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Fear Not – Inclusion in What? Part B


I say we can only have common sense if we have a common God. To be part of something there are always central tenets and things the group must agree on. In Christianity it’s the Bible and the word of God. The whole counsel of God must be embraced and that is a life’s pursuit of truth and maturity.

The central tenets of the iDEIology are mostly political but seem all to point to centralized power and autocracy. The strange thing about this is that in order for this inclusion to work it requires government control and power over anyone who disagrees. Sounds like slavery to me.

1984 vs Brave New World ~ How Freedom Dies

This explains plainly the idea that if you are not interested in politics it is interested in you. When it’s out of balance it becomes a powerful force in one direction. Political Correctness is inclusion in the all-powerful state Orwell & Huxley warned us about.

The best comparison I can make in recent history is the Russian Revolution of the last century. When you read the parallels it is uncanny as to how America is on that same pattern of radicals in schools. The same pattern of destabilization and rejection of God. The Same pattern of using the language and media to divide people and destabilize the entire country.

After the crisis stage when those who were manipulating others to get into power had achieved their goals, then they worked to normalize the country. The New Normal in Russia was brutal communism. We are supposed to know history to better understand the satanic spell of the communists and take heed the warnings.

The lead character Napoleon in Orwell’s Animal Farm was modeled after Stalin. Using power of language transforms the farm into a living hell. We see a similar tactic today with changing language as n this excellent allegorical book called Animal Farm. This is the modus operandi of progressives. Changing the words and changing the meaning of the words over time to transform the farm. Now with technology we can change the definitions of words over night to serve the power agenda. Even worse we have been transformed into PHARM animals in this age.

A principled people would not embrace the change that progressivism promises because they would see through its empty rhetoric. The recent crisis has passed and now this communism disguised as progress demands we accept the NEW NORMAL.

Nobody can define the NEW NORMAL precisely because it’s a shape shifting ideology.

Inclusion in what begs the question again. What exactly is the NEW NORMAL? What exactly do we mean by inclusion? Is it eating bugs? Is it less free? Is it promoting Evil? At what point will we be deemed non-essential and no longer included? At what point do they begin seizing your assets or my assets?

When the Obama slogans reached fever pitch years ago I saw right through the hollow promises of hope and change because I read real history as a child. We studied wars in Jr high and saw the images and cruelty of war that was used to capture power at the expense of others. History clearly shows how the establishment elite profit from war and conquest.

One can only conclude that an ever changing ideology that requires government power resembles the totalitarian ideologies of death and destruction in Mao’s great leap forward, Stalin’s gulags full of political enemies as well as The National socialists Death Camps in Germany in the 1930’s.

Devout Christians are always the enemies of centralized power of man. Christians are fearless and must be captured and subdued or they will stand against tyranny and autocracy.

Throughout the ages these warmongers all have the same changeling tenets of moral relativism. These base desire for power and control which is the REAL central tenet of inclusion despite the rhetoric. The left used to be anti-War when it was convenient, and are now showing their true pro-war beliefs. The left has always believed in war socialism to achieve their ends. Totalitarians are sorcerers of deaths construction.

The propaganda media is laughing but the people are not. Politics can be funny but today’s politics are a bloodbath. Good journalists are being laid off while captured journalists are being paid off. The ad revenue from big corporations and big government are controlling the anti-American narrative. Journalism is dead if folks are laughing at the destruction of America through lawfare.

The selective prosecution and persecution of your political enemies is not only unfair but unethical, immoral and downright hateful and criminal. Who wants to be included in that? “Satan laughing spreads his wings.” We all know Satan does not get the last laugh.

The New York Times supported the Nazi’s in the 1930’s. Walter Duarte wrote denials about Stalin starving at least 10 Million Ukrainians so FDR could send weapons and buy all their grain. American’s ate the food produced by those that Stalin starved to death. FDR was fascist in and autocratic despite the modern depictions of him as a good president. He was a disaster for freedom and foisted war socialism on the people. Something we are also seeing again in America in the 21st century nearly 100 years later. READ REAL HISTORY !!!

Ukraine has always been at the center of abuse and genocide aided and abetted by America and the American Media. The Legacy of McCain and Graham and their involvement in the Coup in Ukraine in 2014 was completely supported by Obama and Victoria Nuland.

FEAR NOT the truth will {come} out. The New York Times admitted this in the 1980’s. Now with the internet these things are coming to light once again side stepping the “educated” inclusion narrative. There is a long list of yellow journalists and yellow journalism that work towards inclusion in false narratives. Today we are seeing the government collusion in this yellow journalism making today’s media more like Russian PRAVDA trying to normalize communism.

Didn’t you notice the Hillary State Department sent our Uranium to Russia and famously offered the giant red reset button shortly before she ran for president. Nothing to see here the media covered that up quickly. Why does the media silent about it while they provoke the Russian bear today? Seems like a repeat of the past they want war to generate money and power.

Yes Inclusion in What is the right question

Yes Inclusion in What is the right question. The New York Times ran cover for and promoted the rise of Castro in Cuba. The American media ran cover for Chavez in recent years and Obama openly supported the overthrow of the Venezuelan government. There is pattern here and this answers the inclusion question.

American Leftists have always supported genocide whether it was in Ukraine, Germany, Venezuela or Cuba the support has also been in the American Media. The inclusion agenda happily includes abortion and depopulation. Notice the vicarious stance and crocodile tears when others die and the establishment never volunteers themselves.

It is almost as if the American media is made up of and has been trained by the CIA. Remember dominion voting machines software being perfected in Venezuela? Yes inclusion in what I ask? The Left actually wants you to accept the establishment now that they have become the establishment.

The way back machine that is the internet exposes all of this if you are willing to read and understand history. Today most of this is only read and written about by independent people as it goes against the media narratives. It is also not taught in our schools as a warning but with a social purpose as was openly admitted by Howard Zinn the author of the most of the modern history books. Social narratives in our history are all the rage.

FEAR NOT as there is a huge shift away from university in reaction to this inclusion ideology. The paradigm shift to homeschooling is even evident in the bay area of San Francisco. Technology enables new models for education and helps all of us to walk away from this inclusion ideology. We are starting to see a more objective view with decentralized information.

The inclusion iDEIology is trying to move the people away from Christ.

The inclusion iDEIology is trying to move the people away from the Constitution and American sovereignty.

FEAR NOT the inclusion narrative moving us to globalism and other corporate governance is being exposed.


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