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Fear Not – Informed Consent is Freedom Part A

To love truth for truth's sake is the principal part of human perfection in this world, and the seed-plot of all other virtues.” ― John Locke

The premise of this section will be about free will and choice. Freedom is the ability to choose. Informed decisions are made by free people and choice is consent. Don’t we all have the right to be informed in a free society?

In Colossians chapter 2 this foundation is laid very well. In the times of the establishment of the first century churches it was important to remind folks not to be captured by or deceived by man’s philosophy. It reminded me of that Ozzy song “Breaking All The Rules” as the rules are nothing without you. We should be focused on truth not rules. If we are following rules that take us away from truth those rules should be questioned and even rejected.

We Should Be "Focused On Truth" Not Rules

They were telling us just get the shot and we will let you have your freedom back. This in hindsight was a grand deception and a grand snare. This biggest I have ever witnessed in my life. Looking back its just plain evil what the technocrats and autocrats did working to ensnare the whole world in a lie. A deception and coercion that depended on the snare of debt for so many to go along. A snare of pride where we saw so many celebrate being in the snare and then watched in horror as many died suddenly or were injured by the cure.

FEAR NOT when the-powers-that-be begin forcing it exposes the power as weak and ineffective. France forcing vaccines now is showing the world the globalists are losing control of the power structures they once hid behind. Now folks are seeing behind the curtain. Regimes that lose power always begin the overreach to try to hang in to it. The brutal reaction to losing the people’s consent throughout history by governments is very well documented.

The most brutal indictment is the destruction of the first amendment. We are being abused at levels we have never seen before. Journalism is supposed to be a protection for informed consent. Journalism is on the ropes and journalists are being pressured to report only the politically correct narrative.

We no longer have a free press when the government is no longer protecting whistleblowers. The people are no longer informed by a free press and the-powers-that-be have lost our consent.

The public is no longer being informed and consent severely damaged by the now lack of protections and complete disregard for objective truth. Trust in the press was lost completely in the pandemic and all of its government censorship and blatant attacks on the free press that is supposed to be protected by our government.

When the government shifted to jawboning tactics and threats against the free press we know the government has grown too big at best and tyrannical at worst.

Despite the resistance to manufactured consent through DEI initiatives and media propaganda we have succumbed to a consent through silence and compliance. Somehow the-powers-that-be have decided that consent and freedom are longer important. Our willful blindness is understandable as we don’t want to believe it.

Nobody wants to believe that you can’t trust your doctor or that your own government is no longer interested in your health or protection. After a generation of plenty and prosperity beyond everyone’s wildest dreams we have been lulled to sleep. We have given into the temptations of this age and began to blindly trust everything.

We have become like the fig tree that produces nothing and will be cut down.

Many have given in to bullying from people and factions through marketing false consent and demonizing reluctant consent which is really a snare. The emotional appeal that if you don’t comply you will kill grandma was a hateful lie and a serpent’s snare. Mandatory testing became a big part of the capture and helped to promote the fear and propaganda for globalist causes not for your safety. The over reach ensnared many and the collateral damage is still being felt today.

"Mandatory Testing" Became a Big Part of The Capture
And Helped to Promote The Fear and Propaganda

Even worse the government and corporations made employment or education participation mandatory coercing consent. Required PPE was coerced. A mandate or a form of slavery that demands your consent. The culture was captured by fear and the consent was manufactured for power and money and control. This went beyond health and became in hindsight the most egregious abuse of power in world history to date.

Everyone watched in horror as bank accounts were seized. It was hard to watch Australia physically beat their own people into submission for their own safety. Shock and Awe. Stormtroopers in real life beat down people in the public square and many are now detained. Political Prisoners? Free people are still in disbelief watching how just following orders is being carried out all over the world even in western countries.

Consent of the governed disappeared worldwide overnight.

Another Manufactured Consent is now coming to light in hindsight through the voting Booth. Mail in Ballots were introduced and mandated bypassing all of the safeguards. The deception that mail in ballots were put in place to improve voter access actually made it easy for factions to take advantage of the system. Ironically the era of safety removed all the protections of our votes which disenfranchised many. Welcome to Jim Crow 2.0.

A little History here might be good to know. France banned mail in voting in 1975 due to fraud. Mexico banned mail in voting in 1992 due to fraud. Belgium banned mail in voting in 2018 due to fraud. Ukraine does not permit mail in voting nor does Russia, Japan or Italy. In fact no Latin Country permits mail in voting. So why did America Fast track mail in voting in the lead up to the 2020 election? Remember also that America is maybe the only country that does not require Identification to vote. Go Figure?

Remember fear is a reaction in the problem reaction solution progressive dialectic. Courage is a choice. Danger is very real but fear is used to provoke a reaction. If you fear God you have chosen the fear of humility. If you have chosen Christ your reaction to fear is courage.

Fear is used to snare, entrap and capture. Fear is used to create strongholds.

The law is an edifice that can be considered a stronghold. If the law is aligned with Scripture it is a good stronghold. If it is not it becomes an evil stronghold. Romans 13 makes plain that strongholds must be aligned with scripture or you will lose your conscience. This is a warning about obedience to unscriptural immoral and unethical laws.

The "CONSTITUTION" Was Written to Constrain Government and to Protect Individuals

The constitution was written to constrain government and protect individuals. The lawfare today has flipped this on its head. The law itself is now being used to take away your individual rights and create privileges for some over others. Those claiming privilege is a problem are creating privileged factions which damages our equal justice system.

Equity is killing equality through extreme egalitarianism.

These strongholds must be challenged. Big or small they lead to paths of the broad way and destruction. Paths where evil is elevated and good is punished. These are unconstitutional strongholds. These are immoral and unethical power structures that go against natural law.

It is very important to recognize and engage these strongholds when they are used for evil against the good. Paul writes to the Corinthians about this and how the Christian is to engage the strongholds of the day. How to tear down the high places of debauchery and evil strongholds.

The weapons of war are Truth & Love. See Second Corinthians 10 verse 4.

One of the founding fathers of progressivism was Woodrow Wilson. Wilson laid the foundations for progressive strongholds in America. The worst in my view was what he did to Law school. Wilson Changed Law school to Case law Away from Constitutional Law and then laid the foundation of the destruction of America through precedent. Strongholds we are fighting today as we work to restore the individual as King.

ALSO WATCH : Woodrow Wilson: World War I and the League of Nations

Knowing the strongholds is very important so you understand what they are and how to pull them down. Progressivism is fundamentally anti-Christ and anti-American.

This is a choice of the straight gate and the narrow path to life. If you have not chosen humility followed by repentance you have chosen the fear of man and you will be subject to death and destruction though endless pride and hollow vanity.

FEAR NOT if you have made the right choice. Humility and fear of the lord lead to riches, honor and life as we read in proverbs twenty two verse four. The riches here are much greater than material things.

The snare of group think and agreement knows no bounds. In France the end of their civil war was a bloody enter of town in the after math of guillotines for those who disagreed. Next time you visit France you will visit this center of town as the Eiffel Tower overlooks that once bloody rage that was the culmination of the “French Revolution” where blood ran in the streets.

Who wants to be included in that?


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