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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1588 : Fear Is A Liar : Part II

Yes, Fear is a Liar and it’s so destructive it’s actually more impactful than pain itself. Many suffer from anxiety from dental care demanding to have full anesthesia for dental work because the fear and anxiety of the dental work is worse than the pain. The real pain is easier to deal with in most cases because it is known. Fear of the unknown creates anxiety.

We are gripped by fear today as we watch one political party overreach using law to punish and harass political enemies. The “capitol riot” debacle that looks more like a Hollywood production from wag the dog than a real event doesn’t inspire confidence. NOT releasing the video adds to the real fear of this incident. Why would the committee that prosecuted the case destroy all of the evidence? Does this inspire confidence or more fear and this time not an invisible enemy?

The great thing about the internet is people now have choices where they get their information

The great thing about the internet is people now have choices where they get their information. There was great turmoil in the reformation because of the printing press. Folks that were holding information back were fearful of the people knowing the truth. The internet today is like the printing press and will be a great equalizer.

The people have rejected the propaganda narrative in general and are now more fearful of the folks hiding the information than the invisible enemy. Why would anyone still watch the legacy media let alone believe the media after so much political bias has been exposed?

We became part of the propaganda when we accepted the results of a flawed test proclaiming we were positive or negative. The mind capture from the tests was a key element of driving the fear narrative. It did not matter that the test was completely inaccurate and the inventor of the test said should never be used as a diagnosis. A good friend of mine knew the inventor of this test and said he was very down to earth and a great scientist. Never Mind that the test inventor died suddenly in the beginning of the lockdowns. That only served to add to the fear.

Wooz News has a great compilation on you tube showing a behind the scenes type look at the production value of the capitol riot. I would share it here but it has some bad language and would not be appropriate for children. All of the video was open source from people who were there showing a very compelling perspective on this event which is a thought provoking counter narrative. Does a counter narrative add fear or reduce fear? The feardemic has definitely metastasized into everything because it’s now seen as a political side show.

No, this is not the gay porn video from our benevolent government last month in the Senate hearing room. But we are starting to clearly see that sex is being used to blackmail our elected officials and this is no longer invisible.

The integrity of the whole system seems to be paralyzed and compromised by fear. That is not just paranoia we are seeing sex being used as a weapon everywhere we look. The fear of exposure in the hyper media landscape is being weaponized against people and may explain the suicidal policies coming out of DC.

We even began seeing the sexualization of our children in school and media which is not leading to calm but more fear. This is sexual harassment and a crime but when they call it education its gets a pass. Why have so many allowed themselves to be compromised by these base temptations without speaking up?

This is how corruption is sown

The fear of exposing your sexual behavior turns into shame as your conscience is seared. Elected officials vote against their conscience for fear of exposure and every time they do the conscience is seared more. This is how corruption is sown. It’s a conscience issue. Fear is used to manipulate and control politicians. It’s long past time to name and shame.

When activist group’s brow beat elected officials demanding that immoral sexual behavior is accepted by the group it has the same effect. In the name of inclusion of deviancy you my get some funding for your campaign. This is how even fundraising can influence elected officials. They fear not having enough money to get elected or re-elected so they compromise their values. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. The vocal minorities influence is fear based. This is bad or unhealthy fear and leads to bad and unhealthy results.

Your level of emotional fear has a direct correlation to your ability to predict the future. If you are a highly emotional person and fearful you have a hard time making decisions. It’s because the fear prevents you from using logic and reason. Even simple reasonable decisions become difficult due to emotional driven fear. There is also a real biological gender difference in how fear is processed as well as age. Fear mongers take advantage of those emotional differences.

Survival depends on a fear based system but that needs to be a real fear not an imagined fear

Survival depends on a fear based system but that needs to be a real fear not an imagined fear. An imagined fear driven by emotionalism may lead away from the survival mechanism into a destructive confusing anxious place. Mass mask confusion is a great example that Simon would be proud of. Simon says put your mask on. Simon says take your mask off. Simon says it’s safe to protest, however only if it’s a protest for more fear.

The fight or flight fear keeps you in the moment and risk averse. Hence the phrase emotionalism leads to socialism. Just like a school of fish you align with the group for safety. You are not afraid of the predators because they eat the fish that are not aligned with the group. All the fish get eaten but the most risk averse fearful fish get eaten last. It’s a survival mechanism.

The abuse of power is becoming clearer everyday as we expose the lies the fear becomes less. The honey pots we hear about are real and they have been kept hidden for so long we started to think our government actually wanted communism. While many do, there are many that have been compromised and coerced by predators. It’s the self-preservation of those in compromising positions that has led us in this dark place.

We are watching a slow march to prison of politicians raping children it is transforming our rational fear of out of control government into disgust. Is there another invisible enemy behind the scenes that needs to be exposed? When we start to see politicians get prosecuted then we can restore sanity through sanitization. Get the lysol and the bug spray we have work to do.

They say when you see a rat, you have twenty. If we see amateur gay porn video’s being produced in sacred senate chambers we know the infestation is much worse than we can imagine. The farce of the current congress is revealed through amateur gay porn video’s.

Furthermore as we begin to realize how pervasive this we see more clearly how our courts abuse the innocent with mercy for the guilty. We have been molested by the flying monkeys in the lawyer classes for so long we were persuaded to tune out as trust and consent is lost. The Flying Monkeys in the wizard of OZ are an apt comparison the legions of lawyers embracing lawfare. Reminiscent also are locusts from the plagues of the old testament.

This is echoed in William Shakespeare's
Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

This is echoed in William Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".

Who is protecting the great and powerful OZ and the wicked witch of the west? Doesn’t it feel sometimes like we are surrounded by flying monkeys protecting those in power from the truth? Why are those in power proclaiming free speech a threat to freedom and preventing disclosure and transparency? Maybe it’s time to throw some cold water on the wicked.

When we see innocent folks being hurt by what these locusts and these monkeys (activists) are doing to us we initially think fight or flight. But as we begin to wise up and use logic and reason we begin to see it’s all a ruse or a charade or a puppet show.

The main characters are compromised and will say and do anything for fear of the pain and suffering they will face if the truth is revealed.

Many see the persecution and become more afraid thinking if I stand up I will be persecuted. This is a group fear and when we see others afraid of things we tend to be afraid as well and become cowards. The opposite reaction is slowly and steadily building where those that are more fearless are standing up showing others its safe. Still others are finding their courage and standing up and making change despite the fear which is the definition of courage.

After all our future depends on survival

The fear is contagious but courage is also contagious. After all our future depends on survival. The initial fear is survival but when the truth is revealed we realize non-compliance is the path to survival not blind obedience. The simple act of courage from a small dog named Toto exposing the man behind the curtain is all it takes to reduce fear. The fear subsides as the truth is revealed and the rewards of courage and bravery become ascendant.

Yes the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


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