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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 12
Unalienable Rights© - Nov 01, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1868 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 12

Expert Testimony I

Culture wars are raging today fueled by technology and distilled into the abstract. We are no longer having normal conversations but have devolved into the abstract Meme War’s for narrative but meaning is lost and the abstract wins.

However as I testify before you today a great shift in the way we consume and share information is afoot and the march towards censorship means the people are winning the narrative war with the media industrial complex. When tyrants can’t control the narrative they always resort to censorship.

I have noticed the long form podcast is winning in many areas. Even though mainstream big tech is shadow banning and censoring like never before the thirst for information is creating new independent media. Independent media is flourishing in response to propagandized legacy media with its simplistic narratives and government attempts to control all information through corporations AKA Fascism.

Both long and short form video debates, lectures and independent learning are growing at breakneck speed. The whole debate over university will be outmoded because the internet has become its own free university. Online learning will eclipse traditional classroom learning just as it has made the legacy media obsolete over the past few short years. You can challenge MIT curriculum today for free but it’s not for the faint at heart.

LET'S FACE IT : The Only Reason To Go To University
"NOW" Is To Be Socialized or Radicalized !!!

Let’s face it, the only reason to go to university now is to be socialized or radicalized. Higher education is making people into automatons, agitators and imitators. Recreate 68’ in full swing this fall with the war marches masquerading as anti-war marches. Strange to see students leaving their ethics class to go to the Kill the Jews rallies in the quad at major universities. The American Pie tossed in the face of truth and rule of law.

Stranger still to think back when we actually trusted the legacy media that is now fomenting war. Yellow Journalism for certain. Its outright fascism when legacy media publishes unverified terrorist press releases on many outlets all at the same time. Our media became stenographers for terrorists. We need independent media now more than ever as our corporate media doesn’t even try to hide its lies anymore. The father of lies is blushing as the anger and hate lead people to the dark side.

We are being transformed by technology every day and we no longer need libraries to read. The idea of a library is romantic and also outmoded by technology. Few read anymore and even fewer read books. The Library slowly evolved into a meeting place or community center for in person events over time naturally. Hopefully the new library in Porterville is not full of people sitting on computers watching porn in a 35+ Million dollar air conditioned building paid for by the city.

For the self-motivated, disciplined thinking population this is a glorious time to be alive and the endless creativity of having a movie studio in your back pocket is exciting and liberating. For those without the initiative or the skills to navigate this information age you may still be reading the newspaper or watching the legacy media by default. Caveat emptor.

Reality is not found any longer in the main stream narratives and maybe it never was. Information about events from independent sources is decentralized and therefore more realistic. The internet explodes with news from all angles instantly so you may need to start ignoring for the most part all of legacy media.

Once you realize that it’s all a show for ratings and advertising you understand more clearly it’s just tabloid television. When big Pharma dollars are the majority of the advertising it’s a tell. Legacy media is selling establishment ideas and wares to keep you on the uniparty plantation, brought to you by “fill in the blank”.

What We Think And What We Consume, We Become !!!

What we think and what we consume, we become. We have been so dumbed down by media that we have to learn to think again. We have to start using our entire triune brain. Many of us have been brainwashed for so long we forgot there is more to life and thinking than base animal instincts. The way I see it a group of baboons has turned many into bafoon’s. It’s a very sadistic business model.

Many are now only using the base of the brain which closely resembles the animal brain. While still others are in the fast lane on the information super highway creating long form content opening minds not looking back at the shallow and narrow information vehicles of the past profiting from lies of omission.

There is a good example of this from the barnyard chicken and the corporate chicken. The base of the triune brain in humans is reflected in observations of chickens. A chicken’s normal behavior pattern includes a courtship by the rooster before procreation.

When you take out the natural courtship in captivity for egg or meat production chaos ensues. The natural courtship part of the chickens behavior is lost over time. Some roosters begin to rape and murder as a result. Take out the courtship which is the act of consent it leads to rape and murder. Unnatural “trans” behaviors and ideologies lead to a similar phenomenon and extreme outcomes. The bible speaks clearly about the natural use of the body. Those that don’t follow the natural use don’t have a future.

Our future belongs to the natural use of the body and the nuclear family. The anti-Christ behaviors that trade nuclear family of the bible for godless contrived norms result in catastrophe for individuals and families. Why would we discard natural courtship which is the dance of consent for procreation in animals or humans? For the chickens it may be for profit which is terrible, for humans it’s not only for profit but may serve as some base animalistic pleasure seeking. Temptation has lost all control.

Informed consent is required in a free society. Civilizations ceases to be without informed consent.

Informed consent is required in a free society. Civilizations ceases to be civilization without informed consent. Freedom requires informed consent, slavery does not. Just like the chicken example if you take the courtship out of a relationship the negotiation for mutual benefit is removed and the relationship is no longer consensual and rape ensues by the one in power.

This is the ultimate bullying which is tyranny simply stated. Imagine if all people were treated like animals and forcibly injected and bred for certain traits. That seems like the ultimate in tyranny. Nobody in their right mind would do this or go along with this right? Isn’t that called the science of eugenics later dubbed social darwinism? Isn’t that what Josef Mengele was famous for? Maybe they just rebranded it again as gene therapy to make it sound more innocuous.

Even if you are breeding your animals for emotional traits you might force some animals to wear something to see which animals are submissive and easier to control than others. This is a good way in the experiment to see who is more aggressive and harder to control and then you can select from those traits which ones you want in the next generation.

Throughout history slaves were made to wear masks because they were considered less than human for example. Without ethics we can see where this might go awry and the focus on control inevitably crosses the moral and ethical boundaries. Selling us the lie that “its all for the greater good”. Who decided what the greater good was?

The social darwinists who accept the theory of evolution as a fact might even call this good as they put themselves in charge. We definitely see many claim the outcome of the next generation would be better and it would be for the greater good if defined by them. This seems to me the echoes of Mengele and the Social Darwinists and the science of eugenics used to try and take over the world in World War II.

Talk Of Population Control As If It’s A Good Thing
Is The Road To Genocide

Anyone making a statement about population control has lost their moral compass, conscience and self-restraint required for a peaceful free civilization. Talk of population control as if it’s a good thing is the road to genocide. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Don’t mind the man standing behind the curtain, all is well. We are alone together in the new normal and it’s all for the greater good.

Talk of population control is the penchant for domination and control of others which is not for the greater good as they say. Stockholm Syndrome pioneer Josef Mengele AKA the Angel of Death is quoted as saying to the German people “The more that we do to you, the less you seem to believe that we are the ones doing it.”

We may end up with murdering and raping roosters but we will euthanize them and that helps reduce population. Have you heard the arguments where people say it’s alright if some have to suffer so that others can live? They have certainly normalized that through abortion and forced inoculations. Folks that say that are almost never the ones impacted.

Well it’s kind of like the blue state governors saying open borders is a social good just a long as it’s not in their state. Different rules for those in power is the sin of partiality in the double minded man the good book warns us about. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

It seems though at the same time you are experimenting on the animals that you will get traits that you did not want like the murdering and raping chickens but in science you just cull them so they don’t upset the next generation of docile chickens.

Then go on TV and call it progress and the docile chickens will simply go along. Even the soft despotism of experimenting on people is OK to some these days so long as it’s not them. This leads to organ harvesting and all other sorts of evil. We would not do this is we were a God fearing people.

One might ask a simple question like why the governor of California is promoting Harvey Milk smut as a social good in our schools and school books. Why does a grown man who put his private parts into a child get promoted by our government, our schools and our culture as a hero? The department of indoctrination has become a state church.

The thing they warned us would happen if we had bible and prayer in school has happened. Only this version has become a satanic nightmare with a smiley face as we host Satan Story Hour in school. The new and improved religion is devoid of the ethics and morality that the Bible and prayer teach. We removed the foundation of western civilization from our schools and we are now reaping what we have sown.

Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost and there is no courtship just a promotion of a base animalistic unconscionable ideology trying to force others to do what they want without consent, which is also called rape. I guess we do have rape culture after all and it’s prevalent in our tyrannical society.


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