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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 19
Unalienable Rights© - Dec 20, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2324 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 19

Closing Arguments:

Liberty is a choice and when there is no choice it is tyranny. The principle is simple we operate by the consent of the governed as they did in the good book. When people in power abuse that privilege they lose our consent.

We must stop going along with this insanity to protect the innocent from harm when the opposite outcome occurs. Our innocent children are now being bullied abused and experimented on by the system in the name of protecting them. This is not kind. This is not tolerant. This is not love.

This is a form of terror because it has the force of authority. When consent is removed it is force. There can be no forced freedom. That used to be called Rape. The propagandist’s ae trying hard to convince us it’s about safety and security and not rape and murder. This is slow suicide hidden in plain sight.

There can be no forced freedom

The entire cultural morass created by this anti-bullying ideology is the greatest swindle I have ever seen. We are trading child innocence, and our souls, for a lie. We must look to each individual as important as is the law of the land and the law of the prophets.

We must stop destroying ourselves, our children, and our future to support or promote a political ideology. We need to say no to rape and murder and not consent to evil this in any way shape or form. Political Correctness is a lie that supports the establishment. It must be derided and rejected as it was in my child hood if we are to maintain our freedom.

The most important thing that I would hope that you glean from my writings is that WE THE PEOPLE are the government. The Declaration of Independence is the quintessential founding document of our country. The Declaration grounds us in the Christian Ethic and Morality. The individual is King as a citizen in our great republic.


There are two very well documented Great Awakenings in America. The first great Awakening was in the early to mid 1700’s. The founding fathers of America grew up in a great awakening period in our history that led to the Declaration of Independence. Even a cursory look at that first great awakening period will cause you to dig deeper into the real history of our country.

The second great awakening period in America was in the 1800’s and sparked the abolitionist movements in our country to do away with the scourge of slavery. Without these great awakenings which are seldom if ever taught in school America would not exist. Both the creation of our country through the Declaration of Independence but also to the abolition of slavery working to fulfill the promises of that Declaration for of all the people of our great nation.

The work is not done. The framework of the founding of our country remains strong and unfulfilled. The intentions to enshrine the God given rights among men in a framework has always been a noble unfinished endeavor. A framework that is designed of, for and by the people centered around the individual. That is what the good book is all about. There is no such thing as collective salvation. There is only individual salvation.

The individual is the center of our constitution mirroring the maxim
for liberty, freedom and salvation.

The individual is the center of our constitution mirroring the maxim for liberty, freedom and salvation. POTENTIAL TO BE REALIZED. The ultimate in civil rights are still found in the moral and ethical Declaration of Independence which is the cornerstone of our republic. This is why MLK jr. Couched the modern civil rights movement in that very Declaration signed in 1776.

How do we ever expect to realize the potential of America if we don’t teach REAL history of our country? How do we ever expect to realize the potential of that Declaration and its self-evident truths if we have not read the bible? How do we expect to realize the potential of the things we no longer study and mostly ignore? What will the legacy of this generation be given they work so hard to HIDE these things from our children?

Do you think America will be better off if its people are not taught to view our country in an objective way? Without understanding how will they learn to choose freedom and to achieve that potential? This generation is so arrogant it sits in the saddle and it has not even caught the horse yet.

Please do your own research on this because the progressive educational complex we have today in America does not teach this real history and promotes anti-Christ education over real history. The progressives promote the French Revolution over the American Revolution. They seek to transform our country into an age of reason that rejects God the father of reason. How dumb is that? Here is my simplistic comparison of the American and French Revolutions.


The individual is more important than the group or faction. In France they put Equality over Liberty and make the group or the faction more important that the individual. America was founded on Christian Principles of Reason for each individual. E PLURIBUS UNUM. France now on its thirteenth constitution. France relies on man’s principles of reason putting groups over individuals and rejecting God.

One of these leads to Liberty the other leads to a guillotine for all those that disagree. You must understand and decide for yourself which is better. I’ll take the one that is still on its original constitution and doesn’t seek to lop off the heads of all who disagree with whomever is in power.

George Whitefield is a powerful figure in the first great awakening period. I have a book of his sermons and they helped me to understand better the great awakening period in context of what was being preached throughout New England. Ben Franklin attended some of his sermons greatly influenced by this great figure in our REAL history.

The Whitefield phenomena in the 1700’s is legendary.

They say he preached to ten thousand without a microphone. Some have written that this was as much as twenty five thousand at times. Franklin wrote of his travels that sounded more like an apostle than just a circuit preacher. He traveled more than five thousand miles preaching more than eighteen thousand sermons to as many as ten million people before his death in 1770. He traveled between England an America 13 times in this great awakening era.

Remember this Whitefield was not accepted in the churches of his day so he took to the fields. He preached a mostly non denominational message of hope and salvation evangelizing all of new England in this period even as an Anglican preacher. Imagine today how he would be received. The progressive left who control our education (indoctrination centers) will seldom if ever even breach these topics.

Whitfield Basic Preaching Mirror Those of Today’s Evangelicals:

We are all sinners no one better than another – Created Equal
All people as individuals have a direct connection with God if they choose
Sin without salvation leads to damnation – Supreme Judge of World
Humility confessing sins to God, seek forgiveness and accept God’s grace and forgiveness through baptism at the age of consent – Oath to God

Individual Salvation and Individual Sovereignty are at the center of our salvation. This is at the heart of accountability. The parallel of our individual salvation and individual citizenship, both here and now, and in the great beyond is not an accident. The hierarchy of government starts with GOD then Family then Man. The Bible makes plain that we are to obey God rather than men. The Spiritual is above the material.


The beast is only as strong as our silence. We will be led silently like sheep to slaughter. We reject the globalist death drive of slavery through technocracy. We reject the slow suicide by speaking up, no longer neutral so we may overcome.

We say bye, bye to the great reset in word and deed. We restore our national sovereignty to the moorings of the Declaration of Independence. We restore our individual sovereignty with local leadership and the rule of law. We reject the great reset in all its forms because it rejects God. We restore our Individual liberty by restoring our American Identity.

People must be informed to be good citizens. It is paramount for individuals to be informed and engaged citizens. It is essential that each individual knows the constitution personally and how their God given rights are protected in the constitution.

I highly recommend a reading of the Federalist papers to help folks understand our founding documents. We must reconnect with the Ethical and Moral writings that undergird the Constitution as written. Here is a Link to a free online reader that contains a huge collection of original source documents.


We do not need to appeal to the authority of others if we are well informed. Credentialism and false appeals to authority of man are leading us down a dangerous path of destruction. Teaching kids that groups are more important than individuals demoralizes and divides our children. The travesty of today’s “education system” is leading generations through ignorance and malpractice to decline, debt and dependency. All authority comes from God almighty not man.

Know God and Know Truth

The solutions today are the same as the solutions of yesterday. Know God and Know Truth. Know your rights and responsibilities and act on them in the Church and as good citizens. Stick to the basics of the Holy Bible to be informed of the unchanging precepts of life liberty and the pursuit of truth. Recognize that all that is Good Right and Just is written on your heart, mind and soul. Seek and you shall find but guard your heart as it can become a tool of the adversary.

Stick to the founding principles in our founding documents to understand the law as written and established in our great country. Understand plainly the supremacy clause and the constitution is the Law of the Land. Where there is law there is liberty.

Mandates are not laws. Precedents are not laws. Laws are subordinate to the constitution and will be adjudicated by the court. Article 6 Section 2 makes this plain.

This is why we swear oaths to the constitution and why progressives hate oaths and the constitution. This is why we hear progressives claiming the opposite and constantly deriding the constitution and abusing Lady Liberty.

Just as we are called to defend the faith of Christianity from all principalities and powers we must also defend the constitution against all principalities and powers. The Morality & Ethics are higher than man’s law as an edifice. An edifice established in the year of our lord.

The American constitution is designed to protect that which was established throughout the earth when Jesus suffered, died and was resurrected. Jesus won the war establishing truth, liberty and salvation on this earth. Now we are all called to defend it from those who seek to destroy it.

Just as we journey to find our identity throughout our lives as Christians through action, effort and humility, we must defend the law of the land with the same animating spirit of 1776. We must rely firmly on the Protection of Divine Providence, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world and stand on the promise that all men are CREATED equal with unalienable “individual and equal” rights. None better than another.

None better than another all united for a common cause with a common purpose. E Pluribus Unum. This echo’s the pre-amble to the constitution that was created to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Ignorance & Apathy are our greatest enemies. We cannot have common sense if we don’t have a common God.

It Is Up To Each and Every One Of Us To Pay Attention To What Is Going On and Stop The Blind Obedience
To Lies and Blind Trust Of Those In Power.

It is up to each and every one of us to pay attention to what is going on and stop the blind obedience to lies and blind trust of those in power. It is our duty to seek truth and speak truth to power as a social good. It is our duty to each other as a people to protect each other from tyranny and stand together as individuals. With common cause a group of individuals known as we the people understanding we have all the power in this country. We must band together in unity holding fast the truth in word and deed. E Pluribus Unum.

We must no longer accept that the credentialed and the elite own us, our minds or our future. We hold the future each and every one of us when we seek truth and act on it boldly. We must return to first principles and humble ourselves before our creator to live out that truth.

Those that slander our country and lie about our history are destroying our country. They are offending the truth itself in their arrogance and evil will to power. Liberty and freedom need to be celebrated and honored properly and objectively so we can restore this great country to its solid rock foundations.

The good book teaches us to build upon a rock. Our faith is Christ as the cornerstone is that rock. The Rock is Christ and Christ alone. We will reject the castles made of sand these tyrants have built around us. We the people are the waves of truth and freedom will destroy the structures built on sinking sand.

We must get back in the Churches and rebuild them around first principles.

Churches need to once again reject the pagan culture that has become the scourge of the postmodern era through hollow progressivism. The idolatry of this generation has captured many and must be called out. We must stop worshipping golden calves and all the artificial and counterfeit in this age.


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