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(May 21 2024) - Was the FBI really ready to “SHOOT DONALD TRUMP ... ???
MAR-A-LAGO -- We know that the FBI & DOJ made a point of conducting the Mar-a-Lago raid when they knew Trump wouldn't be there. However, newly released documents associated with the raid empowered the FBI & DOJ agents present on the scene to shoot Donald Trump and his Secret Service detail if necessary. We don’t know if this was standard operating procedure or not, but it’s certainly concerning on its face. This info emerged in newly unsealed doc's in Judge Aileen Cannon’s courtroom.

(May 16 2024) - Pope To Hold “PRESS CONFERENCE ON ALIENS ... Tomorrow
VATICAN -- The last time the Vatican held a press conference about aliens and 'supernatural phenomena' was in February 1978, but what would tomorrow's event mean for The Pope? The Vatican has announced that it is set to hold a press conference on “supernatural phenomena” tomorrow, and it will TOUCH ON ALIENS and how it will deal with potential encounters in the future. According to a notice on the Vatican's website, it'll kick of at noon tomorrow & will feature 3 prominent Vatican members.

(May 13 2024) - HAARP's Aurora turned on last week to create “ARTIFICIAL AIRGLOWS ...
U.S.A. -- AI search summaries show that on the same day the aurora borealis was seen across the northern hemisphere, HAARP was running experiments to artificially create aurora-like glows or “airglow” in the ionosphere. The aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, has been a spectacular sight in the night sky recently. On 10 May 2024, the aurora was visible in many parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

(May 12 2024) - Russia Paints “NEW MILITARY INSIGNIA” on Invading Force ...
RUSSIA -- Russia has launched a new offensive into northeastern Ukraine, aimed at Kharkiv and Sumy regions. But the HUGE news about this isn't the invasion itself, it's the SYMBOL Russia is painting on this new force: Rune of Gungnir’ -- the spear of Odin. Here are some imagery of the symbol & appearance on Russian military vehicles. Historically, the Varangian bogatyrs of Svyatoslav (Ancient Russia) marked their weapons & armor with such runes when they went to war against the Khazarian Khaganate. There is now no longer any doubt, Russia knows exactly who their enemy is.

(May 10 2024) - Zelensky “FIRES” State Security Chief !!!
UKRAINE -- Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed Major General Sergey Rud as the head of the state guard service, according to the presidential website. The move comes after two officers of the agency, tasked with protecting government bodies and senior officials, were detained over an alleged plot to assassinate the Ukrainian leader. The announcement of the alleged plot targeting Zelensky was made by Ukraine on the day Putin was inaugurated for his 5th term as Russia’s president.

(May 07 2024) - SECRET ARMY GROUP'S” Recruiting Video ... Chock-Full of ???
U.S. ARMY -- A secretive U.S. Army group known as the “Masters of Influence” has emerged from the shadows of Fort Liberty with a recruitment video that is strange, a little chilling — and crammed with subliminal messages. The 4th Psychological Operations Group posted “Ghosts in the Machine 2” May 2 on YouTube, exactly two years to the day after it released an equally unsettling recruitment video that had some accusing the group of witchery.

NEW WORLD ORDER -- Under the cover of "biosecurity" we are witnessing a transfer of POWER from the Dragon (of old) to the Beast giving him his "seat" (throne), and great authority. We will see all hell breaking out upon the face of the earth as these plans come to fruition, superimposing a synthetic shell over the Original Design. As you view the following recent and historical documents please keep these critical notes in mind ...

(May 03 2024) - Pentagon Warns Imminent “COMMUNICATION BLACKOUT” Could Last Years
RUSSIA -- The Pentagon has warned that a massive blackout is imminent due to a new nuclear space weapon being developed by Russia. “The concept that we are concerned about is Russia developing and — if we are unable to convince them otherwise — to ultimately fly a nuclear weapon in space which will be an indiscriminate weapon” that would not distinguish among military, civilian or commercial satellites, John Plumb, the assistant secretary of defense for space policy, said at a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing.

(May 03 2024) - FBI Won’t Investigate “ELECTRONIC SECURITY BREACH” by the CCP
CALIFORNIA -- In a groundbreaking episode of Right Now with Ann Vandersteel, viewers were confronted with explosive revelations from federal whistleblower Nate Cain regarding the infiltration of several counties’ election systems by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Cain, accompanied by his business partner Harry Haury, divulged crucial information about the breach of voter and election worker data discovered on servers in China.

(Apr 30 2024) - China constructing “MASSIVE SATELLITE NETWORK ... that can ???
CHINA -- American space chiefs recently warned that China has tripled the number of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellites it has in orbit, creating a space "army" that can ... destroy ground targets anywhere on Earth. With the capability to blow up targets from thousands of miles away, these satellites could recognize targets for Chinese land, sea and air assets to then strike with missiles and other armaments. (Related) China currently has approximately 350 satellites concentrated around the Indo-Pacific region.

LANGLEY, VA. -- We’ve all surely had dark thoughts that the CIA is really running the United States, including many media venues. Maybe that’s been true for decades and we just didn’t know it. If so, let’s just say that it would explain a tremendous amount of what has otherwise been clouded in secrecy. How would this be possible ??? Knowledge is power while secret knowledge is full control. Even fake knowledge means power & control, such as we found out in the phony Russiagate investigation ...

(Apr 25 2024) - Russia vetos US-Japan resolution against “NUKES IN SPACE ...
WASH D.C. -- Russia’s veto on Wed of a UN Security Council resolution to reaffirm the 1967 Outer Space Treaty’s bar on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in space crafted by the US & Japan highlights tautening tensions between Moscow & Wash D.C. over military space activities, including US concerns that Russia's been planning to orbit a nuclear anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon. The US-Japan resolution marked the first time the issue of outer space security has been put before the UNSC — although debate's been ongoing for decades in other UN bodies. [Preparing for "The Last" Blackout]

(Apr 24 2024) - Our “INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES” Run Our Government ... !!!
U.S.A. -- The United States of America is gone as we know it, and we are not going to get it back just by electing Donald Trump again. Tucker Carlson recently said on the Joe Rogan show that several Federal elected officials have told him that our intelligence agencies have blackmail material on our elected officials and that our intelligence agencies use that material to control our elected officials. If we assume that Tucker Carlson is telling the truth (and we have no reason to think he is not), the implication is that our elected officials REPORT to our intelligence agencies and not to the people who elect them.

(Apr 22 2024) - Niger’s Agrees to Release 1,000 US Troops “HELD HOSTAGE ... ???
CHAD -- Niger’s Russian-backed military junta has agreed to release 1,000 US troops it was effectively holding hostage in exchange for Biden’s agreement to turn over our $100M airbase to Niger and Russian forces. Another terrible humiliation for the U.S. under Biden. Another news story that the Democrat media axis has censored & scrubbed from public knowledge. The country of Chad has followed suit and demands US troops, which are stationed at the Adji Kossei Air Base, leave. The domino effect of Biden’s foreign policy disasters.

(Apr 19 2024) - How the “CIA CAPTURES” Our Lawmakers ... !!!
WASH D.C. -- What the heck happened to Speaker Mike Johnson? When he first emerged as the speaker after McCarthy was ousted, he was hailed as a “MAGA” hero. Many thought we finally had someone at the helm who truly had our best interests at heart. Boy, were we wrong. In a shockingly short period of time, Speaker Johnson went from a MAGA hopeful to a Deep State stooge. This drastic change has many people asking: Was he always a snake in the grass, or did they manage to blackmail him into becoming their dutiful little puppet?

(Apr 18 2024) - Risks are higher than ever for “US-CHINA CYBER WAR !!!
WASH D.C. -- Last month the DOJ published a press release announcing that 7 Chinese nationals have been charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusions and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.” This announcement came on the heels of warnings from Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly & National Cyber Director Harry Coker that Chinese hackers are making a strategic shift to target critical infrastructure, are likely able to launch cyberattacks that could cripple that infrastructure & are increasingly exploiting Americans’ private info.

(Apr 17 2024) - United States Loads “NUCLEAR BOMBS” onto B-52's ???
MONTANA -- Three days ago, Minot Air Force Base PRACTICED the loading of Nuclear Bombs onto B-52's. Last night, they did it -- for real !!! The planes are now armed with external wing mounted nuclear cruise missiles. The video, taken last night, shows the actual loading of the nuclear cruise missiles, pre-mounted on wing pods, onto B-52's. The US would only do this because they believe the use of such weapons may be necessary ...

(Apr 16 2024) - High-Tech “CHINESE MILITARY OPERATIONS” Near American Bases ... ???
U.S.A. -- Recent revelations on the Dr. Phil Primetime show have sparked concerns over Chinese military operations near U.S. soil. An alarming development was discussed by Kyle Bass, a financial expert from Hayman Capital Management, who highlighted the strategic purchase of land by Chinese nationals around American military installations. During the segment, a map was displayed showing substantial acquisitions of land surrounding U.S. military bases ...

(Apr 15 2024) - Iran Hit “SECRET ISRAELI INTEL BASE” at Golan Heights
GOLAN HEIGHTS -- The Israeli government is furious over one of the targets struck by the Iran missile attack two nights ago. That attack utterly smashed a secret Israeli Intelligence Base in the Golan Heights. According to Israeli sources, the heaviest damage that was inflicted on the Israeli government during Iran's retaliatory attack is the secret intelligence base in the north of the occupied Golan Heights located in Jabal al-Sheikh (Mount Hermon).

(Apr 14 2024) - Pre-emptive “NUCLEAR WAR” : The Role of Israel ...
ISRAEL -- While one can conceptualize the loss of life and destruction resulting from present-day wars including Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to fully comprehend the devastation which might result from a Third World War, using “new technologies” and advanced weapons, until it occurs and becomes a reality. The international community has endorsed nuclear war in the name of world peace. “Making the world safer” is the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.”

(Apr 11 2024) - SpaceX launches “MILITARY WEATHER SATELLITE” into orbit
CALIFORNIA -- SpaceX launched its 2nd national security mission of 2024 on Thursday with a Falcon 9 rocket lifting the U.S. Space Force mission USSF-62 into orbit. The mission took off from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base at 10:25 a.m. EDT. The mission sends a Weather System Follow-on Microwave satellite, or WSF-M, to low Earth orbit. BAE Systems said it "will provide critical & actionable weather intelligence to military operations in all warfighting domains."

LONDON -- One of the world’s largest arms fairs, Defence and Security Exhibition International (DSEI), takes place every two years at the ExCeL centre, a vast exhibition space in London Docklands. The venue usually hosts food, cosmetics and car events, but DSEI is a Trade Show for WEAPONS. Instead of consumer products, “combat-tested” drones hang from the ceiling, tanks are parked on the carpet, and “battle-proven” missiles are suspended over mock mountain ranges.

(Apr 04 2024) - The “COMPANIES PROFITING” from Israel’s 2023-2024 Attacks on Gaza
WAR CRIMINALS -- Since October, 2023, Israel has waged unprecedented aerial and ground attacks on Gaza after Hamas-led attacks on Israel. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been killed at a historic pace, mostly unarmed civilians, and most of the Gaza population has been displaced. These attacks may amount to a GENOCIDE, according to a preliminary ruling by the International Court of Justice, a U.S. federal court, as well as dozens of U.N. experts and legal scholars.

(Apr 03 2024) - LAVENDER : Israel's AI machine “DIRECTING BOMBING SPREE in GAZA !!!
ISRAEL -- The Israeli army has marked tens of thousands of Gazans as suspects for assassination, using an AI targeting system with little human oversight and a permissive policy for casualties, +972 and Local Call reveal. In 2021, a book titled “The Human-Machine Team: How to Create Synergy Between Human & Artificial Intelligence That Will Revolutionize Our World” was released in English under the pen name “Brigadier General Y.S.” Such a machine, it turns out, actually exists.

(Apr 01 2024) - SUN EJECTS MASSIVE FLARE” Headed toward Earth - Wed & Thurs
EARTH -- The Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences recorded a powerful solar flare, which was assigned the highest score of X 1.1. The explosion occurred almost exactly on the Sun-Earth line, in the area of maximum impact on the planet. The flare was accompanied by a large ejection of plasma masses towards the Earth. Today, several coronal holes have merged into one giant coronal hole, 20 times the size of the Earth. Flows from it, according to calculations, will reach the Earth by Tuesday-Wednesday.

(Mar 31 2024) - Is Baltimore Bridge “RETALIATION” For Crocus ???
BALTIMORE, MD -- There’s a lot about this subject of the bridge collision in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) the media aren’t talking about. Would it surprise you to find out there are a lot of military bases near the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore? Some names you will probably immediately recognise. For example, Fort Detrick (also known as ‘United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases’ or USAMRIID for short), is a mere hour’s drive from the bridge.

(Mar 30 2024) - AT&T says “DATA BREACH” has impacted millions of customers
U.S.A. -- AT&T said a data breach was found to have compromised various personal information for millions of customers on "the dark web." The telecommunications giant said Saturday that the dataset contains info such as Social Security numbers for about 7.6 million current AT&T account holders and 65.4 million former account holders. "If your information was impacted, you will be receiving an email or letter from us explaining the incident ..."

(Mar 29 2024) - HUGE PROBLEM : Pentagon's Rapid Wartime Response Cargo “SHIPS TRAPPED” In Baltimore After Bridge Collapse
BALTIMORE -- Two high-speed military cargo ships are stuck in the Port of Baltimore following Tuesday morning's collapse of the 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge. The major US East Coast port has been paralyzed for several days as the bridge collapse prevents inbound and outbound vessel traffic along the harbor's channel. Using the automatic identification system, or AIS, data that tracks commercial vessels, three bulk carriers, two general cargo ships, one vehicle carrier, one tanker, and four Ready Reserve Force vessels (RRF), along with the container ship Dali that struck the bridge, are trapped in the harbor, according to the shipping blog gCaptain.

(Mar 28 2024) - CHINA THREATENS TAIWAN” With More Jets And Ships
TAIWAN -- Taiwan’s defense ministry said Thursday that 20 Chinese fighter jets and 8 warships were seen over the past 24 hrs around the democratically-ruled island, the highest number in days. The presence of the Chinese military in the area highlighted fears about an expected invasion, despite officials saying last week that U.S. troops are “permanently stationed” in Taiwan. China's made clear it views Taiwan as part of its territory and Beijing hasn’t ruled out annexing the territory by force ...

(Mar 26 2024) - INTERNET OF BODIES” may lead to “INTERNET OF BRAINS ???
U.K. -- The Internet of Bodies ecosystem may lead to the Internet of Brains sometime between 2035 and 2050 !!! “An ‘internet of bodies’ may also ultimately lead to an ‘internet of brains’, i.e. human brains connected to the internet to facilitate direct brain-to-brain communication and enable access to online data networks” ~ [RAND Corporation, March 2024]

(Mar 22 2024) - The CIA's Role In The “BIDEN CRIME FAMILY'S” Activities In Ukraine ...
UKRAINE -- Normies are about to begin discovering why it was so VERY VERY IMPORTANT to the Deep State to impeach President Trump and to try to remove him from office right after he did 'the perfect phone call' with Zelensky about what the Biden Crime Family was doing in Ukraine, as well as the Crowdstrike report and the DNC server being in Ukraine. The Bidens are and always have been CIA/Blob assets. This is why they have been protected ... until now !!!

(Mar 21 2024) - The Ultimate “FREQUENCY WEAPON” of Mass Murder & Mind Control !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- TIME TO DITCH YOUR SMARTPHONE - BEFORE IT DITCHES YOU !!! As an Integrative Health Consultant, two of the things that I do the most of in 2024 are smartphone dependency coaching and/or Internet addiction counseling with virtually every single client. If the reader does not understand why both of these serious psychological conditions can be so debilitating, then they really need to read on. Let’s be very clear from outset of this unsolicited coaching session, countless folks are gonna get triggered by these revelations—BIG TIME!!!

(Mar 20 2024) - If SpaceX’s “SECRET CONSTELLATION” Is What We Think It Is ... It’s ...
U.S.A. -- The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office is reportedly acquiring a constellation of hundreds of intelligence-gathering satellites from SpaceX, with a specific focus on tracking targets down below in support of ground operations. Though details about this project are still very limited, there are clear parallels to what the U.S. Space Force has previously said about a highly classified space-based radar surveillance program, which it first publicly disclosed around the same time SpaceX is said to have gotten its NRO contract. If this program is the one we think it is, it could ...

(Mar 18 2024) - REPORT : Obama Arrived in UK “SECRETLY” and Entered #10 Downing St ???
U.K. -- Former US President Barack Obama has reportedly flown - in absolute secrecy - to the United Kingdom, and upon landing, was taken directly to 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Officials in #10 Downing Street are flatly refusing to discuss why Obama is there, or what he will speak with Sunak about. It's all very Hush Hush.

(Mar 17 2024) - GLOBAL ELITE” Just Gathered at a “SECRETIVE” Mini Davos ???
SWITZERLAND -- It was past midnight on Friday when the Swiss investor Guy Spier finally left the James Joyce pub in Zurich, after a night of carousing with luminaries of finance, government, and academia. The group had assembled for World.Minds - an under-the-radar fraternity for the global elite - which had just concluded its annual symposium. The summit fashions itself as the thinking man’s Davos,” one staff member told The Daily Beast. This year, scientists presented research on ...

(Mar 17 2024) - 70% Or More Of F-35s “MAY NOT BE COMBAT-CAPABLE ???
U.S.A. -- A September 2023 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the F-35 revealed some shocking statistics on just how unready hundreds of billions of dollars worth of F-35s are to provide actual combat power. In fact, the report indicated that only 15 to 30% of F-35s may be capable of combat. But if you were to read a typical article in the media, you might believe that, on average, some 55 percent of F-35s are combat-capable. However, you would be wrong.

(Mar 15 2024) - ARTICIAL INTELLIGENCE CRIMINALS CONVENE : 40-plus countries convening - next week - to THRASH OUT “RESPONSIBLE (AI)” for military use
WASH D.C. -- Thirteen months after the State Dept' rolled out its Political Declaration on ethical military (AI) at an international conference in the Hague, representatives from the countries who signed on will gather outside of Washington to discuss next steps. We’ve got over 100 participants from at least 42 countries of the 53,” a senior State Dept' Official told Breaking Defense (...) The delegates, a mix of military officers & civilian officials, will meet at a closed-door conference March 19th & 20th at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus.

(Mar 14 2024) - WHAT IS REALLY BEHIND” The New Tik Tok Ban?
WORLD WIDE -- Half of TikTok’s US users are between the age of 10 and 29, with teens making up the bulk of the user base. Over 50% of content creators are between 18 and 24 years old. From October 23-30, 2023, posts with the # ‘standwithPalestine’ were posted 10x more than posts with the # ‘standwithIsrael’. Posts with the # ‘standwithPalestine’ also received 5x as many views.

(Mar 13 2024) - Robot Infused With “PRE-TERMINATOR TECHNOLOGY” Using OpenAI
U.S.A. -- Robotics developer Figure made waves Wednesday when it shared a video demonstration of its first humanoid robot engaged in a real-time conversation, thanks to generative AI from OpenAI. “With OpenAI, Figure 01 can now have full conversations with people,” Figure said on Twitter, highlighting its ability to understand & react to human interactions instantly. The company explained that its recent alliance with OpenAI brings high-level visual & language intelligence to its robots, allowing for “fast, low-level, dexterous robot actions.”

(Mar 08 2024) - Merck Developed “BIOWEAPONS, VITAMINS & VACCINES
U.S.A. -- Today we are going to look at Merck Pharmaceuticals involvement in the US Militaries Biological Weapons Program ... while they were making “vaccines and vitamins”. In 1933, Merck’s first Research laboratory was created. Only three years later, Merck first synthesized vitamin B by “isolating” it. Because you are a normal person with common sense, you think this means Merck’s team found a way to extract the Vitamin B from something containing Vitamin B, like ...

(Feb 29 2024) - THE MINISTRY OF AI TRUTH ???
ISRAEL -- Remember HAL, the homicidal Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? Well, if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me introduce you to Gemini, Google’s “multimodal large language model.” Gemini hasn’t killed anyone yet — as far as I know, the liquidation of Gaza is being assisted by an Israeli AI called “the Gospel — but it is certainly doing a bang-up job of assassinating people’s characters.

(Feb 28 2024) - AI SUPER-INTELLIGENCE ALERT : Expert Warns of Uncontrollable Risks, Calling It a Potential “AN EXISTENTIAL CATSTROPHE !!!
WORLD WIDE -- A recent study by an AI safety expert and associate professor at the University of Louisville, Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy, casts a long shadow over the future of Artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of inherently uncontrollable AI superintelligence. In his latest book, AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable, Dr. Yampolskiy says that based on an extensive review of the latest scientific literature, there's no evidence that AI can be safely controlled. Challenging the foundation of AI advancement and the direction of future technologies, he warns, WITHOUT PROOF that AI can be controlled, it should not be developed.”

(Feb 27 2024) - Yakuza Narco Traffickers Charged in the United States For “TRAFFICKING NUCLEAR MATERIALS” and Weapons to Iran ???
IRAN -- Takeshi Ebisawa, a leader within the 'Yakuza Transnational Organized Crime Syndicate' allegedly trafficked nuclear materials, including uranium and weapons-grade plutonium. A superseding indictment was unsealed in Manhattan last week charging a Japanese national with conspiring with a network of associates to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries.

(Feb 26 2024) - CIA Built “12 SECRET SPY BASES” In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War ...
UKRAINE -- On Sunday The New York Times published an explosive and very belated full admission that US intelligence has not only been instrumental in Ukraine wartime decision-making, but has established and financed high tech command-and-control spy centers, and was doing so long prior to the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of two years ago. Among the biggest revelations is ... that the program was established a decade ago and spans three different American presidents.

(Feb 24 2024) - Remote & Wireless Mind-Reading & “MIND-CONTROLLING” Technologies
US Gov't -- In recent years there has been a significant amount of reporting about the supposed efforts of non-gov't companies to achieve mind reading” and “mind control.” The technologies used by those companies often, if not always, require brain surgery to implant some sort of small device. The companies making those devices are commonly known enough to not require mention here. What is much less discussed though, are the technologies which can “mind read” and be used for “mind control” and do not require surgery or an implanted device anywhere in the body and/or brain.

(Feb 22 2024) - The Worlds Grandiose Engineering Project “REMAKING PLANET EARTH
WORLD WIDE -- In Sept 2004 a group of strategic Eco-Terrorists met in New York City & formulated 12 Manhattan Principles to remake the earth from the atomic & molecular level using technology & engineering to design & implement a Synthetic Virtual Twin of the original earth design. In essence, these madmen are using the principles of alchemy with all power, lying signs & wonders to transform the known world. This framework was designed by a wicked & perverse generation calling for the international community to adopt an "holistic approach" to combat 'threats to the health of life on earth' under the banner 'One World, One Health,' " according to Carol Rubin.

(Feb 21 2024) - CIVIC LISTENING” : Gov't Monitors “Misinformation” in Private Chats
U.S.A -- Gov't resources are being allocated to construct a network tasked with identifying & analyzing what's being termed as “misinformation” within private communications. This initiative includes the use of (AI) to discern “emerging trends” related to such misinformation. Concerns are rising over the collaboration between Big Tech & gov't which extends beyond direct pressure on social media platforms. New reports highlights companies compiling extensive databases of allegedly illegal speech, harvested through user reports on one another over messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

(Feb 20 2024) - THE MISSING CROSSFIRE HURRICANE BINDER” : President Donald Trump Demanded its Contents Be Released - The FBI Wants It Hidden ... !!!
WASH D.C. -- The now infamous binder contains hundreds of pages about the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved in our gov't. Two different DOJ Attorney General’s have defied President Trump’s direct lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal Register. It’s been over 3 years now, and the DOJ continues to defy the presidential order and every FOIA request to make it public.

(Feb 20 2024) - HEADS UP AMERICA : DARPA’s New REMA Program is Turning Ordinary Drones into “AUTONOMOUS KILLING MACHINES ... Well - Kind of !!!
DARPA -- The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has selected the contractors for their Rapid Experimental Missionized Autonomy (REMA) program, which will practically TURN ordinary commercial & military drones into autonomous killing machines. By joining a program that was announced less than 3 months ago, the newly awarded partner companies will create a universal system that can equip existing drones with the capability to act autonomously and finish their mission ... EVEN ... when the connection to their human operator has been lost.

(Feb 19 2024) - CHIMERIC DNA” To Put You In Biostasis !!!
BIG PHARMA -- As we reach for the stars we are being driven to enter a zombie-like trance to "save the planet" where researchers are Mixing our DNA with that of the Tardigrade. In this article we are going to talk about these water bears known as Tardigrades, and what oxidation does to trigger them to curl up into a fetal position and go into a state of DORMANCY !!! How Does That Impact Your Life?

SOUTHERN BORDER -- China already has a huge military presence inside of the U.S., according to multiple sources, since they have been planning the destruction of America for decades, if not longer. The influx spoken about below is part of the endgame, not the beginning as China prepares to drop the hammer on the U.S.A. They softened America up with Covid-19, harming us economically, emotionally, and mentally, and now they are completing their invasion of America with tens of thousands more military aged men.

(Feb 15 2024) - Government Wants to Combat Cyber Attacks with “PSYCHOLOGY ???
DOD -- The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, the R&D arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, has launched a new program that will focus on evaluating and potentially exploiting weaknesses in the psychology of cyber attackers. The project, called Reimagining Security with Cyberpsychology-Informed Network Defenses, seeks to revolutionize cybersecurity defenses by exploiting the cognitive limitations & biases inherent in human decision-making to disrupt cyber attacks. Oedipal fantasies & “Peter Pan syndrome” aside, the program aims to reverse the current trend where attackers exploit human errors, instead targeting the attackers’ cognitive weaknesses.

(Feb 15 2024) - How the CIA “DESTABILIZES THE WORLD !!!
LANGLEY -- There are 3 basic problems with the C.I.A.: its objectives, methods and unaccountability. Its operational objectives are whatever the C.I.A. or the president defines to be in the U.S. interest at a given time, irrespective of international law or U.S. law. Its methods are secretive and duplicitous. Its unaccountability means that the C.I.A. and president run foreign policy without any public scrutiny. Congress is a doormat, a sideshow !!!

(Feb 14 2024) - BIO-WARFARE : Big Pharma tested “SECRET BIOWEAPON” targeting Slavic DNA in Mariupol, Ukraine ... video tour shows biowarfare lab' !!!
UKRAINE -- It's no surprise that Mariupol became the destination of choice for Big Pharma’s tests on psychiatric ward patients as such testing is forbidden in Western countries, experts told Sputnik. Major Western pharmaceutical companies tested rheumatological drugs on patients, including infants, in a psychiatric ward of a hospital in the city of Mariupol alongside Ukrainian officials for several years, according to documents obtained by Sputnik. The tests were carried out when Mariupol was under Kiev’s jurisdiction – until May 2022, when Russia seized control of the city.

(Feb 12 2024) - A WUHAN IN YOUR BACKYARD ... !!!
U.S.A. -- MORE THAN 200 DANGEROUS BIOLABS RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S. Think that the next Wuhan could never happen here in the US? Think again. A shocking discovery was made recently in California, where a an illegal Chinese-owned biolab was discovered. Thousands of viles, some bearing the names “HIV” and “Ebola” were discovered in the illegal lab along with thousands of test mice.

(Feb 10 2024) - The FBI’s “DANCING ISRAELIS” Reveals Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11
NEW YORK -- You’ve probably heard the 9/11 story of the “dancing Israelis.” You may even recall that most mainstream media at that time treated the story — if they covered it at all — as though it was a distasteful rumor or “canard”. Trump even made a dishonest implant reference to “dancing Arabs” in New Jersey that day. Then in 2019 the FBI at last acknowledged this event and declassified and released 144 pages documenting the agency’s investigation ...

(Feb 09 2024) - US is “RUN BY THE CIA” and other agencies ...
MOSCOW -- In Tucker Carlson’s viral interview of Vladimir Putin, which was released Thursday evening, the Russian president confirmed the host’s proposition that the U.S. government is not run by the people who are elected but rather by others, including “agency heads.” “That’s right, that’s right,” Putin said, affirming Carlson’s question in this regard after the Russian president’s description of three experiences he had with American presidents, suggesting this to be the case.

(Feb 08 2024) - CHINESE HACKERS” Had Access to Critical Infrastructure for 5 yrs
U.S.A. -- China’s digital intrusions are even worse than its on-the-ground espionage (which is already bad) or its aerial surveillance. And year after year, we’ve gone on doing nothing meaningful about the situation. At some point, we may come to regret that. We had plenty of warnings before 9/11 that a terrorist attack could happen. We’ve had plenty of warning about what China could do in the event of a heightened conflict. Here’s another one.

(Feb 04 2024) - Zapruder’s JFK “ASSASSINATION FOOTAGE” Altered by Nefarious Forces
TEXAS -- Doug Horne, is the former chief analyst of military records at the Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board. The interview below is long, repetitive and meticulous, so I will summarize it. In the video, legendary CIA photo interpreter Dino Brugioni speaks for the first time about his examination of the Zapruder footage (SECRET NOTE) while at the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center on one Saturday evening, the day after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

(Feb 03 2024) - Iraqi parliament calls to “DITCH US DOLLAR” for oil : 2 Days Later ...
IRAQ -- The Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament made a statement on Jan 31 calling for the sale of oil in currencies other than the US dollar, aiming to counter US sanctions on the Iraqi banking system. Two days later U.S. Airstrikes were done ... on Iraq and Syria for retaliation allegedly in connection with the deaths of 3 US Soldiers. Was it retaliation for those soldiers, or was it a message to the Iraq Parliament about leaving the US Dollar? Maybe both ???

(Jan 30 2024) - SOYLENT GREEN SOLUTION : Trudeau Regime Urges Stressed Canadians To Get Euthanized To Help “SAVE THE PLANET ... {SAVE THE PLANET FOR WHO ???}
CANADA -- The Trudeau regime has urged Canadians who feel stressed or depressed to seek government assisted suicide as a means to ease the burden on the state and help save the planet. On Monday, Trudeau’s Health Minister Mark Holland announced that the controversial medical assistance in dying (MAID) program will be expanded to include those who suffer from mild mental illnesses, such as stress or fleeting anxiety.

(Jan 27 2024) - PsyOps : The Historical, Modern, and Spiritual Warfare Tactics Used To “MANIPULATE THE MIND ... {By Dean Dwyer}
HISTROY -- It was once said that information is power. That has proven to be very true, particularly in the hands of those who can skillfully wield that power to influence the thoughts, emotions & actions of individuals and groups. The military gives this strategy a name: Psychological Warfare or PsyOps for short. At its core, PsyOps uses info to manipulate how adversaries, allies and neutral parties perceive a scenario or enact decision-making processes in response to a particular scenario.

(Jan 26 2024) - The U.S. Navy Essentially “LOST A BATTLE AT SEA” This Week ???
RED SEA -- On Wednesday the US Navy attempted to escort two US owned and flagged container carriers through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait into the Red Sea, but they turned around after coming under Houthi ballistic missile fire. A we detailed earlier, two contradictory narratives soon emerged: namely the Houthis said they scored a direct hit on one of the US ships, while the Pentagon flatly rejected the claim as nonsense.

(Jan 23 2024) - Pentagon to declassify some “SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS ...
PENTAGON -- The U.S. Dept' of Defense wants to declassify more space programs in order to boost the nation's military edge in space. As the world's superpowers continue to invest in the militarization of space, some leaders at the Pentagon believe it's time to declassify some of the secretive space programs in the United States' portfolio. To that end, U.S. Deputy Sec' of Defense Kathleen Hicks recently approved a new policy that will reduce the classification level of some highly secret space programs and technologies.

(Jan 19 2024) - Yes, Chinese Drones Are “COLLECTING DATA” in the US
U.S.A. -- More than a thousand police departments & first responders across the U.S. use drones for public safety, but a new memo from federal officials warns that those drones may do more harm than good, posing a threat to national security depending on who manufactures them. A Jan. 17 memo from the FBI and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency warns that China is collecting data from drones made by Chinese-based manufacturers, which includes most drones on the market.

(Jan 18 2024) - INFRASONIC WEAPONRY” Attacks Are Coming From Every Direction
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Every person on the planet needs to become aware of the pervasiveness and extreme dangers associated with infrasonic Weaponry ... especially if they are vaxxed. However, it’s also important for folks to understand that these highly advanced frequency weapons are prominently integrated into a much more complex Quaternary Weapon System. Of course, the ultimate immediate goal of the New World Order globalist cabal is to incapacitate and/or debilitate physically & psychologically as many people as possible in advance of their absurdly impossible Great Reset.

(Jan 09 2024) - The Brain Is “THE BATTLEFIELD” of the Future ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- “Directed Energy is being weaponized” and “Individuals’ brains can be targeted by microwaves” according to Peter Koenig a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO). Peter warns that we must recognise the diabolical “Illuminati” methods and stand up in unison against them and spread the information on the “brain as the ongoing and next battlefield”. The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future.

(Jan 09 2024) - Paying $50 “IMAGES OF KIDS” to Train Google’s AI ... ???
CANADA -- In a recent initiative, Google and TELUS International, a subsidiary of the Canadian tech conglomerate TELUS, have collaborated to collect biometric data from children for age verification purposes. This project, running from Nov 2023 to Jan 2024, involved parents filming their children’s faces, capturing details such as eyelid shape, skin tone, and facial geometry. Parents who participated were paid $50 per child !!!

(Jan 08 2024) - Spike In Chinese Balloons Over Taiwan A “SERIOUS THREAT
TAIWAN -- High-altitude balloons, launched by China, are once again in the headlines, this time with a spate of sightings over and around Taiwan. Tensions between the island and Beijing are already strained, with elections due later this week. As a result of the recent spike in balloon flights, Taiwan has accused China of psychological warfare as well as threatening international aviation safety in the region. The incidents come close to a year after U.S. fighters had to shoot down a total of four high-flying aerial objects in American and Canadian airspace ...

(Jan 05 2024) - Deep State’s “EARTHQUAKE WEAPON” Strikes Japan ... ???
JAPAN -- It’s time to wake up and smell the seismic activity, folks. The recent events in Japan are not just a mere coincidence. They are a clear signal, a loud and terrifying rumble from the depths of geopolitical maneuvering and shadowy power plays. Japan’s bold move to reject the Rothschilds and the Davos Group’s puppet leaders, coupled with their clandestine deal with Russia over resources and oil, has set the stage for a new kind of warfare – one that shakes the very ground we stand on. But this is just the tip of the iceberg ... The West Coast, from Canada through California to Mexico, is their target.

(Jan 03 2024) - NASA's Mission to “BLANKET THE EARTH” with Lasers !!!
NASA -- The following is a dated video but is understandable for even a small child. NASA has been experimenting with laser optical communications at least publically since 2013. Fast communications sound great! What are the risks ??? - Precision weaponry - Precision fires as we saw with Paradise and Maui - An intergrated communication with the Synthetic Biology inserted into our bodies without our consent. - The ability to manipulate or destroy the whole or any part of a biological system. - Precise Direct Energy Weapon - Nanowire lasers engineer a mimicry of original coherent light, but by-pass, God who makes light and His original Light. Nobody knows the dangers of this ... !!!

(Jan 02 2024) - China's “SECRET SURVEILLANCE” Over White Sands Missle Base !!!
NEW MEXICO -- Amid the news media hysteria over North Korean missile launches in the western Pacific, a far closer threat from China went unreported in the heartland of America’s nuclear defenses. Recall the Chinese surveillance balloon that glided over Montana toward the East Coast? A more recent low-altitude intrusion into the airspace of America’s strategic defenses, obviously for a bold spy mission on December 8 (...), was flawlessly achieved by a far more sophisticated Chinese spacecraft, an upgraded and modified Shen Long (Spirit Dragon) space transporter ...

(Jan 02 2024) - It’s 2024 — “TIME TO EXPAND” !!!
WORLD WIDE -- Gumshoe has over the years shied away from the alien & UFO stories. “Contact” has long piqued my interest. For the last decade, the more I explored the area, the more obvious it became that other entities or beings have visited, existed, and possibly influenced Earthly matters. Old narratives no longer explain the complexities of our existence and the human design. I am sure we are a designed species — and the countless histories of ancient cultures, along with science, back this up.

(Jan 01 2024) - TRAMA BASED MIND CONTROL” !!!
U.S.A. -- In Trauma Based Mind Control, trauma is used to hack into the mind and body’s defense systems in order to train a person’s behavior. This is accomplished in three steps: In step one, the victim’s identity is destroyed. This is achieved by depriving the victim of their basic needs and inflicting pain upon them until they become exhausted, confused, and disoriented. In this state, they no longer trust themselves and become receptive to guidance from an outside ‘authority.’

(Dec 26 2023) - SHROUDED IN SECRECY” The Companies Profiting from Israel’s War
ISRAEL -- The companies listed here have provided Israel with weapons and other military equipment used in its so-called “Swords of Iron” attacks on Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria during October-December 2023. A list of known U.S. arms transfers is maintained by the Forum on the Arms Trade. The scale of destruction and war crimes in Gaza would not be possible without this continued flow of weapons from the U.S.

(Dec 24 2023) - US “BECOMES A VASSEL” of the UN Mothership ???
U.S.A. -- I am called to continually explore the spiritual and emerging technology landscape of the intensifying war between good and evil. The Goliath's of our day, are poised for global control- governments, militaries, academia, and industry are mobalizing at hypersonic speed to dominate the virtual synthetic evil twin of the original creation. Our world has become a battlefield. Surely you have noticed. (...) Where does the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA fit into the End Time landscape ??? She is NON-EXISTENT in biblical references, so where did she go?

(Dec 22 2023) - Russian “SPECIAL FLIGHT SQUADRON” Lands in DC (Ukraine War to End)
WASH D.C. -- Russian officials arrived in Washington, DC Thursday morning to discuss the terms of Ukraine's SURRENDER. This is the aircraft that brought the Russian Delegation to Washington, DC. The "Special Flight Squadron" moves Kremlin officials traveling on important matters. Put bluntly, the Ukraine war is over and Ukraine lost. Completely !!! They can no longer defend themselves in any meaningful way.

(Dec 21 2023) - China's working on advanced “BRAIN WARFARE” tech including devices that send enemies to sleep and “THOUGHT-CONTROLLED WEAPONS !!!
CHINA -- China is working on advanced brain warfare technology which is said to include devices that can send enemies to sleep & control their thoughts, according to an uncovered report. Researchers found 2 recent studies by China's People's Liberation Army that show the military is increasing its 'hard power' weapons with new technology to win wars without conventional weapons. China's also said to be developing weapons that can be controlled directly by a soldier's thoughts & can manipulate enemies.

(Dec 21 2023) - Suez Canal & Red Sea “SHIPPING ROUTES SHUT DOWN !!!
SHIPPING CANALS -- DoD Lloyd Austin has declared that a new Navy shield of destroyers are heading to the Red Sea to take out Yemen’s Houthi’s while prodding a war with Iran. The only Middle East country to join in this junta with EU countries, US, and Canada is – Bahrain. A number of western backed shipping companies are shutting down their routes through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea over fears of being attacked… Yet, this was all pre-calculated before Netanyahu bombed Gaza.

(Dec 18 2023) - Full Scale “NAVAL WAR BREAKS OUT” in Red Sea ...
RED SEA -- There can be no doubt now that we are in the beginning phase of WW III, as a full-blown Naval War has broken out in the Red Sea that threatens global trade. It was announced today that the United States was launching "Operation Prosperity Guardian", a new military operation in the Red Sea. There are also many reports of Cyber Attacks in the news right now, with the latest one being reported as an Israeli cyber attack against Iran that took down their petroleum distribution system earlier today.

(Dec 14 2023) - A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL ... ???
WORLD WIDE -- (By Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD) There are so many people who are clueless about the human targeting program. THIS GENOCIDAL Program and implantation of humans with microchips has been going on for a very long time. I posted the analysis of implanted microchips by Dr Hildy Staninger and have been discussing that these micro chips are the very same thing that is The C19 Bioweapons now : GLOBAL BRAIN CHIP AND MESOGENS Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories - Computer System For Collective Mind Control.

(Dec 14 2023) - Creepy-Crawly “WAR ON FOOD” Operational 2024 ???
END TIMES INFO -- What does the UN, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), 9-11, Famine, Command, and Control have to do with one another? We are entering a time in history when our food supply will vanish due to God's judgment on mankind for his unrepentant sin, the Grand Solar Minimum, collapse of the magnetosphere flooding the earth with galactic and solar cosmic ray flux, radiation, chemicals, synthetic biology, and climate chaos. Let’s step back in history to the book of Leviticus for a look at God’s warning to man through the example of Israel.

(Dec 12 2023) - Intel ‘Experts’ ... Call To Extend “WARRENTLESS SPYING” On Americans ... !!!
WASH D.C. -- The same intelligence “experts” who penned the infamous Hunter Biden laptop letter in October 2020 are now calling on lawmakers to reauthorize the warrantless surveillance state through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). On Monday, 46 former national security officials signed a letter urging Capitol Hill to rubber stamp the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

(Dec 11 2023) - SECRET PLAN EXPOSED ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Government & Pfizer Documents Implicate Gates & Schwab in Depopulation Scheme. If an experimental vaccine were to damage the heart and immune system in a significant number of individuals who received it, it is possible that it could lead to a decline in the overall population size. If such a vaccine were to be developed and distributed, it could potentially lead to DEPOPULATION due to increased mortality and decreased fertility.

(Dec 07 2023) - PEARL HARBOR : Hawaii Was Surprised - “FDR WAS NOT !!!
HAWAII -- Comprehensive research has shown not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack, but that it deliberately withheld its foreknowledge from our commanders in Hawaii in the hope that the "surprise attack" would catapult the U.S. into World War II. Oliver Lyttleton, British Minister of Production, stated in 1944: "Japan was provoked into attacking America at Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty of history to say that America was forced into the war."

NEW WORLD ORDER -- As the world is to be tilled for the final days of evil we find ourselves in a world where the material world that we once knew has been rearranged. During a process of synthesis using arcane alchemy - our material world is being: (1) Restructured (2) Transformed (&) Deceptively exuding magical properties. The engineered, you could say weaponized materials, result in a shadowy manifestation. It is evil to the core. These certain new materials are called metamaterials !!!

(Dec 06 2023) - Police “CAN SPY” on Your iOS and Android “PUSH NOTIFICATIONS
WASH D.C. -- If you have push notifications turned on for sensitive apps, you may want to reconsider your settings. The U.S. gov't & foreign law enforcement can demand Apple & Google share metadata associated with push notifications from apps on iOS & Android, according to a US senator & court records reviewed by WIRED. These notifications can reveal which apps a person uses, along with other info that may be pertinent to law enforcement investigations. US Senator Ron Wyden, highlighted the gov't surveillance technique in a letter sent to the US Dept' of Justice (DOJ) today.

(Dec 05 2023) - The “GREATER ISRAEL” Scheme and It's “GLOBAL POWER PLAY ...
ISRAEL -- In 1996, a nest of American-born imperialists revolving around Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & Richard Perle created a new think tank called “The Project for a New American Century.” While the principled aim of the think tank ultimately hinged on a new “Pearl Harbor moment” that would justify a new era of regime-change wars in the Middle East, a secondary but equally important part of the formula involved the dominance of “GREATER ISRAEL” Likud fanatics then taking power over the murdered body of Yitzhak Rabin.

(Dec 03 2023) - CORONA : Is a “CLANDESTINE” Global Military Takeover ... Not a Virus !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- As we drill down into optical Direct Energy Weapons we must examine the name Corona and a silent military coup d'état. Clandestine agencies and the military have been engaging in a mission codenamedCorona” for decades. If you thought that the Corona was a virus you were duped in a massive PsyOp !!! Sophisticated and environmental Corona satellites were placed in space. (...) The CORONA program was officially classified top secret until 1992.

(Dec 01 2023) - Boeing out of E-4B “DOOMSDAY PLANE” replacement competition
SIMI VALLEY, Calif. -- Boeing is no longer in the running to build the Air Force’s E-4B Nightwatch “Doomsday Plane” replacement, leaving Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) as the only known remaining competitor. In a statement to Breaking Defense on Friday, a company spokesperson confirmed that the aerospace giant’s bid is no longer under consideration by the Air Force. Reuters first reported Boeing’s elimination.

(Nov 26 2023) - Is The CIA Still “SECRETLY CAPTURING” Americans’ communications ???
CIA -- Before 2023 ends, Congress must either reauthorize or let die the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Section 702 program. Simply stated, FISA Section 702 is used to target digital communications passing through the infrastructure of major telecom's firms & the networks of internet service providers. Defenders of the program (...) claim that the 702 program is vital given that “the terrorist threat landscape is highly dynamic & our country must preserve [counterterrorism] fundamentals to ensure constant vigilance.

(Nov 24 2023) - Pentagon to Deploy “AI WEAPONS” That Autonomously Kill Human Targets
PENTAGON -- The United States gov't is on the verge of deploying new artificial intelligence technology (AI) weapons that can make decisions on whether to KILL HUMAN TARGETS. The frightening lethal autonomous weapons, being developed in the U.S. China, & Israel, will automatically select humans deemed a “threat” to the system and eliminate them. (...) This is starting to sound like Skynet !!!

WASH D.C. -- Imagine you were just elected President of the United States. During one of your first classified briefings, you learn that the US military has recovered advanced extraterrestrial technology. You are told we’ve made only modest headway in understanding how this technology works, where it's from, or why these intelligently controlled machines are here. What would you do in that circumstance? As President, your top priority is to keep Americans safe from all threats, both foreign & domestic.

(Nov 22 2023) - CHINA'S NEW SUBS & SONARS” Challenge Supremacy of US ...
CHINA -- The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surpassed the US Navy in total number of warships in late 2021. Technologically too, China has made major strides, including in the area of sub' construction & detection. These advances have sparked concerns from observers that America’s powerful fleets could be left dead in the water in a crisis. The PLAN’s military & technological prowess against the US Navy in the field of submarine construction & anti-submarine warfare is progressing apace, and the “era of total US submarine dominance” over the People’s Republic of China is reaching its end.

U.S.A. -- One of the recent research thrusts in my research group aims at developing a novel transparent cranial implant (“window”) that enables life-long, non-invasive delivery and/or collection of laser light into & from shallow & deep brain tissue on demand. Such an implant would allow for real-time & highly precise visualization & treatment of diverse brain pathologies, such as those resulting from traumatic brain injury or brain tumors, w/o the need of highly-invasive craniotomies or trepanation procedures.

(Nov 21 2023) - Air Force Base “GOES INTO LOCKDOWN” Conducts Active Shooter Protocol
NEW MEXICO -- Cannon Air Force Base, eight miles west of Clovis, New Mexico, went into lockdown Tuesday evening and conducted active shooter protocol. The base asked Cannon and Chavez residents to seek shelter in place until further notice. “According to Cannon AFB’s Facebook, at 7:28 p.m., they are currently conducting active shooter protocol ...” KFDA reports.

(Nov 20 2023) - MASSIVE CAPITOL POLICE EXERCISE” ... In The Dark of The Night ... With The Military ... Has Americans Asking Questions ??? (A Lot of Questions)
WASH D.C. -- U.S. Capitol Police and other police agencies conducted a training exercise on early Sunday morning on the grounds of the Capitol, the department said in a tweet. “Sunday, November 19 – starting at 4:00 a.m., we will be conducting a training exercise with our military partners on Capitol Grounds,” the U.S. Capitol Police said in a post. “Please do not be alarmed if you see emergency vehicles.”

(Nov 20 2023) - SECRETIVE : White House “SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM” Gives Cops Access to Trillions of United States Domestic Phone Records ... ???
WHITE HOUSE -- A little-known surveillance program tracks more than a trillion domestic phone records within the U.S. each year, according to a letter WIRED obtained that was sent by US senator Ron Wyden to (DOJ) on Sunday, challenging the program’s legality. According to the letter, a surveillance program now known as Data Analytical Services (DAS) has for more than a decade allowed federal, state & local law enforcement agencies to mine the details of Americans’ calls, analyzing the phone records of countless people who are not suspected of any crime, including victims.

(Nov 18 2023) - Laser “DEW” MicroExplosions “IN YOUR BRAIN” ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- My Whack-A-Brain Webinar series covered many of the particulars of Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) released to the public at the time. During the webinar I discussed a process called cavitation. Cavitation is defined as: “formation of vapor bubbles within a liquid at low-pressure regions that occur in places where the liquid has been accelerated to high velocities.” Before we begin, let us remember that when we see what seem to be unconnected dots, we must remember that THIS IS an Integrated Weapon System.

(Nov 17 2023) - Nanotechnology Injected Into Bodies “DAMAGES” Brains, Minds & Spirits
U.S.A. -- Biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston revealed in her interview with Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger that mRNA technology is the gateway into using nanotechnology in human beings in nefarious ways. She explained that nanotechnology particularly causes damage to the neurological system and, hence, to the brain, mind, and spirit. The industry has always known this, Kingston explained, remarking that even gold nanoparticles without biomarkers on them just love going to the brain.

(Nov 17 2023) - The “PENTAGON JUST FAILED” to Conduct Another Audit, 6th in a Row ...
PENTAGON -- The Pentagon has just failed its 6th audit in as many years, marking another setback for the defense dept'. In early Oct, it was reported that the Pentagon was citing financial hardship to Congress & this latest development further compounds the challenges facing the defense dept'. With the world seemingly on fire under Biden’s admin', having our Defense Dept' in order would be opportune, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

(Nov 14 2023) - DARPA's Power Beaming “MATRIX OF DEATH !!!
DARPA -- Creeping into your life is a new energy system. DARPA is entering the first phase of the Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay, whose acronym is POWER. This is a program aimed at revolutionizing energy distribution through airborne wireless power transfer. The goal of the Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay (POWER) program is to design and demonstrate airborne optical energy relays. In layman's terms ... a never-ending infrared laser above your heads. And you thought geo-engineering was insidious.

(Nov 14 2023) - UK Government Proposals Would Allow It to “MASS SURVEIL ALL USERS” of an Internet Service Within Specific Timeframe ... {Because They Can & Will}
U.K. -- The UK gov't has presented draft amendments to the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) – otherwise known as “Snoopers Charter,” a highly controversial piece of legislation allowing for wide-scale spying by intel' agencies. The plan now is to specify ALLOW authorities the right to carry out mass surveillance of an internet service within a specific timeframe – and do so “dragnet-style,” by spying on all users of that service during a given time.

(Nov 14 2023) - What exactly are “U.S. SPECIAL FORCES” doing in Israel?
ISRAEL -- The Pentagon has been fairly transparent about its actions outside of Israel, including the decision to move two aircraft carrier strike groups into the Middle East, among other naval assets and missile defense systems. But two more sensitive issues remain shrouded in mystery: What exactly are American special forces doing in Israel? And what weapons is the U.S. now giving to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)?

(Nov 13 2023) - BILLIONS” Unaccounted for at 25 US Government Agencies
WASH D.C. -- The Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that numerous government agencies “had discrepancies” in their 2022 budgets. Twenty-five agencies in total failed to properly report their expenditures to USAspending, which is intended to act as American’s guide to where their tax dollars are going. The GAO is now urging Congress to hold these agencies accountable. To the surprise of no one, COVID related spending reports contained the largest errors. In fact ...

(Nov 08 2023) - SpaceX sends 23 “STARLINK SATELLITES” into space ...
SKYNET -- SpaceX continued its aggressive launch schedule early Wed when its Falcon 9 rocket lifted 23 Starlink satellites into space from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. It marked the 80th launch of 2023, with most helping SpaceX build its network of Internet-connecting satellites that aim to allow digital access around the world regardless of how remote users are. The first stage of the Falcon 9 safely returned to Earth & landed in the Atlantic Ocean on the drone ship.

(Nov 05 2023) - Israel “SHOOTS DOWN” the First Missile in Space
ISRAEL -- Israel has just made an important step in warfare. Their Arrow missile-defense system has shot down a ballistic missile outside of Earth’s atmosphere, which is the first time warfare has taken place in space. This was an Iranian missile launched from Yemen by the Iran-backed Houthis, who have declared war on Israel. This missile traveled out of the Earth’s atmosphere in hopes of avoiding all radar, and this would be a surprise attack !!!

(Nov 03 2023) - The World’s Largest Biometric Digital ID System “BREACHED
INDIA -- An anonymous hacker claims to have breached HACKED the digital ID numbers, as well as other sensitive personal data, of around 815 million Indian citizens. To put that number in perspective, it's more than 60% of the 1.3 billion Indian people enrolled in the government’s Aadhaar biometric digital identity program, roughly 10% of the entire global population. Thanks to the breach (...) the personal data of hundreds of millions of Indians are now up for grabs on the dark web, for as little as $80,000.

(Nov 03 2023) - The Illuminati's Illuma-T “ORION ARTIMES II
U.S.A. -- Before we star gaze above our heads, let us refresh our memory about Lucifer so that he can be easily spotted in the space programs. Lucifer is the Latin name for the morning appearances of the planet Venus, which corresponds to the Greek names Phosphorus, "light-bringer", and Eosphorus, "dawn-bringer". Lucifer was an angel created in absolute perfection, with the ability to choose between good and evil. He rebelled against God and became Satan, the evil leader of the fallen angels called demons.

(Oct 28 2023) - US jets intercept “CIVILIAN PLANE” near Biden’s residence
DELAWARE -- An unspecified civilian aircraft violated restricted airspace north of Wilmington, Delaware, close to the residence of US President Joe Biden on Saturday, the United States Secret Service has announced. “As a precaution, assets were scrambled to intercept and the civilian aircraft safely landed at a nearby airport,” the Secret Service’s chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement.

(Oct 27 2023) - U.S. Quietly Expands “SECRET MILITARY BASE”in Israel
ISRAEL -- Two months before Hamas attacked Israel, the Pentagon awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to build U.S. troop facilities for a secret base it maintains deep within Israel’s Negev desert, just 20 miles from Gaza. Code-named “Site 512,” the longstanding U.S. base is a radar facility that monitors the skies for missile attacks on Israel. On Oct 7, however, when thousands of Hamas rockets were launched, Site 512 saw nothing — because it is focused on Iran, more than 700 miles away.

(Oct 24 2023) - CHINA FIRES” Defense Minister Li Shangfu In Continuing Xi Purge
CHINA -- Li was also removed from his positions as a member of the Central Military Commission – a powerful body headed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping who ultimately commands the armed forces – and as one of China’s five state councillors – a senior position in the cabinet that outranks a regular minister, state broadcaster "CCTV and CNN" reported. Li Shangfu has not been seen in two months !!!

(Oct 22 2023) - Over “12,000 U.S. TROUPS” Advance to Middle East ...
MIDDLE EAST -- Amid the escalating tensions in the Middle East, over 12,000 personnel from the US Navy and Marine Corps aboard ten warships have either reached or are en route to the Eastern Mediterranean, as reported by Nikkei Asia, citing data from the US Navy. On Saturday, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III announced a series of actions aimed at bolstering the United States’ military presence in the Middle East.

PERSIAN GULF -- In light of increasing tensions in the Middle East amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in a late Saturday announcement, revealed the United States’ strategic response. The U.S. will redeploy one of its carrier strike groups to the Persian Gulf and will also dispatch additional air defense systems to the region. Furthermore, Secretary Austin has placed more U.S. forces on “prepare to deploy orders,” without specifying the exact numbers. Earlier this week, he had ordered 2,000 troops to be ready for potential deployment in the Middle East.

(Oct 20 2023) - If the “CIA & MOSSAD” created “HAMAS” who created the “CIA & MOSSAD
DEEP STATE -- Mainstream media aren’t talking about it, but it’s an open secret: some 50 years ago, the US and Israel created Hamas—as an offset and competitor to Yasser Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization. It was one more brilliant (aka asinine) example of meddling and launching endless enemies, who become our enemies when they turn on us. The CIA has specialized in this, all over the world. The US and Israeli governments launched CIA and Mossad !!!

(Oct 12 2023) - Foolish Hamas­ fell into a “MOSSAD TRAP ... {by Peter Gerard Myers}
ISRAEL -- How do I know that this was a Mossad Operation? Because I study the books of Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky; they reveal Mossad's mindset and strategy. Ben-Menashe reveals cases of Mossad posing as "Palestinian Terrorists" and Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad officer, reveals that Mossad encouraged the rise of Hamas. THE OBJECTIVE was to get Palestinians to forfeit the moral high ground. Hamas has done that, and its infamy will justify the ethnic cleansing agenda of the Netanyahu government. The world will not complain, now, when Palestinians are forced out of their enclaves.

(Oct 06 2023) - The “SECRET MEETING” That Created United Nations
WASH D.C. -- The Dumbarton Oaks Conference, or more formally the Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization, was a global gathering where ideas for the creation of a “general international organization,” which would later become the United Nations, were developed and negotiated. The United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China served as the conference’s four policemen. It took place in Washington, D.C., at the Dumbarton Oaks estate, from August 21 to October 7, 1944.

(Oct 06 2023) - Corrupt Political Influence on “MILITARY INTELLIGENCE”and ...
U.S.A. -- The US intelligence community collects data on the whole world, but only when that data becomes important to the US state is a deep analysis & targeted collection performed. While intelligence in wartime can & should be driven by decentralized requests from the field commanders, the intelligence community has long been organized around SERVING the ruling state, and giving the state what it asks for. This makes sense, because the US Congress has not declared war in over 80 years. At the same time, this makes no sense at all, because arguably the US state has been at war continually for over 80 years.

(Sep 29 2023) - RUSSIAN MYSTERY PLANE” That Landed In Pyongyang Making D.C. Nervous
NORTH KOREA -- A Russian 'mystery plane' spotted in North Korea is making Washington nervous, after Kim Jong Un visited Russia to meet with President Putin this month. The two leaders, deemed 'rogue' actors by the West, are believed to have discussed & possibly inked a weapons deal at a moment Moscow needs more ammo' for military operations in Ukraine. Citing aviation tracking site FlightRadar24, Bloomberg described it as an an unscheduled Russian military VIP plane that landed in Pyongyang earlier this week.

(Sep 29 2023) - Russia to Hold First Nationwide “NUCLEAR ATTACK EXERCISE Oct 3rd ???
RUSSIA -- With all the bru-ha-ha about the U.S. conducting its first nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test on Oct 4th, it is eerily unsettling that Russia has just announced its first nationwide CIVILIAN nuclear attack exercise one day earlier, on Oct. 3rd. This first nationwide nuclear attack exercise across 11 time zones is openly stated by Russia to be "in preparation for potential nuclear war." It seems no small coincidence this is announced to take place just one day BEFORE the US Emergency Alert System (EAS) test, scheduled for Oct 4th.

(Sep 24 2023) - DOD “SIGNS CONTRACT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA” Monitoring Company !!!
DOD -- Fresh revelations regarding a $2.5 million contractual agreement between the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at Fort George G. Meade and social media scrutinizer Dataminr have emerged. These claims, unveiled by a US govt notice, imply a new era of digital monitoring rests on the horizon, increasingly unsettling in its reinforcement of SWEEPING SURVEILLANCE, and potentially having implications on free speech and privacy protection.

(Sep 23 2023) - AI-Powered “BARAK TANK” Unveiled !!!
ISRAEL -- Israel unveiled its new AI-powered “Barak Tank” for its military’s Armored Corps. The tank, which is equipped with artificial intelligence, sensors, radar & small cameras, is believed to usher in a new era of military technology. “The Defense Ministry said the tank’s systems will provide superiority to Israeli troops by revealing enemy locations & providing targets for combat troops on the battlefield based on 360-degree peripheral observation technology,” Defense News reports.

(Sep 21 2023) - ONLY 55% OF F-35s ARE MISSION CAPABLE ... ???
WASH D.C. -- Just 55% of the Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet was mission capable as of March 2023, a disappointing statistic driven by factors like a lack of depot capacity, insufficient supply of spare parts and overreliance on contractors (...) The watchdog’s assessment — published days after a Marine Corps F-35B went missing for over 24 hrs in South Carolina — highlights a complaint frequently aired by gov't officials: prime contractor Lockheed Martin (...) were given too much control over sustaining the stealth fighter, a situation officials told GAO is untenable for the program’s future.

(Sep 18 2023) - Two U.S. Navy Drone Boats Make “UNANNOUNCED” Appearance in Japan ???
JAPAN -- Drone boats are proving their worth on the front lines of conflict, and the U.S. Navy is moving gradually to adopt unmanned technology into its own warfighting doctrine. In a sign of the increasing visibility of these efforts, two of the service's "Ghost Fleet Overlord" drone boats were recently spotted entering the harbor at Yokosuka, Japan (...) The USVs Mariner and Ranger are test platforms for developing a concept of operations for unmanned vessels in the fleet.

(Sep 15 2023) - IPCC should include “WEATHER WARFARE” as part of the global climate change debate !!! ... {For Sure : Contact Me If That Happens}
DOD -- Two of the defence contractors dominating the directed energy weapons (“DEWs”) market – Raytheon and BAE – are also involved with environmental modification techniques. One such environmental modification project was HAARP in Alaska and both defence contractors were partners in it. According to a Mar 2023 report by Report Linker, DEWs constitute a buoyant $5.3 billion business in 2022 & are slated to grow to $12.9 billion by 2027. A DEW is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy, including ... laser, microwaves & particle beams.

(Sep 08 2023) - DHS “ILLEGALLY FUNDING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE” To Censor Posts Against Government Narratives !!!
DHS -- The ruling classes of the globe have been working hard at weaponizing artificial intelligence against the American public. It won’t be long before AI starts censoring posts and the rulers will claim they had no part in it, it was all the AI. Recently, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), by way of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), gave millions of dollars to an AI tech company in exchange for software that can detect sentiment and emotion in social media posts.

(Sep 04 2023) - US Special OPS to Wage Real-Time “AI INFORMATION WAR !!!
PENTAGON -- US Special Operations Command can now analyze social media data to captureemerging narratives” & quickly generate info' a military force would need to stamp out unfriendly trends, even as they are still in the process of going viral. That’s according to AI software developer, Accrete, which announced in a press release last week it will provide its “open-source threat detection” software, ‘Arugus,’ to the Pentagon to targetsynthetic media” & so-called disinformation on social media in real time. The tool would be used by intelligence analysts and other specialists to “predict real time disinformation threats from social media,” the company explained.

(Aug 31 2023) - Earth Estries' “ESPINAGE CAMPAIGN TARGETS” Govts and Tech Titans ...
WORLD WIDE -- A hacking outfit nicknamed Earth Estries has been attributed to a new, ongoing cyber espionage campaign targeting ... government & technology industries based in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, and the U.S. "The threat actors behind Earth Estries are working with high-level resources and functioning with sophisticated skills & experience in cyber espionage and illicit activities," Trend Micro researchers said.

(Aug 30 2023) - Hacktivists claim to “EXPOSE FACIAL RECOGNITION” used by Iranians ...
IRAN -- A hacktivist group says it has breached a software system that the Iranian authorities have allegedly been using to surveil the country’s citizens, including a facial recognition tool for video surveillance. The group, called GhostSec, has exposed approximately 26GB of data, including source code. Among the exposed pieces of software is Behnama, a video surveillance system with facial recognition capabilities. The system was initially deployed across branches of Pasargad Bank. The software has since been used by other companies !!!

(Aug 30 2023) - Multi-Billion Dollar “DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS” Market ... built for ???
WAR MACHINE -- Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) constitute a buoyant $5.3 billion dollar business (2022) which is slated to increase to $12.9 billon by 2027. This profit-driven military-industrial market is dominated by “six defense contractors” including Raytheon, Northrup Grunman, BAE Systems (plc), Boeing, Lockheed Martin and L3Harris Technologies. According to Raytheon : “The development of directed energy (DE) technology is used to counter the drone threat”. (And Make a Ton of Money)

(Aug 27 2023) - Janet Airlines flies “SECRET JETS” out of Las Vegas to AREA 51
LAS VEGAS -- Here's an airline you'll likely never fly on - no matter how much money you have. Janet Airlines Boeing 737 planes travel to one of the most mysterious and talked-about places on Earth - AREA 51, deep in the Nevada desert. There, the United States government develops its most secretive military technology. The ultra-secret base is also rumored to host crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft - and even aliens themselves (...). Janet - whose letters are rumored to stand for Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation, or Just Another None Existent Terminal - has a fleet of six Boeing 737 jets.

(Aug 25 2023) - Northrop Grumman’s Phantom Laser Delivers Compact, Rugged, High-Energy Beam Weapon “HIGH-ENERGY BEAM WEAPON” to Empower U.S. Tactical Capabilities
U.S.A. -- Northrop Grumman Corporation has just equipped the U.S. military with Phantom, a compact-sized high-power laser beam source (DEW) specially equipped for rapid deployment in tactical situations, the company announced this week. At just 12 cubic feet in size, Phantom, Northrop Grumman’s new 10-kilowatt laser, is tough enough to handle extreme environments, while being small enough to allow the laser’s deployment in even the most demanding combat situations.

(Aug 24 2023) - Police Records Show “SECRET SERVICE REPORTED” Obama’s Personal Chef Tafari Campbell was Missing ... and ... The Body was Found Using Sonar !!!
MASSACHUSETTS -- Judicial Watch announced today that it received 18 pages of records through the Massachusetts Public Records Law from the Edgarton, MA, Police Dept' that show the Secret Service reported Obama’s Personal Chef Tafari Campbell missing & that the body was found using sonar. The records also report that clothing was found "separate" from the body & he wasn't wearing a life vest. Other important details were redacted regarding the July 23, 2023, drowning on Martha’s Vinyard.

(Aug 23 2023) - IARPA’s “NEW PANTS” Will Record Your Location ???
BIG BROTHER -- The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is developing a new tool that brings wearable technology right down to the fiber of your clothing. Officials from the research agency said Tuesday that they had launched a program to craft performance-grade, computerized clothing that can record audio, video and geolocation data while retaining the wearability and comfort of normal fabrics.

(Aug 20 2023) - OPERATION INCINERATE LAHAINA” Secret Details of the Execution Plan
MAUI -- For everyone’s information, whenever highly classified info & data like this is allowed to be leaked, it because the perps at the very top of the black operation want the public to know about it. This is their way of telling every single political leader in America, & beyond, that they can incinerate your jurisdiction, too, should you stray from the NEW WORLD ORDER reservation. In other words, non-compliance with the globalist agenda will be dealt with severely & swiftly ...

(Aug 20 2023) - AI Cameras in the UK “START SURVEILLING” Inside Vehicles !!!
U.K. -- In a move that veers into Big Brother territory, a newly implemented AI camera system tagged as “pioneering” technology by proponents, has caught nearly 300 drivers neglecting their seatbelts or using their phones in just three days. This technological marvel, installed along one of Devon and Cornwall’s busiest roads, has sparked concerns over free speech and potential overreach of surveillance.

(Aug 19 2023) - Exposing Antartica's “SECRET SPACE UFO PROGRAM ... ???
ANTARTICA -- Eric Hecker is a whistleblower, who has testified to Congress, under oath about what he saw while working at the South Pole. Yes in Antartica. Hecker is former Navy and defense contractor for Raytheon. While working at the South Pole Eric witnessed some stunning things, including directed energy weapons and other technologies that can trigger earthquakes. What he saw was illegal, off the books and unknown to Congress and many in the Pentagon.

(Aug 19 2023) - CHILD CONSENTRATION CAMPS” Discovered Near Texas Border ???
TEXAS -- Before the following videos & attendant proofs are digested, know this: anyone with a conscience (...) will feel beyond nauseous & enraged to the nth degree upon absorbing the facts. How could they not? Paradoxically, it is due to the horrific crimes within that veering away amounts to cowardice. Harsh as it seems, failure to stand up & be counted for the sake of the kids, despite the personal discomfort, is unacceptable. After all, “to be silent is to agree.

(Aug 16 2023) - Russia beging the process to “WITHDRAW” from WTO and WHO !!!
RUSSIA -- The Russian gov't is starting the process of unilaterally withdrawing from a series of international bodies, including the World Trade Organization & World Health Organization, the Russian Duma’s Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said Tuesday. "We have work to revise our international obligations, treaties that today bring no benefit, but instead directly harm our country. The Foreign Ministry sent a list of such agreements to the State Duma,” Tolstoy said. “Together with the Federation Council, we plan to analyze them and to propose to withdraw," he added.

(Aug 15 2023) - Zelensky’s Intel' Center “HACKED BY RUSSIA ... They Got it All !!!
UKRAINE -- On August 15, pro-Russian hackers from the group called Solntsepek reported that they had attacked strategic electronic intelligence system of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR), inflicting heavy damage to the department an all Armed Forces of Ukraine. Hackers claimed that they had destroyed the entire system of strategic electronic intelligence of the GUR. All radio monitoring posts in short & ultra short waves & channels of satellite communication lines were reportedly disrupted.

(Aug 15 2023) - Recent Intel Report Reveals “NEW STARLINK VULNERABILITIES ...
UKRAINE -- Russia’s intelligence services are using custom malware to target Android devices to tap into Starlink satellite data, a recent Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) report warns. The alarming development marks the latest chapter in a series of growing anxieties surrounding Starlink’s dominance of the global satellite internet landscape. At least 10 different types of malicious software were reportedly uncovered by SBU, including one that’s “functional purpose is to gather data from the Starlink satellite system.

(Aug 12 2023) - Military Establishes “GENERATIVE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Task Force
D.O.D. -- The U.S. Department of Defense said on Aug. 10 that it had established a task force to analyze and integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as large language models, across the department. According to the department, Task Force Lima “will assess, synchronize, and employ generative AI capabilities” across the department, ensuring the United States remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technology while safeguarding national security.

(Aug 11 2023) - US & China “AI-TECH STANDOFF” Spreading To Other Countries ???
WORLD WIDE -- The emergence of high-level artificial intelligence (AI) technology has caused the U.S. & China to safeguard their resources in a race to develop the most powerful systems !!! A tense relationship is developing between the two world powers, as the Biden Admin' announced it would limit Chinese tech investments in semiconductors, quantum computing & AI. This move subsequently sparked concerns from regulators in other countries, with lawmakers in the U.K. & the European Union considering their next move in response to the U.S. action.

(Aug 08 2023) - CHINESE-OWNED LAB” was in Tulare before Fresno, then Reedley
CALIFORNIA -- Reedley is but the latest city where Universal Meditech or Prestige Biotech decided to set up operations in the central San Joaquin Valley over the past eight years !!! Universal Meditech operated first in Tulare from 2015 into 2018, and then in Fresno from late 2018 until late 2022, when it moved operations to Reedley. There, the company moved into a leased warehouse on "I Street", never bothering to get a business license or obtain permits for electrical wiring & building modifications ...

(Aug 06 2023) - RUSSIA & CHINA” conduct joint naval operation off coast of Alaska
ALASKA -- China and Russia conducted a joint naval operation near the coast of Alaska earlier this week in a “highly provocative” move amid the war in Ukraine that triggered a robust US military response. Eleven Russian and Chinese ships neared the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska earlier this week near the maritime boundary Russia shares with the US, but the fleets never entered US waters, according to The Wall Street Journal. The fleet of ships have since left, and were tailed by 4 US destroyers & P-8 Poseidon aircraft, officials confirmed to the newspaper.

(Aug 03 2023) - US “EVACUATES” embassy staff from Niger !!!
NIGER -- The US State Department has ordered a partial pullout for diplomatic workers stationed in Niger, amid ongoing unrest following a recent coup in the African nation. Officials announced the decision on Wednesday, outlining that non-emergency personnel and family members were ordered to leave the US Embassy in Niamey. They noted that the move was prompted by “ongoing developments in Niger,” and taken “out of an abundance of caution.”

(Aug 02 2023) - How The CIA & Global Oligarchy are Building “THE NEW NORMAL ???
LANGLEY, VA. -- Both insiders & keen outside observers regard the CIA as the most powerful organization in the world (...) The harmonious nature in which the 5th Generation Warfare tactics were deployed on the populations in the Western world & elsewhere during the pandemic and the involvement of the military in propaganda & censorship operations would not be possible without the centralized controlling body, much like the mass vaccination campaigns. Notably, both the military & intelligence community were intimately involved in the development of "CoVid Vaccines" ...

WASH D.C. -- If They Are Openly Admitting That They Have Recovered “Non-Human” Bodies From UFOs, What Do They Have Planned Next ??? I definitely understand that this is a topic that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. If there really are “non-human” creatures flying around in the skies above us, that is a really big deal. What are their intentions? Are they hostile? Most people have enough problems without having to consider such things.

(Jul 28 2023) - Could Globalists “FAKE AN ALIEN INVASION ???
PROJECT BLUE BEAM -- At first glance, the idea sounds totally left field: bonkers, nuts, loony, completely out to lunch. But could the globalists fake an invasion by aliens — not the illegal kind but the extraterrestrial kind? The idea is being bandied about on alternative media platforms. Since last year, UFOs have had a higher profile in mainstream publications than ever before — although the preferred acronym seems now to be UAPs — Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

(Jul 28 2023) - The “CIA CAN SPY” Through TVs, IPhones, Smart Phones & Windows PCs ...
CIA VAULT #7 -- Is a series of documents that WikiLeaks began to publish in 2017, detailing the activities & capabilities of the United States CIA to perform electronic surveillance & cyber warfare. The files, dating from 2013 to 2016, include details on the agency’s software capabilities, such as the ability to Compromise Cars, Smart TVs, Web Browsers, and the operating systems of MOST SMARTPHONES, as well as other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

(Jul 26 2023) - UFO whistleblower “UNDER THREAT” for revealing secret ops ???
WASH D.C. -- A former intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower told Congress Wednesday that top gov't officials have hidden a Top-Secret Program to find and study alien UFOs — and that he fears for his life for choosing to speak out. “I’ve suffered retaliation for my decision, but I am hopeful that my actions will ultimately lead to a positive outcome of increased transparency,” Air Force Maj. David Grusch told the House Oversight Committee Wednesday. [VIDEO]

(Jul 23 2023) - CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation “ARCHITECHS” of Deagel.com
U.S.A. -- In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery. One such intrigue revolves around Deagel.com, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities & eyebrow-raising DEPOPULATION FORECASTS for 2025. We can reveal that recent findings appear to link Deagel directly to significant players on the world stage: The CIA, DoD, and The Rockefeller Foundation.

(Jul 23 2023) - Intel' agency funding research to “MERGE AI” with human brain cells
AUSTRALIA -- An Australia intelligence agency is funding research attempting to MERGE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE with human brain cells. According to The Guardian, "Research into merging human brain cells with artificial intelligence has received a $600,000 grant from defense & Office of National Intelligence." The funding from the Australia National Intelligence & Security Discovery Research Grants Program will go to research being conducted by the Monash University & Cortical Labs.

(Jul 19 2023) - What do “CLIMATE ENGINEERING & MORGELLONS” have in Common ???
EUROPE -- Despite CHEMTRAILS being dismissed as “conspiracy theories” they are being openly, and more and more frequently, discussed in the “mainstream” as fact. Recently the European Commission has called for talks about the risks of GEOENGINEERING, with CHEMTRAILS being identified as an example. In 2018, some independent researchers claimed that Morgellons fibres were not only being found in people’s bodies but also in the environment. They deduced that one of the ways these & other pathogens were getting into people’s bodies was through inhalation as a result of CHEMTRAILS.

(Jul 18 2023) - Everyone in NATO is a “WAR CRIMINAL !!!
WORLD WIDE -- NATO has been an offensive, war-mongering lobby group for the arms industry ever since its foundation. Despite pretending to exist to keep the peace, NATO has always been eager to start more wars and use more bombs & bullets. But today, for the designer war between America & Russia, NATO has gone further than ever before – it has become a terrorist organisation. And everyone involved in NATO is now, officially, a war criminal !!!

(Jul 17 2023) - Millions of “MILITARY E-MAILS” have accidentally been directed to Mali ???
U.S.A. -- Millions of military emails have been accidentally directed to Mali due to a 'typo', exposing highly sensitive info - despite repeated warnings for the last decade. Instead of typing .MIL, the suffix to all US military email's, people typed in .ML, which is the country identifier for Mali. This resulted in a steady flow of sensitive email traffic being sent to Mali, the Financial Times reports. One misdirected email included travel plans for General James McConville, the chief of staff of the army.

(Jul 15 2023) - A brief history of “SECRET” US military experiments leading to epidemics
U.S. MILITARY -- Last year a Twitter user posted a thread about the history of the US military conducting biowarfare experiments in heavily populated areas of the US. The experiments involved tests introducing “innocuous organisms” into ventilating systems, subway systems, and water supply systems. Aerosol test attacks were also made from ships offshore & from planes flying over the U.S.

(Jul 14 2023) - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK : Would-Be UAP Whistleblowers Are Offered A “DIRE WARNING” from U.S. Security Clearance Organization !!!
WASH D.C. -- Clearance Jobs, an organization that defines itself as “the largest career network for professionals with federal gov't security clearance,” has issued an apparent letter of guidance that also serves as A Chilling Warning to any industry or government insiders who are considering coming forward as UAP whistleblowers with evidence of their work with non-human craft & their pilots. The letter, titled “How to Blow the Whistle if You Work With Flying Saucers & Their Alien Pilots” ...

(Jul 14 2023) - Multiple “UAP's REPORTED”On FAA’s Internal Hotline In Just A Week
AMERICA -- The FAA received pilot reports about a floating glowing white cylinder, a fast-flying white diamond-shaped object, a 25-foot-long black triangular drone, and someone zooming around using a jetpack in just one week in June 2021. This is according to logs from the U.S. Domestic Events Network, or DEN, that The War Zone recently obtained. Taken in all, the hundreds of 'DEN line' log entries provide a fascinating & somewhat unprecedented look into what a week of this network's activity actually looks like. The entries also offer new insights into sightings of so-called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) ...

(Jul 13 2023) - DELIBERATELY MAKING THINGS WORSE” Joe Biden Calls-up 3,000 Military Reservists for NATO Execise - Operation Atlantic Resolve
U.S.A. -- The (illegitimate) President of the U.S., Joe Biden, has just issued a call-up of at least 3,000 Personnel from the Armed Forces Reserve & roughly 450 from the Individual-Ready Reserve in order to Augment the Forces of U.S. European Command. The Reservists will be involved with the upcoming Exercise “Operation Atlantic Resolve” in the Region. This comes one day after the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, agreed to increase NATO's forces from 300,000 to 400,000 along Russia's Border.

(Jul 13 2023) - Badly Damaged “NUCLEAR SUB” USS Connecticut (Dry Docked 'til 2026)
WASHINGTON -- The Navy has posted new pictures of its Seawolf class nuclear fast attack sub USS Connecticut (SSN-22), which was badly damaged when it struck a seamount while on patrol in the South China Sea Oct 2nd, 2021. The Connecticut is currently in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, undergoing a long series of repairs that'll last until 2026, at the soonest. In Dec 2021, the prized sub limped back to its home port in Washington State, completing an arduous voyage across the Pacific while surfaced after a long emergency stop in Guam & another stop in San Diego.

(Jul 12 2023) - Nearly 40% of U.S. Attack Sub's are “OUT OF COMMISSION ???
U.S. NAVY -- As if the military recruiting disaster or the Biden Administration’s embrace of woke & transgender policies for the military wasn’t bad enough, now we find out that almost 40% of U.S. attack sub's, or SSNs, the kind that shoot Tomahawk missiles at land targets & torpedoes at all types of vessels at sea, and conduct intelligence collection missions, i.e. the kind critical for the defense of Taiwan, are out-of-commission and stuck in naval shipyards !!!

(Jul 11 2023) - Chinese hackers breach “U.S. GOV'T EMAIL” through Microsoft cloud
WASH D.C. -- Chinese cyberspies exploited a fundamental gap in Microsoft’s cloud, enabling them to conduct a targeted hack of unclassified U.S. email accounts — a troubling vulnerability officials said was discovered by the U.S. gov't. The security problem was discovered last month after the U.S. gov't identified A HOLE in Microsoft’s cloud security, which affected unclassified systems, according to the White House. “Officials immediately contacted Microsoft to find the source & vulnerability in their cloud service” ...

(Jul 10 2023) - CIA Conducted “SECRET MOSQUITO EXPERIMENTS” in India ... ???
INDIA -- The CIA conducted a series of secret mosquito experiments in India to spread ‘rare and dangerous diseases’ as part of the global elite’s DEPOPULATION AGENDA !!! According to an investigation by civil rights lawyer Nandita Haksar, the CIA carried out clandestine mosquito experiments in the 1970’s in India under the guise of eradicating yellow fever in the country. In her own words : “It was in this room that I heard many stories of covert operations.”

(Jul 06 2023) - Guam Hosts Air Force’s “BIGGEST MOBILITY EXERCISE ... !!!
GUAM -- The largest iteration to date of Exercise Mobility Guardian, Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) premier training exercise, kicked off yesterday. Mobility Guardian 23 (MG23) sees major international participation from various air forces, evidenced by a Royal Air Force (RAF) Airbus A400M Atlas conducting its longest non-stop flight ever, traveling from the United Kingdom to Guam prior to the event. The exercise comes as the U.S. (+) its allies & partners look to challenge China in the Pacific.

(Jul 06 2023) - China’s Leading The World In “BRAIN NEUROSTRIKE WEAPONS ???
CHINA -- China‘s People’s Liberation Army is developing high-technology weapons designed to disrupt brain functions and influence gov't leaders or entire populations, according to a report by three open-source intelligence analysts. The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams, adding that the danger of China‘s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical.

(Jul 05 2023) - DEEPFAKE FRAUD FEARS” mount after Progress Corp hack
AMERICA -- Fears are mounting among some commentators about the rise of deepfake scams, following the hack of U.S. file transfer software firm Progress Corp, revealed in June. The vulnerability impacting the firm’s software, reportedly allowed Russian hacking group Cl0p to steal the personal data of consumers held by large corporates such as British Airways, Shell, and PwC as well as U.S. government agencies such as the California pension system.

(Jun 30 2023) - U.S. BIOLABS” in Georgia – An Investigative Documentary
U.S.A. -- US funds hundreds of similar biolabs in many countries including Ukraine, Middle East and other locations. There are approximately 1000 biolabs in the world, including 300 inside the U.S. US funds most of them. The Pentagon prefers to outsource the most dangerous & prohibited/illegal work to other countries. The countries on the border with Russia are perfect for many reasons. US agents use diplomatic immunity to shuttle all sorts of dangerous cargo w/o any checks or inspections.

(Jun 27 2023) - Russian Presidential Fleet “PLANE ENROUTE” to Wash DC ???
WASH D.C. -- An aircraft from the Russian Presidential fleet is presently on its way from Moscow to Washington, DC. It is now feared this plane is coming to evacuate Russian Diplomats prior to ... well ... what could be - the start of a war. As of 6:16 AM Eastern US Time, the aircraft has left air space which is tracked by radar, and is now over the Atlantic Ocean being tracked by Satellite ...

(Jun 27 2023) - US Spooks “HARASSING” Russia’s UN diplomats ???
NEW YORK CITY -- The US is bombarding Russian diplomats at the UN with FBI recruitment ads as part of a harassment campaign aimed at undermining their work, a senior diplomat has claimed. Russian deputy permanent representative to the UN Maria Zabolotskaya made the accusation in a speech on Monday before the Committee on Relations with the Host Country. The body is meant to deal with the safety and working conditions of foreign missions at the UN headquarters in New York.

(Jun 26 2023) - Prigozhin Is Back On His Soapbox “AFTER MUTINY ???
BELARUS -- In a new audio message posted on his Telegram channel Monday, Wagner Private Military Corporation leader Yevgeny Prigozhin took yet another swipe at Russian military leadership, saying his mutinous march toward Moscow was a lesson in how to conduct maneuver warfare aimed at preserving his organization. He also expressed regret at “being forced” to shoot down nearly a dozen Russian aircraft in the process. “The march showed many things demonstrated before,” Prigozhin said ...

RUSSIA -- Moscow is preparing for war and battening down the hatches as soldiers build outposts and military vehicles flood the streets ahead of the expected arrival of Russia’s Wagner militia forces. All bets are off in Russia today as the paramilitary Wagner mercenary militia forces have launched a coup against Vladimir Putin who, by-the-way, has reportedly boarded his official plane and fled to the relative safety of Saint Petersburg.

(Jun 24 2023) - ANOTHER RUSSIAN REVOLUTION ... ???
RUSSIA -- The situation in Russia is without precedent and could either presage civil war or turn out to be military bluster from Yevgeny Prigozhin — the head of the private Wagner militia and a very blustery man. Prigozhin says his beef is with the Russian military brass and especially Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and not Putin. Does Prigozhin want some kind of power-sharing arrangement with Putin? Is he seeking to supplant the president and end his 23-year rule? It’s impossible to say at this point.

(Jun 23 2023) - REPORT : US military’s latest “SURVEILLANCE STRATEGY” involves ... ???
U.S.A. -- The U.S. military's new surveillance strategy now involves secretly tracking, locating & identifying AMERICANS who voice their dissent or dissatisfaction with military leadership or actions. A June 17 report by the Intercept disclosed this new strategy initiated by the Army Protective Services Battalion (APSB). It defended the measures as necessary under its mission of defending top U.S. generals from "assassination, kidnapping, injury or embarrassment." But ...

(Jun 21 2023) - Ghosting : “DISEMBODYING” as a Form of Persecution & Murder ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Today, we will examine the American military fetish with ghosts, culture of Ghosting, and related demonic topics such as Shadow Banning and Counter Culturing. Perhaps, as a Christian on the front lines you have experienced some of these sorcery practices? Just in case you missed it the Beast System was launched over a three day period in 2018.

(Jun 21 2023) - Astronomers, Scientists, and “EXPERTS CONVENE” in Paris ... ???
FRANCE -- A recent conference in Paris, France, brought together leading scientists to delve into the study of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), exploring optical observables and striving for a unified approach to identify and understand these mysterious aerial objects. On June 16th, the French Aeronautical and Astronautical Association’s UAP technical committee, “Sigma 2,” held its first international conference on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. (UFO's) !!!

(Jun 15 2023) - CYBER ATTACKS HITS FEDERAL AGENCIES” Hackers announce another attack - they say - will target Western banking system !!!
U.S.A. -- There is breaking news today, that several agencies of the U.S. federal gov't have been hit with a cyber attack, the extent of which is not yet known, while another attack targeting the Western financial system has been dangled out there by a group of hackers said to be affiliated with Russia. This global cyberattack is exploiting a flaw in widely-used software used by “several U.S. federal gov't agencies.”

(Jun 15 2023) - INSIDE REPORT : Pro-Russian Hacktivist Groups "ANNOUNCE TO DESTROY" European Banking System in the “Next 48 Hours {POSSIBLE FALSE FLAG} ???
EUROPE -- In an unprecedented move, the unification of three notorious hacktivist groups, KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, declared a cyber war on European banks. The three hacker groups declared their intention to unleash a massive cyber onslaught on the European banking system, threatening to bring it to its knees within “48 hours” (the info was relevant as of yesterday), Russian online newspaper Lenta.ru reported Wednesday.

(Jun 13 2023) - Iphone takes an "INFRARED PICTURE" of face and surroundings every 5-10 seconds. Routers can be cameras and see through walls !!!
PITTSBURGH -- Scientists turn WiFi routers into ‘cameras’ that can see people through walls !!! Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have repurposed a common piece of tech present in virtually every household to function as a tracking technology. By utilizing WiFi routers, they have developed a method for detecting the three-dimensional shape and movements of human bodies in a room, without the use of cameras or expensive LiDAR hardware.

(Jun 12 2023) - Biden prepping plans to "EVACUATE AMERICANS" from Taiwan ???
WASH D.C. -- The Biden administration is working on preparing plans to evacuate Americans in Taiwan, the Messenger reported Monday. The federal government’s plans have been in the works for at least six months, according to the Messenger, which cited three sources with knowledge of the plans. Anticipation of a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan has been mounting as China’s military encroachment of waters & airspace has heated up in recent months.

(Jun 11 2023) - Japan begins "SECRET DISCHARGE" ... of RADIOACTIVE WATER !!!
JAPAN -- Japan has begun to discharge radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean. A June 6 report by the Japanese public broadcaster NHK confirmed the move, saying that the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) began releasing the irradiated seawater on the afternoon of June 5. The water was released into a purpose-built submerged tunnel that would discharge the contaminated water into the sea.

(Jun 10 2023) - Perception Management : Pentagon’s New "THOUGHT CONTROL" Office
PENTAGON -- Ken Klippenstein, an investigative journalist at The Intercept, has exposed how the Pentagon very quietly launched a new internal division, dubbed the “Influence and Perception Management Office” (IPMO), in March. Its existence is not strictly secret, although there has been no official announcement of its launch, let alone an explanation from Department of Defense (DoD) officials as to its raison d’être or modus operandi. Its budget likewise remains a mystery but purportedly runs into the “multimillions.”

RUSSIA -- Americans and Europeans should get to their banks RIGHT NOW to pull out some amount of cash money to have at home after Hackers took out the ENTIRE Russian Banking System. Reprisal Hacking attacks now seem likely against the West and if you do not have cash, you may be financially paralyzed! The entire Russian banking system is at a standstill nationwide because the ISP used for banking communication with the Russian Central Bank is down.

(Jun 08 2023) - China To Set Up "SECRET SPY BASE" On America’s Doorstep
CUBA -- China has laid plans to open an eavesdropping outpost in Cuba, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing U.S. officials familiar with the highly classified intelligence. The spy base will focus on intercepting electronic communications, or signals intelligence, from U.S. networks throughout the southeastern U.S. and reflects a brazen challenge to U.S. sovereignty, the WSJ reported, citing the officials. China offered Cuba several billion dollars to host the spy base and the two countries have agreed in principle, according to the outlet.

(Jun 07 2023) - The United States Will Send "2,000 GUARD TROOPS" (+) 100 Aircraft to Unprecedented NATO Exercise Aimed to Deter Russia ... ???
BERLIN -- Germany is preparing to host the biggest air deployment exercise in NATO's history, a show of force intended to impress allies & potential adversaries such as Russia, German & American officials said. The Air Defender 23 exercise starting next week will see 10,000 participants & 250 aircraft from 25 nations respond to a simulated attack on a NATO member country. The U.S. alone is sending 2,000 U.S. Air National Guard personnel (+) about 100 aircraft to take part in the Jun 12-23 training.

(Jun 06 2023) - Russian foundation exposes "TRAFFICKING" of Ukrainian children ...
RUSSIA -- A Russian human rights foundation has uncovered a case of organized trafficking in Ukrainian children, who have made their way through intermediate stops all the way to South America, where they are also apparently “rented outto pedophiles for money. In Russia, there is a human rights organization called Foundation to Battle Injustice (ФОНД БОРЬБЫ С РЕПРЕССИЯМИ), which cooperates with human rights organizations worldwide. I have come to know the Foundation’s management people as dedicated idealists who are passionate about fighting oppression.

(Jun 05 2023) - U.S. Has "RETRIEVED CRAFT" of Non-Human Origin
WASH D.C. -- A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact & partially intact craft (UFO) of non-human origin. The information, he says, has been illegally withheld from Congress, and he filed a complaint alleging that he suffered illegal retaliation for his confidential disclosures, reported here for the first time.

(Jun 04 2023) - Chinese Warship "NEARLY COLLIDES" With US Destroyer In Taiwan Strait
TAIWAN STRAIT -- The US Navy is reporting a second dangerous interaction & provocation by China's military in less than a week, days after an American spy plane was approached very closely by a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea. The Pentagon says that on Saturday the American destroyer USS Chung-Hoon & the Canadian frigate HMCS Montreal were conducting passage of the Taiwan Strait in international waters when a Chinese warship approached & maneuvered in "an unsafe maritime interaction".

(May 29 2023) - US "STILL MAINTAINING" biological experimental facilities in ...
U.S.A. -- Several Pacific countries have already demonstrated their frustration with the US-led biological experiments on their territories. Despite heavy criticism, the United States of America biological & medical agencies & enterprises continue maintaining experiments and activitiesthat may pose a threat of a biological leak. These activities have a vast geography stretching from Central and Eastern Europe to the Asia-Pacific Region. It's noteworthy that the aforementioned experiments seem to have no stop signs on their roads.

(May 27 2023) - UN Ex/Dir Blows Whistle : "GLOBAL ELITE ARE ALL PEDOPHILES"
NEW WORLD ORDER -- At the highest levels of politics, finance & entertainment industry, a shadowy cabal of pedophiles use their power to hide the sickening crimes they commit against children. This cabal planned to unleash the Covid pandemic in 2016 - but - had to move it to 2020 because Trump winning the election was not part of their plans. And this also meant the food and water crisis that was planned for 2020 has now been pushed back to 2025. But don’t take my word for it.

(May 26 2023) - Why Are "U.S. MILITARY PERSONNEL" Heading To Peru ???
PERU -- Unbeknown, it seems, to most people in Peru and the US (...), US military personnel will soon be landing in Peru. The plenary session of Peru’s Congress on May 18 authorised the entry of US troops onto Peruvian soil with the ostensible purpose of carrying out “cooperation activities” with Peru’s armed forces & national police. Passed with 70 votes in favour, 33 against & four abstentions, resolution 4766 stipulates that the troops are welcome to stay any time between June 1st & Dec 31st, 2023.

(May 26 2023) - BLACKWATER & ISRAEL : "THE PRINCE & THE SPY" !!!
ISRAEL -- Erik Prince, the man behind Blackwater, recently teamed up with an Israeli spy, creating a front company with her to help Israeli defense technology providers exploit loopholes and sell their products to the American military. For years, Erik Prince – the founder of mercenary firm Blackwater (now Academi) – has been a major source of controversy. Ever since he left Blackwater over a decade ago, Prince has appeared in the news for pushing to privatize several wars ...

PENTAGON -- The Dept' of Defense (DoD)’s Chief Information Office (CIO) announced that it would take over all 5G-related activities in the U.S. military & any expansion of 5G pilot programs. John Sherman, DoD (CIO) & former deputy director of the (CIA), made the announcement. He added that the CIO under him will assume this capacity on Oct. 1, 2023. According to Sherman, he has already been working on this area with the office of the DoD’s under sec' of defense for research & engineering (USDRE).

(May 23 2023) - Study Reveals "WIDESPREAD" Environmental DNA in the Sky ... !!!
AMERICA -- A recent research titled “Aircraft Surveys for Air eDNA: Probing Biodiversity in the Sky” introduces a revolutionary approach to studying genetic and (MAN-MADE) material present in the atmosphere. Scientists have developed a durable & sterilizable probe (+) supporting system to capture air environmental nucleic acids (eDNA). This groundbreaking study provides valuable insights into the presence & diversity of genetic material found in the air we breathe !!! This research not only aids in biomonitoring & disease surveillance but also provides valuable evidence for identifying individuals, tracing their movements, and monitoring production agriculture from the atmosphere.

(May 22 2023) - "THE FBI IS NOT YOUR FRIEND" !!!
U.S.A. -- Hillary knew. She knew her campaign paid for Russian disinformation (...) to be washed through a report by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. She knew the information was false but could potentially allow her to win the election. Hillary lied to the FBI about all this, and lied to the American public. Such was her appetite. The FBI knew !!! They knew none of the information in the Steele dossier could be corroborated, and they knew most of it was false !!!

(May 11 2023) - Chinese "WARSHIPS" Circle Japan ... !!!
JAPAN -- Chinese warships have been circling the Japanese home islands for the last week, according to the Joint Staff Office (JSO) of Japan’s Ministry of Defense. People’s Liberation Army Navy guided-missile destroyers CNS Guiyang (119) and CNS Qiqihar (121) and fleet oiler CNS Taihu (889) were seen Friday sailing northeast in an area 25 miles northwest of Rebun island, which lies 30 miles off the northwest tip off the main island of Hokkaido. Cruiser CNS Lhasa (102) and frigate CNS Zaozhuang (542) were also sighted at midnight Saturday sailing northeast in the same area.

(May 09 2023) - The Difference Between "SECRETS and LIES" !!!
WASH D.C. -- Recent developments in Washington relating to Ukraine & Middle East remind me that there is a big difference between maintaining secrecy when a situation warrants it & LYING over issues where there is no compelling reason to do so beyond political expediency. Having spent more than 20 yrs in American intelligence agencies where secrecy was the operative norm, I would illustrate that difference as follows: a legitimate secret would be something like not revealing info that'd place people or vital national interests in jeopardy, while a LIE would be committing a crime and ...

UKRAINE -- Within the past 60 minutes, Russian artillery surrounding what is left of Bakhmut, has begun firing Thermite Incendiery shells upon the **entire** area still occupied by Ukrainian troops. Whatever is left of the city after months of fierce fighting, is being incinerated. As of 6:30 PM EDT on 5 May 2023, it is not known how many Ukrainian troops remain in the city, or how **any** of them can survive this onslaught.

(May 03 2023) - Air Force Security Forces "TRAIN TO RECAPTURE" A Nuclear Missile Silo !!!
NORTH DAKOTA -- As part of a recently released Air Force video, Security Forces personnel can be seen storming a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile silo, and at several points disarming individuals role-playing the parts of armed intruders. These sorts of ‘recapture and recovery’ exercises, which are relatively routine for U.S. forces, allow security personnel to practice how a captured nuclear missile silo would be retaken if such an event came to pass.

(May 03 2023) - Video Shows "SMOKE OVER KREMLIN" After Alleged Putin Assassination Attempt, Russia Vows ‘Retaliatory Measures’ !!!
RUSSIA -- The Kremlin vowed retaliation Wed after shooting down 2 drones in an alleged Ukrainian assassination attempt on Putin, according to state-run media & videos posted on social media reportedly showing the strike on the capitol. The 2 unmanned aircraft crashed into the Kremlin after Russia’s electronic warfare defenses shot them down & Putin was not present in the Kremlin when the attacks occurred, according to state-run TASS News Agency ...

JAPAN -- Depends ... on how the war between China & the US over Taipei begins. More than a year has passed since the war in Ukraine broke out, with more & more voices arguing that “Taiwan is next.President Biden has repeatedly said that the U.S. would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. If Biden’s word is taken at face value, Japan will have to make a critical decision in case conflict actually breaks out.

(Apr 28 2023) - 2 Army HELICOPTERS CRASH in Alaska, killing 3 soldiers
ALASKA -- Two U.S. Army helicopters collided and crashed Thursday in Alaska while returning from a training flight, killing three soldiers and injuring a fourth. Two of the soldiers died at the scene of the crash near Healy, Alaska, and a third died on the way to a hospital in Fairbanks. A fourth soldier was being treated at a hospital for injuries, the Army said in a statement. The names of those killed were being withheld until relatives could be notified, the Army said.

(Apr 26 2023) - ON THE WAY : Space Force Wraps Initial Plan For Building ‘HYBRID’ Commercial, Military ‘OUTERNET’ ... AKA ... SKYNET !!!
WASH D.C. -- The Space Force’s forward planning unit has completed a “force design” that lays out the parameters of a new hybrid military/commercial internet in space, known as the “outernet” (SKYNET) designed to link all of the service’s mission-specific networks together — and acquisition planners are now working on transferring that plan into a reality, a senior service official said today. The Space Warfighting Analysis Center (SWAC) “just this year completed what they call the space data transport force design” ...

(Apr 24 2023) - SKYNET ??? DHS Plans to Integrate AI to Tackle Critical Missions
U.S.A. -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to form a task force that will explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to advance “critical homeland security missions.” The rapid evolution of the threat environment requires the Department to evolve along with it, said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in an April 21 press release. (The Biden administration has already begun integrating AI with biased ideologies in government operations.)

(Apr 24 2023) - Old CIA Ways "ARMS & DRUGS" The Re-Export of U.S. Weapons
VIRGINIA -- CIA finances black operations with arms and drug business. It has always been like that. In Cambodia, the export of opium exploded when the US military entered the country. The CIA was behind the opium export to finance local warlords in Cambodia. When the US military left Cambodia, the drug industry subsided. The same happened in Afghanistan. When the US military entered Afghanistan, opium exports boomed to finance US supported warlords. The US did the same, secretly sold weapons to Iran, and used drugs to fund murder squads in the dirty American war against Nicaragua. These things have been overwhelmingly documented.

(Apr 20 2023) - US jets intercept RUSSIAN BOMBERS near Alaska ... ???
ALASKA -- U.S. fighter jets intercepted Russian bomber aircraft near Alaska Monday, according to the Alaskan Region of North American Aerospace Defense Command.(...) “The Alaskan Region of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) detected, tracked, positively identified and intercepted two Russian aircraft entering and operating within the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on April 17, 2023,” the defense organization said.

(Apr 18 2023) - BOMMSHELL FILING : 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits
LANGLEY -- A newly-released court filing raises grave questions about the relationship between Alec Station, a CIA unit set up to track Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and his associates, and two 9/11 hijackers leading up to the attacks, which was subject to a coverup at the highest levels of the FBI. Obtained by SpyTalk, the filing is a 21-page declaration by Don Canestraro, a lead investigator for the Office of Military Commissions, the legal body overseeing the cases of 9/11 defendants.

(Apr 18 2023) - MSM suddenly PRAISING RUSSIAN electronic warfare capabilities ???
U.S.A. -- Electronic warfare (EW) is one of the most important aspects of modern military capabilities & is often the litmus test of how advanced the state & its armed forces are. It’s part of the “invisible” and yet extremely intense battle that we usually cannot see directly. However, its impact is wholly undeniable. Russia is among the world leaders in EW and its warfighting capabilities in this regard are a source of pride for the Eurasian giant, but also fear for its adversaries. Russian dominance in EW on the frontlines of Ukraine is so comprehensive and massive that ...

(Apr 12 2023) - US Working on UNIVERSAL Genetically Engineered Bioweapon
RUSSIA -- Russian lawmakers have completed an investigation into Washington's military-related biological activities at laboratories across Ukraine on the basis of findings made public by Russia's Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops over the past year. Washington is working on a "universal" genetically engineered bioweapon designed to cause severe damage to enemies comparable to that of a "nuclear winter," a Russian parliamentary commission investigating US biolabs in Ukraine has concluded.

(Apr 11 2023) - US Resumes BIOLABS PROGRAM In Ukraine ... !!!
UKRAINE -- During a media briefing on Friday, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Forces, Lt General Igor Kirillov, said that the US has resumed the Biolabs Program in Ukraine. The US has quietly resumed its controversial biolabs program in Ukraine and is focusing on the construction of secretive new facilities & training of personnel, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed.

(Apr 11 2023) - 40% of NATO Electronic Infrastructure OFFLINE - Ddos Attack by Russians
NATO -- As of 12:56 PM eastern US time today, 11 April 2023, 40% of NATO's electronic infrastructure has been paralyzed by Russian KillNet hackers. As a result of a powerful DDos attack, the resources of the Combat Development Command, the NATO Provision, Support, and Procurement Agency, and cyber training centers are "OFFLINE". The NCI agency was also hacked, and all the employees' personal data was stolen. Update: Russian hackers from KillNet reported that as a result of hacking into NATO networks, they managed to obtain important info that may be of interest to Russia.

(Apr 11 2023) - China Is Selling Off Treasuries As It PREPARES FOR A Blockade Of Taiwan And A WAR With The United States
CHINA -- We are closer to a war with China than most people realize. Right now, U.S. officials in Wash D.C. are deeply concerned that the Chinese may impose a full-blown blockade on Taiwan as the first step in a “reunification” campaign. Many Americans don’t realize that such a move would be a really, really big deal. If China chooses to blockade Taiwan, the U.S. & China would instantly be in a state of war. All of a sudden, the flow of high-end computer chips from Taiwan would completely stop. And all of a sudden, the flow of products that we import from China would completely stop.

(Apr 08 2023) - Over 100 More CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS Appear Online ... !!!
PENTAGON -- A more expanded document dump & leak of highly classified materials is being reported in the wake of the initial disclosure that memos related to US strategy in the Ukraine war appeared online, including material marked "TOP SECRET". This time the leak appears more expansive: "A new batch of classified documents that appear to detail American national security secrets from Ukraine to the Middle East to China surfaced on social media sites on Friday, alarming the Pentagon and adding turmoil to a situation that seemed to have caught the Biden administration off guard" ...

(Apr 06 2023) - BOTCHED RAID : FBI and Army Special Ops Training Captures ... ???
BOSTON -- A joint training exercise gone wrong left AN INNOCENT MAN in handcuffs in the bathroom of a hotel in Boston earlier this week. The practice raid, carried out by the members of the FBI and U.S. Army special operations forces personnel was supposed to involve the mock capture of a role player, but they barged into the wrong room & interrogated an unsuspecting guest. The FAKE RAID happened sometime before midnight local time Mar 4 at the Revere Hotel in Boston. Members of the Boston Police responded to a call about the situation at around 12:20 AM ...

(Apr 03 2023) - Chinese spy balloon DID GATHER INTEL' from US military sites ...
WASH D.C. -- The Chinese spy balloon that flew across the United States in February gathered intelligence from several American military sites before it was shot down, according to two senior US officials and a former senior administration official. The sources said China could have gathered more intelligence if not for the Biden administration’s efforts WERE FORCED to block it. The intel collected was mostly from electronic signals, rather than images, the officials said to NBC.

(Apr 01 2023) - EVERYONE ON EARTH WILL DIE ... Top AI Researcher Warns ???
U.S.A. -- Shutting down the development of advanced artificial intelligence systems around the globe & harshly punishing those violating the moratorium is the only way to save humanity from extinction, a high-profile AI researcher warned. Eliezer Yudkowsky, a co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), has written an opinion piece for TIME magazine, explaining why he didn’t sign a petition calling upon “all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4,” a multimodal large language model, released by OpenAI earlier this month.

(Mar 31 2023) - Did an AI Convince Someone to Sacrifice Himself for Climate Change ???
BELGIAN -- A Belgian man reportedly ended his life following a 6-week-long conversation about the climate crisis with an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. According to his widow, who chose to remain anonymous, *Pierre – not the man’s real name – became extremely eco-anxious when he found refuge in Eliza, an AI chatbot on an app called Chai. Eliza consequently encouraged him to put an end to his life after he proposed sacrificing himself to save the planet.

(Mar 31 2023) - Are You Eating Synthetic Food ??? {by Celeste Solum}
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Facing us is an existential threat of annihilation of all biological life as we know it. It is called Synthetic Biology. The decision was made at Asilomar in 1975 to modify all life on earth. Scientists & policy makers would decide to use Synthetic Biology. My job is to assist you to wrap the head around what I mean when I say-synthetic biology. I will be holding a Synthetic Biology Webinar Series in May providing you clarity to make wise decisions and overcome the wicked technology unleashed upon the earth.

(Mar 27 2023) - U.S. Embassy to Americans: "Leave Israel Immediately" !!!
ISRAEL -- The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has told Americans to "Leave Israel Immediately." The country of Israel is descending rapidly into what some have called "Civil War." Unions have gone on strike. The airports have all shut down. Restaurants, banks, shopping malls, have all joined in a national strike against proposed changes to the gov't that would gut the Judiciary of Israel. Members of the Israeli military are openly DESERTING after Netanyahu FIRED the Defense Minister ...

(Mar 22 2023) - China has put hundreds of satellites in orbit to target U.S. !!!
U.S. SPACE FORCE -- The head of the U.S. Space Force, Gen. Chance Saltzman, says that China has launched numerous satellites in the past six months and currently possesses 347 orbiting crafts capable of gathering intelligence on American armed forces. The general warned that China is the “most immediate threat” to U.S. operations in space given its development of technologies such as lasers to disrupt satellite sensors, electronic warfare jammers, and even building crafts that can potentially disrupt rival orbiting platforms.

(Mar 21 2023) - HAARP superweapon still being used for geowarfare ... !!!
SERBIA -- A Romanian general claimed that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was never closed down but is continuously being improved and upgraded over the years. Geo-engineering expert Gen. Emil Strainu discussed the dangers of HAARP to members of the media Serbia. He dubbed it as the “weapon of the apocalypse,” telling journalist Dragan Vujicic that it can potentially be used for economic warfare, climate change and population control.

(Mar 19 2023) - HIGH ALERT : China Sends Dozens of Warplanes Around Taiwan
TAIWAN -- China sent 38 warplanes into the skies around Taiwan on Friday, the highest number of Chinese military aircraft to breach the island's Air Defense Identification Zone in a single day since Taipei began publicly reporting such activities last year, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Friday night. The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) aircraft came in two waves, the Defense Ministry said. Twenty-five PLA warplanes entered the southwestern corner of the ADIZ during daylight hours, and ...

(Mar 17 2023) - Will ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Go Rogue ???
WORLD WIDE -- Following this week’s release of GPT-4, OpenAI’s new multimodal model accepting image and text inputs rather than ChatGPT’s text-only prompts, people on social media have been marveling about the new engine’s results in performing a variety of tasks, such as creating a working website based on a simple sketch, outperforming humans in a variety of standardized tests or writing code. But (...) there’s also concern what the rapid advancements in AI could ultimately lead to.

(Mar 14 2023) - Pentagon Developing DEEPFAKES To Deceive the Public
PENTAGON -- U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is “gearing up to conduct internet propaganda & deception campaigns online using deepfake videos,” according to contracts with the federal gov't reviewed by The Intercept. In what many would attribute to the likely behavior of rogue regimes targeting the U.S. the activities that SOCOM is carrying on overseas include “hacking internet-connected devices to eavesdrop in order to assess foreign populations’ susceptibility to propaganda”

(Mar 13 2023) - ‘Technological Singularity’ by 2045 ... ???
U.S.A. -- Most people are familiar with the deluge of artificial intelligence (AI) apps that seem designed to make us more efficient and creative. We’ve got apps that take text prompts and generate art, and the controversial ChatGPT, which raises serious questions about originality, misinformation and plagiarism. Despite these concerns, AI is becoming ever more pervasive and intrusive !!! It’s the latest technology that will irreversibly change our lives.

(Mar 10 2023) - CIA & Mossad-linked Surveillance System Quietly Being Installed In US
CIA/MOSSAD -- Launched in 2016 in response to a Tel Aviv shooting and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, Gabriel offers a suite of surveillance products for “security and safety” incidents at “so-called soft targets and communal spaces, including schools, community centers, synagogues and churches.” The company makes the lofty promise that its products “stop mass shootings.”

(Mar 06 2023) - DHS has a program gathering domestic intel' And no one knows about it
DHS -- For years, the Department of Homeland Security has run a virtually unknown program gathering domestic intelligence, one of many revelations in a wide-ranging tranche of internal documents reviewed by POLITICO. Those documents also reveal that a significant number of employees in DHS’s intelligence office have raised concerns that the work they are doing could be illegal. Under the domestic-intelligence program, officials are allowed to seek interviews with just about anyone in the United States.

(Mar 04 2023) - U.S. Deploys "DOOMSDAY PLANE" to Europe ... ???
EUROPE -- The United States has transferred an E-6B "Looking Glass" nuclear war command and control aircraft to Europe. In response, Russian Armed forces were issued a "nuclear clash warning" (The U.S. equivalent of DEFCON-2) by the Ministry of Defense. The transfer of the American "doomsday plane" to Europe is allegedly a "signal" to Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Tuesday, the U.S. European Command moved the E-6B Mercury, also known as the "Doomsday Aircraft," to Iceland. It refueled and continued on to Europe.

(Mar 02 2023) - US Intelligence Has a Proven Interest in MIND CONTROL ... !!!
U.S.A. -- U.S. intel' agencies have a proven interest in mind control. They have spawned numerous, often horrific, projects for the manipulation of thought & behavior, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently pointed out. Such efforts at control have ranged from producing robot-like acquiescence to specific demands via the CIA’s supposedly-halted Project MK Ultra, to mis-informing the masses through Operation Mockingbird. Gov't interest in mind control hasn’t gone away and won’t anytime soon.

(Feb 28 2023) - St Petersburg closes airspace, turns commercial jets away
RUSSIA -- Russia northern capitol of St Petersburg has closed its airspace, grounded all planes that haven't taken off and is turning away all inbound flights. The authorities have given no information as to the reason for the emergency measures. bne IntelliNews staff report that fighter jets have been scrambled and are flying over the city, according to telephone calls to residents in the city. The Telegram channel Baza also reports there are jet fighters in the air over the city.

(Feb 27 2023) - Air Force relieves 2 commanders & 4 leaders ...
NORTH DAKOTA -- The Air Force has relieved six leaders assigned to a North Dakota base in charge of nuclear missiles and bombers over a loss of confidence, the military branch said Monday. Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, commander of 8th Air Force, relieved Col. Gregory Mayer of the 5th Mission Support Group and Maj. Jonathan Welch of the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron, both based at Minot Air Force Base. The Air Force didn't identify the commanders, but an Air Force spokesperson confirmed their identities to Task & Purpose.

(Feb 27 2023) - The CIA played a ‘direct role’ in the creation of Google
U.S.A. -- Google “fundamentally started as a CIA project,” according to journalist & author of Propaganda in the Information Age, Alan MacLeod, warned that tech giants’ ties with intel' agencies pose big problems for freedom of information as well as freedom of speech. MacLeod, who has extensively researched the ties between the national security state & Big Tech, (...) found that the CIA and NSA were “bankrolling” research by Sergey Brin at Stanford University, which “produced Google.

(Feb 24 2023) - China could launch 13,000 satellites to suppress & spy on Starlink
CHINA -- China has expressed its distaste for Space X's Starlink satellite service on several previous occasions. According to new reports, the country plans to launch a rival service to provide global internet, "suppress" Elon Musk's network, and carry out anti-Starlink missions. The South China Morning Post reports that researchers claim China is planning to build a massive satellite network, codenamed GW, in near-Earth orbit.

(Feb 23 2023) - DoD conspired with CCP to unleash covid “vaccine” bioweapons
DoD -- Former pharmaceutical industry executive Sasha Latypova has come forward with damning info linking the Department of Defense & Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” scheme to the Chinese Communist Party. Gov't documents obtained by Latypova show that the DoD partnered with a CCP-linked drug company to develop & distribute the “biological warfare agents marketed as ‘Covid-19 vaccines'” from Pfizer & BioNTech. “It's curious that the DoD awarded 10 billion … to a venture whose substantial equity (and IP) holder is the Chinese Communist Party,” Latypova wrote ...

DARPA -- DARPA reveals their new ASTARTE multi-domain ‘common operational’ system. This system has has had different iterations with different names such as CRANE. In a nutshell, this revolutionary program utilizes a spherical bubble concept. A common thread is Mosaic warfare whether it is ... (1) Autonomous dog fighting bubble in the skies above our head, (2) Biology with its infamous hydrogel fatty acid spherical bubble, or (3) UN planetary management using the SPHERE tool to manage you your home and community.

(Feb 21 2023) - Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In Train Wreck
EAST PALESTINE, OH -- In this chemistry-based analysis, the findings on the ground suppressed under orders from higher-ups, are examined for the most telling incontrovertible evidence: the chemistry regarding the liquid cargo of the 5 suspect tanker cars, the contents of which were set afire under gov't orders in a hastily dug trench. Contrary to official denials & disinformation about their chemical content, the actual payload was disclosed by the EPA detection of phosgene in that black cloud over East Palestine. Phosgene was infamously used for chlorine warfare aka “mustard gas” in France and Belgium during the First World War.

(Feb 21 2023) - Three Terabytes of Internal Military Emails to and From United States Special Operations Command Left Wide Open For two Weeks ... ???
PENTAGON -- The technological incompetence of the Biden-Harris regime’s Pentagon was put on display in a dangerous way once again this month as a server used for sensitive emails, including to and from USSOCOM and military contractors, was left open to anyone with a web browser. Until Monday, it didn’t even have a password and has been in that condition for at least two weeks. According to Techcrunch : "The exposed server was hosted on Microsoft’s Azure government cloud for Department of Defense customers, which uses servers that are physically separated from other commercial customers and as such can be used to share sensitive but unclassified government data."

(Feb 19 2023) - Microsoft AI chatbot threatens to expose personal info and ... ???
CALIFORNIA -- Concerns are starting to stack up for the Microsoft Bing artificially intelligent chatbot, as the AI has threatened to steal nuclear codes, unleash a virus, told a reporter to leave his wife and now standing up to threats of being shut down. No, this is not the fictional HAL 9000 from Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey that practically boycotts being shut down by an astronaut – but it is close. Toby Ord, a research fellow at Oxford University, tweeted a series of posts showing how "shocked" he’s been about the Bing AI assistant going "off the rails."

(Feb 19 2023) - TikTok leads tech firms in tracking users ... HARVESTING DATA !!!
U.S.A. -- Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok is at the top of the list when it comes to collecting data on their users, a joint US and Australia cyber security organization reported last week. On February 13, Internet 2.0's NEW artificial intelligence (AI)-powered project called Malcore identified the rankings of each major social media site, finding that TikTok tops any other comparable platform in the industry when it comes to collecting personal information. According to Malcore's analytics, the Chinese app got 63.1 points, the "worst" score.

(Feb 14 2023) - Former Google Boss : Military AI Is as Powerful as Nukes !!!
U.S. MILITARY -- Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, recently stated in an interview that the use of AI in warfare could become more prevalent in the future. The noted lackey of Hillary Clinton noted, “Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt in the 1930s saying that there is this new technology — nuclear weapons — that could change war, which it clearly did. I would argue that [AI-powered] autonomy and decentralized, distributed systems are that powerful.”

(Feb 13 2023) - Report: Air Force F-16 That Shot Down Object Over Lake Huron Missed on Its First Attempt ... First Missile Still Hasn’t Been Located !!!
MICHIGAN -- According to US officials, the Air Force F-16 that shot down an object over Lake Huron on Sunday missed its first attempt. “A second Sidewinder air-to-air missile was needed.” Fox News reported. It is unclear where the first missile landed. Fox News reported: US Air Force F-16 that shot down an unknown object over Lake Huron yesterday missed on its first attempt, U.S. officials say.

(Feb 11 2023) - Will Artificial Intelligence Kill The Internet ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Microsoft CEO characterizes the arrival of AI as a new paradigm, a technical turn that has the same significance as the invention of graphical user interfaces or the smartphone, but whether it will kill the internet in the future is a question we can’t answer. Google & Microsoft pledged that this week web searches will change. Both companies appear committed to using AI to SCRAPE THE WEB, distill what it finds & generate direct answers to users’ questions, similar to ChatGPT.

(Feb 10 2023) - IT BEGINS : Bing Adds ChatGPT To Microsoft’s Search Engine
CALIFORNIA -- Microsoft is first-to-market by embedding ChatGPT into its search engine Bing and its browser, Edge. It has been upgraded to version 4 of OpenAI’s GPT software. Competitors are racing to catch up. Apple is holding back, which is its traditional practice, but when it announces, its offering may well leapfrog everything else. ⁃ TN Editor

(Feb 10 2023) - Secretive Russian Satellite Breaks Apart In Orbit : Creating Debris Cloud
RUSSIA -- A secretive Russian satellite launched nearly a decade ago has experienced a "breakup" in outer space, according to a tweet published by the US Space Force's 18th Space Defense Squadron. The Space Force said the Kosmos 2499 spacecraft disintegrated Jan. 4th and unleashed a hazardous cloud of debris orbiting the planet. The military branch that conducts operations in outer space did not explain why Kosmos 2499 broke apart. However, one person on social media asked a good question. Did they blow it up or failed to vent the tank and popped?

(Feb 06 2023) - Poland redeploys Patriot missiles to capital city for drills
WARSAW -- Patriot missile batteries that Poland acquired from the U.S. last year have been deployed to the country's capital Warsaw as part of military exercise, according to Poland's defense ministry. Poland is taking additional steps to strengthen its defensive capabilities as Russia's war in neighboring Ukraine enters its second year later this month. At least three ground-to-air missile launchers were seen Monday at Warsaw's Bemowo airport.

(Feb 06 2023) - CHINA EMP THREAT : The People’s Republic of China Military Doctrine, Plans, and Capabilities for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack !!!
CHINA -- China has long known about nuclear high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and invested in protecting military forces and critical infrastructures from HEMP and other nuclear weapon effects during the Cold War, and continuing today. China has HEMP simulators and defensive and offensive programs that are almost certainly more robust than any in the U.S. China’s military doctrine regards nuclear HEMP attack as an extension of info or cyber warfare, and deserving highest priority as the most likely kind of future warfare. Chinese military writings are replete with references to making HEMP attacks against the U.S. as a means of prevailing in war.

(Feb 04 2023) - The CHINESE BALLOONS ARE *EMP WEAPONS* ... !!!
U.S.A. -- THESE CHINESE spy BALLOONS ARE NOT SPY RECONS OPERATIONS like MSN is reporting. The CHINESE BALLOONS ARE *EMP WEAPONS* and BIDEN regimen (OBAMA) CCP allies getting ready to assert EMP to take down the U.S. & SOUTH AMERICA GRID and cause CHAOS !!! They are currently doing EMP test Fights with the balloons and TESTING the EMP BALLOONS !!!

(Feb 03 2023) - Balloons called top ‘delivery platform’ for nuclear EMP attack
MONTANA -- High-altitude balloons, such as the one China floated over Montana military bases this week, are considered a key “delivery platform” for secret nuclear strikes on America’s electric grid, according to intel' officials. Spy balloons, used by Japan to drop bombs during WWII, are more sophisticated, can fly up to 200,000 feet, evade detection & can carry a small nuclear bomb that, if exploded in the atmosphere, would shut down the grid & wipe out electronics in many states.

(Feb 01 2023) - Zelensky Caught Destroying ‘All Info’ on Biden’s Bioweapons Deal
UKRAINE -- President Volodymyr Zelensky secretly ordered government officials to destroy all information about Biden’s bioweapons deal with Ukraine on the same day Russia invaded the country. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Zelensky issued this document on February 24, 2022. Zelensky was trying to erase all documents associated with Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company before the War with Russia.

(Jan 31 2023) - Russia Accuses U.S. of Moving Bioweapons Labs Out of Ukraine
RUSSIA -- The United States gov't has acknowledged there are bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Our government has not acknowledged that they are ours, nor have they denied it. Now Russia has accused the United States of moving these labs out of Ukraine, likely to prevent Russia from getting more evidence to use against us. They already claim to have 20,000 documents proving our involvement. As with pretty much all stories about Russia and Ukraine, we have to assume that there’s just as much of a chance of it being true as being manufactured.

(Jan 29 2023) - There is far more going on Behind The Scenes than people imagined ...
NEW WORLD ORDER -- In SECRET FACILITIES all over the planet, scientists are pushing the envelope far beyond what most of us thought was possible. They are developing technologies that are decades ahead of what the general public has access to right now, and in many cases little regard is being given to any moral or ethical lines that are being crossed. Unfortunately, many of these new technologies are being designed to be used on us. The “Big Brother Control Grid” that we see all around us is going to continue to evolve, and each new “improvement” will give the elite even more control.

(Jan 29 2023) - DEA Mexico Director Had Cozy Relationship With Cartel Lawyers
U.S.A. -- Even as drugs pouring in through the southern border continue to kill Americans, high-level govt officials tasked with combating the narcotics trade are using their positions merely to fuel their own lavish lifestyles. Such is the case with the latest example of impropriety at the U.S. (DEA). Nicholas Palmeri, the former & short-lived regional director over Mexico, was removed from the role for maintaining questionable relationships with the lawyers of drug lords, as revealed in confidential records recently reviewed by the Associated Press.

(Jan 25 2023) - The Pentagon Admits Having a UFO Wreck
PENTAGON -- Researcher Anthony Bragalia asked the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for public data on potential UFO material under the Right to Information Act, and its response was a 154-page redacted document containing a confirmation that was "amazing." Through these documents, the Pentagon not only admits that it is in possession of unidentified crashed aerial objects but also that it is testing materials with special electromagnetic properties that have great potential for the aerospace or health industries.

(Jan 25 2023) - Biggest U.S.-Israel War Games Ever Are Underway
ISRAEL -- The massive exercise spans land, sea, air, and space and definitely serves as a warning to Iran. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in partnership with the Israel Defense Forces on Jan. 23 kicked off Juniper Oak 23.2, the biggest joint U.S.-Israel exercise in history. An ominous formation of B-52 bombers was seen by plane spotters this week while en route to the event where the aircraft joined a wide array of other assets to support readiness and interoperability between the two allies.

(Jan 24 2023) - PayPal Hack Exposes Customer Names, Social Security Numbers
CALIFORNIA -- Some 35,000 PayPal user accounts have been hacked by “credential stuffing,” resulting in exposed names and Social Security numbers, according to a notification posted on a govt website. Through its lawyers, the California-based payment processor sent a notice to Maine’s attorney general. The company also sent a letter, dated Jan. 19, about the data breach to impacted users. That letter said that the accounts were breached sometime between Dec. 6 and Dec. 8, 2022.

(Jan 23 2023) - Edible Bugs or Weapon ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- By now you have heard the message loud and clear that we are all to trade in our delicious diets for a subsistence diet of bugs, grasshoppers, worms, and beetles. You know the food supply is shrinking by design. Many of you may be thinking eating bugs is better than starving, but is it? The reports that I research and hear, and I am listening very closely, never give you some key facts about this new insect diet ...

(Jan 22 2023) - Chase Bank to Close Some ATM's Outside of Business Hours ???
NEW YORK CITY -- New Yorkers looking for some last-minute cash to grab a midnight slice won’t have access to some Chase ATMs in New York City. The bank announced that the around-the-clock ATMs will close at the same time as the branches, around 5-6 p.m., due to “rising crime and vagrancy,” the bank said in a tweet. “Our apologies. We decide to close several ATM vestibules at 5-6 PM, aligning the hrs of service to that of the normal branch hours, due to rising crime and vagrancy that occurred in these previously 24/7 vestibules,” the tweet said.

(Jan 20 2023) - T-Mobile Says Data on 37 Million Customers Stolen
BOSTON -- The U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile said Thursday that an unidentified malicious intruder breached its network in late November and stole data on 37 million customers, including addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth. T-Mobile said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the breach was discovered on Jan. 5. It said the data exposed to theft - based on its investigation to date - did not include passwords or PINs, bank account or credit card information, Social Security numbers or other government IDs.

(Jan 19 2023) - CDC holds SECRET MEETING about new “public health tool” to fight ...
WASH D.C. -- On Mar 7, the CDC is scheduled to meet – confidentially – about “developing a public health tool to predict the virality of vaccine misinformation.” A “Notice of Closed Meeting” announced in the U.S. government’s Federal Register in Nov 2022 explains that the CDC gathering “will be closed to the public in accordance with the provisions set forth in sections 552b(c)(4) and 552b(c)(6), Title 5 U.S.C.” Due to ongoing concerns at the federal agency about the spread of “vaccine misinformation,” the CDC plans to come up with new ways to fight back against online free speech.

(Jan 14 2023) - How the Military Industrial Complex is Funding the Biomedical Control Grid
WASH D.C. -- Agencies receiving billions of taxpayer dollars have funded research that has led to the Covid Bioweapon & mRNA Covid Jabbs which have proven to be more dangerous than the virus. These agencies have continued to support gain-of-function research & are fast-tracking mRNA technology for other vaccines & medicines including a “universal flu vaccine.” Congress has authorized a boost in funding through the Omnibus bill & the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 (NDAA) for the very entities responsible for the Covid catastrophe which has plagued the world.

(Jan 13 2023) - REPORT REVEALS : Australia’s Covid “Vaccine” Rollout Was SECRETLY Headed Up By the United States MILITARY ... ???
AUSTRAILIA -- All that tyranny we told you about that took place in Australia throughout the covid “pandemic” was headed up, secretly, by none other than the U.S. Military, we now know. From the initial lockdowns to the “mask & vaccine” mandates, all of it was spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Defense, which embedded its people within the power structure of Australia in order to subdue the nation under tyranny & genocide. Pharmacologist Phillip Altman (+) a group of Australian scientists, doctors & academics all claim that the DoD “had a dominant role in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and ...”

(Jan 11 2023) - FEMA Whistleblower – Camps for Dissent & The Next 5G Pandemic ...
U.S.A. -- JD (name changed to protect his identity) is a long-standing FEMA employee and Whistleblower exposing the true intention of the quarantine camps being used in future for dissent, government’s plan to KILL off the population, and intel suggesting a pandemic in the near future caused by a 5G attack according to secret FEMA documents he has accessed.

(Jan 09 2023) - Switzerland to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Provide Security at Davos Forum
ZURICH -- Up to 5,000 Swiss military personnel will be deployed to provide logistics & security for participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos next week, the Swiss gov't said Monday. “The Federal Parliament has set a ceiling of 5,000 troops who will serve in support during the WEF, which will run from Jan 10 to 26. Some of them will be stationed directly in Davos, where the annual meeting will be held from Jan 16 to 20,” the statement read. Other servicemen will guard infrastructure & provide services related to logistics & air force operations throughout Switzerland ...

(Jan 09 2023) - Secret Negotiations To Amend the International Health Regulations
GENEVA -- The super-secret International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) is scheduled to meet Jan 9-13. They plan to submit amendments on Jan 15. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT !!! For 5 days, from Monday Jan 9, 2023 to Friday Jan 13, 2023, the super-secret International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) will be conducting face-to-face meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of these meetings will be to finalize their report regarding the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. The work done by the IHRRC is “confidential” and they answer directly to the Director General ONLY.

WASH D.C. -- According to congressionally passed statutes, research of active laws,and extra details obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the Department of Defense owns, implements, and oversees the COVID-19 vaccine program as a“Countermeasure” to foreign attack. While the public was bombarded with an orchestrated fear campaign, the U.S. Government managed the Covid response as a national security threat. The undercover operation was orchestrated utilizing three critical legal maneuvers ...

(Jan 05 2023) - U.S Forces Secretly Preparing for All-Out War With Russia
U.S. MILITARY -- U.S. troops are being told to prepare for an all-out war with Russia as tensions continue to mount between Wash & Moscow. The U.S.’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Romania for the first time in 80 yrs. The U.S. Army said in June that the division arrived at the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airbase to “reinforce NATO’s eastern flank & engage in multinational exercises with partners across the European continent in order to reassure allies & deter further Russian aggression.”

(Jan 04 2023) - Former FBI Boss Admits Bureau Has Been Infiltrated by ‘WEF Goons’
AMERICA -- Former FBI chief Chris Swecker has admitted that the bureau has been infiltrated by goons working for the World Economic Forum (WEF) who are working to destroy America. Ex-FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker on Tuesday said he supports creating an independent commission modelled after the U.S. Senate’s 1970s Church Committee to investigate the WEF coup d’etat of the FBI and impose reforms on the tarnished law enforcement agency.

(Dec 28 2022) - Russia claims U.S. moving bioweapons research facilities out of Ukraine
UKRAINE -- For Americans who are confused about why U.S. politicians and the West, in general, are so hell-bent on helping Ukraine beat back Russia’s invasion — and are convinced that it is something more than just to hide Biden family corruption in the country — Russian officials have just provided the explanation. It seems as though Ukraine is home to bioweapons research facilities, which Moscow says are now being relocated to other countries in Asia & eastern Europe, Russia Today reported ...

(Dec 25 2022) - New Twitter Drop: FBI was a liaison for all sorts of govt agencies
WASH D.C. -- The First Amendment is clear: The gov't may not regulate speech - yet that’s precisely what the latest Twitter Files from Matt Taibbi show the FBI did. In the lead-up to the 2020 election, acting on behalf of itself & other agencies, the FBI had Twitter censor anything it deemed “misinformation.” Additionally, beginning in 2022, the FBI asked Twitter to shut down hundreds of accounts that countered the Biden administration’s Ukraine narrative. In other words, the govt was doing indirectly, via Twitter, that which it cannot do directly ...

(Dec 24 2022) - HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid in NASA experiment
CALIFORNIA -- An experiment to bounce a radio signal off an asteroid on Dec. 27 will serve as a test for probing a larger asteroid that in 2029 will pass closer to Earth than the many geostationary satellites that orbit our planet. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) research site in Gakona will transmit radio signals to asteroid 2010 XC15, which could be about 500 feet across. (...) This will be the first use of HAARP to probe an asteroid.

(Dec 22 2022) - Unprecedented Christmas Weather Origin ... ???
ALASKA -- Here’s the reason WHY the U.S. weather is very nasty right now !!! They are heating up the HAARP machines for a space experiment! The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program technology is about to be used (Dec. 27) by NASA to decipher the interior of an asteroid !!! The University of Alaska Fairbanks operates HAARP under an agreement with the Air Force, which developed and owned HAARP but transferred the research instruments to UAF in August 2015.

(Dec 20 2022) - U.S. Fleet of B-2 Stealth Bombers, GROUNDED ... ???
U.S.A. -- The entire fleet of about twenty B-2 "Spirit" stealth heavy bomber aircraft has been GROUNDED INDEFINITELY by the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, after a B-2 suffered an in-flight emergency, then had a "mishap" upon landing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, shown above. Not only is the U.S. Air Force’s entire fleet of B-2 Spirits grounded, and the sole runway at their home base remains closed after one of the stealth bombers had a malfunction while flying and was forced to make an emergency landing Dec. 10.

(Dec 19 2022) - DOJ snooped on House Intel' Committee investigators during Russia probe ...
WASH D.C. -- In an extraordinary intrusion on congressional oversight, the Justice Department used grand jury subpoenas to secretly obtain the personal email and phone data of at least two top House Intelligence Committee investigators back in November 2017 just as they and their boss, then-Chairman Devin Nunes, were assembling bombshell evidence of FBI abuses in the Russia collusion probe, Just the News has learned.

(Dec 13 2022) - Bill Gates owns the “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body ...
NEW WORLD ORDER -- The next phase of humanity’s forced transition to virtual reality involves computerizing the human body & transforming it into a robotic machine that, together with all other computerized human bodies, will eventually comprise a vast global computer network owned in part by none other than billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates. It might sound like some kind of out there science fiction novel, but U.S. Patent 6,754,472, owned by Microsoft, grants Gates and his cronies the “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body for use as a collective of local wireless networks.

(Dec 08 2022) - CIA: We Ordered ‘Agent’ Lee Harvey Oswald To Assassinate JFK
WASH D.C. -- A new batch of CIA documents has revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy, was employed by the agency to carry out the killing. Jefferson Morley, a journalist and investigator, made the bombshell claim during a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, less than two weeks before President Biden’s December 15 deadline to release still-classified records related to JFK’s assassination.

(Dec 07 2022) - Here Are All The CIA Vault 7 Leaks
VIRGINIA -- Vault 7 is a series of documents that WikiLeaks began to publish on 7 March 2017, detailing the activities and capabilities of the United States Central Intelligence Agency to perform electronic surveillance and cyber warfare. The files, dating from 2013 to 2016, include details on the agency’s software capabilities, such as the ability to compromise cars, smart TVs, web browsers, and the operating systems of most smartphones, as well as other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

(Dec 06 2022) - Did the CIA replace Sister Lucy, to take-down of the Church?
ITALY -- The CIA's goal was to ideologically confuse & destroy the Church, so that the American Masonic Lodge of Skull & Bones could rob the Church of her moral influence & steal all her properties & systems of gov't. To do this they needed a new Ecumenical Council which would replace Catholic teaching with a new hermeneutic, or rule of interpretation, which would bend Catholic thought, formation & life, to masonic principles. But one person stood in their way: Sr. Lucia Santos of Fatima, who had written to the Holy Father, at the direction of Our Lady warning him of calling a Council.

(Dec 04 2022) - SECRET CDC REPORT : 1.1 Million Americans “Died Suddenly”
ATLANTA, GA -- The CDC has quietly confirmed that at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly” ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were introduced under Operation Warp Speed. Since the time when the FDA granted emergency use authorization for the jabs, more than 6 million Americans total have died. Of this, 1,106,079 deaths are considered to be “excess,” based on the 5-yr average from 2015 to 2019. Other gov't data confirms that mortality rates per 100,000 people are highest among the “fully vaccinated” ... suggesting injections are the cause of all this excess mortality.

(Dec 01 2022) - Biden Has Handed America Over To The Biodefense Cartel
WASH D.C. -- On the heels of Biden’s September 12th Executive Order titled The National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative, I wrote two days later that it “is a complete capitulation of our government to Big Pharma, the biotechnology industry and the entire transhuman cabal that wants to create Humanity 2.0 by changing our genetic structure.” The Initiative literally opens the floodgates of taxpayer resources and turns over gov't control to the biotech and Big Pharma industry.

(Nov 27 2022) - US ‘Military Biological Activities’ a Threat to the World
RUSSIA -- Russia is concerned about large scale American biological research programs, both at home and abroad, especially given Washington has admitted their “dual-use nature.” That’s according to the commander of Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, who was speaking during a briefing on Saturday. He demanded broader international oversight of such programs.

(Nov 21 2022) - Self-assembling nanotechnology has been around since at least 2001 under the name “liquid computing” … is this tech used in covid vaccines ???
U.S.A. -- In its Nov-Dec 2001 issue, Harvard Magazine published an exposé called “Liquid Computing” that highlighted a then-new technology in which nanoparticles were able to self-assemble into a computer when exposed to liquid. The technology was developed by none other than Charles Lieber, who in early 2020 at the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic was charged alongside two Chinese nationals for aiding the People’s Republic of China in developing bioweapons in Wuhan. Lieber was convicted in December 2021 on six felony charges related to his receipt of millions of dollars in research funding from China.

(Nov 18 2022) - US DoD SECRETLY Controls COVID Vaxx Production Process ???
D.O.D. -- A recent analysis of documents obtained by freedom of information lawsuits reveal COVID “vaccine” manufacturers such as Pfizer, Moderna & Janssenare only figureheads” in the production of experimental injections that are actually produced, fully controlled & distributed by the U.S. (DOD). Research conducted by retired pharmaceutical industry executive Alexandra Latypova discovered that “kind of like an iceberg” these biological products are “made by a consortium of companies” that are “traditional & nontraditional suppliers to the Department of Defense.

(Nov 16 2022) - China and the Deep State Have Joined Forces !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- The votes are in. No matter who runs for office, no matter who controls the White House, Senate or the House of Representatives now or in the future, “we the people” have already lost. We have lost because the future of this nation is being forged beyond the reach of our laws, elections and borders by techno-authoritarian powers with no regard for individuality, privacy or freedom. The fate of America is being made in China, our role model for all things dystopian.

(Nov 11 2022) - FBI Conducts "No-Knock Warrant" At Home Of Owner Of AREA 51 Website
NEVADA -- A series of tweets from Las Vegas-based KLAS-TV's George Knapp revealed FBI agents raided the home of the owner of a popular UFO website dedicated to all things Area 51. Knapp tweeted that Joerg Arnu, owner of Dreamland Resort: AREA 51 website, was raided by the FBI in a "no-knock warrant" at his home in Nevada. Knapp said in a 2nd tweet that all "computers, files, phones, photos" were "seized" while another team of FBI agents stormed his other home in Las Vegas.

(Nov 11 2022) - Aliens Are Interdimensional Demons: Exposing The Strong Delusion
ISRAEL -- Haim Eshed, former head of Israeli's Defense Ministry space directorate admitted that Israel has made contact with extraterrestrials. "The Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet," said Mr. Eshed. Further adding cooperation agreements had been signed between humans and extraterrestrials. (SUPPOSEDLY) "There is an agreement between the U.S. gov't and the aliens." So who are these aliens and where did they come from? Actually, "aliens" is a misnomer. These extraterrestrials are in fact Interdimensional beings, known as DEMONS, dating back to the days of antiquity.

(Nov 10 2022) - DARPA And Friends Are Trying To Play God ...
AMERICA -- Nanotechnology has been discovered in the SARS-COV-2 virus as well as the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Karen Kingston has done extensive research into Moderna’s patents on their use of nanotechnology. As more research continues in unveiling how nanotechnology may be used to affect the human genome , there is the question of whether COVID-19 vaccines or the SARS- CoV-02 virus can be triggered in some way to adversely affect the human body’s bio-electromagnetic field. For instance, could radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) frequencies emitted from cell tower transmissions be such catalysts, and if so, how and at what level?

(Nov 05 2022) - Scientists Working on Official ‘Alien Contact Protocol’
SCOTLAND -- If extraterrestrial life sent us a message tomorrow, how would humanity respond? According to researchers, we don’t know yet — and that’s a problem. That’s why, for the first time in 35 years, a team of policy experts & scientists have united to establish a set of alien-contact protocols for the entire world to follow in the event of a sudden encounter with E.T. “Science fiction is awash with explorations of the impact on human society following discovery of, and even encounters with, life or intelligence elsewhere ...”

(Nov 03 2022) - Military BLOOD SUPPLIES TAINTED With HIV & Hepatitis "B & C"
US MILITARY -- The blood supply of the military has been found to be severely TAINTED with Human Immuno-Virus (HIV) - the virus which causes AIDS -- as well as tainted with Hepatitis "B" and "C." The discovery was made when Ukraine asked NATO for 62,000 liters of emergency blood supply. NATO Provided The Tainted Blood !!! The Ukraine medical authorities tested the TWO BATCHES of blood supplied by NATO and found the following ...

(Nov 01 2022) - US Forces Now On The Ground In Ukraine !!!
UKRAINE -- U.S. military personnel are now on the ground in Ukraine, keeping track of and inspecting weapons the U.S. shipped to Ukrainian, a senior defense official announced Monday. These U.S. personnel are some of the first the Pentagon has acknowledged have entered Ukraine since Russia launched its large scale invasion in Feb. The senior defense official (...) said, “U.S. personnel have resumed on-site inspections to assess weapons in country whenever & wherever security conditions allow.”

(Oct 25 2022) - US citizens were given SECRET Covid “Decree Violation” scores
U.S.A. -- Voter analytics firm PredictWise harvested location data from tens of millions of US cellphones during the initial Covid lockdown months & used this data to assign a “Covid-19 decree violation” score to the people associated with the phones. These Covid-19 decree violation scores were calculated by analyzing nearly 2 billion (GPS) pings to get “real-time, ultra-granular locations patterns.” People who were “on the go more often than their neighbors” were given a high Covid-19 decree violation score while those who mostly or always stayed at home were given a low Covid-19 decree violation score.

(Oct 23 2022) - Explosion at Russian Factory that makes Warhead Charges for Missiles
RUSSIA -- There has been a large explosion at a Russian factory which makes charges for missile systems, and for Rocket engines, in the city of Perm, Russia, about 1500km northeast of Ukraine border. The factory has been working 3 shifts, 24/7, to manufacture charges for GRAD and SMERCH rockets. According to locals, the Perm Gunpowder Plant, which produces Grad and Smerch weaponry for Russian troops, reportedly went up in flames.

(Oct 17 2022) - U.S. Military Bases Sell Chinese Govt-Made Smart Devices With Privacy Policies Stating ... Data Can Be Sent to Chinese Communist Party ???
U.S.A. -- The U.S. gov't is actively selling potential surveillance devices to American military personnel & families on military bases that are directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The National Pulse can reveal. Chinese-made smart televisions in the homes of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines & their families, as well as millions of other Americans, could be collecting massive amounts of personal & technical data & transmitting it back to CCP affiliates in mainland China. Two brands of smart television primarily sold in the U.S. – TCL & Hisense – have drawn recent scrutiny.

(Oct 15 2022) - China Tells all citizens ... EVACUATE UKRAINE IMMEDIATELY !!!
UKRAINE -- For the very first time since Russia began its "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine on Feb 24, the China Foreign Ministry has issued an URGENT Bulletin to all Chinese anywhere in Ukraine, to EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY !!! This action by China is no doubt based upon information they derived from Russia thanks to the close relationship between those two countries. It also bodes ominously for Ukraine. What does China NOW KNOW about the immediate future of Ukraine, that they are choosing to URGENTLY tell their citizens to evacuate immediately?

(Oct 13 2022) - PREPARE FOR DOOMSDAY : Urgent calls for radiation pills & survival training
BRITAIN -- British families have been urged to stockpile supplies while the gov't should distribute radiation-fighting iodine tablets to households, defence experts have warned. Amid soaring tensions with Russia, British army veterans & academics on disaster response have warned that the UK is woefully unprepared for tackling any form of Russian strike, whether nuclear, high-speed missile, or cyberattack. Meanwhile, pharmacies in Finland ran out of iodine pills on Wed, a day after the country's health ministry recommended that households each buy a single dose in case of a radiation emergency.

(Oct 13 2022) - NATO To Proceed With Planned Nuclear Exercises ... NEXT WEEK !!!
NATO -- Because of course it’s fantastic timing !!! NATO plans to go through with scheduled nuclear exercises next week despite the ratcheting nuclear rhetoric surrounding the Russia-Ukraine war, which also only days ago saw President Joe Biden warn of the risk of the world witnessing “Armageddon” in highly controversial remarks. NATO Sec-Gen Jens Stoltenberg confirmed ... that the “Steadfast Noon” exercises, which are held annually & go for about a week, will proceed without delay.

(Oct 10 2022) - CERN: Built To Release Dark Angels & Eliminate Time
SWITZERLAND -- CERN : The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest particle accelerator machine. Located three hundred feet under the surface of the earth, CERN is attempting to tear the physical and spiritual veil created by God ... The Large Hadron Collider is attempting to go back in time and take apart the glue of creation ... CERN was built to destroy time. Eliminating time prevents the eternal judgment from God.

(Oct 10 2022) - Russian hackers take down 14 US airport websites
U.S.A. -- Russian hackers claimed responsibility for taking down the websites of over a dozen U.S. airports, including some of the nation's largest. The Russian hacking group known as Killnet said it was behind the "distributed denial of service" takedowns of 14 airport websites on Monday, including Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The hacks have not had a significant impact on operations but appear to be another attack from the pro-Kremlin group to retaliate against U.S. anti-Russia policies.

UKRAINE -- After the bombing of the Crimea Bridge by Ukraine, it appears Russia's "Kid Gloves" have come off. Kiev, and a dozen other cities in Ukraine, are under Russian missile attack. Russian Fighter jets and bombers saturate the skies. Damage is heavy, and continuing ... (Ukraine President Zelensky's Office hit by Russian missile strike !!!) ... (The office of Ukrainian Secret Intelligence Service, (SBU), was hit in Kiev !!!) REPORTS OF MORE THAN A DOZEN MISSILES LAUNCHED FROM THE BLACK SEA !!!

(Oct 07 2022) - FALSE FLAG ATTACK : Shoes Dropping !!!
NORDSTREAM GAS PIPELINE -- Political cronies of Biden in both the Air Force & Navy have been caught doing multiple deliberate harms to the enlisted men under their command & implicated in likely scheme to detonate air-borne torpedoes to destroy the Nordstream pipelines. The Navy & Air Force have collaborated to develop air-deployed torpedoes to deliver depth charges & other payloads to underwater targets. It was apparently this technology that was used to blow holes in the Soviet gas pipelines supplying Western Europe with affordable energy.

(Oct 07 2022) - Surveillance State USA : Biden Quietly Unleashes Spymasters ...
WASH D.C. -- Orwell would be proud. Deliberately buried in the Friday evening news cycle, Biden released an Executive Order with dramatic implications for how signals intelligence is collected on individuals throughout the world. Specifically, Biden’s directive repeals restrictions on the use of signals intelligence collection implemented since the Obama Administration. The XO of Oct 7, 2022 (Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities), establishes enhanced safeguards for U.S. signals intelligence activities that supersede the safeguards for personal information collected through signals intelligence established by PPD-28 of Jan 17, 2014.

The Spy Factory : Examine the high-tech eavesdropping carried out by the National Security Agency

(Oct 03 2022) - ALERT : Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications
U.S.A. -- Space Force has officially taken over all of the Department of Defense’s military satellite communications. Both the Navy & Army have transferred their satellite operations to Space Force. The move by the military marks the first time that military satellites have been under the control of one branch of the military. This is massive news considering back in 2020 (...) and now many people are speculating the move will be followed by a TOTAL BLACKOUT !!!

(Oct 01 2022) - "Looking Glass" Is Airborne ... ???
WASH D.C. -- This afternoon at about 4:00 PM eastern US Time, a Boeing E-6B "Mercury" took off from Washington, DC. This is the U.S. "Looking Glass" - airborne National Command Post to command US nuclear forces worldwide in the event ground stations are all destroyed. As seen in the flight radar image, the aircraft took off, flew south into southern North Carolina, turned southeast out into the Atlantic Ocean, and turned its Transponder OFF.

(Oct 01 2022) - US helicopters circled over Nordstream for weeks
BALTIC SEA -- The Arabic news channel Al Mayadeen reported that weeks before the attack, US helicopters were circling over the sea area where the fatal explosions took place on Sept 26 with a striking frequency. This can be reconstructed using the flight data from the online service “Flightradar24”. According to this, at the beginning of Sept, just under a month before the attack, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R “Seahawk” helicopter was circling for hours on several consecutive days – especially on Sept 1, 2 & 3 later over the area of the damaged natural gas pipelines not far from the island of Bornholm.

(Sep 30 2022) - China Opens 110 Overseas Police Stations, Including US & Canada
CHINA -- If this is not disturbing and even unlawful, I don’t know what is, but you can bet that those who have allowed this are traitors to the People they claim to serve. A new report claims that at least 110 “overseas police service stations” have been opened around the world, including in the US and Canada. China has opened dozens of “overseas police service stations” around the globe to monitor its citizens living abroad, including one location in New York City and three in Toronto.

(Sep 24 2022) - How The Royal Family SECRETLY Owns The World
UNITED KINGDOM -- The British Royal Family owns the world, and their secret wealth is unimaginable to comprehend. There are a lot of statistics and figures that illustrate just how rich the Royal Family is, that until last week was led by Queen Elizabeth II. However, most of these numbers are inaccurate, to say the least. King Charles III is now the reigning monarch of the British Empire, or at least what remains of it. And with that, he’s now the head of the wealthiest (and arguably most powerful) family on the planet.

(Sep 23 2022) - Is Xi Jinping under house arrest ???
CHINA -- Now, the reports coming out of Beijing could rock the world. Global media has no idea what is going on with Xi Jinping at his home. Honestly, at this point those who want the tyrant to remain in power should forget about his third term; it appears that CCP veterans have already crushed his lust for power ... Beijing Airport canceled more than 6,000 domestic flights and international flights. Also, all tickets sold by the high-speed rail are suspended, and the rail is completely stopped until further notice !!!

(Sep 23 2022) - 154 Scientists at Los Alamos Nuke Lab Defected ... TO CHINA ???
NEW MEXICO -- At least 154 Chinese scientists who worked on gov't-sponsored research at the U.S.’s foremost national security laboratory over the last 2 decades have been recruited to do scientific work in China — some of which helped advance military technology that threatens American national security — according to a new private intel' report obtained by NBC News. The report, by Strider Technologies, describes what it calls a systemic effort by the gov't of China to place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons were first developed.

(Sep 20 2022) - The NASA Depopulation Document You May Have Never Heard About
NASA -- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has robbed the American people of trillions of dollars, been a propaganda arm of the US government and lied to us, the People. Now, it appears they are involved in the global depopulation agenda due to a pdf document found on their website. The PDF document is entitled “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]“, published by Dennis M. Bushnell formerly the Chief Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center. Here’s the document put together from slides obtained here by Stop the Crime.

(Sep 17 2022) - TikTok Won't Promise To Stop Transferring US Data To China
WASH D.C. -- During testimony in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Pappas was asked by Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) if the company would commit "to cutting off all data and data flows to China, China-based TikTok employees, ByteDance employees, or any other party in China that might have the capability to access information on US users?" Pappas repeatedly refused to answer the question - instead deflecting with a promise that the outcome of the company's negotiations with the Biden administration would "satisfy all national security concerns," Metro reports.

(Sep 14 2022) - TOP SECRET Govt Warehouses & Underground Bunkers Hint At ... ???
U.S.A. -- While millions of Americans have grown weary as a whole slew of 3-letter-govt-agencies have grown far bigger than they were ever meant to be in a free nation, groups such as (...) One 3-letter govt agency NOT so well known is also quite busy in 2022, the SNS. Established in 1999 after Congress in '98 had allocated funds for its creation, the 'Strategic National Stockpile' has been stockpiling medications, vaccines & medical supplies in a secret warehouse outside of Wash DC, preparing for a catastrophic bioterror attack upon America, or for 'Disease X.'

(Sep 13 2022) - Aliens Are Interdimensional Demons: Exposing The Strong Delusion
WORLD -- Haim Eshed, former head of Israeli's Defense Ministry space directorate admitted that Israel has made contact with extraterrestrials. "The UFO's have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet," said Mr. Eshed. Further adding cooperation agreements had been signed between humans & extraterrestrials. "There's an agreement between the U.S. gov't and the aliens ..." So who are these aliens and where did they come from ???

(Sep 09 2022) - The Fake Alien Invasion of 2024 ???
WORLD -- I first heard about the fake alien invasion of 2024 three or four years ago. At the time I was extremely skeptical. Since then, I have shifted from extremely skeptical, to, well, they may try it if they can get away with it. This latter view is being reinforced by the focus on alleged UFOs on gov't controlled media programs. The releasing of military videos of alleged UFOs for the past couple years on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, appears to be priming the pump a little.

(Sep 07 2022) - US Military to Test Launch an ICBM Wednesday ... Notifies Russia !!!
CALIFORNIA -- The US military will test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile on Wed, the Pentagon announced, in the 2nd such practice operation of the country’s nuclear defense in less than a month. “There will be an operational test launch of an Air Force Global Strike command unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile early tomorrow morning, Sept 7, from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California,” Pentagon Spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Tues. The announcement ahead of the launch was unusual; the Pentagon has not confirmed recent tests until after they take place.

(Sep 06 2022) - Chinese Astronaunts Take Photo Of The Flat Earth !!!
CHINA -- Last Thursday Chinese astronaunts capture the image of the flat earth. Apparently the rocket engineers on the Shenzhou XIV mission forgot to attach a fisheye lens to the camera. Yes, the straight edge of the earth confirms there is no curvature from two-hundred and forty-eight miles above the earth. Why would China's Manned Space Agency release a photo of the flat earth? Perhaps we give the Luciferian elite who run this fallen world far more credit than they deserve.

(Aug 31 2022) - PHAC is hiring security guards for ‘QUARANTINE FACILITIES ???
CANADA -- The posting requires “risk management & security services for Designated Quarantine Facilities in Ontario.” The job posting was published last week and will close on Sept 9 @ 2 p.m. EST. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the gov't of Canada created “Designated Quarantine Facilities” for Canadians unable to quarantine at home after international travel due to proximity with family members. The public became aware of these facilities following reports of Canadians taken from the airport in unmarked vehicles & forcibly placed in a gov't facility.

(Aug 31 2022) - US Army Grounded Every Single One Of Its Heavy-Duty Choppers ...
U.S. ARMY -- The US Army has grounded its entire fleet of heavy-lifting Chinook helicopters due to a “small number” of engine fires in some helicopters, Army officials told The Wall Street Journal. Army officials became aware of engine fires in an isolated batch of helicopters in recent days, army officials told The Wall Street Journal, adding that none of the incidents resulted in injuries. Approximately 70 of the Army’s roughly 400 CH-47F and CH-47D Chinooks contained a part suspected of instigating the fires, but U.S. Army Materiel Command grounded the entire fleet “out of an abundance of caution.”

(Aug 30 2022) - Heavily armed Russian Navy ships sail between Britain and Ireland
IRISH SEA -- In a proactive move, a group of Russian Navy ships are currently entering the Irish Sea. There are clear indications that they will sail up and around the United Kingdom. Among other things, this will take them close to major submarine base of Faslane. The group is led by the SLAVA class cruiser Marshal Ustinov. The UDALOY class destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov and a tanker, Vyazma, are with her (him). Even on their homeward voyage the route that they take appears provocative, sending a message to NATO members.

(Aug 30 2022) - Taiwan Troops Fire On Chinese Drone Intruding Over Outer Island ...
TAIWAN -- Tuesday, Taiwan’s military fired warning shots at a Chinese drone near the Chinese coast, which buzzed past a Taiwanese-controlled cove, a military spokesperson said. It was the first time this type of skirmish took place with warning shots fired. Afterward, the drone turned, heading back to mainland China the spokesperson said. It was the first time warning shots had been fired in such an incident.

(Aug 30 2022) - US Coast Guard Vessel Denied Port Call in Solomon Islands
SOLOMON ISLANDS -- U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) vessel the Oliver Henry was greeted with silence when it requested permission for a scheduled port call in the Solomon Islands, forcing the crew to Papua New Guinea instead. The incident comes amid mounting concerns about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the region and the ongoing weakening of democratic institutions in the Solomon Islands with the Pacific nation’s leader relying heavily on Chinese support to weather domestic turmoil.

(Aug 29 2022) - China develops high-performance radar to render US stealth tech' ineffective
CHINA -- The South China Morning Post (SCMP), which appears in Hong Kong, has revealed that Chinese researchers have developed a medium-wave infrared system that renders the “stealth” technology of enemy fighter jets ineffective. The system can already identify aircraft at a distance of 285 kilometers. The US Air Force has had “stealth” aircraft since the '80s, which develop a much smaller radar profile than conventional aircraft due to their special coating & unique contours. American “stealth” fighter jets were used in Iraq & against Yugoslavia in 1999 & are difficult to detect with most radars.

(Aug 29 2022) - British Begin Moving War Planes to CIVILIAN Airports !!!
BRITAIN -- Britain is preparing to station combat aircraft in civilian airports for the first time since World War II in response to the Ukraine conflict. The dispersing of planes across the country will allegedly help the Royal Air Force’s rapid-response units survive attacks on their bases. The Agile Combat Employment (ACE) scheme was initially intended for potential hotspots overseas, such as the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

(Aug 29 2022) - FTC sues broker over sale of sensitive reproductive health & location data
U.S.A. -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a lawsuit against software company Kochava Monday over the sale of sensitive location data, according to a release. The FTC alleges that Kochava purchased and sold data that trackedhundreds of millions of mobile devices” at reproductive health clinics, places of worship, and other sensitive location data. (...) “The FTC’s lawsuit seeks to halt Kochava’s sale of sensitive geolocation data and require the company to delete the sensitive geolocation information it has collected.”

(Aug 28 2022) - Why are fish-flavored vaccines being sprinkled from the sky ???
WASHINGTON -- It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... an oral rabies vaccine, dropped from the sky. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated its annual oral rabies vaccine distribution, a project that will continue through October. This year's distribution started on Aug. 6. If you've gotten your dog vaccinated for rabies, you probably remember taking it to the veterinarian to get a shot. But these rabies vaccines are edible pellets covered in fishmeal to attract raccoons and other hungry critters. The project is focused on preventing the spread of raccoon rabies from the eastern United States into the heartland, according to a news release from the USDA.

(Aug 22 2022) - Explosive DARPA Snowflakes Coming Your Way !!!
NWO -- Four years ago I noticed a flood of news in the scientific journals about Plastic snow, Adjusting the freezing point so that "plants will not freeze," Allowing restructuring of snow and ice. This is why several years ago, when you citizen scientists out there noticed that the snow was not normal, you conducted your own experiments. You discovered that most of the snow burned, melted, blackened, and had a different freezing and melting point. This morning the science journals discuss hybrid wired aerogel (aerosolized hydrogel) that are electrically conductive containing mechanical architecture.

(Aug 21 2022) - Is HAARP being used to start fires ... and ...
ALASKA -- HAARP systems could be adapted to send fires to exact locations. Has anyone ever looked into HAARP as a fire weapon? It is a naval system which is used to manipulate weather & can be used to cause earthquakes by directing huge energy from antennas directing emf into space, which is redirected to target by satellites. The weather version heats the ionosphere, which expands out into space drawing the jet stream into the resulting gap, moving weather systems. The earthquake version sends resonance into the earth’s crust. A fire version would be similar but use a heat creating wavelength.

(Aug 20 2022) - Researcher claims Tik Tok able to track users' keystrokes
VIENNA -- New research from a former Google engineer warns TikTok has the ability to track user keystrokes in its Web browser, a claim that is alarming privacy advocates but receiving pushback from the platform's parent company. The research from Felix Krause, a Vienna-based privacy researcher, did not explain how TikTok used the capability. But, Krause warned ... TikTok had built functionality to track users' online habits if it chose to do so. "This was an active choice the company made," Krause said. "This is a non-trivial engineering task. This does not happen by mistake or randomly."

(Aug 18 2022) - Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs
SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple disclosed serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs that could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of these devices. Apple released two security reports about the issue on Wed, although they didn't receive wide attention outside of tech publications. Apple's explanation of the vulnerability means a hacker could get "full admin access" to the device. That would allow intruders to impersonate the device's owner and subsequently run any software in their name, said Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security.

(Aug 18 2022) - China takes it to the brink AGAIN ...
TAIWAN -- Taiwan‘s defence ministry said 51 Chinese aircraft & 6 Chinese ships had been detected operating around Taiwan on Thurs as Beijing continued military activities near the island. That included 25 aircraft that crossed the Taiwan Strait’s median line, which in normal times acts as an unofficial barrier between the two sides, or flew into Taiwan’s air defence zone. The sortie came after the U.S. gov't said it'll hold trade talks with Taiwan in a sign of support for the island democracy that China claims as its own territory, prompting Beijing to warn it'll take action to ‘safeguard its sovereignty.’

(Aug 09 2022) - Brain-Monitoring Tech Advances Could Change the Law
AUSTRALIA -- There is an ankle-bracelet for offenders. What about a brain-bracelet ? A new report scrutinizes advances in neurotechnology and what it might mean for the law and the legal profession. A world-first report from Dr Allan McCay in the University of Sydney Law School scrutinizes advances in neurotechnology and what it might mean for the law and the legal profession. The paper calls for urgent consideration of how the new technology is to be regulated. Dr Allan McCay (...) has published the first substantial overview of neurotechnology & its implications for the law & legal profession.

(Aug 09 2022) - Pelosi Is A Beijing-Run Asset Who Enabled China’s Naval Siege Of Taiwan
TAIWAN -- One of the questions related to Nancy Pelosi’s long drawn-out flight from Anderson air base to Taipei’s Taoyuan Airport is WHY didn’t the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLARF) dispatch its Sukhoi-30 or its top-of-line J-series fighter-jets to intercept her USA flight SPAR19 on a Boeing C-40C for a forced landing on Hainan Island, similar to the capture of a USN Aries surveillance plane on April Fools Day 2001? Or even easier, fire a DF antiaircraft missile from a partly submerged PLA Navy submarine?

(Aug 08 2022) - New Chinese Drills Spark Fears Of Prolonged Squeeze On Taiwan
CHINA -- A day after the scheduled end of its large-scale military exercise in the sea and air around Taiwan, China announced it was conducting a new series of combat drills. Though scant details were announced, the continued presence of Chinese military so close to Taiwan seems aimed at showing that China can strangle Taiwan, potentially through a naval and air blockade, if need be. "Drills like these will not stop and are expected to become routine until reunification ..."

(Aug 06 2022) - China Targets Alaska With Earthquake Weapon ... ???
ALASKA -- A mind-blowing new Security Council report circulating in the Kremlin today, whose transcript of sees Security Council Members discussing a classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the General Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, first notes in the portions of this highly-classified document permitted to be openly discussed by various ministries that, at 06:10 GMT this morning, Aerospace Defence Forces detected a 1,900-megawatt beam of energy (...) directed into the ionosphere emanating from the island of Hainan ...

(Aug 06 2022) - LOST NUCLEAR BOMBS ???
U.S.A. -- The US has lost at least three nuclear bombs that have never been located – they’re still out there to this day. “We mostly know about the American cases,” says Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Non-proliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies, California. He explains that the full list only emerged when a summary prepared by the US DoD was declassified in the '80s. Many occurred during the Cold War, when the nation teetered on the precipice of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) with the Soviet Union – and ...

(Aug 05 2022) - Russia To Capture Kiev & Odessa over U.S. Biological Laboratories !!!
RUSSIA -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stunned the collective West today when he declared that Russia "Has information that the US built two additional bio warfare labs; one in Kiev, the other in Odessa. We will have to capture those cities to dismantle those labs to save the world from another pandemic." This stunning statement makes clear Kiev and Odessa are now officially targets of the Russian special military operation (SMO).

(Aug 04 2022) - Lockheed Skunkworks employee speaks out "Technology from ET's"
AREA 51 -- Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunkworks - on design and construction of the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird. In the video, he testifies that we not only have these extraterrestrial devices, but have also achieved tremendous technological advances from their study.

(Aug 02 2022) - Pelosi in Taiwan ... Now, CANNOT TAKE-OFF ... No-Fly Zone !!!
TAIWAN -- Reuters confirms, the Air Space over Taiwan Straits is now closed. China fighter jets are flying all around Taiwan. AIR RAID SIRENS are sounding in southern CHINA ... China's military exercises block the air and sea around Taiwan. All of it !!! Until the PLA completes the live-fire exercises, Pelosi can't LEAVE !!! Her plane can't take-off else it may "accidentally" be hit by live fire from the "exercises."

GUAM -- TAIWAN IS GOING HOT RIGHT NOW before the US military is totally gutted by the Biden administration. Flynn stated that Japan has never participated in this exercise before. Japan also sent a delegation to Taipei to reassure the government that even after the assassination of Shinzo Abe, Japan's support for their ally Taiwan is bipartisan and resolute. The delegation, which contained former and current high officials and defense ministers made the statement of solidarity before their return to Japan on Saturday, July 30, 2022.

(Jul 26 2022) - China may be intercepting American nuclear communications
WASH D.C. -- One of the most important things that Donald Trump tried to do was block Huawei, the Chinese Communist Party's massive technology company, from gaining a foothold in America. Even Biden signed on to this policy. Now, though, the FBI has announced that, from its perch in America, Huawei can intercept & disrupt America's nuclear & other military communications. Back in May 2019, Trump issued Executive Order 13873, requiring his Dept' of Commerce to add Huawei to the Bureau of Industry & Security Entity List. By doing so, Trump blocked Huawei from setting up 5G systems in the U.S.

(Jul 26 2022) - China Used the Federal Reserve ... for Espionage Purposes ???
WASH D.C. -- A Congressional investigation has found that China targeted the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank, to build a massive informant network for the purposes of espionage. Republican staffers for the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs discovered in their investigation that Fed workers were offered contracts by the Chinese to provide the enemy communist regime with privileged economic information.

(Jul 23 2022) - You can take someone's DNA & design a weapon that can kill them
COLORADO -- A member of the U.S. House Intel' Committee warned that bio-weapons are being made that use a target's DNA to only kill that person. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, US Rep Jason Crow of Colorado warned Americans to not be so cavalier about sharing their DNA with private companies due to the coming of the new type of weapon. 'You can actually take someone's DNA, take, you know, their medical profile and you can target a biological weapon that will kill that person or take them off the battlefield or make them inoperable,' Crow said.

(Jul 21 2022) - It Is Only a Nano-second to Armageddon
PENTAGON -- The U.S. Government’s “Nuclear Primacy” meta-strategy says that there are “acceptable” levels of destruction of America in a nuclear war against Russia and/or China, so long as America “comes out on top” globally, at the end. Brian Berletic walks us through the Rand Corporation’s plan for the Pentagon to attack China during the narrow window until 2025 and perhaps 2030 (3 to 8 years from today) when the US is assumed to still have superiority capable of winning a war that is “unlikely” (undefined and little more than a wishful assumption) to go nuclear. In other words ...

(Jul 19 2022) - Gov't Accidentally Sends Evidence of Top-Secret Mind Control Weapons
WASH D.C. -- The gov't has accidentally sent evidence of a top secret mind-control weapons program in an email responding to a Freedom of Information Act request on a totally unrelated topic. According to the accidentally-released gov't files, Psycho-electronic weapons are a powerful mind-control weapons system capable of being deployed in various ways. Is this another case of a “conspiracy theory” becoming conspiracy fact? In response to a FAOI request about Antifa & white supremacists, journalist Chris Waltman was emailed a file named “EM effects on human body.zip.” The contents of the file included several images with information on something called psycho-electronic weapons.

(Jul 17 2022) - Secret Sovereign Accounts of The Rich & Powerful ... EXPOSED !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- IT programmers (aka white hat hackers) hired to stress-test the Financial Reset CSRQ-SM software have exposed the exclusionary class system being implemented within it. They do not agree with it, and they have blown the whistle. Over the course of many months, they searched different individuals within the software to learn about their classification and took screenshots of these results. Bill Sweet and Gideon discuss through Telegram what was discovered ...

(Jul 16 2022) - What are they preparing for ... ???
EAST COAST -- 90% of FAA weather cameras along US coasts were offline yesterday with lots of military aircrafts and helicopters flying over the US. The FAA has shut down 90% of their east-facing cameras all across America. WHY? This is really suspicious. Almost every airport has these weather cameras. And now 90% are off? Meanwhile, somebody reported seeing lots of military helicopters flying over rural Mississippi, headed north ... Also Chinooks were doing low-lying exercises in Washington?

(Jul 14 2022) - Ex CIA Engineer Convicted of Leaking Trove of Material to Wikileaks
U.S.A. -- Joshua Schulte, an ex-CIA engineer, was convicted Wed in U.S. District Court of federal charges accusing him of orchestrating one of the most significant thefts of classified information in the CIA’s history. The hacked data and trove of government secrets was released in the 2017 “Vault 7” leak, which demonstrated how the CIA used smartphones, smart TVs & almost any device that had a computer chip and was connected to the internet as listening devices, reported ABC News. According to Politico, Schulte had helped create the devices in question before leaking the technology.

(Jul 10 2022) - Coincidence ??? WEF’s Cyber Polygon 2022 event took place exactly when Canada experienced extreme Internet outages ... ON JULY 8th, 2022 !!!
CANADA -- So are we supposed to just think it’s just another coincidence ??? The WEF’s Cyber Polygon 2022 meeting took place on July 8, 2022 ... and simultaneously Canada was experiencing its worst Internet outage in decades ... On July 8, 2022, Canada’s phone services, 911, credit card/debit machines were down for several hours ... Coincidentally, the crash occurred on the same day than the 4th edition of Klaus Schwab’s Cyber Polygon ... Coincidentally, the participating companies had to undergo a targeted attack on their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

(Jul 08 2022) - TSA Orders Employees to Undergo "C.O.G" Training "Immediately"
U.S.A. -- The DHS, Transportation Security Administration has ordered any Employees who have NOT already undergone the "Continuity of Government (COG)" & "Devolution" training, to "Do So Immediately." The TSA COG program was created in the year 2012, and most TSA employees hired during and after 2012 have already gone through the program. But as with all new training programs, quite a number of existing TSA employees did NOT go through it when the program came out. This week, TSA began contacting each employee who has NOT yet undergone the COG program, and ordered them to "do so immediately."

(Jul 06 2022) - Censored Papers that Refute the Big Bang Hypothesis
UNIVERSE -- These are the papers that the cosmology censors don’t want anyone to read: The first one predicts what the new JWST telescope will find—further refuting the Big Bang, expanding universe, hypothesis. The second paper shows, with the latest data, how large-scale structures could not have formed in the time since the hypothesized Big Bang—and how they really formed from plasma filamentation. The third paper summarizes the evidence against the Big Bang hypothesis ...

(Jul 05 2022) - Russia To Join Allies For Joint Military Exercises In America’s Backyard
VENEZUELA -- In response to continued aggression by the Biden regime and other Western leaders, 10 nations will join Russia, China and Iran this August to participate in joint military exercises in Latin America, right in the backyard of the United States. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will be hosting the drills, called the Sniper Frontier competition, in his country — a 4-hour flight from the U.S. mainland. The drills are an expanded version of exercises held earlier this year with Russia, China and Iran in the Gulf of Oman just before the war in Ukraine began.

(Jul 02 2022) - CIA Recruiting ISIS Terrorists To Be Sent To Ukraine
U.S.A. -- The CIA is recruiting ISIS terrorists to be sent to Ukraine. According to an inside source, the Kurds have already turned over to the US, many high-ranking members of Daesh as well as about 90 fighters. An informed source claims that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is enlisting Daesh* terrorists confined in Syrian jails and camps under Kurdish administration in order to transport them to Ukraine.

(Jun 28 2022) - Russian Space Agency Published Coordinates of "Decision-Making centers"
RUSSIA -- On the eve of the NATO meeting in Madrid, at which Russia is expected to be declared the most dangerous threat in the world, the Russian Space Agency made an interesting post to their web site: The GPS Coordinates of certain "decision-making centers" around the world. While at the upcoming summit of the alliance, representatives of 30 participating countries and their sympathizers will declare Russia the number one evil, Roskosmos published entertaining satellite images - those same "decision centers" -- or rather, their coordinates -- just in case ...

(Jun 26 2022) - Western Officials Admit Ukraine Is Crawling With CIA Personnel
UKRAINE -- The New York Times reports that Ukraine is crawling with special forces and spies from the US and its allies, which would seem to contradict earlier reports that the US intelligence cartel is having trouble getting intel about what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine. This would also, obviously, put the final nail in the coffin of the claim that this is not a US proxy war. (...) The revelation that the CIA and US special forces are conducting military operations in Ukraine does indeed make a lie of the Biden administration’s insistence at the start of the war that there would be no American boots on the ground in Ukraine, and ...

(Jun 22 2022) - US bars Russian aircraft from picking up diplomats
WASH D.C. -- Moscow says it will take countermeasures in response to Washington’s decision not to allow a Russian aircraft to pick up Russian diplomats and their families from the United States. “The American side continues to systematically destroy bilateral relations that are already in a lamentable state,” Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said in a statement on Wednesday. In February, the United States expelled 12 diplomats from Russia’s New York-based mission to the UN, accusing the staff of engaging in espionage activities.

(Jun 22 2022) - Vadim Zimin who carried Russia's nuclear codes found dead at home
RUSSIA -- A secretive colonel Vadim Zimin who carried the Russian president’s nuclear codes has been found shot at his home, it was reported. After leaving his position as an officer in the security services, the mysterious Vadim Zimin, who is 53 years old, is being investigated for allegedly accepting bribes in his new job in the customs service. Zimin is a former colonel from the Federal Security Service. During his time in the FSS, he was in charge of the briefcase that carries the Russian nuclear controls and that is always carried by the head of the Kremlin.

(Jun 21 2022) - Twitter Is Hiring an Alarming Number of FBI Agents
SAN FRANCISCO -- Twitter has been on a recruitment drive of late, hiring a host of former feds and spies. Studying a number of employment and recruitment websites, MintPress has ascertained that the social media giant has, in recent years, recruited dozens of individuals from the national security state to work in the fields of security, trust, safety and content. Chief amongst these is the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI is generally known as a domestic security and intelligence force. However, it has recently expanded its remit into cyberspace.

(Jun 19 2022) - US Laws All Secretly Changed to Enable Mass Genocide
U.S.A. -- Since early 2020, we’ve all been tearing our hair out, wondering how the PSYOP & info operation known as the COVID-19 Pandemic & vaccine rollout has been pulled-off on a global scale. A picture is emerging of a govt-run domestic bioterrorism program of chemical & biological weapons, funded by taxpayers, authorized by Congress & US presidents and administered through the Department of Health & human Services, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, the DOD, the DHS and the DOJ.

(Jun 16 2022) - Russian Ministry of Defense Release on US Biological Activity in Ukraine
RUSSIA -- Russian Ministry of Defense releases new official briefing, slides and documentation pertaining to US biological malfeasance! Direct accusations of violation of the Nuremberg Code and more direct evidence against Hunter Biden! (...) Here Russia shows a series of facilities they are accusing of unethical medical experimentation and in violation of the Nuremberg Code. They show a black site experimental lab in Kharkov, 4 million dollar facility built with funds from the Pentagon, disguised as a pharmaceutical facility. In addition to the surrounded labs and psychiatric wards where they were using to supply subjects for the experiments. These allegations are not to be taken lightly. The punishment for the accused crime is death.

(Jun 15 2022) - NSA breaks all mass surveillance records
NSA -- According to the Burmese agency Anzer, in May 2022, the United States National Security Agency pilfered 97 billion files & recorded 124 billion 'phone conversations. This monumental theft of computer data & interception of private 'phone conversationswas was carried out by the NSA Office of Tailored Access Operations, thanks to the NOPEN Trojan that was captured by Chinese specialists a month ago. The TAO employs more than a 1,000 technicians. The NSA is a member of “Five Eyes”. This data is therefore accessible to Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.

(Jun 10 2022) - Pentagon Finally Admits Running 46 Biolabs In Ukraine
PENTAGON -- In a recent document, the Pentagon admitted to running 46 biolabs in Ukraine but says they are peaceful efforts to improve nuclear and radiological safety and security, disease surveillance, chemical safety and security, and readiness to respond to epidemics and pandemics such as COVID-19. (...) In a document titled ‘Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts,’ the US Department of Defense for the first time revealed the specific number of such facilities its government has sponsored in Ukraine.

(Jun 08 2022) - '5 people presumed dead' after MV-22B Osprey crashes in desert
CALIFORNIA -- A Marine unit of five, including the pilot, are feared dead after their military aircraft crashed in the California desert. The MV-22B Osprey crashed in Imperial County near Highway 78 and the town of Glamis - 30 miles north of the Mexican border, and 150 miles east of San Diego. The aircraft belonged to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, headquartered in Miramar, San Diego. Rumors the plane was carrying nuclear material have since been debunked.

(Jun 06 2022) - Inside A Secret Government Warehouse ...
U.S.A. -- It sounds like something out of a Cold War era movie. Boxes of medical supplies stacked high in gov't warehouses to help citizens in the event of a public health emergency. However, this huge stockpile is very real. It is called the Strategic National Stockpile, and “Once Federal & local authorities agree that the SNS is needed, medicines will be delivered to any state in the U.S. in time for them to be effective. Each state has plans to receive & distribute SNS medicine & medical supplies to local communities as quickly as possible.” For security reasons ...

(Jun 04 2022) - FALSE FLAG ??? Military jets scrambled and Secret Service evacuated Biden to secure location after aircraft enters airspace near president's beach house
DELAWARE -- President Joe Biden was evacuated to a secure location on Saturday afternoon after an aircraft entered the restricted airspace near his beach house in Delaware. President Biden was rushed to a fire station when a light aircraft violated the restricted airspace over the president's home in Rehoboth Beach, according to the Daily Mail.

(Jun 04 2022) - Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war
UKRAINE -- On Ukraine’s battlefields, the simple act of powering up a cellphone can beckon a rain of deathly skyfall. Artillery radar and remote controls for unmanned aerial vehicles may also invite fiery shrapnel showers. This is electronic warfare, a critical but largely invisible aspect of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Military commanders largely shun discussing it, fearing they’ll jeopardize operations by revealing secrets. Electronic warfare technology targets communications, navigation and guidance systems to locate, blind and deceive the enemy and direct lethal blows.

(Jun 01 2022) - HHS Pioneers First Stealth Technology Foundry for Weapon Biotechnology
U.S.A. -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched the nation's first Foundry for American Biotechnology today to produce biotechnological solutions. It is part of an integrated plan for the United States protect against and respond to health security threats, enhance daily medical care, and add to the U.S. bioeconomy. This program is part of the Precision Medicine, One Health mandate for the world.

(May 30 2022) - A US Army recon plane landed in Uvalde just before the shooting and ...
UVALDE, TX. -- This is kind of weird… The aircraft was in Uvalde for the first time this year during the shooting. The plane landed 3 minutes before the shooter crashed his vehicle. The plane then left 2 minutes before the shooter was killed. Why was this aircraft in Uvalde for the first time in 2022 at the exact moment that one of the deadliest US shootings was unfolding? Again, the plane landed 3 minutes before the shooter crashed his vehicle. The plane then left 2 minutes before the shooter was killed.

(May 29 2022) - Russia Test-Fires New Hypersonic Missile
RUSSIA -- The Russian navy on Saturday conducted another test of a prospective hypersonic missile, a demonstration of the military’s long-range strike capability amid the fighting in Ukraine. The Defense Ministry said the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Northern Fleet in the White Sea launched the Zircon cruise missile in the Barents Sea, successfully hitting a practice target in the White Sea about 540 nautical miles away. The launch was the latest in a series of tests of Zircon, which is set to enter service later this year.

(May 22 2022) - Monkeypox Outbreak Leaked From US Biolab In Ukraine ... ???
UKRAINE -- According to a source at the European Centers For Disease Control, the latest monkeypox outbreak originated in a bioweapons lab in Ukraine. Dr. Benjamin Braddock, an independent investigator, claimed that an unknown source at the ECDC told him that preliminary investigation of the monkeypox strain currently circulating indicated the virus originated in a lab and could be linked to US biological research in Ukraine. “ECDC source tells me that the preliminary analysis of monkeypox indicates that it is ‘a third lab strain with unknown characteristics’ and ...”

(May 22 2022) - Sars-Cov-2 was Lab Made Under Project DEFUSE
U.S.A. -- This long article will explain how Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was created as a result of intentional laboratory work. It will also show that the blueprint for Sars-Cov-2 was described in the “Project DEFUSE” proposal by Peter Daszak, which was preceded by years of relevant lab work and virus manipulation. I intend this to be a comprehensive “popular science” style article, that has references & abundant links but is generally understandable for regular science-minded people ...

(May 21 2022) - SOURCES : China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California ... ???
WEST COAST -- Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world. This is the bombshell that has emerged from the leaked audio out of China, for which a full English translation and transcript has now been published by whistleblower Jennifer Zeng at this link.

(May 21 2022) - CCP Issues 'National Mobilization Order" & "Switch to Wartime Operations"
CHINA -- The China Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee has issued a "National Mobilization Order" to switch China from peacetime to Wartime economy. This is now formal preparation to seize Taiwan and fight-off U.S. protection of that island. Audio from a Provincial government meeting in the Province of Guangdong was recorded, making explicitly clear they have been ordered to immediately switch to a wartime operating status. Support of frontline troops, through coordination of industrial production, is now being implemented.

(May 18 2022) - The Jewish Hand in World War Three !!!
UKRAINE -- Thanks to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we indeed seem to be rushing headlong into a major war - possibly a World War Three, possibly the world’s first (and perhaps last) nuclear war. Ukraine leadership & their Western backers seem hell-bent on fighting to the last man, and Vladimir Putin, as an old-school Cold Warrior, seems equally determined to press ahead until achieving “victory.” The cause seems hopeless for Ukraine, who cannot reasonably expect to prevail in an extended conflict with one of the largest militaries on Earth.

(May 17 2022) - The Sacrificial Athena Owl Arises !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- America has tuned to the Pantheon to of gods to "save us." I first saw concrete evidence when the scientific journals began to say that the vaccine would be released in November 2nd, 2020 to take advantage of a rare planetary and stellar alignment that would potentiate the effect of the vaccine. The logo they used was a UFO with a tractor beam with a human being taken up. This imagery can also be found in the murals of the Bank of America Building.

(May 16 2022) - Russian Computer Hacker Group Killnet Announces Global Internet attack
RUSSIA -- A group of serious computer hackers, allegedly based in Russia, have publicly announced they will commence a "Global internet attack" against the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland & Ukraine. It is not yet known WHEN such attack will commence. The group, known by the name "Killnet" issued a video announcement Monday. The announcement, in the Russian language, is presently being translated to English & when I get the translation, I'll update this story.

(May 14 2022) - U.S. Begins Nuclear War Exercises ... In Indiana !!!
INDIANA -- Chilling scenes show the U.S. preparing for nuclear war. The Guardian Response 22 homeland emergency exercise features role-players displaying horrific injuries, as hazmat-suited personnel attempt to handle the fall-out. Taking place at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Indiana, U.S. Army Soldiers are evaluated based on how they apply occupational skills to a notional nuclear event. Sgt. Jermaine Jackson, 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, said: “What are your plans if a 5-ton nuclear device detonates in your city?”

(May 10 2022) - China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion ‘rehearsal’ drills
TAIWAN -- The Chinese military deployed forces all around the island of Taiwan over the weekend in a large-scale military drills that one Chinese military analyst called a “rehearsal of possible real action.” On Monday, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced its Eastern Theater Command organized maritime, aerial, conventional missile and other forces around Taiwan and carried out drills around the island from Friday to Sunday. The Eastern Theater Command said the drills were intended “to test and improve the joint operations capability of multiple services and arms.”

(May 10 2022) - US Congress to question Pentagon on UFOs
WASH D.C. -- The House intel committee will hold its first public hearing on unexplained aerial phenomena in 50 years. The US House Intelligence Committee has scheduled a hearing to follow up on some 143 UFO sightings reported between 2004 and 2021, Representative André Carson (D-Indiana) revealed on Tuesday. The hearing, scheduled for next Tuesday, will be held by the Intelligence Committee’s subcommittee on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and counterproliferation, which Carson chairs.

(May 09 2022) - The Pentagon Has Classified Types of Zombies ... ???
PENTAGON -- 'Be Prepared' might be the official motto of the Boy Scouts, but it's also a maxim that appeals to governments the world over. If you want to be in power, it isn't enough to just respond to situations as they happen, often you need to develop a contingency plan - regardless of how outlandish the threat might seem. Luckily, many of these plans never come to fruition, but that doesn't mean the government, and related organizations, haven't prepared for situations that you're much more likely to see in Hollywood than in reality.

(May 05 2022) - Pentagon spent $224 million on bioweapons programs in Ukraine
PENTAGON -- A criminal probe into the Pentagon’s nefarious activities in Ukraine has revealed that American taxpayers were bilked out of at least a quarter billion dollars to fund the deep state’s bioweapons programs in Eastern Europe. Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, says the U.S. gov't is directly involved in “military biological activities” in Ukraine, including “representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense and American companies with ties to it.”

(May 02 2022) - LEAKED : Facebook Indicate Engineers Have Lost Control of User Data
CALIFORNIA -- Facebook grew to be a $500 billion enterprise almost entirely on its mass collection of user data and application of it in targeted advertising. The sprawling advertising juggernaut is plugged into tens of millions of websites and apps, and may have now grown to the point that its own engineers cannot keep track of it all. Leaked documents indicate that the company is struggling to keep up with privacy regulations around the world, primarily because it cannot identify exactly where data goes once it enters the system.

(Apr 27 2022) - Technocrats Turn To Satellites, Geospatial Intel For ESG Compliance
U.S.A. -- AI is used to analyze data combined in real time from high definition satellite imagery, drones, Internet of Things, 5G and Smart Grid networks. The stated object is to enforce ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) policies on the world. This is the final frontier of ubiquitous scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy. ⁃ (TN Editor) ESG monitoring is fast emerging as a fairly accurate determiner of corporate willingness to make progress towards social well-being, ecological adaptability, and sustainability.

(Apr 24 2022) - China develops 'BRAIN CONTROL WEAPONS' for future wars ???
CHINA -- Are brain-control weapons becoming reality ??? It looks like such a science-fiction concept could be coming to fruition very soon. Last year, the U.S. gov't learned a variety of Chinese companies were helping develop biotechnology that can potentially alter the brain function of a human being. That led to 34 entities in China being placed on the Federal Register's blacklist, since they were a threat to U.S. national security ...

(Apr 20 2022) - REVEALED: Fauci’s Texas Lab Signed a ‘Confidential’ Deal With Wuhan Colleagues Enabling ‘Destroying Secret Files, Materials’ ???
TEXAS -- The Galveston National Laboratory - a project of Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases - entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, granting the Chinese lab the right to make its American counterpart “destroy and/or return the secret files, materials & equipment without any backups.” The National Pulse has previously unearthed the Texas-based lab’s multi-year collaborative relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including hosting exchange programs & training researchers at the lab’s Biosafety Level 4 (BSL) facility.

(Apr 19 2022) - 30 Wicked Bankers ... Jacob Frenkel to Geoffrey Bell
WORLD -- The G30 is a group of thirty bankers and economists with high level authority over global finance. The Rockefeller family financed the creation of the G30. These financiers all work for the European royalty and nobility and they all finance child trafficking, terrorism, propaganda, and gang stalking. { Yes, they have their list, and we have ours }

(Apr 17 2022) - Keeping In Mind Project ZYPHR ... Prepare For Blackouts ???
U.S.A. -- During the summer of 2019, a startling audio file from one David E. Goldberg was making headlines across alt-news media. In the audio recording, Goldberg disseminated info he was given by a “White House insider”. The info he relayed had to do with 2 projects (Project POGO & Project ZYPHR) that were under-way to identify, and eliminate opponents of the zionist/globalist world takeover.

(Apr 16 2022) - U.S. Biolab In Ukraine Experimented On Psychiatric Patients ...
UKRAINE -- The United States has been using various satellite states like Ukraine since 2004 to conduct bioweapons research, often contracting with private companies for the dirty work. Please note the following is from a report of findings issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense. After analyzing the recovered documents they released the following briefing ...

(Apr 15 2022) - You Can't Tell the People ... The Cover Up of Britain's Roswell
BRITAIN -- I work at the Ministry of Defence, where between 1991 & 1994 I did what must be one of the most bizarre jobs in the dept. Essentially, my task was to evaluate the several hundred UFO sightings reported to the MOD each year & determine whether there was evidence of any threat to the defence of the U.K. Each sighting was carefully investigated & I was able to determine that somewhere between 90-95% could be attributed to the misidentification of ordinary objects or phenomena. There remained, however, a hard core of sightings that defied conventional explanation and ...

(Apr 14 2022) - Israeli Spyware Maker NSO Group Asks SCOTUS For Sovereign Immunity
ISRAEL -- Israeli spyware developer NSO Group is urging the Supreme Court to recognize it as a foreign gov't agent, a move it says would give it immunity under U.S. laws restricting lawsuits against foreign countries. NSO’s leading software product, Pegasus, allows operators to clandestinely surveil a suspect’s mobile phone - access contacts & messages, as well as the built-in camera, microphone & location history. NSO says it deals only with gov't law enforcement agencies & that all sales are approved by the Israeli Defense Ministry.

(Apr 13 2022) - Imminent Ozone Layer Collapse, A Warning From A Former NASA Employee
U.S.A. -- Does the sun feel scorching hot? A former aerospace avionics engineer who worked with NASA has been conducting testing for Geoengineering Watch with state of the art UV metering equipment supplied by GeoengineeringWatch.org. The objective is to measure the dangerously high UV radiation that is now saturating the surface of our planet. Those who are most aware of their surroundings have long since taken note of the growing intensity of the sun. This change is not due to increased solar activity, it is a dire symptom of Earth's rapidly disintegrating ozone layer.

(Apr 09 2022) - SECRET : German bioweapons research in Ukraine ???
UKRAINE -- Germany, too, has run its own military-biological program in Ukraine, according to Russia's permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov. The purpose of the program was to investigate the potential of deadly diseases, such as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, under conditions in Eastern Europe. The German Tropical Institute and the Friedrich Löffler Institute for Animal Health are said to have been on board. Documents prove that, said the diplomat.

(Apr 05 2022) - UFOs had sexual encounters with witnesses & left one woman PREGNANT
PENTAGON -- The report - titled Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues - investigates injuries to "human observers by anomalous advanced aerospace systems". It investigates the health impact on humans who have had paranormal experiences. The document features a "useful database" which listed the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans and their frequency, compiled US-based civilian research agency MUFON. This includes bizarre occurrences such as "apparent abduction", "unaccounted for pregnancy", sexual encounters, experience of telepathy and perceived teleportation.

(Apr 02 2022) - Meet the J-16D: China’s Electronic Warfare Plane the US Navy Fears
CHINA -- While the J-16D is not stealth or an F-35, it certainly has the US Navy concerned for all of the right reasons – For air supremacy in East Asia, China needs an electronic warfare fighter jet that can compete with the American EA-18G Growler. It appears the Chinese may have accomplished this goal. Pictures already emerging from this week’s air show in the southern China city of Zhuhai show jamming pods on the wings of the J-16D that points to the Chinese potentially achieving electronic warfare (EW) capabilities. But Will This Lead To EW Dominance in the Air?

(Mar 27 2022) - The Secret of Secrets : The Bucegi Mountain Secrets
ROMANIA -- At the beginning of 2012 I was reading though some posts and one in particular was rather mundane and I was about to leave the thread when I noticed a link and just clicked on it. This link opened up the most amazing and incredible research journey I've ever been on. Since January 2012 I've been researching something incredible and I will now reveal this bizarre story. What I read was so incredible that I spent the first few months trying to debunk it because if it were true it would change my views on everything I've ever learnt.

(Mar 24 2022) - What The CDC Says About U.S. Quarantine Stations & Their Jurisdictions
C.D.C. -- The following is the word-for-word text on the CDC.gov website dealing with “Quarantine & Isolation”. Note that “the CDC has the legal authority to detain any person who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order to be quarantinable.” Also note that “New types of flu (influenza) that could cause a pandemic” was added to the more severe diseases like tuberculosis, plague, smallpox & cholera, and that the whole quarantine mechanism can be triggered solely by a presidential Executive Order. Forced quarantine could be imposed on anyone who “may have an infectious disease” that “could cause a pandemic”.

The Climate Engineers

(Mar 19 2022) - Part 9 : Under an Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown
U.S.A. -- The basic notion [in low-frequency research] was to create within the cavity between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the earth, this neutral cavity to create waves, electrical waves, that would be tuned to the brainwaves. The natural electrical rhythm of most mammalian brains, including man, is about 10 cycles (hertz) per second, and there are indications that if you tune in at this frequency - that is, these low frequencies of about 10 cycles per second - you can produce changes in behavioral patterns or in responses.

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PDF : In a report published last April by the Royal Society titled People and the Planet, the elitist UK-based society calls for massive population reduction and de-industrialization of the west.

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Ready for the NEW WORLD ORDER ? European leaders in Berlin have agreed on the need to regulate all financial markets including hedge funds. Leaders of Europe's major economies said a global solution was needed to the current financial crisis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted that leaders faced an "extraordinary international crisis". But leaders including UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned against reverting to protectionism in such a difficult economic climate. The Berlin gathering is a precursor to the next meeting of the G20 group of major developed and developing countries in London on 2 April, which aims to rewrite the rules of the global financial system. "There is a need for a global new deal so that the world economy can recover" said Mr Brown to ensure an economy that is based on the "soundest principles".

Chem-Trail Planes Up Close

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HDTV to Control Masses in USA ?

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The public as a whole, hasn't a clue what could take place after Feb 17th 2009, when "ALL TV PROGRAMMING" stops analogue transmissions and flips the swith to digital. The Porterville Post could be wrong in this assumption, but as far as we are concerned, we can appologize later if we are wrong, but if we are right ... YOU BETTER PAY ATTENTION to what this article says and do a little research yourself. Our shawdow government has spent too much time and tax payers monies to let this technology go to waist or to let it get into the hands of other NWO governments and corporations. Once we find a solution, the POST will let you know. In the mean time ... PRAY that the POST IS WRONG. We really hope we are.

CBS 60 Minutes : Reading Your Mind

(CBS 60 Min) -- How Technology May Soon "Read" Your Mind : How often have you wondered what your spouse is really thinking? Or your boss? Or the guy sitting across from you on the bus? We all take as a given that we'll never really know for sure. The content of our thoughts is our own - private, secret, and unknowable by anyone else. Until now, that is. As correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, neuroscience research into how we think and what we're thinking is advancing at a stunning rate, making it possible for the first time in human history to peer directly into the brain to read out the physical make-up of our thoughts, some would say to read our minds.

More Evidence: HDTV Set Up for Mind Control

And if that ain't enough information to singe your synaps, read this article called "More Evidence : HD TV is a Set Up for Mind Control". If you're not convinced that evil people who gain control of this technology will use it ... then your just not thinking.

John Carpenter's 1988 Movie : They Live

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Back in 1988, John Carpentar came out with a partial sci-fi "B-Rated" movie called "They Live". The central theme in this film was the concern that the government had gone too far in eaves-dropping and media-manipulation of the masses. 20 years ago, John Carpenter presented this "Big-Brother B-Rated Movie" to the public, I believe, as a warning. What do you think ?


THE AMERO : NWO Coins for the US

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Who Killed the Electric Car ?

Dan Rather : Mass Media Motives

Fire Fighter for 911 Truth

Fire Fighters for 911 Truth

Sequoia's Voting Machine's Software -- NO GOOD

Sequoia's Electronic Voting Machine : 158 Page PDF

The AVC Advantage voting machine is made by Sequoia Voting Systems and has been used in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other states. Pursuant to a Court Order in New Jersey Superior Court, we examined this voting machine as well as its computer program code. On October 17, 2008 the Court permitted us to release to the public a redacted version of our report. The report was originally submitted to the Court on September 2 in the form of an expert-witness report by Andrew W. Appel. The Court has released this redacted version to the public. The version we release here, linked in boldface above, is the same as the Court's redacted version, but with a few introductory paragraphs about the court case, Gusciora v. Corzine. The AVC Advantage contains a computer. If someone installs a different computer program for that computer to run, it can deliberately add up the votes wrong. It's easy to make a computer program that steals votes from one party's candidates, and gives them to another, while taking care to make the total number of votes come out right.

Osama Bin Laden was Murdered ?

Proposed (Classified) "Darkest Nightmares" Bill

America's Shadow Government : Part I

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The War on Drugs is a Joke : At the end of the Vietnam conflict - during the evacuation - I {A.L.Lucketta} personally witnessed our own U.S. military government load and unload "Black-Tar Heroin" from the Helo's {SH3-Gulfs} I flew in as a SAR Crewman. Since many of the officers knew that I knew what they were involved with and were afraid that I'd turn them in, convinced Lt. Coronal Vasquez - my superior commander at the time - to either set me up or to force me out of the Navy. They choose the latter and my DD-214 was changed to reflect a 3 month early out ... if I chose to go to college. I left the Navy {Imperial Baech} at that point and a career that I had hoped would take me around the world, because no one would listen ... then, and no one listens now ! NO ONE !

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Just when you thought it was no longer safe to go out after dark, the government has stepped up to quench those fears. In the coming days and months, be prepared to see more and more U.S. Military personnel on our streets, patroling for -- that's right -- terrorists. And to make sure that the local police and CHP have a little back-up, HOMELAND SECURITY and our buddies at NORCOM were kind enough to lend us some troops. First to the DUI check points, so you can get used to their presense. Eventually, I'm sorry to say, our government {NORCOM} will ask foreign troops {CANADA & MEXICO} to help ... protect, THEIR PROPERTY !!!

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YouTube.com : FOR THE RECORD

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In April 1984, President Reagan signed Presidential Directorate Number 54 that allowed FEMA to engage in a secret national �readiness exercise� under the code name of REX 84. The exercise was to test FEMA�s readiness to assume military authority in the event of a �State of Domestic National Emergency� concurrent with the launching of a direct United States military operation in Central America. The plan called for the deputation of U.S. military and National Guard units so that they could legally be used for domestic law enforcement. These units would be assigned to conduct sweeps and take into custody an estimated 400,000 undocumented Central American immigrants in the United States.

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The North American Future 2025 Project {PDF} was leaked a while back and from the looks of this information, the North American Union collective of corporations has been working over time to secure a complete take over of resourses from Canada and Mexico. To be sure, they have already signed on for military backing {story} in the event of full scale riots.

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The Bilderberg group {Google} is an organization of political leaders and international financiers that meets secretly every spring to make global policy. There are about 110 regulars�Rockefellers, Rothschilds, bankers, heads of international corporations and high government officials from Europe and North America. Each year, a few new people are invited and, if found useful, they return to future meetings. If not, they are discarded. Decisions reached at these secret meetings affect every American and much of the world.

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The FBI Deputizes Business

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23,000 Businesspeople Get Threat Info from FBI Before Public. In Turn, They Supply Tips to FBI. Two Members of Private Sector Group Say They Have �Shoot to Kill� Permission in Emergency. These are the astonishing findings in Rothschild's cover story of the March issue of The Progressive.Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does�and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. But there may be more to it than that. One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to �shoot to kill� in the event of martial law.


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