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Fear Not – Informed Consent is Freedom Part C

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”Samuel Adams

Satanic capture has many layers of lies and snares. The pushers of the past used to tempt you claiming drugs would make you feel good. The new pushers are openly demanding you take the drugs or you can’t buy or sell. Sounds like another evil prophecy I read in last book of the bible. Who would want to be included in that evil iDEIology?

The tolerant left will never apologize for their evil positions. Nor will they ever apologize for the failures. Never will they accept responsibility for the actions that have hurt so many. Bound by prideful ideologies there is no humility and no shame. One cannot reason with evil and Satan will never apologize for example. Stop giving the benefit of any doubt to people incapable of virtue.

The social engineering has been underway for a long time because everyone thinks that being nice is virtue. NOT. Fascism with a smiley face is still fascism. We see the heavy hand of social engineering through “social Justice” promoting Christian bigotry in the workplace which is hurting real people. Why is hating Christians not considered a hate crime? Makes me wonder how long this embrace of the BEAST SYSTEM will last.

Why is hating Christians not a hate crime?

Protected classes turned into more division when some are deemed essential over others that are not. This is FAKE Diversity. This is Fake Equity. This is outright EXCLUSION not inclusion at all. Division in the name of Unity is still division. If Satan casts out Satan he is divided against himself. This is precisely why we hate politics so much, it’s about division

Why are the anti-Christian bigots winning in court and the religious exemptions that were once held sacred in a free society being removed? Our freedom is being systematically removed along with our religious exemptions as the government religion (progressivism) is being promoted. This will not end well because it protects the great divider Satan.

We are seeing this happen all over Europe now as the farmers are not complying with the climate change edicts as the globalists try to take their farmland. Even though this is not on the “news” the internet is alive with all of this information and enough information is getting past the censors that it is waking more people up every day.

The pagans are working hard to control your food and convince you it’s in your best interest to starve to death as they begin to regulate your garden and the food supply as a sacrifice to their pagan idol climate change.

Its not enough to control your food and your energy and your movements to serve their idols they seek also to control all medicine. In our own country the FDA was just forced to remove all of the misinformation on Ivermectin from the internet. You might Say the FDA has now been crowned the queen of Misinformation. The FDA working closely with a corrupt fact checking organizations colluding to destroy people’s health and protect the feardemic emergency status. Remember the emergency measures could only be put in pace if there were no other remedies available.

Since Ivermectin is one of the most important and essential medicines in the world they worked to discredit its use because it is cheap and effective. The corruption at the FDA to threaten doctors who used this medicine is beyond belief. The FDA actually started investigations against doctors licenses to practice medicine to protect a lie at the expense of public health. We no longer trust the FDA as a result and they may have blood on their hands.

We No Longer Trust The FDA

What other lies are being promoted for power control and money? In the world of climate idolatry and paganism the data on climate is manipulated all the time. Talk about misinformation. This makes plain the idea of follow the money. The steady downward spiral of apostasy around the world is being expressed in wave after wave of greed and avarice and pride.

If we are not informed we will be overcome by the lies and deception. The blind trust must give way to an awakening so we do not consent to this evil willingly. The amount of plastic actually recycled is only about 5%.

We must be informed to consent. If we are misinformed then what do we do? I tried to follow the science and I couldn’t find it. So I followed the money and found the science. The corruption is legion and that is direct reflection to the biblical phrase referring to the anti-Christs who worship the father of lies. Here is a good recent climate hoax example close to home to ponder.

Local is has always been the answer. Globalism is only a recent phenomenon that folks began to trust until they started to see the results. The lockdowns exposed the central planners as they tried to legitimize essential vs non-essential people. That’s not freedom that’s slavery. That’s not unity that’s division. That’s NOT Diverse or Equitable or Inclusive. This is NOT virtue but virtue signaling. This is not grace but the cheap grace that Bonhoeffer stood against in 1932.

The consent of the governed is fundamental to the people as individuals with integrity. The people never signed up for these new terms and conditions. The people never voted for these new terms and conditions. The people that are being crushed by inflation did not sign up for this recession. The families did not sign up for turning over their children to be raised by the government.

Today’s administrative state has destroyed public trust.

Families did not sign up for the globalist agenda that claims we will own nothing and like it. Families did not sign on to the fact that our children’s financial future would be destroyed by a globalist agenda. Families in BLUE states are coming to realize that our children may not be able to own a home on this current trajectory. Families did not sign up for a school system that cares more about socializing than teaching our kids how to succeed and thrive when they graduate. Families did not sign up for 15 minute cities and economic hardship for their children and grandchildren.

FEAR NOT. Freedom requires consent of the governed. We are in a time where the consent of the governed is waning at a rapid rate.

FEAR NOT as we band together and unify for Freedom and Liberty on which our country was founded.

FEAR NOT as we remember and remind each other that WE THE PEOPLE are the government.

FEAR NOT as we restore common sense and the world that works.

FEAR NOT the world is waking up to this tyranny and we are no longer afraid of the invisible enemy.

FEAR NOT we are not descendent from fearful men and we honor those with courage and sacrifice that had come before us.

FEAR NOT we love our families and our neighbors more than we love government.

FEAR NOT as the world begins to correct the errors of the past and restore foundations of freedom.

FEAR NOT as our countrymen are waking up to the fact that the world is now spiraling down and the inflation is impacting a whole generation. In California the next generation will not be able to own a home and that is creating anxiety and fear for our future which will result in a resistance and a reaction that drives courage to overcome.

The echoes of Bonhoeffer resonating today with new words to describe the same failed church in Germany applied to the failed American church in America. If you are attending a church full of cheap grace that resembles a cruise ship more than a battle ship take stock and change that church. They need you to lead where they have fallen short. Moving away or attending another church is not an option. Standing strong where you are for the truth of the gospel and living out that faith through action is what is required for REAL GRACE.

Jesus made the greatest sacrifice of all and he did not come to be served but the serve. We have to follow in his footsteps and be the leaders he needs us to be to lead his church today.

That means change. That means sacrifice. That means action. That means expressing your true love by restoring the church. That means expressing your true love by restoring the local community. That means expressing your true love by restoring the common sense that is the bible in our American Culture.


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