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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1792 : FEAR IS A LIAR : : Part XIII

Fear Not – Inclusion in What? Part A

Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.James Madison

Our very first and most sacred property right is our conscience.

If you have no right to your own conscience then you are a slave. If you can be told what to say then you can be told what to think. We think in words and when you are censored or bullied into changing those words you are being manipulated and programmed to think a certain way.

Imagine the greatest theft of property in the history of the world was when we were told we had to wear a mask or get a medical treatment and our freedom was taken away from us. Even worse our conscience was threatened. If we wanted to be included in society we had to give in to the power and if we did we seared our own conscience.

When folks gave away their conscience willingly for safety they gave away a part of their soul and their freedom with it. Churches were deemed non-essential and not-included. Why would the corporate and government structures along with liquor stores and strip clubs be included and churches and family businesses be excluded?

The Bible Warns About Snares and Traps Through Deception

The Bible warns about snares and traps through deception. The perverse nature of this inclusion agenda can easily be seen in hindsight. When the lies about medicine, tests, masks give way to the reality that those who sold the poison also sold the cure. We begin to see more clearly the snares and the capture tactics that were used.

The inclusion they desired was voluntary but quickly changed to forced inclusion.

You had to comply or lose your livelihood. This compliance threatened your freedom and your soul. Non-compliance meant you were excluded. Why did anyone go along with this nonsense? There are at least 60 references in the Bible about snares not to mention the capture references pointing to lies and deception.

It starts at an early age as we read that we should always raise up a child in the way they should go. We all know a good education is essential to morality and ethics and maturity. How good is the current education if we exclude the Holy Scripture from learning and teaching? Why would the education system be so hostile to the Good Book and its teachings on morality and ethics?

Imagine raising up a generation to be confused about which way to go.

Proverbs 22 is full of nuggets of pure gold (wisdom). The wisdom and hope of the world does not come from man. We are watching a generation being raised to be obedient and compliant so as to be part of the inclusion agenda created by man.

We now have several generations that were NOT taught basic economics and critical thinking. Generations raised to trust man and to exclude the Good Book and its wisdom. How can we accept this inclusion nonsense when it excludes the teachings of the Good Book?

We have now taught generations to appeal to a false authority.

In the Good Book the second chapter of Colossians touches on this subject in a couple of very important ways connecting this idea of conscience and property that James Madison makes plain.

The warnings are to never allow yourself to be deceived by philosophy, empty deception (lies) or traditions of man. Christ who is the highest principality and power is excluded today from education. What happens to our conscience if the most important work on the understanding of conscience is excluded from school?

Later in the same chapter of Colossians there are references to how to live and be safe. They contrast the previous age and to the followers of Christ they are described as “snares” or legalism. Before Christ the old law was material. With Christ the law becomes spiritual and we have a relationship with a true and living God.

Choosing that spirit we were to disregard the rules and traditions of the previous age for conscience sake. It looks to me like we have reversed course in our hubris arrogance and pride with man’s inclusion agenda. This is contrasted well in Colossians both then and now. The message is timeless.


The Colossians faced a culture that demanded how they acted in lock step with the Pharisees or you would be ostracized. Imagine the Pharisees demanding you eat, drink, act and talk like them so you could be included. They were the government and they colluded to ensnare and entrap Jesus. After they entrapped him they put him to death. It was bitter sweet and we celebrate that every year as Easter.

The sacrifices for us to have hope and freedom came from Christ and Christ alone. Never forget where that freedom comes from your life, liberty and conscience depends on it. We are all deceived at times lets humble ourselves and honor that sacrifice that we may be restored and renewed in spirit. There is only one who can make us new again and to be included we must be repentant. Freedom Is not force its choice. We don’t ask Christ to change in our prayers that’s Pride.

We have all been deceived and distracted throughout time and understanding the warning is to protect you from that deception. In fact if you were captured by empty deceit you would be well advised to turn away from that and restore your conscience.


The idea of inclusion is at the center of this empty deceit. What exactly are you being asked to be included in? If the broad way leads to destruction then joining the broad way is not a good idea. If you are being led to this emptiness and destruction by a hollow philosophy of man you have been warned.

Seems to me that many have been ensnared and captured by a false philosophy and false narrative of the worst kind. A narrative that says if you don’t join the group you will not be safe. You will not be secure. You will hurt others. OR worse you will not be able to buy or sell. More on that later but these all center on your conscience.

In hindsight we now clearly see where this leads to. At some point we are all being led to a place where your property and your conscience are to be taken from you if you don’t join the group. If you speak against the inclusion narrative you may lose your property. You may lose your livelihood. The claim is that you may lose your soul if you don’t comply but the opposite is true.

Danger is very real but fear is a choice. If you fear God you have chosen the fear of humility. This is a choice of the straight gate and the narrow path to life. If you have not chosen humility followed by repentance you have chosen the fear of man and you will be subject to death and destruction though endless pride and hollow vanity.

FEAR NOT ~ If You Have Made The Right Choice

FEAR NOT if you have made the right choice. Humility and fear of the lord lead to riches, honor and life as we read in proverbs two verse four. The riches here are much greater than material things.

The question many of us have been asking is “Inclusive in what? That iIDEIology is always asking you to join the broad way of inclusiveness and not to change. Jesus is always inviting you to join the narrow path and make changes mature and grow up.

Jesus wants you to be included in the book of life. To be included we must make the choice to be humble. We must be repentant for Jesus is only coming for the repentant. Only the repentant will be included as you work towards the good defined by Christ. Mathew Chapter 7 contrasts the narrow gate and wide paths.

Fear is a cowardly position. If you are a follower of Christ on the narrow path that leads to life you reject the spirit of fear. If you are struggling with fear that spirit of fear it is not from Christ. Our lord and Savior invites all of us on the path of Life but like the inclusion movement there are limitations to this inclusion.

Our lord and savior calls all of us and wants to include all of us in this spirit of love & truth. The spirit of love & truth conquers fear and hate. The lord does not call the qualified he qualifies the called. The inclusion temptation marketing he “gets us” is misleading because it infers that all will be saved by simple belief. It is true that we are saved by grace. However without making changes and without maturing in Christ you are unrepentant. Faith without works is dead.

The modern day Inclusion ideology pretends or masquerades as more moral and ethical than Christianity because it accepts you for who you are with no change. It also excludes everyone that disagrees with the inclusion Ideology but just ignore the fine print where exclusions apply. This ignorance must be mocked not embraced. Satan is not a liberator.

This Ignorance Must Be Mocked

FEAR NOT as we live out our faith in service and sacrifice to our heavenly father and his truth.

Fear not as we remember that bitter tree of sacrifice for all of us that we may have hope of everlasting life.

Fear not as we focus on the cross and the great sacrifice that was made for our salvation and our freedom.

Fear not as we count our blessings and focus on the real treasure that we have laid up in heaven.

Fear not as we reach up to Christ in humility and he reaches down to meet us in the middle with peace beyond all understanding.

Fear not as daily you grow in your relationship with the way the life and truth that is Jesus the light of the world.

Fear not as we strive to be included in that light by our faith and works.

Jesus is calling all of us to be included in his kingdom by choosing to seek his face and be filled with his spirit. It’s a simple choice to choose to be humble in the lord and not fearful. Choose to follow Jesus from whom we receive true love, hope and charity.

The glory of God through Jesus is the only real FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY.

The true source of our faith, family and freedom the world over is in him.


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