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Print | FEAR IS A LIAR : Part III
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1872 : Fear Is A Liar : Part III

TRANSPARENCY I – ROUND UP Censorship and deception lead to more fear which erodes trust and confidence. Transparency eventually reduces fear once the threat is known and risk understood. Why are things we all should know by now still being hidden from us? Why did the government try to keep the data hidden for 75 years? It’s long past time to expose the hidden truths that have kept us in a state of fear.

Are those in power really as strong as they seem or are they using fear as a weapon to keep power? The man behind the curtain and the booming voice is an eminence front designed to keep you in fear.

If we were serious about the pandemic wouldn’t we be having conversations about the impacts it had on all of us? Wouldn’t we be talking about how to prevent a repeat? Wouldn’t we be talking about real health measures for all? Wouldn’t we be talking about the mental health impacts of the pandemic?

The only conclusion I have been able to draw to answer all of these questions is that it was on purpose. It was a psychological operation using fear to control people. It may well have been used to steal an election. Here is a reference for those that remain curious about what was done to us by our own follow the leader government aided and abetted by the state controlled media.

Are they planning to do it again?

This is one of several places the information is being gathered reflecting the hypnosis and menticide of the feardemic. Nobody wants to believe these things which now adds to the fear. This adds to the fear because the folks that were driving this fear are not being transparent about what happened or what we learned. Are they planning to do it again?

NOTE : COVID-19: A Study in Psychological Coercion & Hypnosis

Once exposed the fear is overcome and fearlessness ascends. We must all be engaged in exposing the truth which will help others become more fearless restoring courage and confidence. Fear has turned tolerance into indifference and the result is less transparency not more.

The fear of the big scary predators will become less as we reveal the lies and the paper tigers. Fear is a liar and exposing truth helps us to overcome like turning on the light. The roaches will scurry away and the fear of the dark seems silly once the light is turned on.

Please read chapter five of the letter to the church at Ephesus in the good book. Exposing the truth is a value that builds trust. The reference to love is critical because love conquers fear. The conclusion that the fear of the lord is a healthy fear because it leads to wisdom can also be found here.

We used to think the media was exposing truth in my generation because we did not have the internet and few if any alternative sources of information. Today we see most of the media reporting as narrative collaboration and agenda driven not truth seeking. The media may have been weaponized for generations but now that we have alternative media we can see the man behind the curtain more clearly.

The loss of trust is directly related
to transparency or lack of it

The loss of trust is directly related to transparency or lack of it. This could be described as lack of candor. The truth is mistakes were not made. A poem of the same name was published a year ago describing this lack of candor. Here is a link to that poem:

The current mayor of Porterville often repeats this popular phrase “If You Are Not at the Table Then You’re Probably on the Menu”. If mistakes were not made and the lies in the legacy media continue trust will never be restored. Truth and Trust will never be restored without transparency. Is this is why the establishment in all shapes, sizes and forms favors censorship in the name of safety and security? Is this is why so much has been deemed confidential?

This is why transparency is required for freedom. Transparency will lead to identifying root causes and solutions. The more truth the more free and fearless we become. Critical thinking and skepticism are values in a free society. Willful blindness leads to tyranny just like the lack of transparency.

Here are some parallel examples for illustration.

It’s long past time to expose all of the plagiarism in our “higher” learning. In this generation higher learning is a clear reference to smoking dope. We are just beginning to see the rats and the cockroaches scurry and hide as the light is turned on in the university kitchens. Morality in our higher learning is in short supply as folks embraced the mythology of modern progressivism.

The false appeals to authority through university credentials are coming into focus even at the formerly prestigious MIT. We all see it with our kids returning home to live with their parents because their degree’s are worthless. Going into unforgivable debt for a worthless degree is a scam that makes Bernie Madoff look like an upstanding business man.

Human nature does not change despite what progressives think and promote as they try to socially engineer everyone. The velvet lies and plagiarized findings were paying off for so long many actually started to think they were legit. Using cherry picked or manipulated data that supports pre-conceived conclusions is called fraud.

Many sold their souls for
grant money and cushy jobs

Many sold their souls for grant money and cushy jobs with no responsibility so they could travel the world and go to cocktail parties. Even when these corruptocrats resign they still get their pensions and their paychecks. It’s the end of the world as we know it and transparency will be the disinfectant.

Morality was traded long ago for material things as our culture embraced moral relativism. The acronyms of DEI, CRT, ESG, LMNOP are all dishes cooked up in these progressive university kitchens to try and convince us moral relativism tastes good.

Folks are not happy what they are being served. Folks don’t want all of these artificial flavors, colors and additives. Folks reject GMO food and we may be realizing late in the meal how bad for our mental health all this has become. Just like fake meat folks are not buying it any longer it was just a fad.

Its amazing to me how technology has been weaponized against the people. Not just in media but in our zeal for real progress we blindly trusted technology because it was the next new and shiny fad.

We bought the lies and deception of progressivism hypnotized by technology. We all wanted to believe it but now with even a small amount of transparency we are realizing we have been sold another bill of goods. We got fooled again, problem is we keep fooling ourselves. When it’s free you are the product.

Now that we are beginning to wake from this nightmare technology must be transformed and decentralized. No more clouds. The Internet is helping us to transform conspiracy theories into conspiracy facts and accountability. While truth is lagging it’s catching up. Truth is getting its pants on. I found a great website that folks can use as a resource that is exposing this technocracy to the light of day. The organization is called America’s Digital Shield.

There was a great interview on the Jimmy Dore show recently with some compelling dialog on this subject. The link to that interview can be found here.

The Censorship Industrial Complex
is beginning to be exposed

The Censorship Industrial Complex is beginning to be exposed and the transparency is important as a check on unconstrained power. If you zoom out and look at the forest and not the tree’s its easy to draw some simple conclusions. The big tech companies point you to the info they want you to see and they profit from it.

This is so ubiquitous that the news media was completely captured by advertising dollars right before our eyes as big Pharma was almost the sole sponsor of the “news” during the feardemic.

News does not pay for itself it is bought and paid for by advertising and most advertising is medical followed by government sponsored public service messaging. That’s their business model, it’s always been their business model. The internet is changing that but they are working hard to monetize and control that as well.

Decentralization is key to freedom. Psychological conditioning is used to create narratives and sell products through repetition. We live in a constitutional republic but the media parrots democracy incessantly. This Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy!

We are starting to see more clearly the scope of the problem.


The simple conclusion is the vast coordination by our own government as evidenced in the twitter files to censor and control information creating corruption not stifling it as advertised. We all knew there was censorship but what we see is beyond belief in the vast coordination of media censorship used to control the narrative for money. “Fact Checkers” have now been exposed as bought and paid for censorship operations to contain the narrative.

Critical thinking required,
blind trust must be discarded

Critical thinking required, blind trust must be discarded. Most have tuned out but the proliferation of decentralized media is refreshing and the tuning out is actually a good thing in many ways. This it is an existential threat to the Censorship Industrial Complex. Folks thinking for themselves and gathering and sharing information is refreshing. Grab your faraday wallets and find your real safe space.

When every station has the same report with the same words you know they are lying or at the very least scripted bias. The Internet holds the promise of transparency as we all have a voice when we are not censored and a more realistic narrative is emerging from every kitchen table. Thinking and reasoning people are more focused than ever on the things they are censoring and trying to hide as a result. Resistance to technocracy is building.

Transparency is like freedom the government will never give you your freedom back it must be taken back. The government will never share the truth that threatens the narrative that’s keeps them in power. People are using public records requests and their own thinking to restore the balance. America was created on the premise that the individual is sovereign and that has been flipped on its head today.

Folks are waking up and working to turn the tortoise over and get America back on its feet.

The government institutions are claiming their sovereignty while destroying its sovereign citizens to maintain power. Technology always seeks to control and capture. Right now it is being used to control and capture people and maintain power.

The simple truth however is that we can use technology to monitor, control and direct our future. We can use technology to expose lies through transparency in independent media outside the corporate structures. People need to take their privacy back. Privacy is for people not government institutions like they have it set up now. Non-disclosure agreements are mafia contracts.

We the people are the real government

We the people are the real government and we need to be technologically savvy to overcome this lurch towards technocracy. They work for us despite them claiming we work for them.

The constitution was created to constrain government institutions not people.

The wilderness has encroached on the garden and it’s time to grab some round up.


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