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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 8
Unalienable Rights© - Oct 04, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1822 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 8

Jury Pool II : The American Ideal as written on the statue of Liberty depicting a people yearning to be free. Not a people yearning to be slaves. We must restore our American identity as individuals yearning to be free. Truth Seekers that do not comply with Tyranny is an American value. A people that cherish their Faith, Family and Freedom.

How they got so many to follow blindly was simply years of prosperity and comfort, bad education and propaganda media. We have lost our yearning to be free, our independence and our identity. The spirit of 1776 given away in our compliance with tyranny. Power to the people was traded for power to the government.

In hindsight what they really meant was power and control of the people for the greater good of the government. The rapid expansion of technology fuels this tyranny. This propaganda is as bad, or worse, than what George Orwell warned us about.

History is replete with wars using fire when those waging the wars wanted to take over lands. The fires raging around the world this summer are no different. One of the ways to capture lands and take over is through fire, the devil’s only friend.

Denying truth does not clear your conscience and may leave it seared. This is also related to fire. A seared conscience means you can no longer renew your mind or overcome evil with good as written in Romans 12. Do your eyes not see nor your ears hear? An abstract narrow view is like scales on your eyes. The farther you drift the more scales you accumulate. G.K. Chesterton opined: “When men stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything”

It would seem that we no longer have differences of opinion but are living in different realities because we have not checked our premises we have not renewed our minds.

Paul in his writings to the churches of the first century was setting the record straight about what the new covenant was after the crucifixion. The letters were admonishing the churches as to what was acceptable unto God and the practice of the church and the path to life.

We often assume that the Churches are keepers of the law and where moral authority is studied practiced and sacred. Paul knew the churches were not perfect even after they were established as they are not now. But the letters to the churches encouraged the leaders to stick to the word and practices as laid out by Christ. Yes he was telling them to get their act together even then knowing that man in his sinful nature always falls short of perfection.

As Jefferson opined in his letter to the Baptists the garden must be protected from the wilderness. The garden being the church and the wilderness subdued to expand the garden. The wall of separation was very important to guard the church. The Marxists twisted that around as if to guard the wilderness (government) which is an inversion of the truth. The Wall of Separation was to protect the church from the government.

Christians were to go out into the world and make disciples of men and expand the garden. In our Woke culture today the Wilderness is expanding into the garden and working hard to turn the garden into the wilderness.

The same happens to the garden that is not well attended and the wilderness encroaches always in a steady march over time. ENTROPY.

We need to clean up the garden and get busy restoring the jury pool or our juries will be of the wilderness and man’s corruption. The transgression of lockdowns of our churches was an act of war upon God and his church.

It seems that if we think we are living in a founding era we are also living in a first century church era. We must recognize the times we are living in like the sons of Issachar in the Old Testament. We are reaping what we have sown in this generation which is destruction, the Broadway from the sermon on the mount.

The narrow path was not enough so a generation tried to escape. The strange lyric about driving a chevy to the levee and finding it dry is a great reference to the loss of meaning that emerges when we try to escape reality. Its past time to return to the narrow path.

It’s time to wake up from our decadent slumber and say bye bye to the Great Reset. We need to return to culture of redemption and grace and REAL LOVE that is truth seeking and courageous enough to protect the children. ​

I wonder if a Jury of our peers today will bring themselves to the realization that God was more important than government. The Pharisees in the bible were the bad guys, the government usurping power from the people and transgressing against the church are the same bad guys today.

Any objective reading of history shows that a government that takes away power never gives it back. We find ourselves in a godless downward spiral because the church ceded the authority of God to an out of control government and a degenerate culture.

America on trial indeed. The jury of our peers will have to be selected carefully from those living in reality who value individual freedom and know that truth is not relative. The integrity of our culture today resembles the culture in the times of the revolution where we had only freedom fighters and loyalists.

We all know how that turned out then and we have great respect for the sacrifices of those men in our real history that fought for our freedom and independence from a tyrannical hierarchy.

The Apostles knew that they had to obey God rather than men and if they had not there would not be a church. We find ourselves in a strange time where we have to ask ourselves if we are to Obey God rather than men (GOV).

The Acts of the Apostles reads like the tyranny of today. We failed miserably as the Pharisees of the secular faith subdued our churches in 2020. We are clearly weaker than we imagined before 2020 its now plain to see.

Men and women of faith have decided to cede the public space to anti- Christ bullies acting like they are more moral than God. The Gnosticism of the past and the paganism of the past that was sent to the wilderness has returned. How obedient have we become to believe or accept such an outright lie that free speech is an attack on freedom?

If free speech is a threat to freedom we are no longer a free people. If you can be told what to say then you are also being told what to think. Censorship and selective prosecution leads directly to tyranny, slavery and genocide.

District: School Prayer and the Establishment Clause June 2023. Our propaganda media downplayed this historic shift in jurisprudence promising to resurrect the music and the American Pie.

When Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists in his day making plain the separation of Church and state he was very clear. The original letter can be found here in this free reader


Remember this was in a time that Virginia had a state church under the crown and force of a King. The beautiful letter that Jefferson wrote was very simple. We needed a wall of separation between church and state to protect the Garden (Church) from the Wilderness (Government). The analogy makes perfect sense because we all know we have to protect the garden from the wilderness.

We also know that the wilderness will creep into the garden if not held at bay. We also know quite clearly that we are called to expand the garden into the wilderness as we expand our families and our reach in dominion of the earth as ordained by God.

The crackpots today that claim to be smarter than everyone else because they have been educated (indoctrinated) beyond their own intelligence, tell us there is no God. Politicians twist what Jefferson actually said to fit their own power hungry agenda.

Truth is we are to be Christians in Action and our identity is being created as we mature. We are all in the process of becoming. What we are becoming is what we study and what we experience. Our identity is always changing that is why I also conclude that we are suffering from an identity crisis.


We are constantly choosing our identity but it is asinine to think that we can choose our biology. Talk about arrogance and haughty spirit. We can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. The aesthetic values of dressing like a man or a woman has nothing to do with the gender binary that dress up mocks.

Everyone will always laugh at a gorilla riding a bicycle because humor and laughter relate to the absurdity of a thing that does not make sense. We are all in the process of becoming and hope it’s becoming something better and not the butt of a joke. ​

We are certainly suffering an identity crisis because the old patriotic American identity must be destroyed in order to build back better? We have a crisis of conscience where all courage is seen as a toxic threat the “democracy”. When we all know in fact that courage is the virtue from which all other virtue flows.

We have forgotten who we are and even worse are going along with our own self destruction. We must find our courage to stand against all that is evil failed and wrong.

The Jury has also been tainted by corporate media that leaks confidential information and censors truth. The media industrial complex now includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gets financial and operational support from our benevolent government.

Why do people think artificial intelligence is intelligent when it’s artificial? You can’t handle the truth because the truth is dangerous to our democracy. They say incessantly. The establishment is afraid of We The People because we can handle the truth.

America has already been convicted in the court of public opinion by the sellouts in our government and our media. Truth and free speech are a danger to freedom in today’s America. For all of the evidence to the contrary it will be deemed (deity) inadmissible or private and subject to patents or disclosure in the current injustice system that eschews God.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther King Jr.


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