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Unalienable Rights© - Nov 29, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2149 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 16

Cross Examination I

In the song the music dying is a great way to depict a generation captured in song, who ironically killed the music of our culture when it discarded truth and God. It’s explicit in the lyrics of the day all very well written. I remember hearing that song on the radio as a child. My father went to school with Ritchie Valens. I remember listening to that song with my dad many times when it came out. That tragic moment is a fitting metaphor. Strange how a vivid memory of a song like that can transport you across time.

I heard the story again a few years ago from a family friend out in Lindsay at my adopted uncle Richard Moore’s funeral. The vivid depiction of the plane crash in 1957 from eye witnesses, which became part of the La Bamba production, where Richie Valens performed at Pacoima High School. Trauma and Tragedy a great metaphor for what we’re talking about.

My Grandparents settled in to a home in Pacoima right after WWII. I still reflect on the miracle that both of my grandparents returned from WWII to start families after seeing combat. Grandpa Butcher at the Battle of the Bulge in the European theater on one side of the family. Grandpa McKervey surviving multiple beachheads in the South Pacific on the other side.

Pacoima was pretty nice back then much like Porterville today. I will never forget the many stories of Ritchie Valens growing up in that neighborhood off of Terra Bella Street. There were a lot of famous people that grew up in the San Fernando Valley back when it was much like the south valley is today. Our family moved to Porterville in 1973 but we visited Pacoima every year for the holiday’s until the property was sold it in the early 2000’s.

The culture is seldom objective

The culture is seldom objective. The problem with cowardice is that it’s more contagious in the culture when truth is waning. The opposite is also true that courage is more contagious when truth is rising. When lies are dominant we see tyranny, slavery, fear and chaos. When we fall victim to this fear we slow down or freeze and act is if we are the prey and this leads to a victim mentality.

We are all finding out that courage is even more rare than intelligence. Artificial courage is cowardice. We are beginning to see that courage is more important than intelligence. We are also seeing that we need real courage and real intelligence because the artificial does not work and may lead to cancer.

We no longer see truth and reality objectively therefore we no longer see the moral and ethical boundaries that protect the truth. We replace the good right and just with appeasement and acquiescence to power because of the illusion of safety and security. The warm water creature comforts feel good and you don’t want to go back to reality.

For example when truth is dominant so is liberty and freedom by definition. Order emerges because the fear of being wrong (fear of the lord) leads to virtue. The epitome of that virtue is courage and the example is Jesus on the cross and the sacrifice for truth. Absolute or Objective truth is order and the pursuit of truth has meaning and purpose because it eschews lies.

As in the Way the Truth and the Life. It is this Christian love that conquers fear and is a creative force in spite of risk. We begin to build our faith and see the providence behind us in our overcoming our fear. Our fear of separation from God should always be greater than our fear of man.

Gnostic Sorcery and mind control works in the anti-Truth movement to turn lies into truth through half-truths and deception. Humans as evidenced by behavior are not very observant of their surroundings you might say they have tunnel vision. As a group we have been conditioned to focus on what we are told to focus on through narrative.

If you trust the group or the “news” you will focus on what you are told to focus on. Human attention is generally controlled by the outside unless you have the discipline to focus on a particular thing on your own. For example reading a book or a news article focuses your attention. If you are trying to learn something you focus on that thing you are learning. When you are seeking you are learning. Seek Truth.

The advent of centralized communication is both
a curse and a blessing in our modern society

The advent of centralized communication is both a curse and a blessing in our modern society. We have all been conditioned to accept narratives blindly if we are not critical thinkers or at least skeptical enough to verify what is being presented. If you blindly accept media conditioning and never question it you are susceptible to propaganda through narratives marketing a particular point of view.

Blind trust leads to blindness if the media is dishonest why do we trust them at all? Ignorance is NOT bliss that is a false moral equivalence claiming that something that is empty is full. Talk about a self-defeating statement.

Even worse willful blindness eventually leads to genocide if folks don’t or are not allowed to question authority. This is why “news” marketing works so well capturing people’s attention because its works by shocking you to pay attention. Is the head dead yet?

Even worse people begin to tolerate even sudden death which was shocking just a few years ago. As sudden death is being reported constantly it is slowly becoming normalized through psychological conditioning. Imagine people are dropping dead all around the world and few are even shocked by this and have begun to accept this as the new normal.

The depopulation crowd is happy it’s happening and glad it’s not them. Like a school of fish only the fish on the outside are dying suddenly so they stay in a tight group.

Interestingly there is also a shame component for those who went along with the narrative. Most are too ashamed to admit they might actually have contributed to the depopulation agenda. Some suffer the anxiety, fear and shame of accepting the truth which simply leads to more cowardice and alienation from truth. That’s a vicious cycle.

The opposite may also be true because we now celebrate vicious pride as a virtue especially in the media. We as a culture have become too proud to admit we were wrong or even worse that we were fooled or swindled. The pride movement is trying to redefine humanity by redefining the family and civilization itself in their own image.

The Nuclear Family Was Defined By GOD

The nuclear family was defined by God. The progressives want to change the definition of that too. Progressives want man’s definition of family to be over God’s definition because they deemed it so. When did man become so arrogant that he thought he could redefine things that God had already defined, a haughty spirit Indeed.

The center of all of this is the simple notion that courage is the opposite of cowardice. The Best Example is of courage in all of history is Jesus on the cross expressing his love by dying for us all. We often talk about honor and service and this hearkens back to that great sacrifice made for us all. This is the virtue from which all other virtue flows. We have the best example and we need to humbly kneel and recognize this as the source of all of our Liberty & Freedom.

We cannot continue to celebrate cowards in our culture. The victim ideology that has overtaken breeds cowardice. Folks that are always making excuses for not being engaged are cowards. Folks that say we need to appeal to man’s authority over God’s authority are cowards. Folks that can’t stand up for their kids are cowards. We have to turn this weakness into strength and restore courage in our culture. Seek his Face.

The courage of our lord and savior established Liberty throughout the earth. Courage to go to the cross even if wrongly accused and convicted. Courage to face the scourging and shame of that prideful generation that crucified an innocent man. Courage to never give in and never sell out.

This is the same courage that established America. The courage to stand against tyranny. The courage to take on a world power despite impossible odds. The courage to say what was true and stand by it no matter the cost. The courage that forged a nation founded on Christian Liberty. This is what America is about and we have to restore that courage to restore our true American identity.

If we don’t humble ourselves we will continue along the death spiral in willful blindness and we may never be able to face reality. This is just like the hypnotist at the fair who is able to hypnotize some of the willing audience to act like a chicken on stage in front of the crowd.

Magic, censorship, propaganda and witchcraft
all work in similar space taking advantage of
our inability to focus our attention

Magic, censorship, propaganda and witchcraft all work in similar space taking advantage of our inability to focus our attention. This is why the good book admonishes us to hold fast to the truth so we are not captured by group think, magic spells, propaganda OR sorcery. None of us thinks we could be hypnotized or cheated or swindled. It’s the sleight of hand and we all are susceptible to it and must guard against it.

This is why even the lie of gender affirmation straight in your face works so well on the group. Our tolerance of evil has led to acceptance and even promotion in our shame and our pride. We are more afraid of offending man than God. This breeds indifference and we wonder why nobody cares anymore?

The incessant evil being foisted upon us over and over has caused many to give in to a new normal that is not normal at all. So captured are some that we watch people die suddenly and mutilate our own children regularly without batting an eye and just go about our business.

I remember reading about the atrocities of the Revolutions in Russia, China and Germany as a child. I always wondered how in the world people could have allowed such things to go on. Our new normal is centered on PRIDE & SHAME. We have begun to celebrate pride as a virtue which prevents us from shifting our attention because we cannot be humble. We are too ashamed to admit it. We are spellbound.

We celebrate victimhood as part of pride and say that the only way to solve bullying is to maintain our pride by seeking authority in man. Telling kids to be tattle tales is shaming self-reliance which is a Christian value and used to be an American Value. We are too ashamed to admit that we might be wrong and appeal to a false authority to protect our victim status. This places the ownership on society which is putting all of society on trial.

Maturity demands we make changes and grow up. If you play victim and don’t grow up you are transformed into a coward that celebrates your own shame and immaturity. Pride and arrogance put the whole of society on trial through cultural pressure. We all need to grow up.

People begin to drift out to sea not even knowing how to get back to shore. Even if they realize they are out to sea and finally focus attention on the situation they may not have the energy to swim back to shore.

Maybe even worse if you have been sucked out to sea through RIP CURRENT you may feel more shame for allowing yourself to be captured as you struggle against the current. Few stop and change course to swim horizontally and get out of the torrent that is sweeping them away.

Even with help still others won’t make it back to shore

If you don’t change course you will never get back to shore. How far out before you become lost to the abyss and the wilderness unable to get back without help. Even with help still others won’t make it back to shore.

This is also why the “news” leads with death and destruction because its shocks you into paying attention to it. For those that are wielding power the idea of marketing to sell a product or to focus attention is a powerful medium.

All of this well-known psychology is being used to market socialism, compliance and fear so you buy into the great reset. The news is not informing you about things that really matter so why do we even call it news?

Tabloid television is really just a distraction and you would be well advised to focus on the things they are NOT telling you.

My favorite Seinfeld episode is do the opposite.


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