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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1780 : Fear Is A Liar : Part 1


This simple phrase gets at the heart of how emotions distort reality and fear is one of those used to manipulate as much or more than any other. Fear is a liar when we succumb to an unhealthy fear. Fear is used in mass media today to persuade you to accept false premises that lead to bad outcomes. Fear is used to market evil. This goes beyond marketing products to marketing bad or harmful ideas. Unhealthy fear combined with false narratives can lead many to make bad choices.

This might be better phrased as the media is a liar. If you trust the media today its most certainly a red flag for your inability to discern truth. We are bombarded with information today and we have to discern truth from lies constantly. We are definitely in an information war not just for your wallet and the soul of the country but for your soul in eternity. Are you making choices in your life for yourself and your family that are in your best interest or have you given up your best interest to comply or go along with someone else’s best interest?

Critical Thinking Required

Think for your self is a great phrase to illustrate how a healthy fear is balanced with a propaganda media or media fear campaign. Critical thinking required. The woke culture today eschews critical thinking which leads to other unhealthy emotional reactions out of fear of offending others. How dumb is that? Emotionalism is a fear based condition or if you will a weapon in the culture wars used to control the weak minded. Healthy Fear is supposed to help you to avoid pain and punishment. Unhealthy fear results in pain and punishment.

A healthy fear is and emotion directly tied to survival. Fear keeps us safe when it is healthy. Unhealthy fear is what we saw during the feardemic. While this may have helped some to survive the general outcome was negative and hurt many more than it helped. The incessant fear mongering captured many in a state of inaction as if their life depended on the health of the group. Not even a real group but a number of groups the media created through division, distraction, half-truths and scientism.

The result was lawlessness followed by real pain and suffering. The media tells you it would have been worse but that is just another layer of control in the fearmongering trap. Layers of fear designed to get you to comply with a group fear which has been devastating the world over.

A group fear that persuaded many to give up fundamental individual freedoms. Those captured in the feardemic became deputized fear foot soldiers helping to spread half truths when they repeated the lies spread by the media. Foot soldiers reminding everyone all the time to be afraid no matter what happened.

The phrase fear is a liar is also the title of a song by Christian artist Zach Williams, which encourages listeners to overcome fear with God’s love and strength. In December 2021 we had the pleasure of seeing Zach Williams in Visalia. It was after a long wait because we had purchased the tickets before the feardemic.

Ironically the thing we needed most was kept from us and that was the fear at work against all of us. The show was delayed by the feardemic and local government overreach who simply followed the top down structure which was NOT leadership. People wanted to see the show and the band wanted to play but the powers that be in our government would not allow it threatening everyone as they stole our freedoms. The powers that be in local organizations and the threat of litigation kept people from meeting in person.

Technology Has Become
The Prison Of Today

The fear of that time is still lingering and it’s no surprise that new fears were spawned from that event in the next generation. Incessant media driven fear captured us all in some ways unable to escape from the fear prison they had built for us. The fear Panopticon that is today’s media technology surrounded us all. The fear conditioning to control people is not a new concept in fact is something we all must face each and every one of us in every generation. Yes it’s a Big Con and the surveillance is meant to keep you pinned down in fear. Technology has become the prison of today. Technocracy uses technology to create the modern day Panopticon.

Are we prey animals that fear everything and must use our fight or flight to stay safe? Many people are leaving California in flight because of the communism that is here in this one party state. The California economy has many trapped and many are now landing on the streets because the fear driven economy is so destructive.

Ronald Reagan opined that communism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.

Still others fear the selective law enforcement where criminals are not held to account. The law abiding were no longer protected from criminals on the street when they committed crimes. People were harassed for not being afraid while we ignored crime on the streets. Why would the government release criminals early and stop prosecuting crime during a feardemic?

Well I think it was on purpose to create more fear. This drives fear throughout the land when the law is made to protect criminals and America hating activists while threatening churches, public gatherings and small business. How many good people were made to suffer due to government overreach and selective law enforcement? How many were bankrupted for trying to make a living? Why would the government sworn to protect the constitution so quickly sell out for ARPA money?

We have been conditioned to hate bullying. We were told bullying is bad because it hurts people’s feelings and leads to depression, low self-esteem and even suicide. The bully takes advantage of others through fear and intimidation. Bullies come in many forms and use coercion and even violence to get their way.

Bullies are liars because they think they are better than others

The bullies are liars because they think they are better than others. Bullies are power seekers not truth seekers and are often sadistic in their tactics to the point of hurting or humiliating anyone who disagrees, even bystanders. Sound Familiar?

We are told today not to stand up to bullies because it will make the bullying worse. That’s a lie and bullies are liars. Looks to me like some of the authors of these anti-bullying policies are liars also. The current prescription for example is go get someone in authority to handle the situation and stop the bullying. What happens when the people in authority are the bullies? Is it OK when government bullies people using their power and authority? Looks to this man like the authorities want to have their cake and eat it too.

They tell us that bullying may lead to lifelong trauma even if it’s just verbal. Did the feardemic bullying lead to any lifelong trauma? The fear and intimidation used to bully all of us not only led to lifelong mental trauma but also physical and psychological trauma. We have all been subjected trauma we have yet to even define as it will take years to unravel and deal with the fallout.

Many people the world over were physically and mentally harmed by the lies promoted using fear. Time will tell how bad this has hurt everyone but in the short term we have seen a transformation of our whole society. The trauma inflicted on people from all of the bullying and fearmongering upended the world. They stole our freedoms and they will do it again if there are no consequences for these lies hiding or hidden behind a paralyzing fear.

It makes sense to look at the fear tactics used to intimidate people as bullying. It also rings true that the fear was a liar as it was used to intimidate and control people and could not be reasoned with. They say that folks that are bullies have issues and are generally unhappy people. Unhappy people bully others to make themselves feel better or to reach a desired selfish outcome. I remember the hate filled rants saying the unvaccinated should not be allowed back in society or denied healthcare. Fear had captured everyone and pulled them into the parade of lies.

The Solution To Bullying Is Always Consequences

The solution to bullying is always consequences. So no matter the situation if there are no consequences the bullying will continue. It’s the same with lying and with fear. If there is no cost or consequence to bad actions the behavior will continue.

What are they trying to tell you to be afraid of this week? Kinda seems like we have just endured a home invasion robbery. The threats and intimidation using fear are exactly what a criminal does when he robs you.

We see the bullying in the courts driving fear because those that speak up are attacked by the legal system for standing up. Those that speak up are censored, “fact checked” and removed from social media. People are gaveled down in school board meetings for speaking truth. People are gaveled down in city council meetings for speaking truth.

People were harassed in public parks for getting fresh air. People were harassed and arrested in council meetings for frivolous things like improper mask wearing. Which is really improper compliance and insufficient obedience to the fear narrative.

The fear was so pervasive and the money so good we became our own captors. Even those sitting in the Dais wore masks out of fear. An invisible enemy fear. A fear that if they held onto freedom they would be punished. A fear that if they did not go along with the fear porn narrative they would be hit with lawsuits. Fear was more important than the law itself.

Fear led to more fear and the reactions to fear were now causing more fear. Requiring employees to wear masks and take experimental medical treatments is unconstitutional but that didn’t matter. The real threat for non-compliance kept people in line very well. If you did not comply you would be shunned and may lose everything.

The “New Normal” was to be locked in a fear prison of the governments making

The “New Normal” was to be locked in a fear prison of the governments making. The captives had to comply or they would lose their livelihood and that created more fear and anxiety. The invisible enemy was terrifying, but the real enemy was even worse as they stole our freedom. The real enemy was the action to protect us as it destroyed our economy. The real enemy was worse because it stole our humanity.


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