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1941 New World Order Map

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Welcome to Porterville : In GOD We Trust : <ΙΧΘΥΣ><

Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This POST feature connects you to on-line Post news services from all over the world. Daily we add to this web page important news items from countries and communities which include 'POST' in their name. From the beginning this has been an important feature ... so enjoy.

(Sep 18 2020) - The USA on the Brink of Civil War ???
U.S.A. (www.SGTReport.com) -- In this article, the author seeks to draw our attention to a fact that is difficult for Westerners to conceive of: the American people are experiencing a crisis of civilization. They are so deeply divided that the presidential election is not just about electing a leader, but about determining what the country (empire or nation?) should be. Neither side is capable of accepting to lose, so much so that each could resort to violence to impose its point of view. As the U.S. presidential election approaches, the country is divided into two camps ...

(Sep 18 2020) - Insurrection – or Just a Peaceful Protest ???
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- 2020 is not just a critical election year, it’s the year of the global socialist “insurrection” intent on overthrowing the Constitutional form of Government in the United States. Nothing like this has ever been seen before, anywhere in the world. 18 U.S. Code § 2383. Rebellion or insurrection – “Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

(Sep 18 2020) - Trump Admin Will Ban TikTok & WeChat
WASH D.C. (www.PJMedia.com) -- The popular social media sites TikTok and WeChat will no longer be available from U.S. app stores beginning on Sunday, the Commerce Department will announce on Friday. The two apps are owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that U.S. intelligence believes has ties to the Chinese Communist government, endangering the personal data from users of those two apps. ByteDance says that data can’t be accessed by the Chinese government, but the Trump administration disagrees. Trump ordered ByteDance to spin off its U.S. operations.


(Sep 17 2020) - Chi-Coms Using DEW's to Start Wildfires ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Having to respond to on-line alerts re: the Chinese (CCP) using "Direct Energy Weapons" (DEW's) to start many of the wild fires in California, the DoD - in a press release - admitted that was a strong possibility. And if so why ??? Well, in order for the Chinese to invade California - like many have suggested - the west coast has to be softened up a bit and the forested areas - wherein "The Wolverines" will be waiting - have to be burned out and destroyed, leaving our "Flat Landers" and "First Responders" on the front lines. Not to worry my friends, 'cuz, we can handle the Chi-Coms "ACT OF WAR" if the democ-RATS won't !!!

(Sep 17 2020) - HHS head tells Americans to “BUY AMMO !!!
WASH D.C. (www.DailyCoin.org) -- While streaming on Facebook Live the other day, Michael Caputo, the Trump-appointed head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), told Americans that they should probably stock up on ammunition before the Nov election because things are about to get crazy. According to Caputo, Democrats are plotting an armed insurrection in the event that Donald Trump wins reelection. Caputo also believes that his own political opponents “are going to have to kill me” if Trump wins, which is why he, too, is stocking up on ammo.

(Sep 17 2020) - WHAT : China looses another BUG ???
CHINA (www.Expres.co.uk) -- Thousands are suffering from a bacterial disease in China after a leak at a biopharmaceutical company. So far 3,245 people have tested positive for brucellosis, while a further 1,401 people are suspected to have the disease. Symptoms of the disease, also known as Malta fever or Mediterranean fever, include fever, headaches, muscle pain & fatigue. The outbreak comes after a leak at the Zhongmu Lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory, thought to have taken place between late July to August last year.

(Sep 17 2020) - MARK OF THE BEAST : UP-DATES :
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Knowing that technology will be used to implement the "Mark of the Beast" (Rev.13) the Porterville Post will be up-dating and posting informational links and articles about these devilish devices to ALERT THE PUBLIC ! Obviously the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to track and control humans. Your goal - as a Christian Believer - is to STAND UP and SAY NO !!!

(Sep 16 2020) - Man-Made Weather Engineering Killing Us All
AMERICA (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- West Coast wildfires, wild temperature swings and hurricanes in the Gulf are all part of the consequences of man-made weather modification called Geoengineering. Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says, “People need to unite in the fight against climate engineering because it’s killing us all. If we look at this mathematically, climate engineering and all of its ramifications are the greatest threat we collectively face short of nuclear annihilation. The ramifications are beyond grave ...”

(Sep 16 2020) - The Motive for a Monumental Scam
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- "How can we explain that nearly every so-called sovereign country - most claiming to be democracies - obeyed the command to lock down the entire country at the drop of a word from an international health agency... Without consulting its own population or making its own research and deliberations about the tremendous long-term consequences and mind-blowing costs that they are causing. Is that proof that we already have a covert world government, and WE THE PEOPLE haven´t even noticed it?"

(Sep 16 2020) - "I Am The Target": Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now that it was revealed on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" by Dr. Li-Meng Yan that the virus did not come from nature, but was manipulated by the Chinese military in a L4 lab in Wuhan to "Attack Humans"... the CDC and WHO have fess up with these facts. Secondly, there needs to be a TOP SECURITY TEAM assigned to this virologist to make sure that she isn't killed. Thirdly, any vaccine - ready or not - will be based on FAKE SCIENCE, and - because of this astounding evidence - it should be forcefully and violently REJECTED !!!

(Sep 15 2020) - Evidence : COVID-19 "Was" Created In Lab !!!
BRITAIN (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- On Saturday we reported that Dr. Li-Meng Yan - a Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who fled the country, leaving her job at a prestigious Hong Kong university - appeared last week on British television where she claimed SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was created by Chinese scientists in a lab. (Then) on Sunday, Li-Meng joined Twitter and tweeted a link to a paper she co-authored with three other Chinese scientists titled : Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

(Sep 14 2020) - Obama is Responsible for Racial Tensions
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Racism is America’s original sin, and despite a century and a half and more of efforts to put it behind us, it is more of an issue than ever. A great deal of this is the responsibility of a man whose election to the presidency was hailed as the beginning of a new, post-racial era in American society, a man who was supposed to embody America’s rejection of racism: Barack Hussein Obama. (...) Obama’s election was supposed to herald the end of racism and ...

(Sep 14 2020) - Railroads Pulling Off Equiptment ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In a time of war, it's all about SUPPLY LINES. If you can't supply an area where you are trying to protect, or take back, then your only option is to retreat. Reading between the lines re: this report is the notion of the military needing these rail cars to transport heavy equipment and vehicles to and from operations, and the need to make sure the railroads are clear when needed. My guess is, this ain't a drill, but possibly a protection measure commissioned by Trumps' people at the DHS. If that'a the case, then you better prepare as well.

(Sep 13 2020) - Coming Soon : America’s Color Revolution
AMERICA (www.TheDailyCoin.org) -- I have provided evidence that the military/security complex, using the MSM and Dem's, intends to turn the Nov election into a color revolution. The CIA is very experienced at color revolutions, having pulled them off in a number of countries where the existing gov't did not suit the CIA. As we have known since CIA Director John Brennan’s denunciations of President Trump, Trump doesn’t suit the CIA either. As far as the CIA is concerned, Trump's no different ...

(Sep 13 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Sep 13 2020) - MSM Helping to Rewrite American History
AMERICA (www.SonsOfLibertyMedia.com) -- It is obvious that to attain the one-world order that most globalists, Democrat and Republican, are pushing for there cannot be a love of country. It must be a love of the world community. There can be no sovereignty. There must be a concern for all peoples, not just the people in the nation you live in. The greatness of America cannot be taught because it makes America look better than most nations. That’s because we are. We always have been and as long as the church is still here, we always will be.

(Sep 13 2020) - Gov. Newsom Signs Sodomite Bill
SACRAMENTO (www.Brietbart.com) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) signed a controversial bill into law Friday that will give judges greater discretion to decide whether adults who commit sodomy with minors should be placed on California’s sex offender registry. The bill, which passed the Democrat-led legislature last week, created a firestorm as proponents said its main purpose was to end discrimination against LGBT adults who have oral and anal sex with minors who claim to be consenting to the sexual activity.

(Sep 13 2020) - 2 LA County Deputies Ambushed & Shot
COMPTON, CA. (www.ABC7.com) -- A massive search for a gunman is underway as two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies are "fighting for their lives" after they were shot in the head in an ambush at the Metro station in Compton, officials say. The incident happened Saturday at the Metro Blue Line station at Willowbrook Avenue and Compton Boulevard around 7 p.m. The location is a short distance from the Compton sheriff's station. Surveillance video of the shooting shows the suspect ambush the deputies as they sat in the patrol vehicle.

(Sep 12 2020) - Porterville Police Dept | PPD Facebook

(Sep 12 2020) - RED ALERT : They’re burning down the Left Coast
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The physical locations of those NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs who are running these clandestine and occult operations will soon be doxxed by "Q" and by all their supporters, or we're all in for a really rough ride. Yes, the NWO has many technological toys, tactics and tyrants and they must be met at the door - their door !!! For too long we've been conditioned to wait until they come-a-knocking, and they already have. So now's the time to fight fire with [______] or whatever you posses !!!

(Sep 12 2020) - U.S. UNDER ATTACK ... WITH ... WILDFIRES ???
U.S.A. (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- For weeks, Americans have watched the news of so-called "Wildfires" in western states. Politicians like California Gov. Newsome, have told citizens these fires are "proof of climate change." That nonsense is laid to rest by a remarkable coincidence: All the "wildfires" cease at the Canada border! (MAP OF FIRES) Gee, how can THAT be? Is Canada fireproof? Are their fire fighters somehow better than ours? Or are we in the USA seeing the willful acts of people/entities waging actual arson war upon us?

(Sep 12 2020) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #266
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Record wildfires continue to consume the remaining forests on the US West Coast, producing a constant canopy of toxic smoke over vast and highly populated regions. Elsewhere in the US relentless deluges have now become the norm. Of all the sources of damage to our once thriving planet, climate engineering operations are inflicting the greatest toll. Through it all, the engineered CV-19 scenario is being pushed forward by those in power. As the ominous quote from the notorious Josef Mengele states, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it”.

(Sep 12 2020) - The Great Culling Is Underway
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- The great culling is here and is present in places like New Zealand, Arkansas and Ohio. Most will recoil at this statement. So let's start at the beginning and it will be clear that we are not just losing our economy, our civil liberties, our culture, our collective souls that still want to buy and sell, we are on the edge of losing our very lives and eternal future. (...) Oh by the way, Arkansas and Ohio FEMA camps are open for business for those who "test" positive for CV-19 and those who are SUSPECTED having been exposed. The nightmare of the great culling has already begun !!!

(Sep 11 2020) - Speak Now or Forever Hold Our Peace !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.MarioMurilloMinistries.com) -- This is the clearest warning God has ever given me. God is emphatically telling the American Church, “Speak now, or forever hold your peace.” Whatever we are going to say, whatever we are going to do, whatever action we are going to take to protect our rights as Christians and Americans, we must do NOW. Doubt my words at your own peril. Churches are about be closed forever. People of faith will soon be marginalized, both socially and economically. What we are talking about here is nothing short of your children’s and your grandchildren’s future.

(Sep 11 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Sep 11 2020) - Anniversary of the Deep State attack on U.S.
NEW YORK (www.TheDailyCoin.org) -- Most anniversaries of Sept 11, 2001, I have written an article presenting yet again the enormous evidence that the official story of the attacks on the World Trade Center & Pentagon are so obviously false as to be unbelievable. Yet Americans believed the transparent lie. The military/security complex was desperate for enemies. In 2001 Russia was under the US thumb. China’s rise was predicted to be 50 years away. Where were the enemies to keep the military/security budget and power growing?

(Sep 11 2020) - FDA hoarding donated hydroxychloroquine ???
U.S.A. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- The American Association of Physicians & Surgeons is suing the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for withholding from the public some 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) that were donated by drug manufacturers to treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. Currently, these 60 million doses of HCQ are under strict lock & key at the Strategic National Stockpile because the FDA refuses to allow doctors to prescribe the drug to their ailing patients. Consequently, tens of thousands of Americans are needlessly suffering & dying from an illness that, quite frankly, is preventable.

(Sep 11 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 4.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Sep 10 2020) - An Editorial Written Entirely by AI ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This article takes me back to the early browser fights between Microsoft & Netscape Navigator. Much of the coding & scripting for both were pretty much universal, but there was enough that wasn't which eventually led to Netscape being absorbed by the Borg - Microsoft. So, to me ... there will be a battle between which Artificial Intelligent (AI) soft or hardware that will be programmed to compete and or eliminate the others. The first (AI) fights will be between the nations, then amongst the corporations, third amongst the religions, and finally against - not amongst - the humans.

(Sep 10 2020) - CDC to use your kids as Collateral ???
OHIO (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- The Ohio Governor has endorsed a program of isolating, in secret locations, facilities to house Covid-19 patients and SUSPECTED people who MAY have been exposed to COVID-19. This is called FEMA MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW CAMPS that Celeste Solom and myself have exposed to the public through a series of documents as presented in previous radio interviews. Ohio is frequently serves as a beta test site for "new" programs in order to test the public's acceptance. Presently, the CDC and the Governor of Ohio are JOINTLY endorsing the program known as "PROTECTING YOUR IS CHILD IS AS EASY AS ABC" as developed by the CDC.

(Sep 09 2020) - Pres. Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
NORWAY (www.SaraCarter.com) -- President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian parliament, according to Fox News. “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde, who is also chairman of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, told Fox. In his nomination letter, Tybring-Gjedde said Trump’s leadership has led to a historic deal with Israel & the United Arab Emirates.


(Sep 09 2020) - An EMP attack on American soil before ???
AMERICA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The Department of Homeland Security has released a new report warning that an EMP attack could take place in the U.S. at some point between now and the Nov. 3 election. Entitled, “DHS Combats EMP Attack,” the chilling memo, of sorts, explains that there are “evolving threats against the American homeland” as we near what many say is the most contentious & heated presidential election in American history. Of pressing concern, according to DHS, is an EMP attack, “which could disrupt the electrical grid & potentially damage electronics.”

(Sep 09 2020) - Thousands of Christians Rise Up Against Newsom
SACRAMENTO (www.NWOReport.me) -- Tens of thousands of Christians of all races and backgrounds gathered in the sweltering heat to defy California Gov. Gavin Newsom and exercise their constitutional right to worship Jesus Christ at the state capitol building in Sacramento, California. The Christians did so in defiance of Democrat Gov. Newsom, the man responsible for shutting down many churches across the state and banning worship services. The Christians had a simple message for Gov. Newsom — “America was founded on the freedom to worship” and nobody is going to take that right away from us.

(Sep 08 2020) - COVID Tax Increases ... Are Coming ???
U.S.A. (www.SGTReport.com) -- These Democratic state governors have been so draconian in suppressing their economies for political purposes. Then they have the audacity to turn around and raise taxes to cover the losses in revenue. New Jersey raised gasoline taxes. California is trying to install the first wealth tax, thanks to the French economist Piketty. But California is looking to raise its income tax to 54% on the richest people. Their state income taxes, already the highest in the nation at 13.3%, is proposed to be raised to 16.8% RETROACTIVELY to pay for this plandemic.

(Sep 08 2020) - California’s Worst Bills of the Legislative Session
SACRAMENTO (www.CapoliticalReview.com) -- The final gavel fell last week on the 2020 legislative session. Cut short by seven weeks due to the coronavirus, lawmakers were forced to take a backseat to Gov. Newsom, who made use of his wide-ranging emergency powers to lock down businesses to stop the spread of the virus and provide financial relief. Meantime, against the backdrop of riots and racial tension, Democrats made the most of advancing their progressive agenda. Here are just some of the bills that will do Californians more harm than good ...

(Sep 07 2020) - Pope Warns : Gossip is a Plague Worse than Covid
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- HEY ... Shu-dupa-you-mout !!! Now, if you're "Fact-Checking" Francis, the Vatican, or any of his pedophile priests, you're considered a gossip. That's what this Pope says. For sure, he's wanting a return to the DARK AGES, wherein you - as a catholic - had no freedoms, liberty, or were banned from reading the Bible. Folks, the whole world is in cahoots with the NEW WORLD ORDER, and you and I aren't allowed to analyze these secret satanic schemes, let alone talk about them. So ... WAKE UP people and come out from among them !!!

(Sep 07 2020) - Priests Must Uphold the Seal of the Confessional
ROME (www.Breitbart.com) -- The Vatican has reasserted the strict duty of priests to defend the seal of the confessional in the face of mounting external pressure to overturn the ancient practice. Australia’s Royal Commission into Institution Responses to Child Sexual Abuse had recommended that the Church consider eliminating the seal of confession for cases of abuse, a recommendation that the Vatican has rejected. In a response the Vatican asserted that “a confessor is prohibited completely from using knowledge acquired from confession to the detriment of the penitent even when any danger of revelation is excluded.”

(Sep 07 2020) - 'Bubonic Plague Warning' Issued In Lake Tahoe
LAKE TAHOE, CA. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- After new cases of the bubonic plague were found in Los Angeles, Colorado & in Mongolia near the Russian border this summer, it appears the infamous plague strain responsible for killing tens of millions of Europeans during the 14th Century continues to surface, this time, in South Lake Tahoe, California. The US Forest Service, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, issued a "plague warning" Sept. 3 ahead of Labor Day weekend, informing the public that fleas in the area tested positive for the bubonic plague.

(Sep 06 2020) - Trump’s Secret Weapon: The 14th Amendment
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, I want to believe that those on the side-lines "now" will rise to the occasion later and come along side President Trump, if he decides to use the 14th Amendment to round up and possibly arrest treasonous gov't officials and politicians. Sure, Mike Adams has a grasp on what could take place, however ... these press-ti-tutes who are broad-casting hourly FAKE NEWS about everything have a tighter grasp on the minds of the masses. So, will this attempt to arrest all these anti-American political place-holders, publishers trigger MARTIAL LAW ??? I pray that it won't, but, if it does ... will you be prepared ???

(Sep 06 2020) - Satanists are Gaslighting Us !!!
WORLD (www.HenryMakow.com) -- Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I crazy?" If you have, you're not crazy. You're most likely being gaslighted. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse aimed at controlling a person by altering reality to the point where the person will doubt his own sanity. A good example is pretending the common cold is a deadly pandemic in order to enslave humanity by destroying human rights and livelihoods. The term "gaslighting" comes from a 1930s play called Gas Light.

(Sep 06 2020) - A False Flag Is Biden’s Only Chance to Win
AMERICA (www.SGTReport.com) -- The Black Revolution is in full swing in the U.S. Over the next 60 days we'll be treated to the greatest political show on Earth as the Democrats & their handlers in The Davos Crowd pursue the biggest lie since Climate Change. The events of 2020 are lining up for a climax to this story that ends with only one outcome, a contested election which fuels a coup attempt after the election results come in on Nov 3rd. And because of this now obvious plan, setting up a false flag around the election is the most likely means to produce election results close enough to support this course of action.

(Sep 06 2020) - Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins Election
WASH D.C. (www.UnlimitedHangout.com) -- A group of Democratic Party insiders, and former Obama & Clinton era officials as well as a cadre of “Never Trump” neocon' Republicans have spent the past few months conducting simulations & “war games” regarding different 2020 election “doomsday” scenarios. Per several media reports on the group, called the Transition Integrity Project, they justify these exercises as specifically preparing for a scenario where President Trump loses the 2020 election & refuses to leave office, potentially resulting in a constitutional crisis.

(Sep 06 2020) - COVID 19 – The UK Scamdemic – Part 2
U.K. (www.In-This-Together.com) -- It appears that COVID 19 has been exploited to bring about a new global economic, social, cultural & political paradigm. Encapsulated as the Great Reset, this affords a technocratic parasite class, often wrongly referred to as the elite, centralised global control of all resources, including all human resources. Though influential, the UK State is just one national component of this global agenda. In order to prepare us for global technocracy, which will be a dictatorship, we need to become more accustomed to obeying orders without question.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The globalist plans for their NEW WORLD ORDER does not include Christians. As a matter of fact, they instinctively know it's Christians - who are awake and filled with The HOLY SPIRIT - that are the hitch in their get-along, and need to be exterminated in order to fulfill their dreams of an OCCULT UTOPIA !!! So ... with that said, you - my Brothers and Sisters - better get prepared, because daylight's a burnin' and the night cometh when no man can work. (John 9:4)

(Sep 05 2020) - NEW WARNING : "Keep Cash On Hand" !!!
LOS ANGELES (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- Things seem to be getting VERY weird here in the United States of late. Earlier, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a statement WARNING Americans of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack -- their SECOND WARNING in two months! Now, the Los Angeles City Emergency Management Office is tweeting about making sure you have CASH ... because ... "ATM's and credit card readers won't always be available." Here's the tweet ...

(Sep 05 2020) - ICE Nabs over 2000 Criminal Illegals
U.S.A. (www.TruePundit.com) -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested more than 2,000 illegal immigrants who have criminal histories involving victims between July 13 and Aug. 20, ICE announced Monday. The immigrants who are illegally living in the U.S. are subject to removal because of their previous arrests or charges connected to victims, according to ICE. Of those arrested for immigration-related charges, around 85% had pending criminal charges or previous criminal convictions.

(Sep 04 2020) - Gates Vaccine Causing Polio In Africa
AFRICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- This really should be one of the biggest scandals in public health, but it’s given little attention – mainly because of the high-profile nature of the people and organisations involved. The United Nations has been forced to admit that a major international vaccine initiative is actually causing the outbreak of the very disease it was supposed to wipe-out. While international organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO) will regular boast about supposedly ‘eradicating polio’ with vaccines, the opposite seems to be the case.

(Sep 04 2020) - The Covid-19 Pandemic is Ending
U.S.A. (www.NWOReport.me) -- Covid19 has already passed through all 50 states as a single major contagious wave in each state. There were 33 early states where the epidemic was over by June, and 14 late states where the epidemic now is ending. Every week in America about 51,000 people die from all causes. This number rises and falls during the winter due to flu-like illnesses and goes back to baseline in the summer. No one panics about it, and most people don’t even realize that it happens. This year was worse than normal, but we’ve almost returned to baseline.

Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- American's must now monitor all Muslims - ALL THE TIME - everyday ... "HERE" ... in the U.S., where they resettle & abroad. WHY ? Because our border patrol agents can't do it all, ICE can't do it all, NSA can't do it all, DHS can't do it all, as well as our county & local policing agencies. They need our help ! All of them ! And they all say, if we SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING. So, let's "Back the Badge" & report what we see & hear. GOD Bless America !

(Sep 03 2020) - Why COVID Was Introduced At This Time
AMERICA (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- The premise of this article is based on the notion that COVID-19 was developed and released upon the world at this point of time, on purpose with specifically designed intentions which was to usher in one economic era and introduce another that is totally controlled by satanic globalists. In arriving at the truth behind the release of COVID-19, we need to first realize who is behind this? The obvious answer is the global elite. Who is the global elite? They are the simultaneous robber barons and captains of industry.

(Sep 03 2020) - US Court Vindicates Snowden Leaks
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Though we doubt the broader public needed convincing, this is a significant milestone nonetheless, also after last month Trump shocked reporters by suggesting he could take a look at pardoning Edward Snowden (...) Seven years after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the mass surveillance of Americans’ telephone records, an appeals court has found the program was unlawful - and that the U.S. intelligence leaders who publicly defended it were not telling the truth.

(Sep 03 2020) - “We’re putting them on notice today” !!!
WASH D.C. (www.NewsThud.com) -- President Trump has begun the process to defund lawless cities around the country like New York and Portland of taxpayer money they get in the form of federal funds (...) "My Administration will do everything in its power to prevent weak mayors and lawless cities from taking Federal dollars while they let anarchists harm people, burn buildings, and ruin lives and businesses. We’re putting them on notice today." ... President Donald J. Trump.

(Sep 03 2020) - FAKEBOOK Announces More Restrictions ... ???
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO who turned out to be the only Silicon Valley CEO to have the temerity to stand up to both the "woke mob" demanding Facebook run every conservative-leaning group off its platform, and the #RussiaHoax fanatics who insist Zuckerberg was duped by Putin into helping Trump rig the election - a fanciful narrative with no basis in fact. But that hasn't stopped Democratic pols and, well, pretty much everybody to slam Facebook ...

(Sep 02 2020) - Black Helo's Zipping Around L.A. Last Night
LOS ANGELES (www.TheDrive.com) -- One of our readers reached out early last evening - Sept 1st - letting me know he saw a formation of four MH-6 Little Birds flying in tight formation over Interstate 5 near downtown Los Angeles. I joked at the time that it will be just a matter of hours until people start freaking out due to the urban training operations they were likely about to execute. Just like clockwork, a few hours after the sun had set, the social media posts began emerging. People couldn't understand what they were seeing, and how can you blame them?

(Sep 02 2020) - Children's 2016 Movie Depicted Pandemic ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now you'd think - after watching this children's movie - that the script writers had one thing in mind ... YOUR CHILD'S MIND !!! That's a fact jack. I'm tellin' you, these NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs are clearly out in the open with their agenda and have no problem scripting your children's fears. Folks, you better wise-up pronto ... because the MSM - along with their conspirators, DARPA and DEEP STATE - are predictively programming your children !!!

(Sep 02 2020) - 500 GERMAN DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS SAY ???
GERMANY (www.SGTReport.com) -- More than 500 German doctors & scientists have officially formed an organization to investigate the global response to Covid-19 called the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee”, or Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss (ACU) in Germany & came to the conclusion that the freedom-limiting measures we are seeing taken across the globe are wildly excessive when compared with the infection rate of the pandemic. (...) One member of the ACU reportedly confessed that, “we have a lot of evidence that it’s a fake story all over the world” ...

(Sep 01 2020) - U.S. won't join COVID-19 vaccine initiative
WHITE HOUSE (www.UPI.com) -- The White House on Tues said the U.S. will not take part in a global effort to develop, manufacture & distribute a COVID-19 vaccine led by the WHO. White House deputy press sec' Judd Deere said the U.S. would not participate in the COVAX initiative which includes 172 countries & 9 vaccine candidates, amid an ongoing dispute between President Trump and WHO. "The United States will continue to engage our international partners to ensure we defeat this virus, but we will not be constrained by multilateral organizations influenced by the corrupt World Health Organization and China," Deere said in a statement.

(Sep 01 2020) - Reparations Lawyers Are Lining Up ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No doubt the next TV commercials that you're gonna see will be from lawyers lining up for the big pay-outs, thanks to liberal legislators in Sacramento wanting to compensate today's blacks for the evil their ancestors endured as slaves in the past ... including ... being compensated for the evil they are enduring today, like being denied a job, not being accepting into a collage, or enduring any kind of racial slur, etc. etc. etc. So be prepared to be accused of these indignations, 'cuz lawyers are already lining up.

(Aug 31 2020) - Much Worse Is Coming by Michael Snyder
U.S.A. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- It has been heartbreaking to watch what has been transpiring on the streets of America in recent months. Our founders intended for us to be united by a common set of values, but now our differences are literally tearing our nation to pieces. Americans are fighting other Americans in the streets, and that should make all of us incredibly sad. Does anyone out there actually believe that all of this violence will be resolved by the upcoming election?

(Aug 31 2020) - Kamala Harris Warned ‘The Riots Won’t End’
AMERICA (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- Pick any major city in America that is run by Democrats, they are filthy dirty and overwhelmingly unsafe, and it’s by design not by accident. In Portland they are executing Trump supporters, in Seattle they are burning and looting, and in New York City rapists are so emboldened they are attacking their victims at noonday. The civil war we warned you about is here, and Kamala Harris says it’s not going away and will only get worse.

(Aug 31 2020) - The CDC all but admits Covid is Fake
C.D.C. (www.ExploringRealHistory.com) -- On August 26, the CDC updated its site with a co-morbidities section where they admit only about 6% of the reported deaths by Covid in the US in 2020 were due to Covid alone. The other 94% of deaths included an average of 2.6 other causes—although we still aren't told which cause was primary. Most of these deaths were among the elderly, which means we can include one other co-morbidity: OLD AGE. This reduces the death-by-Covid number from 185,000 to about 11,000. That is not a Covid pandemic, since 11,000 is a pretty small number for an 8-month period.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- On Sunday, hundreds of car owners came to Porterville "UNITED" to display their fine-tuned hot-rods, muscle cars, trucks, imports, low-riders, and yes motorcycles in the Galaxy 9 parking lot. For over a year now, they've been meeting here with little to no issues from the public or police until today, where they were encouraged, by the police, to wear masks and keep social distancing. The Post did meet with the sponsor of this monthly "Cars & Coffee" event and encouraged their efforts.

PORTLAND (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- One person was shot and killed late Saturday in Portland, Oregon, as a large caravan of President Trump supporters & BLM protesters clashed in the streets, police said. It wasn’t clear if the shooting was linked to fights that broke out as a caravan of about 600 vehicles was confronted by counter-demonstrators in the city’s downtown. Police said the caravan had left the area around 8:30 p.m., and officers heard gunshots at about 8:46 p.m.

(Aug 30 2020) - Mandatory CoVid-19 testing checkpoints in Hawaii
HAWAII (www.NaturalNews.com) -- The State of Hawaii is turning the H-3 freeway on Oahu into a mandatory COVID-19 road block checkpoint, blocking traffic in both directions and subjecting travelers to mandatory testing, reports Hawaii News Now. It means that Hawaii is being rapidly transformed into a medical police state which will soon morph into mandatory quarantine camps like we’ve already seen rolled out in Australia and New Zealand. “Testing stations will be set up inside the Harano Tunnel, in both directions of traffic, to maximize the number of individuals who can be tested,” reports HNN.

(Aug 30 2020) - CDC: Just 6% of Covid Deaths Occurred ???
AMERICA (www.OutKick.com) -- But this was the final kicker that also went up on the CDC website ... “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.” This illuminates what I have been saying for a long time, there’s a big difference between dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID. 94% of people are dying with covid, per the CDC, not because of it.

(Aug 30 2020) - Left-Wing Thugs Vandalize Home of LAPD Chief
LOS ANGELES (www.TheDailyCoin.com) -- On Thursday, left-wing criminals vandalized the home of LAPD Chief Michael Moore. It’s not clear how the left-wing thugs entered the gated community, but, once inside, the mob trashed the exterior of the chief’s home and broke at least one lantern. “We are at Chief Moore’s house,” the loons chanted. “He is the chief of LAPD. The most brutal police force in the nation.” According to Samuel Braslow of the Beverly Hills Courier, the mob had originally set their sights on the home of LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey before changing their target to Chief Moore’s home.

(Aug 30 2020) - Lawmakers Ready to Consider Slavery Reparations
SACRAMENTO, CA. (www.Breitbart.com) -- State senators in California overwhelmingly voted Saturday to endorse setting up a task force to study potential payment of reparations to black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved. The state Senate supported creating the nine-member commission on a bipartisan 33-3 vote. The measure returns to the Assembly for a final vote before lawmakers adjourn for the year on Monday, though Assembly members overwhelmingly already approved an earlier version of the bill.

(Aug 29 2020) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #264
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Hurricane Laura was manipulated & steered, the geoengineers are deciding who is impacted by weather cataclysms & who isn’t. Droughts, fires, floods, all are being heavily influenced by the ongoing climate engineering operations. Populations all over the globe are now facing changes & challenges that were formerly unimaginable to most. What agendas & objectives are being carried out by those who control the levers of power from behind the curtain?

(Aug 29 2020) - Supplies for Protesters Seized by Cops ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Encouraging RACISM, this church - Zao MKE Church from Milwaukee - was caught giving aid to BLM protesters and the police had to step in and confiscate the goods. At first glance, from this news report, you'd think that there was some info missing, until you viewed that church's web site. Secondly, the police, on good intel will investigate criminal intent if it leads to aiding and supporting criminal activity. My guess is, this RADICALIZED LGBTQ church - if you call it a church - was on the cops radar for some time.

(Aug 29 2020) - What’s Wrong with Putting America First ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The overarching lesson of the triumphant Republican National Convention this week is that America is great, and that it is good & proper for an American president to put America first. In that, of course, the RNC is echoing President Trump’s consistent statements since he began running for president 4 years ago. But the President’s America-First message remains one of the most maligned, misinterpreted & misrepresented aspects of his entire program.

(Aug 29 2020) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Aug 28 2020) - Sen' Rand Paul & others Attacked by Rioters
WASH D.C. (www.PJMedia.com) -- “Peaceful protesters” rioted, assaulted, intimidated, and blocked VIPs and others who were attempting to walk back to their cars about a block away from where President Trump had just delivered his GOP nomination acceptance speech on the White House lawn. Among those assaulted by rioters and violent protesters was Senator Rand Paul. Paul has earned a political violence Hat Trick of sorts.

(Aug 28 2020) - Trump Sets the Tone for Campaign
WHITE HOUSE (www.LibertyNation.com) -- Speaking from the White House, a noticeably measured and restrained President Trump officially accepted the 2020 Republican presidential nomination on Aug. 27. The tone was in keeping with what apparently will be his campaign strategy in the general election: offering up an aura of accomplished incumbency to serve as stark contrast to a tempestuous and chaotic Democratic Party.

(Aug 27 2020) - The Christian Case For President Trump
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- America has arrived at this place in history because of Christians tainted ideas of tolerance. Not the secular idea of tolerance, the Christians idea of tolerance. Allowing just about every convoluted concept of culture into to this land of opportunity has everyone at war with each other - literally !!! Now, trying to dial back these demonic delusions is gonna take some time, a lot of prayer, and a street savvy scrapper to lead the charge - like President Trump. So, cowboy-up Christians. This rodeo will continue 'til the election, and maybe sometime thereafter.

(Aug 27 2020) - The Original Deep State ???
WASH D.C. (www.NWOReport.me) -- Donald Trump is not the first president to face down a deep-state cabal, that is, an unelected oligarchy of shadowy figures who wielded enormous power while being unaccountable to the American public. The first was President Andrew Jackson, who faced down the Bank of the United States in the 1820s and 1830s; then as now, the deep state has apparently included a significant financial element. Trump’s top economic aide Lawrence Kudlow said it last October: “I don’t want to get into a lot of Fed bashing,” but ...

AMERICA (www.SGReport.com) -- Why was the British Templeton Prize of $1.3 MIL awarded to Dr. Fauci’s Boss on May 20, 2020 ? This exposé about the National Institutes of Health needs to be disseminated far and wide and as quickly as possible. It concerns a complex psychological operation being conducted by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci’s boss - NIH Director Francis Collins. The Christian churches throughout the USA must become aware of this ongoing COVID-19 psyop "stealthily directed at Christians" and their extended communities before it’s too late.

(Aug 26 2020) - Here come the Covid Detention Centers
NEW YORK (www.LewRockwell.com) -- New York State bill A99 which is now under consideration in the NY State legislature. It allows the state to take an individual “suspected” of being infected or contaminated to a detention center and there compel her or him to receive any medical treatment deemed necessary – including forced vaccination. – See page 4 line 26 of bill below. This bill could become the model for other similar bills to be passed into law in other states. Virgina and Massachusetts are already signaling mandatory vaccinations.

(Aug 26 2020) - Secrets you need to know about Freemasonry :
Is this Guy, the Mystic Lie or Mystic Tie. Click to Read More. by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Freemason's, I've always believed, are not free to believe. They've taken an oath, never to reveal & always to conceal. To be a brother to a brother & to cover up for that brother, especially against a non-masonic-brother. Their rituals, symbols, tokens & religion are (G)eneric - intending to mislead. And all they want from the un-initiated is to be left alone - code words for "Mind your own 'Bees'-ness". This page is a good start re: current news, their history, connection with "THE ILLUMINATI" {Letter} and of course SATAN ... (2 Cor 11:14). ☠️☠️☠️

(Aug 17 2020) - Are They EVIL Or Just STOOPID ???
Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand at EASE !!! This is the question that has faced good people for as long as there has been a (dis)loyal opposition. {Un-COVER!!! Individual (silent prayer or contemplation). In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!! SEATS!!!} I’d say that the answer lies (mostly) in THEIR lies and the harm that is done to the public. We know that liberals who support leftist agendas are termed (by the leftists) to be “useful idiots”. So, I would classify them as a totally different kind of STOOPID!

(Jun 26 2020) - Kamikaze Politics
RIGHT to the End - with Pastor Randy Minnick : Post Columnist
RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Minnick PORTERVILLE, CA -- It is becoming increasingly certain that Joe Biden simply cannot beat President Trump in the upcoming election. Oh, sure; the polls have Biden ahead and the far left are desperately hanging their hopes on their pipe dreams and a false façade. But, we should confidently remember that they had Hillary Clinton as a strong leader in the polls in 2016. She is still smarting from being crushed by an electoral landslide that swept her into the sea of despair. Dems have been squirming in their skin trying to figure out how to keep Biden confined so that he won’t be discovered to be the incompetent individual that he is. He has been comfortably cooped up (caged?)

(Dec 06 2019) - Are We Americans Being Duped ?
RIGHT INSIGHT - with James Horn : Post Columnist
RIGHT INSIGHT - with James Horn PORTERVILLE, CA -- I am sick and tired of all of this phony impeach Trump nonsense. The Democrats, driven by hatred and fear of President Trump just won’t give up. First, it was Stormy, then the Russians (are coming) hoax, and now the Ukranian hoax, soon to be another hoax. We know that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are insanely manipulative liars. Chuckie Schumer is waiting in the wings for the impeachment process to hit the Senate where he can lie and fulminate in front of the cameras. What or who is behind all of this?

Post Political Feature : Collected by Post Online News Staff
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Have you read the Post's "The Obama Files" today ? Well you should. There's a Place in HELL for those who LIE In this exclusive web page we'll track and collect news that's under-reported or considered inside information. Then it'll be placed in this section - making it a little easier for the public to locate and to help Obama keep his promise of being transparent. "QUOTE" Enjoy ...

(Apr 03 2016) - What's gone wrong with the Water Projects ?
RIGHT from Russ - with Russ Waymire : Post Columnist
RIGHT from Russ © with Russ Waymire HANFORD, CA -- My ancestors, like many midwest 1930's Dust Bowl casualties, migrated to California's Central Valley. Why settle here? Because the (CVP) Central Valley Water Projects created all kinds of Valley jobs and opportunities. What's gone wrong ??? Politicians passed laws seizing CVP Friant & Westside contract water, turning the Central Valley into a "Politician Created Dust Bowl". Politicians force us to pay for water delivery systems and for water not received.

(Aug 29 2015) - Explaining Today's Cop Violence
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster : Post Columnist
OFF THE GRID - with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster PORTERVILLE, CA -- Why & How the Meaning of Words are Changed Intentionally. Remember the term, "Peace Officer?" A Peace Officer was charged with ensuring the safety of those in their community. A policeman was someone you could trust, someone who protected the rights of individuals. When did our understanding change ? A Peace Officer knew their job could entail placing themselves between potential victims of crime and the criminal. The Officer signed an oath to uphold the Constitution and was assumed to be familiar with that and other American founding documents. Today few sign such an oath ..

NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DEADLY VIRUS AND VACCINATION UPDATES PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Since there is so much at risk regarding the flu and vaccinations the Post decided to add this section. It's vitally important that you research the facts and {ingredients Pg.1 | Pg.2 | Pg.3 } to determine the risks and to ensure you make the best possibly choice for you and your family. The Post Prays you'll look at both sides of this issue before you settle on one.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
RADIATION - FALLOUR & PROTECTION PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Boys Scouts motto is "Be Prepared" ... for anything, and that's how we need to conduct our selves in Porterville, just in case we receive more bad news re: RADIATION LEAKS from Japan, or anywhere else. In the coming days the Post will add important information, we believe, you will need to be prepared.

(Dec 30 2014) - POST - VIDEO OF THE WEEK :
Post News Feature : by Post On-line Staff & Readers :
Porterville Post Video of the Week PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has created this web page for our readers and as a special request from our online staff. We're fully aware that the NWO control freaks and their "Masonic Miscreants" would like nothing else than to eliminate your "FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS" and internet freedom's. Don't let this happen ! Make sure you save these video's to your own files and make sure you e-mail the Post additional video's to be placed in this archieve.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak - is to speak. Not to act - is to act. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer --
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Jul 21st : Porterville to Hold Public Presentations on Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan

(Jul 21 2011) PORTERVILLE - [PDF] The Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency's Office of Emergency Services, in cooperation with 8 of the County's cities, the Tulare County Office of Education, and the Tule River Tribe, has launched a countywide effort to review the risks posed by man-made & natural disasters & identify ways to reduce the damage from those risks. Citizens are invited to learn more about the draft plan at one of the 3 info sessions to be held on Thursday, July 21st. 2011.

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May 5th : Porterville Step Up

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Mysterious Light on the Hill ?

(Nov 06 2009) Close to four years ago, a friend (Ernie Cortez) and I were driving one Sunday morning from Porterville - heading to Fresno to attend a Church service - when out of the periphery of my right eye I saw what appeared to be a slowed down version of lightening. I shouted to Ernie to stop and turn the truck around so we both could get a better look. Fortunately I had my camera with me but only one of the many pictures came out. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this and as we stared motionless - because of the beauty that this light from this cloud emanated ... we were left with more questions than answers. If you or a friend has seen anything like this please e-mail the Post.

Bro. Ben needs to know,
have you seen

Have you seen the HAND WRITING ON THE WALL ???
(Jan 05 2009) Today the Post saw Brother Ben on Henderson Avenue, next to the Church of the Nazarene, showing a sign which read "THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL" and so we stopped for a quick interview and learned that Brother Ben has a message that is "Burning in his Bones" regarding these last days. To be sure we promised to stay in touch with Brother Ben and we'll let you know what the LORD told Ben. So ... stay tuned, we will be back with a full report.

Who's this Patriotic Peddler ?

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(Mar 09 2009) We know you have seen this man peddling around town, but have you taken the time to tell him thanks, for being patriotic ? And do you know who he is ? Many of the folks at Perko's knows. If you know e-mail the Post.

Who's That Girl in the Love Bus

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Feb 02 2009) Here we go again. You could WIN $100.00 DOLLARS if you can Identify who the owner of the Love Bus is and a little history. We had so much fun the last time the Post wanted to see if you could name that owner ... one more time. Like last month we will announce who guessed right along with the reat of the story. So e-mail who you think that girl is and a little history. Have Fun !

Scooby Doo : We Found You !

Click to Enlarge : And Win $100.00 Dollars
(Jan 31 2009) WIN $100.00 DOLLARS : Yes you can win $100.00 dollars if you can name the owner of this "SCOOBY DOO" van and where it is located. The Post will reveal who won this contest on Jan 31st 2009 and a little history of the individual in the van. E-Mail Editor. Congratulations Pastor Frankie for identifying Who owns the Scooby-Doo Van.

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