frog in the boiling water is a great analogy. The comfort of the warm water made him weak and self-serving to the point that he thought it might just be easier to die than to stand up and jump out of the pot.

The warm water if his own truth got the better of him. In fact he was so weakened by his sloth and desire to live in neutrality and comfort that he thought it would be painful to jump out of the pot. It was too painful to face the truth and to face reality that he had to go back to living in the pond.

The Declaration of Independence sets the proper priorities in the phrasing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t think for one moment the pursuit of happiness in those times would have included gender affirmation surgery. I’m certain that in the founding era that nobody was thinking material things would make you happy people were much smarter than that.

The original alternative that became the pursuit of happiness in the first drafts was life liberty and property. The pursuit of happiness is definitely better than property. But I would posit that the pursuit of truth would have been far superior.

However in context we must remember our first property right. I often ask this question of folks to get them to think. “What is the first property that you possess? The answer is simple. The first property you possess is mind followed closely by body and spirit. Your thoughts are your property. This is your conscience. Who owns your conscience? Who owns your thoughts?

Think it’s not illegal yet. The censor’s only hope today is to shut down the internet. Problem is if they shut down the internet then they can’t communicate either. The Internet if kept free and decentralized will be the great equalizer. If someone is telling you what to say they are really telling you what to think.

In a free society we should always say what we think and feel because the people that mind don’t matter & the people that matter don’t mind as Dr Suess used to say

In a free society we should always say what we think and what we feel because the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind as Dr Suess used to say.

The Bill of rights makes this plain in many ways as your thoughts are your conscience. Your thoughts are also your property and they must be protected and defended in a free society. The draft Bill of Rights reference to property would have been taken out of context as if it were some material possessions. Pursuit of happiness was the final version and in a Christ centered culture in the 1700’s after the great awakening generation of the founders. The founding generation understood happiness and its pursuit properly.

We must reject outright modern progressives claiming the founders were anti-Christ slavers who used their property to create an evil country. Progressives would also say we should never have stood up against a king. Progressives love the divine right of Kings but that thinking is un-American.

There is no way in my readings of original documents that any of those slanders wielded by the anti-Christ progressive leftists today should ever be taken seriously. Nor would the idea that the pursuit of happiness have been twisted into an evil endeavor by our founders.

Here is a Link to a free online reader that contains a huge collection of original source documents.

With a Firm reliance on divine providence was and is still the best way to approach any situation. It can be rephrased in today’s vernacular as simply keep the faith OR trust in the lord. That humility is missing from today’s culture but I sense it is growing rapidly as folks come together in what looks like the beginning stages of another great awakening.

Time will tell but as an example in the last few years we see clearly a loss of trust in nearly every organization including Churches which is causing us to remove the scales from our eyes and come back together on first principles as We The People.

There is revival in America despite the tyrannical overreach today that echo’s the tyranny of the British Empire in the founding era. There are also echoes of the First century church as men and women of faith are being tried and wrongfully imprisoned around the world for not taking to a knee to ba’al and not complying with the Pharisees of this age.


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