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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2154 : Fear Is A Liar : Part IX

Fearfulness IV – Manufacturing Fear

We were told for generations that college was the answer the formula for success. Many fell for it and are now in debt and can’t get a job in the area of study. Less than 15% of students get jobs in the area of study that got them into debt.

Student debt is unforgivable debt and therefore these graduates have to pay back that money before they can get a decent loan and buy a house for instance.

What did we prepare the 85% of students that went to college for? Did we manufacture this problem? The group think that we all needed to go to college manufactured a whole lot of debt, dependence and misery. The Federal government rewarded the compliance with this big lie when they began bailing out universities rewarding people that failed to educate which is completely unfair and destroys the goal of equity and equality under law.

The other perverse incentive was to forgive student debt if you went to work for the government. Nothing in there about field of study but just like the DEI administrators that make 200k for compliance the government is the ultimate purveyor end arbiter of compliance. Government and corporations are both demanding compliance as a prerequisite for employment and that compliance has less to do with job skills and more to do with social engineering, conformity and obedience.

We Have Manufactured This Bureaucratic Nightmare
Known As The Administrative State or “Deep State”

We have manufactured this bureaucratic nightmare known as the administrative state or “Deep State”. This hearkens back to the original progressive Woodrow Wilson’s progress agenda.

The vast majority go into unforgivable debt to get a degree in an unemployable field. No wonder the government wants to bail out the students. Why exactly are we bailing out the universities who have failed to deliver on the promise of skills and higher wages. Does this debt create fear? It certainly creates dependency which may cause people to do things they would normally not do to survive. It’s a giant bait and switch.

Imagine the bailout not only encourages bad behavior but is also used for political advantage and anti-American rage. It basically bails out the corrupt education establishment at the same time as it captures more voters. Never mind that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the place where bat experiments and research contributed to the plague that was used to lockdown the world. If the government bails you out you will become a loyal supporter.

Have you noticed the champions of anti-colonialism on campuses today are simply re-colonizing everyone in this generation? Amazing how institutes of higher learning are just the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear reappearing again with magic elixirs and tonics. What a racket they have concocted in rebranding colonization as anti-colonization.

Marxist Ideology prevailed in the classrooms and the recolonization was done right before our eyes. Nobody is saying stop, this is wrong or this is dumb. The snake is eating its tail. Recolonization besides being anti-American is not just or liberating. What we are seeing may be leading us to a new version of ethnic cleansing rebranded and looking a lot like the precursors to genocide. Progressives simply changed the definition of racism to critical race theory (CRT) to legitimize it.

Progressives simply changed the definition of racism
to critical race theory (CRT) to legitimize it

Teaching Marxist theories and slanted history against our founding fathers is teaching kids to hate our country. This is cultural Marxism applied to history to serve a social cause. Who’s social cause is this? Why are we not teaching our kids to love their own country? Why are we not teaching kids that freedom is rare, sacred and worth fighting for? Shouldn’t we be teaching love and not hate? Historically, the most terrible things - war, genocide, and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience.”Howard Zinn

When I helped my kids with their high school homework a few years ago I was appalled at the smears in our textbooks against the founding fathers. Even more aggravating was the fact that I paid for that education and they only devoted a couple of paragraphs to men that forged the greatest nation on earth. Thomas Jefferson penned more than twenty thousand letters and donated his library to rebuild after the British burned down our national library in 1814.

I hear all lot of talk about our local library but in fact many have tried to donate books to the new interim library but they have a policy that they will only take new books. Nothing progressive about that. I guess the old books about history are no longer worth reading. I guess the retelling of history through new books is part of the program. We rewrite history to serve a social cause and smear our founders that donated whole libraries back in the day to support our country.

This was the plan of Marxists all along I suspect. The uniting rhetoric turned into the next version of division or colonization 2.0. Now complete with separate but equal graduation ceremonies. Segregation 2.0 has arrived and this time its deemed good by plagarizing professors and charlatans running these corrupt, formerly prestigious institutions.

Identity politics was just a new nationalism wrapped up in a Marxist liberation theology AKA a religion of revolution. The Bolsheviks are blushing !!!

I realized after I received my degree that it was less about liberal arts than it was about oppression. My view of Big Education has become very cynical now that I have been through the ringer myself. I see right through the terrible lie about college and future earnings to get you to buy something you don’t need. The best question to ask now is “where did you get your degree in oppression studies?” It’s a great ice breaker.

They most telling statistic I found from 2023 was that there are an estimated Ten Thousand peer reviewed publications that are being recalled due to bad data, manipulated data OR outright fraud that lead to outcomes or conclusions to receive grant money.

Turns out the corruption knows no bounds today and has infected our once coveted medical science journals. Fraud vitiates everything. Here is a great parallel removing the cloak of legitimacy from junk science. Where data is made better to fit an agenda. Tony Heller is a national treasure.

REAL Science No Longer Matters
Only Grant Money and Group Think

REAL science no longer matters only grant money and group think. You will be ostracized if you disagree with the outcome and you will lose your funding and you livelihood. If you are captured by the system that pays your mortgage and funds your retirement you will always go along with the group and never question authority. Moral Courage was traded for Money & Prestige. Remember when Fauci said he was the science? Compliance is part of the manufacturing process.

I noticed something very interesting of late about the rates of Autism. The rate of Autism when I was a kid was one in ten thousand. The rate of Autism today is one in thirty six. Correlations is not causation but there is a very high correlation to vaccination and autism.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is finally getting some press on this as his organization works to find the root cause and ameliorate the problem. If this is actually true the increase in Autism has significantly added to the fear in this generation not just from uncertainty but in those with autism and neurological problems.

In the lead up to the pandemic we were conditioned to think that forced vaccinations were a social good. The generation before trusted the doctors because the do no harm oaths of the medical profession are virtue not just virtue signaling. When they changed the definition of vaccination to fit the outcome in 2020 it created a wave of distrust and fear.

The former paradigm of trust the science changed in the current generation because the trust was violated and many suffered. Trust in doctors to do no harm was eroded when we saw medical professionals who were afraid of losing their licenses over patient care. Even worse the income streams for higher vaccination rates were higher than most of the doctors entire practices. These perverse incentives must be exposed to the light of day.

Doctors were afraid to go against the orthodoxy and the ubiquitous media fear campaigns. People were cowed into doing things they normally wouldn’t have done because of fear. It went from just take a pill to just take an experimental shot. Eugenics now in full swing started generations ago when we bought into the lie of vaccination and accepted it as gospel never to be questioned again. Imagine at the same time we accepted vaccination as gospel we also rejected the real gospel. We all know love conquers fear, why did we choose fear over love?

There has been a campaign for years against meat in our country. The past years have seen the false moral equivalence of humans compared to animals in our philosophy class. Remember mad cow disease? In fact our own city spent more on animal shelters than people shelters showing quite clearly that we love animals more than people. This is a humanist agenda and the philosophers are trying to make you think humans are the same as animals only less desirable. I don’t see any animals trying to identify as humans. Animal Farm was an allegory not a plan of action. Some animals are more equal than others.

Animal Farm Was An Allegory ~ Not A Plan of Action
Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others !!!

I guess that helps the eugenics movement and the depopulation agenda to get people to load themselves onto cattle cars. We had Nuremburg trials almost 100 years ago so we could hold folks accountable that committed atrocities to try and prevent a repeat. Well here we go again history is repeating itself in a way that makes the last episode look less horrifying. Only this time it’s “legal” and the spirit of the law has been exorcized. Fear has overcome Love.

The paradigm shift took many years but we were able to teach theories as facts for so long the theories have become facts to a whole generation despite not being facts at all.

Marxism is a religion of revolution and the inversion creates conflict between generations which is the outcome from years of hard work indoctrinating kids with oppression dogma’s and purity spirals that only lead to fear.

This generation is no longer afraid of offending God they're more afraid of offending others. A generation raised in neo pagan earth worship cares more about animals than people. A generation now afraid of carbon, a building block of life is starting to realize they exhale carbon. Kids are now afraid of anyone who might disagree with that dogma because it goes against what they have been taught. The truth became offensive and love became agreement. Agreement reduced your fear, but if there was no agreement it made you more fearful. Cancel culture was born.

If we don’t stack up the bodies and show them on TV then it doesn’t have the same effect. Today’s body count is nearing 20 million worldwide in excess deaths from the pandemic period which is just getting started and will eclipse the death camp body counts that Germany racked up in WWII.

No big deal right since we have already murdered some 60 million through abortion since 1973 in America alone. This figure is nearly 250 million worldwide. Abortion is when the baby gets the death penalty for someone else’s action. This is a first hand eugenics soul sucker. The materialist culture that claims this is a clump of cells tries to persuade you that if it’s planned and humane it’s perfectly fine. These are the same folks that claim the clump of cells will be an economic burden while they sell the parts for money.


It’s certainly a death race and a death drive we need to be aware of so we don’t get caught in the grinder like those kids in that Pink Floyd video. Reminds me of the theme song from M.A.S.H. in 1970 and the troubling lyrics and chorus about suicide, neutrality and fearfulness.

Our education system manufactured a generation off fearful people that have no real skills just theories and lots of debt. The increase in suicide rates coincides with the depopulation agenda. The Bullies masquerade as Victims and bully everyone else with their victimology.

Everyone supports depopulation just not for themselves ... always for someone else. Carbon reduction and sequestration goals are just a coincidence. Your trip to Canada for better healthcare mapped straight to the assisted suicide clinic.

We are always told to treat animals humanely. It’s considered humane to put an animal to sleep just make sure that death is quick and painless. This quick and painless death is embraced with chemical help and never mind that whole industries profit from this manufactured death drive.

Never mind that this aligns with the globalist goals.

Never mind that this may help with the pension crisis.


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