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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 5
Unalienable Rights© - Sep 13, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1880 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 5

Indictment I. The most egregious manifestation of this great transformation of our culture is the use of the propaganda media to promote safety over freedom. Bush number two, aptly described, had already set the stage before Obama to get us all focused on security over freedom in the war on terror.

We find ourselves in a time where safety and security championed by the uniparty and a corrupt media became more important than the constitution and the rule of law. American Jurisprudence is very simple in that all things that are unconstitutional are unlawful as clearly stated in article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution. Abuse of power is leading us into a constitutional crisis and this is not progress.

There are no intelligence agencies in the constitution. There is no reference to a king in the constitution. We The People are the first and last check on power in an out of control government. We need to be informed and engaged if we are to restore sanity and rule of law in our land reclaiming our American Identity. REAL progress is a return to our founding principles.

It was years in the making as the media conditioned us to expect a worldwide health crisis. The stage was set for the worldwide pandemic and folks had become so complacent that they violated the axiom that Ben Franklyn laid out in when he said “Those willing to trade their freedom for safety and security deserve neither, and will lose both”.

Many folks are starting to think that the pandemic might be better described as a “plandemic”. It is now becoming common knowledge that there was a worldwide practice exercise called event 201 that happened in late 2019. Still others are making the case that the amount of material needed to inoculate the entire population of the earth would have taken years in production to deploy.

As we all reel from the erosion of trust from most of our institutions and agencies it’s easy to speculate. But when so much is going wrong everywhere at the same time we recognize we are on the wrong track. The wrong track might be a great understatement. When we hope in the lord we find restraint in times like these. The meekness that is the American Identity will prevail.

Let not your heart be troubled as he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. When you lose the trust of the people you lose the consent of the governed. Folks will not comply if the trust is not restored and for good reason. Many have been hurt over the past few years at levels we have never seen in human history and we would be wise to stop and think and PRAY.

The changes we could believe in were mesmerizing propaganda manifested in the worldwide pandemic crisis. The stage for one world government was set in motion by a mindless godless progress agenda. The complacency and ignorance of indoctrinated American’s who began worshiping the earth are all marching in lock step to the grinder. This has slowed and we are waking up to the tyranny.

Instead of humility and worshipping God, the progressive began worshipping the baalim idols of Science, Earth, Fire and Water. NEO PAGANISM. Putting safety and security above freedom became the rite of sacrifice. We became so full of ourselves we rejected God and Truth. We stopped teaching history and foundations of western civilization where paganism was ​pushed into the wilderness by Jesus resurrected. Now Jesus is being pushed into the wilderness by a progressive anti-Christ revolution.

The new gods of the west were simply the return of the old pagan gods. Instead of worshipping the one true God of monotheism we have regressed to our Slavic past and claimed it was good. Hook line and sinker. The economies of the world destroyed and the continued bailouts through ARPA funds continue the progressive transformation. However the inertia is gone and an opposite reaction is happening.

We are seeing signs of another great awakening. Gird your loins they say and study up we have work to do and have to have the resolve of our forefathers who have overcome in the past. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.

If you worked for the government your job was essential and you got bonuses and steady paychecks for supporting the leviathan. Non-essential meant bankruptcy for many and hardship for the rest. For the progressive left non- essential plays very well in the depopulation agenda and we see death and destruction all around.

Mass compliance with tyranny was marketed as a social good while we closed the churches around the world for the first time in history all at the same time as they were non-essential. Small business was non essential. Rule of law was non essential as California embraced lawlessness.

The Political Charges Against America seem to be:

(1) The Declaration of Independence does not contain the moral foundation of the Constitution as detailed in the Federalist Papers.

(2) America was NOT founded on Godly principles of individual liberty because it’s not explicitly written in the Constitution.

(3) America is a democracy not a decentralized Republic designed with checks and balances to prevent mob rule and central planning tyranny.

(4) America is an unjust colonialist or imperialist empire.

(5) American People are NOT the Government (We the People).

(6) Collective group rights trump Individual God Given Rights.

(7) Legal Precedent is law not the constitution (Supremacy clause. ARTICLE 6 CLAUSE 2).

(8) The Supreme Judge of the world does not exist therefore man decides what is good right and just.

(9) Americas history is stealing land and resources to be raped and plundered.

(10) America is a Racist country founded by slave owners and thieves and deists.

(11) American Patriots are Terrorists and white Supremacists. Petitioning government questioning authority not allowed.

The surveillance state is being used to keep the enemies of the establishment pinned down. The surveillance will be used to bring charges like the movie minority report. The surveillance state will be used to collect evidence against all who dissent. The surveillance is all paid for by the American people being surveilled. The best surveillance in the world is being used against its own people. Civil Rights no longer matter to the surveillance state.

The lies and deceptions of the activists tearing down our government from the inside will not stop on their own. We have to be a check on power as that is the first separation of power as laid out in our Constitutional Republic. We The People is the first separation and first check and balance.

The twitter files uncovered a huge network of government officials who were coercing controlling and censoring internet content. What may not be widely known yet is how deeply imbedded the government was in this technocratic endeavor.

The political narratives could no longer be controlled by the legacy media so they had to expand their tentacles into the social media networks.

Thwarting the misinformation and disinformation programs that were being developed by the government may in hindsight be a great victory against the surveillance state. Fact Checkers be damned. Who would have thought that one of the best innovations Elon Musk has ever achieved was to expose the bots and the fake accounts on twitter that were being manipulated and weaponized by the progressive media complex.

Free speech and the first amendment are under attack. The current power structure is undermining freedom and rule of law and the ends don’t justify the means. Folks that cannot win a debate in the marketplace of ideas always resort to censorship. Deception is warfare and this is an information war that is now being won by the people using independent media.

Google used to be the best search engine in the world but we see know in hindsight why they changed their motto. Their motto used to be “Don’t be Evil” until about 2015 they changed it just in time for an election cycle. They changed their search engine from find anything and be transparent to only show you what you need to see and they decided what was worth seeing.

Google tried to change the motto to “Do the right thing” but we see that what they actually did was the wrong thing. The extreme censorship by google was exposed by Zack Vorhie’s after the Vegas incident and subsequent cover up. Censorship is not progress and it’s not the right thing.

Reflections of this cover up strategy are being deployed again in Maui. Google and the progressive media complex think you can’t handle the truth. Google was honest enough to change their motto but they now do the bidding of the deep state narrowing what you see in their search engine. Even worse they point people to things that earn them ad revenue. Greed is evil so they had to change their motto.

The letter of law is not independent of the spirit of the law and we serve a living transcendent sovereign God. We are not serfs and we must restore our true identity both in our country and with our lord and savior if we are to overcome as we are called. Truth, Trust and Transparency are required in a free society. That is the spirit of America and its being destroyed by the regressives.

America is on trial and the indictments are piling up. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance State. Reminds me of that Al Pacino movie Dog Day Afternoon. Where the defendant claimed the whole system was out of order.

It is true that when you pile so much fear on people and destroy public trust that anxiety and chaos ensue. The American pie was stolen from the window sill by people in love with money and power.

As is clearly stated in Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun. America has gone through trials in its short history. Clearly there are cycles of sin and salvation throughout any honest reading of history for every country and every people. Progressives claiming life is meaningless is not new and they are kicking against the goads.

The remedy can be found in the final 2 verses of Ecclesiastes

The Marxist claim that we are on some Hegelian march towards perfection is just a rejection of God akin to building the tower of babel. Build Back Better simply implies destroy everything first. Are we not seeing that play out?

Only the “elite” can deny the pain of this economy and the obvious destruction despite the lying captured corporate media. The fact that the goal of Marxism is to demoralize a society and foment revolution has never been clearer. Marxism is a revolutionary faith.

The Marxists are now out in the open and we see clearly that woke is immoral, unethical and part and parcel to a globalist agenda. The Woke culture is being used to soften up America in support the World Enslavement Forum (WEF) agenda.


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