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Unalienable Rights© - Dec 06, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1381 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 17

Cross Examination II

Technology increases the conditions and mediums for mass formation. It is most certainly a form of witchcraft (Pharmakea) with words and spells and jingles that capture your attention. In an extreme case the words and spells (Spelling) begin to rule your life because they captured your full attention.

Our cell phones rule all of our lives now capturing most of our attention throughout the day. We all have a leash.

Without self-restraint we can unconsciously become obedient to a lie because it captures and holds our attention. This is why the bible tells us to meet on the first day of the week every week.

Church keeps us grounded and restores our attention to the things that are most important. Church breaks the spell of the world that surrounds us. Prayer is very effective at connecting us with a true source of peace. Jesus is the prince of peace.

We have reached a place where we must restore fundamental truth in order to extricate ourselves from these oppressors and evildoers that celebrate cowardice, pride, arrogance and the haughty spirit rampant in today’s culture.

Jesus wept. Imagine the sorrow when Jesus saw the destruction before him and the paganism of his day. The rejection of truth and embrace of idolatry that was the paganism in the worship of the baalim small g gods.

When churches knelt to the baalim small g gods that allowed these lies to close places of worship that was a shot heard and felt around the world. The great distraction of 2020 trained our attention on the wrong things not the real threats we were facing. We were caught spellbound by the fear porn all around us.

I wept as I began to realize that the churches were captured long ago as they were taught and conditioned to be obedient to government and not to God.

I wept as I began to realize that the churches were captured long ago as they were taught and conditioned to be obedient to government and not to God. It broke my heart when I realized we were living in a culture of death that was not even derided by the church anymore and even embracing and promoting it just as the pagans had before Christ.

The ideology of climate change handily and stealthily accepted neo paganism as if the earth was more important than even our children and our own future. Not a word was spoken against the climate ideology. Even the church was silent or sang along unwittingly transforming the church away from the word.

It’s an amazing correlation in the song reference about the church bells being broken. This repeated many many times over the years as the churches became silent. The most glaringly obvious time was in 2020 when they were both literally and figuratively silent and broken. Not All but Most.

Jesus wept. Man embraced the lie of the theory of evolution and began to return to the worship of idols. Man began bending knees to the small g gods. The modern baalim of scientism, government, and our favorite sports teams are examples in a grand devolution and return to paganism. People are now regularly consulting the oracles of Google and Fakebook.

The Jester stealing the thorny crown in my mind means justice was stolen and the rule of law rejected. Even if man’s courtroom was adjourned with no verdict, we will all be judged in the end and there is no escaping the truth. We judge ourselves each and every one of us through our actions.

Just as the archetypes of past history we all know what happens to civilization that turns from or rejects God outright. Remember God the father loves you so much he will honor your choices and wishes. If we want to go to hell he will honor that. Freedom is a choice and so is love. We all judge ourselves with our actions.

Eight miles high and falling is more than a drug rehab reference. This is a reference to a plane coming down. The bodies of drug addicts landed hard upon the grass is not far from what we are seeing today with formerly healthy athletes. The fallout shelter went from nuclear war to war socialism and now biological war.

The health of our nation and our culture is due to a lack of vitamin N. The culture that accepts everything is a culture that never says NO. We need a huge infusion of vitamin N. We need to start saying NO. And if you want to be polite you can Say “NO THANKS”. If you have some righteous anger you can say “HELL NO”.

We must start saying NO to things that don’t make sense.

We must start saying NO to things that don’t make sense. We must say NO to people that ask us to give away our freedom. We must say NO to those who want to borrow money we don’t have piling debt on the next generation.

There is a long list of things that require a NO answer. Do you have the courage to say NO when its unpopular? Do you have the courage to say NO to things that are morally and ethically wrong? Take a few moments and ask yourself if you are willing to say NO to things that don’t make sense even if it means losing money. We are losing our souls when we greedily trade money for freedom. We lose our souls if we trade individual rites for group rites.

We lose our safety and security when we sacrifice our privacy and can’t say no to surveillance. We lose our medical freedom if we don’t say no to flawed medical treatments and tests. We lose our souls when we say NO to church and YES to football Sunday’s.

We lose our freedom when we accept experimental medical treatments without informed consent. We lose our freedom when we give it away and say yes to tyranny masquerading as safety and security. We lose our health when we submit to untested medical experimentation so we can still play sports. Are we all hypnotized by the politicized half time show?

We seldom stop to think but last year there was a uniting moment of prayer on a football field. The owners tried a forward pass and the players fell hard with Myocarditis. The world paused for a moment at that football game where players kneeled for the right reasons. Kneeling before the world praying to God. Reminded me of that fleeting moment in the churches that filled up after 911 for a few weeks only. Now even less time for God than before.

Despite the delay of game moment, it only awakened a few. Many in the church were happy but the moment was fleeting. The churches wanted to dance but just like 911 we never got the chance. No attention span for truth and accountability. The media marched on and refused to yield. It hearkens back again to that chorus and the death of God in our culture.

Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose? Where do you find meaning? Are you working to serve the base material creature comforts or are you pursuing and fulfilling a spiritual purpose? What do you want on your tombstone? What legacy will you leave for our children and our posterity. Were you on the sidelines or were you in the arena? Past is Prologue.

We can only imagine how our heavenly father feels when our kids don’t listen to us. We still love them but our heart breaks when they don’t listen. Our heart breaks when they stumble and fall. Our heart breaks when they turn away from truth. Our heart breaks when they drive their Chevy to the levee and the levee is dry. All are called few answer.


Heeding the Call: “Most don’t even believe there is a call, so they never listen. A smaller group heeds but doesn’t listen, and thus never hear it. A few then hear but can’t believe what they are hearing and so ignore it. An even smaller number don’t ignore it, but can’t understand it. Still fewer understand, but in understanding find the call too inconvenient, difficult or downright scary. In the end only one or two of the bravest or most foolish, pay heed.” (Prather, Jeffrey. INITIATION. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2011)


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