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Fear Not – The Sky Isn't Falling : Part A

“Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty together again.”Lewis Carroll

It’s nice to see the truth getting its pants on. We are finally starting to remove the scales from our eyes. The “Didn’t Earn It” (DEI) crowd that claims to be against privilege is built on privilege. No humility here just pride. These DEMONstrations are expressing their inherent nihilism and narcissism for all to see. A better contemporary description of sinking sand I have yet to find.

The amazing hypocrisy that passes for knowledge today would have been laughed off the stage in the last generation. Legitimizing privilege while ignoring your own privilege and making others pay for it is a swindle of biblical proportions.

Why Do We Allow This ???

I always loved the story of Chicken Little. There were many such stories my mother read to us to help us understand human nature through children’s books. The fundamental attribution error of Chicken Little to conclude the sky is falling from an acorn landing on his head was a fear based reaction. In psychology this is simply correspondence bias. Who knew that statistics and sociology could be taught at such an early age.

The bias in our thinking starts early and the progressives know this from Proverbs 22. John Dewey’s “progressive education” machine is designed to capture the children at ever earlier ages in the Prussian Model. Modern Education has become an anti-Christ system trying to change an unchangeable human nature. It is an evil enterprise but one that we see playing out every day as we tumble headlong towards hell in blissful ignorance.

Chicken Little used his fear to gather the duck and the hen and follow the fox to their deaths solving all of their problems. The depopulation agenda meshes nicely with the fear that the sky is falling or the earth is warming. Emotionalism leads to socialism.

Fear begets fear, just as courage begets courage. The fear of Chicken Little increased and the ability to reason decreased. The madness of the crowd led them straight to the fox’s den. The fox deceived them further and they were never seen again.

You see the innocence of the animals and the blind trust of the fox led them to their death. In the case of the hen and the duck they were willfully blind and trusted Chicken Little accepting the false premise that the sky was falling. They did not think for themselves.

Blind trust became group think and they followed the fox to their death. The group marched willing to the fox’s den because he said he was there to help. The sky was no longer falling and the fox had a full belly. Deception and lying are more easily accepted once you are afraid and lose your ability to think and reason. Going along with the group think, is how sheep are led to slaughter.

Courage in my opinion would have been if the hen and the duck simply told the truth to Chicken Little that the sky was not falling. That would have been the end of the story and they would not have marched to their death. Not a very long book but you get the point.

Why don’t we tell our kids climate change is a group think swindle? Have we no courage to tell the truth? Are you the hen or the duck in this story?

Maybe we should be like the rabbit who is smarter than the panther. It takes courage to tell the truth and it takes courage to face the truth. It takes wisdom and courage for a rabbit to outsmart a panther.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf was also a favorite as well as Humpty Dumpty. Even as children we understood that “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” I wonder if the kids today have been exposed to the wisdom of these fairy tales.

Why are we allowing today’s culture
to harm to our children ???

Pushing humpty dumpty off the wall is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. When child hood stories have more wisdom than the current culture we should stop and reverse course at minimum. Why are we allowing today’s culture to harm to our children? The sky isn’t falling. Maybe pushing Humpty Dumpty of the wall to “build back better” is a bad idea?

We didn’t read any child hood stories about two mommies or two daddies that is child abuse. Why did we stop teaching biology and the natural use of the body? Our future depends on children and children only come from man and woman. The only sustainable future is that of the nuclear family. When someone chooses gender reassignment surgery they only give you two choices.

I guess the secular progressive age has finally reached apogee. Why would adults teach heresy to children? It’s all very trendy to have a transgender child these days. No thinking required just follow the hen and the duck to the fox’s den.

Education begins at home as does charity. The story of the Bible is a family centered story. When you oppose or ignore the Bible you ignore the family which condemns a generation. Wisdom in child hood stories is far superior to the fairy tales in today’s progressive “education” complex. When literacy today is worse than in the 1700’s it begs many questions. Why do we describe a thing that eschews critical thinking while trading the individual for the collective as education?

In my generation cross dressing perverts were not celebrated. In my generation you keep cross dressing perverts away from children. In this generation parents are going out of their way to make their children available to cross dressing perverts and calling it a social good.

Fearfulness and cowardliness lead to all sorts of misery and destruction. Revelation 21:7-8. In fact to be fearful and cowardly are the worst in the sinful list as they are listed first. Cowardly and fearful are synonymous and lead to the other more depraved sins every time.

Bullies are cowards and fearful they just act tough to get their way. People embrace a haughty prideful spirit to bully others. Seems we are all being bullied today by the cowardly and fearful culture. The collective culture is the biggest bully these days demanding. Individuals are bullied by the collective all the time. Peer pressure is a test.

The collective will try to persuade you that slavery is freedom. The collective will try to persuade you that God doesn’t exist and there is no truth. Even Satan believes in God. The father if lies is now celebrated claiming to be a liberator like the fox.

Standing on the promises of God is standing for True love against the accuser. Standing for Jesus is standing against Satan. If you hate God you will hate your neighbor. Love thy neighbor is conditional, you must love God with all of your heart mind soul and strength first. Denying the truth is hating truth. If you hate the truth you will hate your neighbor.

Standing for Truth in Love is embracing God and His Love

Standing for Truth in Love is embracing God and His Love. Standing for Love that is of God is standing against hate. Standing for Justice that is of God is never fearful and always courageous. Standing for God is standing for Equal Justice and Equal Opportunity. Equity, social justice and Cultural Marxism are creeds of bullies and fear mongers seeking to usurp the truth of God through the collective.

We are all on a journey searching for our true name. This is a journey of discovery, adventure and maturity as individuals. A Faith that God is Love is Humble, Prayerful and Hopeful. A Faith that God is Truth is Humble Prayerful and Hopeful. Are you seeking his will, your will or the collective will? If you are prideful you are seeking your own will. Do you find yourself trying to justify things like you have a special privilege with God?

Only Jesus knows your true name and when you try to justify yourself you are NOT trying to discover your true name. We see reference to this in Isaiah 62 and again in Revelation 2 & 3. We are all becoming something. What are you becoming? Are you becoming what God desires or what man or the group desires?

FEAR NOT for your faith overcomes fear. Stop listening to the Nicolaitans that tell you the sky is falling. If we put our hope in the lord and not man we will restore our strength and soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31).

Truly I say to you that when we put God’s will above ours we are on that journey to discover our true name. Living on the side of creation centered on a strong faith multiplying our talents. A Faith that God is both LOVE & TRUTH restores unity and common sense.

A Faith that God is a just father, that wants the best for us and sometimes his answer is NO. Don’t bury your talent by embracing your will and making God into an angry father (Parable of the Talents).

When we have common God we have common Sense. When we have common God we have common Morality. When we have a common God we have common Ethics. When we have a common God we have common Purpose. When we have a common God we have common Meaning. One of my favorite Bible verses that speaks to unity and common sense is Romans 8:28. Seek unity by seeking a common God with a common purpose.

All things do work together for the good when folks are focused on seeking and discerning truth. We must have a common God to have common focus. We must be truth seekers. We must seek purity of God mot man’s definition of purity.

REALITY CHECK: The establishment media is working overtime to distract and deceive right on queue. Media controlled by advertising and an out of control bureaucracy feeding more division and more activism not even trying to be objective. What happens when the institutions, now calling themselves democracy, are working to prevent change and hold power, are actively destroying our republic?

There is a dark figure in scripture that has a goal of division and conquest and he is not interested in truth or unity or common sense. Satan loves Cultural Marxism because it creates endless purity spirals that divide and conquer. The opposite is also true and we have to choose. There is are only two paths you can go by. The Stairway to heaven is a great song from my childhood that many can identify with as we all want to go to heaven but you can’t buy it.

There are a whole host of lyrics reminiscent of the Aleister Crowley period and they are misleading so be careful. The song remains the same but the piper calling you to join him is a path of destruction. The path of inclusion is the broad way and may lead right to the fox’s den. When they sing there is always time to change the road your on it is very misleading.

This is the opposite of the teachings of the Holy Bible that warns that the time is short and refers to our lives as a vapor. Anyone claiming to know the time of the end is letting you know they are a charlatan.

The Time to change the road we’re on is Now

Reality is setting in, people are waking up and the fear is melting away as folks are becoming righteously angry at the establishment that is destroying our country. People are engaging the issues and now demanding good leadership and working to replace those in power displacing bad leaders in all of our organizations. The return of REAL civic engagement leads to better outcomes.


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