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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2250 : Fear Is A Liar : Part X

Fearfulness V - Fearmongering

Churches were closed while bars and strip clubs were open. Schools were closed but big retailers were open. Some states were closed while others were open.

We exchanged early treatment priorities that were patient centered to go home and fend for yourself so the hospital was not overwhelmed.

The strangest part of that policy was that the hospitals were not overflowing yet we turned folks away so we could follow a protocol and deny good people early treatment.

The Fear Of The Thing Was Clearly Worse Than The Thing

What is now becoming clearer as the fear subsides is that the very idea that some were better than others classified as essential and non-essential were just arbitrary divisions created to divide us. What is now becoming clearer is how money and property flowed from private to public (government) and from individuals to corporations. The biggest swindle in human history all made possible by fearmongering.

As many as eight million private properties were transferred to the hands of hedge funds in this period. Early stats showed that among private business and churches nearly half of those businesses and properties shut their doors and have remained shut ever since. Why were only the little guys impacted if we cared so much? Why were the little guy’s told they were non-essential? The little guys were targeted and closed at the highest rates and never received ARPA funds or bailouts?

Looks like a plan to destroy the Churches and small business to me. Follow the Money. It broke my heart when I began to realize the fearmongering caused so much pain and misery on those that needed the most protections. It was amazing to see big government and big business bully their competition into submission using fear as a weapon.

Even worse those brave enough to stand up and say were not afraid were punished for not being sufficiently afraid. Even if this meant they would lose their life savings and they were unable to get basic medical treatment for illness that resulted in death. Fearmongering cowed people into compliance and led to disastrous outcomes for many innocent people and traumatized a generation of children.

Many are now arguing that fearmongering was for survival. These are the same folks coincidentally that think it’s OK if some have to die so others can live. This sounds OK in a rotten culture but I’m certain it was not OK for the folks that actually died. Nor was it OK for the families impacted by this callous abuse of others in the name of science and health. Fearful is a synonym for cowardly, dastardly, gutless, craven weak and scared. Not a social good by definition.

Overcoming Fear Is A Social Good And That Takes Courage

Overcoming fear is a social good and that takes courage. It is important to have a healthy fear but in hindsight this manifested itself as an unhealthy fear which has destroyed the private economy and the trust in our healthcare system along with it. Emergency funds were drained and bailouts went to many that did not need them and the money needed to keep churches and small business a float never came and the losses are still accumulating.

Sowing the seeds of division. The Marxist training and media conditioning of the last two generations has created a tribalism and destruction of individual identity. Wielding fear solidifies the division and tribalism and tries to normalize it. Whether this was on purpose and well intentioned makes no difference it leads to the same darkness.

We see the abuse of the law in NY against its own citizens and now against a political enemy trying to bankrupt and smear a good man. This lawfare is manufacturing all kinds of new irrational fears through division and deceit. So called migrants beating up police displacing citizens while handing out millions in gift cards adding new economic fears. Excessive fines for victimless crimes against a political enemies clearly violate the 8th amendment. A government that punishes the good and lifts up the wicked manufactures and then multiplies fears. Justice is raped.

Our view of Christianity has become an idol to a fake Jesus that is below the culture and no longer above it. Real Virtue had been traded for fake virtue. We traded biblical correctness for political correctness. What was taught in school through DEI and the anti-Truth movements was the catalyst. We are no longer seeking truth and justice as a result. We have lost our morals and ethics that used to unify American’s. He doesn’t just get us, he saves us.

We are more divided than ever before as a result of embracing the fake over the real. We are steeped in a Marxist group think paradigm where corporations are profiting from our misery at levels heretofore not seen. Universities are now just like all the other corporations which has lead us to this poly crisis. Why are we teaching the religion of climate change in our schools and call earth worship a social good rebranded as climate change? Yes, he gets us, and he is weeping at our idolatry.

At least 3 generations of Christians are preaching disengagement from politics which is leading to a godless society. God calls Christian’s to occupy all of the power structures until his return. Are we not to raise everyone up in Christ in all the earth?

Our Churches Are Broken And Have Been Transformed Into Clubs

Our churches are broken and have been transformed into clubs as they embraced a culture of heathens abdicating their responsibility. We are reaping what we have sown. Now the left in our country are denigrating MLK and the civil rights movement ushered in by the churches not so long ago. As much as we need to win the heathen to Christianity more and more increasingly we need to win the Christians to Christianity.G.K Chesterton

Modern education abandoned the belief in the sanctity of life and our creation in the image of God. Modern education embraced the theory of evolution and taught it as fact. Modern education has abandoned the belief in objective truth, ethics and morality. This has led us directly to the current identity crisis and this is the poly crisis foundation. This is an anti-biblical world view. This is a pro-politics world view. The current generation has abandoned the rule of law embracing moral relativism. Diversity is a virtue in the mind of the terminally mediocre.” - Stanley Hauerwas

If you take the spirit out, the materialist profit motive takes over. This materialist culture has embraced avarice and the spirit of fear. In the Christian ethic the Good Lord never embodies a spirit of fear. This culture speaks for itself in that it has fully embraced the spirit of fear and calls it the new normal. Virtue signaling is not virtue. Fear has conquered love in this culture and the unity of the spirit is waning. American patriotism is waning in this fearful generation as media fearmongering against American patriots.

Even something like the practice of yoga is a spiritual practice. Yoga is an offshoot of Hinduism and paganism ( earth worship) . This is accepted and embraced as new age spiritualism and while its spiritual what spirt is it? Why is this accepted so readily while Christianity is rejected so mightily? Chakra’s and idols are occultist and derived from eastern religions and pagan in nature.

The Culture War Today Is Steeped Politics & Paganism

The culture war today is steeped politics and paganism. In other words the degraded culture is reflected in congress now and the source of the fearmongering increases the farther from our Christian roots we drift. The folks that claim to be above the culture but don’t engage culture are accomplices in this destructive trend into darkness.

However we must remain hopeful as we may be on the verge of the up cycle where unity of the spirit of 1776 is rising and kicking the dust off its feet and moving us back to the world that works. We may be on the cusp of unifying again and trading the failed division and oppression for courage and truth. Are we about to repent and restore the moral and ethical fabric of America rejecting the Marxist theories foisted on the world?

As we remove the scales from our eyes we see the destructive outcomes and demonic ends that fearmongering produced. The American identity is being restored day by day with the internet and free speech. Tucker recently got 180 million views on the Putin interview while Leftwing media like CNN and MSNBC only get 1 million. Is the reaction to all this madness gaining strength? I think so. I see individuals on the internet with more followers than CNN. New Media is rising and with it Truth.

I think patriotism is rising in America that is why they are importing so many in an effort to take our place. The culture is starting to remember that which is most important. The American Identity is being restored in reaction to all of this godless overreach from our institutions. We need to get back to local decentralized control of things so we can take our freedom back from the central planners. Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom are our American Founding Ideals.

It is considered humane to slaughter animals if they do it the right way. Is it Kosher? Well as long as they die suddenly and without warning it’s more humane according to culture. Kinda sounds like something that is going on right now with humans but I can’t put my finger on it. Why is there is such a sharp increase in all-cause mortality around the world in all age groups?

One very important aspect of fear and anxiety that remains unique to America is our ability of self-control and self-reliance. Arguably this is less today than in the past due to the embrace of Marxist materialism but it still exists. Not so much in the city but in the country the American spirit is rising and even in our cities the resistance to this tyranny and rejection of Fear is increasing. Just following orders is cowardice.

Just Following Orders Is Cowardice

Contrast the inability to control your own life or destiny in a pandemic. The fear lead to less freedom in the name of “heath and safety.” The fear damaged the individual coping mechanisms that are present in a free society. We are seeing first hand how tyrant’s use fear & take away freedom to further their agenda.

The second amendment is not as soothing as a pharmaceutical drug but very effective as a show of force against tyrants. No wonder the tyrants want to disarm you. Tyrants love the idea of creating a fearful helpless constituency because it adds to their power and control. One big happy slaughterhouse is always the domain of a tyrant. Never mind they said it was all for the greater good and for your health and safety. What they really mean is its all for their greater power and their health and safety. The psychological projection is astonishing.

When I read Freud and Jung the stark contrast between the two great psychologists was the falling out they had over all things sexual. Freud was obsessed with sex and saw sex in everything. Kinda sounds like todays culture? We obviously spent far too much time teaching Freud while ignoring the other very important aspects of psychology. This points directly back to Marxists in the Schools once again. Promoting materialism over spiritualism rejecting the real world ethics and morality of which sex is the center.

Remember the old analogy. Sex is like fire in a fireplace. When you put fire in a fireplace it is controlled and serves a great and natural purpose. Its warms the house it provides a way for the family to cook their dinner and its serves as a center for the home. If you take the fire out of the fire place and put it anywhere else it is very destructive. In fact if the fire is in any other room of the house it threatens to burn the whole house down.

Freud did have a very good take away about the fear of guns in his writings that I found very interesting. He said that the irrational fear of guns was actually a sexual problem of immaturity. In that we can agree as an irrational fear of things is always about immaturity. We must not forget this idea of maturity and its relation to fear.

Not just fear of the real danger of weapons but the irrational fear of what might happen can be even more powerful than reality. As they say perception is reality and the fearmongering today in the media is exactly as Freud described and irrational fear. Fearmongering about anything is used for manipulation and control. No matter how you slice it.

REMEMBER ~ Fire Is The Devils Only Friend

Freud made plain in his practice that sex was central to the psyche and then went on to promote it all over the house. You might say Freud was an arsonist. Remember fire is the devils only friend. It makes sense to me now more than ever that we need to focus more on Jung than this singular focus on Freud.

Jung had the moral courage to break with Freud on this issue and that is likely why the powers that be today don’t like him. Jung would not let his work be watered down by a sex crazed maniac.

It seems Jung had some principles and ethics because he wanted to keep the fire in the fire place.


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