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by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta

Let's make this as simple as possible ... alright ? Good, 'cause LORD knows these folks and their religion have it bad for Christians, let alone humanity in general ... I mean - real bad. It's so bad that they are making all of our black-op / covert Manchurian candidates who have hypnotically hidden split personalties, look good. And that's bad.

But you say ... there are a lot of good muslims who live here in America and we shouldn't be watching them. They're productive citizens, they vote, pay their taxes and for the most part stay out of the way. Well guess what ... I'm with you on all that, however - on the surface - that's what their religion teaches them, to mockingly imitate being a good citizen, because deep-down, they know that their eventual role in islam is the complete subjugation and domination of ... you ... your neighborhood ... your city ... your state ... and eventually your NATION !!!

Their religion is a state theocratic religion and any moderation from that diametric duel will create death ... in most cases ... on the spot !!! Once these deadly deeds have been done and a taste for blood is developed, all reason ... even religious reason ... cannot re-alter their ravenous and revengeful minds without true repentance ... CHRISTIAN REPENTANCE !!!

And let me tell you this, those muslims who have converted to Christianity know the truth re: islam. They know that if they would've stayed in that religion of hate & murder, they'd end up in HELL once they died - not a muslim heaven with 72 virgins. These honest-to-goodness Christian converts will plainly tell you, AMERICANS MUST MONITOR ALL MUSLIMS, all the time, 24 / 7.

Secondarily ... secularizing their religion of hate, in any form of westernized democracy, has cost many of their own leaders their lives through assassinations and outright murder. These murderous muslims want nothing less then a religious state government of islam. Death is granted to anyone, muslim or not, if you are in opposition to these god awful goals.

Suiciding Societies : Known for quite some time - by all of our alphabet soup agencies of protection - is islams suicidal tendencies against any secular society or government which opposes islam, the quran and or sharia law. In many cities in America where islam has grown in those populated area, they've made many businesses, schools, and local governments comply with their religious demands - claiming their first amendment religious and constitutional rights.

Once that door is pried open, they'll push and push, demand and demand, and eventually take and take with lawsuits upon lawsuits. If you don't believe me ... google Michigan's issues with muslims and see who's getting arrested and put in jail for talking about GOD ... CHRISTIANS ... not muslims.

Look ... I know you are told by your Pastor(s) to just "let your little light shine" and that will cause these muslims to come to you and ask, why are you so good and always so positive, and can you show me the way to becoming a good person like you ??? HA ! They're laughing at your light ! They only understand "Might makes Right" - and that your - "Light won't Fight".

Now, if you are waiting for these muslims to come to your church and sit through one of those positive affirmation / get rich sermons to be saved, converted and or become BORN AGAIN, more than likely that ain't gonna happen. If your church body or elders or pastor doesn't have enough HOLY SPIRIT discernment re: how to detect someone in need of Salvation once they make it inside your church, then it ain't gonna happen, and I'm here to tell you, Ichabod and Jezebel has taken over, while silence and conformity clogs the pews.

YOU HAVE TO TO TELL THE MUSLIMS THE TRUTH ... about who GOD is, about who JESUS - The SON of The Living GOD - is, and who The HOLY SPIRIT is. And ... if you can't do that ... then please, quit play-acting like one of the tares in the church and get out of the way, so those of us who know how to PREACH THE GOSPEL can PREACH THE GOSPEL.

Lastly, you need to understand something loud and clear ... our protective agencies, military and federal government are all on STAND DOWN as they're all being sent to sensitivity classes and are being instructed off record Don't Say Anything ... If You See Anything !!! That will classify you as some sort of whistle blower and bring all kinds of investigations down on us. They're all in an information bind right now, mostly because of all the infiltration of muslims and liberal commie sympathizers who have incrementally crept in their agencies.

Truth be told, these agencies hope that you, The Evangelical Christian, will wake up and perform your watchful / missionary duty, as the Word of GOD instructs. Just do a simple topical word search on the word watch and then listen to what The HOLY SPIRIT would have you do. It's really that simple ... really.

Now ... If You See Something Say Something ... To GOD !!!

The Bible says, Let your request be made know to GOD. Right ? So ... ask Him, specifically, how to pray for this muslims Salvation. Next, get with another Brother or Sister from your congregation and share with them the name of the muslim and pray for their conversion. If your church is open to it GOD Willing then ask that the name of that muslim be placed on a prayer list for Salvation ... and ... if your church is really open to prayer requests, then Say Something re: Salvation for this muslim !!!

Here's how you pray

Heavenly Father, I know of a muslim (_______) who needs Salvation. Help me be his friend, help me understand his dilemma and help me pray with him the sinners prayer for Salvation. In JESUS Name I ask.

In Conclusion ... this is why we, as CHRISTIANS, MUST WATCH ... for an enemy and an opportunity ! If we don't ... well ... you've read Revelations and about those "Luke-Warm" Laodiceans ... Right ?

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