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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1850 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XV

Fear Not – Inclusion in What? Part C

The inclusion ideology is based on moral relativism by design.

This is an ever changing set of rules that is like sinking sand. To be included may change overnight as well as the exclusion this is how the left defines progress and we find that it’s completely political. The question is always what does the culture deem inclusive based on feelings rather than reality? The simplest question is “Progress to what?”

The Good Lord calls us to be included in the heavenly realm where truth is absolute. Where relativism is rejected for true Ethics and Morality that is unchanging. The philosophies of man are relative and baseless. Do not be deceived by the emptiness of the world that proclaims inclusiveness in the broad way as a social good. That’s socialism.

The idea that you don’t have to change to be included eventually destroys itself because it includes so many unethical and immoral things. It destroys itself because it’s built on sinking sand and despite its claims to morality and ethics it’s not moral or ethical in the true Biblical sense.

The one thing to make plain in this dialogue is the simple inerrant truths of the Holy Bible remain unchanged and immovable. Our human nature and absolute truth are fixed and do not change. This is a foundation we can build a civilization on where there is common sense.

We can only have common sense if we have a common God

We can only have common sense if we have a common God. We reap unity when we all work towards the same goal. We have unity when we are all focused on the same morality and ethics. We are all included as we are all children of God. That’s the most diverse, inclusive and equitable group ever was and ever will be.

We have unity when we all work to change ourselves to mature and grow throughout our lives. Our society, civilization, lives, families and communities are focused on the same morality. This inclusion is what America is founded on and it’s not the principles that change it is us. There is no spoon because bending the spoon with our minds is impossible. Once you realize that you also realize that it is us that must change not the spoon that’s impossible.

A great biblical example is Paul formerly Saul. Saul was a persecutor of Christians. A member of the Jewish leadership that was persecuting Christians and thought he was doing a good thing. On his road to Damascus moment he was blinded by the Lord and his conversion began. He was drawn to be included in the promise of salvation, redemption and eternal life.

The implication is that when Saul changed his name to Paul he changed his whole life. He chose the path of salvation where only through God’s grace are we included. Paul entered into the straight gate and the narrow path that leads to life.

That was the beginning, there is no such things as once saved always saved. We are what we do and we must all mature in Christ. Our maturity is what the bible refers to as perfection and it’s a lifelong process of change and growth.

The Bible does not indicate the obvious from this conversion. Today many take for granted in our shallow reading our true name. Saul gave up his old name. He gave up his old life. He changed.

In short Paul was Wild at Heart

To be a member of the Jewish leadership he would have been a married man and would likely have had children and a family. None of this is in the biblical record but what we do see is the Paul of the New Testament and his mission and journey establishing the church. We see a new creature in Christ a man on a mission embodying a truth seeking purpose.

Pursuing your new name is significant in scripture as we are all called to find our true name that only Jesus knows. This is a journey of maturity and requires action and change. When we are baptized into Christ that journey begins. We have to change and put away childish things. We have to let go of the temptations of the past. We have to live out our faith. We have to pick up our cross and bear it.

Imagine whole generations in America now not knowing or understanding the Bible. When we say we must raise up a child in the way he must go the burden has been placed on the parents in the post-modern era.

Modern education has become a grand deception and if you were trying to capture a whole generation this is what you would do. Control the education and teach obedience, compliance, conformity and inclusion. Teaching Inclusion that excludes the Holy Bible seems more like a religion these days and an ideology.

The idol worship in America today is far worse than a television show. The fearmongering around earth worship now branded climate change and the many false cultural idols of diversity, equity and inclusion reflect or modern pagan culture. Deuteronomy 7:25 makes plain that these are the things that lead to destruction.

The idols of the past are not much different that the idols of the present. Idolatry is against God plain and simple. That’s why Idolatry is number one in the Decalogue.

In Exodus snares refer to Pharaoh himself who prevents the Israelites from worshipping their own God. Can you see the parallels to school today where we say no religion is allowed while idols are erected everywhere? Modern education is less about skills and facts and more about theories and mythology than ever before.

We have created all sorts of philosophies and teach all sorts of idolatry claiming it’s not religious in nature. The elephant in the room begs to differ. The state and national curriculums forced into our local schools is more indoctrination than education these days. Modern curriculum is hostile to Christianity and entirely anti-Christ by omission. What is inclusion all about really if it excludes Christianity?

The Good Lord wants us to be included in His Kingdom

Who would not want to go to heaven? Who would not want to serve Jesus and real virtue through love and truth? Who would not want the peace that is beyond all understanding? Who would not want the Joy of a meaningful purposeful sprit filled life now and forever? I want to be included in that. I want my kids to be included in that. I want everyone to be included in that. The way to maturity and understanding and freedom can only come from inclusion in that spirit.

It is very deceptive to accept the false premise that to be inclusive is a good thing. Man cannot decide what is good, only God can decide what is Good. What we are being conditioned to accept ideological conformity to what man deems good.

We no longer live in a free society if ideological conformity is demanded or mandated. We no longer live in a free society if you are told you cannot buy or sell or operate freely without conditions of ideological conformity.

This time is a clear parallel and direct reflection of early 1930’s Germany. If you don’t conform you will be censored, demonized, demonetized and threatened by the flying monkeys in the lawfare class. Looks, sounds and smells like FASCISM to me. I also think this is totalitarianism but not the old version it’s the new and improved version.

Remember when you read about the NAZI’s and thought to yourself you would never let that happen on your watch or in your lifetime? You told yourself you would protest and stand against FASCISM but then we allowed ourselves to be locked down for 2 years OUT OF FEAR. We have a choice right in front of us are you going to just continue going along with the new normal and be inclusive?

What exactly are we saying if we conclude that being inclusive is a good thing? Why did we reject Biblical correctness and trade it for political correctness? Political correctness has become an idol. All of these theories became idols (DEI-CRT-ESG-SEL-LMNOP). We do not worship government but political correctness demands that we do through mandates, obedience and compliance.

A good way to analyze this inclusion mythology and expose its vanity is to make the reverse argument. So let’s take a moment and see what that looks like. What exactly does it mean to accept and be included in the NEW NORMAL?

Are they trying to tell the whole country if you don’t comply they will put you on trial and seize your assets? Why does the NEW NORMAL seem to be suicidal and America hating? Why would American’s think they are better than America and then work to destroy their own country? PRIDE?

At present the DEI argument our children are being indoctrinated into claims that if we must include everyone or everything to be moral and ethical. This is a very profound claim. One must ask if there is anything or anyone that can be excluded from this monolith.

Is it OK to include evil? Should we include criminals and pedophiles? Should we include child trafficking? How about Satan worshippers? We don’t want to leave anyone out.

We might also look at the way the media portrays this ideology as moral and ethical as they conclude that certain political parties must be excluded. We must also recognize that only true Christians can be accepted but we must reject Christian Nationals as not worthy or unethical or even worse immoral.

After all the Betsy Ross Flag is now considered a terror symbol in this inclusion ideology.

So we have drawn out some very interesting questions here to contrast what is inclusive and what is not. When we disparage national symbols like the Betsy Ross Flag we know the claim must be false. The inclusion ideology hoists the rainbow flag up above the American Flag so we know it’s not a patriotic movement.

We are now overtly disparaging one political party over another which shows the bias of the claim as political. Only a WOKE church can be included but a Biblical church must be excluded because it’s not inclusive. There are some very important distinctions here that we can see at a glance that destroy the claims of inclusion.

We saw some similarities in History in the 1930’s when Hitler decided that the churches must exclude all Jews. Then soon after the National Socialists said you could not hold a position in the government and only those who were deemed acceptable could be included in churches or government.

Breaking News : Hate is Now Inclusive!

We are being conditioned to accept autocracy and technocracy as the NEW NORMAL.

Be careful because if you reject the new normal you may be deemed non-essential. This is the essential VS non-essential situation we saw recently in our own government and around the world. I enjoy the satire of JP Sears on these topics.


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