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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 7
Unalienable Rights© - Sep 27, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2003 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 7

Jury Pool I: Have you ever noticed that even in modern American Jurisprudence that the Supreme Court opinions seldom if ever refer to the Declaration of Independence? It’s a national holiday but not an important document? GO FIGURE

Why would the highest court in the land not consider the most important document in American history in its deliberations?


Also Here is a Link to a free online reader that contains a huge collection of original source documents.


We are right to celebrate our independence as codified in this document as the Morale and Ethical foundation in establishing our great country. I sit and ponder the jury of our peers today contrasting the jury in the days of the Declaration.

The Great Awakening of the 1700’s echo’s today as we face what is being marketed as a Great Reset. American’s look at one world government with disdain. America as founded is a sovereign country founded on the principles of a sovereign individual and his God. All three based in Individual liberty and we are not citizens of the world despite what the propaganda media might say.

The media and the corporations work to make you believe through clever marketing that American’s are ready to give away their freedom and kneel before a globalist one world government. Don’t try that in a small town. What evil spell would compel American’s to trade National Sovereignty for Globalism? The real question for this generation. Will we give up personal freedom for another health scare?

The indoctrination centers of today have little or nothing in common with the education of past generations. Should we expect them to produce a proper jury of our peers? They no longer teach critical thinking, proper philosophy, or basic economics of a free creative and prosperous people.

They don’t teach the American founding properly and refer to the founders as white supremacist slaveholders. The patriotism of past generations has waned ​under this shadow and fear mongering. Education in the 6th grade 100 years ago included household finance. Times have changed and education has been warped by Cultural Marxism and American Maoism.

Instead of teaching critical thinking, independence and self-reliance schools today teach obedience. Schools today train activists through deconstructionism, gender constructs, emotionalism, and earth worship (materialism). Moral relativism is a staple in today’s culture. Self-reliance is considered selfish and freedom is only obtained through compliance. Idiocracy 101.

We no longer appeal to the authority of God and absolute truth. Schools inculcate the carbon controlling obsession with an anti-human premise AKA humanism. Why do our schools teach the religion of climate change? Carbon is a building block of life not a threat to life. Truth is now taught as relative no longer absolute which leads only to confusion and division not knowledge prosperity and freedom.

The climate religion taught in school today is the greatest swindle in the history of the world. The obsession with control of carbon is an obsession with control of all life. Consensus is not science despite what the propaganda media are parroting. When I was a kid the consensus was that the earth was cooling and would freeze. Real science was traded for political science.

My mom always asked us if we would jump off a bridge if others did and we all said NO. Not even if it was consensus. We mocked people that could not think for themselves. Going along with the group was considered weak and cowardly.

The real science would never discount the influence of the sun on our climate. There is this giant ball of fire we see appearing in the east every morning and the temperature goes up during the day. Conversely that giant ball of fire disappears in west every evening and the temp goes down. I think we can all agree the sun is the primary influencer on the earth’s temperature.

When I read years ago that “climate Scientists” now consider the sun steady state and ignore the sun cycles and their impact on earth I realized that the carbon obsession was not based in reality.

The earth is greening with more carbon in the atmosphere. The sun warms the earth. The sun has the greatest influence on the earth’s climate there is, yet its oscillations are ignored. Is this on purpose? If you remove key variables from the climate models they will produce bad climate predictions. This is simple modeling 101.

This is not science its scientism. We all talk about following the science. So I started looking for the science. I was having a hard time finding the science so I followed the money and found the science of today, which is not science anymore.

When I was a kid they tried to scare us with the fear porn of the coming ice age. Excellent fear porn crafted for every generation. Watch out for Germs, dirty water and dirty air. Unclean, unclean !!!

The hatred of carbon is really part of the progressive obsession to destroy big oil. Like chicken little they said “were going run out of oil” so let’s change to “green energy”. They never stopped to evaluate the net impact on the climate was worse than petroleum. What people failed to remember is that half of every barrel of oil is used to create products and medicines for people. None of that matters in the anti-carbon climate dogma.

Our children are being captured day in and day out by ideological dogma’s of world citizenship steeped in American maoist curriculum. History is largely omitted unless it contains a social context that fits the media spin. This now openly admitted by Howard Zinn who writes all of the history books.

Most of today’s children are taught anti American tropes that move the generation away from faith in God to faith in man (government). Kids are no longer taught to stand up for themselves but to submit to man’s contrivances. Will we have justice in a world where the children are raised to hate their own country and their own prosperity? The Jury pool today is tainted with anti- truth, pagan ideologies of earth, money and sex worship.

We must all pray for the good Lord to help us to return instruction to the basics of past generations. We need education that is objective and unbiased that respects individual faith and family properly so the Jury pools of the future are more fair and equitable as was always the goal in past generations.

The Declaration taught equal justice, self-evident truths and divine providence. Has this generation even been exposed to the Declaration or the Federalist Papers?

We need our parents to be more involved in their children’s education at a time when the government is trying to keep them out. Why exactly does the education system think they own your children and discount the role of the parents? We cannot teach partiality and expect that the kids will be impartial. The good book makes clear that being partial is a sin.

Today’s “educators” have traded real justice for political justice. Common Core education seeks social, environmental, economic and restorative justice. These chimeras are tearing our country apart. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr. When the churches were closed down in 2020 and few had the courage to stand up for God, I knew that we were in big trouble.

The Pharisees of today have captured our institutions and usurped the power of the people. Today tyranny reigns, in our once free country. Government obedience is demanded and you are being told to live a life on your knees. We all know there is no such thing as forced freedom.

Lincoln warned us that America could only be defeated from within. This is what I mean by America and Truth on Trial. It looks like progressives took Lincoln’s warning as a challenge and embraced this revolutionary idea. Most of our institutions are filled with folks who hate their own country.

We find ourselves at a crossroads once again. We are on the precipice of an era of serfdom that we fought to extricate ourselves from in 1776. We better take heed the times in which we live, before it’s too late to turn back from this insanity. How long will America survive if those in positions of power hate her? Our government is now top heavy, tyrannical and about to fall over. Humpty Dumpty.

When I began to study the bible years ago and began to realize that the Apostle Paul had written much of the New Testament. I began to realize that as the 12 were establishing the church as disciples of Jesus it was the greatest revolution in history by far, and none have ever come close.

The year of our Lord A.D. and the time before Christ B.C. were up until recently the way in which we measured time throughout the world for the past ​2023 years. Despite the recent activism to overthrow the greatest revolution in history and change the way we measure time we all still measure time the same. The greatest sexual revolution in the world was when Jesus was crucified and arose again bringing the spirit into the pagan world of his day.

The small g baalim gods of the day were many and the worship of many small g gods was immediately pushed out of the mainstream and into the wilderness.

The sexual deities of the day were no longer worshipped and the Family government was established below the God of the trinity. Governments were established among men to protect and defend what was set forth by Jesus. The greatest sexual revolution in history was the return to a Family centered government in the Year of our Lord. The tragedy was people desiring a king, the wrong king.

The cycles of civilization corrupted by kings continues just as it did in the Old Testament. Now we see that even the Republic of America finds itself on the ropes due to corruption. We can’t have civilization without civil rights.

When government violates your civil rights it’s the end of civilization by definition. You can see this clearly in the selective prosecutions. The courts are trading equal justice for social justice. Selective prosecution is violation of civil rights. Selective prosecution is unjust. Unequal justice is unjust.

However we find ourselves in a situation where we can restore our great republic by getting engaged and being good citizens. This was reflected in the Disney Short “No More Kings”. No more king’s means we the people must do our duty as laid out in our Constitutional Republic to obtain, maintain and restore freedom and liberty constantly. We must live it.

In the founding era “We The People” where closer to God than any generation since as evidenced by the founding itself. ”We The People” identified as individuals who for the most part put God first before the group. These were patriots that valued the strength of the individual and his connection with a higher power above the group.

Contrast the current generation where they value the group above the individual and “We The People” has a different meaning. The former understands E Pluribus Unum properly because it is grounded with moral and ethical boundaries that are more important than factions and groups.

It’s easy to see this contrast that is now spectacle. Special interest groups today march naked in the streets and chant vulgarities and destroy property. That is not the “we the people” of the founding. Evil is as evil does. Is this the proper Jury Pool?

We have drifted far from shore no doubt. When we cut the tether from absolute truth we said bye bye to American Pie and found an empty reservoir. When you discard absolute truths you also trade real meaning and purpose for artificial meaning and purpose. No amount of whiskey and rye will fill that void. No amount of destruction or group identity will either.

Most were not taught the warning from God in the Old Testament when men desired a king. An earthly kings wrath will always destroy families and freedom. Please open the good book and read the warnings from 1 Samuel 8. Another parallel is the Golden Calf story in Exodus 32.

The Decentralized government in the Old Testament example of Moses most resembles what America achieved when they ratified the constitution after the Declaration. America rejected an earthly king initially creating a presidency. The battle cry at Lexington and concord was “No King but King Jesus”. The American republic is designed for maximum freedom and liberty in its decentralized design.

SchoolHouse Rock - No More Kings

The design was that nobody was above the law and all were to respect the Supreme Judge of the World. The liberty and Justice for all was based on a perfect law outside of ourselves. The old axiom rings true where there is law there is liberty. The law is based on the word of the Holy Bible. We cannot base this on an ever changing moral relativism that man creates. Moral relativism is worshipping a golden calf or other a small g god idol worship. 1822


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