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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 10
Unalienable Rights© - Oct 18, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1691 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 10

Character Witness Testimony. Let’s review one of the most egregious ideologies we have ever witnessed. Gender affirming Care. This can also be described Delusion affirming, Fantasy Affirming, Artificial Affirming, Psychotic Affirming, OR Other Affirming. I just call it plain evil to ask society to accept everyone’s fantasies as realities and make society pay for it.

This is the Broadway that leads to destruction we are warned about in the Sermon on the Mount. Bad behavior should never be affirmed as an acceptable societal norm. We all know that only the narrow path leads to life and few there be that find it.

Why has our culture today decided it’s a social good to abuse children? Why is gender ideology being embraced by our “healthcare” industry? In the real world we would never say to a confused child your confusion is reality. A responsible parent would never affirm a child’s abusive and self-destructive behaviors. Worse yet affirming the confusion of a child will lead to the delusion of a child.

Nobody in their right mind would say we need to affirm confusion and promote delusion in our children. This is nothing more than “Helter Skelter in the Summers Swelter” of pride month. Soon to be pride season or pride year? Nobody in their right mind would destroy the nuclear family and call it old fashioned.

The “Alternative Family” is being championed over the normal nuclear family as if it was equal or more important. The first Government after God and before man is FAMILY, its foundational to our identity and our future. Parental rights are central to the family. Parental responsibilities are paramount in the success of the family. Why is government trying to usurp the power of parents and undermine the nuclear family?

In short the only way to describe this properly is to make plain that those who do not stand against evil are accomplice to it. Those who do not stand against delusion are accomplice to it. Those who do not stand against confusion are accomplice to it.

Those who do not stand against criminality are accomplice to it. We don’t give alcoholics more Alcohol and affirm their alcoholism. If we cannot agree on basic truth then we must move for dismissal.

(1) We would never say to an alcoholic that we should affirm their abusive and self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol affirming care would be making sure all alcoholics get all the alcohol they need to affirm their alcoholism and society must be made to pay for it. Nor would we ever say that everyone has to accept them for the way they are and call them by their preferred pronouns. Nor would we say it’s OK to walk around OR drive around drunk even if it hurts others just so you could normalize a destructive behavior.

(2) We would never say to a mentally ill person that we should affirm their abusive and self-destructive behaviors. Mental illness affirming care would be making sure all the mentally ill are encouraged to stay mentally ill to affirm their illness as normal in society who must also pay for their lifestyle. Nor would we ever say that everyone has to accept them for the way they are and call them by their preferred pronouns. Nor would we say it’s OK to accept mental illness and normalize the destructive behavior that come with it.

(3) We would never say to a criminal that we should affirm their abusive and self- destructive behaviors. Criminal affirming care would be making sure all Criminals are allowed to commit crimes as long as they are only $1000 dollars or less to affirm their criminal identity and society must be made to pay for it. Nor would we ever say that everyone has to accept criminals as normal and call them by their preferred pronouns. Nor would we say it’s OK to be a criminal if it hurts others just so you could normalize the destructive behavior.

(4) Every cell in your body is coded male or female despite all of the rhetoric around gender identity that is reality. Biological gender determines sex and procreation by the type of gametes you produce in the human gender binary. The social contract should never allow or promote a lie. Gender affirming care is affirming mental illness for those diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Gender Affirming Care is affirming a delusion and works to normalize that delusion and profit from it through “healthcare”. Worse still the gender affirming care movement is asking all of society to go along and be accomplice to this delusion, that perpetuates evil against children, or be punished, censored or cancelled. We would never say that everyone has to accept them for the way they are and call them by their preferred pronouns in a free society. Nor would we say it’s OK to accept a perversion as normal and ask everyone to join in the perversion and normalize perversion. They are trying to criminalize dissent to this delusion which is unconscionable. We cannot abide this immorality.

(5) How is it that our government, our teachers, our schools and our churches are now tolerating, accepting, embracing and promoting child abuse as if it is no longer against the law. All children under 18 are protected by Law and now the government is saying that that law no longer exists and will be ignored which is the sin of partiality (discrimination). Why have all of these once sacrosanct ideas of family been thrown out the window? Why would our culture treat children as young as three years old as if they are in charge? Why are we allowing parents who abuse their own children to flourish while threatening parents that want to protect their children under threat of losing them to the state? If biological gender determines sex and procreation why would we claim that is a lie and science is wrong, when these are facts already in evidence throughout all of human history? We cannot deny reality, facts, reason, logic or evidence.

(6) Nobody in their right mind would go along with this crime if they truly understood that identity changes throughout your life and is only loosely related to biology and your biological sex. Gender affirming care is now paid for by government since Obamacare was implemented against the will of the people. Gender affirming care clinics are big business for healthcare as the abortion industry transitions to child mutilation instead of child murder. A Tanning bed cannot be used by anyone under the age 18 but children are now being experimented on and sterilized by the state “healthcare” for profit. This is not only immoral and unethical it is a crime against humanity. This sounds a lot like the mega billions we just transferred to BIG Pharma to force inject the entire world population for money with no liability or informed consent. This is also known as RAPE. Tyranny is Rape Culture.

(7) God made everyone male and female and in our natural state we can procreate. Family and children have a future in their natural state. If you take away someone’s ability to procreate their bloodline ends and the natural state created by God ends. As Einstein made plain years ago God does not play dice. For there to be a future we must procreate. The family is the God ordained government with a purpose and a meaning to create life and pass down life to future generations. What would we expect to happen with “Gender Tyranny” except to end the lives and bloodlines of all who embrace this nonsense? It is immoral and unethical to tolerate this or promote this abomination in any way shape or form. Depopulation in all forms is a death drive and is evil by definition because it has no future. No hope. No meaning. No purpose but to end a generation, a family a bloodline.

Gender affirming care is an evil ideology that promotes selfishness and narcissism and takes away the future of all those who participate. Sex is determined at conception and not assigned at birth like the activists are trying to claim.

Gender ideology trades the biological for the political. This is an especially ​dangerous lie to tell children because it confuses the natural order and confuses otherwise not confused kids which remains the majority of kids. What happened to democracy?

This lie steals child innocence and its promotion adds anxiety to a whole generation forced to endure this nonsense. Why is forcing things on children against their will now considered a social good? Remember when they said don’t home school your kids because they need to be socialized?

I think we all need to home school our kids now so they aren’t socialized. There is a special place in hell for all of those engaging in the theft of child innocence and promotion of this death drive. Maybe the proponents of the depopulation agenda should sacrifice themselves for the greater good and spare us the grief.

Innocent children are being caught up in a forced political ideology in our public schools. This is especially egregious to the individual liberty that each of us has. This harms both the mental health of all children it serves a political cause. This is not love at all but terror.

We are living in a world where you have to be 18 to go watch a strip show with scantily clad women, but you are encouraged to attend Drag Queen shows with scantily clad men dressed as women at 5 years old, with police protection and they try to tell you it’s family friendly. Who’s definition of family friendly is this? It’s not God’s definition.

This does not just harm those who are captured by the lie, but all those who are harmed physically by the “so called healthcare” of political and gender ideology. The sacrificial rite that has Satan laughing with delight is the generation that turned from God now sacrificing its own children on the altars of gender identity and climate change.


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