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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1282 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XII

Fear Not – Celebrate Diversity B

Words can hurt you if you are allowing yourself to be manipulated. I’m more worried about offending God and the truth itself than offending a person or a group or an ideology. Why would I worry about offending an ideology that claims truth is relative or does not exist. Sticks and stones may break your bones but progressive words will destroy a society.

Seeing what a progressive means by progress is important. You will develop courage to call it out once you realize it’s not a substantive argument but an appeal to emotion. You will overcome any doubts and fears with understanding and courage. Love of truth will conquer fear and sharing truth is sharing love even if it goes against the foolish DEI narratives. Courage Required.


These appeals to emotion are related to the warnings in in the bible about the heart. Proverbs 3 teaches us not to lean on our own understanding pointing to God and humility for understanding and wisdom. This does not say lean on google or your neighbor for understanding either. The Prophet Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” Remember this Phrase Emotionalism leads to Socialism.”

We can see that gong along or being neutral also leads to bad things and increases fear. So the good Book teaches us to fear not by pursuing truth and real virtue. In the 1930’s the Church in Germany reacted to the NAZI’s “Restoration Act that barred all Jews from government. This was the beginning of the nightmare where this was applied to everything and led to world war.

As this evil unfolded in Germany the roughly 18 thousand churches in Germany had to make a choice. It turns our 3 thousand stood against the overreach. Astonishingly 3 thousand stood in solidarity with the Nazi’s and their overreach. Even more frightening was the 12 thousand churches that remained silent. Satan is only as strong as our silence. This meant that 15 thousand churches were aligned with the Nazi’s and only 3 thousand stood against the overreach that lead to mass murder of 11 million people and the destruction of their own country and others countries.

Do you think the American church is any better? I DON’T. I think our churches have failed to stand against the key moral and ethical issues of our time and it breaks my heart when I think about the implications of this. We all know what happened in Germany. In their Zeal to go along to get along the entire country destroyed itself and caused more than 11 Million people to DIE. Not DEI but DIE.

FEAR NOT for there are signs of awakening from our decadent slumber. It seems that legalizing drugs under the guise of DEI in San Francisco and Portland has resulted in terrible misery. Even the previous proclamations that we must include all drug use to be moral has run its course. Both devastated cities have reversed course on these DEI initiatives that are destroying people, communities and cities.

They Did This On Purpose and Need To
Suffer The Consequences of Their Actions

We cannot let those who enabled this act like they are the saviors now they must be held to account for causing this misery. Mistakes were not made. They did this on purpose and need to suffer the consequences of their actions. Do these charlatans deserve the benefit of the doubt? HELL NO.

This illustrates very well the charade of DEI and how it eventually kills itself. This ideology is built on sinking sand and hollow emotional rhetoric. This also shows how DEI is really political as we see the politicians embrace both sides of this issue as if they could have their cake and eat it too. DEI is not moral or ethical and leads to destruction as the Bible makes plain in Matthew Chap 7 in its reference to the broad way.

It’s fascinating to see this play out in real time as this destructive ideology destroys itself. What bothers me most about this ideology (religion) is it has no humility. One might say DEI refuses to DIE like the satan character at the end of the movie that tries to hang on while it is sucked into hell. Remember the prideful rhetoric that communism will work this time cause it was never implemented properly in the past. PRIDE 101.

The purveyors of DEI refuse to admit they were wrong. This ideology refuses to acknowledge that what it has done is both unethical and immoral. Neither is there any accountability showing that the ideology lacks integrity and is fine with hurting people to gain power. The happy talk cannot cover up the feces on the sidewalk. The happy talk cannot restore or bring back the people who were harmed by this. So much for a caring ideology that cares not about reality only politics and power even if it leads to destruction.

FEAR NOT as we know the gospel truth.

FEAR NOT as we strive for unity around that gospel truth.

We read in Ephesian 5 how we are to expose these false and fake ideologies to the light of day. We are not to participate in the folly but call it what it is with wisdom and love. Telling the truth is an act of Love and denying the truth is an act of Hate. I’m offended that you’re offended.

We must demand transparency from the purveyors of these political and pseudo religious movements so they are seen for what they really are. Just as TOTO exposed the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ. A little cute dog exposed a blow hard with a microphone acting as if he was great and powerful which was a grand deception.

We must also focus on the simple truth that our tax payer money is being used and abused to support this dangerous political ideology. We must demand that our kids and our culture reject the lies of diversity, equity and inclusion because we are now seeing the results. We must reject foolishness.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is group think that rejects truth and accountability. It is not equitable at all and creates a privilege group think that it proclaims to be fighting against. Accepting all things blindly as a social good leads to huge problems and supports a political agenda that hurts people and works against real unity. When the culture asserts it is more moral than the foundation of western civilization you have to make a choice between laughing or crying at the current state of affairs. Here is some satire to solidify this point.

It’s very interesting to see how anti-American these ideologies are in addition to being anti-Christ. Our founding documents DO NOT SAY we are all endowed by our government with certain equitable and diverse rights. Our founding documents don’t say some people we include have special privileges endowed by government or government officials.

These ideologies are anti-American as they are group ideologies and AMERICA IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN CENTERED AROUND THE INDIVIDUAL NOT THE GROUP.

We are all (Individuals) created equal with equal opportunity endowed by our creator with unalienable rights. Among them are life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. IN GOD WE TRUST.

There Is No Such Thing As Collective Salvation

These ideologies are anti-Christ as they are group ideologies and CHRISTIANITY IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN CENTERED AROUND THE INDIVIDUAL NOT THE GROUP.

We are all (Individuals) created equal with equal opportunity endowed by our creator with unalienable rights. Among them are life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.



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