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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1859 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XXII

Fear Not – The Sky Isn't Falling : Part C

“If you believe that science is unlimited and can explain everything then you have turned science into religion”Ed McKervey

Modern Day Eugenics has been introduced into our culture again as if its virtuous to decide who gets to live. The ways in which this modern eugenics movement has crept into the culture are many. The central tenets of earth worship taught in our schools through climate change ideology is simply neo paganism. See also the humanist ideologies that are taught in critical theory and other forms of social justice. Education today by omission has violated the establishment clause of the first amendment.

American Education produced and manufactured a whole generation
of anti-Christ and anti-American Activists.

Modern Day Eugenics underway. "People incapable of virtue should never be given the benefit of the doubt" Take them at their word. Its all for the greater good. NOT

Carbon dioxide is what greens the planet and yet it’s less than half of one percent of the atmosphere. Our atmosphere is 99.6% Co2 free and yet C02 is plant food and a building block of life. In other words it’s a trace gas. Humans are responsible for only 3 percent of the trace gas making human impact on carbon dioxide so small as to be insignificant in any objective scientific understanding. In any relevant or honest scientific analysis this data point would be thrown out as insignificant.

"The Sky Isn't Falling"
It was an acorn that landed on your head Chicken Little

If you are math challenged that means that 97% of the carbon in the atmosphere has nothing to do with humans. Human impact (anthropogenic) is so insignificant as to be invisible and ludicrous to think it matters at all. The Sky isn’t falling, it was an acorn that landed on your head Chicken Little. The fox has convinced the hens and the ducks that they will be deemed good animals and save the planet by sacrificing themselves. The world will be saved if they let the fox eat them.

Regulating carbon is regulation life itself. When folks say carbon dioxide is killing the planet and you breathe out carbon dioxide it’s pretty plain that this is part and parcel to the depopulation agenda birthed in minds of the progressive radicals that are currently in charge.

Global Cooling - Warming – Climate Change all a gigantic swindle.

Some estimates are that 25% of the budget of the US is now earmarked to address climate change. They are expanding this anti-Human, anti-Truth Anti-Christ agenda to include methane. With no end in sight. Talk about unsustainable.

Methane is also a trace gas and in a 7 year cycle oxidizes naturally in the atmosphere through normal process making it safe stable and part of a natural process created by God. Why does man think he can do it better than God? We can’t out love God. We can’t out create God? We can’t out truth God. We have to drop this pride, arrogance and haughty spirit. Fighting Climate change is a fatal conceit. It is akin to searching for the fountain of youth it is a fantasy built on sinking sand not reality.

I see empty electric busses everywhere burning energy to move nobody to nowhere and that is a swindle of epic proportions using your tax dollars. Serving an ideology that “thinks” you must live in a 15 minute city and ride a bike and stop driving is nonsense. Why are progressives so willing to bankrupt the system for the fantasy?

The small town impact is wasted resources in the name of sustainability. Schools ranked 45 out of 50 in the US are more focused on climate change than good education. The irony is illustrated by the fact that many of the children that can’t read are arriving at school on electric buses.

If we don’t stop this wealth redistribution nonsense the economy may fall and it might seem like the sky is falling. This is crippling the real economy through socialism and debt dependent grant programs.

The powers and principalities pushing these autocratic agenda’s are threatening to take away your farmland, destroy your animals, and limit your water all in the name of climate change. If we are all bankrupt will we care more about the climate or less?

Paganism returns as we push God out of our culture. The small g gods of Paganism return at the same time as we have seen. Paganism masquerades as climate change. Climate change is an Idol and many are sacrificing time money and the next generation to this idol.


All of these man caused crises feed the fear narrative. In fact if they stopped and solved any of the problems the fear would subside and the mass formation that has captured so many will break much like an evil spell. The spell binding nature of fear is that it fuels itself. The cure is simple truth and courage to pull the string that unravels the false fear narrative. It just takes a little dog pulling back the curtain to help others see the old man behind who is just a snake oil salesman.

The green energy swindle is a ruse to capture your mind your body and your soul. It’s time we wake up from this nightmare and stop wasting time sorting trash that is not recycled. We need to stop wasting money destroying the environment while claiming to protect it.

We must stop demonizing fuels that green the planet and protect the environment.

Oil products can be recycled yet we are told oil is poison. Our electricity bills in California have increased 5 fold with the deployment of wind and solar and it takes up evermore environmental space in less than 20 years. Inflation? How much land is now locked up and captured where is can no longer be used, enjoyed or support nature or man?

One Nuclear plant in California called Diablo Canyon would require and equivalent of 450 times the space to produce the same electricity and the materials would be 17 times more than nuclear to produce the panels. Looks to me like the cure is worse than the poison. What exactly have we been told to be afraid of? Why renewables can’t save the planet

Here is a short video on Nuclear that everyone should WATCH. We need to do some myth busting about Nuclear energy and start down a new path with some REAL sustainable solutions that make energy clean, safe & affordable. What exactly are we afraid of?

We shipped 157,000 containers of trash across the world in 2018 alone only to be placed in landfills. Imagine we paid to send our trash on vacation at great expense to a landfill in another country. We told people in our own country it was recycled which is a bald faced lie.

Why are we shipping our trash thousands of miles and telling ourselves we are doing a good thing for the planet? Where does your blue can really go and why are you spending time sorting trash that is not recycled at all?

Why is Earth Worship more important than actual science and technology?

If we truly cared about the planet we would not be sequestering land and killing habitat for the green energy boondoggle. How many hours a year to you spend sorting trash only to have that time wasted as we dump that recycle bin in the landfill. How many empty miles sorting and extra trips to the landfill are we making as we participate in the lie of recycling.

Lithium is Mined by Slaves and Children

Lithium batters are not recyclable. Lithium is mined by slaves and children. Solar panels have a limited life span and are not recyclable. Landfills will overflow soon with formerly deemed green energy solutions. The “blood diamonds” of lithium are already being exposed as the vehicle manufacturer’s move away from electric losing untold millions at the expense of our future.

Our power grid can’t even handle the demand today without electric vehicles.

Contrast the idea from Mattias Desmet’s great book on The Psychology of Totalitarianism with the mass formation idea of freedom. The lies of today have become such a cancer on society that it is becoming more difficult to live free. We must regroup locally and restore common sense and family values to their proper place. Imagine living in a world where data and fake science are ruling us while we chase grant money and other fountains of youth.

When I realized that more than 10,000 scientific publications were being recalled from 2023 I was stunned. When I started to understand that the publications were being recalled because the data was inaccurate, manipulated or flat out made up to get grant money it blew my mind.

Follow the science they said. I looked everywhere for the science and could not find it. So I decided to follow the money and then I found the science.

The land of the free traded for the land of the fake. Fake media, fake food, fake causes, fake cures and fake culture. All driven by affectation and avarice and now mandated and supported by the big government BLOB.

The hysteria we read about in the past became the present. We always wondered how it happened in the past and now we know. Hysteria comes from the proliferation of lies. It is from the father of lies. We became more susceptible when we turned away from truth and embraced idolatry. Even before Jesus paganism and idolatry were clearly seen as an abomination as whole people’s sacrificed their children to Moloch. Why is our population today embracing paganism?

Why Is Our Population Today Embracing Paganism?

The return of the small g gods is a return to paganism and the prophets of ba’al. We better get busy standing against this evil before it overtakes the world again. Somehow the idol worship of the ancients has taken over the high places of today. For those that understand what the high places of the pagans were all about you will get this reference. The transgender Baphomet idol has become popular again and the abominations that accompany that idol worship have returned with a vengeance.

FEAR NOT : ALL WILL BE REVEALED ... as we read in Luke 8:17.

We all have to stand together for Truth Justice and the American way. We do this by getting back to basics of right and wrong. We do that by calling out what is wrong and restoring what is right. One foot in front of the other and working daily to protect our families and raise our families.

This is the real sustainability, FAMILY.

We have to return to basic common sense where we all see Jesus properly undergirding all Life, Freedom and Joy the world over with humility. We will overcome with courage and fearlessness.

Remember fear is a reaction and courage is a choice.

We must drop the vanity, narcissism and fatal conceit that has overtaken our culture. We have neglected our primary duty to God through blind trust in man. We have forgotten to laugh at the folly and the hubris that surrounds us taking God and Freedom for granted.


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