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Unalienable Rights© - Aug 23, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1880 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 2

Personal Background Well as I went back and edited and spell checked the series turned into at least 18 parts so this series will carry us into the fall. I went ahead and added some links to amplify some of my points as well.

I made some basic video’s this year for a local think tank about the flood and weighed in on the water issues we face here in the south valley. I read several books on the subject engaging this complex water issue to understand the inputs outputs stakeholders and historical context around the city, county and state.

We have had the best water season in our lifetime this year and maybe in recorded history. Climate Change my eye. If this is climate change I’m all for it and then some. My back yard looks & feels like Hawaii this morning after this August rainfall adding to an already record breaking season. I have had fresh Roses all year this year. Hallelujah

The videos are terrific and have held up well despite having to look at myself and realize how old I’m getting. This has led me to a number of opinions around water, smart meters and smart cities that encroach on freedom and always lead to higher rates which I will write about in the future.

The main thrust of the topics in those video’s and in my writings is beginning to emerge as a style now and I am happy to say I don’t hate it. I have to pay my respects to Porterville College for teaching a great logic class and despite my misgivings about writing I have found a voice in the blogosphere.

The Summer English class at PC greatly expanded my mind and writing skills. Thanks French Unser. Even though I dislike writing but like public speaking you get better at it when you practice it. You be the judge.

To digress a bit further I must pay some great respects to my instructors at Porterville High, Bartlett middle school and even some great love for Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Staley, and the Roche Ave Knights. I learned more in the 6th grade than I did in an all of the other grades before combined. This of course was on the rebound of the worst learning year I ever endured in the 5th Grade.

In the 5th grade I received the worst marks of my life almost all D’s. This was back before grade inflation so those marks stuck and I had to own them. Those grades were the worst, but maturity wise a turning point for me. Besides the shellacking I got from my parents it humbled me greatly to own those bad grades. The pride and haughty spirit had led me to a very dark place and I had to eat some humble pie for a while.

That experience growing up taught me a lot about how through my class clown pride I hurt myself. Acting a fool did not lead to success and so with some humility and some groaning I made some changes. I would be humbled again in later years many times but it was easier once I realized that humility was such a great teacher.

In fact humility taught me a great deal and later in life I am able to write about it fully knowing that it made me a better person. I realized what it meant from the good book to humble oneself and be exalted. I ran into Mrs. Sinyard when I was in high school and thanked her for the wakeup call in the 5th grade.

She remembered me when I reminded her of my nickname she gave me “Lounge Lizard”. As it says in the good book I was desiring to be served not to serve and I reaped what I had sown.

I was devastated when I got my report card and broke down in tears sobbing in class. I received some empathy from fellow students that felt sorry for me despite my comeuppance for being an arrogant jerk most of that year. That was very humbling and over time I realized an important moment in my life to take stock and grow up. Something missing today in the highly coddled grade inflating education system that would never have dealt out that harsh reality.

By the time I got to 6th grade I was winning awards for most improved student at the school assembly. The Master geographer challenges in the 6th grade helped me and others learn every country of the world through competitions in front of class. Barnes was a great teacher and we learned things in a way that stuck with me for a lifetime even passing it on to my children. I could go on and on about the great teachers by name and topic but I will save that for another time. You find later in life the most humbling experiences and hardships are those moments that we learn the most.

The phrase “Check Your Premises” became very important to me in life not just in learning but for analyzing and finding root causes. Remember the 5 Why’s? If you ask why about a thing 5 times you will get to the root of the thing you are analyzing.

Once you get to the premise or the root then you can understand it before acting and engaging. If you do this well you find the best course of action and or draw the proper conclusions. Yes, deep thinking required but great results emerge from working to understand and address root causes and produce practical solutions.

I’m going to attempt to lay out a case in this series about how America and Truth itself are on trial. I want to share my thoughts on how we, each one of us, have a vital role and stake in our future. How our actions bring us closer to God. How our engagement will help us grow and shape the future of our country. How seeking truth is the way to live, grow & prosper. How seeking God’s face will humble us on that truth seeking journey. How that humbling and dedication to the truth will build our character and garner peace through strength in action and understanding.

America has gone through restorations and awakenings in the past and it was selfish to believe that the prosperity of the late 20th century would go on forever. We deluded ourselves for years rationalizing that we didn’t need God. We became arrogant to think that man could out love God. Man could outthink God. Man could determine what is good. Man could prosper in his own will without respect to the will of the creator. We became so arrogant we tried to usurp creation itself trying to control biology, climate and human nature. Now in extreme hubris we are trying to reset the world.

Bye bye to American pie is a great way to convey and romanticize this arrogance and where that haughty spirit has lead us. We are now beginning to reap what we had sown in the era in which this song hit the charts. "American Pie" is a song by American singer and songwriter Don McLean Recorded and released in 1971. United Artists. My interpretations and references are all my own and used for cultural reference only.

We have been studying Revelation in church this year and there are a great many things we have learned. I was thinking that many would begin returning to church as we see society begin to crumble but to my astonishment I don’t see that happening. We are still too distracted by the crack cocaine of this generation which is our phones. Even as we see so many of the things written about in the Holy Scripture as a warnings most still are not taking serious the times in which we are living. Most no longer read the Bible.

I thought also that teaching and sharing the Bible these days would be easier since so many of the parables, prophecies and warnings are staring us in the face. Surely we would not ignore the warnings? However that does not seem to be the case. The scriptures about willful blindness and delusion are coming true because people are much more comfortable in a lie than in the truth. I will bring into the series my position that I once thought we could restore our country by following the constitution alone and how that was complete fantasy.

I tried teaching constitution to those that were never exposed to it and few came to class. Interestingly enough that truth seeking approach brought me closer to God. The perspective is simple without the cornerstone we can have no freedom. Our country is built on the spirit of freedom. The Spirit of the Lord written about in the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence

America is not built on parchment paper and just good ideas. America is built on the spirit of those precepts and premises that became our founding documents. A firm spiritual foundation not sinking sand. The easy way to understand this is a simple polemic: “Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without Christianity”.

Today it seems the truth offends people and that is a glaring warning about folks that would no longer adhere to sound doctrine and would embrace a lie. Pride keeps folks in the delusion and without humility we will not turn to the answer. These are the times we are living in and like the old Chinese proverb “may you be blessed not to live in interesting times”.

This could be a time of great revival if we have faith and turn from our wicked ways. It could be a time of great sorrow if we have drifted so far into the ocean that we cannot find our way back to shore. People don’t even read anymore and that is a great tragedy. We all have the ability to read in this information age more than any generation before and yet we don’t. Here is a Link to a free online reader that contains a huge collection of original source documents.


We all have the ability to network with the great minds in history through books yet we are too lazy. I will try to bridge the gap here and spark some interest in reading our founding documents and our creed in the Holy Scripture. It is my sincerest hope that you will read this series and also that you will share it with others and that you will read more on your own. However it is my highest priority for you to read the Holy Writ.

The founders were raised in a great awakening period in history. Our founders worked hard to create something bigger and higher than humans could attain, something to strive to accomplish. It was a goal, it was a vision, based on sound principles and faith.

It was also the determination to complete the vision despite knowing that that vision may never be fulfilled. It took strong faith to create this great nation and it follows that it will take great faith in action to maintain it and in times like these to restore it.

A firm reliance on divine providence indeed. A firm reliance that the words of the Declaration made clear in its appeals to the Supreme Judge of the world. Self-evident truths mean that you have to choose them and they have to be right or this thing we call America won’t work. These absolute truths are outside of man.

This fundamental understanding cannot be ignored any longer. It cannot be suppressed any longer or derided any longer if we are to come through this identity crisis with our American identity intact. Our American Identity must be re-centered around the spiritual truths that undergird our constitution not the parchment that it is written on. These truths are in our Declaration which is the cornerstone of our Republic

Restoring the spirit of 1776 will require humility determination and commitment. We must have the faith of a mustard seed as the task may seem daunting right now. Things may get much worse but we shall overcome as it says over and over in Revelation. This animating spirit of 1776 must be genuine. It must be real. It will require sacrifice like any worthwhile endeavor. This is also the identity of every American, this is undeniable. Being Awake is the opposite of “Woke”. Being Woke is an anti-American identity. Being Woke is an Anti-Christ identity.

We must take stock in where we are, count our blessings and work to restore our country. A key phrase to remember and embrace: “Where there is Law there is Liberty”. We cannot have liberty without the rule of law. We must restore the law to its proper place. We must reject all of this Marxist socialist junk that is perverting the law. We must reject anti-Truth nonsense perverting justice and destroying our institutions.

Remember the writings about the crisis in founding era America by Thomas Paine: “These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


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