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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 6
Unalienable Rights© - Sep 20, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1993 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 6

Indictment II: America and truth itself are on trial. We have embraced artificial intelligence and discarded real intelligence. Remember America is founded on the fundamental truths in the Declaration of Independence that refer to the transcendental truth within us all.


As is made clear in several verses of the bible and we all know these truths to be self-evident. Jesus asks what good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Progressives love artificial intelligence and aim to change the definitions using “artificial” intelligence in their own image not God’s image.

One can simply look at body language for instance, which cannot lie, as a reflection of what lay beneath the veil. Even a nine month old child understands humor before he even understands language because the idea of a centerline is inborn and innate. Our being itself knitted together in your mother’s womb by our creator.

We all know what right and wrong is and therefore truth at a very fundamental level from the day we are born. Truth is written on our hearts minds and souls. This can be problematic for folks in denial of that fundamental truth but this is no accident or random chance. We are all more than the sum of our parts despite the scientism that points to the THEORY of evolution. Evolution is a modern idol reflecting the ancient pagans.

Fire is the devil’s only friend and it’s never a pursuit of truth and always a pursuit of power. The devil is the accuser. When groups ran around our country burning things down and calling them good it was shocking how the media declared these riots were mostly peaceful.

As long as they were against order they were protected by the media. Leftwing politicians even fomented the violence in the name of change. They were showing us they had sold their souls and embraced evil as good inverting truth itself. More than 400 riots during the last administration and no arrests. The captured media called them mostly peaceful because it served the agenda.

Destruction under the cloak of goodness is a great evil unleashed on “We The People”. They have already told us it was all for the greater good to take a knee and obey baseless mandates in the name of safety. They told us our compliance with tyranny would lead to freedom. Why did so many go along with this obvious lie? The trust initially and the benefit of the doubt is somewhat understandable. Fool me once they say shame on you.

Fool me twice they say shame on me. If we go along with this a second time without questioning we no longer yearn to be free and have lost our American Identity forever. Blind obedience is not an American value. Once the trust is lost we must no longer yield the benefit of the doubt. Trust must be earned.

The never ending conflict of Marxism cannot be ignored anymore as the lunatics in our “education” system introduce Marxist math this fall. The “education” system no longer educates it indoctrinates. Creating an activist generation of degenerates taught to hate objective truth is not education.

Equity is a lie and trying to teach that 2+2=5 is child abuse. The conflict being set up when you hate truth cannot be resolved without truth. Claiming power is truth is the essence of tyranny. There is no spoon.

We all struggle with our perceptions with reality because we experience reality through the 5 senses which act as a filter. We actually don’t see reality completely so we are relegated to the abstract. Temple Grandin makes an excellent case for this in her book Animals in Translation illustrating that the abstract Is simply an incomplete picture of reality. The salient point here is that a woman with Autism is making more sense about reality than our current power seeking culture.

Contrasting the autistic image oriented perception of reality versus the learned behaviors of language illustrates the abstract thinking in humans. We limit our understanding of things trading the deep complete thought for the shallow abstract thought or conclusion. Political slogans are abstract.

Humans have a complete visual view of the world as children understanding body language and humor before we understand language or how to speak. This is trained out of us as we are taught to think in the abstract without critical thinking skills. I think they call it higher education because of all of the cannabis. Dude where’s my car?

Babies interpret the world through imagery and body language understanding truth in a visceral way. This is similar to animals and autistic humans. Body language is truth. Seeking the face of your parents is innate just as seeking the face of the lord.

The simple observation is how effective face emoji’s are in today’s abstract communications. Faces are on the short list of things that get our attention like someone calling your name. Understanding our narrow perceptions illustrates how we can easily be distracted and led away from truth.

We often tell each other to look at the big picture to understand better what is going on. We know instinctively that the abstract eschews truth, unity, purpose and meaning and reality if we let it. Do we just accept what the TV tells us? I think the new motto must be don’t trust, until you verify.

The abstract takes us away from truth if we allow it to replace a complete work or thought. When we say get a grip we mean touch the thing and make sure it’s real. Is truth within our grasp? We must be seeking truth to be seeking reality. The opposite is also true.

It’s amazing how we all know the truth and spend much of our lives trying to verify what we already know. We are all in the process of becoming and our Identity is what we are today right now. It will not be the same tomorrow and in the future.

The absurdity of the arguments today that your identity is fluid and separate from the body are completely correct as far as perception and maturity. Our minds don’t mature until about age 26. Our biology was determined at conception. We are not amphibians despite what “highly educated” doctors might be saying.

We cannot out love God. The day the music died was the day that a generation embraced Marxism and traded vanity for truth. The day we deluded ourselves trading the abstract for reality to serve our feelings and base temptations.

The Gnostic pride was born of an abstract reading of the bible. Love thy Neighbor was enough just ignore the condition that you are to love God with all your heart mind and soul first

If you don’t Love God how do you know what love is? You must understand the first condition to understand boundaries and restraint. God is Love.

The mantra all I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten was popular for a while. That phrase sums up the emotionalism of the embrace of Marxism. The gnosis that the entire Bible could be summed up in a single abstract phrase “Love they Neighbor” came into being. The conclusion by the Marxists and the gnostics was that there was no need to read the bible at all.

A generation so smart they knew better than God and that love was really just sex and feelings. The Religion of Revolution was born. A generation of youth shaking their fists in fits of rage. The reference to the Satan spell in that great folk song resonates today in hindsight.

No matter what oracles or idols you consult there is none better than God. Satan refused to repent and humble himself and was cast out.

Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” After all being anti-Christ is a religion for many now and even funded and supported by our schools in the after school Satan programs. There is no humility in Satan only Pride.

Reality is not abstract and the complete command is to love God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul so you know what love is that’s the first commandment and is conditional. After the first commandment you to look to the second part that is to love your neighbor as yourself

The gnosis that you could embrace the abstract second commandment and discard the first was the Marxist embrace.

That is the day the music died for many as they embraced a lie. The lord admonishes all of us that if we love him we will keep his commandments. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth AKA the BIBLE was discarded for an abstract idea. No longer would we study to show ourselves approved.

No longer would we go to church when we could just use one of our lifelines when we got into trouble. We began to work out our salvation, but not with fear and trembling with arrogance and pride that it was no longer important and salvation became condemnation.

The vain, the gnostic, and the proud. Fully arrogant youth simply traded the real for the fake and embraced the lie of Marxism. They discarded the first part of the commandment as non-essential. Love was redefined and boiled down to an abstract idea.

Hence the embrace of the shallow interpretation of the phrase love they neighbor. The song describes the moment that the culture and the church began to degenerate. The church became a club and was no longer an important institution. God became someone you contacted when your life became unmanageable and you needed a bailout.

The Marxists claimed that there was no truth only feelings and new age spirituality would rule their souls whatever that meant. If it felt good do it. Love conquers fear but if you don’t Love God you don’t know what love is. In fact you might say stupid things like “love is love” and take an abstract thought and make it even more abstract and devoid of meaning.

Any honest reading of the word of God concludes that you must embrace the whole counsel of God not just an abstract scripture you like. By definition Marxists (Gnostics) have become wise in their own eyes and think everyone is evil but themselves.

The arrogance of the current gnostic oligarchy that is our university pretending to be the noble aristocracy with a French fragrance is an eminence front. Why would we draw a false moral equivalency that gender is only a construct in our minds that could override the real biology of our bodies?

Could it be that the university system is full of God hating Marxists? What other explanation could we make to better understand the churning out of activists demanding government bailouts for bad decisions?

What other conclusion might we draw from the pseudo aristocracy that hates its own country and works to promote an agenda that is leading us to mutilate our children? When did it become a social good to sexualize children?

Dressing up and pretending to be something your not was what we did at Halloween and it was for fun not a lifestyle. We used to call fake people POSERS we did not take them seriously.

Looks to me like ignorance aligned with a political agenda masquerading as an infallible intellect or an idol of a small g god. When did our kids become political pawns, slaves and guinea pigs? This modern slavery of the mind is really just narcissism seeking to change reality that cannot be changed. There is nothing new under the sun. John Bunyan called this simply VAINGLORY.

In a few choice words from the Declaration a clear contrast emerges. “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them to absolute despotism”.


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