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Print | AMERICA ON TRIAL : Part 20
Unalienable Rights© - Dec 27, 2023
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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 2411 : America On Trial – Bye Bye Great Reset : Part 20

The Verdict:

The Jury will decide our fate.


Bye, Bye great reset. We reject all that is evil failed and wrong. We embrace all that is good right and just. We must be the animating spirit in what some may write about later as the third great awakening in America.

We will overcome evil with good as the good book says through action, accountability and humility. We must remove the pagan idols that always lead to great pain, misery and destruction. We must remove all of the idolatry, deception and soul sucking lies that permeate our culture today. Embracing and seeking truth must be our highest priority so we become the people we are supposed to be. The Marxist Education system has destroyed itself and cannot be reformed.

The Declaration was based on the individual before God and the actions of a righteous revolution are bottom up, not top down. The revolution is and was local action and national impact. The revolution was written in the pamphlets of Poor Richards Press. The revolution was in the churches that held fast to the truth centering our morals and ethics protecting the garden from the wilderness.

It was the families that stood together in unity for all that is good right and just in our community. It was the liberty of the lord that worked through each individual to create a vibrant community willing to sacrifice for love of God, Family and Country that established this great country.

It was a firm reliance on divine providence that brought this free county into being. Faithful people winning an impossible victory over the greatest super power of the time against all odds. Victory does not come from human hands alone. There is Victory in Jesus working in our lives as we strive to work in him.

Victory is built on that immovable truth and
holding fast to it

Our salvation relies on both us reaching up to him and him reaching down to us. Victory is built on that immovable truth and holding fast to it. A firm reliance in the protection of divine providence, as we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor is fearless.

Our conscience and salvation demand we reject tyranny wherever we find it. We must kick the dust off our feet as Paul did when he was establishing the church when we encounter delusion. We must reject those well studied in the school of Tyrannus just as in Acts nineteen. Free people do not comply with tyranny, slaves comply with tyranny.

We have some great federalist and anti-federalist discussions that need to take place if the local is to effectively stand. The case has been made for decentralization and Local, Local, Local. Starting with the most local. You, your family and your church.

We will not overcome with conventional approaches. A larger deeper thinking is required in times like these to have a better perspective on what will drive real change. We can’t just continue down the abstract and argue over nothing and radicalize ourselves trying to win argument that can’t be won. Worse yet wasting our time making political arguments. Political Correctness be damned.

Realizing our country is at a cross roads is important as a starting point for our twelve step recovery program. I would encourage you to go and listen to the Don McLean song and think deeply about those lyrics and the time in which they were written.

Get the instruction book out and read it

Get the instruction book out and read it. All you have to do is look around at the state of our union since we stopped reading it. Americans usually do the right thing they just seem to do it last. Be the hero at the end of the movie that saves the day doing the right thing. Wield the Sword of Truth.

Step one of twelve. Marxism has made our lives unmanageable so let go of this evil ideology. Steps two through twelve. Don’t be afraid as we the people will overcome together if we are focused on the truth and true love of God, Family & Country.

Galileo Galilei one of our Christian forefathers of modern science, physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics and philosophy opined “I cannot teach a man anything I can only help him reveal it to himself.” Are you living on the side of creation or the side of destruction? Have you put away the childish things in a quest for your new name that only Jesus knows?

The Matrix made this phrase “Temet Nosce” popular claiming it meant “Know Thyself.” Temet is a REAL pronoun used throughout the Holy Bible and the sentiment is also about Identity far deeper in meaning than shallow vainglorious identities created by man.

The best contemporary book I have read of late about Identity outside of the bible is Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul is a book by John Eldredge published in 2001. If you don’t know who you are you will get fooled again.

This hearkens back again to another 1971 anthem by the band THE WHO depicting youthful rage best described or diagnosed as Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). The counter culture identity firmly rooted in the sentiment of the adversary is ODD. Still raging today and more prideful, angry and lost than ever before.

In John 14 we study the Way the Truth and the Life. Christ the Holy Spirit strengthens us and enables us to do more than we can ever imagine so long as we always do things aligning our will with our lord and savior we will be sanctified. This sentiment is also echoed in Galatians 2 and succinctly stated in verses 19-21.

We need to humbly embrace and know the times in which we are living like the Sons of Issachar. We must embrace the times just as Nehemiah did to rebuild and recover the American Spirit and our American Identity. Right and Wrong can only be known through Holy Scripture. The Word. That is the American Spirit, Word Up.

In a time when we are surrounded on all sides by loyalists who don’t want to be free but to be subjects. In a time where we are re-kindling our fierceness and letting go of the childish things of this rotten CULTure. A time of self-preservation where our very future depends on life and protecting life. A time when families are coming together despite the torrents of the adversarial culture raging around us.

We were made for such a time as this

We were made for such a time as this. We are living in a time of Awakening that always starts with self-reflection and humility. The spirit beckons us to realize that we must be strong fathers and mothers to strengthen the family. A time when we need to muster in our churches and restore them to the word and action.

A time when we must be better uncles and aunts and neighbors where we adopt the lost and lift them up. We must be wise Grandfathers and Grandmothers in uniting our families. A time of reflection that not only honors our creator but our Women. Women are the creatures that have the burden of creation in their life force that demands our protection.

A time where strong men protect Women and Children and fulfill their duty. A time when we must recognize that if we are not the fierce protectors of the family and children we will continue to suffer for our selfishness and vanity shrinking from our duty as cowards.

I can see the patience and endurance in America building just as is clearly stated in James 1. I can see humility building as we endure the madness of the past few years and have not done anything rash. I am now seeing more clearly the connection to the Native Americans and their plight in our common history for family and freedom.

The Native American parallels of being imprisoned and killed by the government echo the captivity of the Israelites and the J6 patriots. The clear parallel of being hunted down for standing for freedom. The destruction and humiliation of our children being slaughtered and sterilized in our culture. A warrior spirit is emerging uniting the cultures yearning to be free. The common spirit of patriotism that recognizes we are spiritual beings and our connection to nature and natures God.

The clear purpose to preserve family and culture through tradition, reason and humility and sacrifice. A Spirit centered on a higher power and a higher calling. The unity of a spirit yearning to be free. It is a great time to be alive and engaged in the battle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “Duty is ours, results are God’s”John Quincy Adams.

At times it seems we have been captured by a rotten propagandized culture but remember the cancel culture is in the process of cancelling itself. Words matter and if we maintain our free speech we will retain our freedom. That’s why its number one in our Bill of Rights. If someone can tell you what to say they can tell you what to think.

Recovery takes time so be patient, strong and courageous as we have some catching up to do and some soul searching to do. We may be 40 years in the dessert but our posterity is counting on us to make it to the Promised Land. Are we still yearning to breathe free as is written on the Statue of Liberty?

In my child hood we were taught basic history in cartoons that Disney produced. This was before Disney said Bye Bye to American Pie. We learned about the shot heard round the world from Disney. Now we are enduring the shot FELT around the world and the start of a new revolution. A Jesus Revolution.

I am supremely hopeful that these writings will help to generate some real conversations in our local community. Recovery can be difficult sometimes and the best advice for folks is to focus on what you can control. In most cases we have enough trouble focusing on the day to day grind that is our lives. The serenity prayer will help.

The best most important step in the twelve step program is putting God first in our lives. We have to be humble enough to remove the scales from our own eyes and the drop the arrogant vain pose we have adopted. We must embrace the Great Awakening and say bye bye to the great reset agenda that is destroying he world.

An age of weak men has brought us hard times

An age of weak men has brought us hard times. The men have become effeminate. The “leaders” have bent their knees and sold out. The world has turned from the truth and is reaping what it has sown in destruction. America has lost its way because it turned away from God.

We now feel the dread those in captivity under Pharaoh felt. When the men were ripped from the wombs of their mothers and the slavery of the time required weak men that would not stand up. With all of the great stories in the good book the theme of strong men resonates. The hard times of weak men repeats over and over and those that overcome are rewarded for holding fast to the truth.

We see through the prism of history that the tyrants of each age thrived when men were weak. We also see the courage and the possibility when men turned to the truth of Christ and the freedom and liberty that followed. Both as individuals raising strong families and as nations that understood that being meek was to be dangerous with our swords sheathed as strong defenders of the faith.

A season of redemption is upon us. It is a season to reflect on all that is good right and just. A season of humility, of love where we all pause to honor Christ. A Season of Faith, Hope and Charity. The very thing we should celebrate every first day of the week in all seasons.

We have much work to do and there is great satisfaction, peace and strength in living on the side of creation. Let us take heed the conclusions of the matter in Ecclesiastes 12. Let us remember who we are and to live out our faith through action. This is our life’s mission, our purpose our reason.

The call to overcome is simple as is the message of Christ. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment.

The way forward with Christ and the apostles was as simple as one foot in front of the other and showing up to do the work. Local, Local, Local. Let us pull together to restore local government to its proper place. Remember what G.K. Chesterton wrote “We need to keep our politicians close enough to us that we can kick them”. Say goodbye to the great reset and embrace the Great Awakening.

Find a good place to stand and stand firm in the year of our lord 2024 and beyond.

Find a good place to stand and stand firm in the year of our lord 2024 and beyond. E PLURIBUS UNUM. Both as Individuals and as Patriots we shall overcome and restore the soul of our great country to its rightful place. Our forefathers looked to the lord for the design of this great nation and pledged their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish it. We must do the same.

Many men gave their blood that have gone before us to establish it and to defend it. We must honor those men that have gone before us who sacrificed all for God, Family and Country. The best way to honor those that have sacrificed so much is to be a man or woman worthy of that sacrifice.

Remember the greatest sacrifice of all time was the one who died for us all. We honor that great sacrifice that was made for each of us. We honor the courage that great sacrifice represents. Courage is the virtue from which all other virtue flows. Remember who you are America this is your true identity.

In the Christmas season we honor the birth of our lord and savior. New Year’s honors the renewal of our Spirit. The true Spirit of Renewal that can only come from God. The greatest example of leadership in history gave it all on the cross establishing TRUTH through great sacrifice.

Everyone is called to defend it.


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