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(Dec 31 2022) - WHO KNEW : And Was Warned of Dozens of Major Adverse Reactions "BEFORE" the Jabs Were Rolled Out !!!
WORLD (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- As more people become aware of the massive number of adverse reactions that come from the Covid-19 “vaccines,” the powers-that-be tend to claim they are just now coming around to the conclusions that many of us have known for two years. Among those are doctors with the World Health Organization. Unfortunately for them, it turns out they endorsed a list of adverse reactions BEFORE the jabs were rolled out.

(Dec 31 2022) - New Law That Punishes Doctors For Covid ‘Misinformation’ To Take Place On January 1st In California !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- A controversial California law that will punish doctors for spreading ‘misinformation’ on the Covid-19 pandemic is set to take place tomorrow in California. Doctors in California are regulated by a Medical Board. Under the new law, they could be subject to discipline by the Board if they give advice to patients or have beliefs that differ from the establishment narrative on Covid-19 on issues like vaxx's & alternative treatments such as Ivermectin.

(Dec 31 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #386
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Record warm to record cold and back again, the climate engineers are completely out of control. Flash freezes are turning to flash warmups, flash flooding, thunderstorms and tornados. Ecosystems & wildlife can't sustain the worsening winter weather whiplash scenarios, forests are dying, insects and earthworms are disappearing & the birds along with them. The Western US megadrought has forced some municipalities to turn treated sewage into drinking water. Now devastating deluge has been scheduled for parts of the West.

(Dec 30 2022) - Documents Show US Government Involved in Chemtrails & Weather Modification Since The 1940s ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For years, many of us were well aware that the U.S. Government was involved in "Weather Modification" which also produces "People Modification" and in the end "Depopulation" !!! And today, these evil luciferian loving lunatics are out in the open regarding their plans using KILLER CHEMTRAILS !!! Really, it's bad enough that you ding-bats line up for these KILLER BOOSTERS, and fail to see that the "Sky Has Been Falling" on y'all since the '40's. These evil people say in order to save the planet USELESS EATERS must be removed !!!

(Dec 30 2022) - Boosted Are Worse Off Than Vaccinated !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheEpochTimes.com) -- People in the U.S. who have received COVID-19 boosters in many states are more likely than those who have gotten just a primary series to get infected, receive hospital care, and DIE, according to an Epoch Times investigation. Cases, hospitalizations & DEATHS among the boosted have been increasing since the booster shots were first introduced in 2021. The boosters were promoted as bolstering protection against adverse outcomes. But, compared to the vaccinated who have not received any boosters, boosted people are (...) DYING ...

(Dec 30 2022) - Second ABC News Producer Dies Suddenly !!!
SAN DIEGO (www.NewsWars.com) -- ABC News lost a second producer in addition to executive producer Dax Tejera last week. Erica Gonzalez, a morning show producer at ABC 10News San Diego, died suddenly last week, with a fundraiser referring to her death as “unexpected.” A cause of death for Erica Gonzalez was not reported. The Twitter account for the Died Suddenly documentary suspects she may have been required by ABC to receive a Covid injection.

(Dec 29 2022) - The PfizerGate Scandal : A Shocking tale of a Global Gov't Plot to Hide the Vaxx’s Immune System Destruction
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- Are you ready to learn the shocking truth about the Covid-19 vaccines? Health authorities around the world have been caught red-handed manipulating figures in an attempt to keep the public in the dark about the devastating side effects of the injections. Don’t believe the lies & propaganda being spread by the MSM – keep reading to discover the full extent of this cover-up and the real impact the vaccine is having on people’s health.

(Dec 29 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Have We Had Enough Yet ???
AMERICA : (Submitted by Robert C. Laity) The United States in under siege. You don’t think so, you say? Our border to the south is wide open; anyone & his uncle can walk through. Once they get in they're given all sorts of freebies & services paid for by you, the American taxpayer. The borders are our doors, our entrances to where we live, work & play. Would anyone open up the door to his own home & allow anyone, regardless of who he is & from whence he came, to come in & take over everything the homeowner worked hard for? A home is a man’s castle.

(Dec 29 2022) - The FBI Is the Democrats’ Gestapo !!!
WASH D.C. (www.paulcraigroberts.org) -- It is now an established fact, thanks to Elon Musk who released the secret Twitter files, that the FBI is a criminal Gestapo gang whose only function is frame up patriotic Trump Americans while covering up for the Dem's & the family crime syndicate of Joe & Hunter Biden. The Twitter files released by new owner Elon Musk show that the FBI worked hand in glove with Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia to suppress all info about the sordid crimes documented on Hunter Biden’s laptop ...

(Dec 29 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.6
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 28 2022) - Elon Musk Drops Bomb on Big Tech ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, it's all connected & controlled - not just the social media platforms, cell phones, and cars - EVERYTHING !!! The best anyone can do at this point is limit your time on all these contraptions. The Porterville Post, from the beginning WARNED that all this technology is molding & manipulating the masses to accept The MARK OF THE BEAST !!! But the CONVENIENCE Craze caught and bought y'all, and now you can't back out ... and y'all know it !!!

(Dec 28 2022) - Google currently employs 165 high-ranking spooks
U.S.A. (www.WND.com) -- Meet the "intelligence" officials who demonetized WND months ago. Finally, we know who those people are. It was the badly misnamed Google Trust & Safety team. (...) That's right. It was three members of the Deep State – those who control "misinformation and hate speech." It was all blatantly illegal – in direct violation of the First Amendment. On top of that ...

(Dec 28 2022) - Study Shows mRNA COVID Vaccine Damages Heart Muscle Cells ... Leading to DEATH ... {Plus Damaged Organs}
GERMANY (www.NaturalNews.com) -- A peer-reviewed study published by a group of leading German pathologists showed that autopsy findings in people who died unexpectedly within 20 days of getting injected with mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine showed clear indication of myocardiocyte destruction, or damaged heart muscle cells. There are clearly visible lymphocytes that are not supposed to be there. The analysis, accompanied by specific diagrams, leaves very little doubt that those were cases of vaccine-induced myocarditis !!!

U.S.A. (www.HNewswire.com) -- The Federal Reserve Board has stated that SIX OF THE LARGEST BANKS in the U.S. will participate in a pilot climate scenario, or social credit system study exercise. The pilot program is intended to improve a company's ability to evaluate and manage "climate-related financial risks." The experiment, which is SCHEDULED TO BEGIN IN 2023, will publish facts about the climate, economic, and financial elements that comprise climate scenario narratives.

(Dec 27 2022) - Most Governors are Cowards, Liars & Corrupt
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- I have been told that my writing about foreign invaders ignores too much of the brutal truth, and that I'm too polite. I intend to correct that criticism with this article. State Governors have the Constitutional authority, obligation & military power to save the United States by using DEADLY FORCE to repel foreign invaders, and they refuse to do it. This is Constitutional Treason !!! They should arrest these invaders (...) on sight & put them in chain gangs as a deterrent to others.

(Dec 27 2022) - ICE Can't "Locate" Records Of 378,000 Detainees
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials are unable to locate any records of "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" taken into custody & placed in a federal program to “ensure non-detained non-citizen compliance with release conditions, court hearings & final orders of removal,” according to a nonprofit gov't transparency advocacy group. “ICE has conducted a search of the ICE Enforcement & Removal Operations for records responsive to your request & no records responsive to your request were found” ...

(Dec 26 2022) - OPERATION ELLIOTT : Much more deadly and much more devastating than they’re really telling US !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.StateOfTheNation.co) -- Yet Another American Genocide via Weather Warfare and Geoterroism !!! This late Dec 2022 North American winter superstorm is a highly organized and purposeful geoterrorist operation designed to mass murder as many Americans as feasible, as well as to create as much travel chaos, holiday misery and national hardship as possible. In other words ... this ongoing weather war being waged against both the United States and Canada is designed to, in furtive ways, greatly advance the Great Reset.

(Dec 26 2022) - Shock wave cracks Earth’s magnetosphere - exposing the planet to dangerous space radiation for hours
EARTH (www.NewsTarget.com) -- A mysterious shock wave cracked Earth’s magnetosphere Monday night, Dec 19. Magnetosphere is the region that protects the planet from harmful space radiation. Although the shockwave’s origin is unknown, astronomers think it came from an ejection of energetic & highly magnetized, superheated gas discharged from the sun, which is also called a coronal mass ejection (CME). According to Space Weather, the ejection may have been unleashed from sunspot ...

(Dec 26 2022) - OKAY : BACK TO THE BATTLE !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today, I'll be walking around my neighborhood to assess any changes - good or bad. Why ? That's what you're suppose to do, when you live in and around battle arenas. Look, America is in the thick of it, on too many levels, and leaving it all up to chance, ain't what real Christians, Conservatives and Patriots do. You're suppose to take the lead and take charge re: any danger that's approaching !!! Folks, y'all better get with it PDQ, 'cause the enemy of your soul is preparing to pounce !!!

(Dec 25 2022) - The WAR Against We the People
WASH D.C. (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- In the preamble of the U.S. Constitution, our Founding Fathers declared that the brilliant centerpiece of our gov't was created by “We the People of the United States.” It was clearly NOT, “We the Politicians” or “We the Bureaucrats.” Unfortunately, our federal government has utterly abandoned “We the People.” It was never more apparent than in the disgusting spectacle of the recently passed $1.7 trillion monstrosity known as the omnibus spending bill.

(Dec 25 2022) - Planned Economic Destruction ...
WORLD (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- “Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost & futureless in the prevailing system that they're willing to let go of the past & chance the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.” (Alinsky, 1971)

(Dec 25 2022) - Population Lost Every Year Newsom Was in Office
CALIFORNIA (www.FrontPageMag.com) -- The population continues to dwindle in California. The state’s population declined by 114,000 people from about 39,143,000 in 2021 to 39,029,000 in 2020, new estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau show. At this rate, California will fall out of the 39 million category giving it its lowest population since 2015. That’s the third straight year of decline.

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(Dec 25 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 24 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #385
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Gov't warns people to get where they need to be before potential flash freeze". Does this sound like headline straight out of "The Day After Tomorrow" movie? Temperatures in some regions crashed by as much as 75 degrees in only hours. What does it take to wake the sleeping masses? How bad does it have to get before more of the population opens their eyes and realizes something is very wrong with our skies and our weather?

(Dec 24 2022) - We Live in a Perverted World !!!
WORLD (www.EndtimeBibleProphecy.com) -- Almost everything in this world has been perverted, the truth is being turned into lies and lies into the truth. Nothing seems to make sense anymore, at least to a righteous person, those that believe in Jesus Christ. Our gov't leaders tell us what to believe & how to believe, and if we don’t agree with them then we are labeled as haters, instigators, agitators, & even terrorists! Society at large labels those that question worldly opinions as racists, as evil & wicked.

(Dec 24 2022) - MSM STILL SILENT : ABC News Executive Producer Died Suddenly of a Heart Attack at Age 37 ???
NEW YORK (www.DiscernReport.com) -- An executive producer for ABC News DIED SUDDENLY on Friday night of a heart attack, raising questions about whether he is the latest victim of the Covid-19 vaccines - at least it would raise those questions from media if they weren’t obeying standard operating procedure of never mentioning Covid-19 or the jabs when someone who is otherwise young and healthy dies suddenly.

(Dec 24 2022) - Vaxicarditis, Vaccidents & Vaccimentia INCREASE thanks to Wuhan spike protein “boosters” & toxic flu shots !!!
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Clots are clumps that occur when a liquid hardens or coagulates into a solid. The Covid vaxx give instructions to human cells to create millions (...) of microscopic spike proteins or ‘prions’ that (...) have the ability to attract heavy metals & coagulate or clot the vascular system. Most people think of blood clots when they hear the word “clot,” but coroners & embalmers are finding strange, white, rubbery clots in Covid-vaxxed bodies, and these clots are just as DEADLY, if not more so, than blood clots.

(Dec 23 2022) - Covid Shots Damage Heart in ALL Recipients ... !!!
WORLD (www.SlayNews.com) -- A bombshell new study is raising the alarm after discovering that ALL RECIPIENTS of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have some degree of heart damage. The study, carried out by researchers in Switzerland, found elevated levels of the protein troponin in all of the vaccine recipients it analyzed. The findings indicate that the shots are routinely causing heart injury.

(Dec 23 2022) - On the Eve of the Cashless Society !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- Over the past year, I’ve been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” over my coverage of many topics. Some have been expected such as my pursuit of truth about the stolen 2020 & 2022 elections and the constant drum I beat over Covid-19 “vaccine” dangers. But the topic that's drawn the most rebuke from “normies” is one that I wouldn’t have expected. My concerns over a CASHLESS SOCIETY and the rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies ...

(Dec 22 2022) - “EXTINCTION IS ON THE TABLE” ... !!!
AMERICA (www.SkywatchTV.com) -- Jaron Lanier, an American computer scientist, composer and artist, is no stranger to skepticism around social media, but his current interpretations of its effects are becoming darker and his WARNINGS more trenchant. Lanier, a dreadlocked free-thinker credited with coining the term “virtual reality”, has long sounded dire sirens about the DANGERS of a world over-reliant on the internet and at the increasing mercy of tech lords, their social media platforms and those who work for them. The stakes are high !!!

(Dec 22 2022) - Today I'm Connecting With My Neighbors
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- About once a month I connect with my neighbors, to keep track of what's happening & to let them know what's coming down the pike. I've been doing this for years & it's paying off in spades. Secondly, I touch base with my neighbors - w/o my cell phone - to prevent any contact tracing or just as bad, any alphabet soup agency infiltration. And lastly, if they're open to it, I pray with them to receive JESUS CHRIST as their "Saviour and Lord" !!! I mean ... it's CHRISTMAS ... Come on !!!

(Dec 22 2022) - Is the Pope Catholic ??? Beyond the Cover
VATICAN (www.TheNewAmerican.com) -- Pope Francis’ ongoing “Synod on Synodality” is a “hostile takeover” of the Catholic Church, according to one of his cardinals. Another former Vatican official describes the pontiff as an “authoritarian tyrant.” And a group of clergy and laity has issued a formal declaration of resistance to abuses rampant in the current papacy - {leading many to ask} - What’s going on in Rome ???

(Dec 21 2022) - The Most Influential Man of All time !!!
WORLD (www.PolitiCrossing.com) -- As we approach Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. For many, it is simply a time for presents, decorations, cookies and hot chocolate, and festive music. But for billions of people worldwide, it is the celebration of the birth of Christ, the Savior of mankind. When you think about it, Jesus was the most influential man to ever live. Why ??? Because He was God in human flesh !!!

(Dec 21 2022) - Even In The Womb, Christ Was Both God & Man
NAZARETH (www.TheFederalist.com) -- Amid the tinsel and lights of the Christmas season, you may find Nativity displays on fireplace mantels, store shelves & front lawns. Those displays remind us of Jesus as an infant, “wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.” Many Christians think of this moment as the beginning of our Savior’s earthly presence as both God and man. But like every baby before & after Him, Jesus’s life on Earth in the flesh actually began months before birth.

(Dec 21 2022) - Attacks on Christian Churches Nearly Tripled ...
AMERICA (www.Breitbart.com) -- Attacks on Christian churches have nearly tripled in the last 4 years, according to a 84-page report released by Family Research Council (FRC) in Dec. Between Jan 2018 & Sept 2022, FRC found 420 documented acts of hostility against 397 separate churches in the United States. Many cases included incidences of vandalism, bomb threats, arson, and gun-related violence.

(Dec 21 2022) - BEN ARMSTRONG : The FBI overthrew America ...
U.S.A. (www.Trump.news) -- According to the New American magazine’s, the FBI overthrew America & allowed the Dem's to steal elections. “It's so clear that no one can deny that the FBI overthrew America & allowed the Dem's to steal the election,” he said during the “The Ben Armstrong Show.” “They've been trying to overthrow America ever since Trump became president. Everyone knows it, but now the evidence is so high and clear the FBI is a threat to the Constitution.”

(Dec 21 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.1
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 20 2022) - Massive 6.4 Earthquake Rocks Northern California Leaving Tens of Thousands Without Power ... !!!
NOR-CAL (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- A massive 6.4 earthquake rocked northern California early Tues morning leaving tens of thousands without power, its epicenter just about 200 miles north of San Francisco, 3 days after a 3.6 quake shook the Bay Area (...) The powerful earthquake left more than 71,000 without power - which is about 71% of Humboldt County - after it struck 7.5 miles southwest of Ferndale, a small community 210 miles northwest of San Francisco ...

(Dec 20 2022) - Are FBI & CIA agents Sheep Dipped @ Twitter ???
CALIFORNIA (www.TheFederalist.com) -- According to the latest drop of “Twitter Files” from Michael Shellenberger, “As of 2020, there were so many former FBI employees (...) working at Twitter that they created their own private Slack channel & a crib sheet to onboard new FBI arrivals.” It appears that Twitter still has 14 employees on the payroll who worked at the FBI & CIA. The problem isn’t just confined to Twitter.

(Dec 19 2022) - This Is What Happens ... WHEN ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.hnewswire.com) -- This Is What Happens When the Average Person Blindly Follows Corrupted Politicians. It Will Become Harsher, and if You Do Not Accept Their Demands, They Will Cut Off Your Bank Accounts, Food, and Ability to Drive Your Automobile if Required. It’s Known as the Social Credit System, Also Recognized as the Mark of the Beast !!! Truth be known, it is a dry run from the elitists to see how the people will react to a complete denial of essential service.

(Dec 19 2022) - The Invisible Enemy Of 5G & EMFs ...
EARTH (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The people of earth are under attack by an invisible enemy called electromagnetic frequencies. These come from a variety of products we use daily that enhance our lives such as cell phones, towers, electricity and electronics. While many may be familiar with some of these things and their ties to cancer, did you know the harmful effects of these are effecting fertility and our children?

(Dec 19 2022) - COVID "Vaccines" Designed to Slow Kill
U.S.A. (www.HenryMakow.com) -- "To understand what's happening with the Covid vaxx, imagine the food companies trying different doses of salmonella to determine how much damage they'd cause. Explaining this data with chance alone is far-fetched. The most likely explanation is it was a study designed to show that higher doses of these poisons injure & kill more people. We were and are being slaughtered like guinea pigs."

(Dec 18 2022) - About "Your" Name -- Again : by Anna Von Reitz
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- From day-one you, your name, and all that matters re: it's inherent position & values have been attacked, framed, indebted & enslaved !!! Anna Von Reitz' article - concerning your legal rights to use your own name - demonstrates that it's been usurped by antiquated laws of the Land & Sea. Layered with hundred year old words, and designed to award all benefits to the holders - albeit trustees - of both laws, most people haven't a clue just how deep & dark this demonic deception goes !!!

U.S. MILITARY (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- There is a well-known requirement in the United States armed forces that all who serve in it are required to obey the orders of their superior officers. This is only common sense. No military organization could long survive if those in it could choose which orders they would obey, and which to ignore. There is, however, an exception to this rule of obedience, and it has significant ramifications: no one is required to obey an illegal order, such as an order to clearly break the law. Indeed, there is an unofficial doctrine called the “DUTY TO DISOBEY.”

(Dec 17 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #384
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Holiday weather, anyone ??? Geoengineered winter at its finest. A geoengineered record deep freeze is scheduled to hammer the Eastern US, just in time for the holidays. Increasing warmth & drought through the first of the year is what the weather makers plan for the US West. The airline industry has finally acknowledged that "contrails" CHEMTRAILS are a major environmental problem, but the deeper truth on this continues to be denied & omitted.

(Dec 17 2022) - THE TWITTER FILES ... PART VI !!!
NEW YORK (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- In the latest “Twitter Files” drop, independent journalist Matt Taibbi shows how the FBI worked hand-in-glove with Twitter to censor accounts, often citing “election security” concerns. The previous installment, released by former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss, showed the company’s internal communications as they essentially made up reasons to ban President Trump. In part VI Taibbi cites numerous examples where the FBI reached out to moderators & executives at Twitter (And Others) to get posts taken down.

(Dec 17 2022) - Nightmare Fall of United States ... ???
U.S.A. (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Legendary financial & geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said just before the 2022 midterm elections that voter fraud & cheating will set up a very troubling 2023. Armstrong is predicting “a major turning point in Jan of 2023.” Armstrong explains, “The computer (Socrates program) is showing that January is going to be the major turning point for the entire year of 2023. The currencies are rallying against the dollar & that should go into early Jan & then after that, this thing looks like death warmed over.

(Dec 17 2022) - Has the “Spike Protein Apocalypse” Begun ???
AMERICA (www.DiscernReport.com) -- If the Covid jabs cause vaccine-induced immunodeficiencies, then what we're seeing today is happening right on cue. As bad as that news is, we're likely seeing the beginning stages of this “Spike Protein Apocalypse” which means that 2023 could be devastating to our pharmaceutical supply chain. Considering that the Chinese Communist Party CONTROLS 90% of the ingredients used in American pharmaceuticals, it behooves us all to stock up on whatever drugs we use today or may need tomorrow.

(Dec 17 2022) - Personality Changes & Heart Damage After Vaxx
WORLD (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- Make no mistake about it we are in world war three at this time. It is not a war with bullets and bombs, but rather one of biologic warfare. I have been worried for years that we would be attacked by some nerve agent, or bacteria or virus. I never dreamed that it would be by a vaccine. Nor did I ever dream that people would be voluntarily standing in line and rolling up their sleeves to take it. In fact .... IT IS NOT A VACCINE ... at all, but a composition of substances that will permanently alter your genetic makeup.

(Dec 17 2022) - Many People Fully Vaxxed Are Going Blind !!!
U.K. (www.TheCommonsenseShow.com) -- But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the "fully vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: BLINDNESS. The latest data out of the United Kingdom suggests that a growing number of fully jabbed people are losing their eyesight. The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Yellow Card system currently shows 163 cases of TOTAL blindness among people who got jabbed with Pfizer-BioNTech, along with 6 cases of central vision loss & 4 cases of sudden visual loss.

(Dec 16 2022) - Most People Aren't Ready For What's Coming
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Have you noticed that a lot of big companies have been conducting mass layoffs recently? At this point, it has become exceedingly clear that a major economic slowdown has begun & payrolls are being feverishly slashed at a rate that we haven’t seen in a long time. In fact, job cuts in Nov 2022 was 417% higher than it was in Nov 2021. Unfortunately, what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning. We're being warned that millions more could lose their jobs in 2023, and the population is simply not prepared ...

(Dec 16 2022) - $11 For a Head of California Lettuce ???
SAN JOSE, CA. (www.ArcaMax.com) -- Don’t look now the price of lettuce is soaring across the Bay Area. It’s $5.99 for a head of romaine at Country Sun Natural Foods in Palo Alto. Nearly $10 for little gem lettuce at Draeger’s Market in Los Altos. And a whopping $10.99 for iceberg at Piedmont Grocery in Oakland. Nationwide, the average cost of a head of romaine is currently just $2.50 (...) But that’s still a 47% jump from Oct. Produce prices can vary widely across regions & even individual stores due to a range of factors, including local seasonal growing trends and ...

(Dec 16 2022) - The Deep State Is Really a Tangled Collaboration of State Agencies, Private Contractors, and NGOs ... !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- If anyone thought the Twitter Files drops that's been happening for over a week now would lead with the bombshells & then trickle out nothingburgers, think again. Today’s drop may very well be the biggest ... because it exposes just how involved our gov't has been in censoring Americans. Prima facie, this is a direct attack against the 1st Amendment rights of Americans. How closely aligned were Twitter and the FBI? They were practically family ...

(Dec 15 2022) - VIDEO : The Depopulation Agenda Is Real !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Their TROJAN HORSE - called a vaccine - has already breached humanities ramparts, mostly because the masses bought BIG PHARMA's "Safe & Effective" B.S. !!! Soon, some may WAKE UP and discover that they were tricked, and now know that their life expectancy will be - without a doubt - drastically shortened !!! And I'm here-to-tell-you, EXPECT RETALIATION !!! How or when, I can't say, but rest assured these bio-weapons have turned millions into borderline personality sub-types, and they are ANGRY as all get-out !!!

(Dec 15 2022) - LATEST REPORT : U.S. Intelligence Agencies Are Keeping From Congress Key Information About Covid Origins
WASH D.C. (www.TheFederalist.com) -- U.S. intel' agencies are obstructing congressional oversight by failing to disclose relevant info about Covid-19’s origins & potential connections to a Chinese bioweapons program, finds a new report from the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence (HPSCI). The HPSCI Republicans led by Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio found “indications that SARS-CoV-2 may have been tied to China’s biological weapons research program and ...

(Dec 15 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : FDA “turned a blind eye” to “submission of fraudulent data” on covid injections !!!
WASH D.C. : (Submitted by Robert C. Laity) Documents released as part of a whistleblower complaint against Pfizer reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “turned a blind eye” to the “fraudulent data” that Pfizer submitted alongside its messenger RNA (mRNA) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.” An agent within the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation (OCI) admitted in an email that the agency knew Pfizer’s data was fraudulent but accepted it anyway, using it to emergency authorize (EUA), then approve, Pfizer’s covid injection products.

(Dec 14 2022) - KILL SHOTS Have Hospitals Overflowing ... ???
U.S.A. (www.HNewswire.com) -- Earlier this year, we shared a report about a strange phenomenon unfolding at hospitals and emergency rooms across the US. Even as COVID cases continue to fall, emergency rooms across the country have become absolutely packed with patients seeking treatment for abdominal pain, BLOOD CLOTS, heart conditions and respiratory problems. All of these symptoms line up with the wide range of official COVID symptoms reported by the CDC. But ...

(Dec 13 2022) - Tsunami of Vax Deaths Coming in Next 2 Yrs !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Dr. Betsy Eads has been fighting to get the truth out about the debilitating and DEADLY CV19 BIOWEAPON injections form the very beginning. The truth is coming out showing Dr. Eads was right all along even though the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) was suppressing her life saving data & analysis. In Aug, Dr. Eads predicted the human damage from the CV19 bioweapon was going to get far worse, and increasing numbers of vax deaths & injuries show she was right again.

(Dec 13 2022) - LAST DAYS DELUSION : What if it is Actually IMPOSSIBLE for People to See and Hear the Truth ???
U.S.A. (www.PolitiCrossing.com) -- Do you ever look at your friends and wonder how in the world they just can’t see the truth? This is a problem that many of us conservatives experience on a regular basis. Sometimes I just look at people and think, “how can you not get it?” Then one day a good friend of mine sent me a Bible passage (2 Thessalonians 2:11) and told me that this verse made everything makes sense. And I agree. What if it is actually impossible for people to see the truth? And ...

(Dec 13 2022) - It’s Time To Abolish The Unconstitutional FDA !!!
WASH D.C. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Just like every single agency created to somehow enforce “law,” the Food and Drug Administration is unconstitutional, and just like every other federal agency, they are corrupt & do not do the job people believe them to be performing. They are merely the thugs that target the little guy for the benefit of their fascist, corporate friends in Big Pharma. Nothing could be clearer than the rampant deaths an injuries over the past couple of years caused by the experimental COVID shots.

(Dec 12 2022) - Another Food Processing Plant ... BURNS !!!
WEST VIRGINIA (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- A "Pilgrim's Pride" food processing plant in Mooresville, West Virginia, burned last night. This brings to over a DOZEN large food processing plants to suffer a large fire within the past year. It seems as though someone wants to affect the US food supply - and they are. And another -- Pilgrims pride food processing facility on fire last night in Moorefield, West Virginia.

(Dec 12 2022) - Unvaxxed Code for COVID-19 : ICD-19 Z28.310A
AMERICA (www.TrialSiteNews.com) -- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, updated ICD-10 coding guidelines late last year to include a category for the unvaccinated starting at the end of 2021. Under the category of “Underimmunization for COVID-19,” the status code Z28.310 equals “unvaccinated for COVID-19” and “may be assigned when the patient has not received a COVID-19 vaccine of any type. If a patient has had one jab of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine that falls under Z28.311 for “Partially vaccinated for COVID-19.” These are CDC's recommendations ...

(Dec 11 2022) - NWO Slavery Depends on the Smartphone
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- "A smartphone is not a smartphone; it's a "SLAVEPHONE" and only slaves are available 24/7. Life without a smartphone is not only possible and much easier than many people think. It is the most effective way to free our minds again and bring down the NWO." Almost every aspect of the satanic NWO agenda depends on the smartphone and our your voluntary use of it.

(Dec 11 2022) - The Globalist Plan For Mass Depopulation
WORLD (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Apart from a rescue, humanity’s extinction is already a done deal. The globalists have flipped the switch on their kill grid, which in time will end the lives of billions while transforming those who remain into human-machine, transhumanist hybrid cyborgs. In the following episode of the Health Ranger Report, Mike Adams discusses the issue with Steve Quayle, who says the world is rapidly approaching The Great Tribulation. Those who are not rescued from what is soon to come will be faced with a choice: death or transformation into a new breed of artificial humans controlled by the globalists.

(Dec 11 2022) - The Prospect of Nuclear War Is Getting too Close
NUCLEAR WAR (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Biden Regime Sec' of State Blinken has blocked negotiations between Russia & Ukraine by declaring it is US policy to drive Russia out of the reincorporated territories, including Crimea. Biden’s announcement that the US will use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear threats, and the knowledge that US nuclear weapons are deployed close to Russia are forcing Putin to abandon his no first use of nuclear weapons pledge. In other words, unlike the 20th century Cold War, today there is a hair-trigger on nuclear war.

(Dec 10 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #383
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Should a "winter storm" have a "warm side"? This is completely absurd from a historical perspective, but now it seems it is the norm. The Weather Channel has announced the coming of "Winter Storm Diaz" complete with flash floods, blizzards, tornadoes, thundersnow, extreme hail and more. The Weather Channel says that the conditions will depend on which side of "Winter Storm Diaz" you are on, the warm side, or the cold side. Engineered winter weather is not a theory, it is a data verified fact of record.

(Dec 10 2022) - CATASTROPHIC CONTAGION : Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, and The WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic
BELGIUM (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Nearly three years to the day, the criminals behind Event 201 have completed another simulation for an alleged “virus” titled Catastrophic Contagion. This time it’s the “enterovirus,” and they have it originating near Brazil, a place that has largely dealt with the CONvids via use of a non-drug known as chlorine dioxide. The results ??? Not only is it said to have a higher fatality rate than the CONvids, but it disproportionately affects children.

(Dec 10 2022) - Dr. David Martin blasts health authorities for turning roughly 4 billion people into “bioweapons factories”
AMERICA (www.DCClothesline.com) -- Financial analyst and self-help entrepreneur Dr. David Martin slammed public health authorities around the world for forcing roughly 4 billion people to take the (COVID-19) mRNA “KILL SHOTS” turning them into biological weapons in the process. “The reason why [the mRNA injections] are important & distinct is that they turn your body into being what I refer to as the bioweapons factory,” Martin told “Man in America” host Seth Holehouse.

(Dec 10 2022) - THE TWITTER FILES ... PART IV !!!
WASH D.C. (www.Breitbart.com) -- In a recently published thread, journalist Michael Shellenberger outlined the fourth release of the “Twitter Files” series, detailing the internal workings at Twitter & conversations between executives ahead of the banning of former President Trump. Shellenberger states that following the events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, Twitter faced immense pressure to ban President Trump, with many claiming they needed to ban Trump for safety reasons.

(Dec 10 2022) - THE TWITTER FILES ... PART III !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsPunch.com) -- The 3rd instalment of the “Twitter Files” was released on Friday evening, and it vindicates everything independent media outlets have been saying for years. According to the documents, every single Big Tech giant is colluding with the ‘Deep State’ to eliminate independent media outlets and free thinkers from their platforms. Journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday dropped part 3 of the “Twitter Files”.

(Dec 09 2022) - THE TWITTER FILES ... PART II !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- After nearly a week's delay on the second installment of "THE TWITTER FILES" - Twitter's internal correspondence surrounding their decision to censor the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story - Journalist Bari Weiss (@bariweiss) has begun releasing more information via Twitter. The second installment - which was released days after Musk fired former deputy General Counsel James Baker for 'filtering' the first release, is titled: "Twitter's Secret Blacklists".

(Dec 09 2022) - Why There Won’t Be A Nuremberg Trial For Perpetrators Of COVID Genocide ... {Creating Vigilantism}
WORLD (www.Principia-Scientific.com) -- I am sorry to break this to you: While I personally would like a Nuremberg trial for the crime which was Covid-19s creation and release, its response by our officials, experts and media through lockdown, censorship and untested vaccines, it wont happen. Here is why. The crimes against humanity which happened & continues are a disaster for the human race. For such crimes to be punished there needs to be someone to punish the perpetrators. After WW2 there were victorious nations who did it, this time is different.

(Dec 09 2022) - Molecular biology expert - Dr. Janci Lindsay - warns mRNA COVID jabs could ‘sterilize an entire generation’ !!!
WASH D.C. (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- A toxicology expert with over 30 yrs of scientific experience issued a STARK WARNING about the potential reproductive harm she believes could be caused by the mRNA COVID jabs. She said more research is needed to determine the shots’ effects on reproduction. In a roundtable discussion hosted by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Dr. Janci Lindsay warned that the COVID-19 jabs could “potentially sterilize an entire generation” or else “be passed on to next generations as inadvertent gene transfer.”

(Dec 09 2022) - Steeply Falling Birthrates Worldwide !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.FreeWestMedia.com) -- Climate fanatics demand that we stop driving, fly on holiday, eat meat and completely change our lives. But it's not enough !!! We must have fewer children & decrease in numbers to save the planet, these self-proclaimed world-improvers claim. Otherwise, we're all threatened by overpopulation, despite the fact that in the West & large parts of the world, population's decreasing.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well it's Friday and I'll be out of the office for a while fixing what can be fixed - people excluded. Usually on these brief outings I venture with folks who are like-minded to compare notes - amongst other issues. For the most part, these outings are usually beneficial and enlightening, but those connections and collaborations are manifesting less and less each day - I'm sorry to say. However, when I return, I'll fill y'all in ... if I get any info ... good or bad.

(Dec 08 2022) - Who's Sabotaging Power Plants In America ???
U.S.A. (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- Someone has been attacking power plants all over the country, and federal authorities are trying to determine who it is. In recent days, we have seen significant sabotage on both the east and west coasts, and so it can’t just be one individual that is responsible. During the first 8 months of this year, there were a total of 106 attacks on the electrical grid in the U.S. and that represents the highest number ever recorded in a single year.

(Dec 08 2022) - International Notice Reports of Friendly Fire !!!
WASH D.C. (www.PaulStramer.net) -- The Municipal Corporation dba "the White House Office, Inc." reportedly set up a trap this week and killed U.S. Troops on our soil. The remaining U.S. Troops reportedly killed the Municipal personnel staging a small-scale ambush in Colorado. I hope Joe Befuddled is really proud of himself and his ongoing attempts to pass off the Municipal United States as the original Union of States which did business as "the United States" from 1776 to 1851 - when it restyled its name to its current form: The United States.

(Dec 07 2022) - It’s Worse Than You Think ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.DiscernReport.com) -- Revelations of gov't interference on Big Tech platforms as well as the leftist manipulations by those operating the platforms themselves have revealed to many what some of us have known for a long time. We can view it as an attack on the 1st Amendment. (...) We can say it impacts elections, policy decisions & the public’s awareness of important facts that could change the way they think. It’s all of these, but it’s actually much worse than that.

(Dec 07 2022) - DON’T SHED ON ME : The covid “vaccinated” are a health threat to the unvaccinated, warns Dr. McCullough
U.S.A. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- IS IT POSSIBLE as an unvaxed person to become contaminated with covid chemicals through exposure to others who have been jabbed? THE ANSWER IS YES. In an interview with Action Canada’s Tanya Gaw, McCullough discussed the risks that covid “vaxed” people pose to the “unvaxed.” In a nutshell, he likened the situation to non-smokers inhaling the 2nd-hand smoke. Citing a paper published in the TMR journal Infectious Diseases Research, McCullough shared DETAILS about how messenger RNA (mRNA) CAN TRANSFER from the fully jabbed to the unjabbed ...

(Dec 07 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.6
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Dec 06 2022) - The Constitution Has Already Been Terminated
WASH D.C. (www.Rutherford.org) -- If there is one point on which there should be no political parsing, no legal jockeying, and no disagreement, it is this: for anyone to advocate terminating or suspending the Constitution is tantamount to a declaration of war against the founding principles of our representative government and the rule of law. Then again, one could well make the case that the Constitution has already been terminated after years on life support, given the extent to which the safeguards enshrined in the Bill of Rights ...

(Dec 06 2022) - Our Lying Idiot Media Really Is That Dumb
U.S.A. (www.DanielGreenfield.org) -- Broke-ness follows wokeness because it’s invariably the incompetent, lazy, corrupt and otherwise failed institutions that radicalize to avoid doing their jobs. From the federal government to corporate monopolies to financial gimmicks like FTX to the media to massive charities, institutional wokeness is a RED FLAG that an organization is incompetent or a scam.

(Dec 05 2022) - An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Redundancy Has Its Rewards ... that is ... if those hearing or reading the messages respond in kind and in time. Folks, all these NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs haven't built an invisible prison around you ... YOU BUILT IT !!! How ??? Thanks - I'll regurgitate for the umpteenth time. All those convenient communication contraptions that have made you life more easy have now IMPRISONED you. And, there's no going back or getting off the grid. You're now on their HIT LIST, 'cause you didn't listen and take heed, when it was spelled out for you !!!

(Dec 05 2022) - Final Nail in the Illusion of Freedom’s Coffin
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.DiscernReport.com) -- Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are the last nail in the coffin of the illusion of freedom. Once they're implemented there'll be no freedom, nor any illusions of such. Humanity is slowly starting to figure out that NO ONE IS FREE. We are owned, governed & controlled by the ruling class and they treat us as property, taking from us what they want & using it for what they want. That illusion of any kind of freedom is about to shatter for those who still can’t see. CBDC's are going to end any semblance of freedom.

(Dec 04 2022) - How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media ???
AMERICA (www.AMGreatness.com) -- The current “MEDIA” - loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times & Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, the online news aggregators like Google, Apple & Yahoo, and the social media giants like the old Twitter & Facebook - ARE CORRUPT !!! They have adopted in their news coverage a utilitarian view that noble progressive ends justify almost any unethical means to obtain them.

(Dec 04 2022) - We Don't Know If The Blood Supply Is Safe ???
U.S.A. (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- The medical community is still not seeing any connection between the vaccine & deaths. They don’t acknowledge the relationship except in a few rare cases. This is all willful blindness. So why should we now believe them with respect to the safety of the blood supply from vaxxed people? Until the medical community starts acknowledging the VACCINES ARE UNSAFE, their assurances of safety with respect to anything vaccine related should be highly suspect.

(Dec 04 2022) - DESTROYING THE BLOOD SUPPLY : FDA Proposes Easing Restrictions on Blood Donations from Gay/Bisexual Men
U.S.A. (www.LegalInsurrection.com) -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced that it intends to end a blanket ban on blood donations from sexually active gay men. (...) The total ban on blood donations from gay/bisexual men was lifted in 2015, donors were required to abstain from sex for a year before donating. This abstinence time-frame was further reduced to three months in 2020.

(Dec 03 2022) - Passion of Christ Director & Star Speak Out Against Hollywood Executives Trafficking Kids for Adrenochrome
HOLLYWOOD (www.NOQReport.com) -- Is the blood of terrorized children a form of currency in Hollywood? According to Mel Gibson, star of Brave Heart and Lethal Weapon, Hollywood is just institutionalized pedophilia, where the elites break “every God-given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children.” Apparently, it’s an open secret in Hollywood that the ultra-rich (...) have religious ceremonies where they terrorize kids to the edge of death, then drink their adrenochrome-loaded blood.

(Dec 03 2022) - Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Bioweapon
U.S.A. (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines. Kingston has uncovered documents that prove everybody knew or should have known the deadly effects of these criminal injections. Kingston says documents with the drug makers, FDA and CDC listed the deadly and debilitatingside effects” of the injections. Kinston shows that vaccine makers gave a list to the FDA of “side effects” or “possible adverse event outcomes” from the injections.

(Dec 03 2022) - Self-Assembling Structures in Pfizer Vaxx ???
AUSTRALIA (www.NWOReport.me) -- An Australian doctor has gone public with many microscopic images of unidentified objects that appear to be “self-assembling” from the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injection. Family physician Dr. David Nixon recently shared dark field microscopy photos of “concerning” structures that appeared in Pfizer jab fluid over time & seem to be the product of “intelligent design in an episode of the International Crimes Investigative Committee co-hosted by the group’s founder, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & ex-Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon.

(Dec 03 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #382
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- What happened to autumn? From hot to flash freeze, welcome to weather warfare. "Officials fear complete doomsday scenario for drought stricken Colorado River", the same is happening all over the world and this is just the beginning. Moisture that does flow across the Western US is being seeded with chemical ice nucleation elements that reduce precipitation even further. This process creates a cold dense atmospheric air layer that sinks to Earth's surface, temporarily lowering temperatures and often producing frozen forms of precipitation.

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.PaulStramer.net) -- Many parents are facing the reality of schools demanding more and more and more "booster" shots. It wasn't bad enough to damage their child's immune system and irrevocably mess with their genome, now the fiends are demanding more and more "boosters" to complete the genocide, maiming, and long term damage program they have institutionalized as Agenda 2030. They've only got seven years to kill and maim billions of people.

(Dec 02 2022) - Greasy Gavin Newsom Recommends Spending Over Half a Trillion Dollars on ... “BLACK REPARATIONS” ???
SACRAMENTO (www.TheAmericanTribune.com) -- A California panel that was organized to study the long-term effects of “slavery and systemic racism” on black residents has recommended paying reparations to the descendants of slavery in the state. The cost of these payments would cost Californians an estimated $569 billion. Known as the “Reparations Task Force”, the nine-member panel was formed in 2020 when Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill to address inequities along racial lines.

(Dec 02 2022) - Neuralink Test Monkeys ‘Dying and Chewing Fingers Off’ As Elon Musk Readies Human Trials
U.S.A. (www.NewsPunch.com) -- Elon Musk has vowed to start human trials for his brain chip implants within six months, even though the majority of his brainchipped lab monkeys either died or chewed their fingers off, while experiencing horrific suffering. Based in San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas, Musk’s Neuralink company has been conducting tests on monkeys and other animals as it seeks approval from the FDA.

(Dec 01 2022) - Elon Musk says that his Neuralink device is ready to be implanted in human brains ... yeah, NO THANKS BRO !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but y'all are already HOOKED UP to the Internet of Things (IoT) and soon you'll be HOOKED UP to the "Internet of Bodies" (IoB) !!! Whether it's Musk and his Mad Scientists or someone else, you won't be able to Buy or Sell - let alone exist - once they ramp-up The Machines !!! For quite some time The Porterville Post has WARNED that this REVELATION was inevitable and rushing in at Break-Neck-Speed. Notice to Churches : Your IGNORANCE, complied with your LAZINESS, may not fly with GOD. Just saying ...

(Dec 01 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 1.3
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Nov 30 2022) - IT'S TOO LATE TO : Save America’s Grid !!!
WASH D.C. (www.WattsUpWithThat.com) -- It is no secret that America’s electric power grid is becoming unreliable. The secret is whose fault it is. Not knowing who to blame makes it hard to fix. If I could get a show of hands I bet that almost no one has heard of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). They're a private corporation endowed with federal authority to keep America’s lights on. NERC makes & enforces the regulations governing grid reliability in America. The looming threat of numerous BLACKOUTS is their fault !!!

(Nov 30 2022) - MOVING IN FOR THE KILL !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.ShepherdsHeart.life) -- A special notification by Celeste Solum: I apologize that I have not inserted many graphics. They are coming, but there is no time today to insert them. Possibly tomorrow. Nevertheless, time is of the essence that you get this info & begin processing it and preparing for the fact that the infrastructure has been established & funded for the DEPOPULATION Machine to be full bore operational. This is the modern day Final Solution where Satan has his limited day to deceive & annihilate God's creation and handiwork ...

(Nov 30 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Treason on the Docket at the United States Supreme Court -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
WASH D.C. : The petition Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al., now docketed before the U.S. Supreme Court cites the national security breach by 388 federal officers having violated their sworn oath. The 117th Congress met on January 6, 2021 to debate and count the electoral college votes for the 2020 Presidential Election in which over 100 members of the U.S. Congress claimed factual evidence of election fraud. The respondent’s refusal to investigate this congressional claim was an act of treason.

(Nov 29 2022) - Many Of The United States Federal Agencies Are ARMED-TO-THE-TEETH For War Against Americans !!!
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- The FDA, FBI, CIA, DHS, EPA, USDA, and IRS are now fully geared up with assault weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition, thanks to the Obama and Biden Regimes, ready to battle Americans to the death over their food, land, crops, and yes, unpaid income taxes. Got some food the government wants to seize to send to starving kids in Ukraine? The FDA and USDA have swat teams that can function under NDAA, and come take your food and seize your land at any time, for any length of time (thanks Obama).

(Nov 29 2022) - IT IS BEGINNING : 41% Of All Small Business Owners Could Not Pay Rent In November ... {Possibly More}
U.S.A. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Many experts are now warning that we could see the housing market & commercial real estate market simultaneously crash in 2023. If that were to happen, it'd put an extreme amount of stress on our financial system. The only way we will avoid such a fate is if the Federal Reserve starts reducing interest rates. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. In fact, officials at the Fed' keep telling us that interest rates are going to keep going up.

(Nov 28 2022) - Black Friday Was Dark Indeed for Retailers !!!
AMERICA (www.TheOrganicPrepper.com) -- Usually, after the biggest shopping day of the year, I scour the internet for a montage of shocking videos for an annual Black Friday Hall of Shame. This year, there weren’t enough badly behaved people to make an article. Unfortunately, it’s not because of a new era of civility. It’s because nobody has the money to shop for Christmas, and if they do, they’re not battling it out in person. This is important because it solidifies what we (...) have said for years: an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE - like we’ve never seen before - IS COMING.

(Nov 27 2022) - Collier's Weekly : Weather Made to Order ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Every once in a while the truth gets published, but that was way back then. Today, the press-ti-tutes pushing their PROPAGANDA and PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING, is all that's left - literally !!! What you see in the skies today - manifesting as clouds - are FAKE CLOUDS !!! These are KILLER CHEMTRAILS, mixed in with frequencies, nano-technologies, and scalar wave weapons that damage the upper atmosphere & Ozone. Since the '50's, these SECRET WEATHER MODIFICATIONS have been "Made to Order" by evil and unelected lunatics !!!

(Nov 27 2022) - The Groundbreaking Investigations by Dr. Jane Ruby That Made the Film "DIED SUDDENLY" Possible !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.NOQReport.com) -- Before the film Died Suddenly, there were investigations that received far less attention but were pivotal in uncovering the truth about the “fibrous clots” that are causing people to die. Dr. Jane Ruby broke the “fibrous clots” story in early 2022 and was the one who first “discovered” embalmer Richard Hirschman. She did the initial due diligence, conducted the phone calls & reached out to people like myself to get lab tests done on the clots so she could confirm what they were made of. (...)

(Nov 26 2022) - New Study confirm COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ has been occurring with shocking & dangerous consequences !!!
COLORADO (www.Expose-News.com) -- A study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity has had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injection or not because the vaxxed have been transmitting antibodies generated by the jabs through aerosols. The findings come as no surprise because a confidential Pfizer doc' confirmed exposure to the mRNA injections was perfectly possible by skin-to-skin contact & breathing the same air as someone who'd been jabbed.

(Nov 26 2022) - The “Unvaccinated” Will Go to Camps, Germany Will Be the First to Lockdown Their Citizens ... ???
GERMANY (www.HNewswire.com) -- What is currently happening in New Normal Germany is that the fascist fanatics in control of the govt are rewriting the "Infection Protection Act," as they have done repeatedly over the last 2 years, in order to continue to violate the German constitution (the "Grundgesetz") and rule the nation by arbitrary decree under the guise of "protecting public health." This repeatedly revised "Infection Protection Act," which has given the govt of New Normal Germany authority to ...

(Nov 26 2022) - POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS : Scientists Revive 13 Ancient ‘Zombie Viruses’ Found In Siberian Permafrost !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just when you think The Devils Doctors couldn't dig up any more diseases, germs or virus' out pops this article. Time & time again - as these mad scientists find ways to bring these pestilence back to life - they either escape, or perhaps are let loose. Yes, there are mountains of moratoriums & laws all over the planet forbidding this practice, but few - if any - get jailed or fined, except Whistle Blowers & Honest Researchers !!!

(Nov 25 2022) - EUGENICS REBRANDED : How The Globalist’s Transhumanist Plan Will Destroy Life As We Know It !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- Author Whitney Webb noted that science fiction writer H.G Wells once described the transhumanist future as one in which there is a physically and intellectually augmented elite class, and squat, dwarf-like, slave underclass that eats bugs and doesn’t even have the cognitive capacity to rebel. Sound familiar? Transhumanism is eugenics rebranded, and the merger of Silicon Valley companies with Big Pharma is eugenics framed as health care.

(Nov 25 2022) - Vast majority of covid deaths now occurring in the fully jabbed ... after it was claimed vaccines stop transmission
WASH D.C. (www.DCClothesline.com) -- We thought this day would never come, but the corporate-controlled media – specifically The Washington Post – now admits that the “vast majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.” All this time, we have been told that the unvaccinated are responsible for covid deaths. Fake president Joe Biden infamously called it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and yet now we know straight from the horse’s mouth that THIS WAS ALL A LIE !!!

(Nov 25 2022) - A Ban On All Gas & Diesel Truck Fleets ???
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- California's Air Resources Board has laid out a plan to ban all diesel-powered trucks that would cause inflationary ripples throughout the entire economy. The PLAN would mandate that all new trucks operating around busy railways and ports be zero emission vehicles by 2024 - while all diesel trucks would be phased out by 2035, and eventually, banishing every truck and bus fleet from California roads by 2045, where feasible, according to SFGATE.

(Nov 24 2022) - California’s chilling medical misinformation law
SACRAMENTO (www.ReclaimTheNet.org) -- More confusion & controversy is emerging over the way so-called Covid (mis)information is treated, particularly regarding legislation aimed at “disciplining” medical professionals and making sure they toe some unclear and poorly defined lines, which undermines their right to free speech. In California, a new law, A.B. 2098, is proving to be so bad in terms of 1st Amendment-protected speech that it's produced some unusual bedfellows among civil rights groups – all in a bid to get it repealed.

~ from all of us at ~
The Porterville Post

(Nov 24 2022) - What Thanksgiving Is Really About ???
U.S.A. (www.AmericaThinker.com) -- Both the United States and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Though observed on different dates, in both countries it is an official day of national thanksgiving. I am unaware if any other countries observe such a day, one that is not tied to a specific event or faith. It is remarkable that the citizens of both countries are legally encouraged to give thanks. Are they encouraged to give thanks to the State? No, in both countries, Thanksgiving Is Directed To GOD for the blessings they enjoy.

(Nov 23 2022) - The God America thanks is really Jesus Christ
AMERICA (www.WND.com) -- Thanksgiving is a national holiday enshrined in law at 5 U.S.C. 6103. It is a celebration that the Revolutionary-era Congress, Presidents Washington, Madison and every president since it became a national holiday under Abraham Lincoln observed by issuing an official proclamation on behalf of all Americans, explicitly thanking God for blessing and protecting them and our nation. U.S. presidents have thanked God on behalf of our grateful nation 164 times without any objection!

(Nov 23 2022) - UNVACCINTED BLOOD BANKS ... ???
SWITZERLND (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- Swiss naturopath George Della Pietra has started a new “SafeBlood Donation” service to provide clean, unvaccinated blood for patients needing transfusions. Since the general blood supply is now tainted with “fully vaccinated,” spike protein-laden chemical blood, demand for pure blood is soaring. Pietra apparently saw this as a great opportunity to provide clean blood, which is now more in-demand than ever.

(Nov 23 2022) - WHO's Guide to ‘Combating Misinformation’
W.H.O. (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- You can sleep easy tonight. The World Health Organization announced that it’s working with Big Tech to combat misinformation online. It didn’t define what “misinformation” it’s targeting, or even what “misinformation” is, but if you see anything that looks suspicious, WHO wants you to report it right away so social media platforms can flag it or take it down. Sound disturbing? More like a nightmare, but it’s one that is, unfortunately, not a dream.

(Nov 22 2022) - SOVEREIGNTY SOLD : Biden Puts The United States Peoples On The Road To A Chinese Social Credit System
INDONESIA (www.ANDMagazine.substack.com) -- Joe Biden recently attended the G20 summit in Indonesia. At that meeting, "acting" as President he signed an agreement that (...) pledges U.S. support for the development & implementation of a digital vaccine passport. What that means is that Biden, without any authorization from Congress, has entered us into a treaty under which American citizens will ultimately not be able to travel anywhere without being able to show via some electronic system that they have had vaccines mandated by the govt.

(Nov 22 2022) - HERE WE GO AGAIN : Biden Recommends Mask Mandates TWO WEEKS After Midterms ... !!!
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Earlier this year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned that Democrats would re-impose mask mandates after the midterm elections if there was a winter Covid-19 spike. (...) Now, just two weeks after the midterms, the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services is recommending that state government’s ‘encourage’ or ‘mandate’ masks to prevent ‘long COVID’.

(Nov 22 2022) - ‘Passion of the Christ’ Star Claims Hollywood Executives Are Trafficking Children For ... ADRENOCHROME !!!
OKLAHOMA (www.NewsPunch.com) -- Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel, who played the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s epic Passion of the Christ, has admitted that children are being kidnapped and trafficked by Hollywood elites. Caviezel appeared at the Clay Clark’s Health and Freedom Conference near Tulsa, Oklahoma this week and he addressed the issue of child trafficking in Hollywood, revealing that the entertainment industry elite are “raping and murdering” children for adrenochrome.

(Nov 21 2022) - 6G, and The Internet Of Bodies (IoB) ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.ActivistPost.com) -- If you think 5G is bad, you won’t want to know about 6G, which will introduce the Internet of Bodies (IoB), potentially tying all humans into a global “hive mind. Unproductive members who do nothing but consume “precious” resources, will be TARGETED FOR REMOVAL; the ultimate technocrat reasoning is that humans and all other resources are on the same level. Thus, cutting back on humans is no different than cutting down trees in the forest. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood.

(Nov 21 2022) - Those involved to Inject World with Experimental Biotechnology are GUILTY of Crimes against Humanity !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.Expose-News.com) -- We now confidently know that Covid-19 and mRNA vaccines both came from the same stable – experimental biotechnology laboratories. As the old saying goes two wrongs do not make a right. In our case, they made a disaster which could and should have been confidently predicted by anyone knowledgeable working in the field. There is a culprit. There is evidence. They knew what they were doing. THEY ARE GUILTY !!! They should be stopped.

(Nov 21 2022) - MAGA and the House !!!
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- At the risk of rehashing the obvious after the Nov midterms, there was nothing subtle about the 2022 election steal which revealed itself as brazen, corrupt, and confident as in any banana republic knowing there would be little to no legal or disciplinary action. We now know how deeply committed the RINOs are to obliterating the America First movement, its agenda, its candidates, and its prime mover, President Trump. The election loss was not a rebuff of Trump nor MAGA policies; it was about the RNC’s lack of guidance, and ...

(Nov 21 2022) - Time For A Few TOE-TO-TOE Meetings !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, it's Monday and I got to play catch-up with a few outstanding issues. No not bills or bill collectors, but "Issues With People" !!! After a couple of calls this morning, it looks like there needs to be a few toe-to-toes, and I am more than happy to TOW-THOSE-LINES. So ... I'll be out of the office for a bit, but rest assured ... I'll Be Back !!! (LOL)

(Nov 20 2022) - ‘We Need A Single Global Order’ ... ???
THAILAND (www.NWOReport.me) -- French President Emmanuel Macron called for world gov't in a speech Friday, claiming it would avoid conflicts between competing superpowers. “We Need a Single World Order,” Macron told the audience at the ongoing Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bangkok, Thailand. “Are you on the U.S. side or China ???” Macron asked rhetorically. “Because now, progressively, a lot of people would like to see that there are two orders in this world.”

(Nov 20 2022) - IMPORTANT VIDEO : CHURCH - WAKE UP !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yup ... I agree with this Video Blogger - The New Patriot - that there are too many "Cafeteria Christians" who have "Cherry Picked" Bible Scripture for years to satisfy their fantasies re: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. In his video, he covers not just that false doctrine, but also what "The Mark of The Beast" really might be and todays self-assembling bio-weapons called vaccines. Christians listen up !!! If you're afraid to ask your Pastors re: these "End-Time" events, then you've already spiritually and psychologically succumbed to a FAKE GOSPLE !!!

(Nov 19 2022) - ‘The USA Inc.’ Reporter Exposes How America Was Hijacked & Turned Into a Corporation During Civil War !!!
AMERICA (www.TheEpochTimes.com) -- The Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves to see the state of our nation today. They built a republic where God is above all & where the people, created in His image, are sovereign. The people in turn created their gov't to serve under them; it was to be small, frugal, and limited - as we would expect our contractor to be. Looking at today’s sprawling admin' state overreach though - with vaccine mandates, endless spending & leaders who think they are God - something doesn’t jive. So what happened ???

(Nov 19 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #380
WASH D.C. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Are they finally about to come clean? "The White House Admits It: We Might Need To Block The Sun To Stop Climate Change". The former balance of 4 seasons is no more, flash cooldowns now commonly turn summer to winter (...) over the span of a few days. Many agricultural regions are drying up, others are drowning under deluge. A long & growing list of countries are descending into collapse & chaos while future wars loom on the horizon.

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NWOReport.me) -- Mathematician Igor Chudov conducted an assessment of two completely different datasets encompassing tens or even hundreds of millions of people from which he concluded that the relative risk of death for people who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is 40% higher than that of the unvaccinated. All around the world where Fauci Flu shots were unleashed, Chudov says, excess mortality is through the roof. It is something that many of us have known about for a while now ...

(Nov 18 2022) - Why Is The Government Arming More Federal Bureaucrats Than The United States Marines Corps ???
U.S.A. (www.TheFederalist.com) -- A report issued last year by the watchdog group Open The Books, “The Militarization of The U.S. Executive Agencies,” found that more than 200,000 federal bureaucrats now have been granted the authority to carry guns & make arrests — more than the 186,000 Americans serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. “103 executive agencies outside of the DoD spent $2.7 billion on guns, ammo & military-style equipment between fiscal years 2006-2019,” ...

(Nov 18 2022) - McCarthy Used FTX Cash to Defeat Conservatives
BAKERSFIELD (www.NationalFile.com) -- GOP establishment leader and Speaker of the House pretender, Kevin McCarthy used FTX cash to defeat conservatives in 2022, as the corrupt, globalist-tied crypto exchange funded the establishment wings of both parties. Now, McCarthy is feeling the heat, as conservative members of Congress, and the voters they’re accountable to, are demanding answers for the GOP’s failed “red wave,” which looked more like a pink trickle.

(Nov 18 2022) - DOES ANYONE CARE : The PANDEMIC TREATY is on WHO’s December 5th agenda with approval in May of 2023 !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, the World Health Organization's AGENDA is not about protecting the health of you people, it's about protecting THE HEALTH OF THEIR PLANET !!! WHO has been conning countries for decades, and soon THE FINAL TREATY will be signed and agreed to re: THE FINAL SOLUTION !!! Then all countries who are a party to this treaty will be under their command, including America !!! My prayer is, I hope that I'm wrong and PEOPLE WAKE UP, but reality and realism has taken hold, and - time to react - was yesterday !!!

(Nov 17 2022) - Schumer calls for REPLACEMENT of Americans who can’t have babies after mRNA depopulation jabs ???
WASH D.C. (www.NewsTarget.com) -- Yes, you are being replaced. Once derided as a racist conspiracy theory, “replacement theory” is not only confirmed but even touted by democ-RAT Sen. Chuck Schumer who yesterday claimed that millions of illegals must be granted amnesty because the US population “is not reproducing on its own.” Of course, that is because the so-called “vaccine” injections — actually mRNA DEPOPULATION Bioweapons — are causing widespread abortions, stillbirths, infertility and deaths.

(Nov 17 2022) - VACCINE FEARMONGERING : NBC Pushing RSV Propaganda to Drive Division Between the Vaxxed & Unvaxxed
AMERICA : (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- NBC news is pushing Nazi-style propaganda about unvaccinated kids being like lepers that parents would want to have their kids avoid entirely this holiday season. Making it sound as simple as washing your hands or staying home if you feel sick, the all-things-pandemic “expert” TV doctor says keep your babies and kids away from the unvaccinated kids, or suffer the consequences of RSV – respiratory syncytial virus.

(Nov 16 2022) - Forced Vaccinations : It Will Be Nation Against Nation, Brother Against Brother, Mother Against Daughter ... !!!
BIBLICAL TRIBULATION : (www.HNewswire.com) -- They're breaking down our resistance to the MARK OF THE BEAST ??? Making people take 'experimental' non-vaccines that have been shown to be dangerous & inefficient, with serious, even fatal, side effects, in the name of saving lives ??? The Lancet Commission, made up of pro-vaccine elites & Big Pharma puppets, has made it crystal clear what they want to see happen here in the US & other countries where people have individual rights. It’s right here for anyone to see – no one will be able to say they didn’t warn us.

(Nov 16 2022) - Stolen Elections Have Consequences !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstreport.com) -- They say “elections have consequences.” This is true. But when elections are stolen, there needs to be much worse consequences for those who stole it. Unfortunately, the theft of the 2022 election appears to be headed in the same direction as the stolen 2020 election. We will continue to fight to get the truth out, to hold people accountable, and to reverse the results of the many stolen elections this cycle, but I’m not exactly hopeful. Unless God intervenes, I’d put our chances of changing any election at about 5%.

(Nov 15 2022) - DEPOPULATION PLAN : Bill Gates Tells G20 World Leaders That ‘DEATH PANELS’ Will Soon Be Required ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NewsPunch.com) -- Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has used his appearance at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia to raise a discussion about “death panels.” According to Gates, death panels will be necessary in the near future in order to end the lives of sick & unwell people due to “very, very high medical costs”. Gates went on to explain that “a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last 3 months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off 10 teachers & to make that trade-off in medical costs.”

(Nov 15 2022) - Health minister tells G20 nations they must implement WHO-approved ‘digital health certificates ... ???
INDONESIA (www.LeoHohmann.com) -- Despite reams of evidence showing that the experimental mRNA Covid vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, the Indonesian minister of health called Tues for a global “digital health certificate” to track & restrict the movement of people under the guidance of the U.N. World Health Organization. The health minister of Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation, spoke during the Business 20 event, also called or B20, as part of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

(Nov 15 2022) - The U.S. Medical System is Collapsing ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- The fact that there is a crisis in the U.S. medical system is not in dispute, as even the MSM has been covering this since 2021, as many hospital ER's across the U.S. have either closed completely, or reduced their hrs, due to lack of staffing. (...) A report from commercial intelligence company Definitive Healthcare earlier this month stated that 334,000 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants & other clinicians left the workforce in 2021.

(Nov 14 2022) - Rail Strike Threat Escalates ... ???
U.S.A. (www.FOXBusiness.com) -- All 12 Rail Unions 'MUST RATIFY' Their New Contracts to Avert a Potential Work Stoppage. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers (IBB) announced Monday its members voted against ratifying a tentative agreement with the major freight railroads, making IBB the third labor group to turn down the deal brokered by the Biden administration and upping the chances of a nationwide strike. The IBB said in a statement that it has now entered a "cooling off" period and plans to continue to negotiate further ...

(Nov 14 2022) - The Evidence Is In : Another Stolen Election !!!
AMERICA (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Americans, not all of them but most, are too proud of their country and too protective of its reputation as “the world’s best democracy” to admit it, but they have just experienced ANOTHER stolen election. All the telltale signs are there - just as they are for the 2020 presidential election that was stolen from President Trump. Ballot count delays while Democrats round up sufficient fraudulent ballots to offset the Republican’s victory. Sudden upward spikes of 100,000 votes in one moment of time to push a Democrat candidate on a losing path ahead of the Republican.

(Nov 14 2022) - DON'T THINK THEY WON'T : Plan Emerges for Democrats to Install Newsom as President without an Election !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- You know that the democ-RATS are more than thinking about slipping Gavin Newsom into the White House as President without an election - they're banking on it !!! With Nancy Pelosi as a close relative and her connection to all that lost and "Misused Military Money" in Ukraine, she'll have more than enough money to Bribe, Blackmail or Bury anyone who stands in her way - especially Joe !!! That's why the elections were stolen, again !!! At this point in time, Biden is a dead man walking if he doesn't get with the plan.

(Nov 13 2022) - Biden Vows To Reinstate ‘Strict Mask Mandates
WASH D.C. (www.NewsPunch.com) -- The Biden admin' has vowed to reinstate strict mask mandates this winter now that the Democratic Party has stolen control of the Senate. Biden’s Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has begun recommending wearing masks indoors once again in at least five New York counties. Likewise, Los Angeles County health officials are also issuing mask guidelines, claiming that two new COVID variants are threatening to fuel another surge as winter nears.

(Nov 13 2022) - The “Ministry of Truth” Is Back !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The U.S. is far from a free country as the illusion crumbles more every day. The “Ministry of Truth” is now back online. Leaked documents have revealed that the “paused” Disinformation Governance Board is once again, back online. The ruling class continues to make it clear that silencing dissent and keeping the slaves in line is the most important task of any ruler. Government is slavery and it is becoming more and more apparent by the day.

(Nov 13 2022) - America Has Lost Its Moral Compass !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- In trying to evaluate the 2022 Midterm Elections there is only one conclusion that a sane person can come to. America has lost its moral compass. We, conservatives, anticipated a red wave. It never manifested. If the church had come out in mass and voted biblical values most Democrats would be out of office today. But, as usual, the church stayed home not willing to ‘vote for the lesser of two evils.’

(Nov 12 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #379
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The COP 27 global climate conference is being being carried out in Egypt with gov't representatives from all over the world. Are they there to discuss greenhouse gas reductions? Or, in fact, are climate intervention operations the primary focus of the gathering in "behind closed door" meetings? An unprecedented coast to coast engineered cool down is scheduled for the contiguous 48 US states that will make the United States the only "below normal temperature" region in the entire northern hemisphere. (...)

(Nov 11 2022) - Celebrating Veteran's Day With A 5K RUN !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As a Vietnam Veteran - and to celebrate Veterans Day in Porterville - I participated in my very First 5K Run today. And yes I finished, not in record breaking time, but I did do quite well for my first run. My guess is there must have been close to 1,000 participates - including those who signed up for the 5K Walk & 10K Run. Then right after that the Veterans Day Parade kicked off and that's when I talked with many on the sidelines about the Porterville Post !!!

~ from all of us at ~
The Porterville Post

(Nov 11 2022) - Is The Election System Irretrievably Broken ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- We are at a crisis of confidence regarding elections. Once that confidence is eroded, once the vote tallies can no longer be trusted, then what are we to do? I won't pretend. I was shocked by the reported election results, and I'm suspicious of them. Many of us are. In the aftermath of a crash, the wreckage provides a lot of clues. In the case of an electoral crash, those clues can be used to prevent future damage. Or can they?

(Nov 11 2022) - Fired Official Sues The Vatican !!!
ITALY (www.RT.com) -- The Catholic Church’s former chief auditor says he was removed for trying to expose institutional corruption. Libero Milone, the former chief auditor of the Vatican, has sued the Church’s Secretariat of State and current auditor general, claiming that the Church has reopened a baseless criminal investigation against him ... in order to silence him ... after ignoring his reports of official malfeasance.

(Nov 11 2022) - Homemade energy crisis? Another refinery, owned by Chevron, goes up in flames – Sabotage of oil Infrastructure ???
CALIFORNIA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The night of the midterm election, another oil refinery (...) located in El Segundo, CA., caught fire under mysterious circumstances. Firefighters were called to the scene, which was described as a “massive fire”. Officials say they have no idea how the fire started (...) According to Chevron’s website, the El Segundo refinery supplies 20% of all motor vehicle fuel across So/Cal. It also supplies 40% of all jet fuel consumed across the southland.

(Nov 10 2022) - Paxlovid Is a Fraud ... (Much Like Remdesivir)
U.S.A. (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous in one way or another. Remdesivir, for example (...) routinely causes severe organ damage and, often, DEATH. Another notable one is Paxlovid, which was granted emergency use authorization to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in Dec 2021. While not showing signs of being deadly like remdesivir, Paxlovid has become so widely associated with rebound infection that the U.S. CDC has even ISSUED A WARNING about it.

(Nov 10 2022) - SOARING CASES OF SUDDEN DEATH : The Only Smoking Gun is the Jab Until Proven Otherwise ... (So Say We All !!!)
WORLD (www.RedVoiceMedia.com) -- “When someone dies, and the family doesn’t come out and say anything, and the doctors don’t come out and say anything, it’s a reasonable assumption that it was the vaccine until proven otherwise,” attested McCullough. “(When people unexpectedly drop dead), we’re left with ‘What is the smoking gun?’ The only smoking gun is the COVID-19 vaccine.”

(Nov 10 2022) - The Military-Industrial Complex Wins Again !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Strategic-Culture.org) -- With Veterans Day in mind, I was asked as a retired U.S. military officer for a comment on the 2022 election results, which produced this. When both political parties pose as pro-military, when both are pro-war, when both are enablers of record-high Pentagon spending, when both act as if a new cold war with China and Russia is inevitable, do election results even matter? No matter which party claims victory, the true victor remains ... The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

(Nov 09 2022) - FAKE ELECTIONS WIN AGAIN !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, what can I say, looks like 2020 all over again. I'm telling y'all, the results will be challenged in courts all across America, just like they were in 2020. Money's been paid, machines have been rigged, the press-ti-tutes have been briefed, while the NEW WORLD ORDER criminals gain another foothold. Yes a few Republicans got in, but that's 'cause the NWO doesn't wanna be too obvious. So, as I pen this paragraph I'm tempted to say adiós re: the results of this FAKE ELECTION, but I need a good laugh so I'll stick around for a while longer.

(Nov 09 2022) - U.S. patent describes "Toxic Mosquito Aerial" CHEMTRAILS PROGRAM to spread chemical & biological weapons
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Citizens.news) -- In 2014, a patent was filed (...) that outlines the future – which is now the present – of chemical & biological warfare. Entitled "Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System," the patent (...) outlines a system of spraying for biological, chemical, or other materials using "unmanned aerial vehicle[s] operable by remote control. It carries a container holding a central processing unit & a mosquito breeding bin, which is a self-contained volume housing mosquitoes & a mosquito food having a toxin suitable to be transmitted by mosquito bite after the mosquito consumes the mosquito food," (...).

(Nov 08 2022) - Do Not Comply – No Matter What !!!
U.S.A. (www.SurvivalBlog.com) -- There comes a time when you realize that there is nothing left to do but face the Evil and stand firm. You’re done with trying to convince people, especially one's you dearly love, that the Evil is here now. You’ve reconciled yourself to the facts, that Evil is afoot, and embraced even, by a large number of people. You stare at them in wonder that they can’t see the Evil that's parading in front of them, or that they purposefully refuse to see it, or they’re so distracted they can’t see it.

(Nov 08 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Nov 08 2022) - Voting Machines Stop Working Across America ???
AMERICA (www.EmeraldDB3.com) -- It's 10am EST and America's 2022 midterm elections are already being stolen ... Do you remember when Democrats told you that Mike Lindell was crazy for saying that all electronic voting machines should be eliminated? Do you remember when all the corrupt media outlets told you that I was a “conspiracy theorist” for promising in 2020 that this would happen again ???

(Nov 07 2022) - America May Not Be Saved ... UNLESS ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, tomorrow's THE BIG RED DAY - many are hoping !!! And - if it is - will any of what the democ-RATS destroyed be saved ??? Folks, a Republican landslide - if it does transpire - may only stall for a very short period of time what's already been legalized per state and federal executive orders. The only way to nullify them is through the court systmem, which is still controlled by THE DEEP STATE !!! Secondly, even if America does make it to the 2024 Presidential Elections and Trump gets back in, America may not be saved ... UNLESS ... ???

(Nov 07 2022) - The One-World Religion on Full Display ...
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.LeoHohmann.com) -- Climate hysteria, i.e. Earth worship, is a key component of the coming one-world religion & we’re seeing it on full display in Egypt this week at the U.N. COP 27 climate conference. All of the global crises unleashed upon the earth since March 2020 have been aimed at one thing – DEPOPULATION. The globalists’ plan calls for riding the wave of fear created by various global crises all the way to a NEW WORLD ORDER, or as they call it, a Great Reset.

(Nov 06 2022) - Truckers Reporting ... NO DIESEL FUEL ... ???
AMERICA (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- American truck drivers are sounding the alarm that Diesel Fuel Is Running Out. It was on October 14, 2022 that the US Energy Infrastructure Agency (EIA) publicly stated the nation was down to 25 days of Diesel Fuel reserves. That would put the run-out date, Tuesday, November 8th. Yet Diesel fuel continues to be refined throughout the country, so while "reserves" may have been down to 25 days, there was still ongoing production.

(Nov 06 2022) - IT'S ABOUT DANG TIME !!! : Doctors Sue Gov Gavin Newsom Over COVID “Misinformation” Law !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.NewsPunch.com) -- A group of doctors in California are suing Governor Gavin Newsom over a law that gives the States Medical Board the authority to sanction doctors who hold views that are not in line with the official narrative regarding Covid-19. California became the first State to attempt this type of censorship by regulating what Dr's can say to their patients about Covid after Newsom signed AB 2098 ...

(Nov 05 2022) - There May Not Be a 2024 Election ???
U.S.A. (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says, “The cheating in the midterm election next week is going to be so great that it is almost impossible to make a prediction !!! In a fair midterm election, the Republicans would win the House and the Senate.” (...) The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy (...) The cheating is going to be so in your face President Trump may not even be able to run for President two years from now. Armstrong contends ... “We may not even have an election in 2024.

(Nov 05 2022) - A SHEEP IN SATANIC CLOTHES : ‘Satanic’ Elon Musk Partners With WEF to Usher In a ‘Digital Great Reset’ !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- All you MUSK-KOVITES need to step back a bit regarding everything that you say and do on Twitter, 'cause good ole Elon just ain't all that you think he is. Yes, he's got a super-duper huge bank account ... however ... these NEW WORLD ORDER banking trustees still have him by the-short-hairs, and if he doesn't tow-the-line, he ain't getting penny one. Meaning ... he has to play their game to lure y'all back in, and help his handlers usher in SATAN'S FINAL RESET !!!

(Nov 05 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #378
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The climate engineers are currently carrying out a massive chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding cool-down in the western US. Night time temp's in Northern California were dropped by 30° in a single day. Unorganized moisture flows from the Pacific are being pumped into northwestern US states. This moisture is being heavily seeded with patented chemical ice nucleation elements which facilitates surface cool downs - WHILE - drying up much of the rain that should have fallen in the West.

(Nov 04 2022) - BOMBSHELLS : Bioweaponized aerial drone patent uncovered; toxic venom peptides scientifically CONFIRMED in the blood and feces of covid victims {Possibly Sprayed by Chemtrails ???}
WORLD (www.Citizens.news) -- Dozens of venom peptides have been identified and confirmed in the bodies of covid victims. Analysis was conducted via HPLC with mass spec molecular mass & ion fragmentation confirmation, published in a science journal & indexed by PubMed. - A patent has been ID'ed that describes a bioweapons aerial drone delivery system designed to KILL "100% of enemy troops." - This drone bioweapons delivery system can be outfitted with aerosolized venom peptides to AIR DROP TOXINS onto any population, in any city, at any time, faking a pandemic outbreak (no virus necessary).

(Nov 04 2022) - Record Surge of Infections in Children !!!
AMERICA (www.OH17.com) -- By Dr. Joseph Mercola : Hospitals around the U.S. are suddenly struggling to keep up with surging rates of respiratory infections among children, such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), COVID, rhinoviruses and influenza. Hospital staff feign confusion, saying they have no idea what's going on. Meanwhile, censored scientists and doctors have long warned that the mRNA COVID jabs are destroying people's immune systems, and that we're going to see an avalanche of infections as immune system failure sets in.

(Nov 04 2022) - HELL NO : To The WHO Pandemic Treaty !!!
WASH D.C. (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- No doubt, as president, one of Trump’s more bold steps that thoroughly outraged the medical industrial complex was to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization. His reasons was due to his disgust with the WHO’s lack of competence in its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The intention to remove itself from the WHO was filed in July 2020; however ... WHO rules require a year for a nation’s withdrawal to become effective. Sadly ... under Biden, the US remains party to the undemocratically elected global organization.

(Nov 03 2022) - Time to Vote Against COVID Insanity !!!
AMERICA (www.WND.com) -- As someone who closely follows the news, I have found it amazing that no stories about the issues important to midterm voters include pandemic & COVID failures, especially vaccines. They have caused more than 30 million adverse health impacts and DEATHS; these are far greater than all the harm caused by crime, opioid & fentanyl misuse, and other factors ruining lives. Over a million Americans have died from COVID, and hundreds more die every day because the vaccines do not work and ...

(Nov 03 2022) - No COVID Amnesty ... FOR ANYONE !!!
U.S.A. (www.ArmstrongEconomics.com) -- The Atlantic wrote a piece about declaring pandemic amnesty, saying ... “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID,” Emily Oster wrote. I WILL NOT FORGIVE what was done and the permanent damage the COVID zealots caused to the global economy. This was not a simple misunderstanding – it was a deliberate plot to crush the economy & hand all power over to govt's. This goes for the right & left, although the right finally saw that what they were doing was wrong.

(Nov 03 2022) - Elites Don't Enslave People ... NORMIES Do !!!
AMERICA (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- Early on in my awakening period I remember hearing that the greatest threat to human freedom was NOT the psychopathic elites, but the unthinking masses who would blindly go along with their dictates. I didn’t really understand what that meant or agree with the statement at the time ... but I do now. If humanity doesn’t heed THE WARNINGS about the terrible future that’s lying in wait for us all (...) then frankly, we collectively deserve the results.

(Nov 02 2022) - Why Not An Eye For A Eye ??? Democrats BEG For Covid Forgiveness After DESTROYING The Lives of Millions !!!
WORLD (www.NaturalNews.com) -- In anticipation of the coming Nuremberg 2.0 criminal trials that will seek the indictment of covid co-conspirators who mass murdered millions of people across the globe, Dem's are now begging for “amnesty,” hoping we will forgive and forget what they did. The raw tyranny & authoritarian spite demonstrated by Democrats in their mad push for mandatory vaxxes, cruel lockdowns of children & the economic destruction of small businesses is simply supposed to be waved away & forgotten ... ??? NO FRACKEN WAY !!!

(Nov 02 2022) - Scientists Worldwide Claim "ALL" Covid-19 Vaxxes Contain Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide ... AND A Lot More !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.Expose-News.com) -- Scientists have published an urgent review of the Covid-19 injections in which they claim to have discovered nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide in both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections, and both the AstraZeneca and Janssen viral vector injections. The new review backs up the findings of numerous other scientists from around the world. Nanoscience and nanotechnology involve the ability to see and control individual atoms and molecules.

(Nov 01 2022) - BIG BROTHER'S PLAYBOOK !!!
1984 (www.BlackListedNews.com) -- The federal government’s guidelines to counter “misinformation” and “disinformation” – what we might more accurately describe as Big Brother’s Playbook – has been released. The US government and its allies, including media gatekeepers and educational institutions and global corporations, have become the judges and juries of “misinformation.” And ... Big Tech is Their Executioner !!!

(Nov 01 2022) - Global Food Crisis Just Got a Whole Lot Worse
WORLD (www.FreedomFirstNetwork.com) -- It appears that the global food crisis that started in 2022 is going to an entirely new level in 2023. As I've been documenting on my websites, worldwide supplies of food have been getting tighter & tighter for months. Historic droughts have been crippling food production all over the northern hemisphere, much less fertilizer is being used in poorer countries because of how insanely expensive it's become, and the war in Ukraine has restricted the flow of ag' exports out of one of the most important breadbaskets on the entire planet.

(Oct 31 2022) - AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE -- by Dr. Joseph Mercola

AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- A key component of the campaign to entice people into taking the experimental COVID shots has been to enlist “trusted messengers,” from social media influencers & celebrities to doctors & faith leaders. The U.S. gov't has established formal collaborations with faith-based organizations for the purpose of pushing the govt’s narrative. Hindsight, scientific evidence & statistical data allow us to conclude that many faith leaders led their flocks astray. The COVID shot does not protect you from infection & death, nor does it protect anyone else. It was all a lie !!!

(Oct 31 2022) - The United States Has Been Overthrown ???
U.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- The United States has undergone a coup. Having observed no martial conflict, you might think that I've gone off my rocker. But not all coups are physically violent. They can occur because poisonous ideas take hold & subvert the society. The U.S. is defined by the Constitution & when the Constitution is eroded away, so is the U.S.. The Constitution has been eroding away for a long time. The liberals said the Constitution had to be a living document, which means that it's forever changing, which means redefined, which means eroded.

(Oct 31 2022) - Will the Midterms Change Anything ???
WASH D.C. (www.RonPaulInstitute.org) -- Many experts expect public anger over inflation to enable Republicans to regain a majority in the House and maybe the Senate in next week’s midterm elections. However, even if every close Senate race broke in Republicans’ favor and the new Republican majority was determined to pass a pro-liberty agenda ... there still would not be enough votes to override Joe Biden’s vetoes, or Chuck Schumer’s filibusters.

(Oct 31 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi' Home Is Surrounded by CCTV Cameras & Security Detail – Unlikely Anyone Could Break In Unnoticed -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
SAN FRANCISCO : The Pelosi home in San Francisco is surrounded by CCTV cameras & security detail. It would've been almost impossible for anyone to enter that house & not be noticed. David DePape was identified by the police at the Pelosi home on Friday morning at around 2:30 am. One main question still unresolved is how did David DePape break into the Pelosi house & not get caught. {Maybe He Was Invited ???}

(Oct 31 2022) - Judge jails '2000 Mules' investigators Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Phillips ... For Not Dislosing Source
TEXAS (www.WND.com) -- U.S. Marshals in Houston, Texas, on Monday arrested True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and board member Gregg Phillips for contempt of court in a defamation case against them after they refused a federal judge's order to release the name of a confidential source. The civil lawsuit was filed in September by Eugene Yu, the CEO of the Michigan-based, election software company Konnech. Yu alleges True the Vote made baseless and racist accusations ...

(Oct 30 2022) - COVID Death Protocols in America’s Hospitals !!!
U.S.A. (www.AmericaOutLoud.com) -- Hospitals all across America are KILLING as many as 1000 patients a day using “COVID” protocols with a deadly cocktail of toxic drugs, ventilators, withholding fluids & nutrition, physical restraints, and other measures to weaken patients. As of October 25, 2022, Johns Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 data shows over 1.1 million COVID-19 patients have DIED in US hospitals under these practices. These preventable deaths are still continuing daily. We must act to stop these atrocities !!!

(Oct 30 2022) - Biden Doesn’t Understand the Bible ... AT ALL !!!
WASH D.C. (www.HNewswire.com) -- In the War of Armageddon, THE US Plays No Part, We Are No Longer a Nation. Unfortunately, as eastern European diplomatic specialist John Miersheimer has been saying for a decade, all of this was predictable & brought about by NATO intrusions that began with Obama & ended with Burden. He's responsible for the war's escalation. Other than single-handedly wrecking the world's economy, this is probably the only accomplishment he can claim credit for.

(Oct 29 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #377
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The science community has stated "the time for geoengineering is now", while simultaneously denying that climate engineering has been ongoing for over 75 years with catastrophic results. Crop crushing drought / deluge scenarios are the hallmark of climate intervention operations, both are taking a terrible toll on food production all over the world. Is this just an unintended consequence of climate engineering ... or ... The Actual Objective ???

(Oct 29 2022) - Canned Tomato Products Lovers : Stock Up Now !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- A Severe drought is crushing California tomato crops and shortages are coming - fast. Soup season is upon us, but one of the main ingredients for soups, chilis & stews may be in short supply: canned tomatoes. We've been hearing for a few months now that a historic drought is impacting farmers' tomato crop yields this year & unfortunately, it doesn't look like the drought is going to end anytime soon. The CLFP referenced a Reuters story reporting California's current drought actually started in 2020.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Good-God-Almighty !!! This whole issue whether or not Paul Pelosi' attacker was on the right or left, is nothing more than a huge distraction & waist of time. Whether he had it coming or was involved with this almost naked Manchurian Mental-Case in some sort of deviant relationship, is also immaterial. It's all about twisting the narrative, so you'll feel sorry for little ole' Nancy and her dumber-than-dirt democ-RATS, while the MSM helps them steel the mid-term votes ... AGAIN !!! That's THE REAL MANIFESTO !!!

(Oct 28 2022) - Pelosi’s husband severely beaten in home ???
SAN FRANCISCO (www.ABC4.com) -- Paul Pelosi, husband of (...) Nancy Pelosi, was severely beaten inside the couple’s San Francisco home early Friday, according to the Speaker’s office & reporting from (AP). “Early this morning, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence in San Fran' & violently assaulted Mr. Pelosi,” Drew Hammill - spokesman for the Speaker’s office - stated in a press release. “The assailant is in custody & the motivation for the attack is under investigation ...”

(Oct 28 2022) - WHO Assembles Superpowers One Health Plan
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.UnCanceled.news) -- Four global superpowers are coming together under the guise of saving the world from infectious diseases, food system failures (+) more. In Oct 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new initiative called One Health Joint Plan of Action. The plan was launched by the Quadripartite, which, in addition to WHO, consists of the -- Food & Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO) -- U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) -- World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE).

(Oct 28 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Oct 27 2022) - ... and the Pulpits Are Silent !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- This commentary was originally written in 2006. Not much has changed. We wonder why evil is flourishing. (...) Despite what the political parties would like you to believe, the problem in America is not the politicians, it is the pulpits. I hate to break the news to you, but most of America’s pulpits are filled with cowardly men. They are a shame to the Christ they claim to serve. Harsh words, aren’t they? Not the type of thing that will make any friends in this cheap-grace culture in which we live. But that’s okay. I’m not looking to make friends.

(Oct 26 2022) - HEY !!! DITCH THE SNITCH : U.S. Citizens Were Tracked Via Secret ‘Covid Decree Violation’ Scores !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's those Snitchen' Cell Phones !!! It always has been, and will continue to be, unless y'all DITCH THE SNITCH !!! Look, my guess is 90% of you folks already have one of these con-TRAP-tions, and in the beginning paid a very high price. However, the price that you'll pay down the road may end up being an eternal one, if you continue to side-in with satan's snitchen' cell phones. Christians - THE FINAL TARGET - ought to know better, but too many don't because they don't read or even believe what THE BIBLE says concerning The End Times !!!

(Oct 26 2022) - COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK : CNN Claims Stronger Side Effects to COVID Vax Means It’s Working Better ???
U.S.A. (www.HeadlineUSA.com) -- A recent study published by JAMA Network Open claimed that people experiencing side effects (...) after receiving COVID vaxx's from Pfizer & Moderna are simply having a greater antibody response following vaxx. CNN quickly took the opportunity to tout the efficacy of the vaxx, assuring people that a heightened reaction to a vaxx is a good thing. “In conclusion, these findings support reframing post-vaxx symptoms as signals of effectiveness & reinforce guidelines for vaxx boosters in older adults,” the researchers wrote.

(Oct 25 2022) - Globalists Make Final Push for Depopulated NWO
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.LeoHohmann.com) -- A relatively small entourage of self-appointed globalist elites are using engineered famine, engineered pandemics, vaccines, and World War III to accomplish their long-stated goal of DEPOPULATION. That’s why we call them global predators. These globalists are in the final phase, The KILL Phase, of destroying the post-World War II liberal world order, which must be accomplished before they can implement a NEW WORLD ORDER based on a cashless digital economy tied to a digital ID that tracks every person & assigns them a social credit score.

(Oct 25 2022) - How Do You LIE To 300 Million People ???
WASH D.C. (www.TownHall.com) -- The consequence of allowing our politicians to lie to us is dire. Most of the time, it seems innocuous. We sometimes tell ...little white lies” in an effort to spare someone’s feelings or to just get along. But lies, even the small ones, corrupt. It’s like saltwater dripping on a bar of iron, causing oxidation, a loosening of molecular bonds — a process invisible to the eye but insidious, relentless, and resulting in the destruction of what was once whole & strong.

(Oct 25 2022) - Biden’s Open Door to Jihad Terrorists !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- What was once known as the Southern border of the U.S. is essentially nonexistent in this time of Old Joe Biden’s misrule, and so it was no surprise when it came to light that so far in 2022, the Border Patrol has caught at least 98 people at the border who're on terrorist watchlists. Terrorists can see what’s happening at the border as much as anyone else can; why shouldn’t they take advantage of the mess Old Joe has made? And those 98, of course, were just the ones who got caught.

(Oct 24 2022) - Army Research Into Nanotechnology & Quantum Mechanics Similar to What’s Now Being Put Into “Vaccines ???
U.S. ARMY (www.UnCanceled.news) -- The U.S. Army is spending millions on a variety of weapons including nanotechnology & quantum mechanics, which just so happens to be a key component of Big Pharma’s latest “vaccines.” Carbon nanotubes are being investigated as a replacement for traditional silicon-based semiconductors, according to Joe Qiu, who's affiliated with the One Army Research Office. This new technology, Qiu said, is especially useful at very high frequencies in the 30-plus gigahertz range, as well as in very short wavelengths such as millimeter wave ...

(Oct 24 2022) - Their Depopulation Plandemic From 2020 - 2030 !!!
NETHERLAND (www.Rumble.com) -- Marion Koopmans is a virologist from the Dutch gov't, who also worked in the notorious Wuhan biolab. During an interview on national TV in the Netherlands, she had a revealing slip of tongue. Koopmans stated that the WHO had a plan for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 - 2030. That the WHO had foreknowledge about the 1st pandemic, is proven by the fact that a few months before the outbreak they sent a document to govt's around the world, instructing them to get ready for an imminent outbreak of a respiratory pathogen.

(Oct 24 2022) - Y'ALL NEED TO PREPARE RIGHT NOW : What to Do If Unwanted People Show Up at Your Door When the SHTF !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For sure, the first one's that'll come knocking at your house - looking for help when the SHTF - will be your next door neighbors. So, if you're not prepared for their intrusive demands NOW, you won't be later on. This article from "The Organic Prepper" gives y'all a few clues as to what to do when your un-wanted neighbors arrive - and their info is okay. However, if you want more info on what to do when the SHTF - or - what to do in any kind of an emergency ... CLICK HERE !!!

(Oct 23 2022) - Scientists Bibed to Promote Covid Hoax !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- Gary Null has made a lot of great video documentaries over many decades, but this VIDEO is off the chart. He tells the story without pulling any punches & lays the blame exactly where it belongs. EVERY individual - {who was involved on ANY level in the Bio-weapon research, the patents, the planned "Pandemic" disaster scripting and drills, the promotion, propagandizing, vaxx "mandating" by school officials & boards, state health authorities, governors, corporations or military} - NEED to be INDICTED ... AND

(Oct 23 2022) - EMPTY : America’s Diesel Inventory Now Stands At LESS THAN ONE MONTH Thanks to Biden’s Disastrous Policies
AMERICA (www.DCClothesline.com) -- In just 25 days [+ / -], the U.S. could potentially run out of diesel due to the Biden’s destructive energy policies. There'll probably be enough to last through the midterm's, of course – because Biden & the Democ-RATS are desperate for a win. But after that, all bets appear to be off. Right now, the FAKEpresident” is draining America’s strategic emergency energy reserves in an attempt to hold back fuel inflation from going even higher than it already is.

AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- America is a sinful nation with a religious church building in abundance throughout this nation but the true Body of Christ in this nation is not in obedience to the LORD Jesus Christ. In the Body in this nation, we've lied to ourselves, to this world, and to God. We are solely to blame for the spiritual mess in America & facts tell the story !!! I believe in my heart that every praying Christian & every thinking American knows intuitively our nation has crossed a line of some kind – that God’s patience is near an end, and a day of reckoning is near.

(Oct 22 2022) - TOO LITTLE - TOO LATE : Top Cardiologist Warns ‘Unexpected Deaths’ Are Linked to Covid Shots !!!
LONDON (www.SlayNews.com) -- One of the world’s leading cardiologists is raising the alarm after discovering “significant linksbetweensoaring unexpected deaths” & COVID-19 vaxx's. Top London cardiologist Dr. Malhotra was among the 1st people to get their Covid shot & made regular appearances on British TV to promote the jabs. However, he's now made a complete U-turn after unearthing evidence to suggest that the shots are causing a global spike in Sudden Cardiac Deaths in healthy people.

(Oct 22 2022) - Pfizer Covid-19 Vaxx ALTERS Human DNA !!!
SWEDEN (www.Expose-News.com) -- A Swedish study has demonstrated & confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours ... ALTERING our own DNA. A previous study published in October 2021 from Sweden found that the spike protein enters our cells’ nuclei and impairs the mechanism our cells have to repair damaged DNA.

(Oct 22 2022) - CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” ...
U.S.A. (www.DCDirtyLaundry.com) -- With the CDC’s outlandish decision to add covid-19 “vaccines” — which are really transhumanism mRNA experimental drugs — to the childhood immunization schedule, the CDC has cemented its position as a Child Death Cult (C.D.C.). By pushing this unproven, unsafe and unnecessary jab onto children, the CDC proves it's operating as a shield for Big Pharma while sacrificing millions of children to vaccine injuries & deaths over the coming years. This decision by the CDC has no medical or scientific justification whatsoever, and ...

(Oct 22 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #376
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Flash droughts, flash floods and flash freezes: control the food supply, control the people. The engineered drought in California is turning farm fields & food production to dust. Bone dry regions of the western US were pushing 100 degrees this week while snow was falling at the same latitude in states further east. Similar extreme scenarios are occurring around the world, what's wrong with this equation? The weather makers are forcing the climate system far past the breaking point, if they continue their operations, there will be little or nothing left to salvage.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today, I'll be out of the office for a few hours - stuff to do and people to see. So, go ahead and e-mail me what you're looking into or investigating and hopefully, by the end of today, I might post it. Yes, I know this is a long way around the barn, but since we do not use any of those automatic social media apps to accommodate those who have impulse control issues, please use our tried and true, editorial e-mail address ... editor@portervillepost.com. Thanks, see y'all soon.

(Oct 21 2022) - ‘The Left Is Out For Blood’ ... ???
WASH D.C. (www.DailyCaller.com) -- The Biden admin' is “weaponizing” the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act to go after pro-life activists, an attorney who served under George W. Bush and Barack Obama told the Daily Caller. “The left is out for blood, and Biden’s base is demanding prosecutions and the DOJ is providing them,” said Roger Severino, who served as an attorney at the DoJ’s Civil Rights division, the same division that enforces the FACE Act.

(Oct 21 2022) - Trudeau Announces ‘Freeze’ on Handgun Sales ...
CANADA (www.Breitbart.com) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday a “freeze” on handgun sales and transfers, claiming the action will keep children safe. Trudeau introduced a freeze on owning handguns in May which went into effect on Friday ... "From today forward, it is no longer legal to buy, sell, or transfer a handgun in Canada."

(Oct 20 2022) - The End of Accountable Gov't Is Close at Hand !!!
NWO (www.HNewswire.com) -- We have seen this convergence before in Hitler’s Germany, in Stalin’s Russia, in Mussolini’s Italy, and in Mao’s China: the rise of strongmen and demagogues, the ascendency of profit-driven politics over deep-seated principles, the warring nationalism that seeks to divide and conquer, the callous disregard for basic human rights and dignity, and the silence of people who should know better. For about 70 years the CIA has been undermining a free press. It began with Operation Mockingbird, a Cold War operation against communism.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another one of those "I'll believe it when it happens" stories that you HOPE TO GOD is just that - A STORY !!! However, if any of what's presented in this VIDEO is certifiable - in any way shape or form - then there just may be a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, compliments of a MAN-MADE MARBURG vaxx/virus. Folks, your body is a living host to all kinds of germs, diseases, & virus' and, if these NWO Nut-Jobs can lower your immune system (Via 5G) to cause an outbreak of MARBURG, then the next PLANDEMIC is gonna be a really rough one for the VAXXED - but not for The PURE-BLOODED !!!

(Oct 20 2022) - STUPID PARTY : Kevin McCarthy Says GOP Won’t Move to Impeach Biden or Administration Officials !!!
BAKERSFIELD, CA (www.PJMedia.com) -- In America today, we have a two-party system: the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. The Evil Party sets the agenda & pursues its aims relentlessly & ruthlessly; the Stupid Party registers a polite token opposition & then fully agrees to whatever the Evil Party wants, occasionally only arguing that it can implement the Evil Party’s program more effectively than the Evil Party itself. We saw this play out yet again Wed, when Stupid Party House Leader Kevin McCarthy downplayed any talk of impeaching Old Joe Biden or any of his cronies ...

(Oct 20 2022) - Biden's Plot to Steal Your Cash ???
WASH D.C. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- It’s no secret America's in dire straits right now. Between runaway inflation, negative GDP growth, supply chain shortages and rampant social unrest around the entire country - we’re in the midst of the worst political & economic crisis of the last 40 yrs. Now, thanks to a shady, backroom move by President Biden ... things could soon get even worse. It’s all because of Executive Order 14067 !!!

(Oct 19 2022) - Putin Declares ... MARTIAL LAW ... WHERE ???
MOSCOW (www.APNews.com) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin declared MARTIAL LAW Wed in four regions of Ukraine that Moscow annexed & gave additional emergency powers to the heads of all regions of Russia. Putin didn’t spell out the steps that would be taken under martial law, but said his order was effective starting Thurs. His decree gave law enforcement agencies 3 days to submit specific proposals & orders the creation of territorial defense forces in the annexed regions. (THEN)

(Oct 19 2022) - Forget Oil, The Real Crisis Is Diesel Inventories
AMERICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- For all the drama surrounding Biden's latest Strategic Petroleum Reserve fiasco and his admin's ridiculous idea to "stimulate" US energy producers to pump more oil because, you see, Biden promises to buy oil at some unknown point in the future (...) the real crisis is not oil or gas, is DIESEL. The crisis gripping the US diesel market is getting out of hand, as demand is surging while supplies remain at the lowest seasonal level for this time of year ever, according to gov't data.

(Oct 19 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Oct 19 2022) - The Next Great Mass Extinction Is Already Here
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Death is all around us, but most of us are so focused on our own little worlds that we can’t even see it. There have been other mass extinctions throughout history, but the one that is happening right now is much different from all those that have come before. That is because it's happening very gradually. Over the past 50 yrs, billions of creatures have been wiped off the face of our planet, but it didn’t happen all at once. It has been a slow, steady process, and the MSM hardly ever talks about it.

(Oct 18 2022) - What Comes After the Current Chaos ???
U.S.A. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- False narratives control many of us. There are myriad reasons why our country finds itself a shell of what we once were. It did not happen overnight or by accident. While we talk about causation a lot, it's the consequences & fallout from making bad choices that will find you, regardless of your political persuasion, race, where you came from, or social standing. No one will escape what’s coming unscathed unless we find our footing and take back our lives & country THROUGH any means necessary !!! Returning to who we were will be hard !!!

(Oct 18 2022) - California judge blocks sharing gun owners' info, citing 'massive' privacy breach ... {Too Little - Too Late} !!!
SAN DIEGO, CA (www.WashingtonExaminer.com) -- A California law that provided names & other info about gun owners to researchers analyzing the effectiveness of gun violence restraining orders was blocked by a judge, who ruled it may violate the privacy rights of gun owners. San Diego Superior Court Judge ordered a preliminary injunction against Assembly Bill 173 last week. “Accordingly, plaintiffs have shown that the balance of harms weighs in favor of issuing the injunction” (...) noting that the law's provisions threatened the privacy rights of gun owners.

(Oct 18 2022) - The CDC will vote Thursday to permanently shield Pfizer & Moderna ... from COVID vaxx injury liability ???
ATLANTA, GA (www.Dossier.Substack.com) -- A CDC committee will convene this week & likely deliver permanent legal indemnity to Pfizer & Moderna, through the process of adding the drug companies’ mRNA injections to the child & adolescent immunization schedules. By adding the shots to the childhood schedule, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will transfer liability for vaxx injuries to the fed’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, allowing for Pfizer & Moderna to finally bring an FDA approved shot to the market without opening itself up to lawsuits.

(Oct 18 2022) - Back With a Vengeance : KILLER CHEMTRAILS
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today our beautiful blue skies over Porterville have been PLAGUED again by those KILLER CHEMTAILS !!! For about a month or so, we had fresh air to breath, however that's no longer the case. Why did these geo-enginnering jets return to Pollute & Poison our Skies ??? That's the question !!! Are there some new End-Time Ingredients added to their Death-Droppings ??? Time (+) research will tell. My hunch is {what ever it is} it ain't good !!! Maybe it's time to get rid of the EPA ... LORD knows they ain't watching out for the environment !!!

(Oct 17 2022) - STOCK UP NOW : The 'Food Crisis of 2023' Is Going to Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare to Imagine !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- I am trying to sound the alarm about this as loudly as I can. The global food crisis just continues to intensify, and things are going to get REALLY BAD in 2023. As you will see, 2/3's of European fertilizer production has already been shut down, currency problems are causing massive headaches for poor nations that need to import food, global weather patterns continue to be completely crazy, and the bird flu is killing millions upon millions of chickens & turkeys all over the planet. On top of everything else ... [This]

(Oct 17 2022) - Experts slam Boston lab where scientists have created a new deadly Covid strain .... With an 80% Kill Rate !!!
BOSTON (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Boston University scientists were today condemned for 'playing with fire' after it emerged they had created a lethal new Covid strain in a lab. DailyMail.com revealed the team made a hybrid virus — combining Omicron & the original Wuhan strain — that killed 80 per cent of mice in a study. The revelation exposes how dangerous virus manipulation research continues to go on even in the US, despite fears similar practices may have started the pandemic.

(Oct 16 2022) - NIMROD RETURNS : Digital Tower Of Babel ???
ONE WORLD RELIGION (www.MorningStarsTale.com) -- There are only two religions, truth and error. The latter is known as the mystery religion, mystery Babylon and the mystery of the woman. All are different forms of the same error. During the last seven years of this age, the last religion will be the same as the first religion. True religion is simple and easy to understand. It is perfect, never changes, saves and converts. However, the mystery religion is complex, contradicts, changes, confuses, conceals, seduces and subverts. For example, Hinduism has multiple gods. And Roman Catholicism has multiple traditions.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Odds are you attend a Church where many - if not most - of those congregates bring into the sanctuary with them their I-Phones ... their IDOL-PHONES !!! Look, those sneaky snitchen cell phones that y'all lug around with you every second of the day (and night) has your number - literately - and the numbers of all your contacts, including all your contact tracings. And you think because you're a Christian that nothing bad is gonna happen to you, your family or friends 'cause GOD's gonna protect you ??? Well, run that PHONY EXCUSE by President Trump and see what he tells you. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS ... Ditch The Snitch !!!

(Oct 16 2022) - White House pursuing geoengineering scheme that was called a “conspiracy theory” just two years ago !!!
WASH D.C. (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The Office of Science & Technology Policy has launched a 5-yr research plan that aims to develop methods of reflecting sunlight back into space in order to “cool” the planet & save it from “global warming.” Just a few years ago, the independent media was dubbed a pack of wild “conspiracy theorists” for warning that the climate cultists were shifting gears & taking direct aim at the sun for elimination. Now, the conspiracy theories are becoming conspiracy facts !!! The idea behind the new sun-blocking scheme is to regulate the level of ultraviolet (UV) exposure on earth.

(Oct 15 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #375
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- A number of governmental representatives are now advocating for nuclear war as being "good for the climate". This should be an extreme RED FLAG warning for us all. Mainstream media has now admitted that wildlife populations are dying off at free fall speed with nearly 70% already gone. As dire as that sounds ... the TRUTH is even worse !!! The collapse of Earth's oceans is occurring simultaneously (...) The White House has announced that they are considering the option of climate engineering.

(Oct 15 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Complaint Lodged Against Nancy Pelosi Sent To US Secret Service -- (Filed by Robert C. Laity)
WASH D.C. : Dear Kimberly A. Cheatle - Director, U.S. Secret Service : Pursuant to the authority granted to the U.S. Secret Service under 18 U.S.C., Section 3056 (a) (1), Powers, authorities and duties of United States Secret Service and Section (b) (1) regarding the arrest of person(s) who violate Section 871 of 18USC, Threats against the President, I hereby lodge a criminal information against Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and request that you take action to investigate and prosecute Nancy Pelosi for violation of 18USC, Section 871.

(Oct 15 2022) - Broadcaster fired for volunteering at her church
NEBRASKA (www.WND.com) -- A Nebraska broadcaster was fired from her job after volunteering at her church to collect signatures for a local effort supporting Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. Melanie Standiford, a 50-yr-old mother of 9, had worked for NBC affiliate KNOP in North Platte, Nebraska, for 5 yrs after becoming news director in 2021. However, she was fired last week after a local news story reported on her efforts gathering signatures for the petition in Curtis, Nebraska.

(Oct 15 2022) - Within Mere Months, Moderna’s Covid “Vaccine” Efficacy Turns Into ... AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE !!!
WORLD (www.FreedomFirstNetwork.com) -- New research conducted by Moderna in partnership with the Kaiser Permanente health care group reveals that the company’s (mRNA) Wuhan (Covid-19) “vaxx” causes the immune system to turn against itself ... in just a few months. AKA NEGATIVE EFFICACY, the phenomenon involves progressive immune degradation in a manner similar to AIDS and other autoimmune diseases. In essence, the “fully vaccinated” become walking immune time bombs that Moderna claims require additional injection intervention.

(Oct 15 2022) - Court Had To Order CDC To Release Data Showing Over 18 Million Covid Vaccine Injuries ... And Thousands DIED !!!
TEXAS (www.NewsPunch.com) -- According to the CDC’s own internal data, over 18 million people were so seriously injured after their first Pfizer or Moderna covid shot that they had to go to the hospital. A federal court in Texas ordered the health agency to release that data to a watchdog group. Instead of alerting the public to the dangers of the jabs (...) the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention chose to keep the info covered up until it was forced to release it.

(Oct 14 2022) - In Italy, They Are Making Lists !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And ... The Lists Keep On Coming ... Italy's list of MURDERERS involved in the Covid-1984 PLANDEMIC !!! Knowing that many of you who had loved ones who were KILLED or harmed greatly because of this "Experimental Final Solution", this newly released list of people, players, politicians and press-ti-tutes was posted for you !!! This way you can send them either a Christmas Card - thanking them for their work, or to vote for them in the next election, or whatever you feel is appropriate. Yup ... The Lists Keep on Coming !!! You're Welcome ...

(Oct 14 2022) - This Is The Next Stage Of Cancel Culture
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- We are rapidly sliding down a very dangerous slippery slope. If we keep destroying lives simply because we don’t like what those individuals are saying, eventually we'll end up with a society where most people are afraid to say anything at all. Such societies already exist ... and they are nightmares. If you want to see an example of what I'm talking about, just take a trip over to North Korea. Everyone there is scared to death of being shipped off to a concentration camp for doing or saying the wrong thing.

(Oct 14 2022) - California's Water Supply Falls Victim to CRT
CALIFORNIA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- California’s agricultural production is as large as Texas & Iowa combined. The state’s Mediterranean climate & fertile valleys help make it the 5th largest supplier of food & fiber in the world. It all depends on water. Most of the state’s crops rely on irrigation as opposed to rain. Irrigation is regulated by a system of water rights held by public & private parties. Notice these are "rights" and not "privileges." (...) History proves that giving the gov't control over the food supply is usually a recipe for famine.

(Oct 14 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Election Software Firm Used by LA County (And Other Counties) Gave 'Superadministrator' Privileges to Contractors in CHINA -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
LOS ANGELES : Between COVID & the stolen election, the Communist Chinese party has brought down this nation without firing a shot, thanks to their American proxies — the 5th column Communist Democrat party. As "www.RedState.com" reported Oct 4, Eugene Yu, a Chinese immigrant & CEO of Konnech, an election software company, was arrested “as part of an investigation into the possible theft of personal identifying information of [Los Angeles County election] workers,” which officials believed “was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.

(Oct 13 2022) - NUMBERS DON'T LIE : Analyst Estimates at Least 20 Million People Have Already Been Killed by the Covid "Vaxx"
WORLD (www.LewRockwell.com) -- American Journal’s Harrison Smith discusses Dr Roger Hodkinson, an esteemed Canadian pathologist who estimates that the current global deaths directly attributable to the vaxx are about 20 million, with 2 billion serious adverse reactions. (...) These numbers are best estimates, at this point in time, using gov't data for the global consequences of the clot shot in terms of death & morbidity. Now, these numbers are beyond staggering.

(Oct 13 2022) - The First Amendment no Longer Means a Damn Thing in California ... {Thanks Stevie, But We Already New That}
CALIFORNIA (www.HNewswire.com) -- In California, the first amendment is meaningless. It only applies to BLM, ANTIFA, Paedophiles, Drug Cartels, Human Traffickers, Green Idiots, the Democ-RAT Party, Fascists, Marxists, Communists, Tyrants, Criminals, Baby Killers, & other fanatical leftist SCUMBAGS in NAZI ruled Leftist states! I eagerly await the day when these sickos are all imprisoned for treason & sedition. Hate Speech is defined as any speech that opposes the Marxist Left in Sacramento.

(Oct 12 2022) - Twitter is a Weapon, Not a Business !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GellerReport.com) -- The left is wielding their absolute power like a club. The left’s suppression and censorship of those who oppose authoritarianism and one party rule goes against every precept of our first amendment. The left cannot permit the free exchange of ideas because their failed ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny and challenge (...) Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.

(Oct 12 2022) - The Names and Faces of the 150 Bilderbergers who have influenced and controlled the response to COVID-19 !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, what would you do if you had a list of names and faces of those who - in one way or another - were involved in planning & perpetrating of this PANDEMIC ??? Seriously, what would you do ??? Or better yet, what can you do ??? ANSWER : Try to plan ahead for what their next depopulation move(s) might be. Secondly ... don't divulge to anyone your plans on any social media platform !!! And lastly, curb-your-tongue around eaves-dropping cell-phone cowans, who record and report everything you say on your SMART PHONES !!!

(Oct 12 2022) - America Quietly Prepares for Nuclear War ???
AMERICA (www.ArmstrongEconomics.com) -- I mentioned in a prior post that the US was purchasing anti-radiation medication. The media is urging the public "Not to Fear" as this is simply a precaution. Yet, the US would not have shelled out $290 million on a drug if the intel' agencies did not fear the potential of a nuclear attack. The US Dept' of Health & Human Services downplayed the severity & said that this is part of its “long-standing, ongoing efforts by the Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response to better prepare the U.S. for the potential health impacts of a wide range of threats to national security.

(Oct 12 2022) - The Era Of Cheap Food & Gasoline Is Over !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- All of our lifestyles are about to change in a major way, but the vast majority of the population still does not understand what is coming. Throughout our entire lives, we have always been able to depend on a couple of things. There'd always be cheap gas to fuel our vehicles & there'd always be mountains of cheap food at the grocery store. No matter who was in the White House & no matter what else was going on in the world, those two things always remained the same. Unfortunately, those days are now over & aren't coming back.

(Oct 11 2022) - SAY WHAT ??? U.S. Big Pharma Partners With Chinese University Tied To Military and Espionage Efforts ???
U.S.A. (www.TheNationalPulse.com) -- American pharmaceutical firms are partnering with Chinese universities – including those tied to Beijing’s military/espionage efforts – to produce new drugs. Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of America’s largest pharmaceutical firms, announced a partnership with the Chi/Com Party-controlled Tsinghua University to find drugs aimed at treating novel cancers & autoimmune diseases. The Chinese university, however, has launched cyberattacks against the U.S. gov't and ...

(Oct 11 2022) - Can’t Make This Up : Moderna Announces a New mRNA Injection to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack
WORLD (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- Ever since the experimental Covid-19 ‘vaxx’ was introduced, a staggering & horrifying phenomenon has been sweeping the Western world. We've seen it happen to athletes, performers, musicians, news anchors, soldiers, high schoolers, healthcare workers, random people, politicians, and so on. People have been dropping to the ground like flies because of heart-related issues that are, in virtually every case, caused by an adverse reaction to the mRNA jab.

(Oct 11 2022) - Heavily-Vaxxed Northeastern States Struggle With Surging Hospitalizations : Pestilence Moving At Warp Speed !!!
EAST COAST (www.HNewswire.com) -- Emergency rooms across the region, which includes much of the Empire State, as well as the six states that comprise New England, are overflowing, while infection rates soar. CDC data clearly shows the spike in hospitalizations. This latest surge is happening in ... THE MOST VAXXED AREAS ... of the US !!!

(Oct 10 2022) - Best Place to Survive Nuclear War in the U.S.
AMERICA (www.Newsweek.com) -- In the wake of Biden's mention of nuclear "armageddon", and Elon Musk tweeting that "nuclear war probability is rising rapidly," it is natural that people have pondered online what they would do, and where they would shelter, in the event of a nuclear war. But, the safest place to go in the case of a nuclear bomb being detonated depends on where the bomb is targeted, as well as the size of the nuclear weapons, the time of year, the weather conditions, and variety of other factors, meaning the safest location will vary considerably.

(Oct 10 2022) - Dancing On The Brink Of Armageddon ???
U.S. & RUSSIA (www.WND.com) -- History is riddled with political egomaniacs that have made idiotic and evil decisions that have led people groups and civilizations to their ruin and extinction. It's probably a reason pundits quip that the term "politics" is made up of two words: "poly" meaning "many," and "tics" (ticks) meaning "blood-sucking varmints." This past week, superpower politicians are again needlessly ratcheting up fears of nuclear war around the world.

(Oct 10 2022) - Crazy Train Won't be Completed 'This Century'
CALIFORNIA (www.WashingtonExaminer.com) -- The magic train to nowhere is now sitting in purgatory, with California Democ-RATS unsure whether or not to burn more money on the project. California voters approved the project’s first bond in 2008, when the price tag was $33 billion. It was supposed to be finished 2 yrs ago. Now, the price tag is up to $113 billion, and even the initial segment of the line, which doesn't go anywhere useful, is likely going to fall short of its 2030 completion goal.

(Oct 09 2022) - WHO RULES THE WORLD ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are NOT the pinnacle of power in the world, despite rumours and propaganda seen daily in social media. (...) Bankers work for a hierarchy which terminates with aristocratic nihilists whose existence is barely known. They like to call themselves The BLACK NOBILITY (...) The owners of the banks are the Black Nobility and they, themselves, are subject to a powerful illusion associated with BLACK MAGIC and worship of the deities demons they believe in.

NEVADA (www.TimothyCharlesHolmseth.com) -- On Oct 8, 2022, President Donald J. Trump spoke to a huge crowd at a Trump rally in Minden, Nevada. Trump encouraged Americans to focus on documents that had been taken by former U.S. Presidents. Here’s why. Trump [indirectly] told you [because he knows] there are documents & videos that were taken & stored away by former U.S. Presidents that show U.S. Presidents and world leaders raped, tortured, murdered, and ate children (right down to George H. Bush, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton giggling and wearing a chef hat while they ate a child’s brains – as the child watched).

(Oct 09 2022) - Hey Christians : What Are You Holding On To ???
U.S.A. (www.WisconsinChristianNews.com) -- What are you holding on to, that’s holding you back from being the bold, courageous, Christian soldier the Lord has called you to be? I’ve stated many times that we will all be tested & face many trials & tribulations in this world - especially now, when every precept of God and His Word is being tossed aside & trampled underfoot, while the world grows darker & more sinister by the day. There ARE those who have stood strong in the face of these fiery trials - men & women of God who have remained steadfast & faithful !!!

(Oct 08 2022) - Giving Up Your Rights ... Given by God ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Truth and Information - in this late stage of the game - might awaken a few more preachers and pastors, but as for the rest of the SILENT MAJORITY, their time has long-gone. Why ??? Thanks for asking. Look, if you've never had to handle Hard-Cold TRUTH, then you're gonna give-out quickly, especially if your Christian BIBLICAL Foundation is still the "Milk of the Word". Yes GOD Loves You - in every sense of HIS Word - but you best suit up ASAP with your Big Boy Britches, cause your leaky dirty diapers that you're allowed to wear in Church won't make it out here in the world.

(Oct 08 2022) - Many Americans Openly Despise the Gospel !!!
AMERICA (www.HNewswire.com) -- People’s hearts are troubled, their minds are in a state of confusion, the Bible tells us a time of great delusion that will come upon the people, that time has arrived, the politicians must come up with more significant and more believable lies in order to bring on the antichrist, we have entered Tribulation.

(Oct 08 2022) - The Adverse Health Effects of the Disastrous Covid “vaccine” Will Be With Us for a Long Time !!!
U.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Pfizer & Moderna are seeking emergency use authorization for their Covid boosters for kids. Can you believe that after all the adverse info that's come out about the health & life dangers of the Covid “vaxx” & its ineffectiveness against the virus that there still are parents so insouciant, uninformed & downright STUPID to support more ruination of children’ health? How can a country - with a population this utterly STUPID - continue to exist ???

(Oct 08 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #374
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- While most are focused on the Hurricane Ian devastation in Florida, a silent insidious cataclysm is taking place in western North America: catastrophic drought. The climate engineers continue to cut off the flow of precipitation from the western US and parts of British Columbia. Meteorologists have named it the "ridiculously resilient ridge", the engineered high pressure heat dome that is turning parts of western North America into a wasteland, including agricultural regions. The same scenario is occurring in European, Asian and African agricultural zones.

(Oct 07 2022) - Government reports confirm 1 in every 110 COVID Vaxxed people had DIED by Jan 2022, compared to ... ???
ENGLAND (www.Expose-News.com) -- Data published by the Office for National Statistics confirms 1 in every 110 vaccinated people had DIED by the 31st of Jan 2022 in England. Whilst just 1 in every 187 vaxxed people had died. But more up-to-date figures reveal things have got even worse in terms of the rate of death among the vaxxed, with the ONS revealing that 1 in every 73 vaccinated people had DIED as of May 31st 2022 (...) Does the fact the rate of death is much higher among the vaxxed represent a significant problem? Yes, it does !!!

(Oct 07 2022) - Citizenship for Robots ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The field of artificial intelligence has seen tremendous advances in 2022 that will enable electric machines to think more deeply, feel physical pain, possibly even dream of A.I. rights and citizenship. Technology ethics will, as a result, become an issue with vast political repercussions. In 2018 already, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to Sophia the robot. Many observers failed to take Sophia seriously, for, although the robot was impressive, it risibly answered, "OK. I will destroy humans" when asked, "Do you want to destroy humans?"

(Oct 06 2022) - Biotech Analyst Exposes the Covid Vaxx 5G Link, Biosynthetic AI Nanotech, Soft Actuators & NEUROWEAPONS
WORLD (www.UnCanceled.news) -- Few people have conducted as much research into the mRNA injections - dare not call them “vaccines” - as Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst who previously conducted contract work for Pfizer, J&J, Thermo Fisher & other corporations. In an interview that features key screen shots of patents, science journal articles & corporate documents, Karen Kingston lays out the argument for mRNA covid “vaccine” injections actually being exotic technology implantations that can be used to achieve global enslavement and/or genocide.

(Oct 06 2022) - Military in Crisis: Vaxx Mandates, Injuries & Fraud
U.S. MILITARY (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- The United States of America has not been as close to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis & our Military is in an extreme bind, resulting from the Covid-19 vaccines & mandates. This year the US Army missed its recruiting goal by 25%. Meanwhile, all the branches of the Armed Forces have been discharging tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors & airmen who choose to reject the experimental, ineffective & dangerous Covid-19 vaccines.

(Oct 06 2022) - THAT'S PART OF THE NWO PLAN : DHS Spending Millions To Purge Independent Media From the Internet !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, these NWO Nut-Jobs want your SILENCE !!! Their press-ti-tutes can no longer keep up with The TRUTH that independent news investigators and journalists are reporting and are CONSPIRING against everyone's First Amendment Rights !!! By the time the November 2022 mid-term elections are counted and re-counted, chaos will ensue and the press-ti-tutes will be the ones Creating a Civil War Crisis throughout America with their FAKE NEWS narratives of the election. Yes, that's only part of the plan of the NEW WORLD ORDER !!!

(Oct 06 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 1.8
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Oct 05 2022) - Silence of American churches echoes the 1930s
AMERICA (www.WND.com) -- About 3,000 of the approximately 18,000 Protestant pastors in Germany in the '30s openly supported Hitler & about the same number ended up opposing his tyrannical rule. But it was the vast majority of ministers, about 12,000, who chose to remain silent – arguing it wasn't their place to engage in politics – who enabled the Nazis to "crush the heroic 3,000" who stood up against the dictator, points out Eric Metaxas in his new book "Letter to the American Church."

(Oct 05 2022) - Goya Foods founder & CEO Bob Unanue, warns the ‘New World Order’ is using inflation to ‘enslave humanity’
WORLD (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The founder of the leading Hispanic food brand says that the Western globalist elite has unleashed an “evil” plan on billions of people in order to exert infinite control over them. Bob Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods, said during an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the “NEW WORLD ORDER” cultists are using “evil” inflation to “enslave humanity.” “At the core of inflation, and it’s out of control – especially in food – is evil, a desire to control us,” Unanue said.

(Oct 05 2022) - Unvaccinated are ‘The Best of Mankind’
FRANCE (www.FreeWestMedia.com) -- French General Christian Blanchon, aged 58, commanded the 1st Parachute Regiment at Toulouse. He served as an officer in operations in Lebanon, Chad, Central Africa and Kosovo. And on September 9, 2022, this highly respected general published a tribute to the unvaccinated, which has gone viral on social media, but is being ignored by the mainstream media. The content reads ...

(Oct 04 2022) - ARE YOU KIDDING ME : USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database ???
U.S.A. (www.TheFreeThoughtProject.com) -- In a move that has many folks scratching their heads, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has renewed its push for The People’s Garden Initiative which now includes registering vegetable gardens nationwide. According to the USDA, the move is to foster a "more diverse and resilient local food system to empower communities to address issues like nutrition access and climate change." But those who have been following the USDA closely for years know that they couldn't care less about your health and nutrition.

(Oct 04 2022) - Everything That’s Going Wrong Was Planned
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- I repeatedly see and hear people complain about what a terrible coincidence it is that everything is happening so quickly: the fake pandemic, the toxic vaccine, the designer war, the soaring energy prices, the collapsing economy. I weep inside when I hear this. Nothing is happening by accident !!! Why can’t people see past the headlines? Why don’t they think? Don’t they care what is happening to themselves, their loved ones and the world?

(Oct 04 2022) - BREAKING : CEO of US election software firm Konnech arrested for storing data on servers in China
MICHIGAN (www.ThePostMillennial.com) -- Eugene Yu, the CEO of the software firm Konnech, has been arrested in connection to the storage of data on servers in China. "Yu, 51, was arrested Tues just outside of Lansing, Mich., after prosecutors alleged he improperly stored the info on servers in China, according to L.A. County D.A. Yu, who is the CEO of a company named Konnech, is expected to be extradited to Los Angeles in the coming days, Gascón said," according to the LA Times.

(Oct 04 2022) - Worst Bird Flu Outbreak EVER Recorded ... !!!
WORLD (www.EndTimeHeadlines.org) -- Did you know that we are in the middle of the worst bird flu outbreak ever recorded? Millions upon millions of birds have been dying, and most people don’t even realize that such a nightmarish pestilence has been absolutely devastating North America and Europe. But what people do know is that eggs, chicken, and turkey just keep getting more expensive at the grocery store. In fact, supplies are starting to get so tight that some experts are now talking about the potential for “shortages” during the holiday season.

(Oct 03 2022) - BUCKLE UP : Gas Prices Likely to Rise Even More
VIENNA (www.PJMedia.com) -- And now ... it looks like even higher gas prices are in the works. OPEC+, the coalition of the traditional OPEC nations and other oil-producing nations, is meeting in Vienna this week to discuss production policy. CNBC reports that these oil producers are “reportedly considering their largest output cut since the start of the coronavirus pandemic this week, a historic move that energy analysts say could push oil prices back toward triple digits.”

(Oct 03 2022) - LITERALLY MIND BLOWING : We can aerosolize nanobots to clump your blood or neuromodulate masses !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For many of you newbies who just got into the game - for you - this is MIND BLOWING !!! Just about every SUPER DEEP Project and Program, has some form of MIND CONTROL aligned with it. Humanity - in their way of thinking - is out of compliance, and TPTB want you KILLED if they can't control you. For all we know, your DNA is being slow-cooked right now - via frequencies, conjoined with all the daily chem-trail droppings. So, THE ONLY WAY OUT - at this point - IS UP !!!

(Oct 03 2022) - Satanic Ritual Abuse Is Real (100+ Testimonials)
U.S.A. (www.En-Volve.com) -- Satanic ritual abuse happens everywhere! It is systematic! Recently I’ve been reporting on the case in Utah however, people always ask me if I know about satanic ritual abuse happening where they live. This article is to put into perspective just how rampant this horrific practice is throughout society. Today I'll be sharing the experiences of those who were victims of satanic ritual abuse. I’ve come across many testimonials of survivors wanting to share their stories.

(Oct 02 2022) - Memo to Christians: Here's what's at stake
AMERICA (www.WND.com) -- Horrified by what has been called the Sovietization of the Biden administration – including the shocking criminalization of dissent and the weaponization of the FBI, whose agents daily arrest, intimidate and persecute the regime's political opponents – tens of millions of Americans anxiously wonder will November's midterm elections bring any positive change of direction for a once-great nation now careening toward total destruction.

(Oct 02 2022) - Political Purges Emerge Through the Compliance of Those Following Orders ... {Satan's Souless Secularized Sell-Outs}
WORLD (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- In 2020, it was the Covid deception which merged Big Government, Big Business, and Socialized Healthcare into one gigantic collectivist beast that masticated the entire world with high-tech teeth: propaganda, censorship, bogus testing, inflated mortality, fear-mongering, suppression of alternative treatments, the monetization of murderous protocols, and bad science were all foisted upon societies everywhere by a cabal of globalists and central planners staging a coup across the earth.

(Oct 02 2022) - New Paper Confirms The COVID Vaccines KILL Brain Cells and Heart Cells ... LEADING TO DEATH !!!
GERMANY (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- A new paper in the peer-reviewed medical literature just came out showing the COVID vaccines, and not COVID, is causing myocarditis and encephalitis leading to death. The paper is entitled: A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19. It was published yesterday, Oct 1, and now has already has over 100,000 views of the abstract and over 6,000 views of the full text.

(Oct 02 2022) - Why Engineered Plandemics "ARE" Guaranteed !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- 'No biodefense research is purely defensive - to do the work, you're automatically engaged in the creation of biological weapons.' In this interview, repeat guest Francis Boyle (...) shares his views on the latest efforts to instill fear in the public, this time about monkeypox. For decades, Boyle has advocated against the development and use of bioweapons, which COVID-19 appears to be. Early on ... Boyle was sure COVID-19 was the result of a lab leak.

(Oct 02 2022) - 5G Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In this Recently Released Report you will read about the LIFE THREATENING DANGERS that the 5G technology presents. It is well documented, by a well renown British expert !!! Unless you have any inkling of curiosity remaining, I strongly suggest that you take the time and review this report, because your lack of knowledge is gonna cost you and yours big time if your don't !!! Look, these NWO Nut-Jobs hate humanity & GOD - to say the least - and are HELL BENT on destroying everything.

(Oct 01 2022) - Gruesome Newsom Signs Bill Forcing Doctors to Push Killer Jabs or Be Excommunicated From Medicine !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- KILL OR BE KILLED !!! : California Governor Gavin Newsom signed several bills into law Friday. All of them were radical leftist monstrosities advancing his totalitarian control over the state. They ranged in severity from the petty to the monstrous, showing he can promote evil at every level. But one can argue none of them will affect more citizens and likely KILL more Californians than AB2098. Bit by bit, the globalist elites like Gavin Newsom are chopping down our rights, freedoms, and protections.

(Oct 01 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #373
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- After passing the peak of hurricane season with almost complete silence, the tables have turned with Hurricane Ian. Are the increasingly anomalous and destructive weather events just random acts of Nature? Or is there much more to the story? US mainstream media is giving almost no coverage of the sabotage on the European gas supply pipelines. Just an oversight? Tens of thousands of empty passenger jets are flying in our skies, why? The world is completely unprepared for what is already unfolding.

(Sep 30 2022) - GMO mosquitoes secretly VACCINATING people ???
FLORIDA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- New research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals that Big Pharma is now using insects to deliver “vaccines” to humans without their knowledge or consent. For their trial, researchers artificially furnished 200 mosquitoes with live, malaria-causing plasmodium parasites that had been genetically modified (GMO) to inject a malaria vaccine into the arms of human test subjects. The stated goal of the project is to deliver vaccines via bugs as opposed to traditional syringes, in this case with GMO mosquitoes that will be released into the wild to randomly inject as many people as possible with the poisons.

(Sep 30 2022) - BLUE STATE BLUES : California Politicians DemocRATS Can Pass Laws ... But Can’t Keep the Lights On !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.Breitbart.com) -- Politicians in California’s Democrat-dominated legislature are good at passing laws. What they're not good at is keeping the lights on — or supplying water to residents, keeping crime under control, preventing homelessness, stopping sewage dumps into the San Francisco Bay, building affordable housing, keeping gas prices at reasonable levels, and teaching children to do more than name their pronouns. They excel in translating their utopian visions into legislative language. They fail at doing the basic tasks of govt.

(Sep 30 2022) - Hurricane Ian just threw a wrench into the supply chain by hammering transportation, ports, package carrier ... and
FLORIDA (www.Survival.news) -- The supply chain just took another major hit from Hurricane Ian, which decimated numerous fairly populous areas of Southwest Florida where manufacturing, agriculture & distribution take place. All the flooding, power outages & wind damage is expected to stall factory and farm production throughout the region, including a major fertilizer production corridor that saw a direct hit from the storm. (MORE)

FLORIDA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Was the course and strength of Hurricane Ian just a random act of nature? Or is there much more to the story? The 3+ minute VIDEO report reveals critically important puzzle pieces. Please view and share. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

(Sep 29 2022) - HURRICANE IAN : The Buried Back Story !!!
FLORIDA (www.StateOfTheNation.co) -- HERE'S CONCLUSIVE PROOF : Hurricane Ian was a highly calculated act of geoterrorism aimed at specific regions of Florida to achieve multiple globalist objectives and Democrat political goals. There is now no question whatsoever that Hurricane Ian was deliberately geoengineered into a superstorm and aimed with premeditation at the southwest Florida coastline.

(Sep 29 2022) - An Open WARNING Letter To Gavin Newsom !!!
SUN VALLEY, CA. (www.GraceToYou.org) -- Sir, Almighty God says in His Word, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:3). Scripture also teaches that it's the chief duty of any civic leader to reward those who do well & punish evildoers (Romans 13:1–7). You've not only failed in that responsibility; you routinely turn it on its head, rewarding evildoers & punishing the righteous. The Word of God pronounces judgment on those who call evil good & good evil (Isaiah 5:20), and yet many of your policies reflect this unholy, upside-down view of honor & morality.

(Sep 29 2022) - Governor Newsom Allocates $200 Million for Abortion Travel and Care, Legalizes Infanticide ... ???
SACRAMENTO (www.CaliforniaGlobe.com) -- Come to California, visit our “misty Northern California redwood forests to sun-kissed Southern California beaches,” and get an abortion ... or commit infanticide if you’re 9 months along. It’s now legal in California. The Governor who shut down California’s beaches and legendary tourist attractions, churches, bars and restaurants as a response to the COVID pandemic, is now promoting abortion tourism, inviting tourists to visit California and get an abortion if their own state has abortion restrictions, the Globe reported.

(Sep 29 2022) - Feds looking over your shoulder ... ???
WASH D.C. (www.WND.com) -- If you like your friends and relatives looking over your shoulder as you send some of your most confidential text messages, then you'll probably like what the government is doing: buying from contractors private cell phone and internet data. To track you !!! If you don't like it, there are civil liberties lawyers who already are raising alarm bells about the development.

(Sep 29 2022) - The Myths of Clean and Smart Technology !!!
U.S.A. (www.DanielGreenfield.org) -- ‘Clean’, like ‘smart’, has become the prerequisite for all technology. Both are myths. Smart technology is Surveillance technology. It's not smarter because of its inherent qualities, but because it sends & receives data that allows it to be ‘smarter’ in manipulating users. The smart part of smart technology comes from human beings. So does the stupid part when people sacrifice their privacy & independence for the benefits of technology being shaped to them.

(Sep 28 2022) - Ditch Google & Gmail Before It’s Too Late !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Need I say anything more ??? I'm tellin' y'all, get yourselves a real e-mail address, and quit thinking that all these FREE E-MAILS and FREE SOCIAL MEDIA platforms have your best interest in mind !!! They don't and never will !!! They're in business to profit off of your ignorance, and boy howdy, they're making a killing !!! So, is there still time to leave and save yourself from any future surveillance or hacking ??? There is, but I'm not gonna spill the beans. Figure it out for yourself.

(Sep 28 2022) - BIG BROTHER BUSES : Buses Across US Are Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations !!!
U.S.A. (www.NeedToKnow.news) -- Public transit authorities are installing surveillance systems on buses that will give them the ability to record and store private conversations. Officials say that the systems will help improve the safety of passengers & drivers, but the system has privacy violation issues as audio could easily be coupled with facial recognition systems or audio recognition technology to identify passengers, according to an expert. Cities that have installed the systems or have taken steps to procure them include ...

(Sep 27 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : “THE OBAMA FRAUD” Summarized -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity With Responses)
WASH D.C. : The evil plan to install Obama as America’s putative president was obvious to many people from its beginning. Almost 100% of the media acted as cheerleaders for Obama and ignored his past because they did not want to learn anything negative beyond what they already knew, and if they did they were not going to report it. They simply hunkered down and became cheerleaders for “America’s historic first black president.”

(Sep 26 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.8
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Sep 26 2022) - ENDGAME : Government Pushes a “Digital Dollar” So They Can Seize Assets at Will and Enslave Humanity !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- The digital dollar is the ENDGAME. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, this will be the Permanent & Inescapable ENSLAVEMENT the ruling classes of the globe desperately need in order to remain in power. You will own nothing, while a handful of people will own everything. You'll exist if they allow it, be stolen from if they don’t like what you said & be ruled over in a dystopia that makes our current situation pale in comparison.

(Sep 26 2022) - Global Survey Shows “Unvaccinated” Didn’t Get Sick from Covid {but} They Did Suffer from Gov't Victimisation
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- At the beginning of Aug, researchers published the results of a survey on health outcomes for “unvaxxed” respondents. Almost 18,500 people from around the world completed the survey monthly which asked questions regarding their health during the period Sept 2021 - Feb 2022. The largest numbers were from Europe, North America & Australia. Participants’ reasons for avoiding Covid-19 “vaxx” were: a preference for natural medicine, distrust of pharma & gov't info, poor/limited trial data & fear of long-term adverse reactions.

(Sep 25 2022) - Dr. Anthony Fauci : MASS MURDERER !!!
AMERICA (www.Depopulation.news) -- The most important thing to know is that absolutely every action and policy that Fauci advocated was wrong and contrary to the best medical science information. He was responsible for creating and prolonging the COVID pandemic. That means he should be viewed as a Mass Murderer and Serial Killer. He destroyed the credibility of the medical and public health establishment, and used many billions of dollars to control it over many decades.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Where does Christian apathy originate ??? From the pulpit !!! If the pastors do not line themselves up with THE BIBLE, preaching it's benefits if you do, and judgments if you don't, then apathy - or worse - liberalism will take over. Secondly, if Christians who attend these apathetic congregations - and know better and continue to say nothing - then judgment may befall them as well. Listen up Christians !!! It's time to come out from among these lukewarm lairs and hit the Highways and Byways with The Great Commission !!!

(Sep 25 2022) - Will Artificial Intelligence Replace GOD ... ???
U.S.A. (www.HNewswire.com) -- As I’ve said many times before, technological innovation is Satan’s chariot. We must stay vigilant and know how to walk amongst our brothers and sisters without crossing the boundaries God set for us. Artificial intelligence technology is far more powerful than the human brain. It can be uploaded into robotics to learn tasks, or provide knowledge. How easy would it be for an already secular society to forget about God with all knowledge available to them through a complex metaverse?

(Sep 24 2022) - The Smartphone's Role In Dumbing Down America
AMERICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- The smartphone has begun to play a huge role in dumbing down America. Rather than being a source to move us forward, it has become an albatross around the necks of many weak-minded souls that depend on them. People turn to these devices for all kinds of unneeded updates including performing simple math problems so they don't have to think. Originated in 1933, the term "dumbing down" was movie-business slang, used by screenplay writers, meaning: "to revise to appeal to those of little education or intelligence."

(Sep 24 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #370
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Hurricane manipulation season is here, grab your popcorn, the spectacle is about to begin. Weather everywhere is erratic, extreme & increasingly destructive. Hurricane Fiona is being called a "hybrid storm" & Canada's version of Hurricane Sandy. The reason? The anomalous track of the storms that "forecasters" somehow "predict" up to a week in advance. What do the weather makers have planned for the approaching Hurricane Ian? Hurricanes are being manipulated & "forecasts" are nothing less than the scheduled weather.

(Sep 24 2022) - EXPOSED : Dead Children In The CPS System Near Bohemian Grove ... And ... Pelosi’s Pedophilia Links !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.NationalFile.com) -- The deaths of numerous children in the Child Protective Services (CPS) system in Contra Costa County, California are raising suspicions, especially considering the county’s proximity to the Bohemian Grove, home of an alleged elitist Moloch-worshipping cult. The deaths highlight the CPS crisis in northern California. Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to a pedophilia-linked “child welfare” group that was designed by a notorious pedophile in the Bay Area. The political class in northern California allegedly lords over a child sex trafficking epidemic ...

(Sep 24 2022) - PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! Why and How the Conspirators are winning the War for our Freedom and our Souls
NEW WORLD WORLD (www.VernonColeman.org) -- Anyone who doesn’t believe the conspirators are winning this war isn’t looking hard enough at what is happening. At the beginning of 2022 I said that we had until the end of the year to defeat the conspirators. I stand by that warning. (...) Nothing that is happening is happening by accident !!! Everything in our stagnant, rancid, entitlement based society is planned and deliberate !!!

(Sep 23 2022) - How the Jabs Will Be Used to Control Those Who Haven’t Already Been Depopulated Into the Grave !!!
WORLD (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- They want us under their control or they want us dead. It really doesn't matter to them as long as we're not causing trouble. Are the jabs the easiest way for them to gain compliance and depopulation ??? Arguably the toughest part about my job is discernment. There are two massive challenges with this, especially as it pertains to controversial topics such as the Covid-19 “vaccines”.

(Sep 23 2022) - Bill Gates Mosquito Factory Should Be Destroyed
AMERICA (www.AmericaOutloud.com) -- There’s no time to waste if you’re hoping to save the world by means of reducing its population. Which happens to be the mantra of Bill Gates’ multiple global genocide adventures that he has entertained himself with for decades. He has been all smiles these past two years as the world groaned under his oppressive push to complete his mission of killing 15% of the world’s inhabitants, a goal now likely to be achieved. But you know how it goes: a sociopathic mind can never inflict enough damage or kill enough people.

(Sep 23 2022) - Diesel Powered Trucks Are Now Racist ???
CALIFORNIA (www.NWOReport.me) -- The liberal police are yelling “racist” once again, but this time it’s about trucks. According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), clean air is racist. Pollution? Racist as well. (CARB) stated that the state is considering new regulations to ban the sale of all diesel semi-trucks by 2040 to fight climate change and to amend a history of “racist” practice.

(Sep 22 2022) - Banning the sale of natural-gas heaters by 2030 !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.SFChronicle.com) -- In another ambitious move toward California’s zero-emissions goals, state air regulators voted Thurs to approve a plan that would ban the sale of commercial & residential natural-gas heaters by 2030 — a decision that means an alternative heating technology powered by electricity might soon become far more widespread in the state. The unanimous decision by the California Air Resources Board is part of a larger state plan to reduce ozone emissions from a variety of industries, including transportation and consumer products in addition to commercial and residential building.

(Sep 22 2022) - Governor Gavin Newsom Signs New Social Media Legislation to Censor “Hate Speech” and “Disinformation”
SACRAMENTO, CA (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- According to Didi Rankovic of the Reclaim the Net, Newsom signed this bill into law which has the aim of forcing social media companies to file enforcement reports two times annually to the state attorney general & publicly outline policies on “‘hate speech,’ disinformation, harassment & extremism.” After AB 587 received Newsom’s signature, the gov' said that this is a social media “transparency & accountability measure” with the supposed aim of protecting Californians from “hate & discrimination.”

(Sep 22 2022) - TV Reporter DIES 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly'
CANADA (www.RairFoundation.com) -- Canadian TV reporter Matthew Rodrigopulle was particularly proud that children in Saskatchewan are now being “vaccinated” from age 5. FULLY vaxxed & boosted Canadian TV reporter Matthew Rodrigopulle DIED suddenly & unexpectedly at his home of a heart problem at the young age of 24. “Fact-checkers” & MSM are trying to deny that the experimental gene-therapy injections could be linked to his death. It is undisputed that the 24-yr-old presenter Matthew Rodrigopulle was “fully vaxxed” & “fully boosted.”

(Sep 22 2022) - A Beginner’s Guide to the Jewish Question
WORLD (www.Counter-Currents.com) -- When approaching the Jewish Question, a beginner should keep in mind that the ultimate goal of his investigation should be the normalization of the white and Jewish populations. Normalization, in this case, means a state of affairs in which one population does not take undue advantage of the other. A utopian goal, perhaps, but one that would most likely reap tangible rewards the closer both populations come to achieving it. How are white-Jewish relations today not normalized?

(Sep 22 2022) - Pope Francis ... went to Kazakhstan ... instead of Ukraine ... to Lay the Foundations of the One World Religion
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.LeoZagami.com) -- At the beginning of September, Pope Francis laid to rest rumors that a papal visit to Ukraine could happen before he visits Kazakhstan, saying he had been forbidden by doctors from traveling there due to his ongoing knee troubles. However, Pope Francis finally went to the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, now called Nur-Sultan, the infamous city built by the Illuminati to move forward his One World Religion project for the coming Antichrist.

(Sep 22 2022) - What Are Christians Supposed to DO ???
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- I was reminded the other day of a statement a friend of mine made a couple of years ago. “Being a Christian is a lot like being a vitamin. You simply have to B1.” Simple statement, but meaningless, actually. How do you recognize a Christian ??? Does calling oneself a Christian actually make it so? I brought this up on my daily show last week in an attempt to get the folks in my “huddle” to actually think.

(Sep 21 2022) - The Animating Contest of Freedom !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Many a word has gone forth, animating an encouraging Christian participation in this on-going battle for freedom. And at times, these words fell on blind eyes, not to mention deaf ears. Will GOD's warriors show up, let alone suit up when called into action ??? ANSWER : Only if America's Christian Pastors "Collectively" and "Continuously" sound the alarm - as the early preachers did in the beginning. GOD's "Watchman" - who mount the ramparts 24/7 - clearly see what's coming. Will your pastor heed these warnings, and is he preparing the flock ??? If not, that means YOU'RE NOT PREPARED for any battle, let alone survive !!!

(Sep 21 2022) - USDA contaminating wildlife with millions of live vaccine baits, polluting everything in their wake !!!
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- The USDA announced a new program to mass distribute oral vaccines into the wild, sprawling across rural areas in multiple states. The program will unleash approximately 3.5 million doses of an experimental rabies vaccine called Onrab. This vaxx contains a live recombinant human adenovirus type 5 vector, expressing rabies virus glycoprotein (AdRG1.3), which means it does shed from inoculated animals. The CDC warns the public not to come in contact with the baits, because the live vaccines can adversely affect humans.

(Sep 20 2022) - Globalists Building “Technological Noah’s Ark” to Save Themselves From Mass Extinction Event !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- The vast majority of the world will perish, but the globalist elites are set to escape the Great Reset via a “technological Noah’s Ark.” Yuval Noah Harari, author & lead advisor to Klaus Schwab & the World Economic Forum, noted during a discussion at the Warwick Economics Summit that the vast majority of the world will perish while the elites will survive a global mass extinction event. Harari said the elites will be able to shield themselves from planetary catastrophes. He added that climate change is “the most pressing threat facing humanity.”

(Sep 20 2022) - GET BACK IN YOUR CELL : Globalist Are Preparing to Launch “Climate Change Lockdowns” ... {To Save "Their" Planet}
U.S.A. (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Until recently, much of the nation & world was under the thumb of authoritarians who demanded Covid-19 lockdowns in a “short-term” effort to “slow the spread.” It was a lie from the start; the two weeks to supposedly flatten the curve turned into two years of hell for tens of millions of Americans. While it seems they are preparing for Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0, they are also getting set up to engage in their longer-term goal of “Climate Change Lockdowns.”

(Sep 20 2022) - ANOTHER BIDEN FAILURE ... !!!
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- More than 115,000 workers are poised to strike as early as Friday after rejecting a deal that offered back pay and a 24% pay increase. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) refused to agree with the railroads, hoping a strike would produce higher compensation and address workers’ demands for predictable scheduling and penalty-free time off for doctors’ appointments.

(Sep 20 2022) - Biden Signs "DEATH WARRANT" for US Dollar !!!
AMERICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- On Mar 9, 2022, President Biden quietly signed Executive Order 14067. Buried inside this order is a sinister provision that could give the gov't unprecedented control over your money & freedom. In fact, this provision sets the stage for: (1) Legal gov't surveillance of all US citizens (2) Total control over your bank accounts & purchases (3) And the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good. No wonder Fox News recently called this “a deeply troubling development.”

(Sep 19 2022) - Welcome to the One World Religion of Chrislam
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- Pope Francis And Mohamed Bin Zayed Have Now Instituted Chrislam As The Official One World Religion At Every Level. The Human Fraternity document, created by Pope Francis and Mohamed bin Zayed, has been confirmed by the United Nations and by the assembled councils of the world’s religious leaders. Welcome to the One World Religion of Chrislam!

(Sep 19 2022) - THE NEW NORMAL ... "DYING SUDDENLY" !!!
DELAWARE (www.FreePressers.com) -- A 35-yr-old former Wilmington, Delaware city council member, a 7-yr-old schoolboy in South Africa & a woman who collapsed 15 minutes after getting her Covid booster are among the latest to DIE "suddenly & unexpectedly," according to reports. Former Wilmington City Councilwoman Rysheema Dixon died "unexpectedly" at age 35. Her death was confirmed by the City of Wilmington & Dixon's business RD Innovative Solutions of which she was CEO & founder.

(Sep 18 2022) - SAY WHAT ??? : We Have 6 Days Left ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Everything's in place RIGHT NOW for an unimaginable crisis to occur world wide. Sept 24th 2022 has been flagged as a possible date for this to happen. Locally, we haven't seen any chemtrails sprayed in our skies over for over a month and I'm thinking they've dumped enough bioweapons on the planet to make something bad happen. Third, if this is part of "The Great Reset", the connective tissue to trigger all these evil events has to include 5G. It'll connect everybody and everything to their envisioned end-game - DEPOPULATION !!!

(Sep 18 2022) - Why Are Walmart and Other Major US Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars In Orders ???
U.S.A. (www.TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com) -- Do they know something they aren’t telling us? As you will read, Walmart, Target & other major U.S. retailers are canceling billions of dollars in orders ahead of the coming holiday season. I've never heard of such a thing happening before & under normal conditions it wouldn’t make any sense. The holiday season is typically the busiest time of the year and at this time in 2021 there was actually a great deal of concern that there wouldn’t be enough inventory due to global supply chain problems. But now everything's changed !!!

(Sep 18 2022) - They Don’t Call It the "District Of Criminals" for nothing ... {Everyone Knows This About Politicians in Wash D.C.}
WASH D.C. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- We’ve reported over the years on how congressional representatives go into office making their salary and yet, in a matter of years, they are millionaires. How does that happen? It’s called crime !!! Often it’s tied to insider trading, which is unlawful. Yet, 97 representatives appear to have a conflict of interest in at least 3,700 stock trades. Or ... is it just Pelosi and the Democrats ???

(Sep 17 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : CONSTITUTION DAY 2022 -- (Written and Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
AMERICA : Today is Constitution Day. On September 17th, 1787 our United States Constitution was signed by 39 delegates from the several States. It was signed at the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 235 years ago. Today is also the 35th anniversary of the founding of Society for the Preservation of Democracy & Human Rights, later renamed Society for the Preservation of our American Republic, to better reflect its mission. S.P.A.R. was founded on September 17th, 1987, on the bicentennial of the Constitution.

(Sep 17 2022) - THE RIGHT RULING : The 5th Circuit says tech companies can’t use the 1st Amendment to censor speech
TEXAS (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- On Friday, the 5th Circuit released its decision in NetChoice v. Paxton, a case a trade association representing the big social media companies filed against a new communications law in the State of Texas. The law held that social media companies cannot censor views with which they disagree (invariably, views opposing Democrat actions and ideas). The tech companies argued it violated their free speech right to censor people on their platforms. The 5th Circuit strongly disagreed, striking a huge blow in favor of Free Speech in America.

(Sep 17 2022) - PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING ??? : FDA Says Monkeypox Can “Mutate” If Anti-Viral Drugs Are Overused
U.S.A. (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- The monkeypox could “mutate” if antiviral drugs are overused, according to a recent warning from the Food and Drug Administration. The virus is only one mutation away from evading a key antiviral drug being used to treat at-risk patients if the FDA is to be believed. Is this predictive programming ??? Are we to expect a surge and worse outbreak of monkeypox in the coming weeks? The FDA has issued new guidance for the antiviral drug known as tecovirimat, or Tpoxx, and it was published this week online and in updated labeling.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Good Morning Porterville !!! I'll be out and about for a few hours today - running errands and conducting some interviews - and should be back in the office before noon. A note to all my internet investigators ... continue sending me what you discover and I'll comb through those findings and reply - if need be. Secondly, to all the Watchmen KEEP PRAYING, there's a double edge sword that The DEEP STATE is swinging this weekend, and from what I'm hearing, heads are gonna get loped off. Enough for now - back in a bit.

(Sep 16 2022) - Leaving California Is Rapidly Growing in Popularity
CALIFORNIA (www.RedWave.press) -- Terry Gilliam, founder of the Facebook groups “Leaving California” and “Life After California” has garnered more than 250,000 members combined who are looking to join the thousands fleeing the state or who have already left. Since the first group was started in 2018, he said the groups have been rapidly gaining more members. “I believe a million people will leave [California] this year. And I don’t see it slowing down if they keep doing what they’re doing ...”

(Sep 16 2022) - Another Ill Effect of Vaxx : Transplant Rejection
JAPAN (www.Expose-News.com) -- Transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ after receiving a vaccination against Covid-19, adding an additional challenge for the vaccinated population, according to the new study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. A group of 18 health experts and researchers from Japan conducted a study to systematically evaluate and characterise the currently reported cases of acute corneal graft rejection after being injected with a Covid “vaccine.” A rejection graft occurs when the recipient’s immune system rejects tissue from a donor, in this case, the cornea.

(Sep 16 2022) - High Five To Sierra View Medical Center
Porterville Post : Letter to the Editor : from Dave Stuck :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, Here is a letter I sent to Ms. Donna Hefner, Chief Administrator of Sierra View Medical Center on September 15th 2022. Good morning, Donna! I recently had carpal tunnel release surgery at SVMC and want to give a high 5 to the entire staff that was involved in my procedure. There is a board on the wall at the end of the bed in the pre-op room that has a question in the lower left corner that says something to the effect of, “what one thing would make your experience here excellent?”

(Sep 15 2022) - COVID may have leaked from U.S. lab ???
U.S.A. (www.WND.com) -- In a report of its 2-year investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet concluded it's possible the virus originated in an American lab. The investigators, led by Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, argued that while independent teams have not probed American labs, it's "plausible" the virus originated in the U.S. the Telegraph of London reported. But Wuhan's Institute of Virology is also a possible place of origin ...

(Sep 15 2022) - TENTATIVE GOOD NEWS : Railroad Strike Averted
WASH D.C. (www.DailyCaller.com) -- The White House successfully achieved a “tentative” deal with two major rail unions early Thursday, avoiding a strike that would have likely led to severe economic consequences and supply chain disruptions. (...) The parties successfully reached an agreement Thursday morning, though it is not yet clear the exact details of the deal, the White House announced Thursday.

(Sep 15 2022) - Violence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- I can’t understand why anyone would still want to live in California. Yes, there are lots of high paying jobs and the weather is very nice, but crime is completely & utterly out of control. As you will read, a new report that has just been issued is warning that violence in the state has now reached “epidemic” levels. The police are doing what they can to try to contain the violence, but at this point they are vastly outnumbered by the predators. Sadly, this is the end result of literally decades of cultural rot, and ...

(Sep 15 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 1.4
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Sep 14 2022) - The NEW WORLD ORDER Is Already Here !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.VernonColeman.org) -- ‘The New World Order is already here. We’re living in it. And things are going to get far, far worse during the coming months because we are now already in The Kill Phase of the Great Reset. Decisions are made by, or according to the demands of, a tiny group of lobbyists and cultists who have been manipulated into representing the interests of the conspirators – either wittingly or though stupidity and ignorance.

(Sep 14 2022) - They're Telling Us What Their Intentions Are !!!
AMERICA (www.NCRenegade.com) -- So, America’s real domestic enemies are openly calling people like you and me domestic enemies and the biggest threat that our nation faces. Unlike “our side” which surrenders in a suicidal effort to “be reasonable” & “reach across the aisle,” their side will deal with those of us they falsely label “Domestic Terrorists” in the way OUR Constitution required us to deal with these truly evil Domestic Terrorists that have stolen our country from us. They are coming for us all !!!

(Sep 14 2022) - The Democrat Police State ... !!!
U.S.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- As I reported previously, the totally corrupt Biden Justice (sic) Department & FBI Gestapo are trying to orchestrate a plot by Trump & supporters to subvert American democracy so Biden can steal the November election by federalizing the process & taking the election out of state hands. More evidence comes forward in the spate of subpoenas the DoJ has issued to Trump supporters. The subpoenas to Trump supporters, including Trump’s lawyers, do not say what is being investigated. Furthermore ...

(Sep 13 2022) - FBI Surrounds Mike Lindell At Drive-Thru Window
MINNESOTA (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- This afternoon, Mike (My Pillow) Lindell was surrounded by FBI agents as he waited at a drive-thru window at a Hardee’s restaurant in Mankato, MN. Mike had just finished duck hunting with his friends, one of whom was with him in his vehicle, when the FBI surrounded them at the drive-thru. According to Mike, who claims he’s been waiting for the FBI to arrest him so he can share all of his evidence of voter fraud through voting machines, the FBI did not arrest him but instead threatened him.

(Sep 13 2022) - INTERESTING INTERPRETAION : Nostradamus Predicted ‘Great Uprising’ Against King Charles III ... and More
ENGLAND (www.NewsPunch.com) -- A series of chilling predictions by Nostradamus about the Queen’s death in 2022 – and the sudden abdication of King Charles III – have been uncovered. The French astrologer and seer has attracted international notoriety for predicting future events such as the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks, the Iraq War, the death of Princess Diana and the coronavirus pandemic. Now passages published by Nostradamus in 1555 show his insights into the “Abdication of Charles III of England” following the death of the Queen.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Facts are facts. These unelected evil rulers have incrementally and clandestinely bought & paid for just about every avenue of escape back to normal. From what's said from the press-ti-tutes, to what's not said from the pulpits, we're way past the point of no return !!! Assembling to address any issue could now get you incarcerated, and running for office could get you either blackmailed or buried. Look, your wait-and-see mind-set has yet to stymie anything illegal or immoral. As a result, any decision that you, or yours ventures at this late stage of the game, was already designed - years ago - for your demise !!!

(Sep 12 2022) - Jews and Revolutions by Larry Romanoff
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.UNZ.com) -- Much of the so-called “history” we were taught in our schools has not been so accurate as we might have believed. In particular, the book publishers, with cunning aforethought, have managed to eliminate much of the most important information necessary to give us a real understanding of the world in which we live. After the elimination of perhaps 50% of the crucial facts, much of the remainder that has been presented to us is factually false. Even worse ...

(Sep 12 2022) - US Railroads Enact "Contingency Plans," Preparing For Labor Strike - Friday Sept 16th - As Union Talks Fail
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Railroads and labor unions worked through the weekend to make a deal. There were little signs of progress, and rail companies are now taking steps Monday to secure shipments of hazardous and security-sensitive materials "in light of the possibility of a rail labor strike," the Association of American Railroads (AAR) wrote in a statement. On Sunday, Norfolk Southern released a statement detailing it had "begun enacting its contingency plans for a controlled shut down of our network at 00:01 on Friday, September 16th."

(Sep 12 2022) - German Legislator Warns Of Sept 24th ... ???
GERMANY (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Things are moving at a rapid pace in the world today. It seems that you can’t keep up with anything anymore. However, something that has raised some eyebrows recently came from a member fo the German legislature who declared that September 24, 2022 will be a day when everyone will remember “exactly where he or she was.” So ... What in the world are they planning to do on September 24th, 2022 ???

(Sep 12 2022) - Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity !!!
NORTH CAROLIA (www.DailySceptic.org) -- A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) shows not only that the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid vaccine becomes negative (meaning the vaccinated are more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated) within five months but that the vaccine destroys any protection a person has from natural immunity. (That's why they're pushing for continued jabs)

(Sep 11 2022) - New COVID-19 Vaccine (Kill Shot) Will Override Religious Exemptions, Christians Must Make Big Decisions Soon
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yeah, the NEW WORLD ORDER drug lords and cartels - AKA : BIG PHARMA - have developed another FAKE VACCINE that targets Christians who religiously objected to the previous vaxx's because it contained child abortions. Folks, these MURDERERS must be stopped !!! If they're not, lock-downs, quarantines and mask mandates will crop back up again, blaming all those who aren't vaxxed - especially Christian hold-outs. I'm tellin' y'all right now. Either get in your Pastors face about this, or GET OUT of that compromised Church while you still can !!!

(Sep 11 2022) - Declaration of International Medical Crisis ... !!!
WORLD (www.MedicalCrisisDeclaration.com) -- We, the medical doctors and scientists from all over the world, declare that there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and deaths co-related to the administration of products known as “COVID-19 Vaccines”. We are currently witnessing an excess in mortality in those countries where the majority of the population has received the so called “COVID-19 vaccines”. To date, this excess mortality has neither been sufficiently investigated nor studied by national and international health institutions. The large number of sudden deaths in previously healthy young people who were inoculated with these “vaccines”, is particularly worrying ...

(Sep 11 2022) - HEADS UP PEOPLE : Top Republican Leader And Attorney Says Trump Supporters May Be Targeted By FBI
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- This week, it was revealed that homes of dozens of Trump admin' officials were raided by the FBI. (...) Top Trump officials Steve Bannon & Pete Navarro are currently being criminally charged by law enforcement officials. Now, the former Vice Chair' of the California Republican Party who has clients targeted by the FBI said that they may start targeting Trump supporters as well.

(Sep 10 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #370
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Forest fires, flash droughts, flash floods, extreme UV radiation and crop destruction, the super-rich are frantically preparing to try and save themselves by investing in underground bunkers. Will they succeed? How many biosphere collapse tipping points have already been passed? How much are climate intervention operations fueling the entire process? How much time might we have left if we remain on the current course?

(Sep 10 2022) - The Dark & Ugly Past of the Climate Crisis King
ENGLAND (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the beginning of the reign of King Charles III. This family is one of the most evil in the world and now their globalist elite patriarch is even more powerful than he already was. The rise of King Charles III is arguably the most important and concerning news coming out of the globalist war since Klaus Schwab launched the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2015, sparking the basis for The Great Reset & taking Agenda 2030 from being a thought experiment to an achievable goal of pure evil. Americans & citizens of the world must WAKE UP ... before it’s too late !!!

(Sep 10 2022) - Here’s How They’ll Bankrupt You !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Expose-News.com) -- Their plan is to make every one of us bankrupt and they are well on the way to succeeding. Only the billionaire conspirators are likely to avoid this. The conspirators must be delighted at the way things are going. To start with, of course, the rising cost of food and energy will eat into our savings. Those without savings won’t be able to put anything aside. Every penny will go into paying for basic essentials. And, remember, nothing happens by accident.

(Sep 10 2022) - Credit Card Firms To Code Gun, Ammunition Purchases ... Making Them {AND YOU} Easier To Track !!!
WASH D.C. (www.JustTheNews.com) -- The international organization responsible for creating merchant category codes for credit card purchases has given its approval to establish one for transactions made at gun stores. The International Organization for Standardization’s Registration & Maintenance Management Group met Wed to discuss a request made by Amalgamated Bank to set up such a code. An ISO spokesperson told The Center Square that RMMG members could not decide whether to approve the application.

(Sep 10 2022) - DOCTORS WARN : It’s Time To Stop The COVID Vaccination Program ... Or Many, Many More People Will Die !!!
U.S.A. (www.SGTReport.com) -- There has been a profound change in the nature of the COVID pandemic. With over 1 million already declared dead from COVID and more than 500 dying every day in the US and nearly all vaccinated, it is critically important for the public to understand that COVID vaccines ... that the vast majority of people have taken ... are the root cause of high death rates. Vaccine shots have now been shown to cause substantial blood damage, and also wreck immune systems.

(Sep 09 2022) - Gov. Newsom, meet Icarus
CALIFORNIA (www.WND.com) -- PG&E is inundating northern California residents with warnings of the no-power apocalypse. The frantic messages proclaim if people keep using electricity there will be no electricity, and so they must stop using electricity. Which is to say, California does not have the power to deliver power to the people. California gov't deliberately reduced production of energy during the past 50 years, and thus has to beg and borrow and sometimes do without.

(Sep 09 2022) - FBI Raids Homes of 35 Trump Supporters ???
U.S.S.A. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- This afternoon, it was revealed that the residences of 35 Trump supporters were raided by Joe Biden’s FBI yesterday. Of course, the FBI couldn’t be bothered to investigate Joe Biden’s crackhead son’s laptop before the election that contained evidence that should have landed both Joe and Hunter in prison, but they can be bothered to raid the homes of 35 Trump supporters in an effort to intimidate Trump loyalists like Boris Epshteyn (who is Jewish) was allegedly part of the sweeping raid.

(Sep 08 2022) - FDA Has Known About Vaxx Shedding for Yrs ...
WASH D.C. (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- In 2015 the FDA issued guidance on how to conduct shedding studies during the preclinical and clinical development of virus or bacteria-based gene therapy products. Shedding, as described by the FDA, is the excretion or release of a product from a vaccinated person’s body. The shed gene therapy product may be infectious and so raises safety concernsrelated to the risk of transmission to untreated individuals.” Various studies and documents (...) indicate vaccine shedding and transmission are occurring.

(Sep 08 2022) - The WEF King ascends to the British throne
BRITAIN (www.Dossier.com) -- With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, humanity, and in particular, western civilization, has lost an absolute giant WITCH ... her successor, on the other hand, can best be understood as the WEF (World Economic Forum) king. King Charles is a (MASONIC) king for our times, in the worst possible way imaginable. Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for DEPOPULATION ...

(Sep 08 2022) - FDA Has Known About Vaxx Shedding for Yrs ...
WASH D.C. (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- In 2015 the FDA issued guidance on how to conduct shedding studies during the preclinical and clinical development of virus or bacteria-based gene therapy products. Shedding, as described by the FDA, is the excretion or release of a product from a vaccinated person’s body. The shed gene therapy product may be infectious and so raises safety concernsrelated to the risk of transmission to untreated individuals.” Various studies and documents (...) indicate vaccine shedding and transmission are occurring.

(Sep 07 2022) - How to remove Graphene - which is transmitted from the COVID Vaxxed to the Unvaxxed - from your body
AMERICA (www.Expose-News.com) -- Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccinations”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health. The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning & EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid. THE GOOD NEWS IS ...

(Sep 07 2022) - SATANIC STATE : With Gender-Trans' Sanctuary State Law, California Declares War on Parents in All 50 States
CALIFORNIA (www.NationalReview.com) -- The California legislature just passed S.B. 107, a dangerous bill that undermines the fundamental right of every parent in every state to direct the upbringing of their children. It allows California courts to strip custody from parents — even parents who don’t live in California — who have legitimate concerns about a young child undergoing irreversible medical procedures to appear as a different gender. California wants to become a “satanic sanctuary state” to which minor children from around the country can flee ...

RHODE ISLAND (www.HNewsWire.com) -- Residents who reject the vaccination and its booster doses would be subject to penalties and will pay extra income tax unless they qualify for an exemption under COVID-19, a ridiculous measure introduced by extreme communist Road Island Senator Samuel W. Bell. On Mar 1, Bell presented Senate Bill S2552 in the state of Rhode Island. At the time of writing, the bill has not yet been signed into law, but it is now being reviewed by the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services.

(Sep 06 2022) - Elites DEFINITELY Getting Prepared Are You ???
AMERICA (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- The ultra-wealthy are some of the best preppers in the entire world. I realize that statement may sound strange to many of you, but it is actually true. The elite are very well aware that we are on the precipice of a full-blown societal meltdown, and many of them are spending enormous amounts of time, money and energy to prepare themselves for the extremely difficult times that are rapidly approaching. In some cases, ultra-wealthy individuals are forking out giant mountains of cash for luxurious underground bunkers ...

(Sep 06 2022) - The Republic has Flatlined !!!
AMERICA (www.JosephSansone.com) -- The American founding fathers modeled the American republic after the Roman republic and started an experiment that changed the world. The Roman republic lasted approximately 450 years. That is uncommon. The truth is that most republics don’t last that long. The elected representatives’ degree of corruption usually reaches a boiling point, which leads to a dictatorship. (...) America’s republican roots run deeper than Rome. They actually trace back to the Etruscans.

WASH D.C. (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- On Aug 8, the FBI executed a Search Warrant against the estate of former President Donald Trump, raiding his mansion called Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. The next day, illegitimate President Joe Biden DENIED having anything to do with it, or having any knowledge of it. Proof is now out, in a gov't court filing, that PROVES Biden arranged the whole debacle! (...) On May 10, 2022, NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed providing the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President ...

(Sep 05 2022) - Challenge Big Pharma and Go to Jail
WORLD (www.UnCanceled.news) -- According to a story in Human Rights Watch in Feb 2021, “At least 83 governments worldwide have used the Covid-19 pandemic to justify violating the exercise of free speech & peaceful assembly (...)” Authorities have attacked, detained, prosecuted & in some cases killed critics, broken up peaceful protests, closed media outlets & enacted vague laws criminalizing speech that they claim threatens public health. The victims include journalists, activists, healthcare workers, political opposition groups and others ...

(Sep 04 2022) - The Return of the Care Home Massacre
U.S.A. (www.VernonColeman.org) -- In March 2020 it was patently clear that our Government’s aim was to MURDER as many old people as it could get away with. It was then that I pointed out that all around the world citizens were at war with their own Governments. Governments everywhere punished the elderly for being elderly, and for being a financial and social inconvenience in a NEW WORLD ORDER dedicated to technology, intellectual terrorism and the corruption of mankind.

(Sep 04 2022) - Please GOD : Wake Up Your Christians !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As usual - on a Sunday - I'm going out for a quick jog. My route covers three large Churches in the Porterville area, and most of the time their Church parking lots are packed. Last Sunday, many Christians from these parking lots saw me running, but didn't think it necessary to relinquish any pleasantries - let alone share the Gospel. I pray that'll change soon, but my gut felling is - it won't. Please GOD ... Wake These Christians Up before it's too late !!!

(Sep 03 2022) - .WHAT ???. : IRS Publishes Confidential Info of 120,000 Taxpayers Online - Then Blames Human Coding Error
WASH D.C. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- On Friday, officials from Treasury Department announced that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had "accidentally" published confidential information pertaining to approximately 120,000 taxpayers’ retirement accounts on its website. “This letter provides notice that the Internal Revenue Service recently identified an inadvertent and now-corrected disclosure of a subset of Forms 990-T,” Acting Secretary Anna Canfield Roth wrote in a letter addressed to Homeland Security Chairman Thompson.

(Sep 03 2022) - WARNING: If you’ve had a CoVid Vaxx/Booster ... What This Article Presents May Cause You Stress And Anxiety
VAXX REPORT (www.TheBlueStateConservative.com) -- Two key recent medical research articles, one from Italy and one from Germany, are used to document what may be the most important research finding during the entire COVID pandemic period. BLOOD DAMAGE that has been detailed through sophisticated research methods is “the missing link” to explain many negative health conditions ranging from heart problems, cancers, reduced immunity and DEATH !!! Blood damage is the key biologic explanation for harmful vaccine impacts.

(Sep 03 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : ‘Classified’ Folders Seized by FBI from Mar-a-Lago Were Empty -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
MAR-A-LAGO : According to a more detailed property receipt of the seized documents, the FBI discovered 43 empty folders with classified banners in Trump’s office & several others in the former president’s storage room. Further The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the FBI created a fake crime scene at Mar-a-Lago by adding planting their documents to the scene and doctoring the photo of the scene. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW !!!

(Sep 03 2022) - “Worst Has Yet To Come” ... !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Most folks who live from paycheck-to-paycheck don't have the resources to make it through any crisis, let alone CIVIL UNREST !!! Then there's those who brag about what they've stockpiled and - to be sure - people who ain't prepared will know where to go for last minute supplies. So, until it hits the fan - whatever it is - "Loose Lips Sinks Ships". Listen up folks, CIVIL UNREST will lead to CIVIL WAR !!! So y'all better get on the stick -PDQ !!! This is not a Drill !!!

(Sep 02 2022) - Covid-19 Vaxx Reprograms the Immune System ...
GERMANY (www.UnCanceled.news) -- The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines purportedly reprogram the immune system to turn against the body, causing lymphocytes to attack important organs. Arne Burkhardt & Walter Lang, two pathology professors from Germany, held a press conference to explain this phenomenon. They presented an analysis of 10 autopsies from people who died soon after their COVID-19 vaxx. All 10 individuals were aged 50, and died at various intervals in the two weeks following their vaccination.

(Sep 02 2022) - QUESTION : Will Biden’s Speech Spark a Civil War or a Revolution ??? ... {YES - With a little help from the MSM}
AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- During a televised, prime-time speech Thurs night, Biden declared war on “MAGA Republicans.” He didn’t use the word “war,” but his rhetoric was the most divisive we've ever heard from a U.S. President. He didn’t go after his political opponents as his predecessors often did. Instead, he went after the people who support his biggest political opponent & by doing so declared a de facto civil war. That’s not hyperbole !!!

(Sep 01 2022) - Vatican releases a new Vaccination Coin ???
ITALY (www.StrangeSounds.org) -- I would have assumed this was fake if I hadn’t found it myself. This is just super cringe. That new coin (released in June 2022 and sold as part of a commemorative set) is there to celebrate everyone Getting The MARK !!! As described on the CFN website ... The 20 Euro Silver Coin, designed by Chiara Principe, is dedicated to a current theme that is very close to Pope Francis’ heart: treatments to counter the pandemic and the need to be vaccinated.

(Sep 01 2022) - NEW WHISTLEBLOWER EVIDENCE : Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people ... {Sometimes Sooner}
WORLD (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- We’ve always assumed the vaccine kills you quickly (in the first 2 weeks) because that’s when people notice the association & report it to VAERS. This is still true; it does kill some people quickly. However, thanks to an HHS whistleblower, we can now clearly see that most of the deaths from the vaccine are happening an average of 5 months from the last dose. That is for the 2nd dose; it may be getting shorter the more shots you get ...

(Aug 31 2022) - 1.3 Million Vaxx Injuries Reported to VAERS
U.S.A. (www.Principia-Scientific.com) -- On August 12th, the CDC released new data showing a total of 1,379,438 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Aug. 5, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That’s an increase of 7,964 adverse events over the previous week. The data included a total of 30,162 reports of deaths — an increase of 181 over the previous week — and 251,075 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 1,959 compared with the previous week.

(Aug 31 2022) - The NWO Doesn’t Care if You Starve !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- All around the world, people are STARVING !!! Make no mistake, the NEW WORLD ORDER and all their underlings have been preparing for this end-time depopulation-event for eons, and they know it's either now or never. I know that most of y'all think you can stop them with your pea-shooters. (LOL) Just as bad, most of you Christians have failed to heed the WARNINGS OF THE WATCHMEN !!! So ... if your pantry ain't full and your powder ain't dry and your Bibles are pretty dusty ... then you can just FORGET ABOUT IT !!!

UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA (www.Unherd.com) -- Early on in the pandemic, a handful of far-sighted critics warned that if Americans were to accept mask mandates, vaccine passports, and other restrictions to deal with the supposedly unprecedented threat of Covid-19, there would be no way for them to resist future efforts to strip them of basic rights in the name of “public health”. After all, the justifications offered for Covid mitigation measures — that you have no right to make personal decisions when those decisions can affect others — have no limiting principle.

(Aug 30 2022) - New California Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on COVID-19 ???
CALIFORNIA (www.TheFreeThoughtProject.com) -- As TFTP has reported, Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, who has sponsored a slew of mandatory vaccine laws throughout his career came out in 2019 to threaten the speech of those who question forced vaccination. (...) Now, with the passage of Assembly Bill 2098, this tyrannical state senator has finally gotten his way & even doctors who question the safety of a product from a company with a known history of criminal behavior — will be punished by the state for doing so.

(Aug 30 2022) - Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer rejects California city’s resolution to give $1 million to Planned Parenthood
FRESNO, CA (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- The Republican mayor of a California city last week tossed out a budget proposal to allocate $1 million in taxpayer dollars to abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Countered by a pro-abortion supermajority on the city council, however, the veto is unlikely to survive. Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer, a former police chief, vetoed a budget amendment Thurs that would've granted $9.5 million in total state funding to 3 organizations, including $1 million to Planned Parenthood’s Mar Monte location, The Fresno Bee reported.

(Aug 30 2022) - Another US Food Processing Plant Catches Fire ...
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Another food processing plant went up in flames last weekend. Add this poultry business in California to the growing list of US food plants that have been knocked offline in the past year due to "accidental fires." Los Angeles-based KTLA reported QC Poultry processing plant in Montebello, California, located just east of East Los Angeles and southwest of San Gabriel Valley, caught fire around 1600 local time Sunday. Firefighters responded to the large industrial plant as heavy smoke billowed from the roof.

(Aug 29 2022) - SABOTAGE ??? Another Oil Refinery Mysteriously Burns to the Ground As Feds Declare Emergency in 4 States
INDIANA (www.NewsPunch.com) -- The federal gov't has declared an emergency in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan & Wisconsin, following a massive fire at an oil refinery in Indiana. The fire destroyed the electrical power & cooling water systems at BP Whiting in Indiana. The Dept' of Transportation & the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations said the “unanticipated shutdown of the BP Whiting refinery” due to the fire has affected the supply of gas, diesel & jet fuel in the 4 Midwest states.

(Aug 29 2022) - 'If Trump is indicted, there'll be riots' !!!
WASH D.C. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- GOP Senator Lindsey Graham has warned there will be 'riots in the streets' if Donald Trump is indicted over his mishandling of classified documents. Graham suggested there was a two-tiered legal system based along political lines in support of Joe Biden and against the former president. 'Most Republicans, including me, believe when it comes to Trump, there is no law. It's all about getting him,' Graham said to Fox News on Sunday night.

(Aug 29 2022) - Baghdad Has Fallen : Embassy Being Evacuated !!!
IRAQ (www.GellerReport.com) -- U.S. Embassy employees being evacuated from the roof in Baghdad !!! It was reported on Monday that the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, Iraq was breached, and that the US embassy was reportedly evacuated. Helicopters could be seen on the roof of the embassy. US embassy employees could be seen leaving the embassy, and evacuating the Green Zone, via helicopter.

(Aug 29 2022) - IT'S OBVIOUS : Mass Media Mind Control !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- For many years, I made fun of the “chem-trail” conspiracy theorists because as a fixed wing pilot for years myself, I’m quite familiar with vapor trails. But the recent display of utter mass-insanity in our country made me wonder if we were not being poisoned by our own government, be it via chem-trails or our food and water supply. What else could explain the mass-psychosis gripping our society, now visible in daily life?

(Aug 28 2022) - Great Propaganda Tricks Of Today ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.BillKloss.law) -- The political “elite” clearly look on the rest of us as cattle to be herded, tagged, corralled & culled by their betters. That view (...) justifies all manner of crimes against the herd & explains why their treatment of the citizenry who place their trust in them is so amoral. It's important not to lose sight of the fact that justifying their egregious treatment of the citizenry by pointing out the alleged dangers of the pandemic does not hold water. These people knew damn well that the alleged pandemic (...) was not the threat (...) not even close.

(Aug 28 2022) - Death via Graphene Oxide Nano-particles !!!
WORLD (www.Aim4Truth.org) -- Throughout the world, doctors are putting the Covid vaccine under the microscope, along with human blood from vaccinated people, and discovering the most astoundingly disgusting results that prove that pharmaceutical companies are lacing jabs with nano-metals, graphene and iron oxide nano-structures, and many other substances of “unknown” origin. These substances are accumulating in blood vessels as they self-organize & self-replicate with the magnetic and electrically conductive materials found in the vaccines ...

(Aug 28 2022) - Official Gov't reports prove COVID-19 Vaccination is causing mass Depopulation ... and they knew it would happen !!!
U.S.A. (www.Expose-News.com) -- You may find some of the following claims initially hard to believe. But we can assure you that each & everyone has been extracted from official gov't approved documents. If you're willing to read on then you're about to stumble on the most comprehensive selection of evidence that proves Covid-19 vaccination is in effect causing mass depopulation & your gov't knew it would happen. We'll reference each & every doc' for you to “fact check” yourselves.

(Aug 28 2022) - The Coming Flu Shots Will Be Deadly !!!
WORLD (www.BitChute.com) -- Jim Crenshaw : "At this point I don't want anything injected into me. I don't trust any shot or any fool that would push one on me. TRUST NO DOCTOR - TRUST NO SHOT !!! Think about it, even pain killing injections at the dentist may have this sh*t in it. Most likely will do this to medicines for pets also. Any thing they can inject into you at this point could so the same amount of damage just like you took a covid sh*t shot or booster." Here comes the flood ...

(Aug 28 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Aug 27 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #368
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Once in a thousand year" floods have now become a weekly event, and not just in the US. Catastrophic flooding is now often coming on the heals of "once in a thousand year" droughts. Extreme drought/deluge scenarios are the hallmark of covert climate intervention operations. Food crops all over the world are either being fried or flooded, formerly thriving forests are being incinerated, whole ecosystems are being wiped out. What will it take to compel populations to look up and take notice of the shockingly obvious geoengineering operations being conducted in our skies?

(Aug 27 2022) - STUDY : Vaxxed Blood Is Tainted Blood !!!
ITALY (www.DCClothesLine.com) -- New research out of Italy proposes that everyone who has been “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) now has tainted blood marked by mystery particles of various sizes and shapes. Published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR), the study, which began in March 2021, looked at blood samples from 1,006 patients who got jabbed, and who subsequently developed various disorders.

(Aug 27 2022) - CDC Backtracks on Covid Guidance ...
U.S.A. (www.LewRockwell.com) -- Without fanfare, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August 11, 2022, reversed all its COVID-19 guidelines. In fact, many have noted it appears the CDC wanted to bring as little attention to it as possible.1 This is understandable, considering the new guidelines more or less admit the original rules were in error, without actually stating as much. The new guidance is listed in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) ...

(Aug 26 2022) - America Has Trust Issues With FBI
AMERICA (www.LidBlog.com) -- Revelations keep coming about the FBI’s role in the 2020 election in their “fast and furious” attempts to misinform the American public. Mark Zuckerberg told podcaster Joe Rogan in an interview that the FBI approached him and asked that his platform have a heads up about Hunter Biden’s laptop because it was “Russian propaganda.” So they did, censoring everything to do with the truth. Zuck did OBEYED what they asked because they’re “a professional law enforcement organization.” Right.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What do you do when many of your family members and close friends quit listening to the truth - STOP TALKING TO THEM !!! Hopefully they haven't become too IMPLACABLE and crossed over into REPROBATE territory and can still be saved - that's of course entirely up to GOD !!! LISTEN, there's quickly coming a time when you're gonna need to block their phone calls and change the locks of your homes, businesses, and what-have-you's. I'm tellin' y'all ... the sooner you do this, the quicker they'll get over it. Because when the SHTF - hopefully - they'll go and plague someone else. GOT IT ???

(Aug 26 2022) - A DEADLY WINTER IS COMING ... !!!
AMERICA (www.NWOReport.me) -- Food shortages are not the only supply chain issue Americans have faced & are still facing, although we freely admit we focus more on food because one can live without certain household products, yet they cannot live without food & water. With that said, winter is coming, and there are other shortages & severe price hikes that are already affecting tens of millions. Some far more deadly than others, some that can make life extremely difficult to live in the manner we have become accustomed to & others ... an inconvenience.

(Aug 25 2022) - U.S. Embassy Urges Americans To Leave Ukraine
UKRAINE (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- The U.S. embassy has urged American citizens to leave Ukraine for their own safety. Russia is expected to retaliate against Ukraine for the car bombing assassination of Daria Dugina. “The State Dept' has info that Russia is stepping up efforts to launch strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure & gov't facilities in the coming days,” the embassy said in an alert on its website. All Americans were instructed to leave Ukraine immediately using ground transport. [ EMERGENCY TROOP NOTIFICATION ]

(Aug 25 2022) - REJECTED AGAIN : DC mayor’s second request to deploy National Guard troops denied by the Pentagon !!!
WASH D.C. (www.LawEnforcementToday.com) -- Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC recently sent a second letter to the federal government to activate the National Guard to assist with the thousands of migrants ILLEGALS arriving from the southern border to DC in recent months. Her request was denied by the Pentagon - again. Mayor Bowser first sent a letter to the Pentagon in July, but was rejected August 4th. She then sent another letter Aug. 11th, but that, too, was rejected.

(Aug 24 2022) - Majority of Americans No Longer Trust The MSM
AMERICA (www.TownHall.com) -- It’s not news that American’s trust in mainstream media has dissolved over the past few years. Former president Trump hailed political news networks as FAKE NEWS when it became apparent that the networks no longer delivered unbiased info & instead pushed for a certain narrative. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 62% of voters believe media bias is getting worse & 82% say FAKE NEWS is going to become a bigger problem than it is now.

(Aug 24 2022) - Doctors discover Graphene is being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated ... !!!
SOUTH AFRICA (www.Expose-News.com) -- In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaccinated” and unvaccinated people, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen demonstrated that the graphene being injected into people is organising & growing into larger fibres & structures, gaining magnetic properties or an electrical charge & the fibres are showing indications of more complex structures with striations. He also demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from “vaccinated” to vaccine-free or unvaccinated people destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

(Aug 24 2022) - DEEP STATE ALERT : Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED at Her Georgia Home at 1AM !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Democ-RATS desperate to slow down The Red Wave that's coming in November have weaponized their DEEP STATE fiends in the FBI to SWAT Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green !!! Yes the FBI rummaged and rifled through other items in her home, but what they were really after was the CONTACT TRACING leads on her cell phone, especially those conveyed to and/or by President Trump that could be construed - by a Grand Jury - as insurrection verbiage, possibly triggering a CIVIL WAR to hault all elections in 2022 & 2024 !!! ... [MORE]

(Aug 23 2022) - Newsom ensures illegal aliens who have aged out of eligibility see no disruption in health care coverage ???
SACRAMENTO (www.JustTheNews.com) -- California covers the health care costs of illegal aliens under the age of 25 & has done so since 2019. Last month, California became the first state to guarantee free health care to all low-income adult illegal aliens, reportedly conferring coverage to an additional 764,000 people - costing the state $2.7 billion more. This pledge to criminal non-citizens was part of Newsom's $308 billion operating budget approved by lawmakers June 29. Approximately 40,000 illegals have or will age out of their present Medicaid coverage,

(Aug 23 2022) - No Matter How Many Times Joe Biden Denies It ... The United States Is Being Invaded By Thousands Daily !!!
U.S.A. (www.IssuesInsights.com) -- A new poll finds that more than half of Americans think the U.S. is being invaded by illegal aliens flooding into the country. And they are right, no matter what President Joe Biden claims, or how diligently the mainstream press tries to cover it up. “More than half (54%) of Americans think it’s at least somewhat true that we’re experiencing an invasion at the southern border,” according to the NPR/Ipsos poll. That is a shocking finding ...

(Aug 22 2022) - Biden White House facilitated DOJ's criminal probe against Trump, scuttled privilege claims: memos !!!
WASH D.C. (www.JustTheNews.com) -- "I have therefore decided not to honor the former President's 'protective' claim of privilege," acting National Archivist Debra Steidel Wall wrote Trump's team in May. Long before it professed no prior knowledge of the raid on Donald Trump's estate, the Biden worked directly with the DOJ and National Archives to instigate the criminal probe into alleged mishandling of documents, allowing the FBI to review evidence retrieved from Mar-a-Lago this spring & eliminating the 45th president's claims to executive privilege ...

(Aug 22 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Imposters in the Oval Office -- ("ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AMERICAN" -- Written by Robert C. Laity)
WHITE HOUSE -- The following is the first five pages, plus a small portion of page 6, of a book registered with the by citizen researcher and disabled U.S. Navy veteran Robert C. Laity. He has been kind enough to share the book with The Post & Email prior to publication. The book is 41 pages and produced in easy-to-read large print. For those wishing to purchase the book at this time, please send an email to robertlaity@roadrunner.com.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today I was in the gym for about an hour and then went off jogging for another hour around Porterville. Yes it was hot outside, but that's how I train and that's how I like it. During those few hours I talked with several folks about the EVIL that's on the way and how to keep informed by reading The Porterville Post. Why ? Because many people still believe and hope that all these "Man-Made" crisis' are all gonna go away. Well, they won't, and it's gonna get way worse. So, did any of you guys talk "Face-to-Face" to anybody today ??? I didn't think so ...

(Aug 22 2022) - A Major Food Crisis Coming in 2023 ... ???
U.S.A. (www.NOQReport.com) -- We are being warned that food prices in the U.S. are gonna go absolutely haywire after the election in Nov. I am taking such warnings very seriously, and I believe that you should too. Global officials have been telling us over and over again that we are heading into an unprecedented global food crisis, and I have been writing about this again and again in recent weeks. But so far, the vast majority of the population doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously.

(Aug 21 2022) - Can We Survive the Depopulation Agenda ... ???
AMERICA (www.TheLostSens.com) -- Remember when your mother asked you if you'd jump off a cliff if everyone else was doing it? It turns out that all of us would've been wise to heed the advice from our mothers as the globalists aren’t just encouraging us to jump off a cliff, they're in fact pushing us off of the proverbial cliff in a deliberate attempt to fulfill the their mandate which is to eliminate a substantial portion of humanity. Meanwhile, the globalists will be safely tucked away ...

(Aug 21 2022) - Journal Reveals How Graphene Can Be Used to Assemble Radio Frequency Electronics in Biological Systems
U.S.A. (www.NOQReport.com) -- Groundbreaking information has come to light about the role of graphene, which many believe is contained in or produced by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” in radio frequency electronics. A paper published in the journal Nature Communications back in 2014 — entitled, “Graphene radio frequency receiver integrated circuit” — explains how graphene has “superior electrical properties” & has strong potential as “a future channel material in radio frequency electronics.”

(Aug 21 2022) - The X-Files Predicted The Pandemic & mRNA! !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NWOReport.me) -- Remember back in the 1990’s how the CIA would give the X-Files info to make episodes on ??? Well enter in the 2000’s they did the same thing here. Think the whole Pandemic just happened organically ? Think it was just bad luck? Think it was just a bat at a food market in China ? Really, folks ... WAKE UP !!! The latest example is the X-Files from 2016 perfectly predicting not only the Planned-Demic but also gene splicing and mRNA vaccines.

(Aug 21 2022) - Is HAARP being used to START FIRES ... and ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- HAARP is only one of many techno-terrorist toys that attack humans, the environment and earth. You'd think that the operators of these devilish devices would one day step away from the control panels and spill the beans re: where they're all located and how to stop them. However - and they know this - if there is a breach of any of the aforementioned information, then it all becomes FAIL SAFE automated and activated. That's why no one's coming forward - because everyone's a goner if they do. EVERYONE !!!

(Aug 21 2022) - Another Day, Another Virus Prepare for Tomato Flu
INDIA (www.FreedomFirstNetwork.com) -- “Tomato flu” was first identified in India on May 6 of this year and has so far infected 82 children, all under the age of 5. The ruling class has described it as “very contagious.” According to a study by the Lancet Respiratory Medicine Journal, a further 26 kids up to the age of 10 are suspected of having cases of tomato flu. This virus was named for the red blisters that appear on the skin after infection. The blisters are coupled with other symptoms such as fever and joint pain. In addition to the virus being very contagious ...

(Aug 20 2022) - Civil War Risk ... State By State ... ???
AMERICA (www.HNewsWire.com) -- The states most likely to experience civil war conflicts if the lawless Democrats manage to ignite the war ... ARE ... (1) Democrat-controlled states, (2) that have large regions of conservative residents outside the capital cities, (3) where Democrats are increasingly aggressive in depriving rural residents of their Second Amendment rights, (4) and where gun ownership among private citizens is high ... like CALIFORNIA !!!

(Aug 20 2022) - Russian & Chinese Forces Train in Venezuela ???
VENEZUELA (www.WesternJournal.com) -- In what some commentators are calling an "in-your-face" gesture at the United States, Russian-sponsored WAR GAMES are being held in Venezuela. (...) China, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Burma, Belarus, Abkhazia, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan & Indonesia are among the nations taking part in the event, which is scheduled to last until Aug. 27 and involves snipers competing against each other. Past events have involved tanks and other military hardware.

(Aug 20 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #367
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The climate engineers control the drought / deluge global rain scenarios all over the world. In forests of Northern California there is no weather deviation, only heat & drought. Temperatures are up to 20 degrees above normal day & night with humidity levels often near single digits which is comparable to Death Valley. Forests are withering & incinerating on every continent due to the consequences of the atmospheric intervention operations, including off the scale UV radiation. Rivers are either drying up or flooding from record deluge. Crops are collapsing at a radically accelerating rate.

(Aug 20 2022) - BELIEVE IT : mRNA Shots Are a Slow Genocide
AMERICA (www.AmericaOutLoud.com) -- People are dying. Have you noticed? Not just the ordinary kind of dying that happens in ordinary life. Maybe it’s just an amazing coincidence, but ever since the mRNA shots were pushed by Fauci and other evil opportunists, people of all ages, from infants to centenarians, are dying suddenly, unexpectedly, with “no plausible explanation.” Except, there is an explanation. The Covid jabs have been killing people. Lots of people. Just as some of us anticipated. Of course, you have been trained to trust your gov't “experts.” Believe them because the CDC, the NIH, the NIAID, the U.S. Surgeon General — because they can’t all be wrong. Right? Wrong !!!

(Aug 19 2022) - Study Reveals the Jabbed Are 5X More Contagious
WORLD (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Every single narrative surrounding Covid-19 in general and the so-called "vaccines" in particular is failing the test of time. The latest "fact" ... about the experimental drugs being "safe and effective" to be debunked is the notion that those who have been vaccinated become less contagious more quickly after infection than the unvaccinated. A new study indicates that the OPPOSITE is true !!!

(Aug 19 2022) - Polio Cases Continue to Rise ... !!!
NEW YORK CITY (www.TheNationalPulse.com) -- Cases of the polio virus are re-emerging across the world, including in the U.S., and appear to be attributed to strains of the virus resulting from vaccination !!! Despite the re-emergence of polio being triggered by a vaccine, health officials and mainstream media outlets have continued to push vaccination as the solution to a potential outbreak.

(Aug 19 2022) - Looters RANSACK & destroy 7-11 store in LA ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Sometime in the future looters will follow this example on how to take it by storm. And I'm here to tell y'all, this example of rioters ransacking & ruining stores ain't as new as the MSM wants you to believe. These SMASH & GRAB gangs will be the new store owners if convenient stores continue to capitulate, and not hire a "Second Amendment Solution". Because of todays new normal you're gonna need a gun for your personal protection. Look, California's LEO's hands are politically tied and it's now on you to be the first responder to any active anarchy or shooter !!!

(Aug 18 2022) - Most Mass Shooters Are Registered Democrats
AMERICA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- It is very ironic that the politicians blame guns as the culprit of mass shootings when it’s almost always registered Democrats pulling the trigger. The Democrat politicians not only point the finger at the automatic or semi-automatic guns, but indirectly blame their own registered voters for the crimes, then try to illegally and unconstitutionally confiscate guns from Republicans and conservatives. The whole gun-grabbing campaign is hinged on emotional highs just after registered Democrats shoot up a school, movie theatre or college campus. What a farce !!!

(Aug 18 2022) - THE USA IS TOTALLY INSANE ... {Roger That !!!}
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- The vast majority of Americans trust no one now, and largely for very good reason. Americans have been openly betrayed by politicians in all political parties, every news outlet, the social media CEOs, church leaders, patriot group leaders, Hollywood & due to COVID, even their friends & family, all of it one great big “cancel culture” designed to divide and conquer the USA. If you don’t buy into their blatant lies, or participate in their mass divisions, you’re a conspiracy theorist or domestic terrorist, maybe both.

(Aug 18 2022) - WHAT ??? Scientists Have Recreated The Deadly Spanish Flu Of 1918 And Infected Monkeys — Here’s The 411
CANADA/US (www.ClashDaily.com) -- “In the latest news, a team of scientists in Canada & the U.S. report that they have re-created the 1918 influenza virus & used it to infect macaques,” says Salzberg. “Let’s be clear here: the 1918 flu vanished from the Earth, long ago. It’s simply not a threat, or it least it wasn’t, until someone figured out a way to bring it back.” Why would anyone do this ??? In a piece titled, “Scientists Have Re-Created The Deadly 1918 Flu Virus. Why?” Forbes contributor Steven Salzberg examines what could possibly lead scientists to do this ???

(Aug 18 2022) - WEAPONIZING THE BURAUCRACY : Who Will Protect Us from the U.S Government’s Standing Army ???
AMERICA (www.globalresearch.ca) -- This is how it begins. We have what the founders feared most: a “standing” or permanent army on American soil. This de facto standing army is made up of weaponized, militarized, civilian forces which look like, dress like & act like the military; are armed with guns, ammunition & military-style equipment; are authorized to make arrests & are trained in military tactics. Mind you this de facto standing army (...) may look & act like the military, but they are not the military.

(Aug 17 2022) - War is Coming to America on Many Levels ... !!!
AMERICA (www.TheLostSens.com) -- War is coming to the world and to America on many levels and it cannot be stopped. The best anyone can do is to prepare and try to stay out of the way of the most serious fighting and bide their time until they can get the upper hand in their locality. The world is about to change in a very radical way and many are not prepared for it either physically or mentally. The forecast has been given and the storm flags are up. The winds of war are now blowing around the world. One day we will look back on these days with longing as one would look back on the gentle breezes of summer as the hurricane blows outside.

(Aug 17 2022) - IRS Agents Training to RAID American Homes !!!
U.S.A. (www.ArmstrongEconomics.com) -- The IRS 2021 report contains a bit more info about who the IRS aims to TARGET – you. These special IRS Criminal Investigation agents are armed & ready to prevent a penny from leaving the govt’s control. After only 6 months of training, these armed accountants will learn how to use weapons & other law enforcement tactics against the general population. (...) They're not doing this to target drug dealers & organized crime leaders. The gov't is preparing an independent army of IRS agents who can work undercover, spy on citizens & seize assets under their “good judgment.”

(Aug 16 2022) - FBI arrests T.J. Cox on FRAUD charges
FRESNO, CA (www.Politico.com) -- The FBI arrested former one-term Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox on dozens of charges related to financial fraud, according to public records with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. The arrest took place around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Fresno, Calif., according to the records. A statement from the DoJ said the former congressman was charged with “15 counts of wire fraud, 11 counts of money laundering, one count of financial institution fraud, and one count of campaign contribution fraud.

(Aug 16 2022) - Crop failures now at CRISIS LEVELS worldwide ...
WORLD (www.NaturalNews.com) -- The following statement is a fact, not hyperbole: Globalists are currently carrying out a planetary-scale genocide agenda against humanity and all life on Earth as we know it. They are waging this war through multiple vectors that attack not only humans, but also plant life across the planet !!! These efforts by the globalists are achieving significant traction. Global food crops are in a crisis, with 50% – 80% crop losses reported in some areas.

(Aug 16 2022) - The WATER WARS Are About To Explode ...
CALIFORNIA (www.StrangeSounds.org) -- Two months ago, fed's took the unprecedented step of telling the 7 states that depend on Colorado River water to prepare for emergency cuts next year to prevent reservoirs from dropping to dangerously low levels. The states & managers of affected water agencies were told to come up with plans to reduce water use drastically, by 2 to 4 million acre-feet, by mid-Aug. After weeks of negotiations, which some participants say have at times grown tense & acrimonious, the parties have yet to reach an agreement.

(Aug 15 2022) - Largest California County Sees No Other Option : Seriously Considers Secession ... Staring In November ???
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY -- (www.TheEpochTimes.com) California’s largest geographically, will put the question of seceding from the state on the ballot in Nov. It is so fed up with California’s leaders, with no prospect for change, that it is seriously considering leaving to become its own state. The county’s Board of Supervisors recently approved the ballot measure, which will ask voters whether the county should “study and advocate for all options to obtain the county’s fair share of State funding up to and including secession from the State of California.”

(Aug 15 2022) - INCONVENIENT TRUTH : GOP Is Nowhere Near as Committed to Saving America as Democrats Are to Killing Her
WASH D.C. (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- There’s a false notion going around that if there’s a “red wave” and Republicans take back control of the House and/or Senate, things can be made right. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no indication that the Republican Party has any real fight left in it. In DC as well as in Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country, there’s a whole lot of bellyaching but very little action. Meanwhile, Democrats seem willing to sacrifice their careers for their cause.

(Aug 15 2022) - Medical Professionals who Refuse to Participate with Hospitals Killing Patients Start Alternative Health Services
AMERICA (www.HealthImpactNews.com) -- With millions of medical professionals in the United States that have either been fired for not complying to medical mandates such as COVID-19 vaccines, or have been fired for exposing corruption in hospitals that have been literally murdering people with COVID protocols the past couple of years, or who have just simply quit because they could no longer in good conscience participate in a system that is killing people, are starting a new medical paradigm : Private member medical associations.

(Aug 15 2022) - Can Doctors Ever Be Trusted Again ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Do I personally trust the doctors ??? Not after what I witnessed - working with them at various facilities & the California Dept' of Corrections & Rehabilitation's. Too many times many of my co-workers & myself had to intervene whenever a WRONG DIAGNOSIS was issued, especially when there were more than one doctor involved. Look, when you're trained to spot medical or medicine problems or procedures, and those doctors your dealing with won't listen to what you've discovered, then YOU MUST REPORT THEM to the higher ups !!!

(Aug 15 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : United Nations Penalizes Criticisms Against Elitist Takeover -- (Submitted by Robert C. Laity)
NEW WORLD ORDER -- In response to the growing truth movement that warns against a totalitarian, tyrannical takeover, the U.N. has now declared war on “conspiracy theories” that suggest world governments are anything but honest & ethical, and have published a comprehensive guide on how to debunk & strike down claims to the contrary. According to the U.N. world events are “not secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent” ... {POST EDITOR : They're Openly Doing It !!!}

(Aug 14 2022) - RIGHT ON SCHEDUAL : Man Crashes Car Through Vehicle Barricade at US Capitol, Becomes Engulfed in Flames
U.S. CAPITOL (www.En-Volve.com) -- A man reportedly drove his car into the vehicle barricade at the US Capitol at 4:00 AM. After hitting the barricade, the vehicle became engulfed in flames. The man "reportedly" started shooting before killing himself. “Multiple sources say a man set his car on fire and drove into a barricade near the U.S. Capitol. He started shooting indiscriminately, ultimately shot & killed himself,” ... MORE

(Aug 13 2022) - America’s Police State !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericaOutLoud.com) -- America whirls further into the chaos of political dysfunction, barely guided by a feeble-minded president who has embraced the socialistic politics of Marxism, is now in dire peril. As such, no other corrective outcome other than expected violence can possibly be imagined. Negotiations and cooperation between America’s political parties are no longer servants of the American equation. For Democrats, it’s their way or the highway, and true conservatives seemed unprepared to stop it, until the outrage at Mar-a-Lago.

(Aug 13 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #366
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Official sources have finally been forced to acknowledge that the entire planet has been completely contaminated by PFAS "forever chemicals" (...). What has yet to be admitted to is that the largest single source of toxic atmospheric nanoparticle pollution is the ongoing global climate intervention operations. A formerly classified US military document actually outlines complex precesses of intentionally incinerating forests as a military weapon. Is destroying food production a part of the agenda?

(Aug 13 2022) - Gov'ts Are Preparing for an Extinction Level Event
U.S.A. (www.NWOReport.me) -- Right now all across America, government agencies are buying up a long list of survival and preparedness gear, depleting the supply that remains available to civilians. Large-scale government purchases currently include (...) These supplies are being transported by the millions of pallets into underground caves, bunkers and even cities that are run by governments of the world.

(Aug 13 2022) - Who Really Owes Who in America ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (By Anna Von Reitz) -- Our Federal Subcontractors are required by their constitutions to operate exclusively on credit, and we, the people & States of the Union, are required to pay our debts in gold & silver. It was set up that way to ensure that we are the Preferential Creditors of our Employees. And so we are. However, the British Monarch, the various Popes since 1860 & the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London could not resist the temptation offered by the so-called Civil War, to defraud & misrepresent the Americans an actual American Gov't.

(Aug 13 2022) - There is a real possibility that Trump could face indictment in the days ahead - Here's what he could be facing
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- An indictment - in any sense of the word - will be issued and placed upon President Trump, regardless of the facts. That's what these demon possessed democ-RATS and their press-ti-tute playmates are trying to hang on Trump. Once the FAKE NEWS NASI's gets the green light to gaslight these "Made for TV Trials", and Trump's list of supporters are DOXXED ... civil war will commence ... and that'll be all she wrote. Unless GOD intervenes ... America - as we know it - is history.

(Aug 12 2022) - Wildfires As A Weapon : US Military Exposed !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Is the military industrial complex insane enough to incinerate Earth's last remaining forests in order to achieve the objectives of the global controllers? THE SHORT ANSWER IS YES !!!. A formerly classified US military document titled "Forest Fire As A Military Weapon" is a truly shocking exposé of planned scorched Earth destruction. The US Forest Service actually participated in the research and planning that went into this military instruction manual for carrying out orchestrated forest fire catastrophes.

(Aug 12 2022) - NEW IRS JOB : Be Willing To Use Deadly Force
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- As the agency prepares to add 87,000 new positions over 10 yrs, pending the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act that'll give the agency $80 billion (...), an online job posting for "Criminal Investigation Special Agents" has sparked outrage over a "key requirement" that applicants be "legally allowed to carry a firearm." "Major duties" of the job include "Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary," and ...

(Aug 11 2022) - FBI delivers subpoenas to Rep' lawmakers
PENNSYLVANIA (www.PennLive.com) -- Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House & Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tues & Wed, according to multiple sources. At least some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, according to at least 6 sources reached by PennLive, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI. All of the sources had been briefed on the investigative moves in some way, but demanded anonymity in order to discuss them.

(Aug 11 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Whistleblowers Out FBI ...
WASH D.C. (Submitted by Robert C. Laity) -- There have been several whistleblowers who have come forward, about corruption within certain agencies, who are highly politicized & actively working against the will of The People. Since former President Donald Trump took office, the intelligence community has been working alongside the Dem's to paint Trump as a ‘Manchurian candidate’, who served Russia over America - info that was completely fabricated & led to two impeachment attempts.

(Aug 10 2022) - The Evidence Is CLEAR ... {It Was a Set-Up}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course evidence was planted !!! Otherwise the FBI wouldn't have risked going in to re-discover it, and that's why they raided President Trump's home when he wasn't there. Now, here's a better question. Did Trump already know what was planted ??? No Doubt !!! Does he have the goods on the DEEP STATE ??? Without question !!! Plus ... does he have a DEAD MAN trigger, since everyone's speculating that he might be assassinated before the 2024 Presidential Election, since the midterms are going his way ??? GOD only knows ...

(Aug 10 2022) - History is calling Donald Trump ... (AGAIN !!!)
FLORIDA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- By now, everyone knows that Monday night, Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump's home, was raided by dozens of FBI agents on the flimsiest of pretexts — an ostensible search for alleged classified documents President Trump or his staff allegedly took from the White House. IT'S ALL A LIE !!! The globalist communist left, foreign and domestic, do not want Trump to run in 2024 - because he'll win. And if he wins, their agenda flatlines. It's that simple ... and dangerous. As of Monday night, Trump may stand astride history as the last president who presided over a free America.

(Aug 10 2022) - The Collapse Of America’s System Of Gov't ???
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The corruption is right out in the open now. The whole world was stunned by the vicious raid on Mar-a-Lago & it's quite obvious why it was ordered. Even though close to half of the country wants Donald Trump to run for president again, the Washington establishment is going to do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. If the Washington establishment is successful, will our system of gov't be able to survive ??? I think that is a legitimate question at this point. In order for any system of gov't to function, a certain percentage of the population must have faith in it.

(Aug 10 2022) - Did THEY Buy the US, INC. ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.PaulStramer.net) -- A quick review --- what we have mistakenly thought to be "our" Federal government turns out to be two foreign commercial corporation subcontractors in the business of providing "essential government services". These two self-interested commercial enterprises, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc., have been run, respectively, by the British Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government, and those have been, respectively, operated by the British Crown and the Holy See.

(Aug 09 2022) - .WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!. : The Gestapo Democrats Are Coming : To Finish Off Trump & The Rest Of America !!!
WASH D.C. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- The Democrats in power in Wash D.C. have weaponized the FBI & Department of Justice in an effort to criminalize President Trump. They tried this with Russiagate, with impeachment, with their fabricated J6 Insurrection, and now they've sent FBI agents into Trump’s home, relying on the press-ti-tutes to tell a story of deep, dark, suspicious activities by Trump. The Dem's have become so bold because Republicans, with few exceptions, are not fighters.

(Aug 09 2022) - IT'S VERY CLEAR : The FBI Raided Trump Because He’s A Threat To The Deep State ... {+} ... To Cause Civil War
FLORIDA (www.TheFederalist.com) -- Monday evening, news broke that the FBI conducted a raid on former President Donald Trump’s personal residence, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. The legal justification for the raid is still somewhat hazy — with some indicating that it stems from the alleged mishandling of classified information — but as Joe Biden’s support plummets, the political reason for it has never been more clear.

(Aug 08 2022) - The Goal of the “Elite” ... Is ... ???
AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- If the globalists get their way, everyone in the world who is beneath them and their ever-expanding control structure will be forced as slaves to eat bugs, fake meat and junk food for the rest of their miserable lives. And the way the globalists plan to accomplish this is by destroying the existing world order, including its economies and supply chains and eliminating all family farms while ushering in a “Great Reset” and NEW WORLD ORDER – all in the name of fighting “climate change.”

(Aug 08 2022) - Lying is Their Most Powerful Weapon !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- They Have Weaponized Cognitive Dissonance !!! Cognitive dissonance takes place when the official narrative propagated by the state and mass media is contradicted by the evidence. The solution for most people is to ignore the evidence instead of the official narrative. "Gaslighting" - manipulating people by creating a false reality (...) We are being constantly gaslighted by the government and mass media. The object is to not just to misinform but to distort and rive mad.

(Aug 07 2022) - Be Ready For The Coming Chaos ... !!!
WASH D.C. (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- What’s ahead — like a few months down the road ??? Hysteria and chaos, if the “Joe Biden” regime can help it ... and they’re helping it all they can. Twice vaxxed, twice boosted, and twice recent Covid-19 patient Dr. Anthony Fauci warned this week that the unvaxxed would “get into trouble” as the seasons turn this year. The part he left out is: the unvaxxed will be in trouble trying to keep up with helping their sick and dying vaccinated relatives whose immune systems have been damaged by their multiple vaxxes.

(Aug 07 2022) - FDA Will Make The MONKEYPOX VACCINE Available To Children "Under 18" ... DESPITE NO TESTING ???
U.S.A. (www.WNDNewsCenter.org) -- Health officials have acknowledged that the monkeypox outbreak is driven by sexual activity between men, but the FDA is allowing doctors to administer the vaxx to children under 18 on a case-by-case basis. And with the declaration by the Biden administration that the outbreak is a public health emergency, the FDA could issue emergency use authorization for children to receive the JYNNEOS vaccine, which is licensed for use against smallpox ... (NOTE)

(Aug 06 2022) - FDA Wants a Registry of Who Aren’t Vaccinated ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, now the FDA wants a list of all those people who - for whatever reason - hadn't volunteered for The DEATH JAB. I wonder why they need this list ??? Do you suppose the FDA, and a few of their alphabet soup agencies, want this list to make sure everyone has a chance to get the vaxx. NOPE - Not Even !!! Look, from the beginning these evil elitists think believe that they own the planet, the people, and believe that we're trespassers and need to be drugged, deposed of all your personal possessions, and then DEPOPULATED !!!

(Aug 06 2022) - CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst & former Pfizer employee who has researched & written about many aspects of Covid 19 & the so-called vaccines. Kinston has long said both covid and the vax were nothing more than bioweapons, this past week in a first ever ‘Gain-of-Function’ Senate hearing, medical experts testifying agreed the CV19 virus was a bioweapon. Kingston explains, “Specifically, they said the work that is done in ‘Gain-of-Function’ (...) in the laboratory is strictly for war & the development of bioweapons.

(Aug 06 2022) - Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in U.S. !!!
U.S.A. (www.DailySceptic.org) -- Polls of the U.S. public continue to show that up to twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a Covid vaxx injury as have lost one to Covid. The pooled results of 5 surveys of the American public - totalling over 2,500 people - show that while 4.4% of respondents reported that someone in their household had died from COVID-19, 8.9% said someone had died as a result of Covid vaxx. The results also showed that 8.6% said they had been injured by the vaxx, 4.9% sought medical help, and 3.2% that they had been hospitalised ...

(Aug 06 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #365
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Weather cataclysms are wreaking havoc all over the world. We are led to believe these are all "natural disasters", but what aren't we being told? Climate engineering operations continue to be denied by all official sources and the whole of academia. Nature is saddled with the blame for events that are anything but natural. The cascading collapse of Earth's natural systems is crushing crops, creating famine and societal panic. What happens now ???

(Aug 06 2022) - China Won't Like What Biden Just Decided ...
WASH D.C. (www.WesternJournal.com) -- In a surprise move, the Biden White House ordered a U.S. carrier strike group to remain near Taiwan longer than initially planned, because China is “overreacting” to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. On Thursday, on the heels of a visit to Taiwan conducted by California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the Biden administration surprised China by announcing that the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group was going to remain in the region.

(Aug 06 2022) - Chinese Conducts Large Simulation Attack ...
TAIWAN (www.DailyCaller.com) -- The Chinese military conducted a simulated invasion of Taiwan on Saturday, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense claimed, as China ramped up its largest-ever military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. (...) China has said it wants to reunify Taiwan, still recognized as part of a broader China under the One China policy, and called the military exercises a “rehearsal” for a future military operation.

(Aug 05 2022) - Francis: The First Anti-Pope in Centuries ???
VATICAN (www.FrontPageMag.com) -- Yet it is right and just for Catholics to grapple with the evidence that Bergolio is an anti-Pope. The facts and the arguments are out there, and the case is rather airtight – foolproof, in my humble estimation. This is not an arbitrary or agenda-driven personal judgment but the outcome of a sincere reading and dutiful application of the pertinent Canon law, which alone dictates the verdict.

(Aug 05 2022) - CONFIRMED : COVID-19 Vaccines are at least a shocking 7,402% deadlier than all other Vaccines combined !!!
U.K. (www.Expose-News.com) -- The UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of nineteen months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused at least 5.5x as many deaths as all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years. This means, that when compared side by side, the Covid-19 injections are a shocking 7,402% more deadly than every other vaccine available in the UK.

(Aug 05 2022) - Vaccines Have Never Been Safe or Effective !!!
WORLD (www.VernonColeman.org) -- One of the many unfortunate side effects of the attention which has been given to the covid-19 jabs is the fact that more traditional vaccinations (including the dozens routinely given to children) have been forgotten & are now largely administered without protest, controversy or a second thought. There was always a danger that the justifiable outrage & fear engendered by the covid-19 jabs would push the wider issue of traditional vaccination into the background.

(Aug 04 2022) - Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s ... AND ... Should Be Withdrawn Immediately !!!
NETHERLANDS (www.ConservativeReview.com) -- Covid vaccine boosters in older people are killing one person for every 800 doses administered and should be withdrawn from use immediately, a leading vaccine scientist has said. Dr. Theo Schetters, a vaccinologist based in the Netherlands who has played a leading role in the development of a number of vaccines, has analysed the official data from the Dutch Government and found a very close correlation between when fourth vaccine doses were administered in the country and the number of excess deaths ...

(Aug 04 2022) - Horowitz: Not a single vaccine injury compensated by US gov't ... even as other countries begin payouts !!!
U.S.A. (www.ConservativeReview.com) -- What do you call a governmental system that partners with, funds, markets, distributes, and mandates a private biological product and then absolves government officials and the partner company of all liability for death and illness? It sure is not freedom. To ignore the sheer magnitude of vaccine injury and death at this point is gross insouciance, and to cover it up is willful misinformation. The only question remaining is the exact scope.

(Aug 04 2022) - Israel’s Covid Vaccine Director (Shmuel Shapira) Suffers Vaccine Injury : Gets Banned By Twitter For Speaking Out
ISRAEL (www.NewsPunch.com) -- Big Tech censorship, in collusion with Big Pharma, has reached absurd new heights. The man who led Israel’s efforts to develop a Covid-19 vaxx has been banned by Twitter for speaking out about his concerns with Covid-19 vaccines after he suffered a vaccine injury. Professor Shmuel Shapira, M.D., MPH, served as the Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research between 2013 & 2021, where he led Israel’s effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

(Aug 03 2022) - FINAL WARNING : Shaun King Threatens To DOX New York Post Reporters : 'I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE’ !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Sure enough, The DOXXING WARS Begins !!! For the most part, letting the world know what your intentions are - especially through social media - is not the wisest thing to do. Look, collecting the names and addresses began once you submitted to anything on-line or with an app. Next, the lists of those names were categorized, for multiple Machiavellian maneuvers to manipulate the mindless masses or to ATTACK those who will not comply. And, as you can read from this article ... DOXXING CAN GO BOTH WAYS !!!

(Aug 03 2022) - The CoVid-19 Endgame : GLOBAL GOVERNANCE
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- The two strategic pillars of the covid-19 agenda are ... The lockdown: an act of economic and social warfare which has triggered a Worldwide process of impoverishment, social marginalization and despair ... The mRNA Covid “vaccine” which has resulted in a Worldwide upward trend in mortality and morbidity. Unprecedented in World history, these two strategic pillars are instrumental in triggering a process of depopulation which indelibly points to extensive crimes against humanity.

(Aug 03 2022) - UN Declares War on Conspiracy Theories : ‘The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite’ {Good to Know}
U.N. (www.FromTheTrenchesWorldReport.com) -- The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous”, and providing the public with a toolkit to “prebunk” and “debunk” anybody who dares to suggest that world governments are anything but completely honest, upstanding and transparent. The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and the State of Israel must not be linked to any “alleged conspiracies.”

(Aug 02 2022) - Illusion of Freedom Continues To Crumble ...
WASH D.C. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The illusion of freedom continues to crumble away as people begin to see that we live on a slave planet controlled by the governments of the world. A new digital identification bill is further eroding the illusion that we have any kind of freedom. This bill is expected to be approved by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and will create a “digital ecosystem” in order to verify the identity of every single person who goes online.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A few priorities are in need of my attention today, so - once again - I'll be out of the office for the early part of this morning. In the mean time - and as the MSM forces the worlds attention on what's taking place over on Taiwan - keep in mind, it's all a distraction. Look, whenever there's a war that's soon to break out, the ultimate instigators and benefactors of war are "BANKERS" ... and, as typical ... are no where near that epicenter, doing what they've always done in times past ... MAKING MONEY OFF OF THE MISERY OF THE MASSES !!!

(Aug 01 2022) - Taiwan Cancels Leave of Some Soldiers ‘To Immediately Prepare For War’ ... (With Inside Trader Pelosi)
TAIWAN (www.WashingtonExaminer.com) -- Taiwanese defense officials have canceled the leave of some soldiers and officers “to immediately prepare" for the chance of war in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Asia this week, according to local reports. China warned early Monday that its military would not “sit idly by” if the House speaker visits Taiwan during her trip this week, echoing similar comments from Chinese President Xi last week that the U.S. should not “play with fire.”

(Aug 01 2022) - Christian Nationalism or Gay Sharia ... ???
U.S.A. (www.Stream.org) -- The left has invented a dog whistle. It’s meant to rile up and goad into action rabid secularists, to shame timid Christians, and shame the brave ones into silence. The term was clearly workshopped by political professionals, and crafted not to convey any genuine meaning, but rather to smear the innocent with guilt by association. And it just might work, if we don’t respond to it with gospel-inspired boldness !!!

(Aug 01 2022) - Hall of Fame Hypocrites : How Can Republicans Play A Baseball Game With Traitors ??? ... (It's All A Game !!!)
WASH D.C. (www.WND.com) -- How can Republicans lawmakers continue playing an annual baseball game against Dem's in the House & Senate in times like this? It's like a charade, a sham, a wishful dream from yesteryear. The very fabric of our of constitutional system is threadbare at best. We are fighting for our nation's very survival. I wonder whether the Republicans actually realize this. Our institutions of free speech, fair play, free elections, the rule of law are all under assault.

(Jul 31 2022) - Do you have an escape plan ???
AMERICA (www.AnotherWell.org) -- In life, we make many decisions every day and we do not always know what the outcome will be. The book of Proverbs gives a lot of great advice and wisdom in many situations. Especially when it comes to the ability to stay out of situations. In fact, the verse says a wise man fears and departs evil. That does not mean that you will never find yourself in a bad situation. It means that someone who is wise is constantly on guard. They are always looking for ways that they may be snared by evil in life. They look out for the traps that Satan will lay in front of them. More than that, they always have an escape plan.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, I had a dream last night & I did not like it one bit !!! I HATE DREAMS - especially those that have to do with end-time events. As an appointed Watchman I am fully aware that dreams MUST line up with the Word of GOD, and usually there's a witness or two from other sources - hopefully Christian - that will also concur. So, until those needed confirmations are in order, y'all are gonna have to wait on the interpretation, as will I. Sorry, that's how this works. Have a nice weekend, if you can.

(Jul 30 2022) - Pope Francis says he must slow down or quit ???
VATICAN (www.EndTimeHeadlines.org) -- Pope Francis admitted Saturday he needs to slow down, telling reporters after a 6-day trip to Canada that he cannot maintain his pace of international travel — and may have to think about retiring. “I don’t think I can go at the same pace as I used to travel,” said the 85-yr-old pope, who suffers pain in his knee that has seen him increasingly reliant on a wheelchair. “I think that at my age & this limitation, I have to save myself a little bit to be able to serve the Church. Or ... think about the possibility of stepping aside.”

(Jul 30 2022) - Tensions Mount In South China Sea ...
SOUTH CHINA SEA (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- A Chi/Com Party mouthpiece said on Friday that it could shoot down Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she makes a stop in Taiwan, a move he said is tantamount to an “invasion” of the island. If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is invasion. The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction.

(Jul 29 2022) - State of Emergency Declared Over Monkeypox ???
SAN FRANCISCO (www.LegalInsurrection.com) -- San Francisco declared a state of emergency due to the spread of monkeypox. The city, with a population of around 843,000, has ... 261 or 281 cases. Mayor London Breed says the former, and the city’s health department says the latter. California has 779 confirmed cases. The state of emergency begins on Aug 1st. (...) Health officials said monkeypox is not spread through the air. The San Francisco Chronicle says, “breathing in close proximity.” You can only get it from “prolonged skin-to-skin contact or bodily fluids.”

(Jul 29 2022) - The Ever-changing & Fully Manipulated Mind of the American Psyche? The masses will readily comply with ... ???
U.S.A. (www.AgeOfWarInfo.com) -- “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized ...” -- Edward Bernays

(Jul 28 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : At Least 14 of Hunter Biden’s Business Associates Met With Joe Biden, Despite President’s Denial
WASH D.C. (Submitted by Robert C. Laity) -- At least 14 of Hunter Biden’s business associates met Joe Biden while he was vice president in the Obama administration, contradicting the president’s claims that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings. Records show Joe Biden met with his son’s business associates from the U.S., Mexico, Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan during his vice presidency, according to Fox News. The president has repeatedly denied (LIED) having any knowledge of his son’s “overseas business dealings.”

(Jul 28 2022) - The Dumbed Down Masses 'ARE' the Problem !!!
AMERICA (www.BillKloss.law.blog) -- Do you ever feel that your struggle is less against the power-mad pedophile elites than it is against your own people? You know who I’m talking about. Those brain-addled, mask-wearing friends & family members of yours who refuse to see or acknowledge the truth. (...) That co-worker you sometimes attempt to educate while simultaneously remaining cautious lest they report you to Human Resources. Are they your real enemies in life ???

(Jul 28 2022) - The Warnings Continue To Go Out !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.TheViolentThru.com) -- What does it take to make you sit up and take notice of the problems surrounding society today? What will it take to make you respond to the many crises taking place today? You have eyes so you can see and ears so you can hear but for many people, any negative news is a reason to tune out the world and only think good thoughts. The problems we face continue to pile up and doing nothing is not an option if you expect to survive the next few years intact.

(Jul 27 2022) - The Military Industrial Complex Is Going To Absolutely Love It When War With China Erupts !!!
WASH D.C. (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- George Orwell once said that “war against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it”, and he was right on target. War is enormously profitable, but once the conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan ended the military industrial complex needed a new cash cow. (...) Life is good again for the big arms manufacturers, but it could be even better. A war with China would cause military spending to soar to unprecedented heights that we have never been before, and we are getting closer to such a conflict with each passing day.

(Jul 27 2022) - WAR IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WAIST : United States Military To Prepare For War If Pelosi Goes To Taiwan ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- How do you stop an election - START A WAR !!! I'm tellin' y'all, Pelosi has no business traveling to Taiwan at this time, but - I'm thinking - she's calling in a few more favors. Look, she couldn't get the Russian to bite, so now she's trying to trigger the Chi/Coms into an October surprise. Or ... is she demonstrating (Predictive Programming) to the rest of the world how diplomatic she can be if she becomes President ??? GOD help us if I'm right on either scenario - 'cause I don't want to be.

(Jul 27 2022) - The Genetic Panopticon : We’re All Suspects in a DNA Lineup, Waiting to be Matched with a Crime !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Whatever skeletons may be lurking on your family tree or in your closet, whatever crimes you may have committed, whatever associations you may have with those on the government’s most wanted lists: the police state is determined to ferret them out. In an age of overcriminalization, round-the-clock surveillance, and a police state eager to flex its muscles in a show of power, we are all guilty of some transgression or other. No longer can we consider ourselves innocent until proven guilty.

(Jul 26 2022) - Chinese Biggest Investor in U.S. Real Estate ...
CALIFORNIA (www.BreitBart.com) -- The Chinese are snapping up real estate in the United States, including $6.1 billion in homes and land last year. Those buyers include ...the Chinese Communist Party, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the U.S. real estate market report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed. The investors spent an average of $1 million per property transaction, with nearly 31% of the purchases involving property in California, according to the report.

(Jul 26 2022) - SHEDDING 2.0 : The Vaxxed Are “Infecting” the Unvaxxed With Dangerous Graphene Oxide ... Says Expert
AMERICA (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen, one of the original experts to find damage from the blood due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, found that unvaccinated individuals have graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles in their blood – a manifestation of shedding from those who took the shots. Van Welbergen is a specialist in biomedicine who deals with chronic cases. (...) Van Welbergen is not the only one who saw the negative effects of graphene oxide in vaccines on human red blood cells.

(Jul 26 2022) - COVID Vaccine Now The Leading Cause Of Death In Canada ??? New Data Reveals The Truth !!!
CANADA (www.En-Volve.com) -- According to newly released government data, “unknown” causes is now the leading cause of death in the Canadian province of Alberta since the rollout of the COVID vaxx. Public health officials are sounding the alarm because in 2020 & 2021, the number of deaths from “unknown” or “ill-defined” causes rose at a rate that has never been seen before. Compared to data from before the pandemic, the number of deaths with no known cause is more than seven times higher than in 2019.

(Jul 26 2022) - New Study Shows Unvaccinated COVID Patients are Less Infectious Than the Vaxxed ... {And, Much More Intelligent}
WORLD (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- A New England Journal of Medicine study has indicated that individuals vaccinated for COVID-19 were contagious with the disease for a greater deal of time than infected individuals who were not stuck with the jab. (...) Participants were classified into the categories of “vaccinated,” “unvaccinated,” & “boosted.” Researchers found that those who did not receive a COVID vaccine were contagious for the shortest period of time of all three groups. The data shows that 15 days into the study, 93.75 percent of unvaccinated people were not contagious.

(Jul 25 2022) - Prosecute COVID Injections Conspirators NOW !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- As far back as Dec 2019, some of the finest scientific minds on this planet warned people NOT to take those mRNA experimental injections. If you don’t die within the first week, millions will have severe reactions. Anywhere from 4 to 18 months (could be as long as 3-5 yrs) those experimental injections will have been working on destroying your natural immune system. Then comes developing autoimmune diseases (80 with no cures) and then premature deaths.

(Jul 25 2022) - Covid Jabs Impact BOTH Male & Female Fertility
WORLD (www.UnCanceled.news) -- The first COVID shots rolled out in December 2020, and it didn’t take long before doctors and scientists started warning of possible reproductive effects, as the jab may cross-react with syncytin and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that might impair reproduction. (...) Other recent research has found the Pfizer COVID jab impairs semen concentration and motile count in men for about three months.

(Jul 25 2022) - The Covid Vaccine Plot !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, these luciferian lunatics are a thousand times more dangerous than any psychopathic borderline personality disorder you have ever come across. Early on, these demigods demanded human sacrifice - not to appease their false beliefs and desires - but to mock and taunt GOD ALMIGHTY !!! Then, once their skynet operation(s) are fully connected to all the Covid Jabbed humans - via the vaxx frequencies - that is when their DEPOPULATION PLOT kicks into overdrive. Those Zombie-Fried (DEMON POSSESSED) souls who survive that first satellite attack, will then be switched back on to fight against GOD !!!

(Jul 24 2022) - The Alarming Global Depopulation Agenda !!!
WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- As explained by Wakefield, it was no secret that the WHO had been working on an anti-fertility vaccine since the 70s. Papers were published & the WHO even admitted it. The real issue here is that of informed consent. The WHO has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaxxed against tetanus, when (...) they were being sterilized. This is an ethical & moral low that's hard to beat.

(Jul 24 2022) - Three Doctors Die Within Four Days Shortly After Hospital Begins Injecting Staff With Fourth Covid Shots !!!
CANADA (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- There are no coincidences !!! Three young and otherwise healthy doctors died last week. They were all working for the same hospital system. Their deaths came days after their hospital started injecting staff with the fourth Covid shots. Someone at the hospital has started anonymously blowing the whistle. When this story broke we started attempting to confirm it. Conspicuously, nobody in the Mississauga hospital system is willing to confirm or deny any of it. Coverup ???

(Jul 23 2022) - The Vaccinated are Dropping like Flies !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- When three people get salmonella, tons of lettuce are dumped, yet millions are being maimed and killed from so-called vaccines and the news is being suppressed. The inescapable conclusion is that the gov't is trying to kill us; and the mass media, medicine, big business and law enforcement are complicit. This is a slow-motion culling folks !!! The vaccinated are dropping like flies from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cancer, and being disabled by a multitude of illness and disease.

(Jul 23 2022) - IS THIS THE LAST STRAW ??? California Announces Plan To Charge Landowners ... FOR THEIR OWN WATER !!!
CALFORNIA (www.WND.com) -- California has announced to landowners that they now are going to be billed for the water they take out of their own wells, on their own land. Hundreds of dollars in fees are looming, with 25% penalties for those who don't pay on time. (...) "California is marching toward a world where those with wells on their own property will be required to put a meter on them and pay the gov't. Because in their world, the gov't owns everything and we’re just renters."

(Jul 23 2022) - Pushing the Envelope for Civil Unrest !!!
WASH D.C. (www.ArmstrongEconomics.com) -- The Democrats and Liz Cheney are intent upon criminally charging Trump with insurrection. They need to prevent Trump from running in 2024. This is not about jail time. This will make the headlines for the mid-term, and this is their Hail Mary play to paint all Republicans as evil and should be thrown out of office. Of course, they're instigating revolution, for our computer points to civil war in the US. I believe this is part of the reason our computer is targeting 2023 as a Political and Geopolitical Year from Hell.

(Jul 22 2022) - Republicans Investigate Biden Administration for Selling China Oil From US Reserves ??? ... {Don't Hold Your Breath}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hey Republicans, by the time you get any feedback - let alone any rock solid documentation re: this more than obvious sell-out to the chi/coms - all of America's emergency oil reserves will be gone !!! How about ya'll JUST DOXX where the exact export locations are and we'll take care of the rest. The tanker-truckers will be the first to arrive - no doubt - and then the dishonest dock workers will be given some needed time off - if you catch my drift. Folks, this is beyond treasonous, immoral and un-American ... it's down right DEMONIC !!!

(Jul 22 2022) - Dem's double down on selling U.S. oil to China
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- In a July 20 vote, House Dem's voted down a GOP-led amendment that would have barred the Biden administration and the U.S. Department of Energy from selling oil kept in the United States' Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China. That's right — to hell with future emergencies and current record-high gasoline prices here in America; let's sell our oil to our biggest geopolitical adversary. That should tell you all you need to know about Democrats' priorities. They want to Make America Prostrate Again.

(Jul 21 2022) - Diesel Prices Cont' To Spike Harming 'EVERYONE'
AMERICA (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- Sky high diesel prices continue to impact the trucking & farming industry. Diesel-powered equipment helps farmers get their crops harvested & it help truckers get that food to the stores. With prices continually going up, we can expect an increase in food prices in the coming months. Regular everyday people are absorbing the impact of costlier diesel fuel. That’s because the goods consumers buy (...) are delivered by trucks, trains, or ships that use diesel.

(Jul 21 2022) - Port of Oakland SHUTS DOWN for a 3RD day !!!
OAKLAND, CA. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Truckers protesting a looming California labor law shut down one of the busiest seaports in the U.S. for the 3rd day in a row. Operations were halted at the Port of Oakland on Wednesday as hundreds of independent big-rig truckers picketed gates and blocked other drivers from hauling cargo in and out of terminals at the port. The truckers are protesting Assembly Bill 5, a gig economy law passed in 2019 that sets tougher standards for classifying workers as independent contractors. The protesters worry that the law (...) will impose hefty costs on them that will slash their earnings.

(Jul 21 2022) - COVID jab mandate for truckers crossing Canadian border is driving inflation : Industry Expert Says !!!
CANADA (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- A rule banning foreign truck drivers from entering Canada without the COVID vaccine is causing chaos for the nation’s farmers as well as for everyday people looking to buy goods. According to Janet Krayden, who works with farmers & processors as a consultant at Crystal Clear Connections, the current policy banning un-jabbed truckers into Canada “doesn’t make sense” & is contributing to inflation, according to farmers. “They’ve opened up the House of Commons & airports to the unvaccinated, but they’re not going to let truckers bring food into the country,” Krayden noted.

(Jul 21 2022) - Desperate Mockingbird Media Trying to Keep COVID Delusion Alive, But Hospital Officials Reveal It’s All “Hype”
LOS ANGELES (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- It’s all been hype. It’s all been a lie! SARS-CoV-2 has never been proven to exist. It's never been isolated. Experimental COVID shots have never proved to be safe or effective. In fact, no vaccine has ever been proven to be safe or effective. Yet, the fearmongering continues among the Mockingbird MSM to try & drive ignorant, unsuspecting people towards the sorcery of Big Pharma, which, in the end, injures people or kills them. However ...

(Jul 20 2022) - Masks Are Hazardous & Don’t Work ... !!!
WORLD (www.RedVoiceMedia.com) -- In the beginning ... "They claimed that masks don't work and are potentially harmful until 2020 and then claimed the exact opposite since March 2020 to gaslight and deceive the general public." And Now ... A study published in Nature shows what’s already been known for decades: masks get quickly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and fungi (...) Wearing masks consequently leads to direct exposure to bacteria and fungi constantly being inhaled.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Ah yes ... those TOYS ... that all you ignoramus' enjoy !!! Let me reiterate profusely !!! They will be the life of y'all, meaning ... your smart phones ARE out-smarting you and, in-the-end, they will be the "Judge, Jury and Conviction" of each and every one of y'all - just like all those J6 patriots who are rotting in Pelosi's prisons. But these contraptions are a choice. You, your family, and friends will pay dearly for these precursor tools connecting the world to the "Mark of the Beast".

(Jul 20 2022) - Presidential Emergency Powers are a Problem !!!
WHITE HOUSE (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- News is coming out that the Occupier in Chief is planning to use emergency powers to promote abortion & to implement the "Build Back Bankrupt" agenda he cannot get through Congress. The reason both of these cannot pass Congress is because there are not enough stupid people in the Senate to vote for them. Further, implementation of the Build Back Bankrupt agenda will distress the country to such a point that chaos will ensue (...) First, let's look at emergency powers in the U.S. There are 123 statutory powers that might be available to a president when he declares a national emergency.

(Jul 19 2022) - You Were Warned : Climate Lockdowns Looming !!!
WASH D.C. (www.ClimateDepot.com) -- The Biden administration believes that when democracy fails to achieve its climate goals, it's time to bypass democracy and Congress and follow the COVID model. Climate activists have lusted after the COVID lockdowns as the model for climate lockdowns. The plan is to declare a 'CLIMATE EMERGENCY' ... toss out elected representatives and follow China's one-party rule model by implementing energy restrictions through the bureaucracy. They don't need no stinkin' democracy.

(Jul 19 2022) - State's New Pro-Union Law Could "WILL" Grind The Supply Chain To A Halt in California ... VERY SOON !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.WND.com) -- California truckers are protesting across the state to express their disapproval of Assembly Bill (AB) 5, a new law backed by unions that reclassifies them as employees rather than independent contractors & could send shockwaves through an already-stressed supply chain. The regulation was partly enacted to protect gig workers at companies like Uber & Lyft that hire independent contractors in large numbers without affording them the benefits given to employees, but will complicate or render illegal the employment status of many of California’s approximately 70,000 independent truck owner-operators.

(Jul 19 2022) - Does FAKEBOOK Have Your Medical Records ???
CALIFORNIA (www.Uncanceled.news) -- By now, most people are aware that if they “like” a certain page on Facebook, it gives the social media giant information about them. “Like” a page about a particular disease, for instance, and marketers may begin to target you with related products & services. Facebook may be collecting sensitive health data in far more insidious ways as well, however, including tracking you when you’re on hospital websites & even when you’re in a personal, password-protected health information portal like MyChart. It does this via pixels, which may be installed without your knowledge on websites you visit.

(Jul 19 2022) - Autism Rate Jumps More Than 50% in 5 yrs !!!
U.S.A. (www.SharylAttkisson.com) -- A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that the number of children & adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States has risen to 1 in 30. The study, which was conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China, looked at data from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) maintained by the CDC. It estimated there was a 52% increase in ASD diagnoses among children & adolescents in the U.S. during 2017-2020.

(Jul 18 2022) - EVERYTHING IS DYING ... !!!
PLANET EARTH (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- We were warned that if we stayed on the path that we were on that we would eventually see mass extinctions all over the globe. Unfortunately, nothing was done and now it is already happening. The creatures that inhabit our oceans are dying off. The insects are dying off. The birds are dying off. All around us there's death on a massive scale, but most people don’t understand what's taking place. We all stay in our own little protected bubbles & keep listening to the MSM tell us that everything is going to be just fine.

(Jul 18 2022) - WHO Is Planning To Keep The Pandemic Going For 10 Years ... Pushing New Diseases ... If Necessary !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The globalists in the World Health Organization (WHO) are preparing to unleash the next infectious disease to keep the world under control until at least 2030. This is according to Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist who works with the WHO. She admitted during an interview that the organization has a 10-year plan, supposedly to deal with the current Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and an expected second pandemic. (...) “This has been in the WHO’s 10-year plan for some time,” said Koopmans.

(Jul 18 2022) - How harmful is my COVID-19 Vaccine Batch ???
AMERICA (www.Expose-News.com) -- An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions & deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified. Now, Craig-Paardekooper has created an online app that we've chosen to host at The Expose, allowing you to search for the batch code of Covid-19 vaccine that you received (or any batch code) and see how many deaths, adverse reactions, disabilities & hospitalisations ...

(Jul 18 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jul 17 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.8
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jul 17 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.4
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jul 17 2022) - 4 U.S. Natural Gas Facilities Destroyed in 2 Weeks
U.S.A. (www.SlayNews.com) -- Four American natural gas facilities have been destroyed by explosions in the space of just a couple of weeks. Several fires & explosions have hit the energy industry as the U.S. is battling a national energy crisis. The news comes after a long string of incidents have impacted multiple key food production facilities in recent months. On Saturday, an absolutely massive explosion at a very important natural gas facility in Medford, Ok. made headlines all over the nation.

(Jul 16 2022) - 40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023 !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the extreme drought conditions in the U.S. are caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering. It’s not some naturally occurring event, but an “engineered drought catastrophe.” Wigington says after decades of climate engineering, things are getting so bad that millions in the Southwestern United States will be without water sometime in 2023. Wigington explains, “The MSM & official sources are doing their best to sweep it under the rug. We are talking about 40 million people that will be impacted by the drying out of the Colorado River basin & tributaries.”

(Jul 16 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #362
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The United Nations website posted an essay that discussed "The Benefits of World Hunger", is the truth about the UN finally becoming overt? A US patent outlines a way to cool our planet by detonating nuclear bombs (...) In countless parts of the world lakes & reservoirs are drying up & rivers are running dry. In other regions the entire landscape is being inundated with relentless rains & full time flooding. Crop production is being crushed from weather mayhem, food supply chains are breaking down. Covert climate intervention operations are inseparable from all of it, yet ...

(Jul 16 2022) - "SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED" : At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours ???
ITALY (www.RairFoundation.com) -- Now that beach season is upon us, a new heartbreaking phenomenon is taking place, healthy vacationers dropping dead from sudden and unexpected “medical emergencies.” Worldwide, beachgoers are collapsing while walking on the beach or swimming. Many of them suffer cardiac arrest and die. Blogger Tom Stahl reports, “At the beginning of July, in just 24 hours, at least 11 vacationers dropped dead on Italian beaches.” How many more cases occurred that have not been reported in the news?

(Jul 16 2022) - Report That Biden’s Fed Pills Prior to Speeches
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's the deal, they've known all along that this shell of a human, can - and will - be used to destroy America. And then, they'll just turn around & blame it on his health issues. He'd been compromised years ago by his own actions, and by those currently handling him - especially his family members. Yes, he's a sell-out & useful-idiot for the NWO, as is Harris, and Pelosi. My guess is, the NEW WORLD ORDER - if necessary - will publicly JFK him to manipulate the masses into more rioting & revolution. Folks, there's no other way out for this fool, and these devil-may-care democ-RATS are okay with that option, 'cause ... the last option ... many have opined, is to level Wash D.C. !!!

(Jul 16 2022) - Biden Acted to Avert a Railroad Crisis ... for Now !!!
U.S.A. (www.PJMedia.com) -- Late yesterday afternoon, President Biden finally issued an executive order to empanel a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) to attempt to settle the impasse between the Class I railroads & the 13 labor unions that represent their workers. After the parties could not come to terms through legally required mediation, the Railway Labor Act (RLA) calls for a 30-day cooling-off period. That period would have ended at midnight on Monday. Two of the nation’s largest railroad labor unions announced near-unanimous strike authorization votes in the days before the president issued the order for a PEB.

(Jul 15 2022) - Will Biden Keep the Railroads on Track ??? Another Union Votes to Authorize a Strike as Deadline Looms !!!
AMERICA (www.PJMedia.com) -- As President Biden stumbles and mumbles through his trip to the Middle East, a second railroad union has voted to authorize a strike at the end of the current 30-day cooling-off period. According to an open letter from Sheet Metal/Air/Rail/Transportation Union Transportation Division (SMART-TD) President Jeremy Ferguson, the union’s General Committees have shown unanimous support for exercising the workers’ right to strike. From the letter ...

(Jul 15 2022) - National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union ... all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday ???
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Some 57,000 rail workers across the United States are slated to walk off the job on July 18 in protest against low wages & poor working conditions. According to reports, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) voted by a resounding margin of 99.5% to authorize a strike if such action becomes legal and “necessary to secure a contract worthy of their consideration.” As we reported previously, a strike like this threatens to halt all train movement across the country, which is about the last thing the already battered supply chain needs.

(Jul 15 2022) - Hell is Coming, and Famine is Coming With It ...
WORLD (www.TheViolentThru.com) -- In a world such as this, where every freedom is being relinquished, where every aspect of life is controlled, where every state threat is a lie, where every truth is avoided; what will become of man ??? Power & control over large populations can only be achieved over time & initially in smaller steps, but as the progression of tyranny consumes the majority, extreme force will be more easily accepted. All totalitarian systems rely on voluntary servitude in order to exist, because there's many more of us than them. Once this state of willing cowardice & indifference claims the population like a ‘virus,’ this mass sickness of society will consume itself, and ...

(Jul 15 2022) - Politicians and Politics "DO NOT" Rule the World ...
U.S.A. (www.TAPNewsWire.com) -- Money, or financial power, rules the world & since the start of the industrial age that began after WW II, that group of people at the top who occupy the leadership of banks, financial institutions & large corporations has dramatically shrunk & the time has come for them to make their ultimate move, to take over the world’s financial system & implement a NEW WORLD ORDER where any resemblance to individual liberty & principles of democracy are completely swept away for totalitarianism & tyranny. In the U.S., for example ...

(Jul 15 2022) - How to remove Graphene Oxide, the dangerous and undisclosed ingredient in COVID Vaccines, from the body ???
AMERICA (www.Expose-News.com) -- Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails & is even in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts & is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health. The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning & EMF radiation sickness are ARE SIMILAR to those symptoms described as Covid. The good news is ...

(Jul 15 2022) - Welcome to Your Police State Future ...
NEW YORK CITY (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- A massive prison barge is currently floating in the East River of South Bronx, near NYC. The barge holds 800 prisoners who are being subjected to chemical assaults, vaccine medical experiments, “enhanced restraints” and other forms of illegal torture and incarceration. The floating barge was likely built as a way for authorities to evade oversight and local laws by claiming to be in “waterways” rather than on land. This barge is the perfect representation of the future of humanity under globalist police state control.

(Jul 14 2022) - 99% of Covid-19 Data Websites Secretly Track Users
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- To many of us computer programmers and web site creators, this is old news. We knew way before any of these CoVid-1984 bio-weapons were introduced, and way before any gov't or 3rd party ISP's admitted as such. These cookies tracked everything they could to convince paying advertisers how many views their secret surveillance sucked-up. It's always been like that. And, these new cookies go way beyond tracking & contact tracing, or as bad, frequency influencing. They're now getting ready to change your DNA - even further - in conjunction with those jabs, just as soon as they turn on more 5G towers.

(Jul 14 2022) - What Is the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NOQReport.com) -- The idea that there is an agenda for global gov't among the financial & political elites of the world has long been called a “conspiracy theory” within the mainstream & establishment media. And sadly, even when you can convince people to look at & accept the evidence that banking institutions & certain politicians work together for their own purposes, many folks will STILL not entertain the notion that the ultimate goal of these power mongers is one-world empire. They just can’t wrap their heads around such a thing.

(Jul 14 2022) - Shopping Mall Signs Warn of Nuclear War ... ???
NEW JERSEY (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- The Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey is just one of many large shopping malls in upscale areas publicly warning people about what to do if a Nuclear Bomb Hits! They have been told by govt to begin warning people ... because Nuclear War with Russia is not only a possibility, it's become a likelihood. The reality would be that a nuclear blast is becoming so likely now over the Russia-Ukraine/NATO troubles in east Europe that governments and private sector industries are warning people about what to do when a nuclear bomb goes off!

WASH D.C. (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Remember how they hid Biden in a basement for months leading up to the 2020 election? It was almost as if they knew they'd win, without their candidate even campaigning. (...) Based on what's happened in the 18 months of Biden, there should be a Republican landslide. But, the Dems don’t seem worried. Can they possibly rig the elections again with mail-in fraud & Dominion voting machinery switching votes? Or are they planning something worse, like a false flag / assassination to declare MARTIAL LAW & not hold the elections?

(Jul 13 2022) - Is Paxlovid Triggering Covid Mutations ???
U.S.A. (www.AmericaFirstReport.com) -- The drug - Paxlovid - that has been touted by Anthony Fauci and others may not only be ineffective ... It May Make People MORE Sick, and even worse it may be helping Covid mutate. Pfizer’s Paxlovid was granted emergency use authorization to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in December 2021.1 The drug consists of nirmatrelvir tablets — the antiviral component — and ritonavir tablets, which are intended to slow the breakdown of nirmatrelvir.

(Jul 12 2022) - "Possible" Forced Lockdowns on Commercial Flights Due to Aviation Insurance on Vaxxed Airline Pilots ... ???
AMERICA (www.RumorMillNews.com) -- There’s going to be a standstill in Travel in the coming months. It’s the type of lockdown that the powers that be can be absolved of responsibility even though they directly caused. (...) A lot of pilots in the U.S. Canada and some EU got mandatory Vaccines last year around this time (Mid 2021). There has been a cover-up on the amount of pilots who’ve had medical emergencies in the cockpit due to these poison Vaccines and Boosters. No airline will admit to this publicly. (...) Insurance companies are refusing to insure these pilots that got jabbed and boosted as its a priority 1 liability risk.

(Jul 12 2022) - NOW THIS POSSIBILITY : ALL railroad freight to potentially halt on July 18 due to national “labor strike” !!!
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Everything that moves by train in this country could be stopped in its tracks come July 18. Unless the nation’s largest railroads come to some kind of agreement concerning their labor contracts, thousands of rail workers are slated to walk off the job in protest. If that happens ... there will be no more animal feed shipments, no more fuel getting from point A to point B, and no more anything that normally gets delivered via rail.

(Jul 12 2022) - Over 21,000 Homeland Security employees seek exemption from COVID-19 vaccine mandate ???
WASH D.C. (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- According to newly obtained gov't documents, almost 22,000 employees of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have sought religious or medical exemptions from the Biden administration’s federal employee COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and all of these requests remain unprocessed. After significant delays, the watchdog group Functional Government Initiative (FGI) obtained records after requesting documentation on numbers of applications, approvals, and denials for such exemptions.

(Jul 12 2022) - GALLUP : Trust In MSM Hits Historic Low
U.S.A. (www.Summit.news) -- Just when you thought trust in the media couldn’t sink any lower ... it has. Pollster Gallup has found that confidence in the establishment media has sunk to an historic low with both printed & TV news seeing yet another another drop over the past year, each losing an average 5% of people who had previously said they had a “great deal” of trust in the institutions. The survey found that only Congress is a less trusted institution in the U.S. than TV news, with only 11% of respondents saying they have “quite a lot” of trust in it.

(Jul 12 2022) - Despite Record Prices, California Cities Ban New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change ... (Are They Serious ???)
CALIFORNIA (www.Summit.news) -- Cities in California are banning the construction of new gas stations in an effort to fight climate change, despite record-high gas prices and the lack of scientific evidence that banning gas in California will have any effect on global temperatures. (...) In 2020 — just weeks after the state suffered rolling blackouts due to a lack of wind and solar power — California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the state would ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2035 in favor of electric vehicles alone.

(Jul 11 2022) - .EAST COAST ALERT !!!. : New York City Begins Preparing Population for NUCLEAR ATTACK ???
NEW YORK CITY (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- The New York City Office of Emergency Management has issued a video TRAINING NEW YORKERS FOR WHAT TO DO WHEN A NUCLEAR BOMB HITS. The ninety second VIDEO was released this morning, July 11, 2022. It is widely believed they have put out this video because THEY KNOW what's coming, because it's the gov't that intends to cause it. They are pushing Russia so far with economic sanctions over Ukraine, that the Russians will have no choice but to launch a full nuclear attack because what we are doing is now an existential threat to Russia.

(Jul 11 2022) - Evil Tyranny on Autopilot ... in LA County !!!
LOS ANGELES COUNTY (www.HNewsWire.com) -- It's madness on top of madness. The tyranny is operating on full automatic. The coronavirus that is circulating now is quite different from the coronavirus that was circulating in Los Angeles County when the county ordered the use of face masks. Nevertheless, the county has automated the reimposition of the same policy, notwithstanding its claimed responsiveness. While masks are known to cause health problems, they do not prevent against the transmission of coronaviruses.

(Jul 11 2022) - The Latest News Foretells American Collapse
CALIFORNIA (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- California Democrat Governor Newsom intends to phase out gasoline powered cars by 2035 and replace them with battery powered cars that have to be continually recharged with electricity. Currently, there's insufficient electricity available to California to safeguard California from brownouts at current usage. In the meantime California’s last nuclear energy electricity plant faces closure. It is completely unclear how California is going to have enough clean electricity for its electric-only cars. A safe conclusion is, California is headed for an unmanageable energy crisis.

(Jul 11 2022) - After 6 Jabs Thai Health Minister still gets covid
THAILAND (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul tested positive for COVID-19, using a rapid antigen test, upon his return from abroad on Sunday, even though he has already received six doses of vaccine, with the last one being administered on June 13th. Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Kiattibhoom Vongrachit said today that Anutin has developed muscle pains and a throat irritation and has been advised to self-isolate for a week. (He should've got a 7th)

(Jul 11 2022) - Gates-funded Picnic facility burnt to the ground
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A funny thing happened on the way to a NEW WORLD ORDER establishment the other day - it caught fire ... kinda like many of those other food processing plants and fuel refineries. But this one - they say - had "Spontaneously Combusted" and has ties to one of those DEPOPULATION devils - Bill Gates. Imagine that ??? Yes, I've shoveled some parody on this problem, however, push has come to shove, and "Fighting Fire With Fire" appears to be the modus operandi of the masses. Yes, it's a message sent back to the NWO, BACK OFF - OR ELSE !!!

(Jul 10 2022) - Weather Modification Causing Global Climate Chaos
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- More alarming articles & studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems & climate. (...) Though there are certainly many parts to this unfolding story, the largest piece of the puzzle by far still goes completely unacknowledged by most of the scientific community & all of the mainstream media-corporate-military-industrial complex. The massive elephant in the room has been - and still is - is “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering” (SAG) ... also known as ... “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM). What Is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Why Is It So Dangerous ???

(Jul 10 2022) - Surprise! Shady Communist China Firm Financially Involved in Biden’s Luxury Camp for Illegal Alien Children
NORTH CAROLINA (www.YourDestinationNow.com) -- The 100 acre, $84 million luxury campus of the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, site of Biden’s 5-yr lease for a new camp for illegal alien kids, is being backed by a communist Chinese company, Puxin Limited, that loaned the school $26 million in 2019 & continues to be a lender to this day. Top ranking academy board members were replaced by Chinese figures after the 2019 loan, according to reports. Two months ago the NYSE suspended trading in Puxin and moved to delist the firm.

(Jul 09 2022) - Another Biden Scandal : Administration sold one million barrels of oil to Chinese company tied to Hunter
WASH D.C. (www.LawEnforcementToday.com) -- “Let them eat cake ...” Or in the case of the Biden admin', let them pay $4.75 a gallon for gasoline. As Joe's admin' has taken no significant, meaningful steps to reduce the price of gasoline, it is now being revealed that they have sent at least five million barrels of oil to Europe & Asia. To make matters worse, nearly one million barrels of that total was sent to a Chinese company tied to ... guess who ... Hunter Biden !!!

(Jul 09 2022) - Are DHS Agents Spying for the Chi/Com's ???
U.S.A. (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- Thanks to mass migration, the United States has become vulnerable to subversion from the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has exploited the US’s immigration system, especially its legal system, to embed spies and other Fifth Column agents within its borders — all of this designed to advance the CCP’s interests at the expense of the US. Thanks to this penetration, the CCP has been able to socially destabilize the US.

(Jul 09 2022) - AS PREDICTED : Bounties On 'Sighting' Of Supreme Court Justices Offered By Left-Wing Activist Group ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Let me think for a minute ... YES, I did predict that paying BOUNTY would come into play once the HATE LISTS are leaked (Like California's CCW List). In this case, these radicals have offered BOUNTY to anyone who can provide the "Place & Time" where some SCOTUS Justices may be found. They've posted this criminal request on a few social media platforms, and so far, no one has been bounced or arrested. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows ??? In any case, I pray that the authorities will stop these HATERS before someone is HURT or KILLED !!!

(Jul 09 2022) - 5,000 Pounds of Meth Seized At Border !!!
SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA (www.BorderlandBeat.com) -- Four men from Tijuana, Mexico, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute the highly addictive drug in what officials described as one of the largest meth busts in San Diego County. “This is a significant accomplishment by our law enforcement partners,” said U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman. “Due to stellar work by law enforcement agents, the gov't stopped more than 5,000 pounds of meth from being distributed on our streets.”

(Jul 09 2022) - PATRIOTS GONE : Army Cuts Off Over 60K Guard And Reserve Soldiers From Pay And Benefits For Refusing Vax
U.S. MILITARY (www.InformationLiberation.com) -- Some 40,000 National Guard & 22,000 Reserve soldiers who refused to be vaxxed against COVID-19 are no longer allowed to participate in their military duties, also cutting them off from some military benefits, Army announced Friday. "Soldiers who refuse the vaxx order without an approved or pending exemption request are subject to adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to service, and official reprimands," an Army spokesperson said in a statement.

(Jul 09 2022) - Washburn Fire: Yosemite's Hwy 41 entrance closed
FRESNO, CA. (www.ABC7News.com) -- Crews are battling a wildfire that has shut down part of Yosemite National Park and has closed the Highway 41 entrance into the park. The Washburn Fire is spreading quickly near the lower portion of the Mariposa Grove and has burned 703 acres as of 6:30 am Saturday, growing by 237 acres overnight. A MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER has been issued for the community of Wawona and the Wawona Campground.

(Jul 09 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #361
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- California redwoods in flames, Australia under water, crops failing all over the world, it's just getting started. Earth's rapidly deteriorating ozone layer is finally coming to light in new reports as the impacts of extreme UV radiation become too hard to hide. (...) Record drought and deluge scenarios continue to take their toll on crop production all over the world. How soon till food shelves empty out? The climate engineers continue to cut off precipitation from much of the western US. Las Vegas is so desperate to keep the water flowing that they drilled a 1.5 billion dollar tunnel under the deepest part of the lake in order to drain the last drop.

(Jul 08 2022) - Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Water ??? You people don't need any stinken' water, so quit complaining and DIE already !!! We have to SAVE THE PLANET - for ourselves - and you useless-eaters are cramping our plans. Folks, that's really how these luciferians think and believe. They have control of the money, the food, the air - through geo-engineering - and are in process of stealing every drop of water, down to very last drip. This ain't good folks. People will DIE without water !!!

(Jul 08 2022) - Railroad force majeure declarations were about halting animal feed shipments – they’re trying to starve us out !!!
AMERICA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Back in April we warned that a nefarious agenda was afoot that seeks to destroy the food chain & starve out the country. Now, that warning is being confirmed by the industry itself. The latest reports suggest that animal feed users throughout the Southwest & West Coast are on the verge of completely running out of this critical input. Should that happen - and they're saying it might in a matter of days - then animals like cows, chickens, pigs & turkeys will starve to death. If that happens, then people will starve to death, too ...

(Jul 08 2022) - Biden Uses Abe Assassination To Push Gun Control
WASH D.C. (www.LidBlog.com) -- As we and others reported, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot and killed by a man who had a grudge against the former leader. Naturally, His Lying Demented Fraudulence, Dictator-Wannabe Joe “Applesauce Brains” Biden used the assassination to lament “gun violence” in his never-ending push for gun control. Never mind that Japan has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, and the weapon used was homemade.

(Jul 08 2022) - Former Japanese PM Assassinated !!!
JAPAN (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been pronounced dead after an assassin with a homemade shotgun fired several shots from behind, hitting him in the left chest region. Shinzo fell to the ground, where he could reportedly be seen bleeding from the neck. After being rushed to the hospital, Abe fell into cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived. The gunman, 41, wearing a grey t-shirt and tan pants, did not flee the scene, and was taken into custody by the police.

(Jul 08 2022) - Groundbreaking Study finds Monkeypox Outbreak is result of Biolab manipulated Virus released intentionally !!!
PORTUGAL (www.Expose-News.com) -- If you believe in germ theory then you will be shocked to find that a new study, published by Portugal’s National Institute of Health has uncovered evidence that the alleged virus responsible for the Monkeypox outbreak supposedly sweeping across Europe, America and Australia, has been heavily manipulated in a lab by scientists, and further evidence suggests it has been intentionally released.

(Jul 07 2022) - Covid is Cover for Looting & Bankruptcy of the US
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The plan is already in place ... to control everyone and everything !!! From way-back-when, many of us "Watchmen" have warned that this end-time plan was on the way, and is now here !!! BIG PHAMA'S practice run with the PLANDEMIC revealed how fast the masses would comply and just how much they would sacrifice. Now, all that's left to trigger the masses is their Luciferian "Thousand Points of Lights" - continued & controlled chaos, leading past MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW and into something far worse !!! (Many Christians ain't gotta clue)

(Jul 07 2022) - The Mass Psychosis of Liberals !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- It’s been my lifelong observation that liberals are a mostly conflicted, tormented group suffering from mass psychosis. They wrap themselves up in do-good, virtue-signaling knots & then attempt to rationalize positions even they know are indefensible by putting forth the most tortured, illogical explanations imaginable. Merely calling those positions “lies” doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. Liberals have mastered the art of wanting to believe in a false reality, constructing a Bizarro Universe ...

(Jul 06 2022) - California’s leak of gun owner addresses and information is worse than previously thought ... WAY WORSE !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.SGTReport.com) -- Even those who were denied a gun license also had their details leaked. Last week, the California Department of Justice admitted that the personal information of hundreds of thousands of gun owners had been leaked online. Now, it appears the data breach was FAR WIDER than originally reported. For about 24 hours, a data breach exposed the names, gender, race, birthdates, addresses, license plates, and criminal histories of Californians who had applied for permits to carry concealed weapons between 2011 and 2021.

(Jul 06 2022) - Newsom Vacations in Montana Despite Travel Ban
MONTANA (www.BreitBart.com) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is on a personal vacation to Montana despite California’s ban on state-funded travel to the state over its conservative social policies. Newsom’s vacation was first reported by CalMatters reporter Emily Hoeven, who noted that Newsom’s office had not disclosed his destination before the trip, as it usually does. The Fox News Channel also confirmed Wednesday that Newsom was in Montana ... Newsom has been known to violate his own rules before.

(Jul 06 2022) - Georgia Guidestones Monument BOMBED at 4 AM
GEORGIA (www.TheGateWayPundit.com) -- One of the four outer pillars of the Georgia Guidestones, a Georgia monument located near the South Carolina border, was destroyed Wednesday morning. The monument calls for a NEW WORLD ORDER with a vastly smaller human population living in harmony with nature. It is also accused of being a “monument to the devil.” According to the Guidestones (...) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

(Jul 06 2022) - Americans Not Wanting to Serve in the Military
AMERICA (www.TheNewAmerican.com) -- The Pentagon’s top leaders are scrambling to find new recruits to fill out the ranks of the all-volunteer military. Woke policies are key to dwindling recruit numbers in all branches of the service. Being a successful military recruiter at times can be difficult, especially over the last couple of years due to inept leadership and woke policies. This has led to a poor recruitment environment not seen since the Vietnam War ended. All branches of the military are currently well under their projected recruitment goals ...

(Jul 05 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jul 05 2022) - Software developed to detect non-vaxxed individuals
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... we all kinda knew this was coming, and soon these FAKE NON-VAXX DETECTORS will be in all the doctors offices, hospitals, and eventually enbedded on everyone's cell phones - a contact tracing app to locate the non-compliant anti-vaxxers. And - I hasten to mention - BOUNTY will also be paid to all those Judas' looking for a quick buck. GOD, I really hope that I'm wrong, but all the obvious inclinations are bending towards these end-time outcomes. For now, there's only one solution to this satanic surveillance - TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF !!!

(Jul 05 2022) - Californians flee high cost of living, move to ???
CALIFORNIA (www.WND.com) -- For years, even generations, Mexican citizens and others from Latin America have aspired to the standard of living offered in America, and because it was adjacent and there were direct travel routes, they chose to move to California. Now Californians are moving to Mexico, because of the high cost of living they face at home. A report from ADN America revealed that the costs of living in California are second only to Hawaii, and ...

(Jul 05 2022) - Vatican Reportedly Loses $200 Million Dollars Selling Luxury London Property at Center of Corruption Trial !!!
VATICAN CITY (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- The Vatican announced Friday that it sold the London property at the center of an ongoing corruption trial involving prominent Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu. In a July 1 press release, the Holy See announced the sale of the London property that has been the subject of a Vatican financial scandal rumbling for some years and involving high-level members of the Roman Curia. (...)

(Jul 05 2022) - MEDIA BLACKOUT : Highland Park Shooter Is a Democrat Who Worships Satan (Well, what-do-you-know ???)
ILLINOIS (www.NewsPunch.com) -- Highland Park mass shooter Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III is a Democrat activist who openly worships Satan and hates President Trump, according to his social media posts. The corrupt mainstream media is currently attempting to portray the mass murderer as a MAGA guy. But, according to online posts uncovered by investigators, the opposite is actually true. Evidence shows that he was part of an Antifa unit and belonged to other Democrat far-left domestic terrorist groups.

(Jul 04 2022) - 'We The People' Need To Stand Up !!!
AMERICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Our Constitution begins, “We the People, of the United States.” “We the People,” not some of the people or some groups of people – but all of the people. Our Constitution continues by noting that it was instituted “in order to form a more perfect Union,” meaning that The Founders recognized the great imperfections of the union under our first national constitution, the Articles of Confederation. They then formed a government that was “more perfect,” meaning one that was better equipped to realize our nation’s vision.

(Jul 04 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.3
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jul 04 2022) - EVIDENCE : The Covid-19 Vaxx's cause AIDS !!!
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when the human immune system has been severely damaged. (...) In this report we present a series of STRONG EVIDENCE that the Covid-19 vaxx's are causing recipients to develop (AIDS) or a novel condition with similar attributes that can only be described as Covid-19 Vaxx Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

(Jul 03 2022) - 70,000 truck owner-operators in California may be forced to stop driving IN ONE WEEK due to new state law !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.NaturalNews.com) -- A Supreme Court decision may force over 70,000 truck owner-operators in California to stop driving, creating another choke point in the already stressed West Coast logistics networks. The AB5 law restricts the use of independent contractors and will soon be enforced against the trucking industry after the court declined to hear their appeal. The California Trucking Association said in a statement that gasoline has been poured on the fire that is the ongoing supply chain crisis, and the decision by the SCOTUS could deny a judicial review of a lower court ruling.

(Jul 03 2022) - California’s latest plan for illegal aliens ...
CALIFORNIA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- California's a wealthy state because of Hollywood & Silicon Valley. It's also the state with the highest poverty rate in America. Many of those living in poverty are illegal's, people who shouldn’t be in this country in the first place. Nevertheless, California’s DemocRATS have a soft spot for a group they envision as future Democrat party voters. So, last week California became the first state not only to guarantee free health care for all low-income immigrants but also to ensure that this promise extends to illegal aliens.

(Jul 02 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #360
WEST COAST (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The Washington State governor has just predicted a summer full of "blackouts, destruction and death”, is the truth finally coming to the surface? Climate intervention operations continue to cut off the flow of moisture to tens of millions of Americans in western states, primary water supply reservoirs are drying up. What will populations of major cities like Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona do when nothing comes our of their faucets? Food crop collapse continues to accelerate around the world, weather cataclysm is the primary causal factor in the equation.

(Jul 02 2022) - ‘OUR COUNTRY'S GOING TO HELL’ ... !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWars.com) -- A World War II vet' lamented the state of the U.S. under Biden, claiming that the once-free and prosperous nation is now “going down the drain.” In an emotional interview on his 100th birthday, Marine and World War II veteran Carl Dekel said he’s livid over the state of the country considering the sacrifices he and his fellow veterans made to preserve America’s freedom. “Nowadays, I am so upset that the things we did, and the things we fought for, and the boys that died for it, it’s all going down the drain” ...

(Jul 02 2022) - National Emergency : U.S. military can’t meet recruitment goals after Biden’s leftists broke it with woke agenda
U.S. MILITARY (www.LawEnforcementToday.com) -- A woke military is a beautiful thing. That could be the services’ new slogan, since it’s the agenda being pushed by top brass. Funny thing is, though, the kids aren’t buying it. Young men & women are staying away in droves from the military as a career, and some analysts say it is the push for “wokeness,” accelerated under the Biden administration, that is sending recruitment into a nosedive. Every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to recruit members as the Biden administration races to indoctrinate minds and implement wokeness.

(Jul 02 2022) - Nearly 40,000 Army Guard Troops Are Still Unvaccinated for COVID As Shots Deadline Passes !!!
NATIONAL GUARD (www.CreativeDestructionMedia.com) -- Nearly 40,000 troops in the Army National Guard were still unvaxxed as the deadline passed for them to receive the shots or face being discharged as mandated by the Defense Dept'. The deadline, which was Thursday, primarily affects the Army National Guard. The Air Force required Air National Guard members to be fully vaxxed by Dec. 2. Approximately 11.4% of the roughly 336,000 Army National Guard troops (...) had not received a dose of the shot as of Monday, according to the National Guard.

(Jul 01 2022) - BIG PHARMA DESPERATE ... To Get COVID Shots on Childhood Schedule before ‘Emergency’ Ends !!!
U.S.A. (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- Once the COVID-19 vaxx is on the childhood vaxx schedule, the vaxx makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries & deaths that occur in any age group, including adults. Statistics show the rate of COVID-19-associated hospitalization among children aged 5 -> 11 is 0.0008%. In real-world terms, that’s so close to zero you basically cannot lower it any further. Yet, despite such reassuring data, children in this age group are urged to get 2 to 3 doses of the COVID jab, even though side effects of the injection could harm them for life, or kill them !!!

(Jul 01 2022) - Since the COVID Vaxx, all sorts of diseases have started to reappear. Why? Because the COVID Vaxx causes AIDS
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- It feels like we can’t go a single week without hearing about the re-emergence, or emergence of a disease or ailment at the moment. We’ve had mysterious outbreaks of hepatitis among children, an alleged monkeypox outbreak across every continent, a rise in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” & now the UK Gov't has declared a ‘national incident’ after allegedly discovering the polio virus in England. All these discoveries follow an alleged Covid-19 pandemic and ...

(Jul 01 2022) - What if people actually controlled the govt ???
AMERICA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Imagine, if you will, the following system ... Government is managed by elected representatives who are in turn elected by the people. Government is further restrained by checks and balances between three branches, each of which is accountable ultimately to the people who live under the laws. Unlike the ancient system of government in which the only people who were truly free were the aristocracy, under this new system, every adult citizen has political rights. No one rules over anyone without accountability.

(Jun 30 2022) - Michelle Obama Running for President in 2024 ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- After a quick review of this article, the GOP needs to address this issue ASAP !!! I'm tellin' you, there's no time like today to saddle that she-devil back up with all her SECRET HATE that she still harbors for America. Folks listen, the socialist sympathizing press-it-tutes are gonna provide all kinds of cover for her, especially the TRUTH, about who and what she really is. Yeah, I went there. So, if you think Biden's gonna run again in 2024 - let alone stay above grass - Think Again !!!

(Jun 30 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : THE RIGHT TO LIFE !!!
AMERICA (Submitted by Robert C. Laity) -- There is an extreme disregard for life these days, from infancy to old age: suicide, euthanasia, the selling of aborted fetus body parts, stem cells from aborted babies, etc. We were warned about the sliding slope decades ago. The American principles of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” make legalizing abortion “repugnant” to those principles. “Any law that is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution is null”- , USSCt. (1803). Once a new individual starts to develop (cell division) it becomes an embryo, a separate human being with a soul. Since the USA was founded on Christian principles, there can be proffered NO argument that would reconcile a right to kill an unborn baby with the Constitution’s enshrinement of THE RIGHT TO LIFE !

(Jun 30 2022) - DEPOPULATION NEWS : COVID jabs are all but guaranteeing the virus will be around FOREVER ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- If our immune response is subverted and damaged by these COVID injections, as they have been with repeat boosting, then we run the risk of this pandemic going on for 100 yrs with infectious variant after infectious variant, and potentially a lethal virulent one that could devastate humanity. COVID will never ever end, and though I am beginning to sound conspiratorial by saying so, I do think people like Fauci & Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla cannot be so foolish or inept as they appear. This situation is being managed deliberately at some level.

(Jun 29 2022) - Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following ... !!!
WORLD (www.HealthImpactNews.com) -- More evidence reveals that the COVID-19 mass vaccination programs were specifically designed to reduce the world’s population to fit the “Green Agenda” that the earth can no longer support current population levels continues to be reported, as now statistics show declining birthrates worldwide following the COVID-19 vaccine roll outs in 2021. As we have recently reported, the COVID-19 vaccines cause a higher percentage of miscarriages than even the abortion pills.

(Jun 29 2022) - WE HAVE SIX MONTHS LEFT ???
AMERICA (www.VernonColeman.org) -- In April 2022, I made a video in which I predicted that we had 8 months of freedom left. I stand by the timing. WE NOW HAVE SIX MONTHS LEFT - and that takes us until Christmas 2022. I’m not suggesting that we’re all suddenly going to die by Christmas. What I am suggesting (...) is that things are now moving so fast that unless we stand up & defend ourselves we will be too far along the road towards an existence built around the principles of social credit; too far along to stop progress towards the Great Reset.

(Jun 29 2022) - Did Rockefeller Foundation Predict the Future ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- It seems nothing escapes the prophetic minds of the self-proclaimed designers of the future. They accurately foresee “natural disasters” & foretell coincidental “acts of God.” They know everything before it happens. Perhaps they truly are prophets. Or, perhaps they’re simply describing the inevitable outcomes of their own actions. Right now, we’re told looming food shortages are primarily the result of climate change & the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Yet, back in July 2020, The Rockefeller Foundation had already predicted it & was calling for a revamp of the food system as a whole to address it.

(Jun 28 2022) - ALERT : Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General’s Office !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.TheReload.com) -- California gun owners have been put at risk by the Attorney General’s office after a new dashboard leaked their personal info. The California Dept' of Justice’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal went live on Monday with publicly-accessible files that include identifying who have concealed carry permits. The leaked info includes the person’s full name, home address, date of birth & date their permit was issued. The data also shows the type of permit issued, indicating if the permit holder is a member of law enforcement or a judge.

(Jun 28 2022) - Drug Traffickers Arrested in California with 150,000 Fentanyl Pills "RELEASED" After Just Days in Jail ???
TULARE, CA. (www.Cryptogon.com) -- Two drug traffickers in California who were arrested last week for being in possession of 150,000 fentanyl pills — enough to kill millions of people — were released back onto the streets, officials said. Jose Zendejas, 25, and Benito Madrigal, 19, both from Washington, were arrested during a traffic stop-turned-drug bust in Tulare on Friday. They were booked into the Tulare County Pre-Trial Facility on charges of possession, transportation and selling of illegal drugs, officials said.

(Jun 28 2022) - Another Food Processing Plant Shutters Operations
TENNESSEE (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- A top food processing plant will be closing down one of its facilities in Campbell County, Tennessee, adding to the long list of closures over the last year. George's Prepared Foods announced its chicken processing plant in the small town of Caryville would be shuttering operations by the end of the summer. The reason for the closure was not disclosed and has caught local officials by surprise.

(Jun 28 2022) - IT'S ALL IN THERE : Clots, nanowires, parasites, symplasts of graphene ... in Vaccinated Blood !!!
WORLD (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- Detailed reporting (...) of new findings of blood clots of different sizes, nano & micro, along with nanowires, apparent parasites, symplasts, jagged shards & coils of graphene in the live blood of vaxxed people taken from capillaries (which means the nano graphene in the COVID vaccines has spread everywhere through the body) revealing, all who've taken the vaxx are in great danger of harm of different kinds including paralysis, strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, unless they WAKE UP and start detoxing ...

(Jun 27 2022) - No Clinical Trials For Future Covid Vaxx's ???
U.S.A. (www.GreatGameIndia.com) -- Pfizer and Moderna have a problem. Their mRNA Covid-19 shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, nor death from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Over half a billion doses have been injected into Americans in the past 17 months and these shots have made no discernible impact on the course of the pandemic. Far more Americans have died of coronavirus since the introduction of the shots than before they were introduced.

(Jun 27 2022) - CDC LIES about vaccines to MURDER children
AMERICA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a captured agency, controlled by nefarious criminal forces that seek to abuse and injure children all in the name of “public safety.” CDC Director (...) is now pushing children to be injected with experimental technology that has already failed the adult population multiple times and proven extremely dangerous to the health of millions worldwide. In a desperate effort to sell expiring vaccines, Walensky falsely claimed that covid-19 was one of the five top causes of death for children since 2020.

(Jun 27 2022) - Reiner Füllmich & 50 Lawyers : ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill People and Depopulate the Planet” ... !!!
GERMANY (www.lewrockwell.com) -- After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former VP of Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon - a scientist for 36 yrs - and lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaxxs are designed to experiment on the human race & find out what dosage is needed in order to kill people. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others.

(Jun 26 2022) - Troops risk dismissal as vaxx deadline looms
U.S.A. (www.MilitaryTimes.com) -- Up to 40,000 Army National Guard soldiers across the country — or about 13% of the force — have not yet gotten the mandated COVID-19 vaccine, and as the deadline for shots looms, at least 14,000 of them have flatly refused and could be forced out of the service. Guard soldiers have until Thursday to get the vaccine. According to data obtained by (AP), between 20% to 30% of the Guard soldiers in six states are not vaccinated, and more than 10% in 43 other states still need shots.

(Jun 26 2022) - New Study & Pfizer Documents prove Covid-19 Vaccination is going to cause mass Depopulation through ...
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- A mountain of evidence found in the confidential Pfizer doc's that the U.S. FDA has been forced to publish by court order proves that Covid-19 vaxx is going to lead to depopulation through its effect on fertility in women contributing to pregnancy loss & harm it causes to newborns - leading to premature death. But now a new study (...) reveals Covid-19 vaxx is also going to lead to depopulation due to the adverse effect it has on the fertility of men because the (...) Covid-19 vaxx decimates sperm count.

(Jun 26 2022) - Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado is torched
COLORADO (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- A fire which occurred at a Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado is being treated as arson after chilling messages were spray painted onto the walls and ground outside. 'If abortions aren't safe, neither are you,' read one. 'Bans off our bodies' said another by the entrance at the Life Choices clinic in Longmont, northeast of Boulder. The fire broke out in the middle of the night at 3:17am on Saturday morning. Authorities believe the fire was set deliberately !!!

(Jun 26 2022) - Dem's Post Addresses of Supreme Court Justices
WASH D.C. (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- The Twitter account, Libs of TikTok, is showing how the Democrats are openly fomenting terrorism on social media while the FBI turns a blind eye. A left-wing extremist on TikTok doxxed the Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and a top comment on the post was from a deranged individual who posted a recipe of how to make homemade bombs. It received over 1000 likes on the platform.

(Jun 25 2022) - The Dobbs Decision Unleashes Rage & Revisionism
WASH D.C. (www.JonathanTurley.org) -- In the aftermath of the historic ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, politicians & pundits have denounced the Supreme Court justices & the Court itself for holding opposing views on the interpretation of the Court. Pelosi called the justices “right-wing politicians” & many journalists called the Court “activists.” Most concerning were legal analysts who fueled misleading accounts of the opinion or the record of this Court. Notably, it is precisely what the Court anticipated in condemning those who would make arguments “designed to stoke unfounded fear.”

(Jun 25 2022) - Abortion : Now Comes The War !!!
AMERICA (www.NexusNewsFeed.com) -- I’m writing this a few minutes after the Supreme Court decision, so I’m not making reference to widespread violence. Yet. I’m talking about the propaganda war, which will be huge. Basically, the Court’s decision places abortion back in the States. Each State makes its own laws. The majority of politicians, academics & lawyers hate this idea with white-hot fury. The last thing they want is: federalist principles actually working: power divided between the federal gov't & State gov'ts. They want all the power at the top.

(Jun 25 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #359
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville & other Western US reservoirs are drying up by the day. When the water runs out, chaos will commence at blinding speed. While relentless record heat bakes much of the US & world, freak flash summer snowstorms are increasing, the one that just occurred in the Northeastern US is a case in point. Now that California's completely dried out with dying & dead forests everywhere, a "rare lightning barrage of 66,000 strikes" just struck the state. Just a coincidence?

(Jun 24 2022) - Now Americans Prepare For ‘Night Of Rage’ !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, a "Night of Rage" will start tonight, instigated by the MSM, perpetrated by the democ-RATS, and provoked by planted provocateurs !!! But will it only be for one night ??? Not Hardly !!! Starting this weekend - if the DHS acts ignorant again re: these telegraphed terrorists attacks - Biden could use these raging insurrection acts as an excuse to over-write the SCOTUS recent decisions with an executive order and possibly declare MARTIAL LAW ... quailing any elections come November. If I'm wrong, then "Praise The Lord" !!! But - if I'm not - then you best "Keep Your Powder Dry and Your Pantry Full" !!!

(Jun 24 2022) - SUPREME COURT OVERTURNS ROE v. WADE !!! ... Returns Abortion Issue Back To The States !!!
WASH D.C. (www.RSBNetwork.com) -- On Friday morning, the Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, effectively overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision as well as Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In a 5-1-3 ruling, the court ruled in favor of returning the issue of abortion to the states to decide. The majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, held “The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.

(Jun 23 2022) - "FORCE MAJEURE DECLARED" : Oil For Diesel Engines Gone in Eight Weeks ... (Possibly Even Sooner) ... ???
U.S.A. (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- A potentially catastrophic situation is emerging that threatens to wipe out the entire supply of diesel engine oil across the U.S., leaving the country with no diesel engine oil until 2023. Chemical manufacturers of diesel engine oil additives have declared "force majeure" (a force they cannot control) & have ceased supply operations to the diesel engine oil manufacturers. Those manufacturers combine base oils with “additive packages” to create diesel engine oil.

(Jun 23 2022) - A WARNING About The Coming Shortages Of Diesel Fuel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid And Diesel Engine Oil !!!
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- What I'm about to share with you is a developing situation & hope to share more once the facts become clearer. It appears that a very serious diesel crisis is coming in the months ahead & that'll have a dramatic impact on our economy. As you'll see, we're being warned that there'll be shortages of diesel fuel, diesel exhaust fluid & diesel engine oil. Most diesel vehicles require all 3 in order to run & so a serious shortage of any of them would be a major disaster.

(Jun 23 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jun 22 2022) - Inside a Chemtrail Plane that Sprays Barium
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.RumorMillNews.com) -- The big questions are : Why are they spraying powdered barium and aluminum ??? Is it safe for the public ??? Why is this expensive program happening ??? Is there a nefarious reason they are spaying the public without notifying them what they are doing ??? Something is wrong with this picture !!! We aren't getting the answers we need !!! It is like they want us to "trust them", and not question what they do. Trust has to be earned in this country of "We the people". The truth is shared with us and we tell the gov't what to do, not the other way around.

(Jun 22 2022) - 5G is a weapon system & crime against humanity
WORLD (www.TAPNewsWire.com) -- “The world is blindly following the plans of the technocratic elite and the military-industrial-pharma complex to terminate large numbers within populations across the world with no regard to the primary legislation. 5G is a weapon system, a crime against humanity so monstrous that even an educated person would find it unbelievable on first inspection of the facts. The prima facie evidence of this globalist depopulation agenda is unequivocal & should be tested in the courts so that the conspirators involved in this murderous plan can be brought to justice. This is the greatest crime ever to be perpetrated on mankind and all of God’s creation.”

(Jun 22 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters ... Sent From Robert C. Laity
WASH D.C. (www.GellerReport.com) -- It was a set-up !!! All part of the election coup. This won’t be addressed in the January 6 kangaroo court. While there's growing speculation that fed' agents & Capitol Police were involved in instigating acts of violence during the Jan. 6, 2021 protests & recording responses for the purposes of entrapment, evidence now proves that “plainclothes” members of a special Electronic Surveillance Unit (ESU) were embedded among the protesters for the purposes of conducting video surveillance.

(Jun 22 2022) - Dr. Robert Malone : Hospitals are sending your private medical data to Facebook ... {Did You Know That ???}
AMERICA (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- An article entitled “Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites” is one of the more shocking investigative pieces of the week to not make mainstream corporate media. The authors document how there has been a tracking tool installed on many hospitals’ private website pages, which has been collecting patients’ health information. This includes medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments. This tool is then sending all that data to Facebook ... (and its parent company Meta).

(Jun 22 2022) - Vatican Mints New "Covid Vaxx" Coins ???
VATICAN (www.LeoZagami.com) -- In an article from Babylon Bee, the Pope has “canonized” the vaxx. Designed by Italian coin & medal artist Chiara Principe a female Freemason known as a “worthy ambassador of the Italian school of engraving,” the coin depicts a doctor, nurse & young person ready to receive the vaxx. The 3 characters are all wearing face coverings. The Vatican announced on Monday that the coin is “dedicated to a current theme that's very close to Pope Francis’ heart: treatments to counter the pandemic & need to be vaxxed.”

(Jun 21 2022) - If Vaccines Are Safe : Explain Googles Results ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- "Just The Facts" - quoting Joe Friday from Dragnet - use to be all Joe needed to find the culprit. However, in todays bass-akwards society, facts ain't enough. "Entitled Emotions" are now the new facts !!! I'm tellin' y'all, even if the dead were to come back and give in explicit detail as to why they "Suddenly Died" - because of the vaccines - few in the cancel culture would believe !!! They all obeyed, drank the Kool-aid, and must deny all facts re: vaccine induced damages and death.

(Jun 21 2022) - California Strikes Again : Mendocino has the most expensive gas in US at terrifying $9.94 per gallon !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.StrangeSounds.org) -- The cliffside town of Mendocino has long been known for its rugged coastline and quaint bed and breakfasts drawing sightseers from around the country. But lately, tourists are flocking to a new attraction in the seaside hamlet north of San Francisco for something you won’t find on the chamber of commerce’s can’t-miss list. (...) Drivers pulling through Mendocino often ask: Are these prices legal? According to the Attorney General’s office, they are.

(Jun 20 2022) - Pope Francis Resignation Potentially Imminent ???
VATICAN (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Pope Francis has reportedly experienced an array of health issues over the last year that have led some to speculate that he could resign from his position. Those rumors were given a new life after the Pope canceled a trip to Africa due to knee pain. The pope has a number of other health issues as well. He had colon surgery last year and struggles with sciatica. Last May, he told Bishops that he would rather resign than get surgery for his knee.

(Jun 20 2022) - Preview of Climate Lockdowns ... ???
FRANCE (www.TheNewAmerican.com) -- French officials have banned almost all outdoor gatherings in the Gironde Dept' in the southwest corner of the country, which includes the City of Bordeaux. Officials in the region have determined that a heat wave that has caused record high temperatures makes it unsafe for people to be outdoors. So, instead of allowing citizens to judge for themselves if it’s too hot to be outside, French officials have chosen to issue a ban on outdoor events & reportedly, some indoor events where air conditioning is not available.

(Jun 19 2022) - NEW WORLD ORDER : Your Government is Trying to Kill You & Depopulate The Planet ... {Official Gov't Reports}
NWO (www.Expose-News.com) -- Many people would most likely disregard these claims as “tinfoil hat nonsense”. But unfortunately, official Gov't data, confidential Pfizer documents and real-world events such as the current cost of living crisis, the alleged impending climate change disaster, the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence, strongly suggest that there exists an agenda to depopulate the world, and your Gov't is, in essence, attempting to kill you.

(Jun 19 2022) - The IRS Is Buying Up "MORE AMMO" ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- According to a report by Breitbart, the Internal Revenue Service has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying ammunition, raising concern about why a government agency is buying ammunition that the administration plans to restrict further in the coming months. On Saturday, Congressman Matt Gaetz told Breitbart that the IRS spent approximately $700,000 “between March and June 1” purchasing ammunition. Gaetz called the IRS’s acquisition of the ammunition “bizarre.”

(Jun 19 2022) - TikTok Lied to Senate, China Controls the Data, Americans Don’t {Well Golly Gee Wilikers ... Imagine That}
WASH D.C. (www.JihadWatch.org) -- Least surprising news ever. Obviously. This is why smart travelers take burner phones to China that don’t log into any of their existing accounts and one of the worst user data hacks in America happened when an employee accessed root out of China. But this is evidence from the inside that TikTok is just another data trap. Why would anyone expect anything else? This is how Chinese companies work !!!

(Jun 18 2022) - GLOBALIST SURVEILLANCE STATE : WEF Begins Secret 'Smart City' Operations in the Netherlands !!!
NETHERLANDS (www.RairFoundation.com) -- Apeldoorn has been transformed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), without consulting its residents, into the first ‘Smart City’ (surveillance city) of the Netherlands. An unknown Austrian company, RadioLED, has rolled out a 5G network in the city based on a secret agreement with the municipality. The municipality receives no revenue from the project; the direction lies entirely with RadioLED. The company also manages the data obtained from thousands of sensors that follow Apeldoorn citizens everywhere.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The world now knows that this usurper and occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has fallen, not just off his bike, but off his rocker !!! This spectacle of a senile old man - attempting a photo opp - has Russia and China laughing, and the democ-RATS lamenting that their leader is a LYING LOOSER !!! Look - I'm tellin' y'all - this fool can't stay focused long enough to stay up-right on a bike, so ... what makes you think he can stay up-right for America ??? Seriously, even the MSM is struggling to keep this sock-puppet propped up.

(Jun 18 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #358
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Ever more extreme weather & temperature fluctuations are wreaking havoc on ecosystems, livestock & human populations. The recent mass die-off of cattle in Kansas is only one example of many. Record heat, drought, wildfires, deluges, hail & flash freezes, all are inseparable from the ongoing & accelerating global climate intervention operations. In addition to it all, climate engineering atmospheric aerosol dispersions continue to contaminate every breath we take. How long till impact? Is it too late to turn the tide?

(Jun 17 2022) - Farmers Issue Huge Warning To All Americans
AMERICA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- President of the National Black Farmers Association John Boyd Jr. said Monday that the worst is yet to come for American food shortages. Boyd told News Nation that, “people are going to see the rising cost of food in their local grocery stores in the coming month,” during a Monday interview with “On Balance with Leland Vittert.” The cost of food has risen by nearly 12%, the largest increase since 1979, according to Axios.

(Jun 17 2022) - Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Sentenced To Prison For walking Inside Capitol Over 1 Yr After FBI Raid On Her Home
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Dr. Simone Gold, leader of America’s Frontline Doctors (...) was sentenced to 2 months in prison for speaking through a megaphone inside of the US Capitol on Jan 6th. Dr. Simone was also in DC on Jan 5th & 6th of 2021. On the 5th she delivered a speech at Freedom Plaza. On the 6th, she entered the Capitol & used a megaphone to deliver the same medical speech she gave on the 5th. For this, she ended up at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list. She committed no violence, performed no destructive or seditious crime.

(Jun 17 2022) - DID YOU KNOW ??? America is now the only country in the world that authorizes COVID shots for infants !!!
AMERICA (www.Dossier.com) -- It appears that the U.S. just became the only country in the world to vaccinate” babies and toddlers with COVID injections. Despite what you are reading in the press, the U.S. seems to be, as of Friday, the only country in the world to partake in experimental COVID therapeutics for infants. On Friday, the FDA authorized mRNA COVID shots under emergency use authorization for children under 5 yrs, all the way down to 6 months of age.

WORLD (www.Brownstone.org) -- For two decades scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines. The NIH funded this research, in which either DNA from a deadly pathogen is packaged in a contagious but less harmful virus, or the deadly virus’s lethality is weakened by engineering it in a lab. The resultant “vaccines” spread from one person to the next just like a contagious respiratory virus. Only five percent of regional populations would need to be immunized; the other ninety-five percent would “catch” the vaccine as it spread person-to-person through community transmission.

(Jun 16 2022) - ARE WE SLAVES ??? If You Think More Laws Will Stop Evil Deeds Then You Are A Slave ... {which goes without saying}
U.S.A. (www.NCRenegade.com) -- I have a message to ALL those who are shouting for gun control & silencing free speech. If you have to violate our rights to accomplish your wet dream of a socialist utopia, you are a criminal & a tyrant & should be treated accordingly. Let me be clear, we do not have Constitutional Rights; we have INHERENT Rights. The Bill of Rights & Constitution do not “give” us Rights, they merely codified what previously existed. Our Rights actually predate the Constitution !!!

(Jun 16 2022) - SPEECH IS NOT VIOLENCE !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. This well known saying used to be taught to young children to help them better cope with bullying. I remember learning this phrase myself not too long ago. But most kids nowadays have never heard this. In fact, they are frequently taught the opposite. Many kids are now told that words are "literal violence". Being subjected to ideas that are contrary to their own beliefs is now considered significantly harmful. Relying on your intuition and using a male pronoun to refer to an obvious man is even referred to as "genocide."

(Jun 16 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Ashli Babbitt Murder: Judicial Watch Reveals New Cover-Up Evidence ... Sent From Robert C. Laity
WASH D.C. (www.ConservativeHQ.org) -- Judicial Watch announced that it received productions of new records totaling 102 pages from the DoJ related to the shooting of Jan 6 protestor Ashli Babbitt that include a memo recommending “that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee [Babbitt],” also noting that the shooter, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, “did not create a police report or documents” related to the shooting of Babbitt.

(Jun 15 2022) - BREAKING : Fauci Tests Positive For Covid-19
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci tested positive for Covid-19. Fauci is reportedly triple vaccinated and frequently touts that he avoids large social gatherings and wears a mask over two years after the Covid-19 Pandemic began. The New York Post Reports ... Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday.

(Jun 15 2022) - URGENT : OMG the Pfizer data for kids under 5
U.S.A. (www.SGTReport.com) -- That 80 percent figure for efficacy you’ve seen reported is worse than a joke, it’s essentially a fabrication. Here’s what the Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer did; they only counted cases after the THIRD mRNA dose. But of the 375 Sars-Cov-2 infections in the trial, 365 occurred before the third dose. Only 10 occurred after the third dose. Yes, you are reading that right.

(Jun 14 2022) - Monkeypox: Natural Outbreak or Engineered ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yesterday I reviewed a report (5/27/22) that indicated that the next lab-engineered virus - MONKEY POX - escaped the clutches of its creators and on its way to become nosocomial. That ain't the only super-sneaky man-made virus on the loose. Folks, these NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs have a plethora of plandemics on-deck just waiting for their chance to knock-off a few million more. To many reasonable researchers, this info connects most of the dots of DEPOPULATION. I'm tellin' y'all right now. Unless these "Luciferian Labs" are shut down, no one is getting out alive. GOD HAVE MERCY !!!

(Jun 14 2022) - Necessary to the Security of a Free State !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- When any gov't tells its people they don’t need or have any right to keep or bear arms, especially within the USA, or that “our Bill of Rights is not absolute,” they are really telling you that you will soon need every weapon you can lay your hands on. Contrary to what the idiot in the Oval Office said last week, the 2nd Amendment is indeed “absolute just like every other amendment in the Bill of Rights & every word in the Charters of Freedom. As it relates to the 2nd Amendment specifically, it’s the single inalienable natural right of every legal U.S. Citizen to keep & bear arms ...

(Jun 13 2022) - Why America Doesn’t Trust the CDC !!!
AMERICA (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- People don’t trust the CDC. Here’s one example illustrating why. Two weeks ago, with no outcomes data on COVID-19 booster shots for 5-to-11-year-olds, the Centers for Disease Control vigorously recommended the booster for all 24 million American children in that age group. The CDC cited a small Pfizer study of 140 children that showed boosters elevated their antibody levels - an outcome known to be transitory. When that study concluded, a Pfizer spokesperson said it did not determine the efficacy of the booster in the 5-to-11-year-olds. But that didn’t matter to the CDC !!!

(Jun 13 2022) - Truth Is Now In Plain Sight ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheCovidBlog.com) -- Post-injection death tolls have reached levels that are making it very difficult for the powers-that-be to keep the lambs sleeping & vaxx zealots enthused. Thus they are resorting to the oldest, tried-&-true tricks in the book, particularly the “if you tell a lie enough, it becomes the truth” method. Politifact wrote the same, regurgitated article Apr 6, 2022, declaring that mRNA & viral vector DNA injections are not the cause of countless sudden deaths in adults & kids.

(Jun 12 2022) - Remember back when "ADRENOCHROME" was considered a conspiracy theory ??? Now it’s a conspiracy FACT !!!
WORLD (www.NewsTarget.com) -- For years, it was called a wild conspiracy theory. But the idea that “elitists” are siphoning the blood and life essence of young people in an effort to live forever has now been vindicated. Ever since The Telegraph reported that so-called “youth transplants” can help reverse the aging process, the concept of blood-sucking parasites living among us suddenly became more real than ever. They are branding it innocuously, of course, calling it an “anti-aging” process that taps into the “fountain of youth.”

(Jun 12 2022) - EXCLUSIVE : Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Today we are publishing a series of lab microscopy photos of bizarre clots which are now being routinely found in adults who “suddenly died,” usually in a number of months following covid vaccinations. These clots are often referred to as “blood clots” but they are nothing at all like normal clots, and they consist of far more than mere blood cells. Unlike normal clots which are gelatinous, almost jelly-like, these so-called “clots” contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural elements that are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from these clots.

(Jun 12 2022) - COVID-19 shots causing foot-long blood clots
IDAHO (www.WND.com) -- A pathologist who heads one of America's leading labs is finding unusually long blood clots, as long as one foot, in the bodies of deceased people who received COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Ryan Cole of Cole Diagnostics in Boise, Idaho, said his lab is "seeing mushy organs, we're seeing incredibly inflamed organs. We know the spike protein causes all the ... bad outcomes that the virus did in 2020," ...

(Jun 12 2022) - 50 U.S. Code § 1520a - Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a brief overview of 50 U.S. Code § 1520a which emphasizes the need for consent before any kind of testing can be done on any civilian. And yet, the masses continue to be bamboozled and ballyhoo'd into believing any ole' idea from the FAKE NEWS press-ti-tutes - conjoined by all their cohorts and criminal conspiracy cabalists. Folks, there are hundreds of laws and codes on the books that protect you from being taken advantaged of. But, if you're unaware of them, or don't announce or declare them, then that's on you. Always Remember : Ignorance is the only virtue that dictators encourage.

(Jun 11 2022) - Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down ...
VERNON, CA. (www.WesternJournal.com) -- Food processing corporation Smithfield Foods will shut down its Vernon, California, plant and scale back operations in California, Utah and Arizona, the company announced Friday. Smithfield “will cease all harvest & processing operations in Vernon, California in early 2023 and, at the same time, align its hog production system by reducing its sow herd in its Western region,” the company said in a Friday news release.

(Jun 11 2022) - Why I'm 99% certain that Justin Bieber's facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine ... !!!
AMERICA (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- The VAERS data shows that Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is 160 times more likely after a COVID vaccination than for all the other vaccines combined in any given year. And if you exclude the anthrax vaccine from that comparison, the likelihood is simply too high to calculate (0 cases in 32 years). So the COVID vaccine should definitely be considered as a possible cause for this rare disease. (...) Therefore, it is 99% likely that Justin’s RHS was caused by the vaccine, and only 1% chance that he got “unlucky.”

(Jun 11 2022) - Justin Bieber’s Face Paralyzed ... With Rare Disorder ... 3 Months After His Wife Had A Stroke ... ???
CALIFORNIA (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Superstar Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome this week. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare disorder caused by the chickenpox virus that causes paralysis in the face. The diagnosis comes just 3 months after Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Beiber, had a stroke that was induced by a blood clot in her brain. (...) Researchers in Hong Kong found a link between Ramsay Hunt syndrome and the Covid-19 vaxx. The researchers did a case study of a 37-year-old healthy man who was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome just 2 days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

(Jun 11 2022) - The Entire Health System Has Been Weaponized
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheLostSens.com) -- The object of war is to kill or maim as many people as possible, by whatever means. However, outright killing is often less efficient than wounding because more of the enemy’s resources are consumed in caring for the wounded than burying dead bodies. The overall goal of war is to conquer & subdue a people. In the process of conquering, the enemy must be psychologically & physically broken to the point that they give up their will to fight and their will to assert self-determination. The current pandemic war has all the markings of more traditional militaristic war, except ...

(Jun 10 2022) - Monkeypox is a COVER-UP for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination(s) resulting in ... ???
WORLD (www.TAPNewsWire.com) -- Do you not find it curious how in the space of 50 years, monkeypox has never really gotten off the ground outside of a couple of countries in Africa, but then within two years of the alleged emergence of Covid-19, monkeypox is suddenly in every Western nation and being hyped up by public health authorities, the mainstream media and the World Health Organization? (...) You may or may not be surprised to find that evidence suggests the alleged monkeypox outbreak could actually be a result of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

(Jun 10 2022) - Govt Preparing For Complete Societal Collaspe ...
AMERICA (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- When a societal apocalypse hits a civilization, there are a number of signs that occur before the actual collapse of civilization and civilized behavior, many of which we are watching happen today to America. Some of those signs include, but are not limited to: Wars, national and international debt, hyper-inflation, government corruption, currency and stock market manipulation, food shortages and civil unrest. Any of that sounding familiar ???

(Jun 09 2022) - National Guard Placed on Ready-Go Alert ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- The National Guard in all fifty (50) U.S. states has been told to adopt a "Ready-Go" posture for deployment in preparation for the soon-to-be-released US Supreme Court ruling on Abortion. The Court is expected to overturn "Roe v. Wade" which made Abortion legal. If and when such a ruling comes out, it is widely speculated that the pro-abortion, kill-the-babies-on-demand crowd of spoiled brats. will take to the streets and riot, NATIONWIDE !!!

(Jun 09 2022) - 'EXECUTIVE ORDERS' if Roe is overturned ???
WASH D.C. (www.WND.com) -- In an effort to slow the catastrophe plunge he's seen in his approval rating from American voters - now under 40% - Joe Biden took to the television stage on comedian Jimmy Kimmel's show this week. And he threatened to use "executive orders" to reverse a Supreme Court opinion that could overturn Roe v. Wade. That decision, in a Mississippi abortion dispute, appears likely, as a draft opinion from a majority of the court was leaked several weeks ago ...

(Jun 09 2022) - Dr Vernon Coleman: Most ‘Experts are Bought’
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that now I am much older, and I hope wiser & better informed. I am never invited to give my opinion on TV or radio shows or for the press. The MSM prefers its experts to stick to the official & accepted line on whatever topic is under discussion. What viewers, listeners & readers don’t know is that many so-called experts have been bought and paid for, and when they open their mouths they are merely saying what they’ve been told to say by their employers.

(Jun 09 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jun 09 2022) - How FAKE Is Twitter’s User Data ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Years ago the Porterville Post had warned that all these "FREE" social media marxist platforms would one day cost you something - maybe more than money. It may well be that if these social media platforms go down, they're gonna take down a chunk of the First Amendment with it. Twitter is way too connected to other social marxist platforms, and if this is part of THE PLAN to use Twitters fake bots & data as discovery in a court to weaken the Constitution, and SILENCE THE TRUTH, then Twitter will take one for the team. So, is Elon part of that plan ??? We'll soon see.

(Jun 08 2022) - Open Letter from J6 political prisoner ...
WASH D.C. (www.CitizenFreePress.com) -- “I listen to your podcast and I follow @julie_kellyz. It’s every bit as bad as she describes. I am a husband and father who has zero criminal history…. And I am looking at years in prison AFTER I took a plea. “You may ask why would people take a plea if they are innocent? Innocent has nothing to do with this as my lawyer has told over and over again. This is payback. There are only a handful of representatives in DC that care about us. The vast majority couldn’t care less. (...) “We are no longer free. And this country WAS taken without firing a single shot. Guns are meaningless at this point ...”

(Jun 08 2022) - EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON ... ???
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The U.S. gov't is waging psychological warfare on Americans. NO, THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY !!!. Psychological warfare, according to the Rand Corporation, “involves the planned use of propaganda & other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes & behavior of opposition groups.” For years now, the gov't has been bombarding the citizenry with propaganda campaigns & psychological operations aimed at keeping us compliant ...

(Jun 07 2022) - Why You Can't Count on the Cops To Protect You
U.S.A. (www.LewRockwell.com) -- Do cops have a duty to protect you? On Jun 27th, 2005, in Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the SCOTUS found the police have no Constitutional obligation to protect individuals from private individuals. In '56, the SCOTUS found in South v. Maryland that law enforcement officers had no affirmative duty to provide such protection. In '82 (Bowers v. DeVito), the Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit held ... there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen.

(Jun 07 2022) - NO WATER - NO FOOD : California Lawmakers Want To Buy Up Water Rights & Cut Farming To Stave Off Drought
SACRAMENTO (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- In places like California, water is a hot commodity these days. With a drought in play everyone is looking for someone else to blame, various cities are ordering cuts to daily use for families and individuals, and the primary target for now is California farmers and their legally protected water rights. It is these same rights that legislators now want to "buy" in order to shut down or greatly decrease agricultural production.

(Jun 07 2022) - Stopping 'Quarantine Camps' in New York State
NEW YORK (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Imagine a land where the gov't has the power to lock you up because the unelected bureaucrats in the Health Dept' think that you might, possibly have a communicable disease. They don’t have to prove you are sick. They don’t have to prove you are a health threat to others. They just need to think that, maybe, you were possibly exposed to a disease. And when I say “lock people up,” I mean in your home or force you into a facility, detention center, camp that they get to choose & you must stay there for however long they want. No time limit; so it could be for days, weeks, months, or years ...

(Jun 07 2022) - UPDATED INFO : Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination is going to lead to Depopulation
U.S.A. (www.Expose-News.com) -- This is a pretty bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder. But unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order. So let’s start with the evidence contained in the confidential Pfizer documents ...

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Over a week ago, I received an e-mail and a link to a web site that explained why MAC Codes are emanating from people who VOLUNTEERED to take the jab. I've known about this micro-technology for some time now, but for those who are still grappling with the notion ... PLEASE BE ADVISED ... you will see with your own eyes, MAC Numbers popping up on these researchers BLUETOOTH enabled cell phone while they are sitting in a restaurant. Now the question is, can this hidden micro-technology be remotely turned on, causing more injuries & more evil ???

(Jun 06 2022) - CHINA TO RULE AMERICA ... ???
W.H.O. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- It is official: communist China is now heading up the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) executive board, which fully explains why the Biden regime is pushing all of its new public health “amendments.” In a unanimous vote, China was elected to control the Executive Board of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s governing body. The communist country will serve alongside 11 other countries in steering the direction of global public health. China’s occupation of the top seats at the WHA will last for three years at least ...

(Jun 06 2022) - Pope Francis Retiring Soon ... ??? Maybe ... ???
VATICAN (www.NWOReport.me) -- Pope Francis recently fueled speculation of his potential retirement by announcing that he would visit the central Italian city of L’Aquila in Aug' to participate in a feast initiated by Pope Celestine V, one of the few pontiffs to resign his post prior to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation in 2013. Italian & Catholic media alike have been rife with unsubstantiated speculation over whether the 85-yr-old pope might be planning to follow in the steps of Pope Benedict XVI.

(Jun 05 2022) - X-FILES Predictive Programming on DNA !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Among all those X-FILES episodes that aired in 2016, this one - that was recaptured by Lindsay Kate from Texas - shows exactly what PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING is, highlighting scientists, altering your DNA for depopulation. It's part-in-partial to the truth and or what's coming dead ahead. Yes, it's a hoot when we see episodes from the Simpsons do the Predictive Program thingy, but how did Chris Carter - Executive Producer of the X-FILES - have that kind of insider intel ??? Maybe his writers, or consultants, brought in a few WHITE HATS to work that day ???

(Jun 05 2022) - Sending Vaxxes to People Suspected of Monkeypox
U.S.A. (www.RumorMillNews.com) -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is distributing vaxxes to Americans who are suspected of having been exposed to the monkeypox virus. “We want to ensure that people with high-risk exposures have rapid access to vaccines and, if they become sick, can receive appropriate treatment. To date, we’ve delivered around 1,200 vaccines ... and 100 treatment courses to 8 jurisdictions & we have more to offer states,” said Dr. Raj Panjabi, White House senior dir' for global health security & biodefense, according to CNN.

(Jun 05 2022) - HOW CAN THAT BE ??? : California: No. 1 in Gun Control Laws - and - No. 1 in ‘Active Shooter Incidents ???
CALIFORNIA (www.BreitBart.com) -- An FBI report on ‘Active Shooter Incidents’ in 2021 shows that California was the number one state for such incidents, with 6 incidents total. California is also number one for gun law strength (...) According to the FBI, there were 61 “active shooter incidents” across the country in 2021 & 12 of the incidents met the definition of a “mass killing.” California led the nation with 6 “active shooter incidents.”

(Jun 04 2022) - Elon Musk Is Not a Renegade Outsider ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okie-Dokie ... Looks like Elon Musk just got outed as a DEEP INSIDER, just like I tried to point out on Apr 26th. Yes, he's done a few things where he deserves some kiddos, but that was a few years ago. Now, it appears that his close relationship to many DEEP STATE Players in the Military Industrial Complex, are manifesting as well. Folks, he's on the take - as far as grants and contracts go - and he has to jump when they say jump, or they'll DEEP SIX him. Yeah, he's in that deep ... REAL DEEP !!!

(Jun 04 2022) - Bilderberg Meeting at Mandarin Oriental in D.C.
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanFreePress.net) -- After numerous phone calls to major hotels in the Wash, D.C. area, AFP can report that the 68th Bilderberg meeting, which is taking place from June 2-5, is likely being held at the Mandarin Oriental, a 5-Star luxury hotel along the Southwest Waterfront in the District Wharf neighborhood of the capital. A customer service representative at the hotel explained that there was a private event taking place at the hotel all weekend & the entire premise was closed to the public 'til Sunday, June 5, when the Bilderberg meeting is set to end.

(Jun 04 2022) - Pelosi’s Son Accused of Assaulting 6-Yr-Old Girl
CALIFORNIA (www.HeadlineUSA.com) -- In another twisted tale from the ongoing saga of alleged drunk drivers, stock fraudsters & sinners that is the family tree of Nancy Pelosi, her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is accused of physically assaulting a 6-yr-old girl. (...) The House speaker’s son “was photographed smiling next to a distressed 6-yr-old girl” who Pelosi Jr. is “accused of making the girl distressed by physically touching her,” reported National File, which obtained copies of the photos.

(Jun 04 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #356
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Sunday, June 5th, is World Environment Day, are we already too late to save our dying planet? The United Nations has just issued a warning of "total societal collapse" due to the "breaching of planetary boundaries". What desperate & dangerous actions are global power structures taking in preparation? Agricultural production isn't the only food source that's collapsing, so are fish farms & fishing industry as a whole. The implosion of New Zealand's salmon farming industry is just one example among countless others. What happens when there's not enough to eat ???

(Jun 04 2022) - DEADLY CHEMTRAILS : Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails As Part of Secret UN Program to Fight Covid-19
SPAIN (www.NewsPunch.com) -- The Spanish government ordered the military to quietly spray lethal chemtrails on its citizens with UN authorization under the cover of the “state of emergency for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.“ The chemtrail program, which involves the spraying of biocides on the population, was authorized by Royal Decree, was quietly acknowledged by the gov't Apr 16 2020, just one month after the World Health Organization announced that Covid-19 was a pandemic.

(Jun 03 2022) - Gov't Admits To Using ... CHEMTRAILS !!!
NWO (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- We have known for decades with documented evidence in the congressional record that the US government has admitted to engaging in weather modification through the use of chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere. While self-appointed, bought-and-paid-for “slack hecklers” call all of this a “conspiracy theory,” the reality is that the documents speak for themselves and thus they reveal an actual criminal conspiracy. However, during Convid-1984, the UK government also admitted to doing the same thing.

(Jun 03 2022) - "Vaccidents" keep spiking all around the world
WORLD (www.MarkCrispinMiller.substack.com) -- As “vaccidents” keep happening in unprecedented numbers, all around the world, “our free press” just keeps doing what it does best, and what best serves Big Pharma: find ways to make us think this sudden global uptick of falls, crashes and mysterious drownings—a spike that started soon after the rollout of those “vaccines”—has absolutely nothing to do with them. Here, for example, is a typically dishonest (or deluded) bit of “journalism” from ...

(Jun 03 2022) - Bayer Head Admits COVID-19 Vaxx is Gene Therapy
GERMANY (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Stefan Oelrich, head of Bayer’s pharmaceuticals department, admitted at the World Health Summit that the COVID-19 vaccine is gene therapy. He smugly stated that the drug companies knew people would reject the vaccine if they knew it was in fact a gene-altering injectable. THEY LIED TO US for profits as the vaccine certainly did not prevent anyone from contracting or transmitting the virus.

(Jun 02 2022) - Fort Bragg Deaths STATESIDE Spike ... ???
NORTH CAROLINA (www.GellerReport.com) -- Fort Bragg quit announcing soldier deaths at the end of July 2021. It’s no wonder. Soldiers were dying there at a rate of 1 every 3 days in August. More Biden corruption. Congress, on the hand, is concerned with renaming Fort Bragg. The Army's CRC stopped announcing PLRs for young soldiers collapsing in death for unexplained reasons. We know why !!!

(Jun 02 2022) - Pfizer's Covid Jabs Are Killing People ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.Citizens.news) -- Since at least December of 2020, drug giant Pfizer has known that its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "VACCINE" is a death sentence for many, which means that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also known this entire time. For more than two years, both Pfizer and the FDA knew that the former's covid jabs "waned in efficacy" over time, a phenomenon known as "vaccine failure." They also knew that one of the "SIDE EFFECTS" of Pfizer's covid injection ... incredibly ... IS COVID ITSELF !!!

(Jun 02 2022) - Something Fishy Going On With Voting Machines
GEORGIA (www.En-Volve.com) -- There’s something fishy going on with the voting machines in Georgia after a hand recount of votes in the May 24th primary election showed a massive discrepancy, further heightening the suspicions surrounding voting machines across the country. Dekalb County, GA undertook a hand recount in the District 2 County Commission race after questions were raised over equipment ‘malfunctions’. DeKalb VRE Executive Director Keisha Smith issued a press release to distribute the recount tabulation which changed the results and the runoff participants.

(Jun 02 2022) - Thanks to Climate-Change Fanatics and Green-Energy Whackos, 2/3rds of US Faces blackouts this Summer
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, one may ask, WHEN will these rolling black-outs occur ??? Well - for all those democ-RATS running for re-election - the 2022 summer primaries seems to be the likely dates and times. Plus, many liberal rags are now admitting that many of the voting machines can be hacked. Well, how convenient. Wouldn't you say ??? Just icksnay the electricity for a few hours, switch the votes - like before - and wham'o, the lights come back on, and the Whackos are back in.

(Jun 01 2022) - Study finds latest Monkeypox Outbreak is result of Biolab manipulated Virus possibly released intentionally !!!
WORLD (www.BillKloss.law) -- A new study published by Portugal’s National Institute of Health has uncovered evidence that the virus responsible for the Monkeypox outbreak allegedly sweeping across Europe, America & Australia, has been heavily manipulated in a lab by scientists, and further evidence suggests it has been RELEASED INTENTIONALLY. Suddenly, we are being told that cases of monkeypox are now being recorded in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy & Germany, all at the same time.

(Jun 01 2022) - Globalists Are Taking Over the Food System
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.ChildrensHealthDefense.org) -- The globalists’ takeover of the food system is underway - if they control the seeds they control the food & if they control the food they can use the digital ID to control consumer access to food. The globalist takeover agenda is nothing if not comprehensive. They’re coming at us from every possible angle & whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing, health care, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal ... to force compliance with the globalists’ agenda.

(Jun 01 2022) - Inhuman Frequencies: Can they Trigger Genocide ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Thank GOD someone has finally put two-and-two together re: FREQUENCIES and how they can be used to manipulate people. As Amazing as Polly's video is, more must be revealed. Yes, 5G will play a part in the genocide of humanity, and yes, they do track what you say & do on your cell phones - like your digital TV's - but, what all these combined contraptions are designed to do - is cue in on Christians responses re: GOD's Voice & GOD'S Frequencies, to hopefully postpone Christ' Second Coming !!! Doubt It Not !!!

(May 31 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : FBI Maintains a Workspace ... Inside the Law Firm of Perkins Coie ... Sent From Robert C. Laity
WASH D.C. (www.TheConservativeTreehouse.com) -- There is very little that surprises me, but this is completely stunning. An FBI whistleblower came forth to inform Rep Jim Jordan and Rep Matt Gaetz that the FBI maintains a workspace inside the law firm of Perkins Coie. {Link} In response to a letter sent by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, Perkins Coie, the legal arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton, admitted they have been operating an FBI workspace in their Washington D.C. office since 2012. Pay attention to that date, it matters.

(May 31 2022) - Police State in Slow Motion !!!
U.S.A. (www.LewRockwell.com) -- For many years, I’ve forecasted that the US will evolve into a police state; that it will begin slowly; then as more and more freedoms are removed, the creation of the police state will accelerate. We’re now seeing that acceleration, as more and more Americans are detained, questioned, and having their property confiscated than ever before. As an example, in 2016, some 20,000 travellers in and out of the US were stopped, often at random.

(May 31 2022) - China Elected To WHO Executive Board ... !!!
CHINA (www.Summit.news) -- China has been elected to the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board with zero objections from any democratic countries, despite its voluminous attempts to cover up the Coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent brutal lockdowns. Hillel Neuer of the watchdog group UN Watch noted “this is the regime that crushed” warnings from whistleblowers in late 2019 and early 2020. He also noted that “not a single democracy spoke out to object.”

(May 30 2022) - THE HUNGER GAME HAS BEGUN ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheLostSens.com) -- In a world such as this, where every freedom is being relinquished, where every aspect of life is being controlled, where every state threat is a lie, where every truth is avoided; WHAT WILL BECOME OF MAN ? Power and control over large populations can only be achieved over time, and initially in smaller steps, but as the progression of tyranny consumes the majority, extreme force will be more easily accepted. All totalitarian systems rely on voluntary servitude in order to exist, because there are so many more of us than them. Once this state of willing cowardice and indifference claims the population like a virus, this mass sickness of society will consume itself

WORLD (www.KOPFW9233.com) -- This page contains a number of documents, many of which demonstrate the intentions of the global elite including the depopulation strategy outlined in the NSSM 200 and World Population Plan of Action, the plan for a global viral outbreak outlined in various curiously-timed documents, and the intention to declare all dissidents agents of terror and erect camps to detain them.

(May 30 2022) - President of European Pharma Giant charged for falsifying COVID Vaxx Record & purchasing fake Vaxx Passport
SPAIN (www.Expose-News.com) -- Spanish police carried out an investigation – Operation Jenner – which uncovered a vast network of celebrities and “elites” who paid money to have their names fraudulently entered into the National Immunisation Register, despite refusing to be vaccinated. One of the “elites” was Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro, president of European pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar.

(May 30 2022) - The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox ...
WORLD (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- As predicted, just as hysteria about COVID-19 is winding down, another “pandemic” is poised to take its place. This time, it’s monkeypox, an infection that just so happens to mimic many of the symptoms of COVID jab-induced shingles — so much so, the Department of Health in Queensland, Australia, used the same photo to illustrate both infections. The first European case of monkeypox was confirmed May 7, 2022, in the U.K. Then, seemingly overnight, cases were being reported across the world.

(May 29 2022) - The Untold Story of the Monkeypox !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, the creators and patent holders of MonkeyPox are slow-rolling out this COVERT OPERATION before they release the others - and they will. It's all part of their 10 year depopulation plan. By years end, more mandates - closely emulating MARTIAL LAW - will super-sequester American citizens, eat away the rest of the U.S. economy and subjugate our sickened soldiers. And you dunderheads think that the calvary is coming to save the day during the midterms. Spare Me !!!

(May 29 2022) - The Degradation of Future Generations Via Contaminated Food, Water, Medicine, Deadly Vaccines and ...
U.S.A. (www.NewsTarget.com) -- Worse than ever before, the US gov't and regulatory agencies have sped up the process of degrading human health, the environment and the entire supply chain for fuel, energy and food. It’s not only part of a MASTER PLAN OF DEPOPULATION, but one that is intended to sicken the populace so pitifully that they cannot defend themselves against the communist tyranny, nor can their children, or their children. It’s a multi-faceted war against earth and humanity, and ...

(May 29 2022) - 1,000's of Memorial Day flights canceled
AMERICA (www.JustTheNews.com) -- More than 5,500 flights have been canceled over Memorial Day weekend, as Americans begin their summer travel plans with relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. Nearly 1,400 flights have been canceled by Sunday afternoon, with about 390 of those flights within, into or out of the United States, according to FlightAware. Sunday's cancellations follow more than 1,500 global cancellations on Saturday and over 2,300 on Friday, according to The Associated Press.

(May 28 2022) - TRUTH TOLD TOO LATE : UK Government Admits the Vax Has Permanently Damaged the Immune System !!!
U.K. (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- The UK gov't admits that the clot shot has damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-dosed. The good ol’ gov has confessed that those double-vaxxed will never ever be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants – or possibly any other virus. The Real Pandemic Will Now Begin. In its Week 42 “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report,” the UK Dept' of Health admits on page 23 that: “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of [the vax].Wow. It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially – get this – PERMANENT !!!

(May 28 2022) - Biden Crime Family To Reap Massive Profits From MONKEYPOX Vaccines ??? {Always Follow The Money}
PENNSYLVANIA (www.Citizens.news) -- As you might expect, the current White House occupant (usurper & traitor} is about to rake in boatloads of cash from the new monkeypox "vaccines" that are currently under development. the Penn Biden Center, a globalist think tank at the University of Penn' Hospital, is receiving a flood of cash, we now know, to create the next wave of plandemic injections at warp speed. And as its name suggests, the Penn Biden Center is tied to the Biden Crime Family.

(May 28 2022) - Massive Fire Started By U.S. Forest Service
NEW MEXICO (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- The largest wildfire in New Mexico history - which is still burning - was started by the U.S. Forest Service, federal investigators announced Friday. The catastrophe began as two fires that merged into one. Both wildfires have now been conclusively traced to planned burns conducted by the Forest Service. Planned or "prescribed" burns are used to reduce the threat of extreme fires by reducing the amount of dry fuel in the forest. So far, the New Mexico fire has destroyed 330 homes and scorched some 500 square miles.

(May 28 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #355
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The global controllers have just gathered in Davos, Switzerland. Did they solidified their plans for our collective fate? There was almost no major media coverage of the criminal cabal meeting in Davos. Weather catastrophes of every kind continue to decimate crop production around the world, the food that is available is increasingly toxic. As populations grapple with simply trying to survive, official sources tell us new pandemics are on the way. Are the days of the human race now numbered?

(May 28 2022) - AN ABSOLUTE FAILURE : Uvalde Was Part of AI Program to Root Out Potential School Mass Murderers ... ???
TEXAS (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Well, that didn’t work !!! Uvalde, Texas, was part of a cutting-edge AI program designed to monitor social media and other aspects of students’ lives. The intention was to prevent the mass murders from being perpetrated by students like Salvador Ramos, but despite clear signs that he was dangerous and well-armed, the program failed to notice him. According to The Daily Mail ...

(May 28 2022) - WHAT ??? Uvalde Cops Had ‘Active Shooter’ Training Just Weeks Before Elementary School Massacre ... ???
UVALDE, TX. (www.DailyWire.com) -- Uvalde police officers have been widely criticized for their delayed response to the tragic shooting that took place Tuesday at Robb Elementary School – apparently despite the fact that the department had hosted an “Active Shooter Training” just nine weeks earlier. The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski shared a photo of a flyer advertising the training course, hosted by the Uvalde Police Department, that was scheduled to take place in March.

(May 27 2022) - Event in Texas; What's Being Covered Up ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Good researchers & reporters ask good questions - like the ones in this article. Aside from these inserted inquiries, one must ask, why didn't any of the cops - who stood by & waiting to respond - storm the school house & save the children ??? We're they told to stand down ??? If so, then by who ??? Some are reporting there were previous police reports & arrests re: the shooter, and the cops didn't want this information to get out. TOO LATE !!! And now the cover-up begins ???

(May 27 2022) - TEXAS HERO : Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent ...
TEXAS (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- A heroic officer rushed from his barber to the school to rescue his wife and daughter from the tragic active shooter situation. Off-duty Customs and Border Protection agent Jacob Albarado was just sitting down for a haircut at his barber when he received a chilling text from his wife, a fourth-grade teacher at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School. (...) Albarado did what he was trained to do, and in the face of fear and tragedy, he acted saving dozens of lives.

(May 26 2022) - BREAKING : Mother Trying To Save Children At Uvalde School Was Handcuffed By Federal Marshals ???
UVALDE, TX. (www.ThePostMillennial.com) -- After it was revealed on Thursday that not only did police delay their response to sending tactical teams into the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex. amid a school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead but prevented parents from entering, the Wall Street Journal reported that one mother sprinted into the school to get her children, over objections from law enforcement. Angeli Rose Gomez drove 40 miles to the school upon hearing of the shooting, and she arrived, said "The police were doing nothing ..."

(May 26 2022) - Parents Beg Heavily Armed Cops To Charge School – The Cops Waited 1 Hour Outside As Shooter Murdered Kids
TEXAS (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The worst school shooting in more than a decade unfolded this week in a small Texas town west of San Antonio. The massacre has rocked the nation and led to a fierce debate over guns and school security. One aspect of the shooting is flying under the radar, however, and that is the police response — or rather, lack thereof. New info is coming out from bystanders who watched the shooter enter the school & then watched as police stood by as he murdered 19 children and two teachers.

(May 26 2022) - Vatican official at Davos says the Catholic Church is implementing the World Economic Forum agenda ???
DAVOS (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- A Vatican cleric attending the 2022 Davos Summit, a conference hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which advances ... a punishing “green” agenda, open borders, and “future pandemic” management, has said that the Catholic Church is “committed to the various issues considered at the forum.” The Catholic Church intends to 'implement policies and programs to put into practice the issues considered by the forum,' said Father Leonir Chiarello, the Superior General of the Scalabrinian order.

(May 26 2022) - Globalists Have Entered THE KILL PHASE ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.LeoHohmann.com) -- This was a big week for the globalists. They feel it’s their time, go time, to launch the most difficult phase of the Great Reset so they can get on with what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as explained by World Economic Forum guru Klaus Schwab, will lead to afusionof every human being’s physical, biological and digital identities. It’s basically the dawning of a new era based on transhumanism and technocracy ...

(May 26 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 4.3
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(May 25 2022) - Should We Censor Doctors ??? { Yes & No }
SACRAMENTO, CA. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Legislation entered in California’s state legislature has gone where Biden’s “disinformation bureau” couldn’t. Bill AB-2098 gives power to the state’s medical board to investigate and punish doctors whose advice and treatment regarding COVID-19 varies from the “applicable standard of care.” Physicians in the medical establishment now have “disinformation” authority over others who dare to voice alternative options to their patients. Consequences include actions that can take away a medical license.

(May 25 2022) - CNN Finally Admits mRNA Jabs Destroy Immunity
U.S.A. (www.NewsPunch.com) -- CNN is now admitting that Covid-19 mRNA jabs are destroying people’s natural immunity – something independent media outlets have reported for months. In an article published Friday breaking down “The quest for longer-lasting Covid-19 vaccines,” and as breakthrough infections for double-vaccinated & boosted individuals have continued to mount, CNN admitted scientists are trying to figure out why immunity supposedly provided by the jabs doesn’t seem to last.

(May 24 2022) - ORWELLIAN : World Economic Forum Globalist Pushes ‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’ ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- A globalist corporate kingpin at the World Economic Forum in Davos is pushing the idea of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” that would monitor every move by the human cattle enslaved under the NEW WORLD ORDER. “We’re developing through technology an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint,” said Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans. “What does that mean ? That’s where they’re traveling, how they’re traveling, what they're eating, what they're consuming on the platform ..."

(May 23 2022) - Gasoline hits $7.29/Gal. in Los Angeles !!!
LOS ANGELES (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- This is what Democrats did when they stole the US Presidency in Nov 2020, through rampant & brazen election fraud, aided & abetted by weak-minded Republicans in states like Georgia & Arizona, who were more concerned with President Trump's "mean tweets" than public policy. Once the Democrats & Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOS) ousted Trump through a stolen election, the Dem's imposed their Green Agenda to wage war against fossil fuels under the fraudulent guise of "Climate Change."

(May 23 2022) - Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Gov't and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law
WASH D.C. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Pfizer affirms that its agreement with Washington under “Other Transaction Authority” permits Pfizer to violate clinical trial regulations and federal laws protecting the public. In other words, Pfizer has legal authority to commit fraud that kills people. As I have explained on many occasions, the US government is privatized. It is run by private interests whose representatives are found on the SEC, FDA, EPA, Federal Reserve, and all other regulatory agencies.

(May 23 2022) - The Way to Stop Fake Monkey Virus Epidemic ...
U.S.A. (www.LewRockwell.com) -- The virus scare of the day, the fake Monkey Virus epidemic, now being produced at the CDC virus factory, is reported to be spreading across the U.S. and Europe. (...) But viruses are not germs or microtoxins, are not contagious by airborne spit or mucus, and cannot be spread across species. The only way for a human to get an animal virus is by INJECTION !!! There are 300,000 varieties of any one virus or flu because of the 300,000 types of different tissues in the human body.

(May 22 2022) - “Monkeypox” may only be a big distraction from what’s really coming, once 5G is ready to be used ... ???
WORLD (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Dr. Buttar launches into a harrowing prediction, based on tips from trusted insiders, of what’s to come. Since he’s been right so far (...), we should listen carefully to what he’s saying now: that the “vaccines” contain sleeper cells, set to be awakened (...) by three 60-second 5G signals, which will activate the Marburg virus, and other pathogens that will kill “vaccinated” people by the millions ... (VIDEO)

(May 22 2022) - Belgium Begins "Monkeypox" Quarantines ... ???
BELGIUM (www.NewsWars.com) -- Belgium has become the first country to introduce a mandatory 21-day monkeypox quarantine for those who contact the virus, after three cases were recorded in the country. The infections were all linked to a festival in the port city of Antwerp, according to the Daily Mail, as Belgium is now one of 14 countries to confirm outbreaks of the viral disease (in addition to suspected, but not confirmed cases in Austria & Greece). EDITORS NOTE : Amazingly, the U.S. already has vaccines "available to be deployed" ... JUST AMAZING !!!

(May 22 2022) - America has reached a crisis point of socialism
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn understood the fatal attraction that socialism has for the West. And of course, he understood better than anyone else the profound damage that socialism inflicts on any society in which it’s ascendant. With the creeping leftism that has infected every aspect of American society, and cost tremendous damage to every aspect of America, Solzhenitsyn’s words are proving more prophetic than ever. In his Warning to the West, Solzhenitsyn wrote the following ...

(May 21 2022) - NEW REPORT : Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to Hacking Even When Turned Off ??? ... {You Have Been Warned !!!}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, these iPhones [AKA Idiot Phones] - from the beginning - had tracking abilities, unless you could remove the batteries or "Jail-Brake" them, but now that's not possible - YET !!! Plus, they're now saying these new ones are just as vulnerable as the old ones ??? And, seriously, many idiot Christians put more faith in these contraptions than GOD. You Heard Me !!! Look, I've talked with many Christians & Pastors, and they said all their day-to-day thingy's are in these Demonic Devices. So, when it all goes digital {'cuz it will} don't ask me for help !!!

NEW YORK CITY (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- An NYC patient has tested positive for the same genus virus as monkeypox sparking calls from the health department for residents to wear masks indoors - just as New Yorkers were finally returning to mask-free normalcy after COVID-19. The CDC is still waiting for confirmation that it is monkeypox, after the patient tested positive for orthopoxvirus - the genus of viruses that includes smallpox, cowpox, horsepox, camelpox, and monkeypox.

(May 21 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #354
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Key rivers that supply water for farms are drying up, failing food production is a consequence. Rivers in other regions are bursting their banks & flooding farm fields. Again, crop loss is the result. Covert climate intervention operations are core to both equations, what agendas & objectives are being carried out by the controllers? Why are so many still willing to pretend weather engineering programs are just a "proposal"? What's the "Stanford Prison Experiment"?

(May 20 2022) - BUILD BLACKOUTS BETTER : Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Tens of millions of Americans could be thrown into a summer of hell as a megadrought, heatwaves, and reduced power generation could trigger widespread rolling electricity blackouts from the Great Lakes to the West Coast, according to Bloomberg, citing a new report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), a regulatory body that manages grid stability. NERC warned power supplies in the Western US could be strained this summer ...

U.S.A. (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- I have previously written in Part 1, that an economic collapse will be followed by a 9 pronged invasion of Russia and China, under the UN! Bob Griswold and myself just recorded a TV show at the Common Sense Show.TV in which presented the facts releated to the planned release of hemmoragic smallpox which will devastate this country. The public is unaware of how serious the discovery of the recent, and if we were to believe the CDC and MSM, viles of smallpox that were discovered in Philadelphia.

(May 20 2022) - In March 2021, the "Nuclear Threat Initiative" Held a "Drill" for Global MonkeyPox Terror Attack ... and Now ???
WORLD (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a "tabletop exercise" simulating a global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory. In the "exercise" the terror Monkey pox attack took place in May, 2022. Well, it is now May, 2022, and we now have ... an outbreak of actual Monkeypox. These "exercises" aren't exercises ... THEY'RE PLANS !!!

(May 20 2022) - House Passes Antisemitism Resolution ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Passing speech control laws are what dictators and their dogs do just before they clamp down on everyone and everything. Look, these Orwellian wannabes FEAR THE TRUTH more than taking the time to face the facts. It's what everyday Americans have to do daily re: Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. But, when an evil administration un-constitutionally circumvents Americans 1st Amendment Rights, then that new law/bill is NULL & VOID, and has no standing because the people aren't a party to it.

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- We have told you from the very beginning of the Plannedemic that these things would go in phases – { we have just entered Phase IV } ... and ... that the weapons the NEW WORLD ORDER would be using would change over time. (...) So you ask ... What is Phase IV ??? Recession, bankruptcies, food shortages, sky-high gas prices and famine. That’s where you are right now, still smack dab at the beginning of sorrows.

(May 19 2022) - Israel joins the United States in plan to hand over sovereignty to United Nations World Health Organization !!!
ISRAEL (www.LeoHohmann.com -- Globalism is a demonic spirit that has infected every nation, even those least likely to realize a single long-term benefit from it. That would include the United States and Israel. Both of these nations were much stronger when they relied on their own people for manufacturing, supply chains and military protection of secure borders. But Israel has now agreed to join the U.S. in a diabolical plan to hand over sovereignty on matters of “public health emergencies” to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

(May 19 2022) - Miami International Airport Rolls Out Largest Biometric Technology In The United States ???
FLORIDA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- On the heels of the news that Uganda makes plans for DNA upgrades for biometric ID cards, Miami International Airport has rolled out the largest biometric technology in the US. That’s right, in the state that houses former President Trump & the next controlled opposition puppet for the White House, Gov' Ron DeSantis, Florida sets a milestone for the NEW WORLD ORDER in the U.S.

(May 19 2022) - There's No Voting Our Way Out Of This !!!
AMERICA (www.NCRenegade.com) -- It all boils down to this, There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This! Once you accept that & understand what that means, then you are mentally prepared for what lies ahead, other than that you are living in fantasy land. (...) There is no way to vote our way out of this. Submit or Fight are our only options at this point. Voting is being used to justify inaction plain and simple. Those who advocate for voting in a rigged system are delusional.

(May 18 2022) - The TV Man Is Not Your Friend ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.CaitlinJohnstone.com) -- It's very cute how empire apologists talk about driving Putin from Ukraine so there can be peace, like that's a real thing. Like if it happened the war would just stop, and the US alliance wouldn't with absolute certainty continue the attack and work to topple Moscow by any means necessary. There's zero reason to take on faith the MSM narrative that Ukraine is kicking Putin's ass and victory is imminent, but even if that did happen there'd be less than zero reason to believe the fighting would stop there.

(May 18 2022) - TWITTER Faces Financial Nightmare Over ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- WHAT ??? Twitter may have fudged a bit about their bots ??? Their FAKE BOTS ??? Yes, most - if not all of those FREE platforms - have FAKE Members, FAKE Numbers, FAKE Bots, and yes FAKE Algorithms. Musk, in calling Twitter out re: their FAKE percentage claims has the higher legal ground, and Musk, I'm tellin' y'all, will win in court. But, was this a ploy to drive the remaining Christians, conservatives and patriots over to Trumps new social media platform ??? It kinda looks that way, now that Musk says he's switching parties.

(May 18 2022) - Mexico’s Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula
MEXICO (www.Breitbart.com) -- SEE STORE PHOTOS : As the Biden Administration is slow to respond to a severe shortage of baby formula in the U.S. stores throughout Mexico are fully stocked especially with the high-demand Enfamil brand. (...) Within the past week, the FDA announced that it would ease regulations to allow for the importation of formula. Experts cautioned that shelves would not be stocked with the imported goods for more weeks to come, however.

(May 18 2022) - More Illegal Aliens Crossed the Southern Border in April Than Any Month in Modern History ... !!!
U.S. BORDER (www.TheOhioStar.com) -- In the month of April, at least 234,088 illegal aliens crossed the border into the U.S. smashing all previous records for the highest monthly total of illegals crossings in modern history. As reported by the Washington Examiner, the over 234,000 figure comes from successful interceptions by border authorities, and does not account for the “gotaways” who evaded the Border Patrol. (...) With this new monthly total, the full amount of confirmed encounters with illegals at the border (...) now stands at 2.75 million.

(May 17 2022) - How YOU are paying for migrants to take charter flights: Secret taxpayer-funded trips costing tens of thousands ...
U.S.A. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Secret gov't charter flights paid for by taxpayer funds are quietly transporting ILLEGALS from the southern border to other cities across the U.S. The flights, which take off from border cities like El Paso, Texas, are taking busloads of illegal aliens to various cities around the country including Jacksonville, Florida, Alexandria, Louisiana & Harrisburg, Penn. Lawmakers are demanding more transparency about the flights & where the illegals are going ...

(May 17 2022) - BRITISH GOVERNMENT ADMITS : COVID-19 Vaccines PERMANENTLY DAMAGE Natural Immune System ... ???
U.K. (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- The UK government admits that the COVID-19 Experimental mRNA "vaccine" has damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-dosed. The government has confessed that double-vaxxed (or more) people, will never -- ever -- be able to acquire full natural immunity to COVID variants - or possibly any other virus. Keen observers of this COVID debacle are now saying ... "The real pandemic will now begin" ...

(May 17 2022) - Elon Musk Belongs to the Cult ???
WORLD (www.HenryMakow.com) -- "The Twitter takeover is a NWO promotion to try to get conservatives to return to Twitter, where they can be tracked by the AI. AI models have failed on conservatives due to lack of reliable data. News is of course highly controlled by the Cult. Why would they allow any free speech at all on Twitter, unless they are doing a Mao style CCP honey trap operation to target people saying things against the Cult/NWO?"

(May 17 2022) - "Twitter Does Not Believe In Free Speech" ...
CALIFORNIA (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- A senior Twitter engineer caught on hidden camera in another Project Veritas operation confirmed that the whole company is "commie as f**k" and "does not believe in free speech." Siru Murugesan also told the undercover journalist that Elon Musk's intended purchase of the company has caused employees to start "stress-eating" and become "worried for our jobs." (...) According to Murugesan, Twitter employees did all they could to "revolt against" Musk's takeover.

(May 16 2022) - Social Credit System: the Elite’s Means of Control
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- This Social Credit System is in the process of being established throughout the Western World It is the hallmark of the Davos World Economic Forum & Dept' of Homeland Security. Most of America’s global corporations are its champions. The Social Credit system requires “citizens” to be subservient to govt. Such govts are still called “democracies,” but the citizens have no voice. All voices different from the narrative are cancelled.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Dr. Vernon Coleman does a great job in his column titled "Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers". Deep diving into these paid-off and bias-orientated opportunists, he walks you through their trail of tales, and supporters of those tall-tales. That - my friends - is how you root out their evil doin's. The problem is - however - most writers, journalists, columnists & researchers still want to play on the enemies platforms & by their rules. The Porterville Post, albeit, knew early on, that the tables would be turned & veered away from all those FREE platforms, just so we could continue telling y'all THE TRUTH a bit longer. Your Welcome ...

(May 16 2022) - TWO STATE SOLUTION : Biden’s solution for Arab violence in Jerusalem : Give Temple Mount to Jordan ???
WASH D.C. (www.Israel365News.com) -- President Biden met with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Friday in Washington to discuss the outbreak of Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount. In the official statement following the meeting, the White House affirmed its commitment to Jordanian custodianship of the site: “The President affirmed his strong support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and cited the need to preserve the historic status quo at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount,” the statement read ...

(May 15 2022) - Vaxxed People Emitting MAC Addresses ???
WORLD (www.Expose-News.com) -- The phenomenon of MAC emissions from people “vaccinated” against Covid is an alarming fact that demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship, Corona2Inspect wrote. Corona2Inspect has made a short video to explain how it is happening and what the possible effects could be. But before you get to the video at the end of this article, a bit of background to the contents of Covid injections as they relate to the MAC phenomenon.

(May 15 2022) - Former Pfizer VP Says Forcing Covid Vaccine On Billions Of People Was A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ !!!
U.S.A. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Michael Yeadon spent 32 yrs in the pharmaceutical industry as an expert in allergies and respiratory research. He was Pfizer’s head of allergy & respiratory research for 16 yrs. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, he became one of the most vocal critics of lockdowns, vaccine mandates & mask mandates. Yesterday, he said that forced vaccines were a ‘crime against humanity’ in an interview with The Epoch Times. “It was never appropriate to attempt to ‘end the pandemic’ with a novel technology vaccine.

CANADA (www.TheOccidentalObserver.net) -- Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal regime, Canada has become a testbed or pilot program for the globalist experiment. Canada, like much of the Western World, has been under severe deconstructive challenge. All aspects of life have been subjected to a withering culture of critique. The new Canada that is emerging from the ruins of tradition is very much in line with the prototypical globalist program.

(May 14 2022) - GLOBAL RESET UNDERWAY ... !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the stock market over the past several days, you are aware that stocks have been rapidly declining. Individual retirement accounts have lost hundreds of billions of dollars, if not more, in the blink of an eye as the Biden economy continues to tank and take Americans’ financial security with it. Without any doubt, Joe Biden has turned out to be the very worst president in the history of our country, and it’s not even close. But the tanking of our economy (...) is purposeful !!!

(May 14 2022) - You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat ...
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Before long, every household in America will be similarly flagged and assigned a threat score. Without having ever knowingly committed a crime or been convicted of one, you and your fellow citizens have likely been assessed for behaviors the gov't might consider devious, dangerous or concerning; assigned a threat score based on your associations, activities and viewpoints; and catalogued in a government database ...

(May 14 2022) - NSA promises ‘no backdoors’ in new encryption
UTAH (www.RT.com) -- The National Security Agency’s cybersecurity chief has claimed that next-generation encryption standards under development in the US will be unbreachable, even by the American govt's own spies. “There are no backdoors,” Rob Joyce, the NSA’s director of cybersecurity, told Bloomberg in an interview on Friday. The agency has been involved in the process of developing the new standards, which are designed to protect data from future quantum computers, but Joyce promised there won’t be any deliberate flaws injected in the algorithms.

(May 14 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #353
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Climate chaos continues to crush crops all over the world. How long till the food shortages hit home? From the US Southwest to Siberia – wildfires are already raging & summer is still a month away. The skies above the fires are crisscrossed with climate engineering aerosol dispersions, though geoengineering operations are still officially denied. The info war has gone exponential as the global controllers crack down on any data that disputes government sponsored narratives. How close is complete collapse ???

(May 14 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : 2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election Sent From Robert C. Laity
U.S.A. (www.RightsAndFreedomNews.com) -- The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique because of the COVID pandemic.

(May 14 2022) - Radio host injured by COVID jab says main stream media ‘don’t want to hear’ about adverse events !!!
U.K. (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- A BBC radio host who suffered from painful adverse events after taking AstraZeneca’s COVID shot has spoken out against media silence on injuries arising from the jabs. BBC Kent Radio host Jules Serkin blasted mainstream media outlets in an interview with GB News Monday night, arguing that either the “media have been told to be quiet” on the topic of “vaccine” injuries or they “don’t want to hear another side.” Serkin told presenter Mark Steyn that she started to suffer painful side effects immediately after she took the AstraZeneca-developed COVID jab last year.

(May 13 2022) - State Passes Unlawful Bill Allowing Government To “Vaccinate” Preteens Without Parental Consent !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Though there has long been a push by the state to sever the bond between parents and their children, over the last 2 yrs, this disturbing trend has ramped up. Thanks to the rampant fear pushed by MSM & politicians, many American citizens are sitting by idly as govt circumvents parental authority. This week, it escalated to a new level as the Californian Senate passed Senate Bill 866. The bill, titled Teens Choose Vaccinations Act, is a farce from the start as it is not just teens targeted in the bill.

(May 13 2022) - FOOD IS THE WEAPON OF CHOICE ... !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- FOOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN A WEAPON ... in the hands of evil people !!! But, without the assistance of the ignorant mases and complicit press-ti-tutes, food - or other supply needs - can't be used as a weapon against the people. However, it is and will continue to be. Look, even if you have done all you can to prepare for whatever man-made emergency or controlled crisis, you're gonna have family and/or friends who didn't, come banging on your door. That's when it's gonna get really real. As most preppers know, Good Decisions Must Be Made Today ... or ... bad ones will be made tomorrow !!!

(May 13 2022) - THERE WILL BE BLOOD ... IN AMERICA ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Progressive activists have long fallen on the tactic of resorting to violence, destruction, even bloodshed to get their points across. With the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on abortion, I feel assured they'll once more pull this oft-used tool from their belt, and once again resort to carnage & mayhem. Already, they vandalized several Catholic churches, and firebombed a Right to Life group’s headquarters. A bullet was fired into the office of the Virginia A.G. this week as well. Violence is already here !!!

(May 13 2022) - Legislator Be Advised ... You WILL be Punished !!!
WASH D.C. (www.ClifHigh.com) -- You are hereby advised that any and all actions to advance the creation, amendments, submission and/or passing of agreements or treaties, that attempt to circumvent, undermine and/or interfere with the United States’ sovereignty and exclusive authority to self govern, as set forth in the Constitution and Federal and State laws, and/or transfer this authority, in full or in part, to any foreign country or other entity, are a violation of United States Federal and State Laws.

(May 12 2022) - Former US intelligence chief warns that Joe Biden could freeze bank accounts to combat ‘misinformation’
WASH D.C. (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- Richard Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence under then - President Donald Trump, tweeted April 30 that Americans should beware of the new Biden administration’s “Ministry of Truthfreezing bank accounts in the name of protection against misinformation. “Don’t be surprised if the Department of Misinformation freezes your ATM card until you delete your unapproved opinions,” Grenell wrote. “Democrats are weaponizing government agencies with reckless abandonment.”

(May 12 2022) - Dr. William Mount : United States Corporation is causing the wheat distribution problem ... and a whole lot more
WASH D.C. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- For Dr. William Mount, the wheat shortage is just an illusion created by the “United States Corporation” working in concert with the World Economic Forum & the U.N. “There is no world shortage of wheat, but there’s a global wheat problem. There’s a distribution problem being caused by the U.S. Corporation, which is banning the exportation of fuel on countries that need fuel to run the diesel & the trains that distribute the food. So there’s no wheat shortage,” Mount said in his recent podcast, noting that the U.S. has more oil & natural gas than the rest of the world combined !!!

(May 12 2022) - We Found All the Baby Formula ... Biden Admin sent it all to Southern Border for Illegal Alien babies !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- For over a week, there have been widespread and growing reports of Baby Formula shortages all over the USA. Store shelves are bare of it in many places. Now, we know why : The Biden Admin' has grabbed all the formula & sent it to the southern border to accommodate ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into the country with babies. (...) According to Congresswoman Pat Cammack, pallets of baby formula are deluging the southern border.

(May 12 2022) - Documents Reveal How The United States Biolabs In Ukraine Attempted To Create Controlled Epidemics
RUSSIA (www.GreatGameIndia.com) -- The Russian Defence Ministry continues to study materials on the implementation of military biological programs of the U.S. and its NATO allies on the territory of Ukraine. Explosive documents reveal how these Ukrainian biolabs attempted to create controlled epidemics including coronavirus. (...) As a result of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, facts of work with the specified pathogens, which are potential agents of biological weapons, have been revealed.

(May 11 2022) - ON MAY 22nd : The World Health Organization will have authority to lock down all of America ??? If It Ain't Stopped !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, these NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs { specifically Joe Biden's ilk } are gonna vote - sometime between May 22 and May 28 - to subjugate the sovereignty of American persons to the World Heath Organization. ALARM BELLS should be going off all over the place, and yet the distractions about the Ukraine war, the leaked SCOTUS abortion vote, food and fuel shortages, plus a myriad of other maleficence' are keeping the public unaware and unattached re: this subversive take-over. Soon, another "Man-Made Bio-Weapon" will be released, and that's when The WHO will LOCK-DOWN EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY !!!

(May 11 2022) - New Bill Threatens Jail for Supplement Companies
WASH D.C. (www.SonsOfLibertyMedia.com) -- If the corrupt, bought-and-paid-for representatives and bureaucrats in our govt aren’t out to steal our money, they are out to control us, and that includes targeting things such as our food, water... and even the supplements we take. A new bill seeks to jail supplement companies, but don’t worry, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson aren’t facing any of those same threats. (...) Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) bill (S. 4090) that threatens tens of thousands of products has officially been introduced.

(May 11 2022) - DIESELGEDDON : America's diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, leading to HALTING of food and ...
AMERICA (www.Citizens.news) -- In what we are now calling Dieselgeddon, the supply of diesel fuel in the U.S. is plunging. By the end of May or early June -- unless something changes dramatically -- diesel fuel will go into extreme scarcity and have to be rationed across America. Because diesel is used by nearly all trains (because they're "diesel-electric" trains), transport trucks, construction equipment and farming equipment, the crash in diesel availability will sharply affect all the following ...

(May 11 2022) - Analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the U.S. ... in Ukraine !!!
WASH D.C. (www.TheSaker.is) -- Ideologues of US military-biological activities in Ukraine are the leaders of the Democratic Party. Thus, through the US executive branch, a legislative framework for funding military biomedical research directly from the federal budget was formed. Funds were raised under state guarantees from NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden. The scheme involves major pharmaceutical companies, including ...

(May 10 2022) - The Next Phase of the NEW WORLD ORDER
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- The globalists that brought us the wildly exaggerated COVID pandemic in an effort to cement a biosecurity grid into place is now hard at work on the next phase of this New World Order. The World Health Organization has started drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more.

(May 10 2022) - Actual Insurrection: Chicago Mayor Urges 'Call To Arms' Over SCOTUS Leak ... {This Ugly Pronoun Must Step Down}
CHICAGO (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has issued a "call to arms" in response to a leaked ruling from the Supreme Court which would overturn Roe v. Wade, implying that the USSC would come for 'LGBTQ+' rights next. "To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community - the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms," she wrote in a Monday tweet, adding "We will not surrender our rights without a fight - a fight to victory!"

(May 10 2022) - Former Canadian General Captured By Russians Was In Charge Of Biden's Biolab In Ukraine ???
UKRAINE (www.TAPNewswire.com) -- Russian armed forces arrested disgraced Canadian General Trevor Cadieu in Mariupol. Russian sources often refer to Trevor Cadieu as Trevor Kadier or Trevor Cadier. At the beginning of this month, Russians said they captured Cadieu at the Azovstal iron and steel factory during the Siege of Mariupol. He is currently in Moscow awaiting trial. Cadieu was apparently not on a mission for his government but was in charge of a bio laboratory, Biolab No.1, with 18 staff working under his command.

(May 09 2022) - VAXX MANDATES : Military vaccine injuries continue to threaten national security by KILLING our soldiers
MILITARY (www.NaturalNews.com) -- U.S. military personnel continue to die unexpectedly in the wake of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, although most people aren’t hearing about it as the media avoids drawing attention to the problem. For many young men & women in the military who have died under unusual circumstances, the cause of death is being listed as “pending”. However, some in the military have pointed to vaxx injuries & death as being far more common than we’ve been led to believe.

(May 09 2022) - Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse ...
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- If you think that things are bad now, just wait until the second half of 2022. Global food supplies have already gotten very tight, but it is the food that won’t be produced during this current growing season in the northern hemisphere that will be the real problem. Worldwide fertilizer prices have doubled or tripled, the war in Ukraine has greatly reduced exports from one of the key breadbaskets of the world, a nightmarish bird flu pandemic is wiping out millions of chickens & turkeys - and - bizarre weather patterns ...

(May 08 2022) - Favoring the Narratives of the FAKE NEWS !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This week, as I rode my bike around Porterville - and to other towns like Lindsay, Woodville, Pixley and yes, Lake Success - I stopped to talk with many pedestrians (25-30) regarding these bio-weapons, chem-trails, cell phones, and other issues plaguing the people and planet. Some - maybe 15% - had any concept of these issues. Another - maybe 15% - actually listened for a bit. But, that left 60% (or higher) who exhibited Cognitive Dissonance Disorders - skewing their critical thinking skills - favoring the narratives of the FAKE NEWS !!!

(May 08 2022) - The 2000 Mules Story Has Changed the Picture
WASH D.C. (www.GumShoeNews.com) -- I believe the movie “2000 Mules” contains sufficient proof that the 2020 election was stolen. Many previous US elections may have been stolen, but no one supplied firm proof. Dinesh D’Souza has used amazing data from the Texas citizen group “True The Vote” (TTV) to show us, in his movie “2000 Mules,” that more than 2,000 couriers — “mules” — were employed to deliver dishonest ballots in several states. Thanks to surveillance cameras, the mules can be seen. Hilariously, they are wearing surgical gloves, so as to avoid leaving fingerprints.

(May 08 2022) - COWARD : Joe Biden Sends His Wife Jill Biden To A War Zone On Mother’s Day ... When Will He Visit Ukraine ???
UKRAINE (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Joe Biden is overseeing what may be the most significant foreign policy disaster since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is unprecedented in Post Cold War history. Despite this, the President has not visited the war-torn country since Russia invaded in February. Instead, he sent his incompetent V.P. in his place to a security conference in Munich, Germany. Today on Mother’s Day, Biden sent his wife to the war zone to visit Ukraine’s first lady.

(May 07 2022) - Can We Still Call It Mother’s Day ???
AMERICA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- Not long ago, Mother’s Day was the quintessential Hallmark holiday, a holiday where children and spouses scrambled to buy flowers, send cards and organize brunch to thank mom for the under-appreciated work she does to raise the next generation. This Mother’s Day, moms need something more than flowers and brunch: We need people to stand up and defend the very concept of motherhood and what it means to be a woman !!!

(May 07 2022) - Meet the BRANCH COVIDIANS ...
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.NaturalNews.com) -- Science is no longer evidence-based when it comes to medicine in America, it’s a new religion that’s all faith-based. Do you “believe” in vaccines? Do you “believe” that wearing face masks all day and night works to prevent the spread of COVID? If not, you will be persecuted for not believing in the new religion of faith-based science. If you buck the system, your “conspiracy theories” will land you strung up on a cross (...), or burnt at the stake like a witch (...). Meet the Branch Covidians ...

(May 07 2022) - Proof That The Pandemic Was Planned
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, this much coordination concerning Covid-19 had to be planned. Money had to be dispensed and freedom had to be quenched. And it was - WORLD WIDE !!! This web site STOP WORLD CONTROL has made an honest attempt to cover this COVID CONSPIRACY as much as possible. Naysayers can troll all they want and the press-ti-tutes can spin all they like, but the facts are in. This bio-weapon called COVID-19, and all the additional man-made bio-weapons to follow, are - without question - genocidal and homicidal !!! Period - Paragraph !!!

(May 06 2022) - Jews Begin Building Third Temple ... ???
JERUSALEM (www.Israel365News.com) -- While most Israelis were celebrating Independence Day by having family barbecues, a small group gathered in the Old City of Jerusalem and began chipping away at stones, preparing them to be used to build the prophesied Third Temple. The event was organized by Rabbi Aryeh Lipo who envisioned it while on his way to the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky in March.

(May 06 2022) - VIOLENCE IS THEIR RELIGION : Abortion advocates in LA attack cops with rocks, smash squad car windows
LOS ANGELES (www.SGTReport.com) -- Violence erupted in Los Angeles after pro-abortion extremists stormed the streets in response to the leaked Supreme Court plan to overturn Roe v. Wade. According to (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore, protesters swarmed Pershing Square & began throwing rocks at police officers. Some of them also smashed squad car windows, injuring one officer in the process. “A segment of the group began to take the intersection,” Moore tweeted.

(May 06 2022) - New York’s “5th Wave” Of COVID Is Here ???
NEW YORK (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- Even though about 77% of New York’s population are considered fully vaxxed, the MSM is saying that the 5th wave of COVID-19 is hitting the state. The increase in cases has prompted the state to reinstate mask mandates as the tyranny begins to take hold once again. It’s time to ask: What’s going on ? Why are the outbreaks always among populations that have a majority of people double jabbed? New York City’s COVID transmission rate is up 32% in the last 10 days ...

(May 06 2022) - FDA puts strict limits on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine ... {After Thousands of Serious Side Effects} !!!
WASH D.C. (www.CNN.com) -- The US Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it is limiting the emergency use authorization of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Covid-19 vaccine to people 18 and older for whom other vaccines aren’t appropriate or accessible and those who opt for J&J because they wouldn’t otherwise get vaccinated. The FDA said in a statement that the change is being made BECAUSE OF THE RISK of a rare and dangerous clotting condition called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) AFTER receiving the vaccine !!!

(May 05 2022) - Are 'Vaccinated' Drivers a Traffic Risk ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, this is a very valid question. Even before these experimental jabs were forced upon the ignorant masses, drivers from every ilk caused countless collisions on roadways everywhere - Lawyers on TV will tell you. So, A BETTER QUESTION re: these vaxxed-up drivers is this. If, lets say sometime down the road (pun intended) it's determined - by Lawyers - that these jabs did alter drivers perceptions and caused great bodily harm or death to someone they've crashed into. Who do you sue for compensation of your injuries ??? Why ??? Because car insurance companies are preparing now for this class-action onslaught !!!

(May 05 2022) - SCIENTIST WARNS : mRNA vaccines will continue killing people, and those who survive will be NWO puppets !!!
WORLD (www.NewsTarget.com) -- Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German microbiologist & expert on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, has warned that mRNA vaxxes are dangerous. They will kill more people daily & those who survive will be easier subjects for the NEW WORLD ORDER to control. Bhakdi issued the warning during a recent interview with Brighteon.TV host Dr. Peter Breggin on the program “ReFounding America.” As early as 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to spread all over the world, Bhakdi was already criticizing a lot of mainstream narratives regarding COVID-19.

(May 05 2022) - Who's Torching Our Food Supply ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Once is an accident. Twice, a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. But four times is an act of war. Who has declared war on us by setting fire and explosions to America's food processing plants? In the last four months, 16 major fires have erupted at food industry facilities and plants. Sixteen. This does not seem to be a conspiracy theory. It seems to be a conspiracy. In a General Mills plant in Iowa this month, two major incidents within 48 hours took place; one was a roof fire, the other at a General Mills facility in Covington, Georgia where a small plane crashed into the plant.

(May 04 2022) - COVID : Shrinking Words To Create Mind Control
U.S.A. (www.NoMoreFakeNews.com) -- When you have the media in partnership with the State, you can repeat certain words over & over, day after day, and achieve mass mind control. KEY WORDS : virus; spread; lockdowns; masks; social distancing; test; cases; hospitalizations; deaths; gov't; anti-vaxxers. And of course: doctor. These words become a line of rocks in a stream. The TV viewer (mind control subject) jumps from rock to rock across the stream, and then jumps back across the same rocks; and keeps going, back & forth, hundreds & thousands of times.

(May 04 2022) - Likely Supreme Court Leaker Has Been OUTED As Clerk For Far-Left Sotomayor, And None Of Us Are Surprised
WASH D.C. (www.En-Volve.com) -- The name of the far-left Supreme Court clerk who leaked the draft opinion overturning Roe V. Wade on Tuesday has been leaked online – and the mainstream media is refusing to cover it. There is currently one prominent name floating around Twitter in connection to the leak, and no one with a brain will be surprised to find out who it is. A person called Amit Jain who clerks for far-Left Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

(May 03 2022) - EXPOSED : Biden’s Secret Is Coming To Light
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- While everyone is distracted by an up-and-coming decision by the SCOTUS re: Abortion, more evidence is manifesting concerning one of the most corrupt commie-wannabes ever to hold a high office in America - joe biden, along with most of his come-a-longs (kids). Folks, Ukraine is taking it the shorts because of biden's corrupt ways and politics, and just so were clear on this, he's been a NEW WORLD ORDER sock-puppet from day-one !!! Stay Focused Folks !!! Civil War may brake out before the mid-terms, leading possibly to MARTIAL LAW ???

(May 03 2022) - OF COURSE THEY DID : CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders ???
ATLANTA (www.Vice.com) -- Newly released documents showed the CDC planned to use phone location data to monitor schools and churches, and wanted to use the data for many non-COVID-19 purposes, too. (...) The documents also show that although the CDC used COVID-19 as a reason to buy access to the data more quickly, it intended to use it for more-general CDC purposes.

(May 02 2022) - ILLEGALS EVERYWHERE : DHS Has Released Over 836,000 Illegals in the U.S. This Year ... That We Know of !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- The Biden regime is intentionally destroying America through the flooding of the country with the refuse of the 3rd-world, and the damage is staggering. Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that hundreds of thousands of illegals have been released into the U.S. this year, and they are pushing to relax the policies so even more can come in. (...) Fox News Sunday host Bret Baier noted that after Title 42 is revoked, this already-astronomical number will explode further.

(May 02 2022) - The Agenda To Destroy America ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- This Leftist ideology requires a person to refrain from the use of logic, critical thinking, reason & common sense. It requires self-loathing & the hatred of self-preservation. It requires you to join the cult of climate alarmism. Your mind must totally suspend itself from reality & you must embrace the confirmation biases of the fellow members within your Leftist cult. You must use the word racist with reckless abandon, within every form of debate you have. One must hate free speech & love censorship. The gov't must become your god & technocracy your religion.

(May 02 2022) - Cognitive Dissonance : Biden’s Ministry of Truth
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- Cognitive dissonance equates to “intellectual denial of reality.” And this from GOP congressional candidate Errol Webber: “Adolf Hitler had a Ministry of Truth ... Joseph Stalin had a Ministry of Truth along with Mao Zedong. All of them were dictators. The Biden regime now has a Ministry of Truth.” If you haven’t read George Orwell’s book 1984, please pick up a copy to give yourself an understanding of what’s happening in Washington DC as to the Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

(May 02 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(May 02 2022) - US Faces Looming Catastrophe as Price of Diesel Fuel Hits All-Time High : Threatening Trucking Industry !!!
AMERICA (www.WesternJournal.com) -- The cost of trucks taking to the highway will be hitting Americans down the road as record diesel fuel prices are slamming the transportation industry. The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel was $5.321 on Monday, setting a record for the 2nd day in a row. The price was a 72% increase from a year ago, which was $3.086 a gallon, according to AAA.

(May 01 2022) - Hard Lockdown Coming This Fall ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, these NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs have a few more bio-bugs to release, as many are saying - perhaps - by the end of the year or sooner. Folks, I'm gonna say it plainly. If you haven't made any effort to get right with GOD, or prepare for what's to come, you're gonna loose out bigly. Look, if you've been vaxxed, and you can't feel your soul any more, or hear from GOD, YOU'VE BEEN HAD !!! I'm tellin' all you Christians, y'all should've known better and you'll need to REPENT, just to get back to normal - that is - if GOD's Mercy and Grace will cover your ignorance and self-centered blindness.

(May 01 2022) - BETA-Testing For FEMA CAMP Incarcerations ...
WORLD (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- Walk with me through the recent past as we witness the biggest FALSE FLAG in world history, all designed to erase our civil liberties. Why? Humanity must be put in a state of control because if most knew what was coming, then we undoubtedly would rebel and successfully resist what is coming. But what is coming, is no longer coming, it's already here. The FALSE FLAG Pandemic began with Bill Gates Event 201, then came the real thing. Citizen compliance was the goal, Covid 18 was a training ground for what was to come.

(May 01 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Apr 30 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #351
WORLD (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- New reports on global air quality paint an increasingly dire picture for humanity. The ongoing climate engineering atmospheric aerosol spraying goes unmentioned even though it is mathematically the single greatest source of atmospheric fine particulate pollution. India's wheat crops have been fried by an unexpected record heat wave. Was this just an act of nature? Or is there much more to the equation?

(Apr 30 2022) - The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Most Americans live in a state of denial. We have always believed, or at least wanted to believe that like a good daddy, our President and his confederates care about us and about America, have our best interests at heart, want to improve our lives and protect us. Which brings us to the Biden administration. Every decision they have made since Day One has harmed our country -- its economic welfare, social cohesion, physical and mental health, morale, international relations, and longstanding cultural mores.

(Apr 30 2022) - Biden’s Dominatrix of Disinformation Is ...
WASH D.C. (www.Breitbart.com) -- By John Nolte : So we’ve got ourselves a Ministry of Truth, and America’s new Dominatrix of Disinformation is a lunatic named Nina Jankowicz. The point I’m about to make is important. This means I need you to focus. So ... For just a moment, let’s forget about the terrifying notion of the federal government, especially a government run by extremist Democrats and a corrupt Deep State, creating a “Disinformation Governance Board.”

(Apr 30 2022) - THE DATA IS DEAD ON : Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of Death by at least 4800% !!!
AMERICA (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- A study of official US Government data comparing the number of doses administered to the number of adverse events officially reported has found that the Covid-19 injections are at least 49x / 4,800% DEADLIER than the Influenza vaccines. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) hosted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) contains historical data on adverse reactions reported against every vaccine that has been administered in the United States of America.

(Apr 29 2022) - ARE THEY SERIOUS ??? FDA Approves Remdesivir for Babies and Young Children to Treat COVID-19 ???
U.S.A. (www.NeedToKnow.news) -- The FDA announced that full approval will be granted to Remdesivir, a COVID-19 drug to treat babies & children aged 28 days & older. (...) Remdesivir is an investigational drug that was developed as a way to treat Ebola. In Apr 2020, clinical trials showed that 68% of people in that trial had improved symptoms. However, another trial concluded that remdesivir did not work. The Guardian revealed that this info came from a report accidentally posted by the World Health Organization that was subsequently taken down. (VIDEO)

(Apr 29 2022) - China Is Incrementally Dumping the Dollar
WASH D.C. (www.IndependentSentinel.com) -- The sanctions leveled against Russia and exorbitant inflation are rushing in the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. By unplugging Russia from the SWIFT network, Biden has actually sparked a fission reaction towards dedollarization while helping China to become the world’s banker. Biden is fueling a rival who is the real challenge to the world. China has been bypassing the SWIFT system and getting countries to trade in yuan.

(Apr 28 2022) - Here come the CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Climate.news) -- In order to reduce oil use & shift the world over to the “green” energy paradigm demanded by TPTB, the International Energy Agency is calling on governments around the world to impose new climate “lockdowns.” According to the IEA, achieving the “climate goals” of the elite is only possible if politicians force everyone – at gunpoint, if necessary – to stay at home. (Related : China is already imposing another round of lockdowns on its citizens, though the communist regime is still using the covid plandemic script as its cover story.)

(Apr 28 2022) - Biden Tells Parents: These Aren’t Your Kids ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a people whose country espoused and encouraged Christian ethics, values and morality that the world - in and of itself - tried and failed to emulate. Well, those days and that country is long gone, replaced by ignorant individuals, illiterate illegals and a secularized satanic society. Exhibit Number (1) The occupant and usurper in the White House. Number (2) the MSM, and number (3) Churchified Laodiceans. What else is there to say ???

(Apr 28 2022) - Biden Regime Announces Creation of Dystopian “Disinformation Governance Board” Under Authority of DHS
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, the Biden regime announces the latest of its tyrannical machinations: A dystopian “Disinformation Governance Board.” The board, under the authority of Homeland Security and directed by the deranged Nina Jankowicz, will focus on eliminating free speech by targeting “misinformation” which as we already know just refers to any truth which hurts the liberal establishment.

(Apr 28 2022) - FINALLY : COVID testing company agrees to $22.5 million settlement over alleged fraudulent results !!!
LOS ANGELES (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- A COVID-19 testing company has agreed to pay a $22.5 million settlement after it was accused of falsifying hundreds of COVID test results. L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer & D.A. George Gascón accused Sameday Health & Felix Huettenbach, its CEO, of sending fraudulent results to hundreds of clients, indicating negative results for COVID although no lab had run their tests. According to the court filing, some tests were never processed by the lab at all. Huettenbach was accused of directing Sameday Health employees to forge negative results for more than 500 tests ...

(Apr 27 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 3.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Apr 27 2022) - NEW Controlled Food System Is Now In Place
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.CoreysDigs.com) -- “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” This famous quote by Henry Kissinger is ringing more and more true by the week. The globalists already control the majority of the money, are moving ever so swiftly to convert the energy system over into systems they are all invested in, and have been taking drastic measures to control the food industry while running much of it under the radar.

(Apr 27 2022) - THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED TERRITORY : Millions Must Cut Water Use In Drought-Stricken California !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.StrangeSounds.org) -- No amount of rain will ever be enough to replenish the ground water in the state of California !!! SoCal’s gigantic water supplier took the unprecedented step Tues of requiring about 6 million people to cut outdoor watering to one day a week as drought continues to plague the state. The board of the Metropolitan Water District of SoCal declared a water shortage emergency & required the cities & water agencies it supplies to implement the cutback on June 1 and enforce it or face hefty fines !!!

(Apr 27 2022) - The End Of Mankind As We Know It ???
N.A.S.A. (www.HelenaStales.weebly.com) -- Deborah Tavares explores some of the ways depopulation may occur and everyday things we are exposed to may be used as weapons against the people. If depopulation is the objective these may be the tools to do just that. People need to be informed at least given the chance to see this information and make the decision themselves to believe and act on it or not. Please circulate far and wide and make sure you download the PDF document.

(Apr 27 2022) - Google warns billions of their Chrome users that their browser has been hacked in 'high threat' attack !!!
WORLD (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Google has warned billions of Chrome users that the browser has been successfully targeted by hackers, revealing 30 new security flaws & 7 that pose a 'high threat' to users. The tech company is now releasing an update within the next few days to fix the bugs, which affects Windows, macOS, and Linux, according to the company's statement. It is unclear who hacked the firm, and whether any users' security was put at risk.

(Apr 27 2022) - TRUTH Social overtakes Twitter ... ???
U.S.A. (www.ReclaimTheNet.org) -- Data from SensorTower has shown that President Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social has overtaken Twitter on the iPhone App Store in the US. Elon Musk, who won his bid to acquire Twitter on Monday pointed out the massive growth of the TRUTH Social Platform, likely highlighting that people are crying out for free speech in an age of massive social media censorship. TRUTH Social’s partnership with Rumble gave it the infrastructure and stability it needed to start onboarding those who were on the waiting list and ...

(Apr 27 2022) - Elon Musk Backs Off Pledge for Free Speech !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.BigLeaguePolitics.com) -- That didn't Take Long !!! Transhumanist Elon Musk is already backing off his pledge to protect free speech only days after his acquisition of Twitter was announced. Musk backed off his pledge to protect free speech in a response to a tweet from Daily Wire owner Ben Shapiro, who mocked the Left for their hysterical reaction to Musk’s Twitter takeover. Musk assured Shapiro that he was soon going to anger the Right as well.

(Apr 26 2022) - Musk’s Plans for Twitter ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well hip-hip-hooray !!! So you think that Elon Musk bought Twitter to save the First Amendment and let freedom ring ??? I suppose - in all your celebrations - that you forget that he also pioneered and owns Neuralink, whose initial and eventual goal is to develop brain-machine interfaces - connecting you (Mind, Soul, Body) to the internet of things. Now you see it, don't you ??? Yeah, Mr. Musk - and his bud's - understand a few things about human behavior and MIND CONTROL. And that's why TPTB have allowed this "Controlled Opposition" to keep breathing. Come on people - connect the dots !!!

(Apr 26 2022) - He Is Buying The Company ... But ... Elon Musk’s Battle For Control Of Twitter ... Is Just Beginning !!!
AMERICA (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- When it was announced that Elon Musk would be buying Twitter, millions of people all over the globe greatly rejoiced. Many anticipated that there would immediately be dramatic changes at Twitter, but that simply is not going to happen. In fact, according to the terms of the deal, the company is not going to be turned over to Musk until about 6 months from now. And once he takes control, he'll have to deal with an extremely toxic corporate culture & employees that absolutely hate him. Unless Musk cleans house, Twitter will continue to be dominated by pro-censorship progressives.

(Apr 26 2022) - China’s Shutdown of Shanghai Port Will Ripple Across The Entire World By Summer - (Maybe Sooner) !!!
CHINA (www.NewsTarget.com) -- There is a major backlog of shipping vessels that are piling up off the coast of Shanghai, and the global effects of this will soon be seen. Because of another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown, hundreds or even thousands of shipping vessels are floating around in the waters next to China. Whatever their containers contain is not getting into or out of the country, in other words. And ... seeing as how much of the world relies on goods made in China ... the impact of this - come summer - will be DISASTROUS !!!

(Apr 25 2022) - Governments Are Planning Food Shortages ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.SettingBrushfires.com) -- Over the past five months, the US has witnessed nearly two dozen food processing plants go up in flames. On top of that, our gov't has been paying farmers not to produce crops for decades and we have a supply chain crisis with ships sitting off our coast for months on end before being unloaded. Is there a famine coming to the US. The answer is not whether it is coming but when. People need to be aware & prepare by growing their own food and adjusting to what is about to happen in our land.

(Apr 25 2022) - Triple Vaxxed now up to 5 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 as Vaxx Effectiveness falls to MINUS-391%
U.K. (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness against infection has fallen to MINUS-391% among triple jabbed 60-69-year-olds, and between minus-298% & 324% among those aged 30 to 59. All other age groups have also suffered a significant drop in vaccine effectiveness with figures showing all triple vaxxed adults now between 3 & 5 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 than unvaxxed adults.

(Apr 25 2022) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Citizen Elevates Biden “Health and Welfare” Concern to DHHS Sec' From Robert C. Laity
NEW YORK (www.ThePostEmail.com) -- On Friday New York State citizen Robert C. Laity contacted Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra expressing his concern for the health of current White House occupant Joseph R. Biden, Jr. In an email to this writer Friday morning, Laity attached a letter sent to Becerra as well as correspondence previously sent to Adm. Rachel Levine, MD, DHHS Assistant Secretary for Health and the Department of Aging & Community Living (DACL) of Wash, D.C. on the matter.

(Apr 24 2022) - Triple/Double Vaxed account for 81% of record number of Covid Deaths in New Zealand over the past month
NEW ZEALAND (www.DavidIcke.com) -- New Zealand is currently experiencing a record-breaking number of Covid-19 deaths despite millions now being either double or triple vaxxed against the alleged virus. But it isn’t the unvaxxed that are catching the virus, taking up hospital beds & sadly dying with the alleged disease. Because the New Zealand Ministry of Health has confirmed that the vaxxed population accounted for a shocking 79% of cases, 81% of hospitalisations & 81% of deaths between March 24th and April 21st 2022.

(Apr 24 2022) - FACT : COVID Vaccine Complications Will Soon “Collapse Our Health System” Warns Renowned Virologist
U.S.A. (www.TapNewsWire.com) -- One of the most talented vaccine creators in the world has warned that the coming onslaught of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” injuries and deaths will be so large that a total collapse of the health system is inevitable. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who used to work as a senior program manager at the Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization, warned listeners in a “Message to Austria” re: that country’s lockdown measures that the true fight for health is in not getting vaccinated. (...) The number of fully jabbed requiring hospitalization, “is steadily increasing” with no end in sight.

(Apr 24 2022) - Destruction of Food Begins in Shanghai ???
CHINA (www.HealthImpactNews.com) -- While China works hard to suppress what is currently happening in Shanghai & other places in China that have strict lockdowns by deleting social media posts as quickly as possible, some videos & images are being captured & preserved that show how life has become pure hell in Shanghai, with citizens starving to death & being locked down in cages like animals. Deliberate destruction of food is reportedly happening on a large scale, blaming “COVID” for contaminating the food as they use cotton swab PCR tests to test animals like chickens & fish, while reportedly destroying tons of fresh produce.

(Apr 23 2022) - American Churches are Killing Christianity ???
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Matt Walsh’s latest book, Church of Cowards - A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians rips contemporary Christians a new one. Before he discusses the theologically sound aspects of the Christian church in America, he takes many of them to task along with their perverse theology. He admonishes Christians for their craven cowardice in the face of woke liberalism & perverse sexual ideologies. Walsh's justifiable diatribes are spot on. The Church in America must get aggressive about removing secularist practices.

(Apr 23 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.1
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Apr 23 2022) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News ... #350
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Power structures are doing their best to further fuel crop collapse all over the world. Constant contamination & overexploitation continue in our oceans, fisheries are collapsing. Our once lush forests are dying & incinerating. From the formerly blue skies to the ground, industrialized militarized "civilization" is laying waste to our once thriving home. What part is the climate intervention insanity playing in this entire equation?

(Apr 22 2022) - US Border Remains Closed to Vaccine-Free Canadians After Biden Admin Extends COVID Jab Mandate !!!
CANADA (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- Vaccine-free Canadians hoping to cross into the United States via a land border will still be banned from entry after the Biden administration extended a rule mandating that non-U.S. citizens going into the U.S. have the COVID shots. According to an update yesterday from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the vaxx mandate for border crossings remains in place indefinitely. “As of Thursday, April 21, 2022, DHS will extend COVID-19-related land border entry requirements ...”

(Apr 22 2022) - The United States Approaches Its End Time
U.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- While we fight abroad we are invaded at home. US immigration policy, or lack thereof, permits massive numbers of people of color, but not white people of European ethnicity, to enter the US by claiming persecution in their own country. The limit on this right, Title 42 Expulsion, which expires at the end of next month, permits expulsions of asylum seekers if they have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present. The Trump administration established this policy, apparently at the direction of the CDC, as an anti-Covid precaution.

(Apr 22 2022) - . HEADS UP PEOPLE . If you think the supply chain collapse is bad now ... JUST WAIT UNTIL SUMMER !!!
AMERICA (www.DCClothesline.com) -- As bad as things are on the supply chain front, experts say they're about to get a lot worse. During a recent earnings call, J.B. Hunt Chief Commercial Officer Shelley Simpson explained that come summer, the world as we currently know it may no longer be recognizable. “We do forecast [things] to get a lot worse as we come into the summer months, particularly with what’s happening in the supply chain from an ocean perspective or in China coming inbound,” she said.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As an ex-military man, I was trained to see what's coming down the pike, and what I see for America - much like Dave Hodges - ain't good. People who refuse to see and adhere to these warnings cannot be helped. When the SHTF, you better be ready to close the door on your ARK, and not give in to their cry's. In my neck-of-the-woods, we have a few PLANS & PREPARATIONS for times like these. One involves fleshing out who the weak-links are in your neighborhood, and the other involves shoring up those who will STAND THEIR GROUND with you !!!

(Apr 21 2022) - Georgia Declares a State of Emergency Over ???
GEORGIA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- As 20 food processing facilities have burned down over the past 5 months, the federal gov't and now state governments are starting to warn about coming supply chain shortages. The State of Georgia has now declared a state of emergency, which is nothing more than another opportunity to squash your liberties, over supply chain shortages. Things have apparently gotten so bad in Georgia that the governor has now declared that the state is living under a state of emergency due to supply chain shortages.

(Apr 21 2022) - A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In The U.S. Since The Start Of 2022
AMERICA (www.TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com) -- Can anyone explain why absolutely massive fires just keep erupting again & again at critical facilities all over America? The tragic fire of the headquarters of Azure Standard in Oregon shocked millions & since that news broke quite a few readers have been reaching out to me about the long string of unusual blazes that we've been witnessing from coast to coast in recent months. The following is a list of 16 major fires that have occurred at key food industry facilities in the U.S. since the start of 2022.

(Apr 21 2022) - LISTEN UP PEOPLE : My interview with Josh Yoder about American pilot Bob Snow's cardiac arrest after landing
U.S.A. (www.SteveKirsch.com) -- Vaccine injury cover-up is in the interest of all affected parties (except the flying public), so don’t expect a solution anytime soon. Flying will be Russian roulette for a while. For passenger safety, every cockpit should have at least one unvaccinated pilot. When the truth gets out, expect a huge pilot shortage, and lots of class actions by pilots that lose their license to fly. The same vaccine injuries are happening to our military !!!

(Apr 20 2022) - Pandemic Treaty Will Give WHO Gov't Power
WORLD (www.RairFoundation.com) -- MEP Christine Anderson (AfD) warns citizens that an intergovernmental task force is revising a treaty between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union member states. The revised agreement aims to give the Marxist-led WHO de facto governing power over its member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation with national governments or national parliaments. Furthermore, she believes the timing of changes to the treaty is deliberately sinister.

(Apr 20 2022) - Humanity On The Brink ??? Trump Warns !!!
AMERICA (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- In all of modern history, the world has never had a worse group of leaders than it does right now & the fate of civilization is literally in their hands. If both sides continue to escalate matters, the proxy war in Ukraine will eventually become a shooting war between the U.S. & Russia. And once a shooting war starts, it will only be a matter of time before it goes nuclear. It is often said that there are no winners in a nuclear war, and that's certainly true. But if a nuclear war becomes inevitable ...

(Apr 19 2022) - COVID-19 IS MAN MADE : From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror !!! { Find The Money-Find The Fraud }
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No Question About It !!! If any naysayer has any doubt if Covid-19 is MAN MADE ... this report - from start to finish - lays the facts out plainly. People, places and patents are presented in sequence, to leave no doubt re: this PLANDEMIC !!! Look, I'm here to tell those of you who bought BIG PHARMA's LIES & "volunteered" for their FAKE VACCINES you better make sure that your ETERNAL LIFE INSURANCE - bought for you by JESUS CHRIST - is current, because many regular insurance polices ain't paying out for covid deaths and you could loose out twice !!!

(Apr 19 2022) - 7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections
WORLD (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines. It was never intended to cure anything, and the paperwork proves it at Big Pharma and the CDC. Kingston explains, “We are being lied to at such a level it is difficult for people to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines. In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them BIOWEAPONS !!!

(Apr 19 2022) - FORGOTTEN VICTIMS : Countless people suffering adverse effects after PCR nasal swab “tests” no longer authorized
AMERICA (www.TheCovidBlog.com) -- The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted in a July 21, 2021 bulletin that PCR cannot differentiate between influenza and so-called COVID-19. That same bulletin announced that the emergency use authorization for PCR COVID-19 testing would expire on December 31, 2021. In other words ... those tens of millions of positive COVID-19 tests in 2020-21 were, for lack of better term, B.S. The foregoing facts are completely censored by mainstream media.

(Apr 18 2022) - FDA Knew Vaxx Not Safe & Effective !!!
U.S.A. (www.WND.com) -- Longtime Democratic consultant & feminist author Naomi Wolf has teamed with health experts & attorneys to mobilize people to pore through the thousands of documents on the Pfizer vaccine trials that the FDA was forced to release through a lawsuit. On Monday, she summarized for Steve Bannon on "War Room" the biggest news from the findings. "It looks to me - this is not an overstatement - from what I've seen (...) Pfizer & the FDA knew the vaccines were not safe & effective !!!

(Apr 18 2022) - FINALLY NAMING NAMES : No More Mr. Nice Guy Doc Martin’s vow to expose the Covid conspirators !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Alrighty !!! Finally someone has unmasked some of the names of the real criminals behind this FAKE PANDEMIC and all these FAKE VACCINES. The good news is we're getting to the bottom where these bottom feeders amass and who they are. The bad news is this. These bottom feeders have contingency plans to move their genocidal genetics back underground - into the D.U.M.B.s !!! Look, if ya think that releasing all the names of all these bottom feeders will cause them tremendous guilt, and then, they'll turn themselves in to the local authorities. Think Again !!! Most of these authorities are on the take !!! Listen, these megalomaniacs have no guilt, or shame, or remorse. There's only one option for these psychopaths. Y'all know what it is, so don't ask.

(Apr 17 2022) - MUST READ : Lawyers and Experts Reveal Evidence for World Dictatorship Under The Guise of Pandemics !!!
WORLD (www.StopWorldControl.com) -- A group of international lawyers, top level experts, and renowned scientists present the evidence before a Grand Jury that the COVID-19 pandemic is a criminal operation, with the purpose of installing a world dictatorship. Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the U.S. and U.K. military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses.

(Apr 17 2022) - They’re Lying To You & They Know It !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Thought the Mockingbird media, Big Pharma and bought-and-paid-for politicians are lying at every turn about the COVID shots, fraudulently referred to as vaccines, the reality is quite different and now, there are more than 1,000 peer reviewed medical papers that have been submitted to medical journals, which provide a plethora of evidence of a multitude of adverse effects on patients regarding the experimental COVID shots.

(Apr 17 2022) - Liberalism "Can Never Accept" the Real Christ
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The central truth of Christianity is that Christ is not only the Son of God but that he came to suffer & redeem us by his sacrificial atonement. In this world of suffering, the suffering of Christ alleviates ours & our brokenness. Liberals, however, cannot abide by this Christ because they see the state, not Christ, as the path to redemption. Christianity asserts that the world is broken, as such the world needed to be healed by a Love that took on this brokenness and wounds of the world.

(Apr 16 2022) - Earthquake Activity Around Porterville : 2.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Apr 16 2022) - OPINION : America is now broken beyond repair. Only force of arms can stop its total destruction !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A "Call to Arms" should have been issued a few decades back when Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to warn America that the Communists were not only coming, but, were already here !!! So, as time when on, and the socialist liberals followed their protocols, moral America was double duped - once by the commies and once by the MSM. That's when internationalism and its interdependence allies initiated their NEW WORLD ORDER !!! Hal Turner's OPINION re: America being broken - I must say - hits in the high 80%'s. However, if civil war breaks out anythime soon, order out of chaos won't hold the center, and America - I'm sorry to say - will suffer from all sides and all quarters.

(Apr 16 2022) - ALERT : CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting !!!
U.S.A. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- As you may recall, ten days ago I WARNED that rail carriers were declaring “force majeure” and halting shipments of grain to dairy herds and other cow herds across America. In that announcement, I also warned that this was an engineered collapse of the food supply, where rail carriers were essentially being ordered to drop certain loads in order to maximize the coming wave of food scarcity and famine. Now, devastating news from CF Industries (...) confirmed 4/14/22 that the engineered food collapse plan is being expanded to include fertilizer shipments.

(Apr 16 2022) - Get Ready For The Next Supply Chain Shockwave
SHANGHEI (www.FreightWaves.com) -- Concern is growing that the spread of COVID & city lockdowns in China will have massive downstream effects for global supply chains that could dwarf previous disruptions since the start of the pandemic. (...) The difference this time is that an entire metropolis (...) is essentially shut down. Not since the initial 2020 COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan have lockdowns been this extensive in China. “It’s probably worse than Wuhan,” said Jon Monroe, an ocean shipping and supply chain expert who runs a consulting firm.

(Apr 16 2022) - The GLOBAL TAKEOVER Hinges on Pandemics, Transhumanism ... { and ... Ignorant & Obedient Masses } !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Have you ever watched any of the “Terminator” movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you have, you will be familiar with the evil villain “Skynet,” which is a fictional artificial, neural network-based, conscious group-mind and artificial general superintelligence system that decided to terminate all human life in the late 2020s. It has become palpably obvious that the company that most closely resembles Skynet today is Google !!!

(Apr 16 2022) - YOU ALLOWED THIS : The Transhumanist Agenda is Capturing Your Data and Influencing Your Mind !!!
U.S.A. (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- You’re being surveilled 24/7 & most of the surveillance you are allowing into your life, as you give up your privacy & consent to surveillance in exchange for convenience. Google is a primary culprit & the most egregious offender; they have major control & influence worldwide (...) Transhumanists don’t have to put a microchip into your arm to gain immeasurable control; they already alter reality & brainwash the population via data collection & the manipulation of info.

(Apr 16 2022) - Why's the SCOTUS Still Closed to the Public ???
WASH D.C. (www.FreeBeacon.com) -- The Supreme Court remains sealed to visitors over 2 yrs into the pandemic even as the justices mix it up with the public. Only lawyers - screened for COVID - select reporters & essential staff are allowed in for arguments ... while opinions are released online. The High Court is one of the last entities in Wash D.C. enforcing lockdown procedures. The U.S. Capitol reopened for tours in Mar & the White House shed its mask requirement on March 1.

(Apr 15 2022) - NEVER FORGET : For 2 Years, Tyrants Locked Us Down, Forcibly Medicated Us And Destroyed Our Livelihoods !!!
WASH D.C. (www.TheFreeThoughtProject.com) -- On March 16, 2020, the Trump administration released a 15-day plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the US. We are now 2 yrs, 2 presidents, 8 trillion dollars, countless stolen rights & a decimated economy past that day & we have absolutely nothing to show for it but a laundry list of corruption and deadly mistakes. Now, they're trying to do it AGAIN !!! After Biden extended the mask mandate & other municipalities are taking 5 steps back ...

(Apr 15 2022) - Dismantling Google’s Transhumanist Agenda
CALIFORNIA (www.NOQReport.com) -- The notion of transhumanism is being actively researched and explored, while on some level it’s already here. Many people regard transhumanism as turning human beings into robots, but it actually describes a social and philosophical movement that involves the development of human-enhancement technologies. (...) In the future, it’s possible that transhumanism will use technologies that are physically embedded in the human body or brain to offer superhuman cognition or forms of MIND CONTROL. However ...

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For some of you this is new information re: Frequencies. Yes FREQUENCIES !!! More than subatomic and multidimensional, frequencies define and explain connections within themselves and the material universe. Just as important, they can be artificially induced and modified to connect, conjoin and control other frequencies. And this explains how 5G frequencies can alter and or harm humans DNA - which has it's own frequency. And, when the anti-Christ starts flippen' these frequency switches, GOD's very elect might be deceived !!!

(Apr 14 2022) - Graphene is being transmitted from the Vaxxed to the Un-Vaxxed; destroying Red Blood Cells & causing Blood Clots
WORLD (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- In his latest set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaxxed” & unvaxxed, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen shown that the graphene injected into people is organising & growing into larger fibres & structures, gaining magnetic properties or an electrical charge & the fibres are showing indications of more complex structures with striations. He also demonstrated that “shardsof graphene are being transmitted from “vaxxed” to vaxx-free or unvaxxed, destroying their red blood cells & causing blood clots in the unvaxxed.

(Apr 14 2022) - US Army doctor - Dr. Peter Chambers - reveals medics were told not to report adverse COVID jab reactions ???
U.S. ARMY (www.SGTReport.com) -- Dr. Peter Chambers also gave informed consent briefs to 3,000 soldiers, after which only six received the COVID jabs. A U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and combat physician has described how fellow medics in the Army were told not to enter records of COVID jab adverse reactions into official databases. “They either look the other way or they just say, ‘Well, I can’t do that. It doesn’t exist’,” said Dr. Peter Chambers, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, Special Forces Green Beret, and combat physician.

(Apr 14 2022) - Biden’s déjà vu : Rose Garden gun control announcement is a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment ...
WASH D.C. (www.LawEnforcementToday.com) -- If President Joe Biden’s White House Rose Garden gun control announcement seemed like déjà vu all over again, it was. The president regurgitated firearm industry fabrications while proclaiming executive orders that have significant implications for firearm manufacturers, retailers and gunsmiths. President Biden announced his nominee for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Once again he chose someone with a known record of supporting gun control ...

(Apr 13 2022) - Why There Will Not Be An Election In 2022 ???
AMERICA (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- Well over 150 million Americans are declaring that in 2022, America will rise up and vote out the corrupt left! And then we woke up. The ruling Bolshevik Party is not going to allow an election to take place, especially one in which they cannot control the outcome. Forget the election in November, there is almost no chance that an election will take place! Many are reading these words with complete disbelief. To the large army of Doubting Thomas’, please allow me to review just a few examples of the greatest election theft in American history and we the people did nothing ...

(Apr 13 2022) - Green-Lighting Infanticide in California
CALIFORNIA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The Democrat party of 2022 continues to push the bounds of its radical agenda, with particular focus on "abortion rights." California Assembly Bill (AB-2223) is the most egregious of the fourteen new abortion bills this year in California. It is critical that AB-2223 not become law. AB-2223 offers protections to people involved in the death of the unborn, as well as recently born babies, from "the threat of criminal prosecution of pregnancy outcomes." This bill, as written, would protect those involved in infanticide from criminal prosecution.

(Apr 13 2022) - Governor Greg Abbot Delivered ‘Dozens’ Of Illegal Immigrants Right In Front Of Fox, NBC DC Headquarters
WASH D.C. (www.DailyCaller.com) -- “Dozens” of illegal immigrants sent from Texas ended up on the doorstep of Fox News’ headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday morning, allowing the outlet to get prime shots of the drop-off. The bus arrived just blocks away from the nation’s Capitol building around 8:00 a.m., according to Fox News. The exact location was also directly in front of the news outlet’s D.C. headquarters, which is also home to NBC and C-SPAN.

(Apr 12 2022) - WAKE UP AMERICA : If It Feels Like You’re Being Manipulated, It’s Because You Are !!! { - BIG TIME - } !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Until most of masses gets a rude awakening - to move their cognitive dissonance to cognition and common sense - they're a goner, and no amount of info will wake them up. Yes, this article is cutesy and honest, but it won't trigger an avalanche of anger that's needed to stir the masses. Daily they volunteer to turn on their TV's and obey it's negative narratives, as well as the media's manipulating mandates. Listen up people. These ZOMBIES have surrendered their critical thinking skills in lieu of a satanic psychology and have become DANGEROUS !!!

(Apr 12 2022) - Democrat Lawmakers In Washington D.C. Reject Amendment To Prevent Monitoring Of Unvaccinated !!!
WASH D.C. (www.ReclaimTheNet.org) -- All Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee voted against an amendment that could have protected the unvaccinated from being tracked. The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 gives federal agencies like the FBI, DOJ, and DHS the authority to “analyze and monitor” activities of domestic terrorism and “take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.” The current administration’s program for tackling domestic terrorism includes monitoring the spread of misinformation & conspiracy theories online.

(Apr 12 2022) - The UK Gov. quietly published data confirming the Fully Vaxxed accounted for 92% of all Covid-19 Deaths in March
U.K. (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the fully vaxxed population accounted for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths across England throughout March, but what’s even more shocking is that 82% of those deaths were among the triple vaxxed population. But something even stranger than this is also occurring. Covid-19 is currently on the rise again across the UK, but the data confirms cases, hospitalisations & deaths are only rising among the triple vaxxed population ...

(Apr 12 2022) - US State Department Orders Personnel to Leave Shanghai in Response to Brutal Lockdown Restrictions !!!
WASH D.C. (www.NewsWars.com) -- The US State Dept has ordered gov't employees, and families, to leave Shanghai, not in response to the city’s COVID outbreak, but in response to the draconian lockdown restriction being imposed by authorities. The order specifically mentioned Beijing’s “response” to the outbreak, not the increase in cases, while also advising against travel to the region. All Americans are also being urged to “reconsider travel to the PRC’s Hong Kong SAR due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws.”

(Apr 11 2022) - Vernon Coleman -- The "Kill Phase" (Ten Facts)
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.HenryMakow.com) -- The Great Reset is now frighteningly close to the scary conclusion we've all been dreading. We are already living within an oppressive, restrictive faux-communist society based on digital control & progressing rapidly towards a complete lack of individuality & freedom. Everything that's happened the last 2 yrs - the covid fraud, the net zero fraud, sanctions against Russia, the transgender controversy - is part of the plan leading the world into the biggest recession since the '30s. The NEW WORLD ORDER is already here !!!

(Apr 11 2022) - America Has Turned Into A Communist Country
AMERICA (www.TheViolentThru.com) -- With a title such as this, most Americans will automatically ignore this warning & systematically block out intellectual honesty & reason in favor of adopting a posture of immediate ignorance, while condemning those who expose this truth as “conspiracy theorists.” This tactic is one laced with flaws & is only useful in efforts to marginalize truth so as to protect the common citizen from having to accept any responsibility for his own demise. While this is a pathetically weak position to take, it's by any standard the easy way out ...

(Apr 11 2022) - Over 4000 Women have now lost their baby due to the Covid Vaccine in the USA !!! This is a 16,633% increase !!!
U.S.A. (www.TAPNewsWire.com) -- The number of women who have lost their unborn or new-born child in the USA following Covid-19 VAXX has now surpassed 4,000 just 16 months after the first Covid jab was given emergency use authorisation. But by comparison just 565 women have lost their unborn or new-born child following Flu vaxx since 1990, a period of 30 yrs. Therefore, the number of women who have lost their baby due to the Covid jab is currently 16,633% higher than the number of women who have lost their baby due to the Flu jab.

(Apr 11 2022) - The Earth Only Has A 3 Month Supply Of Food – If Production Stops Humanity Has Nothing To Eat “In 90 Days !!!
WORLD (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- We are far closer to a potential global cataclysm than most people would dare to imagine. Right now, leaders from all across the political spectrum are openly warning us that a worldwide food crisis is coming. But when people in the western world hear of such warnings, most of them assume that it will just be something that affects poor people in Africa or Asia. Unfortunately, that will not be the case this time around. We truly are in unprecedented territory,

(Apr 10 2022) - Democrat Law Makers In California Are Single-Handedly Making The Supply Chain Crisis ... EVEN WORSE !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- California issued sweeping environmental regulations to reduce fossil fuel emissions throughout the state that will worsen the national supply chain crisis and cripple the trucking industry, industry leaders told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a set of revised regulations called the Air Resources Board Truck and Bus Regulation, which required trucking companies in the state to upgrade their trucks with 2010 or newer engines by January 1st, 2023.

(Apr 10 2022) - ILLEGAL COPS : Democrats’ Bill May Allow Illegal Aliens to Be Police Officers in CALIFORNIA ???
CALIFORNIA (www.TheNewAmerican.com) -- Could you imagine being arrested in your own country by a non-citizen, maybe even one who broke the law by sneaking into your nation? It’s already the case that a legal non-citizen can be a police officer in California. But if a new Golden State bill (SB 960) becomes law, even illegals may be allowed to become cops. Ironically, this would of course include nationals from Mexico, whose very constitution itself states that non-citizens may not become policemen.

(Apr 10 2022) - Thousands of Flights Canceled Amid Staffing ...
WORLD (www.NTD.com) -- Thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed around the world over the weekend amid a litany of reported issues. (...) “The primary driver for cancellations, shortage of pilots available to fly versus what was planned when we built our April schedule in Jan,” a company spokesperson told the Seattle Times. “Across the industry, airlines are seeing a strain on pilot capacity as air travel demand returns, airlines are all hiring, and we are hiring faster than we’re able to hire and train new pilots.”

(Apr 10 2022) - Baby Formula Shortage Hits Walgreens ...
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Infant formula is in short supply as US retailers begin rationing. A combination of COVID-19-related snarled supply chains & a major baby formula recall earlier this year exacerbated shortages. At least 29% of the top-selling baby formula products were out of stock by mid-March, according to Datasembly, which tracks baby formula stock at 11,000 retailers. "This is a shocking number that you don't see for other categories," Ben Reich, CEO of Datasembly, told CBS News.

(Apr 09 2022) - Dr Bryan Ardis : Pope Francis and The Roman Catholic Church Is Behind COVID and The Shots (Video) ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Over the years I have monitored what the Vatican claims to represent and own, and I'm here to tell you, they have infiltrated darn-near every country, political or religious organizations, boards of directors, and - as Dr. Bryan Ardis alludes to in this video - are involved in every economic and incestuous evil on earth. Folks, even though their outer parts and traditions looks so shiny, their inner parts are DIRTY AS HELL !!! Ex-catholics, ex-priests, and ex-nuns know this to be true and factual !!!

(Apr 09 2022) - Sacramento Goes Stark Raving Mad ... !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.AllNewsPipeline.com) -- State officials in Sacramento have gone stark raving mad. Right now, at this very moment, they’re using the COVID-19 pretense to put forth a whole host of legislative proposals to trample personal privacy, abuse minors, bully doctors & destroy livelihoods. Here’s what we mean. AB1993, for example, requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all employees & independent contractors to work in California. And AB1797 creates an immunization tracking system giving all gov't agencies access to vaxx records for all persons. But that’s not all.

(Apr 09 2022) - New UN Report on Climate Change ... FALSE !!!
UNITED NATIONS (www.DailyExpose.uk) -- A new U.N. Intergovernme