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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1354 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XI

Fear Not – Celebrate Diversity A

If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it.
~ Marcus Aurelius ~

The Idea of diversity is very soothing and tempting as if soft and velvety. One would only think if we were diverse that we could sing Kum Ba Yah and world peace would ensue. We have this happy idea that diversity is somehow a social good which is simply sophistry.

Diversity is not a virtue if it includes vice and excludes virtue.

This is how you know it is pseudo religious and definitely political ideology. Any Ideology that is NOT focused on truth leads to idolatry. You might say Ideology leads to Idolatry.

You might say Ideology leads to Idolatry

What exactly do they mean by diversity?

The ideation of this word has a velvety texture invoking goodness despite its walking a dirt trail full of goat heads. Moral relativism is invoked as it means different things to different people. Even worse its definition continues to evolve like all cultural ideologies so as to have no fixed meaning. The culture deludes itself as it tries to defend the indefensible and then conclude people can have their own truth outside of objective truth or biblical truth.

Near as I can tell the equity portion of this alphabet trio is used in conjunction with some kind of algebraic function of social understanding. This is a great example of the shape shifting of progressivism. Things are not what they may seem. What exactly do they mean by Equity? Go figure, then go figure again as it changes constantly. In this Equation the value of X needs and asterisk as it changes constantly and is no longer an objective measure.

Moral relativism loves the alphabet terms. These are operative terms and they feed the ideology leading away from objective truth and towards worship of idols. We all know by now that equity does not mean equality so let’s discuss equity for a moment to understand better what equity really means and why we need to be wary of its use.

Equity and equality sound similar but they are far from the same. In fact Equity is an enemy of Equality. The idea of equity has no real value only perceived value. It means different things to different people. It may even mean different things to the same people at different times. “The most unequal thing is making unequal things equal” – Aristotle.

The Most Unequal Thing Is Making Unequal Things Equal ~ Aristotle

We should not fear DEI in any way shape or form. We may consider dismissing the use of these terms because they don’t add meaning they actually destroy meaning. Understanding words and their meanings we can better use these words and recognize how they are being used as tools to transform culture. These terms are not used to communicate real meaning but an agenda driven meaning that is ideological and political.

Here we go again folks that embrace these terms act is if they have real meaning while the meaning changes every time we discuss the thing. Confusing? Absolutely. That is by design and helps in the hypnosis of these words to capture them in the hyper-spin. Those who claim to know what these terms mean will never admit this as their Gnosticism has captured them.

When we teach theories over facts and ideology over reason its easier to weld these terms as weapons in the culture war. The culture war agenda is not truth or objectivity but power, politics and money. Deciding not to use these terms is a good idea if you want to keep your sanity and stay out of meaningless time wasting debates that lead only to delusion.

Diversity combined with equity and inclusion is a loaded phrase full of so much ambiguity it means whatever you want it to mean. These floating signifiers evoke a certain meaning in your mind while disconnecting you from the agenda they are used to promote.

These words are only connected to a shapeshifting & ever changing progressive narrative. AKA Political Correctness which is the thing most folks say they don’t like while they participate in the socialism as if it’s not political. It’s a crafty way to use culture to support your ideology and your politics.

Progressivism Loves To Make Words & Phrases Ambiguous

Progressivism loves to make words and phrases ambiguous so as to make progress on the progressive agenda. All the while invoking the happy talk rhetoric of inclusion and acceptance and equality. Once you realize you are participating in the lie you will start to wake up and discard any of these false fears of offending someone or something.

As you are unplugged from the progressive matrix you realize that it’s all a mind game and a waste of time. Even the word progressive itself has changed and morphed over time. It started out as communism then it Identified as socialism, then rebranded again as democrat socialism then they morphed back again to progressivism.

In 1948 Truman defeated the progressives so they went underground and started over again. The central planning ideology resurfaced as communism then the red scare sent them underground. Socialism and democratic socialism remerge in the 1960’s before they hitched their wagon again to the word progressive when Hillary mouthed the words in her campaign adopting the previous moniker of central planners. It is a grand deception of the laity.

Never mind the associations with eugenics and the racists of the Woodrow Wilson era that discredited the progressive moniker 100 years ago. They expect that the lay people don’t read history and will have forgotten.

The good book makes plain all of this foolishness if you study up you will begin to see for yourself how foolish all of this DEI really is. If you answer a fool’s argument with a fool’s argument you become a fool. The word fool is in the bible nearly 200 times in many forms but Honor is not befitting a fool as it makes plain in Proverbs 26. If we embrace DEI we discard Honor, Beauty and Truth.

How is it that the actual phrasing does the opposite of what it claims to do and the only progress that is really made is in moving the culture towards a central planning end? These ideological dogma’s being taught in our schools and parroted by our media and culture move us away from unchanging truths of a civil society. It’s easy to see the society devolve as we embrace this foolishness.

Are We Progressing Towards
Unity and Prosperity?

Are we progressing towards unity and prosperity? NOPE. We are progressing towards division, misery and suicide. We can look in the rearview mirror and come up with some real world examples of where we have been and where we are to see that we are objectively less civil. Less peaceful and less prosperous. Progress to what I would ask?

We can see the “progress” towards bigger government and smaller individual. We can see that diversity of thought does not lead to wisdom but folly. We can see that equity is the opposite of equality and we can see how that is used to manipulate. We can see that participating in a lie does not make it true.

Progressive’s use half-truths and bullying to forward an agenda fueled by weasel words and phrases designed to turn us all into fools. When you don’t agree you are ostracized and not qualified as an acceptable diverse point of view. Unless you support the power structure that seeks to invert what is good right and just you are excluded. I found a very cathartic way to cope with this from a local young man who sang about it. Expose the nonsense to the light.

Understanding these ideas properly you will be able to resist the temptation to give these central planners your time and your support. The best place to start is not to participate in foolish arguments. Seeing what this agenda is really about helps you to have confidence and realize that words really can cause damage but not in the way that previous generations thought.

Let’s work to inspire people and stop worrying about offending them.


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