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(Jan 31 2009) - Post Celebrates First Year On-Line :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Post Celebrates First Year On-Line -- �Who would have thought that another online news service would be needed, let alone appreciated in the Porterville area. Who ? GOD, says A. L. �LUCKY� Lucketta - Post owner and editor. �In the last year our writers, columnists, and research staff have met many interesting people with interesting stories. And believe-you-me, it�s been one exciting adventure, for all of us.� The Post, as many have read, went online Jan 31st 2008 after the HOLY SPIRIT had moved on Mr. Lucketta to go into the online new business, the day after Thanksgiving.

(Nov 19 2008) - CWA forms New Chapter in Tulare County :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
CWA forms New Chapter in Tulare County LINDSAY, CA -- Tuesday night {Nov 18th 2008} women gathered from all parts of Tulare County to form a new Concerned Women of America Chapter. Assembling first in Lindsay at Sonlight Christian Fellowship, Ms Patricia Thompson � the Chapter�s new Chairperson - invited Ms Phyllis Nemeth, the California CWA director, to be their first guest speaker. Ms Nemeth, touched on the main areas which CWA {web} has been concerned about, namely the sanctity of life, religious liberty, the Biblical definition of a family unit, education, pornography and national sovereignty. Part of project 535, Ms Nemeth also travels to Washington D.C. one day a month, to speak with legislators and to promote Biblical values.

(Nov 11 2008) - Celebrating Veteran's Day in Porterville :
Celebrating Veteran's Day in Porterville Post News Articles : Post Editor -
PORTERVILLE, CA -- On this day Porterville honored our Vet's with our Annual Verteran's Day Parade. The Parade started at 10:00am and continued for two hours. At 11:00am the Parade stopped and a moment of silence took place in rememberance of those who gave the ultimate price for Freedom ... Their Lives. The Post heard many stories from Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, a few from Iraq, Iran and Afganistan. But the story I was waiting to hear from was from my own son "Sgt. Joe Lucketta". I can hardly wait until you've finished debriefing and make it home safe.

(Oct 31 2008) - Riddin� with Ray at the Boys and Girls Club :
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PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This afternoon Ray Pacheco was giving FREE RIDES in his �Odyssey� - an all-terrain vehicle - to all the kids who attended the local Boys and Girls club. The kids waited all day for Ray and couldn�t wait for that moment when he strapped them in and took them for a little spin in the parking lot. Matthew Keel, the Boys and Girls Club director was stationed on the Westside lawn area and couldn�t get to the Post for comment, but Ms Windy Rambo, the newly hired education coordinator, took a little time to update the Post regarding this past year.

(Sept 13 2008) - Porterville Thanks the U.S. Forestry Crews and Mr. Contreras :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Saturday the Post had a chance to interview Air-Base Manager Raul Contreras, who�s been with the U.S. Forestry Service for 26 years and today he was manning the air traffic control tower at Porterville�s Air Base � in the northeast sector of the Porterville Air Port. This fire season has been one of the worst on record and if it wasn�t for the dedicated men and women who work at Porterville�s Air Base, they�d still be burning. It�s understood by many who work for the U.S. Forestry Service, that they could be called at any time and work for many hours and at great peril. All too often this goes without saying and all too often goes with delayed compensation.

(Aug 16 2008) - Thanks Nagi for the Gas Price War in Porterville :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Once again, Nagi Mossen from C & L Mini Mart dropped his gas prices, telling the Post, �This is what American�s do when times are hard and prices are high. And maybe by next week we will drop our process again to maybe $3.95 a gallon. I just felt bad for the people, continued Nagi, they kept coming into the store complaining about the high gas prices and having to take the bus, ride a bike or walk. I just thought to myself, someone has to do something, and I guess that someone will be me.� Originally from Yemen, Nagi Mossen came with his family to Porterville in 1990. Working for different store owners, he eventually saved enough money to purchased C & L Mini Mart 7 years ago.

(Aug 16 2008) - Another Great Off-Site Animal Adoption in Porterville :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Today Michelle Shanley, volunteer coordinator for Tulare County Animal Control shelter, came to Porterville with a bunch of happy four-legged-friends, looking to be placed / adopted by happy two-legged-families. Ms. Shanley, who�s been with the animal shelter for 7 years says, �I come out here mostly for the kisses, however, if we do not come out here and place these animals with good families, they will eventually be put down.� Every other week, Ms Shanley told the Post, you can find us here in Mervyn�s parking lot, just north-east from the store, next to the sidewalk. �And today, we were able to place 8 dogs and 2 cats, Ms Shanley told the Post. In the summer and spring months we come to Porterville every other weekend and start setting up around 9am and wrap it up around 2 or 3pm, depending upon the heat and how good the animals and staff are holding up.�

(Jul 31 2008) - Aluminum Thieves Attack Westwood Bridge :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This afternoon Porterville�s water department responded to a call from a citizen - yesterday - saying that several brackets, braces and bolts were missing from one of the cities pipe lines which spanned the west side of Westwood Bridge. Robert Alvarez, who was on sight taking pictures and surveying the structure of the bridge, told the Post that �the bridge is safe and structurally sound.� Continuing, he said, �� about two dozen of these brackets were removed and several were damaged. To my knowledge, this was the first time something like this has happened.� Why would anyone steel nuts and bolts and brackets from the side of any bridge ? Answer : Only someone who had an addition to drugs such as crack cocaine and especially methamphetamine.

(Jun 15 2008) - This is a Very Very Bad Sign :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Someone once said that it�s called a recession when your neighbor is struggling to pay the bills and it�s called a depression when you�re struggling to pay the bills. Many economists call a neighborhood, city and or county, who are struggling to pay the bills, a depressed area. Governors simply declare states of emergency when they can�t make ends meet but nations who are depressed invariably end up in war. Increased oil prices is the culprit here and the victims are those who need these commodities. No longer can we just get by without the use of oil. It�s in almost every product that we use. Some analysts say oil is connected to 500,000 items of production and when China and India continue to increase their needs for oil products and services; by 2010 we could see a gallon of gas at $15.00 to $25.00 dollars a gallon.

(Jun 14 2008) - Be a Part - of - Porterville's Art Association :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- On Saturday June 14th the �Porterville Art Association� held its - first ever - joint venture with Porterville�s very own �Sierra Vocal Arts Ensemble� at the First United Methodist Church. Together they shared their artistic wares with the public. And boy-howdie did they show their wares. As well, PAA entertained the public with a lot of artistic food - according to one of the assistants. Carol Byker, the current President of PAA told the Post that they had been preparing for this event for a while and we are pleased at the number of contestants and artists who brought their art and set up their display booths.

(Jun 13 2008) - Another Senseless Tule River Fire :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The south bound lanes entering highway 65 from Olive Avenue was cordened off today by CalTrans to safeguard those drivers who could have come into harms way because of another senseless Tule River fire. Backed up for almost half a mile, you could clearly see the frustration with drivers -- and Porterville's local CalTrans workers. "Every year, this river seems to catch on fire, says Lino Beatran - who's home is right next to the river. If it's not over where we live then it's further up stream. And it got just a little too close." Dan Hollaway, who was on the scene and who's the Public Education Officer for the Porterville Fire Department, had some concerns as to the fires origin. Once the department locates the place and origin of any fire, the Post was told, then it's easier to determine the cause.

(May 31 2008) - Open House at Fire Station No. II :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE -- Today the Porterville Fire Department had an open house and invited the public to come and see how their local home-town hero�s practice saving lives and putting out fires. As an added feature, the public had a chance to watch the Tulare County Fire department use Porterville�s training station and equipment. Captain Jeff Dodd -- who�s been in the department for 14 years and works at Fire Station No. 2 -- told the Post, � the new fire chief wanted the department to be more pro-active and people orientated this year. He wants to make sure the citizens know that we know what we�re doing.�

(May 17 2008) - Landmark looks like a Landfill :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Porterville Drive In PORTERVILLE - For over 50 years, the Porterville Drive-In Theater had entertained many residents from Porterville and surrounding areas. Originally developed and constructed in 1950, by Verne and Maymie Schwin, it now resembles a landfill instead of a landmark. So what happened and why is it this terrible condition � and better yet, what can be done to repair or restore it as a �Historic Landmark� � one that we can all be proud of. According to the Drive In theater�s web site the drive-in was doing quite well, up until 2004, the date it finally closed. Here�s what the Schwin�s say happened ...

(Apr 05 2008) - No Home Owner Left Behind at Heritage Center :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
No Home Owners Left Behind The County of Tulare "No Homeowner Left Behind" program in conjunction with the City of Porterville "First Time Home Buyer Program" Fair was a success. More than 20 families were serviced that day. Families in attendance were informed via classes on about what to look for and avoid unscrupulous lending practices by the County of Tulare District Attorney's Office and the same were also updated on the new tax laws. Also, in attendance were representatives who gave classes from title, escrow and insurance companies to inform families on the benefits/information that they have available to offer for the consumer.

Next Big Thing Press Release : Susie Godfrey (559) 781-3465
OPEN AUDITIONS HELD FOR �THE NEXT BIG THING� TALENT COMPETITION AT PORTERVILLE FAIR -- PORTERVILLE- Are you the �Next Big Thing� ? J-Live Entertainment, a local homegrown entertainment company from Hanford, CA will provide a huge opportunity for a talented individual or group during their Next Big Thing Talent Show at the Porterville Fair running May 14 -18. The lucky winner of the first annual talent competition at Porterville Fair will open for the stars of MTV�s Making the Band 4 Series and platinum selling female group �DANITY KANE� before they hit the stage on July 11 at Kings Fair in Hanford. The popular Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B group currently has the #1 album in the country according to Billboard.

(Mar 20 2008) - 10 will get you one -- car that is :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Lil-Frankie 10 days ago the Post place on the front page a picture of a funny looking car, hoping to find it's owner, albiet creator and find out how this funny car came into being. Well, yesterday the Post finally caught up with our mystery car and it�s owner in front of the Post Office and here�s just what we found out. The cars owner is a Mr. Benjamin Zamora, originally from Wasco, and the make and model of his car goes something like this. The car was re-manufactured by Mr. Zamora and his close friend re-named the car �Lil-Frankie� because it resembled - who else but - Frankenstein.

(Mar 18 2008) - Dr. Lane addresses Medi-Cal issues at Landmark :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Dr. Keith Lane and Paul Sherrod One of the first questions that Dr. Lane addressed, last night, to a group of seniors at Landmark Christian Center was the difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal. There is a big difference and it�s basically who pays for what and when. Dr. Keith Lane pointed out that you don�t have to be �Welfare-Poor� to receive any one of these entitlements from the government. You paid your 40 quarters in, now you�re entitled to receive those benefits. Dr. Lane, who is a Certified Senior Advisor and a Medi-Cal Specialist, and past professor at Fresno Pacific College shared with the audience that one of the problems that many face, while attempting to contact someone from Medicare or Medi-Cal, is who to contact in that department for the right information.

(Mar 17 2008) - Green, the �Good-Luck-Color� in Porterville :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Green is Good As everyone remembered � yesterday � was St Patrick�s day, and the Post took one of the fastest street survey�s to see how many people really remembered � to wear green. Out of 30 people we stopped who were wearing the �Good-Luck Color� only 8 let us take their picture. And boy did the Post discover a little something that employers need to know, the next time they hire someone new. While anyone could have come to work today wearing the color green, these folks remembered to wear this color in honor of � some one, some thing or some place. Meaning, they took a little extra time to go through their closets and to showcase their intentions.

(Mar 01 2008) - Former Lady Pirate Wins Prestigious Award :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Ashley Block Ashley Block, who starred for the PC softball team and excelled in the classroom for two years, has been honored by being named to the California Community College Athletic Association, Pepsi Scholar Athlete Honor Roll. She was chosen from among highly talented scholar athletes in the state, and the notice that she made it stated that there are nearly 25,000 student athletes in the system. For those at PC who knew her, this was no real surprise. She not only was an outstanding pitcher, chalking up 196 strikeouts, but a strong hitter with a sensational .410 batting average, leading to her being named the team MVP. She was also named to the Academic All-American team both years.

(Feb 25 2008) - Porterville Pet Fair: Under New Management :
Post News Articles : Juan Alvarado -
Porterville Pet Fair Anne Bellar and daughters Kateri and Kathy were a few of the customers at Porterville Pet Fair, Friday afternoon. Some were buying supplies and food for there pets, while others spent time admiring the different animals in the store. The Porterville Pet Fair is not new to Porterville as they have been around for quit some time. The difference being today is that the store is under new management and a new sense of excitement. New Store Manager Javier Barajas stated, �It�s taken me sometime to make the changes I saw fit for the store.�

(Feb 24 2008) - Living and Dying at Lake Success :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Success Dam Most of the time when people hear rumors they tend to say� �It�s just a matter of time before they really do it,� � meaning they�ve made a decision to believe the rumor. So � the Post went to �Full-Alert� and went on �Rumor-Patrol� regarding Lake Success. One of the first rumors the Post needed to flesh-out was the �No-Contact� rumor (#1). It�s been a while, many from Lakeside Trailer Park told the Post, since anyone from the government made contact with them, including Congressman Devin �No-Show� Nunes.

Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Last week end {Feb 16} the Post toured one of the best examples of know-how and brilliance that Tulare County has seen in quite some time. The city officials calls this gi-normous construction the McDermont Field House ... but the people simply call it -- Lindsay Land. Meeting the Post inside was Mr. Gary Tomilinson who provided the tour and information. As busy as Mr. Tomlinson was, he still took the time - as well as many other directors, assistant's and employees - for a quick interview and a quick synopsis of how it all came about.

(Feb 07 2008) - Conservative concerns from PARA :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
President Kelly West Last night the Porterville Area Republican Assembly {PARA} met and discussed, not unlike other political groups, the final numbers for the presidential primary for Tulare County. �And surprisingly,� says President Kelly West, � this was one of the best argued meetings PARA has had in a long time.� Adding � � if California was going to back McCain as a conservative then the party must redefine what a conservative is, because McCain ain�t no conservative.� Most who were there said, in so many words, the main stream media is to blame for this untruth regarding Senator McCain�s concept of a conservative -- pointing out his senate record and alliances with the liberal democrats.

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