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Unalienable Rights© - Nov 08, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1661 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 13

Expert Testimony II

In my generation we grew up under the notion that it was OK to disagree and we could shake hands and continue with our lives celebrating the fact that we lived in a free country. We had thicker skin and when we criticized each other we weren’t quick to get offended. We chanted the rhyme that sticks and stones would break our bones but words would never hurt you.

The idea of social justice was just a social construct and an academic argument. Justice in my childhood had nothing to do with equity but everything to with equal justice under the law. Obviously this idea was changing rapidly from an academic argument to implementation as we sang bye bye to American Pie.

These times were fairly prosperous and our culture knew right from wrong even though the popular culture was working overtime to displace that old outdated biblical idea of justice with social justice. I don’t think folks realized the corruption that would result from removing Prayer & the Bible from our schools and institutions.

I Don’t Think Folks Realized The Corruption That Would Result From "Removing" Prayer & The Bible
From Our Schools And Institutions.

Another simple truth of my childhood was the idea that justice was blind. By design lady justice is blind so that justice would be objective. So that it would be fair and that punishment should fit the crime. Justice was simply Justice no qualifiers. Justice was centered around the Holy Writ and we were more afraid of the cosmic justice of our lord and savior than man’s justice.

We played cops and robbers as children acting out the ideals of justice and the ideas of right and wrong. It was a time when the police were referred to as “peace officers” and they carried knight sticks to properly apply attitude adjustments. Those days are gone and now we have “law enforcement”. After the VHS viral video of Rodney King we no longer have Billy Clubs cause it looked so bad on TV. Can’t we all just get along?

The irony is that peace officers had discretion and made law enforcement for the most part more fair. This of course was not perfect by any means but that’s the way it was and the result was robbers properly feared the police that represented the rule of law. Much of that is lost now on things like selective enforcement. Theft really isn’t theft until it reaches 999 dollars. That used to be called grand theft and the consequences were terrible. Justice is no longer blind its willfully blind, meaning the blindfold was removed.

I guess social justice was born in our apostasy but the change was gradual and incremental. Progressives in my generation made subtle small changes and over time transformed the entire justice system. We now provide better healthcare for criminals than tax paying citizens. Social justice is awesome! Law enforcement today is more about quotas and budgets than peace.

Law enforcement is now more like collecting taxes than rule of law boundaries. Its easy to look back in hindsight and see the great civilization that put hard boundaries on Jay walking that now ignores crime in the streets by gangs, vagrants and drug addicts because they have no money to collect.

Social Justice in action is best described by Adam Smith “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent”. The Bible describes this as willful blindness. Modern vernacular is moral relativism where moral understanding is darkened and reasoning clouded.

The Bible Describes This
As "Willful Blindness"

We have some big problems emerging from this shift from blind justice to social justice. We see little problems growing into big problems and we see a tiered justice system emerging that is full of bias and is now more unequal than ever. Political justice is emerging out of social justice destroying the justice system itself.

The ideal Justice is blind so that we can achieve maximum liberty and true equality. The idea remains true that nobody is above the law and we were all equal under the law. Justice was meant to be blind and never social. Justice was never to be politicized or socialized because that would upset the equal justice premise.

Everyone was to be held to the same ideal of the law being blind and justice being blind. This is made plain by the reference to the supreme judge of the world in our Declaration. There is no escape from the justice we will all face. There is no social justice in heaven.

The boundaries of our justice system are gone. Real justice is being threatened and undermined by Lawfare. Marxists infiltrated the justice system and our courts in their efforts to improve justice and have created more injustice in the present. Lawfare is politicized or weaponized law and is unjust.

Progressive asserted the lie of social justice claiming that some should be treated differently. Unequal justice is the result. Now the establishment is not held accountable and has a separate justice system for the rich. They sold it as for the poor and used it to insulate themselves.

It started out as an appeal to the injustice of a poor person stealing a loaf of bread which is an appeal to emotion. It was posited that because we did not have perfect justice we had to work to improve the justice system by inserting bias and equity. We took the discretion from the judges and started to write these social justice ideas into law severely damaging the equal justice edifice of our founding.

Fast forward to today and we are seeking political justice and environmental justice and the bias that was introduced to improve the system. Removing the moral boundaries of Ten Commandments introduced the cancer that is destroying the body. We traded ethics and morality for emotions and equity that can’t be defined.

We Traded Ethics and Morality For
Emotions & Equity That Can’t Be Defined

Lady Justice is no longer blind she has been transformed into something we no longer recognize. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr. Lady Justice is being raped by progressives right before our eyes. Are we all going to participate in this gang rape or are we going to stop it?

The “my truth” movement is nothing more than pathological narcissism. This takes aim straight at God and denies him outright. When you deny truth you put the oath to tell the truth on trial. Without a truth outside of man we devolve into democracy which is tyranny by another name. It begs many questions. Whom is the arbiter of truth? Whom has the authority to define truth?

Claiming to be the arbiter of truth by self-definition brings only judgement on yourself. If you think others should not be judgmental as you judge others you might think you can have your own truth. For a society to claim their own truth and appropriate judgement to justify bad behavior puts the Oath to tell truth on trial. This puts America on trial. It puts the whole of creation on trial.

We have reached our nadir when in testimony to confirm a Supreme Court Justice the appointee could not even define a woman. She clearly is a woman which makes us all wonder why the mockery and degradation of women is being championed by women.

Then in a marvelous embrace of insanity this woman who could not define a woman was confirmed to a seat on the highest court in the land. Now a Woman who can’t define a woman will preside over cases about women and act as if she has no bias. That’s social justice in action !

We need a 12 step program for the whole of the country as we have clearly landed in a place where our system has become unmanageable. Much like an addict is in denial of the truth of his addiction. To recover the addict has to admit he is wrong and appeal to God for truth and redemption for lying to himself and others.

Social justice is a coward’s domain

Social justice is a coward’s domain. "Woke" is a well know synonym for "coward". To be Woke is to let liars who claim their own truth control your perceptions. It means you’re not an honest thinking and reasoning person despite your claims to the contrary. To accept abstract thought as reason means you're not a thinking, deciding person; you're an unremunerated, unknowing employee of the woke cult.

To live in the abstract or incomplete thought world is to be an activist. You become a foot soldier in the woke army and begin fighting for the group not for truth but for power. This is the phenomena we have been seeing on college campuses where speakers are shouted down. “Truth is an offense, your silence for your confidence” expresses that very well as a lyric from the Eye of the Beholder (Metallica).

This is the war the bible speaks of in Ephesians. When truth came down and was established 2023 years ago the battle was won and truth established outside of ourselves. All that are against that are at war with the establishment of truth by Jesus Christ himself. To be woke is to be in alignment with the establishment that represents man’s power not God’s truth.

When I grew up everyone was taught to defend truth even unto death. America was always referred to as a shining city on the hill because we were trying to achieve that ideal. There was always a healthy skepticism of the truth because truth seeking is a journey not a destination.

My generation are called boomers but we would never let anyone get bullied in school without consequences. We would even look out for the gender confused and the little guys if they were bullied. We didn’t go running to an authority figure we just addressed the issue head on.

You never have to get permission to the do the right thing. We would never watch Lady Liberty be gang raped we would interpose and restore justice.


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