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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 18
Unalienable Rights© - Dec 13, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2657 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 18

The Case for America

Responsible leadership has a stabilizing effect. When leadership is destabilizing, one of three things must be true: either that leadership is purposefully destabilizing, or it is incompetent, or both.Responsible leadership is not focused on the abstract it’s focused on reality, on people on outcomes.

When the folks we call leaders confirm a Supreme Court Justice that can’t define a woman we have to sing the chorus again. It’s absolutely true that a woman testified that she did not know how to define a woman because she said she was not a biologist. It’s absolutely true that we now have a woman on the Supreme Court deciding what will happen to women who can’t define a woman. In a time when we are allowing men to crush women in sports we need competent people in positions of power so we can stop the madness.

Don’t fall for the self-defeating statements of moral relativists who posture that it’s absolutely true that there is no absolute truth. You might as well say that sentence has no meaning. It’s a self-defeating statement. The self-defeating statements should be evidence enough of how delusional we have become if they are not immediately challenged. Distilling meaning from the meaningless leads to meaninglessness. Narcissism and Nihilism are rising steadily in the hive mind.

Moral Relativists discard meaning and purpose for political agendas.

Moral Relativists discard meaning and purpose for political agendas. The only thing left is personal or political agenda for those captured by moral relativism. You are absolutely reading this sentence so you know absolute truth exists, its self-evident. Folks making these false claims are the snakes in the garden. Moral relativists are master deceivers. We can see clearly how they have deceived themselves. Hence the old saying “You’re only fooling yourself.” It matters not how many times you tell a lie it does not become the truth. THERE IS NO SPOON.

Lord Help us All to hold fast to the truth and overcome this evil that is upon us brought on by our own cowardice and rejection of truth for the lie of comfort and pleasure. I shed a tear while I was writing this as I listened to that old American Pie tune by Don McLean and thought about how deeply evil this is and how many have been captured and hurt by this evil. Especially the children.

Throughout history the family is at the center of all civilization. Stable families had a future and unstable families seldom do. Real hardship demands family unity for survival. Throughout history conditions were very harsh compared to today’s decadent culture. Thus the demand for family unity decreased and the foundation of our society has declined as a result.

In historical context the millstones of the culture “In The Year of Our Lord” were ubiquitous. Every family had a millstone because they had to go to the public grist each day to grind the flour and make the bread to sustain life. Give us this day our daily bread is the reference in the bible.

At the center of the family life was a device that enabled folks to eat and the rule was simple if you ever borrowed a millstone it had to be returned the same day because it was essential in the daily life. What the bible makes plain about what we would do with a millstone if any would hurt the children is a very serious historical fact of the time.

Ask yourself some simple questions

Ask yourself some simple questions: What happens to a civilization that destroys its own children? What happens to a civilization that allows children to be harmed? What happens to a civilization that sexualizes its children? What happens to the family if the parents don’t protect their children?

This is Jesus conveying the seriousness of the charge delivered as if he were a mafia boss. In fact it is implied that everyone had a millstone, and everyone’s responsibility was to the family through that millstone metaphor. It also implies that feelings of safety and security matter not if you don’t protect your children. Children are the future and protecting them and their innocence is essential. Raising girls to be strong women and boys to be strong men is essential to the future of civilization.

What Jesus is saying plainly is that family is central to civilization and that the children are the future and they must be protected from those that wish them harm and there are no if’s, ands or but’s about it. Evil cannot be reasoned with it must be defeated. Jesus is making plain that this is a serious NO DEBATE issue.

Psychologists are beginning to talk about this problem openly relating it to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). Something similar to narcissistic personality disorder. (LINK)

The Big Four American Holy Days in America are Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are Christian Holy Days also known as Holidays. These holy Days are central to our American Identity and despite being watered down and commercialized we all pause to reflect and celebrate them as they are central and foundational of our American Identity. My writings focus a lot on the Declaration of Independence because of its uniquely American connection with God and its bed rock foundational support of our Constitution.

The connections we all have are made plain in the Declaration as it speaks to the deep foundational truths that our Republic is built on. It centers us on the fundamental American Identity which is based in the Western Cannon, of the Christian Ethic, of individual liberty and individual responsibility. When our Identity is grounded in these fundamental truths it creates unity. E Pluribus Unum.

The Declaration makes plain
that we are all created equal

The Declaration makes plain that we are all created equal. True equality is in the equal opportunity and the merit based system handed down to us by the good lord and codified in our constitution to protect those God given rights. We are all created and we are not some accident that self-assembled from some primordial slime. “Scientists” preach this idolatry in our broken school systems now better described as indoctrination centers.

Why are schools teaching neo-paganism (climate change) and earth worship? Scientism is bad a religion and cannot be questioned. Science must always seek objective truth and never ending questioning or it is not science. Consensus is not science never was and never will be by definition. I think we are violating the separation of church and state in all of our schools now.

The Declaration makes plain that through a long train of abuses listed making the case to declare independence. These are not trifles but injurious to our lives, liberties and sacred honor. The case was made before God and men that we had petitioned for redress of grievances and were rebuffed over and over again. The Tyranny of Britain was treating us like slaves and worse which is what Kings and kingdoms always do. The Good Book shows us over and over in history that kings were almost never good and noble.

The Appeal to the Supreme Judge of the World is made plain in the declaration echoing the self-evident truths written on every heart, mind and soul. Judgement and justice was something to revere as justice came from something outside of ourselves not from man. The Justice that the founders were referring to is at the individual level. Justice that reflected the Christian ethic of individual salvation. In America every citizen was King and every citizen would be judged individually. In a free society there is no such thing as collective justice or collective salvation. The whole of our Republic is centered on the individual.

No man could be placed in the judgement seat over another in terms of their salvation. However the simple minded activist generation that rejected God placed man in the judgement in their attempt to escape. The escape only leads to meaninglessness and emptiness as you remove a God sized whole from yourself.

The emptiness of the dry levee also may be a reference to the absence of the cleansing water as a metaphor. I think this points to a spiritual drought begging for rain. The steady drumbeat of materialist mantra’s claiming to be motivated by Safety and Security lack faith reflecting that spiritual drought. Fear is conquered by love and our identity is destroyed by fear. The Declaration of Independence reflects the true American Identity where faith overcomes fear.

It is in line with the rest of the lyrics of the godless generation he was singing about. The psychological projection of activists that have an anti-God claim in our culture that judgement between people is not acceptable as if people are judging their souls. Is complete rubbish and an inversion of the Truth? Don’t you find it strange we have reached a point where Christianity today is derided as bigotry because it lays claim to accountability and an absolute inescapable truth.

If we are not obedient to truth (God)
you allow yourself to become obedient to the lies, propaganda, distractions and conjuring’s of man.

If we are not obedient to truth (God) you allow yourself to become obedient to the lies, propaganda, distractions and conjuring’s of man. Programming is the ultimate goal of the spelling as it works on a compliant mind. America never signed up for Marxism yet the “news” is trying to convince the masses that socialism is the new American dream.

Well it’s a nightmare and we best wake up from our slumber. Walking dead is a documentary if you are an ignorance is bliss acolyte. There is nothing good about socialism and global centralized government. Neither is there anything American or Christian about it.

Socialists say “publicly owned”. What they mean is “State controlled”. Socialists say “Government aid”. What they mean is “taxpayers' aid”. Socialists say “social justice”. What they mean is “selective justice”. Socialists say “equality”. What they mean is “levelling down”.

Moral relativism leads to degeneracy. False moral equivalencies are everywhere in pr ogressive word manipulation and half-truths (LIES). The soft tyranny of mind control comes in the form of changing the definitions of words. After much conditioning what was initially shocking becomes normal and we just continue on as if there is nothing to pay attention to. We become what we focus on. They say the most unequal thing is making unequal things equal.

This is the war of principalities and powers in action. We must recognize it’s always been a war for the truth. We must recognize that each and every one of us is in the battle even if we delude ourselves claiming we are neutral, we cede ground to bullies. Our neutrality always cedes ground to activists who are never neutral.

Toxic masculinity and courage is the antidote to cowardice and complacency. We need to get engaged and we better save the women and children first. Our future depends on the family. Our future depends on our children. We must man the life boats and build arks to withstand the flood. We will have a drought emergency and a flood emergency at the same time. When the levee breaks they’ll be no place stay.

We must work to get the folks swept out to sea back to shore. We must prioritize the mission “women and children first” as they are the ones most damaged by the lie of toxic masculinity. Men are to protect women and children that is our role in the family. There is nothing toxic about masculinity when it comes to protecting our women and children.

Masculinity is what keeps a family safe protecting that which is most precious and important. Out sourcing what is defined by the propagandists as safety and security leads to great pain and misery. War should only be a defensive posture yet today the toxic masculinity lie leads to offensive war and aggression. We are blindly accepting safety and security of toxic government ignoring the profiteers and power hungry war pigs. When the ship goes down we better be ready. Remember to save the women and children first.

The Good Book teaches us that we are to judge
right and wrong and that is the only way
to distinguish between good and evil.

The good book teaches us that we are to judge right and wrong and that is the only way to distinguish between good and evil. When you judge right and wrong you must be careful not to be a hypocrite but how else can you discern the truth if there is not judgement?

What does it mean to use good judgement? I think it means use embrace the good book as it was intended. How do we know the difference between right and wrong or good and evil if we have no reference outside of men? In the New Testament we read that a righteous man can even judge angels.

With a firm reliance on divine providence is a very important connection to God. The men of the founding generation grew up in an Awakening period in America. They faced the challenges of their time with boldness and action because they were humble, faithful and meek.

As the men of that Great Awakening connected with each other to flesh out the case against the British Empire they had the courage of their convictions to stand up against the tyranny of that time. NO FEAR. This is reflected in the courage of Christ to sacrifice all which is explicitly considered the Greatest Love. The greatest sacrifice is to give your life for others.

An honest assessment of this time period reflects that these men were simply standing up for first principles. These men had the courage of their convictions despite the daunting task laid before them. These Men decided that they could overcome evil with good and would prevail with a firm reliance on divine providence. They had the faith of a mustard seed. Despite the daunting challenges they kept the faith and pressed on in the face of great oppression by a tyrannical king and his loyalists who did not want to be free.

We can learn a lot about the character of our country from the founding fathers and we can compare the character today in many ways for great perspective and distinction as to what not to do. Many in the progressive era have been brought up discounting the Declaration of Independence as a founding documents in our schools and in our courts and that is a big mistake. The Declaration of Independence stated clearly why we would no longer comply with tyranny.

Maybe government and government schools don’t want kids to understand their real heritage. The Declaration is derided today as just some paper instead of a founding document when in fact it is the cornerstone of our republic and national identity. (LINK)

The Declaration is Firmly Rooted in Christianity

The declaration is firmly rooted in Christianity and the principles of liberty & freedom that Christianity represents at the individual level. Just as Jesus is the cornerstone of the Christian Faith, the Declaration is the cornerstone of our Republic. We must take stock of this properly and maintain our firm reliance on divine providence. A faithful declaration and a humble approach to the great challenges before us.

The final production of the Declaration was an echo from the Christian Church from the original colonies. The religious freedom that was obtained from the pilgrim’s generation remains the central premise to America. Being American meant that we identified as a self-reliant people who were independent minded.

The godless Marxists of today work hard to discount this salient point and the very premise of the founding of America was and is a religious freedom endeavor. We must think about this in context and stop the mindless abstract bumper sticker comments that deride the founding generation.

Marxist “thought” is to reject any and all references to the Christian Principles in the Declaration. The Declaration is the rock on which the Constitution was built. The constitution was designed to prevent a state church by centering our republic on individual liberty. The entire constitution was written to protect the garden from the wilderness, not the wilderness from the garden.


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