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(Dec 16 2018) - MARK OF THE BEAST : UP-DATES
By Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta :

- - Knowing that technology will be used to implement the "Mark of the Beast" the Porterville Post will be tracking and posting informational links and stories about these devilish devices to ALERT THE PUBLIC ! Obviously the NEW WORLD ORDER's agenda is to track and control humans. Your goal - as a Christian - is to stand up and SAY NO and mean it ! Additionally the Porterville Post will be adding informational resources re: "Religious Exemptions" and possibly which denominations are taking a STAND !!! - -

(Dec 16 2018) - Facial Recognition Destroying US Right to Privacy
AMERICA - In 2016, a Georgetown University report revealed that half of all American adults are logged in a government face recognition database. Though a government official may not be actually watching our movements in real-time, the fact that your movements, actions, and even facial expressions are being logged and stored in an Orwellian database for potential future use should be sounding alarm bells for all liberty-minded folk. What does this mean for Americans right to privacy?

(Dec 11 2018) - Smartphone Apps Are Tracking You & Selling It To Everyone
U.S.A. - The database reviewed by The Times a sample of information gathered in 2017 and held by one company reveals peoples travels in startling detail, accurate to within a few yards and in some cases updated more than 14,000 times a day. These companies sell, use or analyze the data to cater to advertisers, retail outlets and even hedge funds. It is a hot market, with sales of location-targeted advertising reaching an estimated $21 billion this year. IBM has gotten into the industry, with its purchase of the Weather Channels apps.

(Dec 07 2018) - Artificial Intelligence Program AlphaZero Reaches Turning Point
U.S.A. - DeepMinds artificial intelligence program AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as turning point in history. The advances in artificial intelligence are coming so fast now that you almost need an algorithm to help you understand the progress the algorithm are making now. Cashierless stores, implantable microchips, driverless cars, drones delivering packages, its quite overwhelming.

(Dec 06 2018) - A.I. Experts Issue Urgent Warning Against Facial Scanning
U.S.A. - Facial recognition has quickly shifted from techno-novelty to fact of life for many, with millions around the world at least willing to put up with their faces scanned by software at the airport, their iPhones, or Facebooks server farms. But researchers at New York Universitys AI Now Institute have issued a strong warning against not only ubiquitous facial recognition, but its more sinister cousin: so-called affect recognition, technology that claims it can find hidden meaning in the shape of your nose, the contours of your mouth, and the way you smile. If that sounds like something dredged up from the 19th century, thats because it sort of is.

(Nov 28 2018) - Googles Behind The Curtain Activity is so Monstrous ...
CHINA - If you havent heard of what Google is doing for China by now, let me get you caught up really quick. They are building one of the most Orwellian nightmares that have ever existed called Dragonfly. A complete information flow monitor that will not allow anyone to freely see anything again. It is so horrendous that even Google employees are protesting. In a 'Newly Released' open letter just published as the 2nd wave of dissension again the creation of this beast, they stated ...

(Nov 25 2018) - Chip Implants: The Next Big Privacy Debate
CALIFORNIA - Have you been chipped ? That question is set to divide millions of people in the 2020s. And perhaps billions of people in the 2030s and 2040s. Just as the world begins to understand the many benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), but also learns about the dark side from smart everything, including our connected cities, we are now on the cusp of small chips causing major new privacy disagreements.

(Nov 13 2018) - Facial Recognition Database to Use Loyalty Rewards ...
AMERICA - For years, I have been warning people about facial recognition in retail stores, but this story might convince you to avoid retail stores altogether. A recent article in BiometricUpdate.com (BU) reveals that retail stores have a master plan to convince Americans to accept facial biometrics. BU interviewed four facial biometric company CEOs and what they revealed is frightening.

(Nov 11 2018) - Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips
U.K. - Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK. The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger, are similar to those for pets. They enable people to open their front door, access their office or start their car with a wave of their hand, and can also store medical data.

(Nov 07 2018) - Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes ...
U.S.A. - Fox News is pushing RFID chip implants, encouraging people that the tech is safe and good for medical by stating its similar to getting a tetanus shot. Recently in Sweden, thousands of people have reportedly had chips implanted. Fox highlights this news expressing that a company called Biohax has already installed around 4,000 chips into customers. The article then goes onto explain how awesome it is to have a chip in ones hand, stating that those chipped can open secure doors, pay for tickets, and share emergency medical information.

(Nov 02 2018) - An AI god will emerge by 2042 & write its own bible ...
WORLD - In the next 25 years, AI will evolve to the point where it will know more on an intellectual level than any human. In the next 50 or 100 years, an AI might know more than the entire population of the planet put together. At that point, there are serious questions to ask about whether this AI which could design and program additional AI programs all on its own, read data from an almost infinite number of data sources, and control almost every connected device on the planet will somehow rise in status to become more like a god, something that can write its own bible and draw humans to worship it.

(Oct 31 2018) - Building a Moral Machine ... Who decides ???
U.S.A. - Youre driving along the highway when, suddenly, a person darts out across the busy road. Theres speeding traffic all around you, and you have a split second to make the decision: do you swerve to avoid the person and risk causing an accident? Do you carry on and hope to miss them? Do you brake? How does your calculus change if, for example, theres a baby strapped in the back seat? In many ways, this is the classic moral dilemma, often called the trolley problem.

(Oct 28 2018) - Palm-Based Biometric ID' Systems Headed For Your Hand
GERMANY - A nonprofit group called the IOTA Foundation is working with biometrics company Iampass to introduce a system that lets users verify their identity using the veins in their palm print. As it turns out, these vein patterns are just as unique as the other biometric markers that drive technologies like fingerprint or retina scanners. More so than any other biometric technology, palm vein authentication is highly accurate, hygienic & designed specifically to curb impersonation, counterfeiting & other illegal actions that may be used to access important info & secure areas, Dominik Schiener, co-founder & co-chair of the IOTA Foundation, told Digital Trends.

(Oct 24 2018) - Sweden Becomes Worlds Most Microchipped Nation
SWEDEN - Sweden has become the first widely microchipped nation, with Swedes readily parting with eye-watering amounts of their own money to pay for fashionable microchips surgically implanted under their skin without stopping to think of the consequences. Mainstream media in the US has been waging a propaganda campaign trying to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, airing reports claiming that children will be microchipped sooner rather than later and that Americans will accept this because it will make their children safer.

(Oct 08 2018) - Facebook wants people to invite its cameras into their homes
SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook is launching the first electronic device to bear its brand, a screen and camera-equipped gadget intended to make video calls easier and more intuitive. But its unclear if people will open their homes to an internet-connected camera sold by a company with a questionable track record on protecting user privacy. Facebook is marketing the device, called Portal, as a way for its more than 2 billion users to chat with one another without having to fuss with positioning and other controls. The device features a camera that uses artificial intelligence to automatically pan and zoom as people move around during calls.

(Oct 03 2018) - The Scary Side of the Technological Police State
U.S.A. - Its a given that Big Brother is always watching us. Unfortunately, thanks to the govts ongoing efforts to build massive databases using emerging surveillance, DNA and biometrics technologies, Big Brother (and his corporate partners in crime) is getting even creepier & more invasive, intrusive & stalker-like. Indeed, every dystopian sci-fi film (and horror film, for that matter) weve ever seen is suddenly converging into this present moment in a dangerous trifecta between science & technology, Big Business, & a govt that wants to be all-seeing, all-knowing & all-powerful - but not without help from the citizenry.

(Sep 23 2018) - Why Youre Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday
AMERICA - Microchip implants are going from tech-geek novelty to genuine health tooland you might be running out of good reasons to say no ... But sooner or later, the laws will change, and the frightening will become familiar. After all, all it took in Sweden for RFID implants to become widespread and normalized was the simple appeal of never having to deal with a lost key. Whenever it happens, like waves of new tech before it, implantable RFID will bring us the next iteration of the yin-and-yang symptoms of technology weve seen time and time again.

(Sep 15 2018) - Its now possible to telepathically communicate with a drone swarm
DARPA - A person with a brain chip can now pilot a swarm of drones or even advanced fighter jets, thanks to research funded by the U.S. militarys Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. The work builds on research from 2015, which allowed a paralyzed woman to steer a virtual F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with only a small, surgically-implantable microchip. On Thursday, agency officials announced that they had scaled up the technology to allow a user to steer multiple jets at once. As of today, signals from the brain can be used to command and control ... not just one aircraft but three."

(Sep 13 2018) - Tech Company Rolling Out Global Tracking Chip
WISCONSIN - "We started with a simple little chip & now it's evolved into a whole other business. We're in development right now of an actual chip that will be powered by the human body & it'll have GPS-tracking capabilities along with voice recognition, Westby said. Three Square Market provides self-service kiosks to office break rooms across the U.S. & abroad, but the technology company made headlines last July when it announced it would cover the costs of microchip implants for its employees. A little over a year later, Westby says 92 out of 196 of the company's employees have been chipped. Only one person - a former employee - has had the chip removed.

(Sep 07 2018) - Expert claims "Worshipping AI" could bring out the best in humans
CALIFORNIA - The co-founder of Google Street View wants to establish a church that worships artificial intelligence. In fact, he filed the initial paperwork to establish the new religion in 2015. Former Google employee Anthony Levandowski, who also helped engineer Waymo and Uber's self driving cars, officially founded the "Way of the Future" religion in 2015. According to filings, the church's purpose is to "develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence." Levandowski believes artificial intelligence will one day overpower human intelligence. As machines learn to problem solve and perceive their environment, their ever-increasing intelligence may one day replace human cognition. Before that happens, AI could become your God and Savior.

(Aug 30 2018) - The future of mobile drivers licenses ...
U.S.A. - For years the mainstream media (MSM) has been pushing Mobile Drivers Licenses (MDL) on the American public. But now things are about to take a strange turn. MDL companies want to encourage motorists to use digital drivers licenses by tying them into loyalty rewards programs and various services. According to a interview with David Holmes, Identity Management & Security Commercial Director at Underwriters Laboratories, MDL companies are working with retailers.

(Aug 23 2018) - Experts Say Eventually EVERYONE Will Get a Microchip Implant
MILWAUKEE - After a company in Wisconsin fitted each of their employees a microchip and claimed they absolutely loved it, many people were adamant that nope, no way, they'd never get chipped like a dog. Some people claimed religious objections (mark of the Beast) while others feel that their privacy has been already been invaded quite enough with the advent of "smart" technology and advertising cookies on the internet. If you swear to the skies that you'll never get chipped, several experts quoted in an article on USA Today are here to tell you that you're wrong. Associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Noelle Chesley said, "It will happen to everybody. But not this year. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids."

(Aug 16 2018) - Forget passwords, 'brainprints' could be used to identify you
AMERICA - Humans have a unique 'brainprint' that doesn't change throughout our life, researchers have found. Known as a 'functional fingerprint', it could help identify people, and can even tell if people are related - and distinguish between twins. It could also unlock the mystery of diseases such as ADHD and autism. 'Similar to DNA, specific brain systems and connectivity patterns are passed down from adults to their children,' said Damien Fair of the Oregon Health & Science University following a 2017 study.

(Aug 08 2018) - Councilman Proposes Implanting Microchips in Non-Violent Offenders
OHIO - This Tuesday, Toledo City Councilman Rob Ludeman suggested that criminals be implanted with microchips so they can be tracked by police and the courts. Ludeman also made comments essentially describing people charged with crimes as animals. The councilman said, "this can't be inhumane because we do it to our pets." Ludeman suggested that implantable microchips should be used instead of ankle bracelets for people doing time on house arrest because ankle bracelets don't work on the cop shows that he watches.

(Aug 02 2018) - Chase ATMs go CARDLESS...
U.S.A. - Chase bank has adapted nearly all its 16,000 ATMs across the United States to dispense cash without a card, it announced on Thursday. Customers no longer need a physical debit card or security code for authentication and can simply tap their smartphone on the ATM to take out money on the go. This accesses the debit or credit card loaded onto the phone's mobile wallet, which can only be accessed by fingerprint recognition.

(Jul 24 2018) - Humans could achieve 'electronic immortality' by 2050 and ...
U.S.A. - Within the next few decades, humanity may be able to achieve a sort of immortality by merging our minds with machines, according to a prominent futurist. This could mean we live on through androids even after our bodies die, allowing us to attend our own funerals, and get back to life with a 'highly upgraded body.' But, according to Dr Ian Pearson, it could also mean you no longer own your mind. The expert warns a shift toward 'electronic immortality' will require careful planning - otherwise, our cloud-connected brains could be used for purposes beyond our control.

(Jul 22 2018) - The Antichrist & modern technology will be the author of confusion
NEW WORLD ORDER - The world has grown darker, more sinister. Like the flickering flame of a candle about to be blown out, the darkness seems to be flooding in all around us. No longer is there an outcry about the red light traffic cameras that monitor and record our movements. No one seems to care that nearly every human being carries around multiple tracking devices in their homes, in their cars, and in their pockets. We have, it seems, accepted the inevitable leash of Big Brother and no longer fight his deep intrusion into our private lives. You can easily picture people willingly lining up around the block to receive their implantable RFID chips, and then bragging about "how cool it is" when they show their friends the latest "technology upgrade".

(Jul 13 2018) - A New Technology To Control The Human Brain
MARYLAND - The USA and the European Union invested in the past years billions of dollars and euros in brain research. Perfect maps of the brain were developed thanks to this research, including the areas of the brain that control different body organ activity, and higher brain functions such as where speech and thought are taking place. The information inside of the brain is transfered by frequency and number of nervous impulses. Today it is well known which frequencies correspond to those different activities in the brain. So the brain, just like computers, functions in a digital way. It is now so much easier to understand or control the brain with computers.

(Jul 12 2018) - How are You Responding to AI's Personalized War Against You ???
WORLD - Your every action, inaction, and thought is written down by scribes in the King's heavenly chronicles. These books will determine your eternal destiny and will be a witness or curse against you unless you are covered by the blood of Jesus and entered into the Lamb's Book of Life. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has learned how to hack into the chronicles of the King and this information will be sent by demonic courier or even an AI simulation of synthetic tortured human detailed enough to be conscious, to develop strategies to degrade, overcome, and eventually terminate your life.

(Jun 27 2018) - Amazon Deploying New & Very Dangerous Facial Recognition Technology
U.S.A. - America's favorite retailer, Amazon, has entered the surveillance business with new recognition technology. Many are now accusing Amazon of selling that recognition technology to the government (deep state) to monitor its citizens. "The company has developed a powerful and dangerous new facial-recognition system and is actively helping governments deploy it," the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) charged. The system, called Amazon Rekognition, uses artificial intelligence to identify individuals by their faces. "Powered by artificial intelligence, Rekognition can identify, track, and analyze people in real time and recognize up to 100 people in a single image," the ACLU charged.

(Jun 26 2018) - 2021 ... The Mark Of The Beast Will Be Deployed ???
AMERICA - DHS is developing a massive new biometric & biographic database with extensive data on citizens & foreigners alike (with a special focus on face & hands). The Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) database will reportedly include at least seven biometric identifiers, including face & voice data, tattoos, DNA, scars, & other physical descriptors on as many as 500 million people. The agency has been remarkably hush-hush on how HART will be utilized but the possibilities are frightening. DHS expects to launch the new database next fiscal year, according to internal documents. By the following year, they anticipate having iris & facial matching capabilities, & by fiscal year 2021, the database is expected to be functioning in its full capacity.

(Jun 15 2018) - The creepy AI that can predict the future ...
GERMANY - An intelligent machine capable of anticipating your next move minutes in advance sounds like the stuff of nightmares but is now a reality. Researchers have taught an AI to recognise patterns in peoples actions, allowing it to accurately predict the next move in a sequence minutes in advance. The software, which was built by a team at the University of Bonn in Germany, was taught to anticipate actions by watching hours of cooking videos.

(Jun 14 2018) - Facebooks Spying Fest at a Glance
CALIFORNIA - How far can Facebook go as far as spying on you without telling you? Perhaps a better question would be, what cant Facebook collect from its users. It can do anything it wants. The company has publicly admitted to practices that go beyond anything you could have probably come up with. In a document sent to the Senate of the United States, Facebook answers point by point to the questions posed by this institution.

(Jun 07 2018) - What Is The Future Of Implanted Electronics ???
WORLD - Biohacking is the new frontier. In just a few years, millions of people will have implanted RFID chips under the skin between their thumb and index finger. Already, thousands of people in Sweden have chipped themselves to make their daily lives easier. With a tiny electronic implant, Swedish rail passengers can pay their train ticket, and it goes without saying how convenient opening an RFID lock is without having to pull out your wallet. That said ... Why hasnt the most popular example of biohacking caught on? Why arent more people getting chipped? Is it because no one wants to be branded with the Mark of the Beast ?

(Jun 07 2018) - If you walk, breathe, or talk, this AI probably knows who you are
U.S.A. - Were all aware that privacy is essentially nonexistent on todays web. Using a VPN and switching to Firefox may help, but its a sad fact of life that advertisers follow us from site to site, creating personas of who we are and offering up just the right ad in response. Increasingly, AI researchers are pushing the boundaries of how they can identify individuals in real life, too. Soon, architecture itself could help organizations, governments, and companies track people as they move through the worldand not just through cameras. From your snorts to your gait, software may soon be able to decipher your identity in all sorts of crazy ways.

(Jun 06 2018) - Wireless system can power devices inside the body
MASSACHUSETTS - MIT researchers, working with scientists from Brigham & Womens Hospital, have developed a new way to power & communicate with devices IMPLANTED deep within the human body. Such devices could be used to deliver drugs, monitor conditions inside the body, or treat disease by stimulating the brain with electricity or light. The IMPLANTS are powered by radio frequency waves, which can safely pass through human tissues. In tests in animals, the researchers showed that the waves can power devices located 10 centimeters deep in tissue, from a distance of 1 meter.

(Jun 01 2018) - The world might be getting brain implants soon ... can you handle it ?
WORLD - Based on the most recent advances in artificial intelligence & robotics technology, its becoming quite clear that the era of the brain-controlled implant (BCI) is upon us. BCIs are said to be next-level devices that are going to replace current standard smartphones & other mobile computers, granting humans the ability to perform many smartphone tasks simply by using their brains. It may sound like science fiction, but researchers from all over the world are slowly but surely turning it all into reality. And when that happens, dont you think you should be prepared?

(May 25 2018) - Amazon Rekognition Being Marketed To Law Enforcement ...
U.S.A. - Amazon is marketing Rekognition for government surveillance. According to its marketing materials, it views deployment by law enforcement agencies as a common use case for this technology. Among other features, the companys materials describe person tracking as an easy and accurate way to investigate and monitor people. Amazon says Rekognition can be used to identify people of interest, raising the possibility that those labeled suspicious by governments will be seen as fair game for Rekognition surveillance.

(May 24 2018) - NY Schools to install facial recognition technology ...
NEW YORK - Amid the highly-publicized spate of mass shootings in America, one public school district is set to impose unprecedented police state tactics to ensure security and safety for students. Starting next school year, schools in New Yorks Lockport district will be equipped not only with bulletproof glass and surveillance cameras but also with facial recognition technology used by police forces and military units. We always have to be on our guard. We cant let our guard down, Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley told Syracuse.com.

(May 23 2018) - A County Using Amazons Facial Recognition Worried ... ???
OREGON - Amazon and the county of Washington, Oregon, have a cozy relationship revolving around the use of Amazons facial recognition technology for policing, according to documents released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. The tech company has been advising the local government on how best to use facial recognition for policing, according to the documents, including giving a sneak peek at Amazons roadmap for Amazon Web Services under a non-disclosure agreement. The county, which has uploaded more than 300,000 mugshots to Amazons cloud, has used the facial recognition tools about 20 times per day, according to internal emails. Its police force has used the technology to identify suspected shoplifters from security footage, according to RouteFifty.

(May 21 2018) - Soldiers to be Microchipped for full-time Monitoring & Info Culling ???
VIRGINIA - We should be monitoring all soldiers, all the time, looking for patterns of injury or other signs for early detection, said Lt. Gen. Nadja West, the Armys surgeon general, during a talk May 8 at the Association of the U.S. Army in Arlington, Virginia. We can do better when every soldier is a sensor, and we can continuously monitor information culled from them. The monitors would send out streams of detailed data on a soldiers health. For example, a device could measure blood sugar levels and a doctor or nurse hundreds or thousands of miles away can check on a soldiers diabetes and recommend treatment or calibrate insulin.

(May 13 2018) - Is This Why The Beast Will Scan Foreheads ???
SCOTLAND - Researchers have developed an ultrathin & flexible membrane, less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick, that can be placed onto a contact lens, enabling the wearer to essentially shoot lasers from their eyes. The membrane, which was developed by scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, is made from an organic semiconducting polymer - a broad class of materials that consist of many repeated chains of molecular units. It emits very low-powered laser light when illuminated by another laser. Each membrane is able to produce a unique barcode - a well-defined series of laser beams in the form of sharp lines. This could have applications in identification technology as a kind of wearable security tag, according to the researchers.

(May 09 2018) - Alexa will be built into ALL new homes by Lennar
VALLEJO, Calif. - The nations largest home builder is betting voice-activated digital assistants and smart devices will become as expected in a new home as garages now are. Lennar announced Wednesday that standard features in its new homes will include built-in Wi-Fi, smart locks, doorbells, thermostats and lights - all controlled by Alexa, Amazons voice-activated digital assistant. Each house will come with two Alexa-enabled smart speakers, an Echo Show and an Echo Dot. New homeowners will also get a free visit from an Amazon technician to help set everything up and teach them how to use it.

(May 07 2018) - Even Privacy Advocates Are Tracking You Online
CALIFORNIA - The primary purpose of Californians for Consumer Privacy, an advocacy group formed by San Francisco real estate developer Alastair Mactaggart, is to push for a ballot initiative adding restrictions on companies that profit from the collection of personal data. Last week, it gave state officials a petition with over 600,000 signatures, which should be enough to get it in front of voters in November. Its website, CAPrivacy.org, is pretty much what youd expect ... There is one surprising aspect, though.

(May 01 2018) - Businesses will use facial biometrics to create their own watch lists
U.S.A. - All across the country businesses are being encouraged to use facial recognition to identify everyone. Companies like DeepCam, have been been secretly working for three years, to create a facial recognition customer watch list system. "After three years in stealth mode, DeepCam has released Retail by DeepCam,a system that will transform retail loss prevention. Retail byDeepCam is a plug-and-play system that drastically reduces retail shrink and slashes operational costs through a proprietary biometric-enhanced recommendation engine. " How will DeepCam transform retail loss prevention?

(Apr 29 2018) - China's Big Brother Sees You ... !!!
CHINA - Facial recognition technology is really starting to become a big deal in China. It wasnt that long ago when Chinese traffic police began using facial recognition to nab those who were violating traffic laws. Now theyve taken things one step further with artificial intelligence (AI): When the facial recognition cameras catch someone jaywalking, not only will they be identified, named, and publicly shamed, they will also be sent text messages telling them what their violation is and how much the fine they have to pay will be. Based on online reports, a Shenzhen-based AI company called Intellifusion will be in charge of rolling out this feature of the new Shenzhen traffic system.

(Apr 27 2018) - Travel at OIA getting a spooky facelift
ORLANDO, FL - Attention airline passengers, get ready to smile and say Cheese to Big Brother. Your face will soon serve as your passport, ticket and baggage-check ID. Its part of a new program supposed to make your flying experience slightly less arduous than a colonoscopy. The worry is that it will end up being more intrusive, expose your privacy to new evils and expedite the collapse of Western civilization.

(Apr 26 2018) - Genetic Assassins Among Us
WORLD - Genetic assassins are living among us today. They say reality is stranger than fiction, and much darker. Science is beguiled with ancient genetic technologies, forbidden knowledge, which is creating an unholy union or marrying ancient technology with the memories of the Watcher's who passed their hybrid genetic memories (mind, body and spirits) from the rephaim and giants of old into the bloodlines of mankind. Just as it was in the days of Noah. This is a suicide mission which seeks to exterminate the God and His Divine Image from mankind before a fiery cataclysm.

(Apr 24 2018) - Why Restaurants Going Cashless Should Be Troubling
AMERICA - Monetary transactions these days, for most of us, consist of ones and zeroes. It all happens electronically, and some of us go weeks without handling paper money at all. However, others live and breathe on paper currency: Some don't have credit cards or bank accounts, and cash-only people are often poor. A story in USA Today about restaurants going cashless presents obvious concern. As the paper reports: Restaurant owners say ordering is faster from customers who slap down plastic instead of dollars, cutting a few seconds out of the process. But most of the benefits appear to accrue to the restaurants: less time taken counting bills, reduced pilferage, no armored-car fees or fear of stickups.

(Apr 19 2018) - Why the Human Brain is Being Attacked! What You Don't Know
U.S.A. - Huge stockpiles of neuro-weapons were accumulated under the BRAIN Initiative 2025 for dual use or weaponizization. These Neuro-Weapons are now being deployed to assess, access, and target your brain and soul. Our brains have been degraded in a war against this precious asset that most are unaware is occurring. The brain has sustained direct and collateral damage due emerging technologies, environmental factors, and simple things such as a poor diet. Warfighters on the other hand will receive ...

(Apr 19 2018) - Rise Of The Robots ...
U.S.A. - As robots and artificial intelligence (AI) technology begin their takeover, more jobs will be taken away from humans, resulting in entire professions being supplanted by next level advances in modern technology. This is no longer a what-if, but a well-known fact. Robots have started to take away human jobs, and they will continue to do so as they get more sophisticated. There might be those who think their own jobs are safe from this change, and for the most part, theyre right. But its really only a matter of time before technology catches up and will soon start automating things that currently require the time, effort, and attention of actual human beings. When that happens, wouldnt you rather be prepared?

(Apr 14 2018) - Your devices (and marketers) track your comings and goings
AMERICA - In George Orwells dystopian novel 1984, the warning Big Brother is watching appears on posters throughout the fictional Oceania. And though its not for the purpose of wielding power, as it was in Orwells book, this phenomenon of tracking the whereabouts and actions of users or customers no longer is the far-fetched concept that it was when the book was published in 1949. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques, marketers and retailers increasingly are using location data in their marketing analytics and applications.

(Apr 10 2018) - Mandatory Eye Scans & Finger Prints Required To Buy Food
INDIA - Big brother in India now requires all of its 1.3 billion residents to have their fingerprints, eyes and faces scanned in order to access public services like schools, grocery stores, welfare benefits and banks The Indian government has made registration mandatory for hundreds of public services and many private ones, from taking school exams to opening bank accounts. Citizens have also been ordered to link their IDs to their cellphone and bank accounts.

(Apr 06 2018) - Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for trigger words that could get you arrested and imprisoned
AMERICA - An Amazon patent, filed in June 12, 2017, reveals a massive conspiracy to spy on you using a voice sniffer algorithm. If approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, this artificial intelligence can be embedded inside Amazon devices, including the Amazon Alexa. The voice sniffer algorithm would take advantage of the microphones already built into Amazon devices. The technology would permit Alexa and other Amazon devices to listen to your conversations in real-time to identify trigger words that can give the tech giant insight into your personal life.

(Apr 02 2018) - I Want to Preserve My Brain So My Mind ...
CALIFORNIA - A company called Nectome is developing a technology designed to preserve the brain so the human mind can be uploaded to supercomputers in the future. Earlier this month, the Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF) announced that the final phase of the Brain Preservation Prize has been won by a cryobiology research team led by Robert McIntyre (Disclosure: I am an adviser to the Brain Preservation Foundation). The same researchers won the preliminary Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize two years ago. McIntyre co-founded the startup Nectome to further develop the technology.

(Apr 01 2018) - New Mind-Reading Machine ... 90% Accurate
CALIFORNIA - Scientists have developed an astonishing mind-reading machine which can translate what you are thinking and instantly display it as text. They claim that it has an accuracy rate of 90 per cent or more and say that it works by interpreting consonants and vowels in our brains. The researchers believe that the machine could one day help patients who suffer from conditions that dont allow them to speak or move.

(Mar 27 2018) - AI More Human than Humans ???
WORLD - You are witnessing with your own eyes the decay of morals and ethics - the very fabric of civilization and compassion. To the heart of the matter, the destruction of what it means to be human. Why is it that In our gut we know something is wrong, but we don't take the time to stop and examine why it is that our gut is giving us that feelings? Can we afford to be that busy? We find ourselves in a tyrannical Darwinian world. Everything must justify it's existence to be allowed to live. The emerging Beast is being advertised as more human than you!

(Mar 25 2018) - The New King of Censorship, Microsoft ...
U.S.A. - Microsoft, previously absent from any conversation regarding censorship and resulting tryannical behavior, has now moved to the head of the class when it comes to Deep State, globalist tyranny. Last night at 6:46pm Pacfic, I received an email from Microsoft advising me that the terms of my usage agreement with Microsoft had changed and by virture of the fact that I was using their product, I have offered my implied consent to the new policies. My wife and I reviewed the major points of the terms of of service over dinner. Her concluding comments included Microsoft thinks that they can takeover everyones computer. and, Is there a viable alternative?

(Mar 10 2018) - Brain implants are happening - are you ready for yours ???
U.S.A. - Brain implants or other types of neural links, such as Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) between the brain, the internet, and the cloud, are quickly entering the realm of science rather than science fiction. The DARPA is ready to run trials with closed-loop mood control chips linked to AI that can deliver an electrical impulse to regulate a soldiers mood. In the private sector, Elon Musk has announced Neuralink a neurotechnology venture that will not only focus on fighting diseases but also on augmenting humans so they can better compete with machines.

(Mar 08 2018) - Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast Will Result In ...
BRITAIN - Robots with artificial intelligence will treat humans like guinea pigs, according to renowned British futurologist Dr Ian Pearson. He said that future robots will be insensitive towards humans & are likely to conduct experiments on them with newly created viruses. Even if it doesnt wish us any harm, we might just be in the way when it wants to do something. It might want to do some experiments in advanced physics or something & it just so happens that it kills all of the people.

(Feb 17 2018) - Human speech will be replaced by thought communication by 2050
DUBAI - Human speech will become a thing of the past by the year 2050, by which time we will communicate by thought via a computer-generated collective consciousness, it has been claimed. Marko Karjnovic unveiled his ideas at The Museum of the Future as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai. The Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar (HIBA), will understand the feelings of people connected to it, take on their personas, exchange information with them and even become part of the fabric of their brains.

(Feb 14 2018) - Pentagon Insider Predicted Synthesis of Human Brains With Computers
DUBAI - Yesterday, an article from CNBC highlighted comments from leading futurists & businessmen at the recent World Government Seminar in Dubai. The leading topic was the idea that humans will need to merge with computers in order to keep up with the rapid development of artificial intelligence. As many economists & trend watchers have pointed out, gaping societal divides will inevitably ensue with the further development of artificial intelligence & robotics. The political divides of the future could be between naturals - those who refuse to merge their minds & bodies with machines & ESIs - individuals who have enhanced themselves with technology.

(Feb 02 2018) - Human memory could soon be tracked, boosted, or erased ...
TEXAS - Scientific research on the human brain has yielded some very interesting results. According to the worlds foremost experts on the subject, they have made significant progress on the road to understanding human memories. Soon, they expect to be able to not only understand human memories fully but also to manipulate them at will. Todays technology is slowly making it possible.

(Feb 01 2018) - The rise of the Antichrist and modern technology
AMERICA - With modern technology and advanced systems, computer chips and hi-tech surveillance, Big Brother is watching, and its now all systems go! Everythings falling into place for the global economy to take off, and the technology and necessary computing power are with us now, the actual infrastructure is already in place, developed, tested and proven. The Anti-Christ world leader will be the author of confusion, the master counterfeiter, and through his many images he will deceive the nations.

(Jan 27 2018) - You Are Being Programmed To Accept a luciferian Saviour
NWO - We are constantly being bombarded with occult messages and ancient mystery school symbolism through the media today. But actually this is not new. There is a long held agenda to move the world towards a system of global governance under luciferian rule. Most of the population is oblivious to it. Some of the population thinks its cool. A small percentage of us see through the agenda, and know that it is not cool at all. It is blatantly anti-Christian, and diabolical in both its nature and intent. Movies and television are full of this agenda.

(Jan 12 2018) - 1984: Facebook Getting Ready To Release Portal Hardware
U.S.A. - The device will feature a 15 inch screen, a wide-angle camera with facial recognition & microphones to allow voice control. Its expected to use facial recognition to allow people to log into their accounts without having to type in passwords and will be dedicated to video chat. The gadget has been designed by a shadowy Facebook department called Building 8 thats also working on mind-reading technology. The Internet is filled with funny memes & videos of people asking their in-home personal assistants like Alexa & Echo funny questions. But while youre chuckling over the next one you see posted, just remember that youre laughing as you watch the One World surveillance system that will eventually be known as the Mark Of The Beast coming to life in stages.

(Jan 03 2018) - A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit ...
U.S.A. - Recognizing the human voice, new tech gadgets can play music, search the web, shop online, check the weather, and even switch on the lights or control the central heating. But while we get to know these new interactive electronics, a report last week sounded the alarm over the implications of rapidly improving artificial intelligence. They listen, they talk and very soon, according to some experts, they will be taking over our homes, our jobs and our lives. Thousands of Americans unwrapped voice-activated electronic devices on Christmas Day. Amazons Alexa service, Apples Home Pod, and Googles Home speakers were among the best-sellers.

(Jan 01 2018) - Its going to be a Happy New Year for Artificial intelligence
NEW DELHI - Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzz in the jobs bazaar as machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly influence business strategies and analytics. Human resource and search experts estimate a 50-60% higher demand for AI and robotics professionals in 2018 even as machines take over repetitive manual work. "Machines are taking over repetitive tasks. Robotics, AI, big data and analytics will be competencies that will be in great demand," said Shakun Khanna, senior director at Oracle for the Asia-Pacific region.

(Dec 23 2017) - Next Phase in Forcing Biometric Tracking on Consumers
MEXICO - In 2018, banks in Mexico will face new regulations that will oblige them to collect biometric data (finger prints and iris scans) on all of their customers. Whenever a customer asks for a new home or car loan, cashes in a paycheck, applies for a credit card or opens a new savings account, the bank in question will have to request the customers digital fingerprints and then match those fingerprints with data against information in the database of the National Electoral Institute.

(Dec 13 2017) - Google opens artificial intelligence lab in China
U.S.A. - Google on Wednesday disclosed plans to create a research lab in China dedicated to artificial intelligence. In the announcement of the Google AI China Center, Google Cloud chief scientist Fei-Fei Li said China is home to top AI experts, who in 2015 contributed to 43 percent of content in the top 100 AI journals. "I believe AI and its benefits have no borders. Whether a breakthrough occurs in Silicon Valley, Beijing or anywhere else, it has the potential to make everyone's life better for the entire world," she said.

(Dec 12 2017) - Artificial Intelligence machine can identify BILLIONS in seconds
CHINA - Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognise people. The company based in Shanghai, China developed Dragonfly Eye to scan through millions of photographs that have been logged in the countrys national database. This means it has a collection of 1.8 billion photos on file, including visitors to the country and those taken at ports and airports.

(Dec 12 2017) - Samsung Bets Palm Scanning Is Next Big Thing In Biometric ID
U.S.A. - When it comes to biometric security features on our smartphones, we have fingerprints, we have iris scanning, and more recently facial recognition (or at least an improved version from before). However could palm scanning be next? Thats what Samsung seems to suggest, or at least thats an avenue theyre exploring, thanks to a recently discovered patent application. In the patent application discovered by CNET, it seems that Samsung thinks that using our smartphones to scan our palms could be one way of helping users retrieve their passwords.

(Dec 11 2017) - They're Tracking Everything & Feeding It Into the Beast System
WORLD - With daily advancements in technology globally, it is no secret the big governments have the ability to track people anywhere with tech. The most important thing at this point, is wakening those around you to what is happening. Awaken them to what this world really is and how it is really being ran. Help give others the chance to know the full truth before their time is up. Just think of all the souls that lived on earth, that lived their entire life in a lie. Let break that trend. Lets awaken as many as we can to what is really happening before they try and trick the whole world into a false peace.

(Dec 11 2017) - EFF Demands Infor re: Secretive Gov't Tattoo Recognition Technology
U.S.A. - The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed suit against the DOJ, the Department of Commerce, & the DHS today, demanding records about the agencies work on the federal Tattoo Recognition Technology program. This secretive program involves a coalition of govt, academia, & private industry working to develop a series of algorithms that would rapidly detect tattoos, identify people via their tattoos, & match people with others who have similar body art - as well as flagging tattoos believed to be connected to religious & ethnic symbols.

(Dec 08 2017) - New cars to be equipped with biometric scanners
U.S.A. - According to a Lincoln Motor Company media release, their 2018 Lincoln's will offer 'complimentary' CLEAR biometric memberships to new car owners. "Working with CLEAR, Lincoln takes effortless travel to the next level, offering complimentary memberships for new Lincoln owners." Lincoln owners and their passengers, wishing to travel to the airport or sports arenas will have the 'complimentary' pleasure of being spied on by DHS!

(Dec 08 2017) - FDA Just Approved Smart Pill Antidepressant to TRACK YOU !!!
U.S.A. - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved what may be the worlds first smart pill. Abilify MyCite, (aripiprazole) a pill with a sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication was approved for sale and distribution by the FDA in mid-November. Now, a month after the drugs approval, several of the worlds leading medical doctors are questioning the ethics surrounding the controversial drug. Presumably using compliance with taking prescribed medicines as justification, the drug, has an ingestible sensor embedded in the pill that records that the medication was taken.

(Dec 05 2017) - Arizona Citizens Tracked In Facial Recognition Database
ARIZONA - Arizona citizens are now in a government database that uses facial recognition technology to track them simply for getting a drivers license. This allows federal and local law enforcement to use the perpetual lineup of suspects not accused of a crime to see if someone is wanted for a crime, Arizona Capitol Times reported. The state says that the program is to prevent identity theft and fraud. Heres how it works according to Arizona Capitol Times.

(Nov 28 2017) - George Orwell Predicted Cameras Would Watch Us in Our Homes
U.S.A. - Normalizationthe mainstreaming of people and ideas previously banished from public life for good reasonhas become the operative description of a massive societal shift toward something awful. Whether its puff pieces on neo-Nazis in major national newspapers or elected leaders who are also documented sexual predators, a good deal of work goes into making the previously unthinkable seem mundane or appealing. I try not to imagine too often where these things might lead, but one previously unthinkable scenario, the openly public mass surveillance apparatus of George Orwells 1984 has pretty much arrived ...

(Nov 23 2017) - Scientists Zapped Peoples Brains with Magnetic Pulses ...
CANADA - Stimulating someones brain with magnetic pulses is enough to change their taste in music, according to new research. Using a non-invasive technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, Scientists managed to change the enjoyment of music felt by their subjects. Not only did the treatment alter the way participants rated music, it even affected the amount of money they were willing to spend on it.

(Nov 21 2017) - Inside The First Church Of The A.I. Godhead ... ???
CALIFORNIA - Anthony Levandowski makes an unlikely prophet. Dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans and flanked by a PR rep rather than cloaked acolytes, the engineer known for self-driving carsand triggering a notorious lawsuitcould be unveiling his latest startup instead of laying the foundations for a new religion. But he is doing just that. Artificial intelligence has already inspired billion-dollar companies, far-reaching research programs, and scenarios of both transcendence and doom. Now Levandowski is creating its first church. The new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future.

(Nov 18 2017) - Slaughterbots' Film Shows The Potential Horror Of Killer Microdrones
CALIFORNIA - A collaboration between University of California-Berkeley professor Stuart Russell and the Future of Life Institute that shows a future in which palm-sized, autonomous drones use facial recognition technology and on-board explosives to commit untraceable massacres. The film is the researchers' latest attempt to build support for a global ban on autonomous weapon systems, which kill without meaningful human control. The film is a sensationalistic turn in the approaches autonomous weapons critics have used to push for a ban.

(Nov 17 2017) - Why People will line up to be Microchipped like dogs
U.S.A. - So ... some people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. Theyre lining up for it. Theyre having parties to get it done. It if isnt available to them, theyre totally bummed out. Im not even going to venture into the religious aspect of having a microchip inserted into a human being. Lets just talk about the secular ramifications. Certain folks wont be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in them. Heres how this could go.

(Nov 09 2017) - Chips inserted in brains will give us MIND-BLOWING abilities
LISBON - People will be able to buy new memories and delete unwanted ones in the near future as experts believe they are close to biohacking the bodys most powerful tool, according to a leading technology entrepreneur. Speaking at Lisbons Web Summit, Bryan Johnson, the founder of Kernel a start-up researching the possibilities of microchips being inserted on the brain says unlocking the true potential of the mind is the single greatest thing humanity can achieve. Kernels first step is to design chips that can help fight disease, but then it hopes to evolve the brain to offer superhuman abilities.

(Nov 02 2017) - DHS is buying a new database to store biometrics
U.S.A. - The DHS's old "IDENT" database is full, with 240,000,000 records in a system designed to hold 200,000,000; so they're paying arms-dealers and erstwhile comic-book superheroes Northrop Grumman $93,000,000 to develop a new system called Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART), which will grow to encompass biometrics for 500,000,000 people, including hundreds of millions of Americans. Many of those half a billion identities are likely to belong to US citizens.

(Oct 31 2017) - AI-powered IoT devices will change the way you do business
AMERICA - We may not notice it, but both artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are driving massive innovation in consumer and business environments. The smartphones in our pockets, for instance, are equipped with some 9 to 13 sensors and have been running machine learning and deep learning via on-device firmware and in the cloud for years. But to ascertain the broader impacts of these trends on consumers, businesses, and ecosystems, we must consider how they converge and the implications therein. What follows are three examples.

(Oct 24 2017) - Real-ID allows police to control 'fundamental aspects of our daily lives'
TENNESSEE - Thanks to Real-ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone's noses. According to the above video, Tennessee is 'Spreading the Good Word' that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone's drivers license or identification card. A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee Department of Safety have suspended more than a quarter of a million drivers licenses (DL) for failure to pay traffic tickets.

(Oct 20 2017) - Nanochips and Smart Dust ...
AMERICA - Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin to set up a synthetic network on the inside which can be remotely controlled from the outside. Needless to say, this has grave freedom, privacy and health implications, because it means the New World Order would be moving from controlling the outside world (environment/society) to controlling the inside world (your body). This article explores what the advent of nanochips and Smart dust could mean for you.

(Oct 17 2017) - Track this !!! Olympians now face implanted chips
OLYMPICS - The head of an association of Olympic athletes wants to require anyone who participates in the Summer or Winter Games to be implanted with a tracking chip to prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Mike Miller, CEO of the World Olympians Association, remarked recently at an anti-doping forum in London that athletes should accept digital implants or be barred from Olympic-level competition, according to the Guardian of London. Some people say its an invasion of privacy, Miller said. Well, sport is a club and people dont have to join the club if they dont want to, if they cant follow the rules.

(Oct 15 2017) - AI implants will allow us to control our homes with our thoughts
WORLD - Artificially intelligent nano-machines will be injected into humans within 20 years to repair and enhance muscles, cells and bone, a senior inventor at IBM has forecast. John McNamara, who works at IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, in Hampshire, submitted evidence to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee, which is considering the economic, ethical and social implications of AI. Mr McNamara said that within just two decades, technology may have advanced so much that humans and machines are effectively melded together, allowing for huge leaps forward in human consciousness and cognition.

(Oct 11 2017) - Christof Koch Charts a Path to the Merger of Humans and AI
SEATTLE - At Seattles Allen Institute for Brain Science researchers are busy studying donated human brain tissue to try and unravel the mystery of our minds. According to the institutes chief scientific officer. Christof Koch, the effort may lead to the eventual, and necessary merger of our brains with machines. Koch says that integrating artificial intelligence chips into our own neural wiring may be the best way to address concerns about the rise of human-level AI, and the very real potential that the machines could outpace humans, and that this occurrence is only decades away.

(Oct 10 2017) - Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and ...
U.S.A. - A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices. Several cases over the last few years have focused on data transmitted within the modern smart home, while a couple of others add an extra dimension of police completely reconstructing a crime scene based upon data collected from the home as well as the various Internet-connected devices that we wear. The very nature of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution appears to be at stake.

(Oct 03 2017) - Former Google Engineer Developing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE GOD ...
CALIFORNIA - Intranet service? Check. Autonomous motorcycle? Check. Driverless car technology? Check. Obviously the next logical project for a successful Silicon Valley engineer is to set up an AI-worshipping religious organization. Anthony Levandowski, who is at the center of a legal battle between Uber and Googles Waymo, has established a nonprofit religious corporation called Way of the Future, according to state filings first uncovered by Wireds Backchannel. Way of the Futures startling mission: To develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society.

(Sep 29 2017) - Intel Jumps Into Brain-Like Computing With New Self-Learning Chip
CALIFORNIA - The brain has long inspired the design of computers and their software. Now Intel has become the latest tech company to decide that mimicking the brains hardware could be the next stage in the evolution of computing. On Monday the company unveiled an experimental neuromorphic chip called Loihi. Neuromorphic chips are microprocessors whose architecture is configured to mimic the biological brains network of neurons and the connections between them called synapses.

(Sep 14 2017) - Same company that manufactures Smart TVs that spy on you now rolling out refrigerators that record everything you say
WORLD - Its official: Privacy in the technology age is officially dead, and its not very likely that genie can be put back into the bottle. You may have noticed that voice recognition technology is all the rage these days, featured in a range of new consumer products that are part of the Internet of things. Devices like Amazons Echo are designed to listen for the sound of your voice and respond to it. Google devices have been recording the sound of your voice for years, as the U.K.s Independent reported in February. Smart TVs are also designed to respond to the sound of your voice, meaning that they like other Internet-connected consumer voice recognition products can be hacked and then used to spy on you. In fact one smart TV maker, Samsung Electronics, even admitted in 2015 that its TVs could be used to spy on you in your home.

(Sep 04 2017) - ... A World Where Everyone Will Be Microchipped
WORLD - Technology is moving incredibly fast. Although certain advances are doing the world a lot of good, over time, new tools inevitably grant new opportunities for the powerful to garner more control and influence over the people. One of the most insidious means of mass control has not yet been fully implemented, but is being pushed at an ever-increasing rate: human microchipping.

(Aug 28 2017) - The Death Of Cash - New Tech To Revolutionize The Payments Industry
WORLD - The world has had enough of paper money. Now that consumers are done with physical wallets, the multi-billion-dollar mobile pay app market is minting new digital barons at breakneck speed. And weve just identified one company at the forefront of the revolution which has a very compelling story. Glancepay is already the no. 1 mobile payment app in Canada, ranking at over 92 percent of mobile payment app downloads. Its also making big waves across North America, where it ranks 37 percent of all mobile payment app downloads.

(Aug 10 2017) - You will get chipped eventually
LOS ANGELES - You will get chipped. Its just a matter of time. In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into full-throated debate. Religious activists are so appalled, theyve been penning nasty 1-star reviews of the company, Three Square Market, on Google, Glassdoor and social media. On the flip side, seemingly everyone else wants to know: Is this what real life is going to be like soon at work? Will I be chipped?

(Aug 07 2017) - The Mark of the Beast - REJECT THE MICRO CHIP
WORLD - DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST MICRO CHIP. Resist the chip, tell the government to stick it where the sun dont shine. That chip is all about having total control over your life. Money belongs to the world system, but even though we live in the world, GOD is calling us out of it. Putting a micro chip inside of your body connects you symbolically and spiritually as well as physically to Satan and his world. You would then have made a conscious decision to serve Satan, even if you cant understand that. Just like Eve was deceived in the garden of Eden.

(Aug 06 2017) - Microchipping Humans : First They Did This ...
U.S.A. - If America traded liberty for security, it chucked privacy for convenience to our steep detriment and the States undoubted joy. Voice and typed internet searches on any device, putatively private chat conversations on social media, and the ever-popular, dual-facing camera to most consumers, these and more are mere modern amenities vast leaps forward in speed and quality and luxury and so on, ad infinitum. Privacy and constitutional rights law cant keep pace with invention in this digital age ...

(Aug 03 2017) - Dawn of the bionic age ...
LAS VEGAS - If youre prone to forgetting your card key for the office or your computer password, heres a solution: Get a microchip implanted in your hand. Thats what Brian McEvoy has done multiple times. Hes got five implants, mostly for functional reasons but one just for fun. For years, owners have implanted microchips in their pets to recover them if they go astray. Farmers use them in cattle. Now, humans are experimenting with subdermal microchips, which are the size of a large grain of rice, to make modern life easier.

(Aug 02 2017) - Nanoparticles & the New Arms Race
WORLD - What is the newest weapon in the global arms race? Nanotechnology.Nanoparticles are in everything from your food, body products, plants, medication, fabrics, and most everyday household items. The danger with nanoparticles is that they are invisible to the eye. They are also a powerful weapon which creates a 'new type of destruction' never seen before. Currently, there are no labeling requirements for you to tell if a product contains weaponized nanoparticles.

(Jul 28 2017) - Be Prepared The Coming Cashless Society
WORLD - Counting the steps to a cashless/digital currency? Count this one. Crypto-currencies have been around for a while, and Bitcoin has been one of the most successful. Banking institutions have allowed them to remain so far, only because it reinforces their agenda toward a cashless/digital currency. The more accepted digital (crypto) currencies are, the easier it will be for governments and financial institutions to push their agenda of eliminating physical currency. Virtual currency has a future, but it may not be what you think. In order for central banks and sovereigns to easily employ digital currency, it must be accepted.

(Jul 27 2017) - VIDEO : Why Is NO ONE Talking About This ...
U.S.A. - Suuuurrrrrreeeeee ... all this technology is for the good of the people. Millions, if not billions have been tossed into R & D projects because these governments, corporations, companies and universities have such a big heart. And, lets not forget all those big hearted stock holders, they want everyone on "Their" planet to enjoy the good life. Sure they do. No - No - No !!! These money hungry morlocks want robot's - human or otherwise. And they want you to pay up-front for all of it, especially their MARK OF THE BEAST ... so their friends know how many Eloi they own.

(Jul 25 2017) - Banks Are Scheming To Dominate A Future Cashless Society
WORLD - Visa recently announced its new Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments. As the largest credit card processor in the U.S., its no surprise Visa is spearheading this campaign. Under the guise of increasing transparency and efficiency, theyve partnered with governments around the world to help convert financial systems into cashless models, but their real incentive is the billions of dollars in extra transaction fees it would generate. We are declaring war on cash, Visa spokesman Andy Gerlt proudly proclaimed after the program was announced.

(Jul 22 2017) - Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees
WISCONSIN - A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees. Yes, you read that right. Microchip implants. "It's the next thing that's inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it," Three Square Market Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby said. The company designs software for break room markets that are commonly found in office complexes.

(Jul 17 2017) - Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras
U.S.A. - An approach to machine learning inspired by the human brain is about to revolutionize street search. Even if the cop who pulls you over doesnt recognize you, the body camera on his chest eventually just might. Device-maker Motorola will work with artificial intelligence software startup Neurala to build real-time learning for a person of interest search on products such as the Si500 body camera for police, the firm announced Monday.

(Jul 15 2017) - DHS Now Scanning Americans Faces at Airports
AMERICA - The Department of Homeland Security is implementing a new plan that will give Americans even less privacy while traveling abroad. Under the new system, Americans leaving the country will be forced to pass through biometric scanners that will scan individual faces. While this program has not yet been fully implemented, there are already at least six airports that are currently running the program, and some of them have been using it for several months. The airports where you can currently expect to get scanned are in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York City and Washington, D.C. However, the Department of Homeland Security has been very clear that they hope to roll this program out nationwide by January 2018.

(Jul 10 2017) - DARPA Reveals $65 Million Matrix Program ...
DARPA - The US military has revealed $65M of funding for a Matrix program to develop a brain chip allowing humans to simply plug into a computer. They say the system could give soldiers super-senses and even help treat people with blindness, paralysis and speech disorders. Conspiracy theorists have been talking about this for years, now in a bold move, DARPA drops the pretense and admits the existence of these secret programs designed to create an army of half-human, half-machine super soldiers to fight in the their phony wars. Trans-humanism is real, and coming to a neighborhood near you very soon.

(Jul 05 2017) - Will you take the RFID chip ???
U.S.A. - Brain chips, micro-computing, RFID chips, microchips, smart phones, and virtual reality all of this is leading to something, and according to Brain Johnson of Kernel and the founder of Braintree, the next phase of this something is placing technology inside the human brain. Rapidly approaching the Human race is a decision, and in large part, that decision will be based on this question, do we place technology inside of our bodies? In 2007, many news outlets cried conspiracy at the fact that the RFID chip would be placed within people, and as of today, several thousand people across the globe have begun embedding RFID chips into their bodies.

(Jun 30 2017) - Cybercriminals could soon be able to hack your BRAINWAVES
U.K. - Headsets that monitor your brainwaves could allow hackers to empty your bank account, scientists fear. High-tech helmets called electroencephalograms or EEGs are often used to diagnose epilepsy, but are beginning to appear on the toy and video game markets. You can buy devices that allow you control robotic toys or play video games using just your mind for just 100. But a study recently proved that hackers could guess a users passwords using these headsets to monitor victims brainwaves. And now scientists are concerned that EEGs could be used in a similar way.

(Jun 14 2017) - Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves
CALIFORNIA - Picture this: youre sitting in a police interrogation room, struggling to describe the face of a criminal to a sketch artist. You pause, wrinkling your brow, trying to remember the distance between his eyes and the shape of his nose. Suddenly, the detective offers you an easier way: would you like to have your brain scanned instead, so that machines can automatically reconstruct the face in your mind's eye from reading your brain waves? Sound fantastical? Its not. After decades of work, scientists at Caltech may have finally cracked our brains facial recognition code.

(Jun 12 2017) - Swedish railway uses microchip implants
SWENDEN - Sweden's state-owned rail operator SJ is allowing passengers to use microchip implants rather than conventional tickets. The idea is currently being trialed just among some SJ members. It means all they need to travel is their left hand and the small microchip implanted in it. Authorities believe implanting the microchip will make the train journey more convenient ... Implanting microchips under the skin is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden. But experts warn there are security and privacy issues to consider.

(Jun 09 2017) - Mark of the 'Beast' ??? Unique Patient Identifier (UPI)
WASH D.C. - Big Brother is ready to watch you as you hop from doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment, and you have reason to be worried. Congress has moved us one step closer to establishing a unique patient identifier (UPI) system. The UPI is meant to act like a passport into the healthcare system and to aid healthcare institutions in matching patients with their medical records. A unique number assigned to every American that gives access to that persons full medical records to every doctor, hospital, researcher, and public health department in the country. What could go wrong?

(Jun 05 2017) - A Hardware Update for the Human Brain
U.S.A. - From Silicon Valley startups to the U.S. Department of Defense, scientists and engineers are hard at work on a brain-computer interface that could turn us into programmable, debuggable machines. But a number of players have entered the field of neurotech with a different goal: cognitive enhancement of healthy humans, made possible by the formal, physical union of computers and our brains.

(Jun 02 2017) - JetBlue launches facial recognition at airports
U.S.A. - Advancing facial recognition at airports, JetBlue today announced it is the first airline to work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on paperless and deviceless self-boarding. Using technology from SITA, passengers will use facial recognition technology to identify themselves at the gate during boarding. Starting in June, the new process will be available on flights from Bostons Logan International Airport to Arubas Queen Beatrix International Airport. No prior enrolment or registration will be required for participants. Customers who opt in during the boarding process can put away their boarding passes and devices and instead opt to use the biometric system.

(May 25 2017) - Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and ...
U.S.A. - Googles new ability to match peoples offline credit card purchases to their online lives is a stunning display of surveillance capitalism in action. The capability, which Google unveiled this week, allows the company to connect the dots between the ads that it shows its users and what they end up actually buying. This is a crucial link for Googles business that, for all of the companys inventiveness, remains a matter of attracting users to its predominantly free services, collecting user data, and leveraging that data to sell advertising.

(May 23 2017) - Artificial Intelligence is Already Incriminating Citizens
NWO - Artificial intelligence has arrived in the court systems & its already incriminating citizens. The future fiasco of AI penalizing Americans for thought crimes has begun & according to chief justice Roberts its already causing problems in the legal systems of America. Chief Justice Roberts recently attended an event & was asked whether he could foresee a day when smart machines, driven by artificial intelligence, will assist with courtroom fact-finding or, more controversially even, judicial decision making. He responded: Its a day thats here & its putting a significant strain on how the judiciary goes about doing things.

(May 18 2017) - The All Seeing Eye of Destruction ...
CALIFORNIA - In 2016, Alphabet Inc. Patented Google Lens, a computerized contact lens that gets embedded into the eye which can record and take pictures. In 2017, Alphabet Inc. brings about the first phase of Google Lens in the form of an image-recognition AI for your smartphone. The conglomerate corporation Alphabet the parent company to Google and YouTube has taken the first steps to bring about full-blown integrated image-recognition technology that places artificial intelligence in the hands of the user. Previously such technology has been available but not to this degree.

(May 05 2017) - Q&A with One World Identity CEO Travis Jarae
WASH D.C. - One World Identity will be hosting its inaugural K(NO)W Identity Conference May 15-17 in Washington D.C., which will bring together leaders across all industries and backgrounds to help combat prominent identity challenges of the 21st century. The K(NO)W Identity Conference will feature keynote addresses from none other than whistleblower Edward Snowden, along with over 150 panel and session speakers from organizations including the World Bank, IBM, Google, MorphoTrust, NIST, Payfone and GSMA.

(Apr 18 2017) - Facebook developing a 'mind reading' brain interface
CALIFORNIA - Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled Facebook's augmented reality system - and confirmed rumours the firm is developing a 'mind control' brain interface. The social network's founder took to the stage at the firm's annual F8 developer conference at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to introduce what he called the 'second act' in Facebook's camera strategy - a new platform to allow developers to build AR apps that intensifies its battle with Snapchat. He also hinted at the firm's more distant future, confirming rumours it is developing a radical mind reading computer interface - and promised more details on the project 'soon'.

(Apr 18 2017) - Device that can literally read your mind
JAPAN - A device that can read peoples minds by detecting their brainwaves has been developed in a breakthrough that could eventually enable people with locked-in syndrome to communicate. The system was only partially effective with a 90 per cent success rate when trying to recognise numbers from zero to nine and a 61 per cent rate for single syllables in Japanese, the researchers said. But, nonetheless, a statement about the research issued by the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan said it showed that an effective device to read peoples thoughts and relay them to others was possible in the near future.

(Apr 11 2017) - Manipulating the brain to create honest behavior
ZURICH - Medicalxpress reports: Researchers at the University of Zurich have identified the brain mechanism that governs decisions between honesty and self-interest. Using non-invasive brain stimulation, they could even increase honest behavior. In an experiment involving rolling dice, where cheating would increase volunteers earnings, researchers applied transcranial direct current stimulation over a region in the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (rDLPFC). This noninvasive brain stimulation method makes brain cells more sensitive i.e., they are more likely to be active. When the researchers applied this stimulation during the task, participants were less likely to cheat.

(Apr 09 2017) - What is "brain hacking"? Why you should care
CALIFORNIA - Have you ever wondered if all those people you see staring intently at their smartphones -- nearly everywhere, and at all times -- are addicted to them? According to a former Google product manager you are about to hear from, Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked. He is one of the few tech insiders to publicly acknowledge that the companies responsible for programming your phones are working hard to get you and your family to feel the need to check in constantly. Some programmers call it brain hacking and the tech world would probably prefer you didnt hear about it.

(Apr 07 2017) - Touchless biometric device named best new product
U.S.A. - The best new security product of 2017 is CrucialTraks touchless Biometric Access Control System. So said the judges for the Security Industry Associations New Product Showcase announced at the ISC West conference. The Biometric Access Control System is a multi-biometric authentication system that layers four different touchless biometric types into a single terminal. The readers feature a sleek orb-like design and support touchless fingerprint, palm vein, iris and facial recognition authentication. Features ...

(Mar 30 2017) - Toward The Mark Of The Beast? It's Called 'DuoSkin'
NEW YORK - From sci-fi to the real world: DuoSkins temporary tattoos turn your body into an interface. And, the device has won rave reviews in the tech and fashion worlds. When my fellow researchers and I created DuoSkin in 2016, the very idea seemed steeped in a fantasy world. But less than a year after we published our research and released our prototypes, our on-skin interface technology has been formally recognized as real. At the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Innovation Awards this month, DuoSkin won the Sci-Fi No Longer category for the coolest scientific achievement or discovery that previously was considered possible only in science fiction.

(Mar 28 2017) - Elon Musk's new project: Connect brains with computers
CALIFORNIA - Entrepreneur Elon Musk launched Neuralink Corp. to implant electrodes into human brains to enhance their computer interface, sources with knowledge of the project said. Musk, 45, the South African-born founder and CEO of both electric carmaker Tesla Inc. and privately owned rocket company SpaceX, established the California-based company and is taking an active role in its funding and development, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing sources involved in the company's start. Neuralink will pursue "neural lace" technology, in which small electrodes are implanted in the brain as cranial computers.

(Mar 17 2017) - By 2030, Youll Be Living in a World Thats Run by Google
GOOGLE - I was asked on Quora what Google will look like in 2030. Since that is one of the most important issues the world is facing right now, I took some time to answer it in full. Larry Page, one of Googles two co-founders, once said off-handedly that Google is not about building a search engine. As he said it, Oh, were really making an AI. Google right now is all about building the world brain that will take care of every person, all the time and everywhere. By 2030, Google will have that World Brain in existence, and it will look after all of us. And thats quite possibly both the best and worst thing that could happen to humanity.

(Mar 07 2017) - Brain Chip Implants - Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough
DARPA - How did a Massachusetts woman end up with two electrodes implanted into her brain? Why is the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) developing a controversial, cutting-edge brain chip technology that could one day treat everything from major depressive disorder to hand cramps? How did we get to deep brain stimulation and where do we go from here?

(Mar 03 2017) - Australia Becomes Worlds Most Microchipped Nation
AUSTRALIA - Australia has become the first widely microchipped nation, with Australians readily parting with $150 of their own money to pay for fashionable microchips under their skin without stopping to think of the consequences. Mainstream media in the US has been waging a propaganda campaign trying to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, airing reports claiming that children will be microchipped sooner rather than later and that Americans will accept this because it will make their children safer.

(Feb 20 2017) - Samsung: Smart TVs Are Recording Your Private Conversations
U.S.A. - In 2015, Samsung announced that Smart TV sets listen to peoples conversations, and were forced to issue warnings to customers not to say anything confidential while near their TV sets. Theweek.com reports ... The company revealed that the voice activation feature on its smart TVs will capture all nearby conversations. The TV sets can share the information, including sensitive data, with Samsung as well as third-party services.

NEW YORK - Mankind is on the cusp of a transition that we cannot come back from. For many years scientists have sought technology that can actively alter memories and identity. New World Technology has the ability to change our perception by altering our memory; some of the technologies can even make us forget history, and by doing so can distort morals. But there is a far greater evil, scientists can even plant memories.

(Feb 13 2017) - Outlawing microchipping humans not so far fetched
CARSON CITY - State Sen. Becky Harris said a bill to prohibit forced microchipping of people is not as far-fetched as it might seem because it happens in some places around the world. Senate Bill 109 would make it a Class C felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identifier, such as microchips placed in pets. The idea for the bill came from a constituent, the Las Vegas Republican said.

(Feb 12 2017) - Bank of America opens its 3rd employee free branch
AMERICA - An alarming trend is emerging throughout society; companies are ditching humans and replacing them with automation. We mostly hear about these situations in tech and supply chain companies and even fast food restaurants, but now we see this come to fruition in banking as well. Banks already operate with little to no physical cash on hand, making the elimination of the bank teller that much easier. Armed guards will be replaced as biometric eye scanning software contracts become the next big thing in banking security.

(Feb 08 2017) - Company offers to make its employees cyborgs with microchip implants
BELGIAN - In the latest move toward a brave new world, a European company has offered its employees a chance at becoming cyborgs. NewFusion, a Belgian digital marketing and tech firm, recently took steps to make biohacking a company-wide initiative, Sputnik reports. Instead of old-school ID badges, NewFusion's workers can opt for a microchip implant in their hands to gain access to the company's HQ and computer systems. We'll say that again: Employees can get physical chips surgically implanted into their flesh to access their building and computers.

(Jan 25 2017) - Supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 set go live during 2017
CALIFORNIA - The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is on track to go live during 2017. The specially built Supercomputer will be used to sync all data for hosting the "International Cyber Criminal Database" (ICCD) comprising of wanted cyber criminals and all accumulated cyber crimes committed in the cyber-world as well as all data breaches backdated to 2013. The CYBERPOL main SOC will be based in Protecting Tomorrow physical spaces located in California, USA whilst at this time, the official hosting and location of the Supercomputer codenamed 666 will not be disclosed publicly for security reasons.

(Jan 21 2017) - Ushering in a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless Smart Cities
WORLD - From Scandinavia to Amsterdam to India and elsewhere, the trend of going cashless is gaining traction. We have been covering the shortcomings of what is rightly called the War On Cash here at TDV for a while now and have shown just how negative the effects can be on an unsuspecting nations people. Chandigarh, India, which is the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, is like one of Indias labrats. Indian officials are working hard toward making it into Indias first cashless city.

(Jan 17 2017) - Feds want facial biometrics that can 'ID' people based on
U.S.A. - The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) otherwise known as the Dept. of Commerce plans to evaluate facial biometrics for the government. Beginning next month, the NIST will begin evaluating facial recognition technology algorithms. The NIST calls it the 'Face Recognition Vendor Test' (FRVT). FRVT explains how biometrics can identify a person using their skin type, facial hair, height & weight. The Feds also want biometric cameras that can estimate a person's age and sex.

(Jan 10 2017) - Amazon & Microsoft use appliances & toys to spy on families worldwide
U.S.A. - Say goodbye to privacy and hello to Big Brother, soon every home appliance you purchase will spy on us. The list of home appliances that use Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung's 'SmartThings hub' and Amazon's Fire TV is growing at a disturbing pace. Private companies are using our refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, toaster, water heater, air conditioner, ceiling fan, washer and dryer, electrical outlets, light bulbs and lamps to spy on us inside our homes. (LG's 'Instaview' refrigerators have Alexa installed in them.) General Electric (GE) and Alexa, think consumers will find it amusing that Amazon will control every appliance in our homes.

(Dec 30 2016) - Indias PM defends shift to cashless society
INDIA - Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday defended his decision to withdraw high denomination bank notes from circulation, as a deadline to end severe cash shortages passed with Indians still queuing at banks to deposit savings and withdraw money. Modi abolished 500 and 1,000 rupee bills on Nov. 8, taking out 86 percent of cash in circulation, in a bid to fight corruption, end terror financing and turn India into a cashless society. The move, however, caused a major cash crunch

(Dec 20 2016) - Gov't Will Soon Control, Trigger & Read Thoughts
AMERICA - Scientists are predicting that in 2017, the first true brain-to-brain communication in people could begin. Scientists are actively constructing the method that will forge the way for governmental agencies to influence thoughts, and control minds through devices such as an eeg cap. Through technological telepathy anyone connected to the system could control, trigger and read thoughts of another individual.

(Dec 16 2016) - The House Passes A Microchipping Law ...
WASH D.C. - The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would get the federal government heavily involved in microchipping disabled people for tracking purposes. If you would like to read it for yourself, you can find H.R. 4919 right here. The bill is also known as Kevin and Avontes Law, and the idea behind it is that if disabled people are microchipped it wont be so easy for them to get lost. Of course we have been microchipping pets in this country for years, and this is yet another giant step down the road toward universal microchipping of everyone. We are being told that implanted microchips will make those with developmental disabilities safer, but where does this stop? Pretty soon there will be a huge push to microchip all children for their safety, and once that is accomplished it wont be too long before they will want to microchip the entire population.

(Dec 11 2016) - International bankers push for cashless society
U.S.A. - There is no doubt that international banking agencies would love to implement what can only be described as a cashless society, one with no cash. In fact, beta tests are already underway which may ultimately lead to an Orwellian-style system which some have referred to as the mark of the beast. Morgan Report analyst David Smith warns that this so-called cashless society may be coming to America in the near future.

(Dec 08 2016) - Mark Of The Beast Starting In Israel ???
ISRAEL - For years, Bible prophecy teachers have warned about a last days attempt to place a mark on every individual, in fulfillment of foretellings from the book of Revelation in the New Testament, but will it be the Holy Land of Israel itself that will be the forerunner to implement The Mark of the Beast? The Jersusalem Post has reported that the Interior Ministry has decided to push to make joining the national biometric database, including taking finger prints and facial recognition pictures, a requirement for all identity cards going forward. The law establishes arrangements to enable identification and authentication of Israeli residents by means of including biometric data in identification documents, in a manner that will prevent forgery and the use of a different identity.

(Dec 07 2016) - WiFi-Capable Brain Implants ...
AMERICA - WiFi-Capable Brain Implants: What Could Possibly Go Wrong ? The latest creation from Elon Musk is the one that should have you worried. If you thought the Apple Watch was a bit much, wait until you hear about this. The next creation from Musk is Neural Lace, a computer interface implanted directly into the human brain. As one example, it could allow users to connect to the internet nearly by thinking about it.

(Dec 06 2016) - Next-Level Amazon Grocery Leads Directly to Microchip Implants
SEATTLE - Imagine on your next trip to the grocery store, that there were no checkouts, no cashiers, and no lines. You could simply walk in, grab what you need and go. Sounds great right? Amazon has created a next-level grocery store in Seattle that does just that by utilizing machine intelligence and facial recognition software. New technology like this is paving the way towards microchip implants, and the mark of the beast. Amazon, the largest online shopping network in the world is entering into the real world, and their first step is Amazon Go, a store that utilizes a smartphone app and cashier-less store.

(Dec 06 2016) - App lets you scan people's FACES & reveal everything
LONDON - Today, the company behind the app - BLIPPAR - has announced that facial recognition will be introduced so you can scan other people and reveal their profile. It's billed as the world's first facial recognition for phones. The profiles are strictly an opt-in only experience, meaning members of the public have to go through a process to get their faces recognised and turned on before they become blippable.

(Dec 03 2016) - Preparing America for the Mark of the Beast ...
U.S.A. - America is being prepared for the mark of the beast and the preparation is incremental. Group think is a psychological phenomena in which people do things, that they often know are not good for them. However, they do it because everyone else is doing it. Within the spirit of group think, people will perform acts that they would never think of doing otherwise. Today, the psyops directed at getting America to accept the mark of the beast has reached employment. Healthcare workers are being told that if they do not take the flu vaccine, they will not keep their jobs. This is teaching the public that you cannot resist the will of the real power behind the government.

(Dec 01 2016) - All European Newborns to be Microchipped ... from Dec 2016 ???
EUROPE -- { Waiting to be Confirmed } -- On Dec 2016, through Europe newborn children will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip. Public clinics in the European Union are to be alerted. The chip in inquiry will be contributed with the report sheet on the newborn. This chip will also be an impressive GPS sensor that will task with a micro-disposable battery every 2 yrs in state clinics. GPS chip grants an edge of error of 5 meters, as a statement, that is excellent. It will be linked straight to a satellite, which will guide the networks. As forecasted, this chip will be essential for all kids born after May 2014, but with a present confirmation date until May 2020.

(Nov 28 2016) - India Taking Steps Closer to Cashless Society
INDIA - The Bible warns about a mandatory mark, which will be implemented as part of a global payment system before the return of the Lord Jesus. The world is already drawing closer to that system through a series of transitional steps. In western nations like the United States, we have gradually adapted to paying without cash by using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, swiping our cell phones, and a few U.S. retailers are even accepting payments using fingerprint scanners. So things are moving along here, but what about in other parts of the world?

(Nov 27 2016) - Problem, Reaction, Solution How the Govt Will Take Your Cash
NEW WORLD ORDER - Depending on who you ask, the idea of a cashless society is either a utopia of modern convenience or an Orwellian nightmare, but recent international events coupled with stories about ATM cyber-hacks are fair signals that a major push for the cashless society is under way & will intensify. In India, the govt just banned the use of two of the most commonly used bank notes, the 500 & 1000 rupee notes (worth about US$7 and $14 respectively), and is reportedly making a move to restrict gold imports. Citibank in Australia just announced that it would no longer accept coins or notes, opting instead for digital transactions only.

(Nov 25 2016) - The Airport of the Future Will Use Your Face as Your Passport
AMERICA - You wouldnt guess it if you are suffering long security lines and indifferent service at Americas airports this holiday season, but all this could soon be a thing of the past. New smart technology in which your face becomes your passport could transform the airport experience. And everybody agrees that this needs to happen. If there is one song both political parties are singing from the same sheet it is that we need to renew our transport infrastructure before it finally collapses from neglect. And airports appear to be high on the list.

(Nov 25 2016) - Scientists close to creating LIVING COMPUTER with HUMAN BRAIN
MASSACHUSETTS - Engineers at the University of Massachusetts are developing microprocessors which mimic biological synapses - the nerve cells which pass messages across the human body. The science fiction-style project is being undertaken by Joshua Yang and Qiangfei Xia, professors of electrical and computer engineering at the US college. Their work focuses heavily on memristors - a computer component which could change science forever, switching the focus from electronics to ionics. This means computers of the near-future will be able to shut on and off like a lightbulb, not losing any data or files in the process.

(Nov 09 2016) - Wireless Implant gives Paralyzed Monkeys Ability to Walk Again
U.S.A. - For patients paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, theres one impossible roadblock to full recovery. Any movements we execute starts with a series of neurons firing in our brains. The electric signal then travels down our backs to our spinal cords and triggers the specific nerves that controlby contracting and extendingall of our various muscles. When someone is paralyzed because of a spinal cord injury, like a broken neck, the path from brain to limbs is permanently disruptedkind of like an avalanche that blocks an otherwise accessible mountain trail. Even though both the brain and the limbs work, they cant communicate with each other, rendering the patient unable to move.

(Nov 03 2016) - Scientists Take Massive Step Towards The Mark of the Beast ...
CANADA - Scientists at the University of Calgary have created a brain chip which can mimic cellular function within the brain, marking a tipping point in biotechnology; and thus further paving the way for a fully functional Brain Computer Interface (BCI) which could be used as a form of the Mark of the Beast ... A brain implant which could complete functions on an external device is practically thought computing, except the brain chip in cooperation with another implant creates functions all on its own. Meaning that if an individual has one single thought out of line, 911 could easily be dialed, giving rise to thought based prosecuting. Brain chips are a part of the New World Order and are spoken of in scripture as a likely form of the Mark of the Beast.

(Oct 28 2016) - 10th graders asked to persuade people to get A Microchip ?
FLORIDA - Imagine you work for a human microchip company. The president has given you the opportunity to make a televised speech to the nation. What would you say to persuade people to get a microchip? The question you just read is not from WikiLeaks, and not from a biotechnology corporation, but rather it was the subject of a lesson being taught by a Public Florida High School to tenth graders. (And) ... after researching for the lesson online, the following similar lesson came up. It is by an author called Semantics Logic which uses the website Prezi to share presentations online for educational purposes.

(Oct 26 2016) - On their way - computers that can read your MIND and ...
OREGON - Voice-recognition technology can be useful for dictating text when you have no way of typing. But computers could soon be able to decode your thoughts into actual speech or written words, without you even saying a word. This kind of technology sounds like science fiction, but there are a variety of ways scientists are edging towards making it a reality, according to a new review. Computers that can read our minds might enhance the capabilities of already existing speech interfaces with devices, like Siri and Ok Google. But it could be even more important for those with speech difficulties, and even more so for patients who lack any speech or motor function at all.

(Oct 21 2016) - The brain chip that could turn you into a SUPERHUMAN
CALIFORNIA - The idea of implanting brain chips into people to give them superhuman memory might sound like the plot of the latest science fiction film. But one pioneering neuroscientist is ready to start trialling this futuristic technology in humans. The memory chips have already been successfully tested in rats, and could one day be a commercially available product to allow anyone to boost their memory. Dr Theodore Berger, who is designing the brain chips, is a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California.

(Oct 19 2016) - Worlds first biometric fingerprint scanner for newborns
JAPAN - Fingerprint biometric scanners might be a popular tool for law enforcement and securing smartphones, but it could also help improve vaccination rates in developing countries. Japanese tech firm NEC has developed what it claims is the worlds first fingerprint scanner that can be used to identify newborns and infants. The purpose of the technology, which was developed in conjunction with Anil Jain, a professor at Michigan State University, is to help track vaccination schedules for infants in developing countries where children often lack any official identification documents. The scanner may help healthcare providers in these areas identify babies and match them as they become older.

(Oct 19 2016) - Whos Powering the War on Cash ???
WORLD - On Monday in Japan, Apple CEO Tim Cook vented his spleen once more against physical currency, telling the Nikkei that we dont think the consumer particularly likes cash. Its a bizarre conclusion to reach, especially in Japan where cash is still the undisputed king. At 90 trillion ($885 billion), or about a fifth of gross domestic product, the value of banknotes in circulation is the highest in the world as a proportion of the economy. Many small businesses, including many restaurants, dont even take plastic. Yet, the country was also the first to popularize mobile wallets and smartphones. We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system, Cook said, his mind fixed on Apple Pay, which takes a cut on every transaction it processes.

(Oct 19 2016) - Apples Next Goal: A Cashless World
WORLD - Its official Apples next goal is to eliminate cash, within the next few years. Tim Cook, Apples homosexual CEO, claims that Apple Pay could be the catalyst that ultimately gets the world to switch from cash to total digital payments, and the New World Order. The late Steve Jobs brought the world a new way to look at technology, but Apple, under Tim Cook might just change how the world thinks about money. We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system, Cook said. We dont think the consumer particularly likes cash.

(Oct 18 2016) - 50% Already in Facial Recognition Network
AMERICA - Half of all American adults are already in some sort of facial recognition network accessible to law enforcement, according to a comprehensive new study. Conducted over a year and relying in part on Freedom of Information and public record requests to 106 law enforcement agencies, the study, conducted by Georgetown Laws Center on Privacy and Technology, found American police use of facial recognition technology is a scattered, hodgepodge network of laws and regulations.

(Oct 14 2016) - Collaboration to Develop Neuromorphic Chips ...
CALIFORNIA - Stanford University and Korean chip maker SK Hynix have entered into a partnership agreement, with the aim being the creation of a neuromorphic chip. The group is planning to develop the Artificial Neural Network Devices utilizing using newly discovered ferroelectric materials. The development could be a big step for the development of neuromorphic computing ... Neuromorphic chips are semiconductors that function almost as imitations of the thinking process of the human brain.

(Oct 05 2016) - Super Human: Australia ... Microchipping Its Citizens
AUSTRALIA - Australia may become the first country in the world to microchip its public. NBC news predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by 2017, but it seems Australia may have already beaten them to it. Back in 2010, CBS news reported that the Australian government had a potential RFID microchipping plan in the works related to the health care system. Now, it seems that this plan is beginning to unfold but the push is not a result of mandated health care reforms, but rather a clever propaganda campaign that equates RFID microchipping with becoming superhuman, and people are begging for it.

(Sep 27 2016) - MIND CONTROL & MARK OF THE BEAST Technologies
DARPA - Technology consultants to DARPA may claim the secretive Department of Defense only has innovation for the betterment of humanity in mind, but some of their most outlandish projects tell a different story. How do DARPAs projects interact with each other and what does this truly mean for us as a civilization ? DARPA has hacked into a squids nervous system in order to force the animal to change its colors. What does this mean for you and me?

(Aug 27 2016) - Israeli scientists use nanobots and thoughts to control ...
ISRAEL - Israeli scientists say they have come up with a way for brain power to control when drugs are released into the body, by using tiny robots made out of DNA to deliver the medication internally. Researchers at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan have built the nanobots to which medication is attached and then are injected into the body. The nanobots have a gate that opens or closes thereby controlling drug release depending on brain activity.

(Aug 24 2016) - Woman has MICROCHIPS implanted in both hands ...
AUSTRALIA - In a glimpse of what the future may hold, tiny microchips are being implanted in humans so they can unlock doors and get into their computers without using keys or passwords. Sydney woman Shanti Korporaal has had two implants inserted in her hands which she now uses like she has superhuman powers, the Adelaide Advertiser reports. Her goal now is to completely do away with her wallet and cards so that she can lead a futuristic lifestyle, and the sky's the limit as to what can be done next.

(Aug 14 2016) - Augmented Intelligence and Mark of the Beast
U.S.A. - Augmented Intelligence is the new term for Artificial Intelligence according to IBM; trailing close behind the IA movement are neural implants and advances toward the mark of the beast. The Artificial Intelligence industry is growing exponentially despite dire warnings of its threat to humanity by top tech executives. At the Code Conference, Elon Musk, CEO, and founder of Space-X issued yet another warning about AI. So if the creators and thinkers on AI believe it to be such a risk, why would they continue building it? Because they have found a way to counteract the AI. How? By making humans a part of the system through augmented intelligence.

(Aug 09 2016) - Implant Could Connect Humans to Machines ...
CALIFORNIA - A tiny implant the size of a grain of sand has been created that can connect computers to the human body without the need for wires or batteries, opening up a host of futuristic possibilities. One of the inventors, Professor Michel Maharbiz, of University of California, Berkeley, said: "I think the long-term prospects for neural dust are not only within nerves and the brain, but much broader. Having access to in-body telemetry has never been possible because there has been no way to put something super-tiny super-deep [in the body]."

(Aug 05 2016) - Most Think Technology Developed Will Benefit the 1%
AMERICA - Upgrades are not just for software anymore. Humans are steadily gaining access to technologies that enhance our brains and bodies. But most Americans, says the Pew Research Center, see this as yet another way for the haves to get a leg up over the have-nots. Scientists are already working on synthetic blood substitutes to boost strength and endurance, brain implants to improve concentration and information processing, and gene splicing techniques that hack the human genome with surgical precision. Most of these techniques are designed to prevent debilitating diseases. Eventually, they will allow us to redesign our genetic inheritance.

(Aug 04 2016) - A Biotracker Implantable to Monitor Super Soldiers
SAN FRAN - The San Francisco-based outfit has been tapped by U.S. Department of Defense agencies to develop health-tracking systems for soldiers. The $7.5 million grant was awarded jointly by DARPA and the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO). Its implantable biosensors will be used to continuously monitor the body chemistry of soldiers, which they hope will contribute to the enhancement of mission efficiency. But Profusa's stated aim has more to do with health monitoring, and less to do with tin-foil hat surveillance.

(Aug 04 2016) - Hackers could get inside your BRAIN !!!
WASHINGTON - Cyberthieves might be mining personal information from your brainwaves at this very moment. And although this may sound like a plot from a science fiction film, it is a growing concern among researchers who have demanded officials implement a privacy and security framework to block hackers from reading our neural signals. Experts at the University of Washington have revealed how hackers could inserting images into dodgy apps and recording our brain's unintentional reaction using brain-computer interfaces.

(Jul 27 2016) - A 1/3 Say Microchip Implanted in Brain OKAY ???
AMERICA - Over one-third of Americans would not only accept a microchip implant in their brain, but would be "enthusiastic" about the receiving the device to 'enhance their thinking power.' Once the subject of dystopian science fiction novels, three emerging technologies served as a focal point for a new survey to glean the public's willingness to accept what many would call exceedingly invasive biomedical 'enhancements.' Pew Research Center surveyed 4,726 adults - 47 of whom additionally agreed to participate in focus groups ...

(Jul 26 2016) - Christians to Science: Leave Our Bodies How God Made Them
U.S.A. - Gene editing, brain chip implants, and synthetic blood may reduce the risk of disease, sharpen minds, and improve body strength. But messing around with nature in order to enhance humans isn't something many Americans are excited about. A new survey from the Pew Research Center asked approximately 4,700 adults what they thought of three potential medical procedures that could improve human life. For each, adults were more worried than enthusiastic.

(Jul 25 2016) - Ready to go cashless ?
THAILAND - The trend towards a cashless society is picking up steam as the government advances rapidly towards the use of electronic cash as part of its pursuit of a digital economy. However, legal experts have raised concerns about security, privacy, crime and computerisation -- issues that will crop up from giving the government, central bank and designated financial institutions absolute monetary control. The government is making it compulsory for all companies to enter the national e-payment system by 2019 to transform Thailand from a cash-based society to a cashless one.

(Jul 14 2016) - 68% of Europeans want to use biometric authentication
EUROPE - Over two thirds (68 percent) of consumers across Europe are interested in using biometrics when making a payment, especially when integrated with other security measures. According to new research from Visa, 73% see two-factor authentication as a secure way to confirm an account holder. Responses were collected from more than 14,000 European consumers in the UK, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

(Jul 11 2016) - It's Here! 'Mark of The Beast' Technology ...
AMERICA - According to a report on Healthcare Daily, Children's Health has begun offering patients an ingestible microchip and digital patch that can track whether or not an individual has taken his medicine and monitor diagnostics. The technology is eerily similar to something we Christians have been warning about for years, technology that involves an "implantable chip (or in this case a digestible chip)" known as "The Mark of the Beast." Revelation 13:7 "No one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name." While this chip does not require one to "buy or sell" it is a step in that direction and furthers Satan's goal to microchip all.

(Jul 03 2016) - Scientists Create Mind-Reading Software ...
OREGON - Is it just me, or are there way too many ways scientists and government agencies are trying to read minds these days? In the article below, I suppose some "marginal level of comfort" can be derived from the statement saying that it was scientists from the University of Oregon who invented the new mind-reading system, however I stress the words "marginal comfort." Why ... ?

(Jul 01 2016) - All Israelis will have to join Biometric Database
ISRAEL - Interior Minister Arye Dery announced on Thursday that starting next year, joining the biometric database will be obligatory. "From now on anyone obtaining a document from the Interior Ministry, whether an ID card or a passport, will receive a biometric one. We've decided on having this database and we'll soon decide what will be included in it," Dery said at a ceremony marking the millionth person to join the biometric database, which was held at the new Population and Immigration Authority office in south Tel Aviv.

(Jun 29 2016) - Report: No more passwords in a decade
U.S.A. - TeleSign released a report that found that 69% of security professionals believe usernames and passwords alone no longer provide sufficient security and 72% predict passwords will be phased out within nine years. Beyond the Password: The Future of Account Security shows that security professionals are turning to behavioral biometrics and two-factor authentication to secure user accounts. Additional findings from the report include ...

(Jun 21 2016) - Goodbye, Password. Banks Opt to Scan Fingers & Faces Instead
U.S.A. - The banking password may be about to expire - forever. Some of the nation's largest banks, acknowledging that traditional passwords are either too cumbersome or no longer secure, are increasingly using fingerprints, facial scans and other types of biometrics to safeguard accounts. Millions of customers at Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo routinely use fingerprints to log into their bank accounts through their mobile phones. This feature, which some of the largest banks have introduced in the last few months, is enabling a huge share of American banking customers to verify their identities with biometrics. And millions more are expected to opt in as more phones incorporate fingerprint scans.

(Jun 08 2016) - Your Fingerprint Is About To Control Your Life
AMERICA - Biometrics - the use of unique human characteristics to identify an individual - and the Internet of Things are each furiously speeding toward the future, though not necessarily in lock step. If the two have one trait in common it is convenience. (1) Our networked IoT help us keep the house at the perfect temperature, advise us on utility usage and brew us a perfect cup of coffee. (2) Biometrics can allow us to access our smart appliances without the hassle of remembering user names or passwords.

(Jun 03 2016) - Why's there such a push for Mark Of The Beast Technology ???
WORLD - We always knew that it was coming. All over the world, govts & big corporations are pushing us toward a fundamentally different way of doing things. They insist that this new way will be more safe, more secure & more efficient. They're telling us that we should embrace new technology & be open to new ways of buying & selling. And they assure us that new methods of identification will not be intrusive & will simply allow them to crack down on criminals such as identity thieves, tax evaders & terrorists. But could it be possible that there is more going on here than we are being told? Could it be possible that we should actually be highly alarmed by this huge push for Mark of the Beast technology?

Rev 13:14-18
And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

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