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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 15
Unalienable Rights© - Nov 22, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2105 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 15

Expert Testimony IIII

. The love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil and we see that many have chosen the material today over the spiritual and traded their souls for the comforts of the creature. The love of money is searing their conscience as they remain loyal to the power that is crushing freedom for most of the world today. Indeed there is nothing new under the sun.

The Marxist generation is deploying Marxist math this fall in our schools and soon we will conclude on the basis of “equity” that two plus two equals fish! The behavioral psychologists in the university temples that reject God claim that humans have no soul and we are all just animals that evolved from the primordial slime. Oregon Senate bill 744 suspended graduation requirements for students for the foreseeable future. Its all for the greater good right?

Humans are treated like cattle by the culture becoming more evident by the day. This insanity is driven by the rejection of our own creation, equality and the founding documents of our country. Our country was founded and respected life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that must be restored.

"Our country was founded and respected life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that must be restored."

We now hear from our betters with credentials, money and power that humans are just useless eaters and we will soon own nothing and like it. The World Enslavement Forum (WEF) is treating us all like cattle and celebrating their recent success of shutting down the world to serve their cause of depopulation.

Many in power today in our own government are treating us like serfs in a rotten kingdom like they did back in 1776. We no longer talk of freedom but are consumed by the WEF Globalists agenda that puts the slavery of earth worship above Freedom and national sovereignty. The primary conversation today is compliance no longer truth or freedom.

When they shut down the world in lock step and put all of us on house arrest it woke up a lot of people. We now clearly see how the media was controlled by government to get everyone to comply. This destroyed the trust in our institutions and rightly so. Trust must be earned. The best description is that this was a diabolical plan. By the time folks started to realize it was already well underway and the propaganda media had most folks hypnotized.

They tried the “Vaccine Passport” and failed so now they want to embrace the Social Credit System where people are the collateral and the equity as if people are now the property of the globalists. They say it’s all for the greater good that we enslave the world but I disagree completely.

Banks trade in equity and now the Marxist and their new math with trade in human equity like they do in China. Thank Apple for helping to create the social credit system for the communist control of the world. Apple has been de- platforming many voices in America that don’t conform to the Marxist narrative.

Banks have started de-banking people as well. Are we a banana republic now? The main thrust of the globalists was and is to usher in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC).


It all started with inoculation passports that echoed NAZI Germany. SHOW US YOUR PAPERS. But in the end it was not about health but about control of money and behaviors. The WHO is trying to take over the world now and we are all asking Who is this WHO?

The strangest thing I have been noticing is the activists throughout the world are no longer anti-establishment but pro-establishment. Today’s activists have become well paid mindless sycophant foot soldiers just following orders. Activists implementing the progressive plan to fundamentally transform our country are now calling anyone who disagrees a threat to democracy.

In a breathtaking inversion those that want to restore our country to the constitutional framework and maintain rule of law are being called terrorists. The rebels of yester year claiming to be against the establishment are now saying we must be supportive of the establishment. What? The day the music died was the day the truth was rejected. The prophet Isaiah has a great warning in chapter five versus twenty through twenty four in particular about this inversion. We would all be wise to heed that warning.

Pro establishment have never been on the side of freedom. Bigger government means smaller individual. The censors have never on the side of the people. The tyrants always want calm compliance. Americans have lots of questions for the current establishment that is running our world into the ground.

Folks wanting to maintain basic individual rights and parental rights are called terrorists. Even worse the medical tyranny is lauded as something that saved us from disaster when we are now seeing it caused more problems than it solved. The solution foisted on all Americans not only crushed our healthcare system but destroyed our trust in all of our systems.

We now see that doctors are no longer allowed to practice medicine unless an alphabet agency approves the treatment. What happened to medical privacy lauded by Hillary Clinton as a core value for healthcare? Looks like that was all empty rhetoric as we have thrown the gold standard for care in the trash as no longer important.

Obama gave our healthcare industry to the insurance companies. In 2016 it morphed again and gender affirming care exploded as abortion clinics were re-tooled to get rich from the “free healthcare” trough.

The economic devastation caused by the pandemic is still lingering like a dark cloud over all of us as we have lost our savings and have entered what I think is a second great depression. Our Doctors have made it plain that their license was more important than the patient care. Hospitals are now underwater and some are closing while others borrow more money and fall deeper into debt slavery.

The hospitals said your compliance was more important than treatment which destroyed the healthcare system

The hospitals said your compliance was more important than treatment which destroyed the healthcare system. Many now call it a “deathcare” system after so many lives were lost from denied early treatment. We embraced the pandemic lie and it turned out to be part and parcel to the depopulation agenda.

It’s all good because it lines up well with the climate agenda and the one world government agenda. Nothing to see here just go about your business. Yes America in on trial because we forgot who we were. We are going through an identity crisis. We evicted God from the public square years ago long before the revelation of the last few years.

This on top of the insanity that ensued when the self-loathing of 9-11 manifested itself in tragedy. It made me hearken back to the day the music died and the chorus of a generation that had rejected and abandoned God.

That great trauma of abandoning God and finding the levee dry could be a reference to driving us to drink but it’s not clear. What is clear is that drinking whiskey and rye is an escape and the correlation to all of this is escapism. In hindsight we see that cemented our pride and haughty spirit.

The anti-war generation was now cheering more unjust wars. Life got cheap and living got real expensive but were not offended anymore. God is offended. We are reaping what we have sown.

The downward spiral continues and here we are in another inflection point where we can turn back to God and begin therapy and regain our real identity as created individually. We have a chance to restore our country as founded to our True identity and reject this false transformation ideology.

America is already in the first stages of a 12 step program where we are so screwed up we need to first recognize God as the center of our lives and embrace the humility required for recovery. We must restore our relationship with God so we can put humpty dumpty back together again.

There is no other choice. America always does the right thing they just do it last. Indeed this is the center of our decade’s long identity crisis leading us to where we are now. We have found ourselves in a hole and we need to stop digging.

Folks are starting to recognize that we must restore our Churches to the WORD. We must also put the churches back above the culture where they belong. We can now put the Ten Commandments back in our schools and in our government offices because this year in 2023 the Supreme Court threw out the lemon test.

For 50 years we have had to endure the activist court positions on religious liberty that waved bye bye to the constitutional interpretations introducing a progressive interpretation. The Supreme Court was turned into an activist court with these extra constitutional tests. NO MORE !!!


The Jesus Revolution was 2023 years ago lets gets back to that. Western Civilization is based on the Holy Writ and the spirit Jesus brought with him. We must push our culture back down below the Church the true center for Morality, Ethics and Justice where it belongs. The CULTure is now trying to displace the creator and put man’s creation above his.

We can see clearly now what happens when you take God out of the equation. We see clearly now the destruction of putting man above God and we are reaping what we have sown. American pie anthem depicted this departure of truth, morality and ethics very well. America thrives when it protects the God given freedoms and liberties.

We must return to lady liberty and blind justice which is Equal Justice under the law. We must reject and evict all of the justice modifiers that steal real justice from God and have permeated our anti-Christ culture today.

We must return to the protection of children and the innocence of our children. The future is our children why are we abusing them so? Protection of children and their innocence is a priority when Christ is a priority. This used to be paramount and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to go this far.

The jurisprudence that we are all individuals and we are all innocent until proven guilty has also been turned on its head by the radicals in the uniparty. I call them uniparty because the two party system of the left wing and the right wing stopped working years ago.

The left and right wings were to balance out the flight of the American eagle but the eagle was eaten by a Dragon. The left and the right wing have kneeled to baal and we find ourselves in a debt spiral worshipping money over God.

We find ourselves in a time where we treat things like people and people like things. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil as the good book says and it has never been more clear to me what that means.

There is no doubt about the scripture as we live through this Marxist materialist money worshipping cult which is now a cancer throughout our system.

We need some real medicine to clear out the parasites in our government today if we ever wish to restore our American Identity. We need some Government dewormer.

We have been treated like cattle in education, media and culture. Why is it always the opposite of the right thing? One argument is we only pay attention to certain things and the idea that if it bleeds it leads is a great way to grab people’s attention. Media has the spellbinding effect of a tsunami. As an onlooker enters the ocean spellbound as to why the water is receding only to be overtaken and drowned when the tsunami hits.

"We are captured and spell bound by things that don’t make sense grabbing our attention in some way."

We are captured and spell bound by things that don’t make sense grabbing our attention in some way. Propaganda works very well in mass media because of the way the information is filtered. On top of media narratives our brains are trained to process information based on our own ideological filters which are all clogged Marxist garbage.

Through our senses and our ideological schemas we all experience a form of willful blindness. In order to make sense of things we have created filters in our thinking to discard some things and accept others.

Without critical thinking we are doomed here because we get caught in abstract thinking.

It’s past time to awaken the sleeping giant and remove the scales from our eyes.


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