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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1730 : Fear Is A Liar : Part IV

TRANSPARENCY II – MISTAKES WERE NOT MADE Citizens demanded the Pharma docs be released and now they are with transparency we have freedom. With transparency we can decide what the real fear is and overcome that fear. The truth will set you free they say, and they also say it will make you miserable first. That is the price of freedom but it is a fearless endeavor.

When you fear God more than gov't you will become fearless.

The most healthy fear of all is fear of the lord. Fear of the lord keeps us grounded in what matters most. Scripturally it’s very plain to see that the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom implies survival and future so let’s all seek wisdom through fear of the lord. Proverbs 1.

There are always things that will be outside of our control and the rest we take on faith. We are called to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Fear of the lord is the path of common sense humility and wisdom. Fear of a virus, a government, a policy or any other intangible is irrational and turns into a phobia or paranoia.

People who seldom stop and think may be much more inclined to fear man accepting the group think. If you fear man accepting his propaganda or fearmongering as truth is not wise. If your friends told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Lets call these folks the normies. The normies that want everyone to just go along and get along are hiding in the group. The group is a giant school of fish knowing full well the entire school will be eaten.

The normies have a blind trust in man/group instead of a healthy trust in God.

The most fearful just hide in the middle and the whole school of fish is completely controlled by the predator eating them one by one. For the fish that’s the most fearful he still gets eaten he just gets eaten last. The moral to the story is that the predator or the activist or the fear monger controls the group or in this case the school of fish. Dory was a normie. Nemo is a hero because he was independent.

Technology used the response to this fear real time to see how many were captured. Technology was then employed to continue to control and work to herd us in the direction they chose. Do you still think turning off your location actually turns off your location?

Once we realize that much of what was being reported as truth was contrived spin or half-truth ... we began to wake up

Once we realize that much of what was being reported as truth was contrived spin or half-truth we began to wake up. The beginning of the end of the fear campaign happened when we started to get some transparency. This was really hard at first because the normies became fear foot soldiers parroting the crisis and the fear.

For example It started out as 2 weeks to slow the spread but they milked it for 2 years because they saw how scared everyone was through their compliance. Most were complying reluctantly at that point and should not have given the benefit of the doubt to these tyrants who were manipulating us all along.

The reluctant compliance became a way of life when it lasted 2 years and even captured many that were skeptical from the start. Anyone who did not comply was branded an unfeeling, uncaring terrorist. The normies were afraid of that too. The elder abuse was rampant as a result. Lord help us for what we have done in the name of science and compassion.

Here is a great substack where they list 15 things the media called conspiracy theories that have now turned out to be conspiracy facts. This may upset you if you are not awake yet but this is transparency in action. The corporate media and the normies don’t want transparency. Go Figure.

Our compliance with the fear narrative may have actually made things worse. They told us if we complied they would end the tyranny. THEY LIED AND PEOPLE DIED. Our compliance with a lie increased the tyranny and lead to more lies and more tyranny. The lack of transparency and lack of courage to challenge the false narratives actually prolonged the feardemic.

Eventually the feardemic collapsed along with many friends and family we know from exhaustion and malpractice. The new normal was our compliance with tyranny not the freedom they promised.

The people have the final say and we are waking up. We are becoming more fearless as we wake up and see what is really going on. When I looked around this fall I saw life liberty and the pursuit of happiness begin to return to my city. We just experienced a period of FASCISM in America and they marketed this evil as Safety and Security. NEVER AGAIN I SAY.

The next big distraction we are facing is this Epstein island narrative. While it’s very troubling and cannot be ignored we have to be on guard as the next narrative emerges. The establishment is finally willing to admit that Epstein was no longer a conspiracy and now a fact. It must be much worse than we think. The establishment now has to give up some of their honey pot brothels in DC and Boston to telegraph some accountability. So far arrests made by the FBI equals ZERO. Something is rotten in Denmark.

Something Is Rotten In Denmark

Why is nobody asking what happened to the children that were trafficked? The strangest thing about all of this is that we are not talking about the perpetrators or the victims. Have we completely lost our humanity? Remember when the left used to claim they were doing everything for the children? Forget Epstein Island we are living in Epstein’s America.

They are only taking out the competition and installing a bigger wider network of child abuse and extortion mills. This looks more like Caligula’s Rome than America. Lord help us this looks more like Revelation than anything else. Everything will be revealed eventually but they are working hard to keep these secrets.

Reality is that we are abusing our own children allowing the government schools to sexualize them at a young age. Reality is we are ignoring the victims of Epstein and even protecting the perps. More salient though is the complete lack of candor on the government human trafficking of “immigrant” children. We are abusing families under the guise of protecting families. Our government is now in bed with cartels and trafficking of everything from drugs to children using our tax dollars.

Yes we need transparency and the establishment has been holding onto this information for far too long to try and control the narrative. Lack of transparency protects criminals in our own government.

I thought we had separation of powers? What happened to nobody is above the law? Why are only certain folks being prosecuted and others left out in the cold? Why are those claiming to be the most moral ignoring, profiting from and encouraging human trafficking on a scale never before seen in history?

The thing most are not paying attention to is that our own government is working directly with the drug cartels to create a whole new series of brothels across the US using our own money and calling it immigration. Money is being funneled into NGO’s to do the dirty work in setting up Epstein’s America. We care more about animals than people we have lost our minds and our humanity in our cowardice and avarice.

What bothers me most is that the churches are helping the human traffickers and profiting from this

What bothers me most is that the churches are helping the human traffickers and profiting from this. These so called faith based organizations are now worshipping the golden calf again and have become that which they claimed to be against in a grand hypocrisy. Reminds me of the history of California and the abuse of the Indians in what was a Spanish territory. However according to Marxist equity the temple of Satan is now a legitimate religion according to the IRS.

The Marxist university rails against colonialism and abuse of indigenous peoples while they concoct the next abuse. Current Americans by definition are “Native Americans” and we are being colonized by corrupt government institutions and corrupt religious institutions. The more things change the more things stay the same.

This looks like the next chapter in the controlled suicide or demolition of our country.

We used to call this third world. The reference to dictatorships and democracies was always derisive. We always claimed we were better but now in the interest of “equity” we can all be poor and miserable together. We will all be equally poor and morally bankrupt as we turn our own country into the third world. All we have to do is continue to support woke ideology and the artificial intelligence death spiral. We are all sellouts now, did you get yours?

Imaging the pseudo aristocracy that is today’s university tells us religion is bad and colonialization is bad while they do the same thing to people today. Just as history was written to claim past abuse of people for power was bad while they do it again. Abuse is happening again right before our eyes and we are complicit in our silence and our compliance. Ironically this is all being done by the very people that tried to tell us it was immoral and bad. Silence is Consent !!!


Why are we working to bail out the universities that no longer have any value through debt forgiveness? Why are we replacing native Americans with new colonies? Why are we allowing those in power to use our money to destroy our own country? Looks to me like this is just the next chapter in the pursuit or maintenance of establishment power. The truth is we are not sitting still for this and the resistance to these lies is building.

There are whistleblowers in our government and information coming out now exposing this as a giant political operation to keep power. We must demand transparency across the board and focus on new leadership not a new normal. We must reject moral relativism embrace objectivity and humility so we can learn from the past.

Without transparency there can be no consequences and no real change. Without consequences this formula will be repeated again and again until there is no freedom or humanity left.


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