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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 1
Unalienable Rights© - Aug 16, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1880 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 1

Introduction. We are going to start another multi-part series this week. I wanted to say thanks for all of the great feedback and comments on the past articles. I am humbled and honored to be able to put some of my thoughts out there for others to ponder. It is a great privilege to still have a local free press and a great local vibrant conversation about town. Local seems to be the only worthwhile endeavor these days. Local is where we really can have an impact and real connection these days.

The uniparty national politics has become so corrupt as to no longer represent the people in any meaningful way. We don't even debate issues anymore and they wage wars and squander the blood and treasure of our country on those that have not earned it. Still worse are the State politics that now have no boundaries in there incessant overreach.

The simple question we need to ask all progressives is "progress to what?" We really can only impact local these days and less and less as the government leviathan grows and grows. Still it will do us good if we can come together and focus on local issues.

The next series are my thoughts on "The American Pie" of my child hood. Contrasting today's insane culture with respect to our founding principles in our founding documents. I like to write celebrating the great history of the United States formerly known as "Land of Liberty". I know that growing up here in Porterville was awesome and I love our small town that is now eight times larger than when I was a kid.

Small town values are still hanging on to our founding despite the lurch in our cities to straight communism. We are all on the central planning continuum be it marxism, socialism or communism. We are starting to turn back towards Americanism which is contrary to the former three ism's in my list.

Progressives or should I say regressives are trying to change Americanism into something it never was and never will be. America is not perfect and has many flaws but the America of the founding and the America of my childhood did not celebrate degeneracy.

The Recent dust up that caused legends like Hank Williams Jr to leave the board of Country Music Television (CMT) is a great example of the cancel culture regressives that are trying to stifle free speech and slander all American small towns as white racist institutions.

We find ourselves in a situation where it's made to seem OK when city folks burn down buildings, trash public property, assault little old ladies. Even when there are riots in the streets the corporate media labels it mostly peaceful and socially good, which is a lie. Mockingbird media tells us that destruction is OK, but just don't write a song about it that crosses the line. Hank said "No Thanks" and we all need to follow suit. We are small town and we embody small town American values and we will not stand for this lunacy.

What I can't figure is how in our small town we decided to embrace big city transit and lose millions driving electric busses around empty while we ignoring the people that are suffering. What I can't figure out is why we have higher taxes than San Francisco and our roads are the worst I've ever seen them in my life and I'm so old I remember dirt roads.

What I can't figure is while we are watching the cities go down the toilet our local boards from school, to hospital, to city council are all adopting the big city policies that don't work. Not only can we see they don't work when we see the rampant crime and debauchery on the news we know they don't work and yet we adopt them anyway. These big city policies are especially egregious in our small town where by matters of scale they are even worse. Most abhorrent are the progressive values we are adopting that are against small town American values.

Imagine the veterans depicted in the memorials that line our cities and roadways fought for and died sacrificing life and limb to protect our small town and our country. They must be rolling over in their graves watching the current boards so in love with money they are destroying the fabric of our small town. Our boards are captured and work to keep us on government welfare through grants and programs that come with strings attached.

I guess we love money more than we love our people. Obviously we can no longer go with the flow. We must stop and rethink this, we must change the flow. We must love many, trust few and begin paddling our own canoe. It's time we pull together and make some real changes to the course of our city and not just rubber stamp what the state or the feds demand we do.

If what we are being asked to do destroys our small town values and goes against the constitution we have to start saying "No Thanks". Maybe we all need to come together and establish our small city as a constitutional city and push back against all of these unconstitutional edicts.

I love Porterville with all its warts. This town has huge upside potential and it's the small town values and the people that I love that make up that potential. It's you and I that are the government and we need to be going to city council meetings and demanding results from our elected officials.

We need to do the same with our local school boards that have sold their souls embracing the progressive ideology. Our hospital would be in much better shape if they didn't follow the edicts of our government that force them to lose money. I can't understand why we are required to give 100% care only to be reimbursed at 74% making our hospital struggle.

As I've grown up I've been humbled many times as are most people but that's the honest approach to things. Admitting your wrong and making changes leads to real growth. I have not seen our elected leaders come out and admit they were wrong about lockdowns that destroyed lives and livelihoods in our small town. The policies of our city during lockdown were downright destructive and there has been no reckoning of that. How did our nation drift so far from the founding principles? Why did our cities embrace such degenerate unethical edicts?

It's easier to see how California embraced this downward spiral in hindsight with its one party rule. The question is why does a state with so many natural resources and moderate climate embrace destruction and despair? Even as we see the despair and destruction of these policies they continue to triple down on stupid. California has peaked and is now in steep decline and suffering more losses by the day. Is that the goal or the plan? Newsom's campaign promise to end homelessness by 2018 is working great. We now have more homeless than ever before.

It must be the new green deal because the way I see it every upgrade to the new is a downgrade in the past 20 years plus. The promises made are never kept. The taxes and cost of living keep going up and my kids will not enjoy the liberty or the prosperity of the past. Our one party state would be wise to adopt some small town American values.

Our state has destroyed its forests and blamed God. It has abused its water and blamed God. It is now abusing its children and blaming God. The state doesn't even adhere to the individual rights of the constitution slandering parents trying to fix education. Do parents no longer have rights? Why is the Newsom pushing smut in our schools?

We find ourselves living in a time when government loves crisis. Heck it can't even act most of the time unless it's an emergency so they can circumvent the rule of law. I'm starting to think Rahm Emanuel was simply describing the basic progressive policy "never let a crisis go to waste". I'm also starting to see that the progressive government policy may in fact be creating the crises. GO FIGURE !!!

I would like to write about my understanding of the founding of America as the mode that works and that which we must work to restore. I will write to you through my own filter, understanding and interpretation. I come at this from a thorough reading of original source documents like the Federalist Papers and the Holy Bible among other great philosophical writings to interpret the Constitution and the Declaration. It may come across as a rant to some. But these are my thoughts. Here is a Link to a free online reader that contains a huge collection of original source documents.


Progressives hate this but America as founded is more closely aligned with those Judeo Christian principles that are reflected in small town America. Our state has turned against these values and our institutions are addicted to the money so they go along without the courage to say no. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

America was founded on liberty and the Spirit of 1776. Remember that old Union 76 commercial and its orange ball that we put on our car antennas at the service station? California was thriving in my childhood and the spirit of 76 is a reflection of small town values. American Spirit was alive and well we loved baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

Back when I was a kid Disney produced the School House Rock shorts that promoted America in Saturday morning cartoons. Those cartoons were full of great practical knowledge and they were a fun way to learn. Conjunction junction what's your function? We can't even watch Disney today without seeing the opposite.

Furthermore we have all but outlawed gasoline embracing the lie of climate change. Why did America turn a gun on itself? The self loathing progressives hate America as founded more than any other country. Question is simple if you hate America you are free to leave so why are you working to destroy her from the inside and freedom with it? I guess the answer is simple and this is what people do when they reject the divine author of Liberty itself.

This next series will be about 18 Parts and I will do my best to weigh in on the cultural issues we are facing and lay out a case for America as if she were on trial. I believe we are on trial and we are at war with our self. Very strange to see people celebrating war and promoting America hating ideologies in our institutions.

It is my sincerest hope that you get something out of this and we can have some great conversations about town on how we can maintain our small town values and overcome the nonsense that has captured so many. I will make an argument for America Values and what they based on throughout this next series.


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