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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 4
Unalienable Rights© - Sep 06, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1880 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 4

Surveillance II: The tactics formerly lauded and used by the intelligence agencies to overthrow communist governments or tyrannical states, through psychological operations, has been turned inward and is being used to destroy our own country.

Last week we detailed Executive Order 12333 signed in Jan of 2017, just days before Obama left office. The New Rules issued by the Obama administration removing the firewalls between the intelligence agencies. The new rules created a collaboration space between government and big tech giants to control all information.

The compliant media told us not to worry that the changes were for the greater good. Progressives always say this when they are in power. Progressives also always tell us the opposite when they are out of power. This enabled so much collaboration that there were no longer any checks and balances. Nothing bad will happen when unelected agencies control all of the information in the world right?

Lord Action opined correctly when he clearly stated that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The checks and balances were removed and these agencies were no longer a check on themselves or being checked by ​

any other elected official except the president. Add in unchecked corporate power and we start to see why corporations are embracing the ESG’s and DEI’s for social control.

America now has a king because all of this power is going unchecked. Central power in the US complying with international powers to change the world. Even though this is a progressive goal accomplished I think there are many progressives today that see what is happening and are themselves frightened by this surveillance leviathan. It is very easy to see now how that much power could be used and abused. Our “intelligence” agencies don’t give a hoot about civil liberties. We see now very clearly that intelligence and surveillance has been weaponized. I pray regularly that there are agents left in our government that have ethics and morals, but we are not seeing any restraint at this time. LORD HELP US ALL.

Executive order 12333 enabled the intelligence agencies to look at formerly private communications. This expands the surveillance state in America well beyond any boundaries of a free state. Our country has been transformed into a surveillance state. A Surveillance hammer looking for nails.

The intelligence was weaponized and the courts allowed it in the name of safety and security. We all see how those changes were employed and perfected in the pandemic. Surveillance was shared to promote and censor people and violate their civil rights. Surveillance was used to control the pandemic narrative.

Even worse it enabled investigation of all those that did not follow the narrative or spoke against it. In other words freedom and privacy of citizens were discarded and the “benevolent” intelligence agencies were the only ones left with any privacy. This is one of the many trauma’s that is causing our identity crisis.

Are you enjoying the fundamental transformation of America? Don’t worry they are not done yet and we are faced with what can only be described as an onslaught of Fascism.

This fits nicely with the overarching matriarchal agenda being forced on our culture by progressives in power that have now burned our civil liberties. Our civil liberties are not draft cards? Smart is an acronym. S.M.A.R.T. "S-urveillance M-onitoring A-nalysis R-eporting T-echnology

An embrace of SMART cities will not lead to more civil liberties but less. Progressives will be quick to say this isn’t the correct acronym but you be the judge.

Destruction under the cloak of goodness is a great evil unleashed on we the people. They told us it was all for the greater good. It really meant all for the power and control of the people and the greater good of the government. The rapid expansion through technology fuels this tyranny. This is as bad, or worse than the surveillance state that George Orwell warned us about. These major changes to our intelligence agencies have turned our country inside out. These changes have paved the way for self-destruction. Government activists and rogue elements are working hard to fundamentally transform our country away from the freedom of its founding. The framework to usher in a modern Bolshevik revolution in America was put in place as change we can believe in.

Those of us paying attention knew we were in big trouble even then. Many however were asleep and blindly trusting in the empty rhetoric of a dictator that told you one thing and did another. We got fooled again. This time the war would be from within designed to change America from the bottom up, top down and inside out.

We are now edging closer and closer to that communist paradise that Marx had envisioned. The Color Revolution fueled with ARPA funds borrowed from our enemies and added to the debt crisis and our children will be asked to pay for it. Here is a video outlining the well documented Cloward and Piven strategy from 2020.


Lawlessness and crime in our streets. Promotion of anti-family agenda’s in our government to undermine the core of western civilization. Complicit centralized education systems that traded education for indoctrination. All working in lock step to collapse the system through overwhelming economic destruction.

Overwhelm the system is a Cloward and Piven strategy fueled by adding trillions to the debt undermining our economic prosperity. These 1960’s self- proclaimed progressive college professors are still on the scene. You may want to look them up to understand better that progressive strategy. This is completely anti-American.

This is a massive transfer of wealth from the people to modern day Robber Barons like Baal Gates and mega rich politicians through insider trading schemes. Black Rock is using dark pool trading that is now 70% of stock market trades to facilitate the transfer of wealth. It’s not a stretch to think the financial system has been corrupted when dark pools are the majority of trading now. The ROBINHOOD debacle was just another capture or sellout.

In fact it would seem that they are using our own retirement funds to manipulate the world markets and implement ESG, CSR & DEI in corporate America and all local state and federal governments. Acronyms: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).


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