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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1549 : Fear Is A Liar : Part VI

Fearfulness I – Compliance, Obedience & Conformity

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is all the rage of progressives today.

Progressives think you can change human nature and that is a bald face lie. The irony of progressive thought on human nature is that they are trying to prove that human nature can be changed because that would disprove the premise of western civilization and creation itself.

You see the ethic of right and wrong is unchangeable but progressives want to upend that premise and they want you to comply.

Even Noah Harrari knows that the bible is the rule book for life, ethics and morality. He wouldn’t be working so hard to discredit it if it did not have important and fundamental meaning. The Bible establishes the Ethical and Moral boundaries that keep megalomaniacs like Noah and his ilk at bay. Imagine the evil if we didn’t have the cornerstone of Christ in our world.

SEL teaches kids to see themselves and categorize themselves in a group so they can be aware of how the group they identify with interacts with other groups. It teaches kids group think through emotions discarding reason and objectivity and independence. Students are then taught compliance, conformity and collectivism which are all group oriented. This is indoctrination not education. SEL teaches socialism and group think demonizing individuals that don’t conform as a threat. The implication is a fear being ostracized from the group and not being a good person. Seems like government training to me.

Salvation is an individual endeavor ~ as is freedom

Salvation is an individual endeavor as is freedom. In my generation we were taught self-reliance. One of the values of my generation was to be always skeptical of the group and think for yourself. The Declaration of Independence was about doing what was right not blind obedience. What happened to us? Why are we no longer focused on being individuals with independent thought? How it is that they teach that freedom is selfish and no longer a social good?

Marxists infiltrated all of our institutions and now hold many of the seats of power. Power that is supposed to be protecting the people but now clearly works against people. The sixties counter culture strategy has succeeded on a grand scale in transforming the education system. We teach theories not facts. Facts are racist and hurt people’s feelings.

Group think good, individual think bad or discriminatory.

We teach obedience and compliance using social and emotional learning to change behavior. We teach inclusiveness over independence. Never mind that inclusiveness never includes everyone. Agreement is more important than truth when compliance, conformity and obedience are the goals.

What they transformed education into we should all be afraid of because it is what has led so many into this suicidal Marxist group think. Education today is creating the foot soldiers for the internal takeover of America that Lincoln warned us about. Big education has been very successful in delegitimizing the former dominant belief systems of God, Family & Country.

Progressive education is hostile to unchanging Moral and Ethical fabric of America found in the Holy Bible. Today’s education systems work to change the definitions of many things that were once held sacred. If we can longer define a woman we really can’t say we are making progress can we? Why do progressives hate the nuclear family so much? Why is the new curriculum mostly hidden and invisible to parents? We are creating a fearful generation.

The kids know the difference between boys and girls why don’t adults? We need Prayer back in our schools. Let’s pray for our teachers to reject all of this progressive group think. Let’s pray for our teachers captured in a broken system.

Recognizing how fear is used to manipulate us. Do we consciously choose fearfulness over fearlessness? Is there anything today we are not afraid of? Fear of death. Fear of life. Fear of public speaking. Fear of failure. Fear of germs. Fear of neighbors. Fear of losing healthcare. Fear of losing your job. Fear of fitting in. Fear of losing acceptance to group. Fear of missing out FOMO.

Does the fear control you
or do you control your fear?

Does the fear control you or do you control your fear? Do we choose cowardice or courage? Are you fearful or fearless?

If you stop and think about it we have been sleeping for a long time. We are in the late stages of the sixties cultural revolution cancer. A revolution now turned into a twenty first century color revolution. We have a big problem and we have not stood against this properly. We have become accomplices to this evil clinging to our comfort. We have embraced the velvet lies. We have been indiscriminate and inclusive of evil.

We will have to be fearless to overcome these principalities and powers that have destroyed our education system. Education was not meant to take the place of parents. We need to return our schools back to local control because national centralized control is the root of the problem. We must return to the premise In Loco Parentis that only comes from local control and parental approval and support of the curriculum.

We must stop teaching kids that freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom.

The warnings from Orwell were embraced as a roadmap instead of a warning. Through group think we are teaching kids that morality and ethics are relative. We have taken God out and started teaching love is love which is a complete inversion of the truth.

This inversion puts accountability for your actions in the evil category and the unaccountable in the oppressed victim category. This teaches that responsibility in the old system is inferior to the “feel good” no responsibility in this generation. We are teaching existentialism and rejection of absolute truth. We are teaching that we are absolutely certain there is not absolute truth in all of its self-defeating grandeur.

Moral Relativism Is Immoral !!!

Moral relativism is immoral. Is it true that those that disagree are haters because they disagree or is it about tribalism and group think? Why are we allowing people who reject God and the teachings of the bible to decide in our curriculum what is Moral and Ethical? They told us kids must go to school so we can better socialize them. They weren’t kidding.

We are training the next generation that compliance with rules and conformity with the group leads to safety and health. Rubbish. Compliance, conformity and obedience is prison. The schools today look a lot like prison complete with fences, lockdowns, and gun free zoning. They have free excellent healthcare in prison. Is that what we want for our kids? What future are we preparing our kids for if we are not teaching them to critically think and be self-reliant with marketable skills and abilities? The smart ones are homeschooling and have left the general population.

The education system destroyed itself in its own success at undermining the American belief systems. The inversion has led many to clamor for a team. While I identify with Team America many young folks today are more focused on a sports team or identity group. Kids are now naval gazing and choosing a hip gender team they want to belong to.

All of this behavioral brainwashing leads to despair.

No wonder the suicide rate is on the rise. True love is resistance to despair but love is not love any more in the true sense. The phrase love is love is a lie. This phrase is intended to say that all natural and unnatural sexual gratification is love. If this is love it is not the love of the truth but the love of a lie. God is love. Why are we trying to take God out?

Why does inclusiveness exclude Christians? This used to be called bigotry.

The slogan “love is love” no longer seeks to resist despair but embrace its victimology for a political end. All of this leads to identity politics in the age of activism that only seeks to destroy, distract and deceive. Kids are taught to focus on the abstract external vanity which leads to narcissism. We are teaching kids self love over real love. The phrase love is love removes God. Narcissism is extreme self love that describes today’s culture very well. GOD IS LOVE.

Progressives claim to know better than God because they deemed themselves gods and perfect. That’s Narcissism !!!

Progressives claim to know better than God because they deemed themselves gods and perfect. That’s Narcissism. Many have written their own commandments and put them on yard signs to proclaim their pathological narcissism to all their neighbors. At this point we might be able to claim that a significant percentage of Americans suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

We learn from the holy writ that love conquers hate and fear. The premise is that God is love. If we remove God, hate and fear will conquer love. This is the inversion of our language, our society and a threat to all life.

Welcome to the all fear generation where the power of government is brought to bear on all who don’t comply or fail to conform.

Compliance is demanded in new and improved world where God is removed.

Fearfulness is the new value and they call it progress where you have to sell your soul to the new and improved golden calf.

Conformity with the group identity is like a school of fish being herded by a predator.


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