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Print | FEAR IS A LIAR : Part VIII
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1916 : Fear Is A Liar : Part VIII

Fearfulness III – Purity Spirals

Immoral superiority masquerades as moral superiority. The purity spirals of the extremes are the result of fear of the group. Ironically created by the group. It’s like projection in action because what happiness is the fear of not being pure is used as a weapon. Weaponizing victimhood, DEI CRT or other group think theories only leads downward. These group think theories are all purity spirals and all built on sinking sand.

In the very popular song Mr. Crowley Ozzy Ozbourne asks a simple question “did you think you were pure?” This is definitely an offshoot of perfectionism in my view. Anything short of perfection or purity must be destroyed. The actors involved in the destruction are neither pure nor perfect and they destroy themselves in the process.

The Beginning Stages of a Revolution are Re-education Camps

These nightmarish purity spirals masquerade as moral superiority. In the French Revolution (French Civil War) the purity spiral ended in guillotines. The beginning stages of a revolution are re-education camps. Just look to Canada to the north as they persecute one of the greatest minds of our day. Reeducation camps are popping up all over to cow the free thinkers. They brand them initially to sound good as sensitivity training but people know what they are.

Imagine thinking you were so pure you thought it was a good idea to send people to reeducation camps to learn to conform to the group. Many “educators’ today are openly telling us that parents are not qualified to raise their own children because they are not pure enough. Somebody needs sensitivity training and it is likely those abusing their power.

The purity spiral is fueled by pride, arrogance and fear. The purity crusader rejects the humility of accepting they are not pure themselves while they accuse others of not being pure. The phrase in psychological projection and simply stated is “The devil is the accuser”.

The parallel that this is power seeking is also intrinsic and the idea that the purity spiral is upwards and not downwards is driven by pride. This is Why Jordan Peterson opined that before you try to go out and change the world maybe you should clean your room first.

The fear that accompanies this is the threat of the cancel culture. The hollow virtue signals that lay claims to virtue while they wield vice. This is a quasi-religious purity or perfection seeking ideology. This is seen clearly through the curriculums today focused on DEI, CRT & ESG and the like as these purity spirals seek only power not truth.

Conformity, agreement and compliance required. Freedom and free thought are rejected.

Because those wielding these purity weapons see themselves as saviors they project onto those that disagree as the impure or unclean with a haughty spirit. The fear of not being accepted in the purity spiral fuels the spiral and downward we go. Eventually it kills itself but not before real damage is done.

We All Reap What We Sow

Here is recent public "example" where Sunny Hostin who pretends to be pure finds out her family and her success is built on slave holding. She is a race hustler who makes a living calling people racist and weaving purity spirals. She openly responds without candor or humility that slavery is OK for some people as if it had no bearing on her purity or her integrity. The view is known for calling everyone that disagrees with their views racist AKA Cultural Marxism.

When the truth comes out and the purity spirals down it exposes the hubris and arrogance and then the pride underneath. These Purveyors of Marxism are not pure, never were, but for some reason the Marxist credentials prevent them from being cancelled.

Here’s "Another perspective" from a Black Conservative on the hypocrisy of Sunny and the collapse of the purity spiral. Watch as others in the group try to protect her reputation and maintain the purity despite its exposure as a fraud.

When obvious frauds are exposed and then not held accountable it adds to fearfulness because there are no consequences only more blame shifting in the Marxist ideology. The purity spiral creates a crisis anywhere things are not pure or perfect which is everywhere. Those that are not pure or perfect are demonized and made out to be enemies of purity. This leads to witch hunts and guillotines for all that are not pure. Everyone. A purity spiral can easily become a death spiral.

Satan is blushing. He loves division, destruction and deception.

The tragedy of a culture that rejects objective truth clinging to theories and behavioral engineering agenda’s is that the correction mechanism is discarded. The pride and arrogance of these purity spiral movements does not lead to truth but conflict and division because it can never self-correct. Truth is not the goal, revolution is the goal.

Truth Is Not The Goal ~ Revolution Is

The folks that embrace Marxism embrace social engineering not truth. This is a world view that does not work and is committing suicide with its pride and arrogance. It is driven by bias and prestige that becomes a tower of babel or a barrier to change while the tower is built.

Truth, Trust and Transparency are the cures for these purity spirals. We are less fearful if we are truthful and honest about things. We become less fearful when the issue is understood through transparency and honest conversation and debate. We must not be captured by nocturnal rapport that keeps things hidden or secret like a power agenda.

We can build trust when we work together to solve problems and recognize none of us are pure or perfect save for one that walked the earth 2024 years ago. Recognizing we are all imperfect and none pure is a good first step in the humility required for growth and maturity. We must recognize that folks claiming to pursue purity and perfection must be humble or the quest turns into a prideful rage that leads to destruction. Perfection must not become the enemy of the good.

Virtue signaling is not virtue. Fearmongering to gain power is not virtue. It is a sad state of affairs when man begins to fear man instead of God. It is a downward spiral that is the opposite of wisdom. Christianity seeks the purity of Jesus Christ. What purity are these folks seeking?

These spirals destroy themselves eventually because man will never be perfect. The fear that the purity spiral creates is akin to a fear that you might be exposed as a non-pure person acting as if you were. A poser that does not want to be honest or exposed can only hide for so long.

“Truth will out” is how Shakespeare phrased this biblical principle.

The logical conclusion is the purity spiral seeks perfection in man and will never find it. The spiral goes out of control because the false premise of finding perfection and purity in man can never be reconciled, and will always fail. It’s a chimera and the program the view is a great example.

I am old enough to remember when congress debated spending bills and people were not afraid of the debate. What happened to us? The brinksmanship that entered with Obama has only gotten worse. When moderate positions like following the constitution and protecting our borders are seen as extreme you know the media is broken and our ability to be objective is severely damaged. The power agenda fears truth.

The Power Agenda Fears Truth

Remember the truth will set you free and that only works if you are fearless. The opposite is also true lies will keep you in bondage and that only holds you if you are fearful. Fearfulness and cowardice are the most vicious of all the vices because they lead to all the others.

For humans the fear of death might actually be worse than actual death. This is why the good book teaches that you begin to live your life when you overcome the fear of death. Death loses its sting if you are a spiritual person.

Materialists don’t have a chance they will comply with whatever you tell them because their fear is like that of an animal. An uncontrollable fear that requires fight or flight will never overcome. Lockdowns created fear not safety and security. Fear of living your life was a great method of control and coercion. We are definitely not living in a free country anymore.

When the fear of being around other people was at its apex it destroyed all of the trust and the bonds people have in our society. Folks were paralyzed, anxious and questioning everything even their own ethics and morals. The #AloneTogether marketing hysteria complete with hash tags and death counts moved people towards slavery and tyranny like we had never witnessed before.

We went from the subtle nudge in the Obama era of telling of folks they would just need to take a pill instead of real treatment. A pill to mask the physical and emotional pain of old age and suffering from disease. Ironically for the materialist the emotional pain was written off because life is just material. Emotions are just chemical reactions right?

Tell any human being that their life has no meaning and it’s cheaper to just take a pill and see what kind of reaction you get. Eugenics preached in a press conference from the leader of the free world was breathtaking for me. How in the world did this godless jack boot thug get into power and deceive us into embracing eugenics in the 21st century?

Was it the fear of being called a racist that drove so may to vote for a charlatan? Was it the temptation of not being accepted in the group if you would not vote for the hope and change agenda? I saw through that charade before it began because I have read history.

People embracing the depopulation agenda never volunteer to be the ones depopulated.

People taking positions that go against Genesis and human nature of man and woman to be fruitful and multiply are not pure. Human nature does not change despite the Marxists in charge trying to change it.

I’m sure Cain in his anger thought it was OK to kill his own brother and it was not a depopulation agenda per se but it rhymes. People promoting unnatural things are going against nature itself. I’m sure the fact that offering God only vegetables had nothing to do with his insanity and hatred of the sacrifice of meat that his brother made. The purity spiral always collapses when it’s based on man’s definition of purity.

As a student of history and a critical thinker it’s easier to see the velvet lies canonized as virtue which is the worst kind of vice. Imagine the leader of the free world advocating eugenics as a social good and the state controlled media runs with it unchecked. Parroting government healthcare must be good because it came out of the mouth of their candidate.

The media was in on it all along. Why did we give our healthcare over to corporations and insurance companies? The despotism of every age is couched as the greater good.

The despotism of every age is couched as the greater good.

It never really is but the fear of missing out, the fear of not going along with the group, the fear of standing up for yourself, keeps you silent.

Remember Satan is a liar. Remember also that Fear is a liar.

Lies like this keep many silent.

Satan is only as strong as our silence.


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