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Print | FEAR IS A LIAR : Part XXI
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2089 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XXI

Fear Not – The Sky Isn't Falling : Part B

“The question we must ask is are we changing theories to suit facts or are we changing facts to suit theories?”Ed McKervey

Let’s go through a number of inclusive deceitful things that the culture used to unite behind the piper. Many things that are used to call you to join his broad way. What is this spirit that claims to know what it cannot know and says we always have time to change?

The bureaucracy today AKA the deep state, formerly referred to as the establishment, simply does not serve the people and is now abusing the people. Strangely they are now trying to call the blob “democracy”. It’s not complicated but many have given up saying we are doomed and we cannot correct it. Many have accepted the lie that we should not be political becoming apathetic. Meanwhile the Media that claims it is against misinformation and disinformation is the biggest purveyor of both.

It’s a very interesting time when the corrupt media continues to tell everyone our “democracy” is at stake when they are clearly refereeing to the establishment or the deep state blob itself. The fearmongering that without government we cannot have good health was false. The FDA has now been forced to remove all of its Lies about Ivermectin for example. The CDC is now revealing they knew the solution they embraced and told everyone was safe was not safe.

These are the same folks that are denying that the economy is crashing while it’s hurting everyone. These are the same folks that claim that destroying America is morally superior to restoring America. America is a republic not a democracy and freedom is not slavery. These folks claiming they are not being political are the most political of all. This Haughty spirit is very destructive.

The Sky Is Not Falling ~ The Establishment Is Falling

When the politics of the establishment is used to foment fear and claim a moral high ground while it supports all immorality the radical posers are exposed. The left hated the establishment until they became the establishment. Now there is a huge realignment underway and they won’t report on it objectively. The sky is not falling the establishment is falling.

I guess the political correctness knew no bounds. Once the inclusion ideologies got traction it became a war on women (WOW). The progress of the last generation discarded for a lie of inclusion. Oppression of truth results in the embrace of lies for a political cause.

No the sky is not falling we just fell for the lies of inclusivity at the expense of truth and morality. Stupidity is a luxury. Inclusion of immorality is promotion of a hate crime against God.

Anyone telling you they are not interested in politics is a liar.
• Politics is simply an interest in the future.
• Politics is simply an interest in the rule of law.
• Politics is simply an interest in the economy.
• Politics is simply an interest in your healthcare system.
• Politics is simply an interest your job.
• Politics is simply an interest in your family or your church or your community.
• Politics is simply an interest in your freedom.
If you are not interested in politics it is certainly interested in you.

Humor ~ Thought Police

Over the past 30 years or so we lied to ourselves and accepted a false premise about politics being immoral. At the same time many embraced political correctness and became the most political generation of all acting as if they were above politics. This resulted in a blind trust of government and support of politics of the worst kind.

Political correctness is divisive and is always power seeking. The sky is not falling because the establishment is giving you freedom they are taking away your freedom. Because we accepted the false premise of blind trust of power we are being led in silence to slaughter by our own neutrality. Our pride has led us here and now we shall reap what we have sown marching straight into the den of the fox who said trust him he will help stop the sky from falling.

Those that can see behind the veil of autocracy are a threat to that autocracy. It’s not complicated its truth 101. Only a zealot that claims truth is relative or does not exist is threatened by simple truths. Why did we accept the false claim that man could control the weather or save the planet? Just because an acorn fell on your head it does not require us to destroy the economy and everyone’s future for the lie of climate change.

I have said in my writings that there is a healthy fear many times. We see the references in Proverbs 1:17 and Proverbs 9:10 about fearing God as the beginning of wisdom. Humility is a proper fear of the lord. We should never sow injustice less we reap calamity. We should always raise up a child in the way they should go for goodness sake.

One easy way to see the hate is to see who is not able to laugh or who we cannot criticize. People claiming to be something they are not are living a lie everyone knows that simple truth. We don’t need an intelligencia to keep us safe from words especially those dressed like clowns. Unless you of course you want to live in clown world. We need a safe space from the safe space crowd chanting death in unison.

Artificial Intelligence is not truth, it’s becoming a weapon of behaviorists seeking control.

The “intelligencia” gets hung up on words like “bloodbath” which actually has a definition of economic disaster. When that didn’t fit the media narrative they changed the definition on the internet. Thanks for the quick response google. Why did google discard their motto to do no evil? Why did they change the definition of vaccines in 2020? Why did they change the definition of Pandemic in 2012? Turns out the original definition is still best and so is your natural immunity. New and improved might be new and but longer improved.

No the Sky isn’t falling and the acorn that landed on your head was not the sky. The CO2 you breathe out is not causing the sky to fall. Electric Cars cause more pollution than regular cars. Electric cars are today’s blood diamonds and we are enslaving a generation of children to mine them. No matter how many Hens or Ducks go along with a lie it’s still a lie.

Why is the fed gov spending a trillion more borrowed dollars to triple down on stupid? Mandating EV’s will completely bankrupt the auto industry and severely damage the economy. In short it will be a bloodbath. The Sky will fall if we continue this stupidity. The Hertz CEO just resigned in March in disgrace after purchasing 100,000 EV’s and destroying his company. We have completely ignored safety, road impacts and pollution because an acorn fell on our heads.

No matter how many Hens or Ducks join in your fearful delusion it is not reality. The Fox’s will always welcome the compliant hens and ducks in their dens. The Fox’s will all volunteer to guard the henhouse and tell you everything will be OK. I’m OK, you’re OK, complacency is how we got here and the progressive Foxes are elated that you are so fearful that you will march to your own demise.

It’s amazing how those that use fear & hate as a weapon can’t see themselves. I loved Andrew Breitbart because he was authentic laying out the simple premise of real conversations. He began to expose fake education that lead to an age of activism through Cultural Marxism before his untimely death.

The Pharisees Where Triggered by Jesus Bringing Truth

Just as the Pharisees where triggered by Jesus bringing truth. In times of deception there is always an extreme and vehement reaction when the truth is brought boldly. Jesus offended the money changers. Jesus offended the Pharisees. Jesus offended the elites and the power hungry establishment of his day. Simply stated truth was an offense. Why do progressives hate truth so much?

Breitbart spoke truth to power. Some said twitter killed him because he was so engaged in the culture war that it led to a heart attack. What I loved most about Andrew was his ability to face everyone on these issues and engage the issues driving towards the truth.

He was magnanimous and for those that engaged in the conversation that were interested in truth he won them over. For those who were not interested in truth and were part of the zombie activist class they hated him and couldn’t even explain why.

He saw behind the curtain and began to expose the rotten and divisive progressive university culture. The culture was created by a university focused on the denial of truth and the promotion of division. The activist factions were created by the 1960’s radicals that took over our institutions in their self-described long march.

The reality of “Red Diaper Babies” is setting in. We are all now part of a colour revolution and it’s NOT change we can believe in. As we look back we begin to see the outright assault on truth itself that has fueled the colour revolution we are witnessing today.

When the media colludes to create political narratives and works against objective truth we realize we are not in Kansas anymore. Trust is eroded in a hyper politicized media. Fortunately the silver lining is that people are leaving the collective plantations for individual freedom. Colour revolutions always fail because they are not genuine they are political.

The progressives in our country always decried that they were speaking truth to power to get into power. Now that they are in power they don’t like it when outsiders speak truth to power. The hubris and haughty spirit takes hold and then the truth is censored so they can maintain power. When it can’t be censored it is spun but folks see the rigging now with the internet and the lies are now being exposed. We need to step off of this political merry go round embracing the sentiment of Ephesians 5.

The truth will set us free. We must hold fast to the truth as we gain understanding and courage to stand against all of this evil failed and wrong in our culture today.

We can clearly see in hindsight how effective and correct Breitbart was. I highly recommend all of his books he was a great figure in the culture war because he was fearless and strove for the truth. We cannot call him Jesus but he was speaking truth to power just as Jesus did and was willing to sacrifice for freedom.

He was a great family man and made great sacrifices for truth and the American way of life. He was fearless and that’s what it takes to lead. This in my opinion is why they hate Trump so much he is fearless.

In the words of Ben Franklin "We must all hang together
or surely we will all hang separately"

In the words of Ben Franklin we must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately. This is proverbial in the days of Jesus and in the days of the American Revolution.

E Pluribus Unum is an American ideal. Where we as individuals stand together in unity defending the American Dream for all. That is not collectivism. We become what we focus on, let’s get focused on the right things.

Carbon based life forms are part of the natural world not a threat. Oil is Organic not Poison. The use of Bee pollen to clean boat bilge is an awesome natural thing. Oil is used in everything and is organic. Oil is recycled most entirely now and recycled into new products. Petroleum is the energy source that makes the world thrive without chopping down forests for heat or to cook food. Talk about the ultimate renewable. It’s natural, renewable, and portable. Sign me up.

Fuel additives are the poison in the fuels that California adds to combat a fake boogeyman. This drives up cost and threatens the water supply. This biggest and real poison are recycled plastics and residue that are estrogenic from broken recycling process.

Are we becoming more effeminate because the plastic recycling process is actually not regulated? Is the output creating more problems than it solves introducing estrogenic compounds into our drinking water? This too can be solved and we need to solve it or stop recycling plastic if it’s poisoning our water.


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