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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1734 : Fear Is A Liar : Part V


The things you cannot see are likely the things you may need to fear. The powers that be are hidden from view and the bad ones are promoting the fear for a profit or an agenda.

Think extortionists threatening to publish compromising sex video’s big money contributions demanding a certain agenda. Television advertising Big Pharma became nearly eighty percent of the advertising for example. The level of fear correlates to the level of capture and control.

Nobody wants to believe that government, media or medicine are not trustworthy despite the evidence to the contrary. Hard to deny it at this point.

The normies just want everything to be normal again. It’s a normalcy bias that reduces perceived fear. Let’s just go back to watching sports and ignore the problems we are facing. The problem is the new normal they were selling us is not normal at all and maintains a level of fear which is unhealthy. In fact the normies are afraid to be normal again in the sense that we really can’t go back to the way it was before the feardemic.

We need to put up some signs to remind people about their own responsibility.


The normies can’t go back to the no fear generation because they have been so spooked they are embracing a fearful mindset as the “new normal”. The fearmongering continues and the normies have embraced a lie because they cling to their own desires. Many have turned away from truth because the truth scares them and they don’t know what to do about it. Fear is a liar when it posits a trade off that if you comply you will be given your freedom back.

Clearly the biblical references need to be read, understood and preached in love to a lost generation. Without a moral foundation we are set a drift from reality. Know God, know truth. No God, no truth. There are several references to truth and culture in gospels of Timothy. Check out first Timothy four, verses one and two.

The late Ronnie James Dio sang about this in his popular song Holy Diver: Between the velvet lies there's a truth that's hard as steel. The SWORD of Truth that is the word cuts to the heart of the matter. Normies cling to the velvet narrative and the group think of the new normal. When you move to accept the new normal narrative you embrace the velvet lies that provide comfort.

The problem described in second Timothy four verses three and four with the solution in versus one and two immediately before. We all have a choice and velvet lies are not the right choice or the solution. Verses one through four echo the culture today. Are you afraid of the truth? Are you engaged in the culture war or are you a normie that has turned to fables?

Love conquers fear there is no fear in love

Love conquers fear there is no fear in love. First John four makes this plain specifically stating “there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear”. Keeping people away from their loved ones and from gathering together increased the fear.

Fear was used to divide us and the policies kept us away from our loved ones adding to the fear even in our own families. Why did anyone go along with this? How far have we drifted from God? Do people lie to you because they love you? If folks truly loved us they would not be lying to us and keeping the truth from us without full transparency.

Dividing people through fear is what Satan would do and that is what man did. Most complied with this tyranny and succumbed to this unhealthy fear. This fear was foisted on us by government side by side with government funded agencies and centrally controlled media. So much for a free press. So much for freedom of assembly. So much for freedom of speech. So much for the constitution.

Satan cannot cast out Satan. See Matthew twelve verse twenty five among others on Satan and division. A house divided against itself cannot stand. This also hearkens back the excellent speech by Lincoln called the house divided speech. The Supreme Court ruled slavery was OK in the Dredd Scott Case. The civil war period was a time of great division not unlike today. The Supreme Court made immoral, unethical and unconstitutional rulings creating more division, the question becomes who benefits from this division? The media loves division.

Anyone who spoke against the media narrative was banned, censored or cancelled. Does that add to the fear or transform the fear into something even more irrational? Isolation was presented as a solution despite its negative impacts on individual health and mental health. This is what you do to prisoners to punish them not what you do to free people to protect them. Solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment for free people.

As it turns out we traded away our unalienable rights as individuals for the group.

This was a capture of all the world’s attention and this had never been done before. We gave away our individual sovereignty and even our countries sovereignty out of fear. This was completely irrational and terrifying as this had never been seen or done before. This is another factor in fear when this level of fear was never encountered before adding to its emotional impact. Why did you give up your unalienable rights?

Why did you give up your unalienable rights?

In hindsight we see the vast size and scope of the lies that were being told. Let’s list a few of the biggest Lies: Two weeks to slow the spread. Nobody is safe until we are all safe. Your health is my health. Alone Together. The New Normal. The Jab prevents infection. Experimental drugs are completely safe. If you give away all your freedoms then we will give them back to you.

Fear is the liar that claimed compliance was freedom. If we all conformed to a lie did that make it true? Fear of man caused us to give away our freedom, our prosperity and our future. If we simply feared the Lord and understood that Satan is a liar seeking to divide and conquer we could have avoided much of this pain and misery.

Why were we more afraid of our fellow man than the powers that be? Why the blind trust of government that was destroying our economy, our businesses, our families our churches? There are over a 100 warnings in the good book about people being destroyed by lack of wisdom.

Even when taking risks there has to be a healthy level of fear so the risk is managed and controlled. Dealing with Crisis requires cool heads and good leadership. Not necessarily a less emotional person but a person much better at balancing the emotional fear with reality. Leaders must be wise or they too would be captured and that is what we saw. Good leadership leads to a better decision. Bad leadership says just comply even if you lose your freedom or worse.

Competent leaders balance the trade-offs and arrive at better decisions. Leadership requires courage and does not simply comply with bad orders or succumb to the love of money. Good Leaders are more fearless and more confident decision makers. Bad leaders are less confident, more fearful and complaint. Bad leaders said we had to go along with the tyranny or they wouldn’t get our money. That’s called extortion and bribery not good leadership.

If local boards just go along for the money at the expense of the people they represent they are corrupt. A board that always votes for compliance has no leaders on it and the board has become an instrument of the state. USELESS

In business where you have to make a payroll and reality is always on your heels you make better decisions. Necessity is the mother of invention. You weigh the trade-offs and take action. This can be described as muscle memory because you think more clearly and logically. With good data you make better predictions of the future because you have to. When data is not available or withheld or hidden people are hurt.

When data is not available or withheld
or hidden people are hurt !!!

The CDC among other agencies were charged with protecting our health and decided that keeping things confidential "To Reduce Panic" was moral and ethical even if it lead to death and destruction. The fear of losing their reputation and prestige was more important than people’s lives they were in business to protect. This is collusion & corruption. This is a tale of the great reset and operation lockstep in action. Following is not leading.

Good leaders don’t hide information that people need. Good leaders care more about people than reputation or prestige. Good Leaders keep their emotions in check and fear in balance to better serve those they represent. Good leadership is accountable, transparent and courageous.

Bad leadership is unaccountable, hides information and makes excuses. Administrators are not leaders they are followers. When power claims they are just doing their job when it hurts people they have become an inhumane gestapo or political force. Government is force that must be constrained by the constitution or we all suffer. Communists like Stalin made clear that it was OK to break some eggs to make an omelet. Are you an egg to be broken? Are you an egg to be experimented on?

Governments don’t have any reason to fear they simply rely on power and bailouts with no consequences. This behavior cannot be justified and all that conformed to the lie abdicated their responsibility and should be defunded for malfeasance at best and criminally charged at worse. Small business and churches had to survive on their own. Guess who was hurt the most? It wasn’t government and there has been no accountability.

Guess who was hurt the most?

Finding Nemo is a great analogy of a healthy fear. Nemo may have been alone but his healthy fear response kept him alive. If he made a mistake there were immediate consequences. His healthy fear response enabled his courage and his drive to overcome. Nemo was not like all the other fish swimming in fearful schools.

This is the adventure that a healthy fear is all about and leads to liberty and happiness which is not a spirit of fear but a spirit of fearlessness. Nemo was independent and free.


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