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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2035 : Fear Is A Liar : Part VII

Fearfulness II – Conformity - Ignorance is Taught

Why are we teaching social history and not real history? Why are kids not taught civics and how our republic works? Why are government schools so focused on “social science” and not REAL science? What economy are we preparing our kids to live in?

To be ignorant of what occurred before you were borne is to remain always a child.” Cicero

It seems we are not preparing our children for real life, we are preparing them for the hunger games. We no longer have metal shop, wood shop, drafting, home economics, sewing or other excellent life skills they will need when they grow up. The inner city schools are the worst as many are now allowing graduation of kids that can’t read. Why are we allowing this?

Well if you know anything about history you might conclude that this is being done on purpose. In fact all you have to do is read about these arrogant Marxists as they told us all along what they were doing. The real question is why so many good people gave the benefit of the doubt to people incapable of virtue. Why did we go along with all of this and conclude they are just wrong with good intentions? To keep a person ignorant is to keep them in a cage.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The trajectory of education becomes more evil every year. If the original intentions were to invert the power structures of our society, and we stood by and allowed it, we are accomplices to this generational theft. Why did we not see that promoting evil failed and wrong will lead to problems?

Why did we not engage when we saw the good right and just being undermined and pilloried by the education system we paid for? Conformity is not leadership. We sat and watched as school boards and teachers put feminine hygiene products in boy’s bathrooms and did nothing to stop it or stand against it. Conforming with a lie does not make it true. Conforming with a lie for money is bribery. What is going on is criminal.

Evidently this was the Marxist plan all along now that they have captured the institutions we see the outcomes. Nobody is safe unless we are all safe. Nobody gets to go to school unless we all get to go to school. Schools don’t get their money unless they conform with ALL of the new policies even if they are immoral or unethical. Conform or else.

Homeschoolers were sent letters to stop teaching during the pandemic lockdowns demanding conformity. How dumb is that? Through conformity we are teaching ignorance. Promoting lawlessness as freedom is a feel good grift. Why would we promote immoral acts as moral or unethical as ethical. This is the inversion that the prophet Isaiah warned about in chapter five verses twenty and twenty one.

The only recent indicator that this may be changing was in the San Francisco school system. It is going bankrupt as its Marxist system is no longer popular and imploding because so many have left the system. The teachers in San Fran are the most radical in the state. Hopefully the plan is not to flood the system with illegal aliens but when we see this planned migration it just looks like Agenda 2030 in action.

It’s no wonder the media is taking to the airwaves to continue to bash homeschooling. Homeschooling is increasing at an exponential rate do to all of the Marxism that has been exposed. In fact home schooling is a student mass strike against the education establishment.

Kids that are homeschooled know there was a U.S. backed coup d'état in Ukraine in 2014 that led directly to war in Ukraine. Homeschoolers ask questions like why is the US primarily focused on funding walls and wars in other countries and bringing foreigners by the millions into our own country against the law and the will of the people. Why are no dollars going to Palestine Ohio or Lahaina Hawaii?

Homeschooling could bankrupt the Marxist education system that loves money more than students

Homeschoolers understand inflation is just like a tax and significantly impacts their future and drains everyone’s savings. Homeschooling could bankrupt the Marxist education system that loves money more than students. Without more students the system begins to collapse. The education establishment is collapsing in on itself and unable to change course. Many more would take their kids out of school but most families are trapped in the system without enough resources for alternatives.

A thief will lie to you for money because they don’t love you or they love you less than the thing they want. That is greed or avarice. A thief loves money more than the truth. The current system is not providing quality education so it naturally will have to change, steal money from somewhere else or die. We already see the Federal government bailing out the universities. Looks like change is out of the question.

This is a signal that even in the most Marxist system that folks are no longer going to accept the status quo and are waking up to smell the communism. Invite a Chinese Dictator to San Francisco and suddenly the unsolvable homelessness problem is seemingly solved overnight. Homelessness is also agenda driven.

The Homelessness project blew up in 2023, exposed as a fraud it woke many more up. Why did Governor Nuisance bend his knee to a communist dictator and clean up what was lauded as a generational intractable problem in a matter of weeks? This shows everyone what this emotional grift labeled homelessness is. It’s not about affordable housing. Never was. The cost of housing has risen ever since they said they wanted to control it.

Marxist curriculum is creating a generation of sociopaths that get angry when they don’t fit in. Seems to me that teaching our kids that we are all winners leads to narcissism and mental problems. If we are all winners then we are all losers. This is why so many today are so good at making excuses but little else.

We are teaching kids to be activists through conformity to a group or an idea. Are we afraid of individual freedom because it favors merit? Are we afraid of individual responsibility because it requires skill and accountability that we no longer teach? Teaching we are all winners creates a generation of losers focused on social conformity.

Even despicable people think of themselves as heroes of their own story. This may explain why media promotes days of anger and rage. The entire build back better premise implies destroy everything first. This transformational message started under Obama when he proclaimed he was the architect and arbiter of the fundamental transformation of America.

Rage against the machine was anti-establishment when it was written and performed. Somebody please remind Tom the people are the underdogs and he should stop supporting the machine he used to rage against. Days of rage were promoted as legitimate essential protests while the meek people of our country were locked down as illegitimate and non-essential. Just another part of the fear campaign. Tom sold out too.

Homeschooling is thriving because it focuses on the practical and the real

Homeschooling is thriving because it focuses on the practical and the real. The government education system fails at teaching critical thinking, economics and problem solving skills. Teachers are seldom allowed to teach practical skills anymore. These are the things kids really need when they get out in the real world. Kids used to be raised as individuals that were all unique like stones. Now kids are being taught they are bricks and their conformity with the group is what makes then strong.

The question is always what group are you being taught to conform with? We are all being conditioned to fear individuality and conformity is always better. Kids are being taught freedom is selfish and free speech is dangerous. Our culture has become a school of fish. This is a conveyor belt to socialism. We are taught to fear rugged individualism as a threat to the group. Is the group always right?

Those living in fear cannot be decisive and are generally going along to get along. If you are fearful you are like a deer in the headlights freezing unable to react until it’s too late. This is an unhealthy fear. If you are more fearless you are running or jumping across the freeway. One will surely die the other will most likely survive and thrive because it fears less.

The media is parroting the lie of insurrection over and over so they can use lawfare against their political enemies. This is meant to scare all the people and especially aimed at cowing American patriots. When you teach a generation that patriotism is racist it teaches people to hate their own country. The media is just taking this to the next level of fear which is a political agenda.

Lawyers are trying to leverage the 14th amendment to serve their agenda and it’s not working. In a real insurrection there would have been armed people. If there was a real insurrection there would be charges for insurrection. There are no insurrection charges and no weapons. The only serious threat with any weapon looks like an FBI training pipe bomb. Why has the pipe bomber never been caught? The emperor wears no clothes.

Imagine a constitutional amendment written to prevent a future civil war, after an actual civil war, now being used to foment a new civil war. Does this insurrection lie lead to more fear or less fear? Does the fact that the media is fomenting another partisan lie add fear or reduce fear? Does the fact that a Supreme Court in Colorado made a completely political ruling add fear or reduce fear? Throughout history only dictators arrest political enemies.

Throughout History Only Dictators
Arrest Political Enemies !!!

Search communist history and you will find arrest prosecution and murder of political enemies. Completely anti-American what is going on and that adds fear for sure. The Colorado Supreme Court acting as if their opinion was above the black letter law. The arrogance that their opinion was moral as they worked to disenfranchise the whole country to fit their agenda is breathtaking. This is fearmongering. This is real fascism.

We are in a constitutional crisis and the irrational fear in our country is causing many to do irrational things. When we see the abuse of power and blatant disregard for law and order it only adds anxiety and fear. Fear and anxiety increase as the lawlessness increases and the lies continue.

We have to go all the way back to the 1868 to see the lawfare being committed. Here is a great article by Don Surber on New Year’s Day.

The Long Arm of Lawfare: “In 2008, Californians voted to ban gay marriage. Not only did the courts declare the new amendment to the state constitution “unconstitutional,” but the Supreme Court later declared gay marriage the law of the land in 2015 under the 14th Amendment, which was ratified on July 9, 1868. Somehow after winning the Civil War, Republicans enacted gay marriage but kept it secret for 147 years.”

The irony is not lost here as folks making decisions now amplified by the media claiming they are not political are the most political of all. Folks screeching about protecting democracy are the ones destroying democracy by trying to remove people from the ballot. Aren’t we all winners?

Saving “democracy” is spun in the media as a social good. Then the same media cheerleads the removal of a candidate from the ballot which disenfranchises voters. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

How do you define election interference? What we should all fear is an out of control judiciary that uses lawfare to disenfranchise voters and tamper with elections. We should fear a captured lying media that claims 2020 was the most secure election in history yet is afraid of allowing their political enemy to run for office.

Authoritarian regimes throughout history arrest their political opponents. Authoritarians always capture the media to propagandize their own people. That’s a tell. “An Evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground….to rule over the ashes” – Sun Tzu

“An Evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground ... to rule over the ashes” ~ Sun Tzu


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