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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 11
Unalienable Rights© - Oct 25, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2130 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 11

Swearing the Oath.

Place your hand on the bible and raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? I DO. If there is not truth how does the oath work? Can a Marxist (Moral Relativist) swear an oath properly or do they swear to an ever changing truth?

When we don’t stand for truth we undermining truth itself. If we deny truth we embrace delusion. The postmodern CULTure denies truth and embraces a lie by default. The CULTure has lost its tether to reality and oaths are becoming meaningless as a result. We are losing our awareness of an objective truth, serving base temptations which lead straight to hell.


The character in the movie Nefarious helps us to see what that cult looks through his psychologist. It’s eerie to hear the main character quote Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Great movie depicting evil and our culture in a great performance by Flanery.

This is a form of idolatry and many have been trained in this ideology as if it’s a good thing ignoring reality destroying themselves and truth at the same time. When people deny basic absolute truths they are effectively distorting reality and twisting meaning and purpose itself. What does a generation who rejects God swear an oath to?

When we try to bend reality to our will we delude ourselves to justify the lie and the spiral downward that follows is inevitable. When we embrace the lie that we can have our own truth or our own special relationship with truth, we delude ourselves. When we can’t stand against evil because we reject truth we become accomplice to it.

When Paul met our lord and savior on the road to Damascus there was a great conversion. The premise of what was truth in the former identity Saul was changed and a new identity in Christ ensued that lead to the establishment of the Church through the writings of the New Testament. The redemption of this man through Christ is a marvelous example of what can happen to all of us if we return our focus to the way the truth and the life.

Your Identity Is Ever Changing

Your identity is ever changing. You are different today than you were yesterday and will be different tomorrow for the rest of your life. Yes your identity is fluid by definition as you live your life. We are all in the process of becoming. The question is what are we becoming? Imagine identifying as Batman as a child and then having to live out that fantasy for the rest of your life because you got surgery to make you look like Batman.

Another marvelous observation was that this encounter with Christ blinded Paul and he never regained his sight completely yet he was able to lead the establishment of the Church and push the pagans and idol worshippers into the wilderness. He was able to carry out the mission to establish the Church against all odds but with the power of the truth and the Apostle’s Creed. The Example of Paul trading his will for God’s lead to great things.

The simple and best understanding of this is the scripture that makes plain that Jesus being the Way, the Truth & the Life is a Life’s journey and adventure. The calling is also very important in this scripture because nobody can reach the father except through Jesus. This is an astonishing example of truth in action with conditions that unifies all of us and calls all of us. Are we listening?

Despite having lost some of his vision in this encounter Paul saw more clearly than ever before and his abstract thinking was tossed away in that moment and he was never the same again. The Rest of his life on Earth was an adventure to establish the Church. The meaning and purpose in his life redeemed. His identity changed and his Journey against all odds, barriers trials and challenges lay before him.

Simply put if Paul and the Apostles continued to follow the abstract thinking of the time which crucified and innocent man we would not have established the Christian Church. The edifice of Truth is reflected in the Pain, Anguish, Humiliation and Misery Jesus suffered on the cross.

The greatest vision of all that is shared with us through the Holy Spirit is not abstract but visual in nature

The greatest vision of all that is shared with us through the Holy Spirit is not abstract but visual in nature. Achieving such a vision is life’s pursuit full of meaning and purpose as we all instinctively know that life is just a vapor. The journey of life and finding your true identity is miniscule compared to the identity we have with our lord and savior that only he knows.

This is the place of meaning and purpose and peace. This is the place where no matter the struggle we have the spirit and the calling to overcome because we are striving for the truth and seeking his face. There is no fear in Love, Love conquers all fear. The spirit of fear does not come from God. Good leadership secures the blessing of liberty and the most courageous leader in history was the one the set this vision in motion long ago.

If you were to say who was the greatest Leader in history the answer is simple. It’s amazing how along life’s narrow path we can look back and see our former selves and wonder as we compare who we are now to who we were. Providence is seen in the rear view mirror.

Many of the folks in power today, or let’s say in government today, are abstract thinkers trained in abstract thinking that neglects or rejects objective realty while focusing singularly on how a process or policy argument is more important. Example: Abstract thinking about government policy and the fight over that policy ties up the process completely and we have a name for this it’s called bureaucracy.

When focused on a good thing bureaucracy protects us because it does not allow for easy change. By definition it is just and ideological battle or more simply stated a conversation. However when bureaucracy is focused on a bad thing and we get locked into an ideological battle that doesn’t allow change it keeps us locked in bad policy. Going with the flow we are all carried away. Be the rock in the stream that is immovable. Stand for truth stand against the flood of lies that threatens the city below.

The folks in Power today have no power because they are caught up in the whirlwind of the never ending abstract ideological battle instead of serving, leading, or representing constituents in a positive direction. Those wishing to make change are captured on either side and one cannot simply go out and make any meaningful change inside of a system of abstract thinking without great effort.

We must stand together defending the truth if we are to thwart this abstract thinking that is shallow, meaningless and destructive.

We must stand together defending the truth if we are to thwart this abstract thinking that is shallow, meaningless and destructive.

One cannot easily come in and make real change unless he is willing to take on this abstract thinking. In an ossified bureaucracy the flow might seem unstoppable as the government waters have jumped the channel and flooded the city. Nothing worthwhile is easy. The out of control river that is our government needs to be returned to its channel.

Throughout history the greatest change comes from changing the flow but most succumb to normalcy bias and fear of change gravitating to the abstract. What we learn when we study the good book is that is akin to burying the talents. Burying the talents is neutrality in the parable and it’s not good but evil. The only way to mature and grow is to multiply the talents. To live on the side of creation and that takes REAL leadership.

Good leaders have vision for the future and lay out a future state and work to move from the current state to the future state. Good leaders may have abstract thinking but they also have a visual thinking that allows them to step outside of the box make positive change through vision and get things done. This is maturity, this is focusing not only on the current abstract but the future vision that we can all work together to achieve.

The ossified and stultified current state of our republic is destroying itself trying to hold onto the status quo trajectory that only leads to more of the same, loss of freedom, and de growth. Climate change fear porn narratives feed the centralized power tyranny agenda in the abstract always distracting us from reality.

Central planners will do anything to get power and control and this is anti- American and Anti-Christ in nature. With Christ Truth is power, with Tyrants Power is truth. We must choose wisely to serve truth, liberty and prosperity. American’s don’t go with the flow. In America as founded we the people are in charge. Decentralized power is the design of America. Checks and balances are what makes America Great. Central planning is what we declared independence from.

America was designed as the most decentralized gov't of all time and mirrors that of the Holy Scripture.

America was designed as the most decentralized government of all time and mirrors that of the Holy Scripture. Each individual is important and that is the most decentralized a system can get. This is the same in the Christian Faith as each individual has to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling on his own.

Talk about self-reliance this parallel is astounding. Individual liberty and individual salvation are almost exactly the same. There is no such thing as collective liberty or collective salvation. The Term E Pluribus Unum is completely compatible with the Christian ethic.

If we are all focused on truth and all focused on seeking truth we have unity. We have destroyed this unity in our country, our churches and our institutions because we have embraced moral relativism that destroys truth. This comes in many forms and fashions but if we all get back to basics and seek truth these factions stuck in politics and abstract thinking will be dissolved again. The bad ideas and bad policies will be pushed out and the good, right and just will become our goal again if we are all seeking truth.

The Vain glory of today is nothing new under the sun. The agenda is finally being exposed to the light of day as independent media ramps up to fill the truth vacuum. Folks are waking up to realize there are more slaves in the world today than all of human history combined in contrast the false Marxist claim that it was an American Institution. The False premises of the Marxist know no bounds as their ideology blinds them from the truth.

The abstract thinking of today is what has led us to this depression and is now threatening the whole of humanity with slavery. Artificial Intelligence is pushing a false moral imperative to embrace artificial over the real. These lies of today were echoed by George Orwell in his warning about peace being war and slavery freedom.

This false reality brought to you by big pharma. The advertising that props up corporate media is the love of money not truth. The bumper sticker mentality of today is abstract thinking at its finest. The shallow conditioning of a mockingbird media designed to manipulate and persuade you to buy something you don’t need is worse than ever before. We must have the attention span of a gnat to live out that abstract fantasy. At the same time REALITY is mocked lies are heralded as truth.

According to modern philosophy we are all just evolved animals. We have become so weak from our own success that we don’t even produce anything anymore. We are so spoiled we choose the free internet junk and offer ourselves as the product.

Our own education system no longer teaches critical thinking and many have accepted the false premise that we are just animals? Sheep?

Are we FARM animals OR PHARM animals? Even the Elephant man Joseph Merrick shouted from his captivity “I am not an animal”.

Abstract thinkers are in charge and abstract thinkers get locked into abstract debates and arguments that aren’t based in reality. This is why there is so much partisan fighting in government. People become more radical when they are thinking and behaving abstractly. They get bogged down into permanent bickering where they have lost touch with what’s actually happening in the real world. The only way anything can get done is when there’s and emergency.

(Grandin, Temple. Animals in Translation. Harper, 2005)


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