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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2002 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XVI

Fear Not – Inclusion in What? Part D

The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man.”James Madison.

It seems that inclusion has limits but please don’t look at the data, the outcomes or the fine print. Just because the Republican Party was birthed as a freedom party comprised of Men and Women from the abolitionist movement in the past it cannot be included today.

Lincoln’s goal was to preserve the union and wanted all to be included even slaves and former slaves. That is not acceptable today so they must be excluded.

Conversely and for the same reason the Democrat party that championed succession in in the 1800’s to protect slavery claims to be the party of inclusion. Democrats who stood against the union in the name of state’s rights must be included today. It matters not that the democrat party was the party that benefitted from the racist anti-American KKK movement in the past they are to be included today. They claim the parties switched but that is a bald faced lie and not supported by evidence.

REAL HISTORY shows the creation of the KKK was motivated to reverse the political losses in the south after the civil war

REAL HISTORY shows the creation of the KKK was motivated to reverse the political losses in the south after the civil war. The KKK was and remains, although greatly diminished, an intimidation arm of political parties. The idea of the KKK ironically is used as a cudgel by the Democrat party and the media to beat down dissent.

The Charlottesville incident was used against Trump to intimidate opposition aided and abetted by a politicized and corrupt media. This all despite Biden delivering the eulogy for Senator Robert Byrd in 2010. Modern Democrat support right in your face out in the open of a fallen leader of the KKK in the modern era. Do your eyes not see?

These political intimidation groups are now may. Fueled by radical non-profits and NGO’s colluding for political action. These are the factions the founders warned about. The creation of SDS and BLM and others in the current era are just the latest.

ANTIFA was originally formed in the early 1900’s composed of fascists and communists on both sides of the same issues which is very confusing.

If you have time to do a deeper dive into the way that factions have flourished in our once free country this is a very thorough piece from the new media. Technology enables these parasites on our country to systematically siphon of money and power (blood) from the entire country.

Here is a deep dive link that lays out the inclusion ideology throughout American history. This illustrates the powers and principalities at work in our country that destroy freedom and demoralize our culture to fundamentally transform our country as Barak Obama Proclaimed. They have raped all of us and many of us have voted for them.

The Satanic ideology that proclaims inclusion has a sophisticated way of lying to all of us to get us to participate in our own suicide. Have you realized yet that you have been voluntarily participating in and included in what looks like Kabbalah.

Everyone has been choosing to be counter cultural to be cool but is it cool? Would you rather be cool or free? Any objective observation of what this culture calls cool is not cool at all. We have produced a very dangerous and confused generation of kids.

Antifa re-emerging a hundred years later and destroying Portland Oregon and other progressive cities they claimed to be saving is an amazing fact and example of that inclusion insanity.

Read Federalist 10 to understand better what the founders thought about factions. It is inclusion restated as a human condition manifesting itself as group think that should be guarded against.

The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man.”James Madison.

Madison was not worried about minority factions. However with technology that could not have been imagined in the time of the founding. The risk from united minority factions through technology and media has proven to be an Achilles Heel and our main battleground today.

These minority factions are controlled by and funded by government through powerful political factions. These are the swarms of locusts and flying lawfare monkeys destroying our nation. We are now paying for our own destruction in a grand suicidal procession.

We Are Now Paying For Our Own Destruction
In A Grand Suicidal Procession

Lord Help us all get through this period of overreach and abuse by minority factions from which there is no easy cure but time and pressure. There are still many free states not yet captured that are fighting the good fight. The courts are not completely captured and the struggle continues.

Ultimately the people themselves may be the only useful check on this overreach but we must take back our local government and local control for bottom up change. Interestingly enough bottom up grass roots has always been the only real and lasting change throughout history. Why would now be any different? Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.

The democracy these anti-American factions screech about resembles the Jacobins in France of 1798. Unhinged and bloodthirsty as they are willing to destroy America and behead their enemies to accomplish it.

The French made plain that if you did not agree you could not be included and they separated the heads of their enemies of democracy from their bodies using guillotines. They were extreme egalitarians and you had to agree with the radical agenda to be included.

The hate groups claiming to be saving democracy are actually anti-American. These mostly “peaceful protests” destroyed billions in property and killed more than 35 people outright to promote their political cause “democracy”. These groups also claim to be inclusive.

Inclusion In What is always the question to be asked.

In the early years after the civil war hate groups were used to implement Jim Crow laws and promote voter intimidation to reverse the election of several black republicans elected during reconstruction. This has been completely removed from the modern history books. In fact there is not even a Wikipedia page which says a lot about Wikipedia.

This was about voting and voter intimidation to punish political enemies and regain power. Sounds familiar right. Nothing helps voter intimidation more than mail in ballots and lack of voter identification to protect election integrity. Modern Jim Crow laws were enacted in 2020.

This has gone mainstream now and the inclusion façade, works hard to make sure Voting Machines are included in all of our voting processes. This is the Corporate KKK and is being used to influence election at worst and steal elections at best. It’s all about inclusion in something, the question remains inclusion in what? This is the real state of our union.

It matters not that the succession in the civil war period in our history mirrors the sanctuary state policies of today. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Few read original source history nor is it taught.

Both succession and sanctuary movements claim to be morality movements while in action they prove to be immoral. Succession in the past was slavery masquerading as state’s rights. Sanctuary states today are modern day succession for state’s rights for the progressive states of America and their modern versions of slavery.

Both of these are really about inclusion but in a broad way that applies to whole cities and some select states that have chosen to violate federal law and stand against the union and the republic. Sanctuary?

These are morality claims that a religion might make but these morality claims go against Biblical morality and embrace some new age religious notion of morality AKA paganism.

In the Civil war era the succession or sanctuary that threatened the union claimed it was about state’s rights where states were superior creating a constitutional crisis. States claimed to be a law unto themselves and better than. You know privilege. The thing those same states said they were against in this grand hypocrisy.

The Sanctuary cities and states today are claiming moral superiority jurisdictions where drug use and immigration policies on the books will be ignored and not enforced which is also immoral. These are lawless positions by a few in power that stand against the rule of law and the will of the people.

Please Don’t Stop and Think About This
Just Go Along

Please don’t stop and think about this just go along. These separatist ideologies that claim inclusion as a social good are actually making extraconstitutional claims. Claims like whether or not a group is essential or not. This is arbitrary and capricious leading only to misery and destruction. Our government is not supposed to be picking winners and losers. That’s corruption that’s collusion and political deception.

We are all essential and all lives matter because that is what the constitution protects and what Christianity demands as the REAL INCLUSION. Unity is destroyed by these divisive programs and rhetoric. It’s amazing to me that so many claim inclusion of special interests as moral while exclusion of all who disagree with those vacuous decrees.

This brings us to the main thrust of this dialogue. If the inclusion ideology does not include everyone and everything are they really inclusive? The inclusion ideology of political correctness favors one party over another and is using tax dollars, resources, technology, media and education to further their power and prestige in our culture.

Political correctness trades truth for power as it rejects Biblical correctness. These Idols claim they are inclusive but they are really exclusive and part of the fabric of state worship. Churches were deemed non-essential and excluded. Who made these arbitrary decisions to deem things essential or non-essential as if they were god’s? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So Again ~ What Exactly Is This Inclusion?

This Political correctness is very divisive and excludes Biblical correctness. How did we get here? Just like multiculturalism all cultures are accepted while the American culture is rejected. This inclusion thing is not logical it is akin to sorcery and evil.

FEAR NOT Biblical Correctness always wins. Political correctness is political. I want to be included in Biblical correctness where right is right and wrong is wrong. I reject Political correctness where moral relativism and shape shifting leads to destruction. We are all called to overcome not to be overcome by man’s schemes and snares.

There is no forced happiness. There is no forced liberty. There is no forced life. These are choices. America is founded on Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is easily transposed as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Christ. We all have to choose life. We all have to choose a path. We have to choose REAL Love and REAL Truth to conquer hate and lies. We have to choose courage to conquer fear.

The Only true sustainability comes from being renewed in Christ. As Christians we are grafted onto the Old Roots of the Mosaic Law and are included in the family of God. The Creator is the Author and the word in the Flesh.

Imagine the everlasting hope that is in Christ available to all of us by our choice to follow in his footsteps. I want to be included in the book of life and to have life, abundant life, included in the Kingdom of Heaven. I want to be included in the family of God and enjoy the peace and blessings that come from a life well lived.

A want to be included in a family of Men and Women that live purposeful meaningful lives with a close relationship with God through Christ. I want to be included in the lineage of man that through the generation’s life continues and is sustained by Love, Truth and Faith.

The Good Lord Has Already Chosen Us
To Be Included In His Kingdom

The Good Lord has already chosen us to be included in his family as he created us. The Good Lord wants you to be included in his freedom, and justice where all things work together for good for those who choose wisely (Romans 8:28).


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