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Fear Not – Informed Consent is Freedom Part B

“I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.”Frederick Douglass

The starvation of the Ukrainian Kulaks and the Chinese peasants all were in reaction to the people rejecting the corporate and government overreach of their time. Once the forcing begins the viciousness begins.

Being locked up in a DC gulag is just the beginning of that viciousness, We are now seeing many prominent figures being persecuted and abused for speaking out and speaking up.

The Cost Of Free Speech Increases Exponentially If We Don’t Stand Together

The cost of that free speech increases exponentially if we don’t stand together. You see if we all stand together fearless the persecution will be less and shorter. Conversely cowards on the sell-out path lead to greater and longer persecution. Courage leads to freedom.

FEAR NOT as we stand up against this tyranny we will overcome. If we stand together fewer people will be hurt. We failed to stand together against lock downs and 2 weeks turned into 2 years and a crushed our economy and hurt the little guys the most. Bullies won again.

The governments colluded to take away informed consent for everyone under the guise of protecting them while enslaving them. This will play out over time as informed consent is essential to human rights and freedom. Lawfare needs to be understood and we must overcome. We must look back to see this more clearly. Lawfare uses title 42 to abuse the plenary power under the guise of health enabling international law to control international borders.

FEAR NOT because the powers that tried to do this are being exposed and the future of civilization is not international slavery. Resistance is building and the desperation of those who have put this in place are going to be exposed and all will be revealed eventually.

International law is designed for cooperation so the globalist goal of reset is failing and the international laws of sovereignty will prevail because countries have to compete and trade. The only way the great reset works is if the world becomes an international slave state.

Human rights will have to be thrown out and compliance and conformity elevated as top priority to achieve a globalist agenda. Obedience and compliance to international governance will be required and no longer voluntary or free but forced. International sovereignty will displace the sovereignty of nations with agenda 2030 and the WEF agenda.

We are moving into a Terms and Conditions world where the MARK OF THE BEAST is required for your participation. Paranoia strikes deep and into your heart it will creep if you are always afraid.

For example globalist health demands will make vaccines compulsory no longer a choice to participate in the globalist terms and conditions. However you can go to school without a vaccine or compliance if you are an illegal alien. You can’t participate in the economy unless you take the mark or comply with the NEW WORLD ORDER.

We Must Look To Heaven For The Answers

We must look to heaven for the answers. We are to work here on earth to change the things we can change. As in the serenity prayer that we pray we can change the things that need changing. We also must be wise enough to know there are things we cannot change so we call on the lord for the wisdom to know the difference.

We must pray for our deliverance from this age of apostasy and evil. David Praised God in his deliverance from Saul in 2 Samuel 22. We must do the same we must call upon the lord. He is worthy to be praised. This is one of my favorite hymns.

This is reflected also in Psalm 18. When you find yourself in a hole they say stop digging. It’s long past time for us to call upon the Lord each and every one of us. This is the only way to restore common sense, it has to be through a common God.

He will deliver us and we must have faith and hold fast. Holding fast or standing fast is found in many places in the bible admonishing that you not waver and not give in or depart from the truth. Do not let yourself become watered down or made lukewarm.

The Lord expects us not to sit on our hands and wait for his deliverance we must be his hands as we work with our friends and family and neighbors to overcome each and every day. One day at a time doing acting and accomplishing what we have been called to do. Freedom must be earned it is never given and it must be defended.

You must decide what you are willing to fight and die to protect not the least of which is your soul and your family and your neighbor.

FEAR NOT . Folks will not comply and give away basic human rights and folks will not comply and destroy themselves. Those that worship the climate change idol are willing to destroy their neighbors and the planet itself serve that idol. The paganism that is now claiming that abundance is a threat is itself the threat. Progressives claims to be for progress but are clearly standing against progress making this an evil enterprise.

FEAR NOT as these things are exposed to the light. We are to be lights to the world. We must be bold reflecting and shining light on these things that are leading to slavery and hurting people. Lies and corruption are being exposed and waking us from our decadent slumber. All will be revealed and people will unite against this international slavery plan.

Together people will overcome and pull together embracing and restoring common sense in a world gone insane. A simple way to think about today’s division can be described as polite racism. The modern racism excludes groups based on ideology. The old racism of skin color is now new and improved. CRT that excludes the black, brown or yellow people that don’t vote a certain way. How is exclusion and discrimination now considered inclusive?

The Irony and comedy of Dave Chappelle’s character that was a black white supremacist turned out to be a predictor of future racism definitions of inclusion where racism is now more diverse and made acceptable.

The strangest observation of late is that nearly 100% of the make up of NPR is Democrat. So in other words there are many democrats today that identify as journalists. In fact looking at the legacy media broadly it looks the entire media complex are democrats that identify as journalists promoting polite racism.

It’s very hip and acceptable to ascribe homophobia or transphobia to all that disagree. It matters not that this is just made up language used to brow beat opposition. The reality is that the culture today is Truthophobic and as a result most identify as Christophobic in their rejection of truth. It’s marvelous to watch those who reject Christ act as if they are more moral than others, haughty spirit and all.

~ Divide and Conquer ~
Is The #1 Tactic In A Beast System

Divide and conquer is the number 1 tactic in a beast system. Can there be any unity in a prideful beast system? Nope. The only unity that emerges is anti-Christ unity.

Anti-Christianity is the new post modern religion which is really just a return of ancient paganism. The return of the gnostics of old claiming it’s not a religion and that it's more moral than Christianity? AKA insanity, this is at the center of America's identity crisis

Turns out the bitter clingers Obama was talking about are really those clinging bitterly to an anti-Christ religion. This is easily described as the new Jim Crow 2.0 both were and are democrat just 150 years apart.

Those claiming they never discriminate support university segregation. You can take the racism out of the south but you can’t take the racism out of the democrat party. The inclusive ideology became a new cult comprised of all the things they claimed to be against.

The tolerant left is really completely intolerant and needs powers and principalities to enforce their "tolerance”. The stench of fascism and totalitarianism is all around us.

That smell, can't you smell that smell? You stuck a needle in your arm, your foolish!

For a time they even said if you didn’t get the shot you were an enemy of the world. This used to be called peer pressure and it was frowned on. But in the inclusion ideology your compliance and participation was demanded and mandated and forced.

If we were well informed we would have questioned authority and made better choices.


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