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Unalienable Rights© - Oct 11, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 708 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 9

Instructions for the Jury. Justice Redefined by Gnostics: include all forms of Justice Qualifiers. Some Examples: restorative justice, environmental justice, racial justice, climate justice and all the other activist justice movements. The old singular definition of Justice as codified in the Holy Bible are passé and outmoded. ALL modified forms of justice are injustice. ​

Why are criminals being set free and some saying that it’s OK because we have to save money? Why are we hearing calls to defund police and reducing sentences even for murderers? Several members of our city council recently sanctioned the release of murderers from prison saying it’s not their call and they would be neutral. Neutrality is not virtue nor is it leadership.

Criminals released from prison have a very high recidivism rate and will likely commit more crimes and return to our communities and our streets. The most political person in politics is the one claiming not to be political. Neutrality cedes the ground to the bullies and in this case the government is the bully. Not standing against crime is to become accomplice to it.

The charges of an unjust society are evidenced by the fact that not everyone is equal. Folks that have not succeeded in life are evidence that America has failed. The logic or Illogic of the conclusion that if we are not all safe then nobody is safe reigns supreme. Same abstract thought would be like if everyone is not rich then then nobody is rich. Radicals used to chant eat the rich till they became the rich.

If not everyone is successful then nobody is successful. Unless of course you work for the government then you not only received bonuses during the pandemic when the world was locked down but raises and bonuses.

The independents and the self-reliant were severely damaged by the government over reach. When churches and business were shut down they could no longer make a living. Who decides if you are essential? Isn’t this the Mantra of the eugenics movement?


Everyone must agree on the conclusions and forced unity will solve all of the problems of society. War socialism is the only answer to the problems of America. Self-reliance and hard work are no longer values held by this generation. We no longer value hard work and accomplishment because its leaves out the lazy and the failures.

Americans are not all winners so therefore we are all losers so don’t leave out the losers. The new normal: successful people makes those that don’t work hard and succeed seem like victims of the system.

Free speech is now hate speech if it doesn’t conform to the Marxist narratives that government can solve all of our problems. Government cannot balance a budget but you better balance yours. Government is the only way to ​

success and anyone who disagrees is guilty of disunity. Anyone who disagrees must be censored. Anyone who disagrees must be made to conform through mandates and force. What happened to freedom? What happened to civil rights?

Those that resist the force of government even if it takes away your Freedom, Liberty property and even your children will be detained and sent to a re-education camp. If you disagree you must be ignorant if you don’t agree you are a threat to the status quo. Once the government is in control of everything all of our problems will be solved.

The evidence is clear. We are not a perfect society so we are unjust and must conform to government edicts that will make us perfect. It’s no longer called communism it has been rebranded as state capitalism. The evidence is overwhelming that we have poor people in our country and around the world so America has failed.

We must promote even what was formerly criminal as criminals were born that way and cannot be expected to change, grow mature or be held accountable for their actions. We can apply this to all things that fall short of perfection. Injustice is the new justice because we deemed it just. Don’t ever forget the truth:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther King Jr.


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