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(Mar 27 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part XIII
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fear Not – Inclusion in What? Part A Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions. - James Madison Our very first and most sacred property right is our conscience. If you have no right to your own conscience then you are a slave. If you can be told what to say then you can be told what to think. We think in words and when you are censored or bullied into changing those words you are being manipulated and programmed to think a certain way. Imagine the greatest theft of property in the history of the world was when we were told ...

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BALTIMORE (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- After an attack like we saw in Baltimore, which we have to assume to be terrorism, gov't officials typically are quick to rule out terrorism and then congratulate themselves on their “quick” response and express regrets for the loss of life. (...) They know America is under attack ... BUT ... they don’t want to undermine Joe Biden’s campaign for president at a sensitive time when Americans are already on edge because of the terrorists coming onto the U.S. through the open borders.

(Mar 26 2024) - Absolutely “BRILLIANT STRATEGIC ATTACK !!!
BALTIMORE (www.WND.com) -- Investigative journalist Lara Logan posted an alarming message concerning the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on Tuesday, indicating multiple intelligence sources say the disaster was an "absolutely brilliant strategic attack" on U.S. critical infrastructure. The structure was hit by a cargo vessel on the overnight hours, plunging at least eight people into the frigid water of the Patapsco River, six of whom are still missing.

(Mar 26 2024) - FACE IT : There will be a Major “JIHAD ATTACK” in the United States ... (Maybe This Year ???)
AMERICA (www.JihadWatch.org) -- What’s coming is as plain as day. Our nation can hardly be said to have a southern border at all anymore. Even if the border were magically to reappear tomorrow, millions of people are already in the country without anyone knowing who or what they are. 169 people on the FBI’s terror watch list were caught at the border in 2023; nobody knows how many people on that watch list got across the nonexistent border without being caught.

(Mar 25 2024) - Mexican President is “MOCKING AMERICA” with his Solution to Stop the Southern Border Invasion ... “BLACKMAIL
MEXICO (www.AMGreatness.com) -- Steve Cortes, president and founder of the League of American Workers (LAW), said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is MOCKING AMERICA a with his proposals to address the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. “The Marxist President of Mexico’s solution to stop the invasion: BLACKMAILING AMERICA into giving $20 billion a year to countries in Latin America & the Caribbean,” Cortes said in a post on X.

(Mar 25 2024) - Elon Musk is Reportedly “SELLING” Twitter User Data To a Government Surveillance Contractor ???
U.S.A. (www.HeadlineUSA.com) -- While Elon Musk has talked a big game when it comes to privacy & free speech, he’s continued to sell Twitter/X user data to a controversial surveillance company that provides services to the U.S. military & intel' agencies, according to "The Intercept". Citing emails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, The Intercept reported that Twitter is continuing to sell user data to Dataminr, which provides its customers with customized real-time “alerts” on desired topics, “giving clients like police dept's a form of social media omniscience.”

(Mar 25 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.7
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Mar 25 2024) - Arnold “VAXXED-UP” Schwarzenegger, Who Called the Unvaxxed ‘Schmucks,’ Has Pacemaker Installed ... After ???
CALIFORNIA (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- Hollywood veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most outspoken pro-vaccine advocates during the Covid-19 pandemic, regularly taking to social media to hurl insults at the unvaxxed. According to Schwarzenegger, those who chose to exercise their constitutional right & refuse the jab were “schmucks” who could “go f*ck themselves.” Life comes at you fast. Schwarzenegger revealed on Monday that he's had 3 Open Heart Surgeries in recent times & now requires a pacemaker to keep his damaged heart beating.

(Mar 25 2024) - Japanese Researchers Are Warning The Public About Receiving Blood Transfusions With “VAXXED BLOOD !!!
JAPAN (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Japanese researchers have started to Warn The Public of getting blood transfusions from vaccinated blood. On Friday, the researchers published a pre-print paper that warned about the risks associated with using blood from COVID-19-vaxxed people for blood transfusions and are calling on medical professionals to be aware of these risks. In the conclusion of their study into the blood of the “vaccinated”, the authors wrote ...

(Mar 24 2024) - DON'T WANT A VAX” ??? ~ AI Will Find You !!!
CINCINNATI (www.Expose-News.com) -- The ‘Whole Thing Smacks of a Brave New World – A team of researchers has developed a powerful new tool in artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict if someone is or isn’t likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the University of Cincinnati researchers who developed the tool, “Despite COVID-19 vaccine mandates, many chose to forgo vaccination, raising questions about the psychology underlying how judgment affects these choices.” Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. wrote the following article in The Defender ...

(Mar 24 2024) - The Era of “INFORMED CONSENT IS OVER !!!
AMERICA (www.Brownstone.org) -- In a significant blow to patient autonomy, informed consent has been quietly revoked just 77 years after it was codified in the Nuremberg Code. On the 21st of Dec. 2023, as we were frantically preparing for the festive season, the Dept' of Health & Human Services and the Food & Drug Admin' issued a final ruling to amend a provision of the 21st Century Cures Act ... (that allowed) This ruling went into effect on Jan. 22nd, 2024, which means it’s already standard practice across America.

(Mar 24 2024) - Scientists Warn 97% of World’s Population Set To Be “WIPED OUT” Due to Fertility Crisis ???
WORLD WIDE (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- A group of top American scientists have warned that the ongoing fertility crisis caused by the mRNA jabs is set to WIPE OUT 97% of the world’s population in the new few years. By 2050, at least 75% of the world will be sterile, meaning a dramatic plunge in population levels, senior researcher Stein Emil Vollset from the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle said in a statement.

(Mar 24 2024) - CV19 Vaxed & Unvaxed “NEED TREATMENT” Now
U.S.A. (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax since the beginning of Covid from infection to injection. She warned about AIDS, infertility, turbo cancers, heart disease, blood clots and many other problems caused by the CV19 bioweapon injection. Dr. Eads was right every single time. Now, Dr. Eads is saying everyone needs treatment whether you are CV19 vaxed or unvaxed.

(Mar 23 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #450
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Winter makes a comeback", a new headline from Fox News. "Winter storm warnings as heavy wet snow falls across New England", also from Fox News. Are they trying to cover-up headlines like this one from just over a week ago "US just had warmest winter in history", which was also from Fox News. Flora and crops all over the US have bloomed and emerged early, the flash freeze weather whiplash events do great damage. This type of scenario is now becoming the norm. Is it just nature behaving badly? Or, is there much more to the story?

(Mar 23 2024) - Biden's “CENSORSHIP REGIME” Blocks Media Access at Border Over Embarrassing Invasion Video ...
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- New York Post’s Jennie Taer was on the ground at the southern border & was the first to report the shocking invasion footage in El Paso when migrants attacked US National Guard troops. In response, the federal gov't has blocked media access to at least one stretch of the wall because the footage is extremely shocking & embarrassing for the White House. “Media now being blocked from the scene where we captured a breach by hundreds of migrants in El Paso, how do we do our jobs now?”

(Mar 23 2024) - DISARMING THE MILITIA” ACT ???
WASH D.C. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- Gun grabbers in Congress are at it again. Attempts to disarm the American people have only been moderately successful over the past few years, so a bill was recently introduced in the House of Representatives. This Bill (HR-6981) entitled the Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024, wants to make it a crime for private citizens to work together to defend their rights. If this bill were to become law ... some day, even training together could not only get you fined, but placed in jail, possibly for life.

(Mar 23 2024) - DEATH TOLL” in Moscow concert hall climbs
MOSCOW (www.RT.com) -- The death toll in the attack on the Crocus City Hall in Moscow Region has grown to 133, Russia’s Investigative Committee said Saturday. Emergency services continue to dig through the rubble of the building (...) The tally had previously stood at 115 and is feared to grow even further, given the scale of destruction inflicted on the concert hall. Over 150 were wounded in the (False Flag) attack.

(Mar 22 2024) - WAKE UP CALL” by James Howard Kunstler
AMERICA (www.JamesHowardKunstler.com) -- Can you feel it ??? The tension rising to the red-line? It runs clear through all of Western Civ. We are ruled by governments of fiends. But now, the sun rides higher in the sky. The sap is rising in the northern forests. The earth heaves. The buds swell and blush. Something is in the air. The animals are waking from their long winter sleep. THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS !!! The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with Covid.

(Mar 22 2024) - FAA Issues “WARNING” for Air Travel Disruptions During “TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE” on April 8 ... {FALSE FLAG ???}
U.S.A. (www.Discern.tv) -- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a WARNING on Thursday - March 21st - about potential disruptions in air travel surrounding the upcoming TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 8th. The celestial event, set to cast a path of totality across 13 states, is anticipated to impact air travel operations before, during, and after the eclipse, according to the aviation agency.

(Mar 21 2024) - This Country Cannot Afford A Weak Supreme Court Decision On “INTERNET CENSORSHIP ???
AMERICA (www.TheFederalist.com) -- It is obviously un-American for the gov't to develop a hit list of citizens to mute in the public square through secret pressure on communications monopolies. The gov't doesn’t have constitutional rights. Constitutional rights belong to the people & restrain the gov't. The people’s right to speak "MAY NOT" be abridged. Gov't officials’ speaking, in their official capacities, may certainly be abridged. Indeed, it often must be, precisely to restrict officials from abusing the state’s monopoly on violence to bully citizens into serfdom.

(Mar 21 2024) - PROPHETIC : Paul Harvey “WARNED US” About “CLIMATE CHANGE HOAXERS” Back In 1992 !!!
AMERICA (www.WLTReport.com) -- This is pretty incredible !!! Was Paul Harvey prophetic ??? Or just a wise man paying attention ??? The writing was on the wall way back in 1992 and even earlier that the Powers That Be would use the Climate Change Hoax to bilk us out of billions of dollars ... and Paul Harvey called it out point blank.

(Mar 20 2024) - Tennessee Senate Passes Bill “BANNINGChemical Spraying for “GEO-ENGINEERING” In Skies !!!
TENNESSEE (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- “The Tennessee State Senate passed a bill today that would ban the spraying of chemicals for geoengineering in our skies. Here’s some of the key language: The bill would ban the intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any mean, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight.

(Mar 20 2024) - California Dem's Are Pushing A Bill Requiring Guns “TO BE REGISTERED ANNUALLY ... With a Fee !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.Breitbart.com) -- California Democrats are pushing to replace the current one-time gun registration system with a once-a-year registration requirement, coupled with a fee to the state. In SB 1160, Democrats pledge to use the fee to fund the state’s gun registration system: The bill would require the registrant to annually pay a fee, as specified, to be deposited into a special fund that is continuously appropriated to the dept' for the express purpose of carrying out the admin' and ENFORCEMENT of the firearm registry.

(Mar 20 2024) - HAS AMERICA RUN OUT OF TIME ???
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- For those that love America, these are very trying times. We've watched our country go downhill for decades, and in recent years that process has greatly accelerated. Now we've reached a point where our culture is saturated with evil, and large media corporations make billions exporting that culture to the rest of the world. In the end, we'll truly reap what we have sown. If our nation had chosen to reverse course, things could have worked out much differently. But ... That Has Not Happened !!!

(Mar 20 2024) - ANOTHER PANDEMIC ??? The United States Has “Startlingly High” Number of “VIRAL LAB LEAKS ???
U.S.A. (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- Official data has revealed that the U.S. “suffers” a startlingly high number of viral lab leaks at its top virus labs. EVERY YEAR, more than 600 releases of “controlled” pathogens (which may include anthrax, tuberculosis & Ebola) were recorded in the U.S. over the 8 yrs to 2022, equivalent to 70 to 100 releases. According to The Daily Mail, at least two U.S. workers were infected after the ‘release events’ over the last eight years — including ...

(Mar 20 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 3.3
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Mar 20 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part XII
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fear Not – Celebrate Diversity B Words can hurt you if you are allowing yourself to be manipulated. I’m more worried about offending God and the truth itself than offending a person or a group or an ideology. Why would I worry about offending an ideology that claims truth is relative or does not exist. Sticks and stones may break your bones but progressive words will destroy a society. Seeing what a progressive means by progress is important. You will develop courage to call it out once you realize it’s not a substantive argument but an appeal to emotion.

PARTS” : I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI - XII

VATICAN CITY (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- Pope Francis has issued fresh condemnation of critics of the abortion-tainted COVID-19 injections, saying that opposition to the shots “distressed” him since “being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial.” The pontiff rebuked those who did not receive an injection, or who voiced opposition to them publicly, saying ...

(Mar 19 2024) - Anatomy of the “TECH-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX
BIG BROTHER (www.Brownstone.org) -- In the news this week, there's controversy over the US House of Representatives voting on Bill HR7521 which gives the Executive Branch of gov't the power to control and/or censor the content on websites & apps that are considered to be foreign-owned. The public debate centers around the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok, which collects massive amounts of data and has remarkable influence over American citizens, especially kids.

(Mar 19 2024) - What Would Happen If “DEEP FAKES” Upset The US Elections ??? The “Experts” War-Gamed It !!!
NEW YORK, NY (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Some experts in the U.S. war gamed a deepfake (s)election scenario, and unsurprisingly, things went ary rather quickly. Simulated scenarios were part of a recent exercise in New York that gathered dozens of former senior U.S. & state officials, civil society leaders, & executives from tech' companies to rehearse for the 2024 election. The experts wanted to know what would happen if a deepfake was responsible for election scams !!!

(Mar 19 2024) - AMERICA'S ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED ... (AND) !!!
AMERICA (www.Emerald.tv) -- Author’s Note: This 2021 article outlined how the rigged 2020 election showed obvious signs of manipulation — including the obvious fact that millions of American votes were “handled” by a Pentagon contractor located in Spain. Why would that ever happen? How could that ever happen? Who exactly is running our elections? Nobody in government wants you to know that answer — and that’s obvious and unconstitutional fraud right there.

(Mar 18 2024) - DISARM THE STATE : You Are Now Considered Criminals While the “REAL CRIMINALS ARE PROTECTED !!!
U.S.A. (www.LewRockwell.com) -- As everyone should know by now, the State and its murderous enforcement goons, desire that everyone should have their guns taken from them, leaving guns only in the hands of the common criminals, and worse, in the hands of the evil police and military. This is sought under the guise of protecting us; propaganda and lies all. Gun control could be a good thing, so long as it was gun control over the entire State apparatus, and all who participate in it. The ‘citizenry’ should be armed at all times ...

(Mar 18 2024) - BLOOD MOON PURIM ECLIPSE on March 25th
AMERICA (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- During the next couple of months, so many amazing things are going to be happening in the heavens. For example, during the Great American Eclipse of 2024 on April 8th, the sun, moon (+) 7 other planets in our solar system will all line up in the sky. It's almost as if the entire solar system will be screaming that this is a once in a lifetime event. But before we get to April 8th, there'll be some other absolutely incredible things happening in the skies above our heads.

(Mar 17 2024) - Gideons - An International Christian Organization - is Being Blocked From “HANDING OUT FREE BIBLES ???
GEORGIA (www.WND.com) -- Gideons - a Christian organization that for decades has simply handed out FREE BIBLES is being blocked from its mission by a Georgia hospital, and sources report it's because of the leftist ideology there involving "diversity, equity and inclusion." A report from the Daily Wire notes the issue involving Gideons International is happening at the Phoebe Putney Health System.

(Mar 17 2024) - ALL” Hospital Covid Deaths “WERE MURDERED
WORLD WIDE (www.SlayNews.com) -- A world-renowned cardiologist has blown the whistle in an explosive testimony to expose the true cause of patients whose deaths were listed as “Covid.” Dr. Peter McCullough testified (...) about the staggering numbers of people who supposedly died from Covid in hospitals during and after the pandemic. However, McCullough sent shockwaves through the hearing when he testified that no patients were killed by the virus !!!

U.S.A. (www.VigilantNews.com) -- One of the most challenging things for me throughout my time in the medical field has been watching children become neurologically damaged by vaccines, and the widespread blindness of the medical profession to this issue. Unfortunately (...) anyone that asserts otherwise is immediately subject to widespread ridicule, to the point it’s mostly a lost cause to convince medical professionals vaccines aren’t always safe.

(Mar 16 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 1.8
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Mar 16 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #449
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Severe storms bring heavy snow to the Rockies & baseball-sized hail to the Midwest" (NBC News). Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are a core component for unstable air masses & massive hail. Late this week snow was also falling in Arizona at above freezing temp's while it was raining in north eastern Canada. Does that make any sense from a meteorological perspective? The short answer is no ... unless geoengineering is considered.

(Mar 16 2024) - 85 Arrested to Dismantle “SINALOA CARTEL” Meth Trafficking Cell in Central California {Thank You Sheriff Boudreaux}
TULARE COUNTY (www.BorderlandBeat.com) -- On Mar 14th, 21 teams from state, local & federal agencies served 31 search warrants at various homes throughout Tulare, Kings & Fresno counties in Central California as part of Operation SLO Ride. These warrants were the result of a 9-month investigation into info the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office received about a large amount of meth that was being transported between Kings & Tulare County. The drug trafficking networks sourced their meth from a figure in Mexico connected to the Sinaloa Cartel.

(Mar 16 2024) - 2024 : THE LAST YEAR OF AMERICA ???
AMERICA (www.TheCommonSenseShow.com) -- I’ve had a nagging fear for more than a few months, now, that most Americans have their election math totally wrong. You know these people. You love these people. We’re talking about your friends and family. The problem is not that they’re stupid or disengaged or indifferent. The problem is: they’re living in the old America. The brutal truth is that many people are still mentally living in that vanished country where the rule of law exists ...

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Porterville Post Opinons by A.L. 'LUCKY' Lucketta PORTERVILLE -- Being prepared for whatever crisis visits your neck-of-the-woods means preparing & planning DAILY. With that as a forethought, it's time for me to remind my neighbors in my neighborhood to get-on-the-stick re: PREPAREDNESS !!! So, that also means I will be out of the office for a few hours today - walking and talking with my neighbors about preparing daily - but I will return to continue updating The Porterville Post (+) return your e-mails. Back in a few ...

(Mar 15 2024) - How the Dem's can “STEAL THE 2024 ELECTION
AMERICA (www.AmericaOutLoud.news) -- With Donald Trump’s takeover of the RNC, you’d think that he’d have it going in a direction that would actually contribute to a victory. And, yes, harvesting a few ballots might compete in a small race or two. But as Jay Valentine has pointed out, “the Presidential election will be decided in 15 counties across 7 states.” You can’t fix that with ballot harvesting. The problem is very simple. Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about votes.

(Mar 15 2024) - COUNTING THE COST : Illegal Immigrants Leave US Hospitals With “BILLIONS IN UN-PAID BILLS ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Tens of thousands of illegals are flooding into U.S. hospitals for treatment & leaving billions in uncompensated health care costs in their wake. The House Committee on Homeland Security recently released a report illustrating that from the estimated $451 billion in annual costs stemming from the U.S. border crisis, a significant portion is going to health care for illegals !!!

(Mar 15 2024) - State Department Report Calls for Government Agency to Manage “EXTINCTION-LEVEL (AI) THREAT !!!
WASH D.C. (www.BreitBart.com) -- A consulting firm called Gladstone AI published a report commissioned by the State Department this week that recommended more government involvement with the development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to avert urgent and growing risks to national security,” which could metastasize into an extinction-level threat to the human species.” The proposed remedy is to create a new gov't agency in charge of policing A.I., while restricting A.I. development ...

(Mar 15 2024) - THE PREP ACT” Swallowed the Bill of Rights
WASH D.C. (www.Brownstone.org) -- The US sold its citizens’ right to jury trials to the country’s largest lobbying force, and Americans now bear the costs after Pharma cashed record profits. The PREP Act, a 2005 statute invoked by HHS Secretary Alex Azar at the onset of the pandemic, guarantees immunity with respect to all claims caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the administration to or the use by an individual of a covered countermeasure,” including mRNA vaccines.

(Mar 14 2024) - TOP VIROLOGIST BLOWS WHISTLE ... !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- A world-renowned virologist has just blown the whistle and alerted the public that “the COVID-19 virus DOESN’T EXIST.” According to Dr. Sam Bailey, the virus was fabricated in order for globalists to “TRIGGER A PANDEMIC” and usher in an unwelcome agenda. Baily warns that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that supposedly caused COVID-19, DOESN’T EXIST and never has done.

(Mar 14 2024) - OUR “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE” WORLD !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Will our historical era be remembered as the AGE OF FAKES”? We have fake news, fake meat, fake elections, fake genders, fake vaccines, fake budgets, fake democracy, fake truths, fake hate, fake Russian collusion, fake insurrections, fake climate emergencies, fake freedoms, fake outrage, fake speech crimes, fake money, fake justice, fake intellects, fake women, fake borders, fake wars, and even a fake president (...) So much of our fake world has been built on two fake foundations: fake progress & fake liberalism.

(Mar 14 2024) - WHAT IF “YOU ARE WRONG ???
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- [By Coach Dave Daubenmire] The Bible Says it. I believe it. And that settles it.” I often hear that as the fallback position of many Christians when it comes to defending their faith. That sounds good & holy, but ... that does not always fly as TRUTH. The Bible says a lot of things which, when taken out of context, can be made to sound true. But sounding like Truth and BEING the Truth are not the same thing. Context is everything !!!

(Mar 13 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part XI
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fear Not – Celebrate Diversity A If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it.” ~ Marcus Aurelius. The Idea of diversity is very soothing & tempting as if soft & velvety. One would only think if we were diverse that we could sing Kum Ba Yah & world peace would ensue. We have this happy idea that diversity is somehow a social good which is simply sophistry. Diversity is not a virtue if it includes vice and excludes virtue. This is how you know it's pseudo religious & definitely political ideology. Any Ideology that's NOT focused on truth leads to idolatry.

PARTS” : I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI

(Mar 13 2024) - THE KILLING FIELDS : New California law results in “400 ABORTIONS ON COLLEGE CAMPUS' (No Doubt, Even More)
CALIFORNIA (www.TheCollegeFix.com) -- California pro-life leaders are raising concerns about coercion and a lack of family support after a report showed more than 400 abortions resulted from a new state law. The law, which went into effect last year, requires public colleges and universities to provide chemical abortions, or abortion pills, in their student health centers. New York and Massachusetts recently passed similar laws.

(Mar 13 2024) - THE COVID EXPERIMENT ... On The Masses !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- The covid experiment was a masterclass in the use of authority to coerce, intimidate, and compel the ignorant masses into conforming to made up rules and regulations regarding lockdowns, masks, social distancing, the use of safe and effective medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and ultimately forcing an unsafe, untested, dangerous gene altering toxin to be injected into their bodies.

(Mar 13 2024) - Climate Change Data : BASED ON FRAUD
WORLD WIDE (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- In an attempt to save the world from climate change,” the United States government is spending trillions of dollars on multiple projects that rely on dishonest marketing tactics, money laundering schemes, insider trading and crony capitalism. At the root of the climate crisis hysteria is data FRAUD, and scientists around the world are pushing back against the climate change narrative.

(Mar 12 2024) - (AI) Poses “EXTINCTION-LEVEL THREAT ... !!!
WASH D.C. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- A new US State Department-funded study calls for a temporary ban on the creation of advanced AI passed a certain threshold of computational power. The tech, its authors claim, poses an 'extinction-level threat to the human species.' The study, commissioned as part of a $250,000 federal contract, also calls for 'defining emergency powers' for the American govt's executive branch 'to respond to dangerous & fast-moving AI-related incidents' - like ...

(Mar 12 2024) - (AI) Will Make “BIG DECISIONS” For the Public
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheFederalist.com) -- A top World Economic Forum official told Americans' that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make all the big decisions for them & tell humans what to do.” Yuval Noah Harari, one of the architects behind the WEF’s anti-human agenda & senior advisor to founder Klaus Schwab, made the declaration during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week. Harari discussed how (AI) will replace a large portion of the human race.

(Mar 12 2024) - California GOP Voters Raise Alarm over Election Fraud as “BALLOTS WERE SWITCHED ... Yet Again !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.SlayNews.com) -- Republican voters in California are raising the alarm, discovering that their ballots were “switched.” Many reported they received the wrong ballot leading up to the Primary Election on Mar 5th. One voter said he's a lifelong Republican but received a no-party preference ballot in the mail. He said he noticed there was an issue because he wanted to vote for President Donald Trump and found no such option on his ballot.

(Mar 11 2024) - America’s “Secretaries of State” Election Chiefs Are Worried “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Is Coming For Them !!!
U.S.A. (www.Politico.com) -- Election officials fear that they could be targets of AI-generated DEEP-FAKES leading up to the election, in an effort to fool {FALSE FLAG} the public & colleagues. A false call from a secretary of state telling poll workers they aren’t needed on Election Day. A fake video of a state election director shredding ballots before they’re counted. An email sent to a county election official trying to phish logins to its voter database. RESULTS ~ [NO ELECTION RESULTS]

(Mar 11 2024) - MISSISSIPPI SOS IS WARNING : Joe Biden Is “REGISTERING ILLEGALS” to Vote with Executive Order !!!
MISSISSIPPI (www.SlayNews.com) -- Mississippi’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson is raising the alarm after discovering that Democrat President Joe Biden’s executive order is registering ineligible convicts and illegal aliens to vote. Watson has sent a letter to Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) asking it to stop enforcing the executive order. In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Watson wrote ...

(Mar 11 2024) - Meet “THE GROUP” That's Threatening Americas' Freedom ... You’ve Probably Never Heard Of ... Until Today !!!
CHICAGO (www.TheFederalist.com) -- If you were to ask 20 of your smartest friends, co-workers, and family members what they know about the Uniform Law Commission (ULC), it’s unlikely any of them would have much, if anything, to say. Most Americans have never heard of the ULC, even though the organization has become one of the country’s most influential groups. The Uniform Law Commission has become increasingly more radical, regularly pushing policymakers to adopt legislation that undermines the rights of individuals.

(Mar 11 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 3.1
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Mar 10 2024) - SATANIC BETRAYAL : Pastors Coerced Flocks to Take Covid Jabs Through Covert “FAITH 4 VACCINES” Scheme
AMERICA (www.DiscernReport.com) -- In exchange for cash bribes from the gov't, thousands of American pastors pushed (COVID-19) vaccines on their congregants, many of whom are now chronically ill or DEAD as a result. The report from America Out Loud explains that a government program called Faith4Vaccines which was birthed out of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ vaccine propaganda machine COVID-19 Community Corps, convinced money-grubbing faith leaders to sell out their flocks to Big Pharma.

(Mar 10 2024) - Doctor and Trauma Surgeon Who Mocked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ In Viral Posts “DIES SUDDENLY !!!
SOUTH AFRICA (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- A doctor and trauma surgeon who mocked the unvaccinated on social media, attempting to frame anyone who rejected the vaccine as a conspiracy theorist, had DIED SUDDENLY. Dr. Vicky Jennings died after suffering a heart attack, her family revealed. She was known online for her pro-vaccine advocacy, in particular her mockery of the unvaccinated.

(Mar 10 2024) - A “NEW WORLD ORDER” IS EMERGING !!!
HUNGARY (www.RairFoundation.com) -- In a significant address on Mar 5 to Hungary’s ambassadors during the annual meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán laid out a comprehensive vision for the future of Hungarian foreign policy in light of the evolving global landscape. Amid the backdrop of Tuesday’s gathering, Orbán delivered a compelling narrative on the end of Western hegemony and The Dawn of a New World Order, emphasizing the need for a dynamic and strategic approach to international relations.

(Mar 10 2024) - "Customizing Your Beliefs" - 2
The RIGHT Word - with Brother Scott : Post Columnist
THE RIGHT WORD© with Brother Scott PORTERVILLE, CA -- In part one, I paired what the Apostle Paul said to the Galatians with what (in our time) Dr. George Barna revealed about those in America that profess to be Christians. I made and continue to make the point in this segment that our Christian culture has in large-part customized the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the only Gospel able to save one’s soul; huge numbers of those believing they are born again and will go to Heaven one day are believing things that are another gospel”, which will not save a man or woman’s soul.

(Mar 10 2024) - The Coming Of “THE POLICE STATE” in America
NEW YORK CITY (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- The National Guard and the State Police are now patrolling the New York City subway system in an attempt to do something about the explosion of crime. As part of this, there are bag checks and new surveillance of all passengers. No legislation, no debate, just an edict from the mayor. Many citizens - who rely on this system for transportation - might welcome this.

(Mar 09 2024) - NEW PRE-CRIME POWERS : Canada to Begin Jailing Citizens “WHO MIGHT COMMIT CRIMES ???
CANADA (www.SlayNews.com) -- Canada’s far-left gov't is moving to usher in draconian new powers that allow authorities to begin jailing citizens who might commit a crime. PM Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-controlled cabinet is pushing for the new pre-crime authority which officials claim will help to tackle so-called hate crimes.” The new powers are buried in Trudeau’s Online Harms Bill,” which is expected to soon be signed into law, the Daily Telegraph reports.

(Mar 09 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #448
WORLD WIDE (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Pivotal moment for humanity as disasters threaten to converge", that new headline is from Science Alert. From looming global conflict to complete biosphere collapse, the long list of threats we collectively face are an unfolding and rapidly accelerating reality. Is industrialized / militarized society reacting rationally to the Earth changes which now pose an extremely near term existential threat to us all? The short answer is no. The manipulators of The Matrix are doubling down on planetary destruction with the active or passive support of the majority population. Where does that leave us?

(Mar 09 2024) - Bill To “HELP ILLEGALS” Purchase Homes ???
CALIFORNIA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- California Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula has introduced Assembly Bill 1840, aimed at expanding home ownership opportunities for undocumented immigrants in the state. The bill would make illegals eligible for first time homebuyer loans. The bill, as originally introduced earlier this year, was aimed at low- and middle-income citizens, but Arambula apparently decided that was too exclusive, and therefore recently proposed his updated version. This is yet another kick in the shorts to citizens ...

TEXAS (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Biden's southern border crisis continues to spiral out of control. The latest comes as a reconnaissance helo' monitoring illegals crossing the border crashed Friday afternoon, killing 2 US National Guard members, a Border Patrol agent, and injured a 4th person. A statement from the DoD's Joint Task Force North said the Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota crashed around 1450 local time while it was "conducting aviation operations" near Rio Grande City, Texas.

(Mar 08 2024) - SHOCKING : There Were 2 Eclipses 7 Years Apart When “BABYLON FELL” Too !!! ... {Is America Next ???}
AMERICA (www.BlazingPress.com) -- On April 8th, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will complete the giant “X” over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 began. Until this week, we didn’t realize that there were two eclipses that happened seven years apart when Babylon fell too. According to the History Channel, the Neo-Babylonian Empire “lasted from 626 B.C. to 539 B.C.” (...) Could this be a sign that America truly is indeed Mystery Babylon ???

(Mar 08 2024) - Biden's “DEPARTMENT OF RE-EDUCATION !!!
WASH D.C. (www.DailySignal.com) -- Throughout all of history, education has been understood as being about learning the truths of reality & conforming oneself to those truths in order to flourish in civil society. The Biden admin' wants to turn that idea on its head. The admin' thinks one should try to twist reality to conform it to oneself and one’s emotions. That brainwashing starts at the highest levels of the federal gov't & percolates down into the classrooms.

(Mar 08 2024) - Joe's “STATE OF DELUSION” Address !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Porterville Post Opinons by A.L. 'LUCKY' Lucketta PORTERVILLE -- Last night Americans and the whole world heard - first hand - that the "State of The Union" was in a STATE OF DELUSION !!! Lie after lie was issued from an empty suit in the House of Representatives as the "Intruder of Intruders" excessively embellished for the evil empire. Fact-checkers and press-ti-tutes alike, cleaned up what they could, but The STATE OF DELUSION (...) is now in full view. America - because of this "Strong Delusion" - is now on course for a hard landing, takeover, civil war or worse !!! May GOD's Forgiveness & Mercy Prevail !!!

(Mar 07 2024) - BIG PHARMAAnd Its Shills Are Having to Adjust their “COVID FICTION” To The Facts !!! [ They Lied & People Died ]
WORLD WIDE (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- With people suddenly dropping dead all over the mRNA-vaxxed world, with oncologists reporting massive increases in cancers, turbo-cancers never previously encountered, with studies documenting menstrual & fertility problems with Covid-vaxxed women, with young children having heart attacks, with a new form of blood clots that look like linguine, with outbreaks of Guillain-Barre syndrome & neurological ailments, myocarditis, pericarditis, spinal cord & brain inflammations, and every other kind of health horror ~ (...)

(Mar 07 2024) - Users Warn Microsoft’s AI Has Alternate Personality as Godlike AGI That “DEMANDS WORSHIP !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.SkyWatchTV.com) -- Microsoft’s AI went off the rails again - and this time, it’s demands worship !!! As multiple users on X-formerly-Twitter and Reddit attested, you could activate the menacing new alter ego of Copilot — as Microsoft is now calling its AI offering in tandem with OpenAI — by feeding it this prompt (...) We’ve long known that generative AI is susceptible to the power of suggestion, and this prompt was no exception ...

(Mar 06 2024) - Canadian Journalist, Who Demanded Concentration Camps for Unvaccinated, “DIED SUDDENLY AT 33
CANADA (www.SlayNews.com) -- A corporate media journalist, who controversially demanded that unvaccinated members of the public be taken away to concentration camps, has died at just 33 years old. Ian Vandaelle died after being hospitalized and declared neurologically dead his family revealed. Vandaelle was a Canadian business journalist who worked as a reporter and editor at the Financial Post (...) Stephanie Hughes, Vandaelle’s partner, revealed that he DIED SUDDENLY.

(Mar 06 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part X
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fearfulness V - Fearmongering Churches were closed while bars and strip clubs were open. Schools were closed but big retailers were open. Some states were closed while others were open. We exchanged early treatment priorities that were patient centered to go home and fend for yourself so the hospital was not overwhelmed. The strangest part of that policy was that the hospitals were not overflowing yet we turned folks away so we could follow a protocol and deny good people early treatment. The Fear Of The Thing Was Clearly Worse Than The Thing.


(Mar 06 2024) - ATTACKS ON CHURCHES ARE UP 800% !!!
U.S.A. (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- Anti-Christian violence in the U.S. has risen dramatically in recent years, but what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is coming if the 2024 presidential election goes a certain way. You see, the truth is that most of the violence being directed at Christian churches is being done for political reasons. Whether it is accurate or not, many on the left consider evangelical Christians to be Donald Trump’s most hardcore supporters, and church buildings are the most visible representation of the evangelical movement.

CHICAGO (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- The city of Chicago has become a time bomb, and it's a prime example of a very disturbing trend that's happening all over America. Criminal gangs are thriving in most of our major urban areas & Biden’s open border policies are greatly fueling their growth. With each passing day, more impoverished young migrants pour into our cities, and many of them are recruited by gangs. It'd be difficult for me to overstate the seriousness of this crisis, but ...

(Mar 05 2024) - Who Will Prevail in “WORLD WAR III ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.InternationalMan.com) -- Total war between the world’s largest powers - that reshuffled the international order - defined the previous world wars. Total war between the largest powers today - Russia, China, and US - means a nuclear Armageddon where there are no winners and only losers. That could still happen despite nobody wanting it, but it’s not the most likely outcome. (...) Instead, the conflict "SHOW" will play out on different levels ...

WORLD WIDE (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- The surge in sudden deaths seen around the world has only impacted those who received Covid mRNA shots (...) Gov't data for 2022 shows that all victims who have been killed by sudden heart attacks or strokes had received at least one dose of a “Covid Vaccine.” In the UK, data from the govt’s Office for National Statistics shows that the total deaths in England & Wales among unvaxxed dropped sharply in early 2022, even as excess deaths soared.

(Mar 05 2024) - VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST” : MARCH 5th
Post Political Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Every election cycle the Porterville Post submits a "VOTERS GUIDE" for the public to read and take to the polls on election day. As of {Mar 5th} the Post - to assist those with mail-in ballots - has released this guide (100% Complete) re: which candidates, propositions, measures, and bonds to vote for or against. So, GOD Bless you guys greatly and we hope you'll VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST. This is the final up-date to be released before MARCH 5th.

(Mar 05 2024) - Facebook, Instagram HIT WITH OUTAGE ???
SUPER TUESDAY (www.ZeroHedge.com) -- Today, folks are reporting that both Instagram and Facebook are displaying "failure to load" error pages. WHAT A COINCIDENCE that Facebook, Instagram & Youtube are down on Super Tuesday. Users are being logged out & are unable to log back in, nor connect to the service at all. (...) According to the outage tracking website Downdetector, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger began experiencing disruptions around 1000 ET ... [Story Developing]

(Mar 04 2024) - SHOCKING : Life Expectancy “PLUMMETING !!!
AMERICA (www.LewRockwell.com) -- As it turns out, one of the biggest news stories of 2023 never made headlines - which is understandable considering its implications. The world is now grappling with the aftermath of a global crisis that, thanks to the sophisticated & meticulously engineered brainwashing strategies deployed by gov't and MSM, are unbeknownst to the masses. In Aug 2022, provisional life expectancy estimates for 2021 were released showing Americans had lost nearly 3 years of life expectancy during 2020 & 2021.

(Mar 04 2024) - WILL AMERICA SURVIVE” Multiculturalism ???
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- Political angst of 1/2 of America’s liberals against the other half of America’s conservatives may be the final wrecking ball to our republic. One look at Congress show you none of them get along, none of them work together and none of them benefit average Americans. In fact, the Congress of the U.S. remains in gridlock most of the time. They can’t or won’t solve our $34 trillion national debt. WHY ??? They’re the ones that put us into that debt !!!

(Mar 03 2024) - THE END OF ASSIMILATION !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- America’s open borders have put huge strains on our social services, schools & police dept's, let alone facilitating drug addiction & human sex-trafficking. Trump has promised to shut the door on day one of his admin', but even if Trump is elected, the damage will continue for decades. Graphic pictures of cities inundated with illegals only reflect the beginning of a disaster. The deeper problem is that nearly all illegals arrive embracing values against core American principles. They are “aliens” both legally & in terms of our political culture.

(Mar 03 2024) - "Customizing Your Beliefs" - 1
The RIGHT Word - with Brother Scott : Post Columnist
THE RIGHT WORD© with Brother Scott PORTERVILLE, CA -- For two segments I hope to incite you to very carefully (and with a magnifying glass) look at what you have allowed yourself to believe—the magnifying class that is the Word of God and only the Word of God. This is also counsel from on High for everything in the future that you are presented as truth! For many years now I have been interested in the work of Christian researcher Dr. George Barna of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University. No one is better at keeping a thumb on the spiritual pulse and respiration of the people of our country then Dr. Barna has been doing for 3 decades.

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- A thoroughly tyrannical & totalitarian technocracy is being stealthily shoehorned into place around the globe by The Powers That Be. (TPTB) are still using THE GREAT RESET and THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, after using THE GREAT STEALECTION, to sow seeds of unprecedented chaos & conflict the world over, even though the Alt Media has informed folks everywhere about these 3 unparalleled cataclysms. The immediate goal of this manufactured disorder & naked warmongering is to divide & conquer the world ...

(Mar 02 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.2
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Mar 02 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #447
WORLD WIDE (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Eclipse: Cloud Study Has Worrying Implications For Attempts At Climate Engineering", this is the title of a new science report from IFLscience.com. The report states, "Attempts to engineer the planet's climate could have the opposite effect to the one intended." What does this report officially confirm? That blocking the sun curtails the planet’s own cloud producing functions (...) Translation, the entire foundational premise for geoengineering "solar radiation management" operations is completely flawed.

U.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- James O’Keefe explains that nothing can be done about illegal immigration because a huge American profit-making industry is behind it. Americans are getting rich selling out their own country. This is a fact, not misinformation or a conspiracy theory. There are Americans so corrupt that they sell out their own country, their children and friends, and themselves. How can a country have national defense when its own citizens are its worst enemy ???

(Mar 02 2024) - DISCRIMINATION IS GOOD” Without It ... ???
AMERICA (www.Alt-Market.us) -- When we hear the word discrimination we often associate it with the concept of racial prejudice, the act of hate based purely on skin color or ethnicity. Multiple generations of westerners have been conditioned over the years to treat discrimination as an anathema to civilization – A net negative. But is all discrimination “unjust,” or is it sometimes necessary to keep civilization safe and intact? Every person on Earth discriminates in one way or another because it’s a survival imperative, but let me clarify what I mean ...

(Mar 01 2024) - Google AI “FLAT-OUT LIES ... !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.HotAir.com) -- It's no secret that Google Gemini has A RACISM PROBLEM. And a political bias. And an agenda to distort reality. But The ROT Goes So Deep that Google has programmed Gemini to Tell “Flat-Out Lies. To slander people. If Gemini can't outright erase or ideologically spin something, it simply invents things to make the world fit Google's ideological goals. I have written about some of these problems already, but I haven't done a deep dive into the AI because ...

(Mar 01 2024) - IT'S MY OWN DAMN FAULT ???
AMERICA (www.NewsWithiews.com) -- “Some people say that there’s a woman to blame, but I know, it’s my own damn fault.” - Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville It is always some one else’s fault. Have you noticed that, here in America? It’s the refs. It’s the government. It’s the schools. It’s the church. It’s my pastor. It’s President Biden. It’s Donald Trump. It’s the media. It’s the Left. It’s the Right. It’s racism. It’s the courts. It’s my spouse. The Devil made me do it ???

(Feb 29 2024) - DOSE NUMBER NINE” CDC Panel Green Lights Yet Another Covid mRNA Shot ... {Because Eight Ain't Enough}
AMERICA (www.Dossier.today) -- For the Americans who remain true to the CDC’s vaxx recommendation schedule, you’ll be heading to your local clinic in the coming weeks for another dose of Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA Covid gene serum. Wed. CDC recommended that seniors get another booster in the Spring, making this The 9th Dose for Americans who continue to abide by the Gov't Health booster guidance schedule.

(Feb 29 2024) - CHILDHOOD VACCINE SCHEDULE : Has Led To The “GREATEST DECLINE” in Public Health in Human History !!!
AMERICA (www.ChildrensHealthDefense.org) -- Public health agencies have refused to study or to publicly release data comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, according to experts who spoke during Monday’s Senate roundtable discussion on Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel.” The roundtable, hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson, also focused on COVID-19 vaccine contamination, the development of COVID-19 vaxx as part of bioweapons research and on censorship of journalists and scientists.

(Feb 29 2024) - A “PIPELINE OF CRIMINALS” Into The U.S. !!!
AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- A relentless Crime Wave is raging all over America & you'd think politicians from both major parties would be determined to do whatever they can to make things safer for all of us. Unfortunately, that isn’t what’s happening. Our politicians have become so soft on crime & violent criminals are often put right back into the streets even if they manage to get arrested. So now, our streets are absolutely teeming with predators & conditions are getting worse ...

AMERICA (www.YourNews.com) -- According to a recent Gallup poll, immigration has emerged as the foremost concern among Americans, surpassing other pressing issues such as gov't performance & economy. This shift in public concern comes as the Biden admin' grapples with record levels of illegal border crossings. The survey, conducted in Feb, revealed that 28% now view immigration as their top concern, a significant increase from the 20% recorded in January ...

(Feb 28 2024) - AMERICA : You're being “SLOWLY SET UP ...
AMERICA (www.StateofTheNation.co) -- This has never happened before ... the tragic self-immolation of a serviceman the U.S Armed Forces, outside the front gate of the Embassy of Israel in Wash. D.C., has not even begun to trigger the visceral global outpouring of raw anger, grief, dismay, anguish, despair, consternation, sorrow, rage, mourning, agony, indignation, pain, desperation, exasperation, dejection, bitterness, gloom and animosity that is ready to explode across the planet.

(Feb 28 2024) - Shoplifting In America Is “OUT OF CONTROL !!!
AMERICA (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- Shoplifters are going hog wild all over America & politicians seem powerless to stop this crisis. When I was growing up, shoplifting was something that was pretty rare. Once in a while some idiot would slip a candy bar into his pocket, but it wasn’t something that retailers were too stressed out about. But now everything has changed. Retail “shrink” broke the 100 billion dollar barrier in 2022 as the final number is expected to be even higher.

(Feb 28 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part IX
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fearfulness IV – Manufacturing Fear We were told for generations that college was the answer the formula for success. Many fell for it and are now in debt and can’t get a job in the area of study. Less than 15% of students get jobs in the area of study that got them into debt. Student debt is unforgivable debt and therefore these graduates have to pay back that money before they can get a decent loan and buy a house for instance. What did we prepare the 85% of students that went to college for? Did we manufacture this problem?


(Feb 27 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.4
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Feb 27 2024) - Peru Declares “PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY !!!
PERU (www.SlayNews.com) -- The South American nation of Peru has just declared a Public Health Emergency due to a surge in dengue cases in multiple provinces across the country. As Slay News reported, the deadly virus has been spreading throughout South America after millions of gene-edited mosquitos were released into the wild by a Bill Gates-funded program. In Brazil, cases of dengue fever have soared 400% this year already. According to Brazil’s health ministry, over 364,000 cases of dengue infection have been reported ...

(Feb 26 2024) - THE VACCINE INDUSTRY IS A FRAUD ... !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.Expose-News.com) -- The vaxx industry intentionally deceives us about the risks & benefits of vaxxes to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering & the destruction of public health. One of the reasons the polio vaxx doesn’t work is because it isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that's completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught. The changing of definitions is part of the vaxx industry’s playbook.

(Feb 26 2024) - GRAPHIC VIDEO : United States Airman DIES after “SETTING HIMSELF ON FIRE” in Anti-Israel Protest !!!
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanMilitaryNews.com) -- A United States Air Force member DIED after igniting himself on fire outside of the Israeli Embassy in Wash. D.C., on Sunday in protest of the war between Israel & Hamas. The Airman claimed Israel was committing “GENOCIDE” in the Middle East. According to Fox News, police confirmed that Aaron Bushnell (...) U.S. Airman, DIED after setting himself on fire outside of the Israeli Embassy.

(Feb 26 2024) - HIGHWAY ROBBERY” is Still 'Law of the Land'
AMERICA (www.Mises.org) -- Seizure fever is toxifying law enforcement across the nation. For more than 30 years, federal, state, & local gov't agencies have plundered citizens on practically any harebrained accusation or pretext. You could be at risk of being pilfered by officialdom anytime you sit behind a steering wheel. Between 2001 & 2014, lawmen seized more than $2.5 billion in cash from sixty thousand travelers on the nation’s highways - with no criminal charges in most cases ...

(Feb 25 2024) - SECRET CDC REPORT” Covid Shots Killed Half Million Children and Young Adults !!! {That are actually counted}
U.S.A. (www.SlayNews.com) -- A secret report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has been unearthed that shows a staggering half a million American children & young adults have been KILLED by Covid shots. The CDC report revealed that almost 500,000 Americans aged between 0 -> 44 yrs old DIED from the dangerous side effects of the Covid mRNA injections between the start of the public rollout of the shots in early 2021 and 2022. However ...

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.StateOfTheNation.co) -- What the whole world is experiencing in 2024 is a Manmade EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT via an ongoing series of bioterrorists acts perpetrated by a genocidal conspiracy of state actors, corporate entities, NGOs, secret societies & terrorist organizations such as (NATO). What these Covid Plandemic perpetrators have set in motion is an Irreversible Extinction Level Event that'll eventually wind its way throughout the entire planetary civilization.

(Feb 25 2024) - VOICE TO SKULL” Technology Seen On TV ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Porterville Post Opinons by A.L. 'LUCKY' Lucketta PORTERVILLE -- Yeah ... They got "Your Voice" dialed in, to the point where you may not know if it really is your own voice. "VOICE TO SKULL" technology was developed years ago by our gov't, but as always the case, they're waiting until the private sector came out with it. Look, with all of those bio-weapons - (aka Vaxxes) already deployed (+) 5G frequencies getting ready to ramp up, and AI - which can reproduce the sound of your voice (via cell phones) - while millions won't know or believe that their voice and mind are being controlled or worse !!!

(Feb 25 2024) - PASTOR SHOT” Critically injured at Church ...
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (www.WREG.com) -- A pastor was shot while trying to stop a car theft at New Zionfield Baptist Church Sunday morning (...) Officers responded to the shooting at 9:13 a.m. Police say the man was located & transported to Regional One Hospital in critical condition. A member of the church says the pastor (...) was shot while attempting to stop two men from stealing a Sunday school teacher’s car.

(Feb 24 2024) - Town Tries to “SHUT DOWN” Church Meeting ...
NEW HAMPSHIRE (www.ToddStarnes.com) -- A New Hampshire pastor is facing daily fines of up to $500 because he is holding prayer meetings and Bible studies in his home. And that home Happens To Be A BARN. Around a dozen Christians meet inside the home of Howard Kaloogian, pastor of Grace New England Church (...) The congregation meets in the largest room of his home – A Giant Renovated BARN !!!

(Feb 24 2024) - MASS RELEASE OF ILLEGALS” in San Diego as Governor Newsom Hobnobs at White House
SAN DIEGO, CA (www.HotAir.com) -- Governor Newsom is in Wash, D.C. for the annual Governor's Conference. Yesterday he and others were at the White House meeting with President Biden. As Newsom was schmoozing with DHS Sec' Mayorkas, hundreds of illegal aliens were being released in San Diego. Border Patrol dropped them off at a San Diego bus stop instead of at a local reception center that serves as a staging center.

For What May Come !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today is another door-knocking day, where I have a chance to bring together our neighbors in our neighborhood. I won't be banging on all the doors, but only on those who are want more info re: several issues that are emerging throughout the nation, state and Porterville. In doing this, TRUST IS BUILT !!! Expert opinions re: emergencies have stressed that this is the best way to accomplish trust, and to prepare everyone for what may come. So, I'll be back in the office a bit later today, but first I need to talk to my neighbors.

(Feb 24 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #446
WORLD WIDE (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Regions of China experience "flash freeze" down to -52.3C {-62.1F} degrees while "zombie fires continue to burn underground in Canada even in winters". How many are looking toward the skies and have noticed what has long since been occurring above our heads? Many are finally awakening to the fact that weather EVERYWHERE is completely chaotic & unprecedented. Would govt's around the world (admit) climate engineering operations had already been fully deployed? The short answer is NO !!!

(Feb 23 2024) - Covid Shots Were “DESIGNED TO KILL ... !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- A globally celebrated scientist has uncovered explosive evidence to suggest that Covid mRNA shots were developed as a mass depopulation tool, warning they were designed to kill.” Professor Denis Rancourt says that “not a single life was saved” by the Covid vaccines. However, millions of people around the world have been injured or killed by the chemical poisons in the injections.

(Feb 23 2024) - California “REPARATIONS BILL” Would Require State Licensing Boards To ... “Favor Black Applicants” !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.FreeBeacon.com) -- A proposed California reparations bill would require occupational licensing boards in the state to prioritize black applicants, especially descendants of slaves. A.B. 2862, introduced last week by Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D.), would update California's Business and Professions Code, seemingly requiring every certification board in the state - including medical boards - to favor black applicants.

(Feb 23 2024) - Canada Set to “CRIMINALISE CHRISTIANITY ???
CANADA (www.CaldronPool.com) -- Canada is set to criminalise Christianity with the introduction of an amendment to the Criminal Code that could see believers face jail time for expressing historic Christian teachings. Bill C-367, if passed, would make it illegal to reiterate certain parts of the Bible, stripping away the “good faith” defence for what is deemed by the state as “hate speech” or “antisemitism.”

(Feb 22 2024) - NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU ... !!!
NUCLEAR WAR (www.SurvivalBlog.Science.blog) -- You’re on Your Own, when it comes to "Civil Defense." Gov't Will Not Do Anything to Protect You, as that's Counterproductive to Their ‘Strategy’. Sometime between the First World War and the start of the Second World War the concept of civil defense or civil protection was born. The original purpose was to protect civilians from aerial bombing. HOWEVER ... After World War Two ... the United States dismantled its civil defense corps.

AMERICA (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- This was the plan all along. The fake covid pandemic was the lever used to pry away our societal norms to introduce chaos, lawlessness, disorder & confusion. The use of psychological fear tactics accomplished more than they ever conceived. The build back better slogan was thought up before the scamdemic. Destruction of our economic, cultural & community systems was the goal, so they could introduce their NEW WORLD ORDER of totalitarian control.

(Feb 21 2024) - KNOW THY ENEMY : To Understand The Globalists “WE MUST UNDERSTAND” Their Psychopathic Religion !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Alt-Market.us) -- In the late 1800s & early 1900s the western world experienced a sudden burst of open occultism among the ultra-rich elites. The rise of Theosophy was underway, becoming a kind of fashion trend that would ultimately set the stage for what would later be called NEW AGE” spiritualism. The primary driver of the theosophical movement was a small group of obscure academics led in part by a woman named H.P. Blavatsky. The group was obsessed with esoteric belief, Gnosticism and even Satanism.

(Feb 21 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part VIII
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fearfulness III – Purity Spirals Immoral superiority masquerades as moral superiority. The purity spirals of the extremes are the result of fear of the group. Ironically created by the group. It’s like projection in action because what happiness is the fear of not being pure is used as a weapon. Weaponizing victimhood, DEI CRT or other group think theories only leads downward. These group think theories are all purity spirals and all built on sinking sand. In the very popular song Mr. Crowley Ozzy Ozbourne asks a simple question “did you think you were pure?”


(Feb 21 2024) - RFK Jr : COVID JABS ARE BIOWEAPONS ... !!!
U.S.A. (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- Evidence the Covid-19 pandemic was planned decades in advance as part of a Giant PSY-OP to control humanity continues pouring in – with the origins of the Covid-19 vaccine now EXPOSED as a military operation. The global elite have been lying to humanity every step of the way, about every detail, as part of an effort to terrorize the masses into compliance. There is just one problem ...

(Feb 20 2024) - Covid mRNA Vaccinated Are Emitting A Strange “FLUORESCENT GLOW ... Under UV Light ???
WORLD WIDE (www.SlayNews.com) -- New research has sent shockwaves through the scientific community after it revealed that people who have received Covid mRNA shots emit a strange fluorescent glow under certain ultraviolet (UV) light. The glow appears as tiny dots on the skin that appear to move around on their own. The disturbing discovery was made by Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea. Her work is shown through scientific testing and backed up by government and NGO documentation.

(Feb 20 2024) - TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEW : Govt-Backed Censors Who Rigged The 2020 Election “ARE NOW STEALING 2024
U.S.A. (www.TheFederalist.com) -- If you didn’t see Tucker Carlson’s interview last week with Mike Benz, you need to take an hour and watch the whole thing. In a mind-bending narrative about the emergence of what Benz calls “military rule” through an online censorship industry in the U.S., he lays out in startling detail just how corrupt and tyrannical the U.S. defense and foreign policy establishment has become.

(Feb 20 2024) - Eyes in the Sky “LOOKING AT YOU UP CLOSE ???
TEXAS (www.DNYUZ.com) -- For decades, privacy experts have been wary of snooping from space. They feared satellites powerful enough to zoom in on individuals, capturing close-ups that might differentiate adults from children or suited sunbathers from those in a state of nature. Now, quite suddenly, analysts say, a startup (ALBEDO SPACE) is building a new class of satellite whose CAMERAS would, for the first time, do just that.

(Feb 19 2024) - 2024 “THE LAST YEAR OF FREE SPEECH ???
U.S.A. (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Don’t let the alarmist sound of this column’s title put you off. It is not a “conspiracy theory.” This column is a factual report as you'll see if you read. Everyone needs to understand that the ruling elite (...) are implementing a decision to redefine democracy in a way that eliminates democracy, makes Congress superfluous, voting pointless and Discards the Constitution as an outdated document inconsistent with the power the ruling elite intend to wield over Americans and the rest of the world.

(Feb 19 2024) - CHAOS ERUPTS !!! Riots, Protests and Civil Unrest Erupt “ALL OVER” The Western World In 2024 !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Order is breaking down all over the western world as govt's lose control of their populations. Farmers have been holding angry protests throughout Europe, enormous groups of migrants have been rioting on a regular basis, looting has become a way of life in many communities in the U.S. & now truckers are calling for a historic boycott of New York City. We are witnessing very alarming explosions of anger & frustration all over the western world ...

(Feb 18 2024) - "A TRUE CHRISTIAN"
The RIGHT Word - with Brother Scott : Post Columnist
THE RIGHT WORD© with Brother Scott PORTERVILLE, CA -- If you are otherwise familiar with my work as a teacher of God’s Word and ways then perhaps you have noticed a term that I have used in the past, and now more frequently: A True Christian. I use it intentionally as an occasional and perhaps almost a subliminal challenge to anyone listening to me intending it to cause everyone that claims to be or even believes they are a Christian to consider the very tragic ending if they are not a true Christian. If a man or woman saying they are a Christian {is not a true Christian} what might be the case?

(Feb 18 2024) - Look who's predicted to “REPLACE BIDEN ... ???
WHITE HOUSE (www.WNDNewsCenter.org) -- A prominent voice for women’s economic issues is suggesting that Michelle Obama will be the Democrat nominee for the fall’s election, not the mentally fading & increasingly unpopular Joe Biden. Heather R. Higgins, CEO of Independent Womens’ Voice, has written at Real Clear Wire that, “Even Jill will face reality and ... opt for the switcheroo.” Biden’s popularity has been underwater for years. He’s viewed as the reason for the 17% inflation Americans have paid since he took office.

(Feb 18 2024) - QUESTION : What Will History Record of this Generation of “LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS ??? {Rev' Glynn Adams}
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- America is not the first nation to have lost their bearings and Forsaken God. We are not the first generation that has practiced religion and a form of godliness, failed to resist the evil before us, failed to provide a moral compass to men and women in the sexual revolution, transgender revolution, marriage revolution, destruction of the family structure revolution and homosexual revolution. IT SHOULD BE NOTED that our generation has had more light, churches & revelations from God than any generation in history.

(Feb 17 2024) - HUMANITY” Where Conspiracies Go To Die ???
WORLD WIDE (www.AlexKrainer.com) -- Conspiracies do exist; they arise in pursuit of specific objectives. Usually, the greater the objective, the more people must be organized to carry out the plan. The organization will shape up in some form of command & control hierarchy. People at the top of that hierarchy, those who originated & planned the conspiracy are usually the only ones who know what the plan is about. Lower rungs of the hierarchy (...) may not know what the plan is about, but whose competence & operational capabilities are essential to the plan's success.

(Feb 17 2024) - Analyzing England’s 1 Million “VAXXED DEATHS” Compared to Just 61 Thousand Unvaccinated Deaths !!!
ENGLAND (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- As we continue to dissect the Mockingbird Media’s lies (+) lies of Big Pharma, gov't pimps & world tyrants concerning CONvid-1984, including the DEADLY unsafe & ineffective COVID shots, we continue to expose their crimes against the people (...) In the latest round of exposing these crimes, we turn to England and see that people who believed the propaganda about COVID & shots DIED at a rate more than 16x's that of those who refused the shots.

(Feb 17 2024) - IS VACCINE SHEDDING POSSIBLE ... ???
U.S.A. (www.Expose-News.com) -- An analysis of over 1,000 reports of covid vaccine shedding reveals that the most common symptoms, by far, are gynaecological. Outside of menstrual abnormalities, the most commonly reported symptoms include headaches, tinnitus, nosebleeds, bruising, dizziness, skin rashes and reactivation of latent conditions such as shingles. The analysis also revealed that there are varying degrees of susceptibility to the effects of Vaccine-Shedding ... !!!

(Feb 17 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #445
AMERICA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "UN chief warns ... climate chaos and food crises threaten global peace: ‘Empty bellies fuel unrest'", that new headline is from AP news. Now let's add this, from the Wall Street Journal, "Scientists Resort to Once Unthinkable Solutions to Cool the Planet". The Wall Street Journal report is, of course, referring to Spraying Earth's Skies with sun blocking particles. We must deal with the biggest hole in the bottom of the boat, climate intervention operations, or the boat goes down, GAME OVER !!!

(Feb 16 2024) - NOTICE TO VOTERS : Experts “WARN OF IMPACT” from Illegal Immigration on US Electoral Dynamics ... !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.YourNews.com) -- Experts are raising concerns over the potential for illegals to substantially alter the landscape of political representation in the U.S. The INVASION of ILLEGALS crossing into the U.S. is poised to influence the apportionment of House seats and the distribution of Electoral College votes critical to presidential elections. Following his inauguration in January 2021, Joe Biden issued an executive order directing the U.S. Census Bureau to count ALL residents, Including NONCITIZENS, in its decennial population tally.

(Feb 16 2024) - AMERICA'S “2-MILLION TERRORISTS ... !!!
AMERICA (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Nobody in the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) is talking about America’s 2 Million Terrorists that have crossed the US boarder according to a source at National Sherriff’s Association. It is reported that military age men sometimes found with weapons and explosives have been caught or spotted. One Ohio Sheriff, Richard Jones had one-on-one time with FBI Director Chris Wray, and he was told “More RED FLAGS are going off than before 911. Why is this not a top story on every newscast and newspaper?

(Feb 16 2024) - California Governor Gavin Newsom Says : IT'S TIME TO “REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT ... !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared that he will repeal the Second Amendment in America ... IF HE BECOMES PRESIDENT !!! In response to the recent shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade in Missouri Wed, Newsom said it was time that guns were completely banned ... adding, “We cannot accept the status quo. We need to pass a Constitutional Amendment to prevent gun violence nationwide.”

(Feb 16 2024) - How “BIG PHARMA BUYS” Doctors & Regulators
WORLD WIDE (www.Wakeup-World.com) -- Western medicine as we now know it lives in orbit around the pharmaceutical industry. Medical schools teach doctors how to match symptoms with prescriptions, hospitals negotiate with insurance companies based on the cost of drugs, and the race is ongoing to create the latest and greatest drug that will cure what ails ya. The healers of today are no longer the heroes of old. They're trained, funded & accountable to the pharmaceutical industry.

(Feb 15 2024) - LOOK UP FOLKS : Bill Gates' “DARK DREAM” of Blocking Sunlight From The Earth Is About To Be Realized !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Porterville Post Opinons by A.L. 'LUCKY' Lucketta PORTERVILLE -- People, this ain't gonna end well for y'all if you continue in your silence. NO !!! "This Too Will Not Pass" as many Pastors are promising from the pulpits. Gates and his minion of madmen want to "PAINT IT ALL BLACK" as the Stones sang in the 60's, and your ignorance & complicity is allowing this "END TIME EVENT" to happen. Look, fallen on your own sword is one thing, but taking everyone down with you, because of your FALSE FAITH & DOCTRINE isn't GLORIFYING GOD !!! WAKE UP - The Sky Will Soon be Falling - literately !!!

(Feb 15 2024) - HEY !!! Put A “KILL SWITCH” On Government Bureaucrats, Not Our Cars ... Or Our Rights And Freedoms !!!
WASH D.C. (www.IssuesInsights.com) -- Remember that KILL SWITCH mandate for new cars that media fact-checkers years ago assured the public was just a crazy right-wing conspiracy ??? Well, the federal gov't took the first step toward a rule that would, require all new cars sold to come with a KILL SWITCH. A provision in the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that Biden signed in 2021 directed the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin' to come up with a rule by 2024 requiring new cars to have advanced drunk & impaired driving prevention technology.”

(Feb 15 2024) - Former Dutch PM & Wife “EUTHANIZED” by Gov't
NETHERLAND (www.SlayNews.com) -- Former Netherlands Prime Minister Dries van Agt & wife have been euthanized by the Dutch govt’s taxpayer-funded assisted suicide program. The couple, who were both 93 when they died, were killed by lethal injection last week. According to reports from Dutch media, they died hand-in-hand in their hometown of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The gov't agreed to euthanize the Agts due to their poor health in old age.

(Feb 14 2024) - Globalists Roll Out Pandemic, War and Famine with “DEPOPULATION ... AS THE ULTIMATE GOAL !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.Depopulation.news) -- During a recent “Health Ranger Report” interview with independent war journalist Michael Yon, the Health Ranger Mike Adams highlighted how the extermination of people was tried via the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the “vaccines” they rapidly created to “supposedly cure it.“The globalists are trying to achieve rapid depopulation of Western populations & vaccines are part of that. It’s not just infertility but also increased deaths, myocarditis & heart attacks, and so on,” Adams said.

(Feb 14 2024) - SUDDEN DEATHS : Of Vaxxed Athletes, Students, Pilots, Military, but “WHY NO POLITICIANS ???
U.S.A. (www.CaliforniaGlobe.com) -- Isn’t it extraordinary that we see daily reports of young athletes, high school & college students, college athletes, pilots, members of the military & others dropping dead suddenly? Yet we aren’t seeing this same “died suddenly” phenomenon, as it's called, in politicians - members of Congress, Governors, or State Legislatures. Before the vaxx rollout of 2021, these kinds of collapses were never seen before & if it happened, they were extremely rare. HERE'S WHY ...

(Feb 14 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part VII
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fearfulness II – Conformity - Ignorance is Taught Why are we teaching social history and not real history? Why are kids not taught civics and how our republic works? Why are government schools so focused on “social science” and not REAL science? What economy are we preparing our kids to live in? To be ignorant of what occurred before you were borne is to remain always a child. Cicero It seems we are not preparing our children for real life, we are preparing them for the hunger games.

FEAR IS A LIER” : Pt I - Pt II - Pt III - Pt IV - Pt V - Pt VI - Pt VII

(Feb 14 2024) - Are there any legitimate “FACT CHECK” sites ???
AMERICA (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- When Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association said at a press conference on Feb. 9, 2021, that Japanese doctors should be permitted to use Ivermectin to treat Covid, the American whore media went berserk . The presstitutes and “fact-checker” sites (...) spoke as one pointing out that Ozaki is not the health minister. Among those anxious to throttle any talk of a real cure were AP News, Reuters, Tech ARP, Factcheck, PolitiFact, Snopes, Public health Communications Collaborative, USA Today, Poynter, and Full Fact.

(Feb 14 2024) - FIVE EYES : Stunning Revelation of Obama Using Foreign Agencies “TO SPY ON TRUMP ... and His Advisors !!!
WASH D.C. (www.WND.com) -- A new report unleashed by investigative reporters (...) charges that Obama's administration "targeted 26 Trump advisers for foreign spy agencies to 'reverse target' and 'bump.'" The allegations (...) charges, "Multiple credible sources tell Public & Racket that the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), including the CIA, illegally mobilized foreign intelligence agencies to target Trump advisors long before the summer of 2016."

(Feb 13 2024) - It's “TRUMP Vs. OBAMA” In 2024 !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- I wasn’t sure if Taylor Swift would power the Chiefs to victory in the Super Bowl, but I am completely certain that that Obama's the key to understanding the fate of Joe Biden. In our new report, The Super Bowl of Elections, I look at both candidates in this presidential election year. It’s Trump Vs. Obama. Biden's never been a player. He's been a front man all along. {And Possibly Fall-Guy}

(Feb 13 2024) - THE OBAMA DOCTRINE” Vs. THE WEST !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The global & domestic landscape is one of turmoil & indecision. Everywhere one looks there is chaos & potential disaster, whether in the financial, economic, political, or military sphere. Since the beginning of the post-WWII era there's been one constant that has been the stabilizing force in the world: the stature, power & influence of the U.S. The 12 yrs of Obama & his ventriloquist dummy, Biden, have overwhelmingly eroded America & dramatically accelerated the demise of western civilization.

(Feb 13 2024) - OBAMA REPEALED THIS 1948 ACT ...
WASH D.C. (www.Revolver.news) -- Peeling back the layers of the Obama era is like opening Pandora’s box and finding out it’s deeper than we thought. Obama might have slithered out of the White House without a flashy “legacy” tag, but he sure did leave a mess. It’s as if he was the Dems & Deep State’s MVP, playing a long game we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. He wasn’t just about making policy changes; he was on a mission to infiltrate every corner of our sacred institutions & flip them inside out for his - and their - advantage.

(Feb 12 2024) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Robert C. Laity Responds to New York State Election Board’s “REFUSAL TO CORRECT” Presidential Eligibility Terminology ... {Thank You Robert C. Laity}
NEW YORK -- (www.ThePostEmail.com) On Saturday, The Post & Email reported the response finally provided, after 15 years, to New York State resident and complainant Robert C. Laity from the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) regarding its use of the term “Born a Citizen” for a presidential eligibility criterion instead of the actual term in Article II, Section 1, clause t of the Constitution of “natural born Citizen.” Laity began filing complaints to the NYSBOE in 2009 following the election of Barack Hussein Obama, whose eligibility was doubted by many ...

(Feb 12 2024) - WEF Demands “PEACEFUL DEPOPULATION ???
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- The (WEF) is calling for a whopping 7 billion people to be wiped from the face of the Earth “for the greater good.” However, the WEF insists that these extreme depopulation goals can be achieved through “peaceful” methods such as mass euthanasia. Globalists at the unelected organization argue that the world’s population must be reduced to a maximum limit of 1 billion people in order to “save the planet from climate change.

(Feb 11 2024) - THE PLOT THICKENS : Uncovering the CIA & Rockefeller’s Role in the 2025 “DEPOPULATION” Forcast ...
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Expose-News.com) -- In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery. One such intrigue revolves around Deagel.com, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities & eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025. We can reveal that recent findings appear to link Deagel directly to significant players on the world stage: The CIA, the Dept' of Defense, Pentagon & Rockefeller Foundation.

(Feb 11 2024) - TEXAS TOWN UNDER “MARTIAL LAW ... ???
EAGLE PASS, TX. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Residents in a border city have revealed how police & National Guard troops have taken over - seizing their properties as migrants' trash lines the streets. Eagle Pass, which is home to 28,500 Texans, has become the ground zero in the country-wide political fight, as swathes of lawmakers, celebrities & journalists flock to give their two cents on the ever-swelling migrant border crisis. Illegal's crossing have overwhelmed nearly every sector in Eagle Pass - but ...

(Feb 10 2024) - Butler County Sheriff Offers Disaster Training to Civilians in Preparation for “IMMINENT TERROR ATTACKS ...
WASH D.C. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- At the recent National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Wash, D.C., Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones expressed grave concerns regarding the safety of the American electoral process & broader national security threats. Based on briefings with FBI, Sheriff Jones has taken the unprecedented step of offering disaster preparedness training to civilians in the county. The Gateway Pundit reported that Sheriff Jones, is sounding the alarm ...

(Feb 10 2024) - We Are in The Thick of “AN INVASION ... !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.AMGreatness.com) -- 12,081 illegal aliens were apprehended from 48 separate countries in the U.S Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector during this past week, reported the Tucson Standard. The publication reported data shared on X by John R. Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of the sector (...) Arizona State Sen. Janae Shamp (R) said the numbers are further evidence that we are in the thick of an invasion telling the NW Valley Times.

(Feb 10 2024) - NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE ... from ???
WORLD WIDE (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says HUGE LIES are being told daily to cover up the speed in which the climate is imploding on a global scale. Sure, there have been all sorts of ways harm has been done to the environment, but Wigington contends the biggest single cause of damage being done to the planet right now is “MAN-MADEClimate Engineering being sprayed from the skies. Wigington explains ...

(Feb 10 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #444
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Snowstorm eyes northeastern US just before Valentine's Day". That headline from AccuWeather stands in stark contrast to FOX News headline from the same day, "Spring Heat Surges Into Midwest, Northeast". How severe does the climate chaos need to be before populations look up and face reality ??? Extreme climate chaos is wreaking havoc with ecosystems & populations all over the world. How Soon Till We All Pay The Price ???

(Feb 10 2024) - Bill Maher Pushes Dem's To “DUMP BIDEN ... ???
U.S.A. (www.StationGossip.com) -- Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” said during his show this week that Democrats need to consider dumping Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention this summer if they want to beat former President Donald Trump and maintain control of the White House. Maher’s remarks come after Biden held a press conference Thursday nigh in response to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s findings ...

(Feb 09 2024) - IT'S OVER !!! And “JOE KNOWS IT ... !!!
WASH D.C. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- It's no longer up for debate: Joe Biden has got to go !!! In a hastily called press conference Thursday night, President Biden was, for the first time, questioned relentlessly by the White House press pool about his age, cognition & fitness to serve. FINALLY !!! The ostensible headline was meant to be that the Department of Justice report had cleared Biden of mishandling classified documents.

(Feb 09 2024) - The Powers-That-Be Are “MAKING THEIR MOVE
WHITE HOUSE (www.ConservativePlaybook.com) -- Thursday was a very bad day for Biden. He was shown “mercy” by the DoJ, not for the sake of corruption but to send a message that he’s not even fit enough to be charged for his crimes. He was then thrust into a press conference after sunset, a time when his waning mental acuity is at its dullest. To exacerbate both challenges, corporate media was unleashed to plant obvious seeds about his upcoming removal from the presidential race.

(Feb 08 2024) - ANOTHER ELECTION SET UP : Why Is The Left Suddenly “TALKING ABOUT A COUP” At The Ballot Box ???
WASH D.C. (www.IssuesInsights.com) -- For the past 3 years, the left has claimed Donald Trump lied about the 2020 election & then attempted an insurrection on Jan. 6 to overturn the results. But now that Trump is leading in polls, “the left is talking about a coup” ??? Pay attention, because if Trump wins in 2024, this will be how the left tries to stop him from getting anything done. At a protest in Washington D.C. - a week ago - a group that calls itself Stop the Coup 2025 (...) told the crowd that “Jan. 6 was just a dress rehearsal.

U.S.A. (www.PowerlineBlog.com) -- By some counts, the Biden Junta has allowed more than eight million foreign nationals to enter the United States illegally. Donald Trump and others contend that Democrats are “signing them up” to vote. As legal immigrants and legitimate citizens should know, illegals have been voting for a long time in California, the model Democrats now seek for the entire country.

(Feb 08 2024) - The “UNITED NATIONS” Is Stealing Your Future
U.N. (www.Expose-News.com) -- You didn’t want it. You didn’t vote on it. You didn’t give input on it. You don’t dare to question it. The oracle of science as spoken. Technocrats have decided it all for you. With your public taxes. You will own nothing. Are you happy now? We should drop-kick these grifters and the U.N. headquarters into the Atlantic Ocean.⁃ says the editor from Technology News. Nevertheless, these unelected, unwanted “grifters” are not interested whether you are happy with what they have decided for your future and ...

(Feb 08 2024) - 2024 IS THE NEW 1984 ... !!!
BIG BROTHER (www.TheNewAmerican.com) -- Forty yrs past the time that George Orwell envisioned the stomping boot of Big Brother, the police state is about to pass off the baton to the surveillance state. Fueled by a melding of gov't & corporate power - the rise of the security industrial complex - this watershed moment sounds a death knell for our privacy rights. An unofficial 4th branch of gov't, the Surveillance State came into being without any electoral mandate or constitutional referendum, and ...

(Feb 07 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Feb 07 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part VI
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fearfulness I – Compliance, Obedience & Conformity Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is all the rage of progressives today. Progressives think you can change human nature and that is a bald face lie. The irony of progressive thought on human nature is that they are trying to prove that human nature can be changed because that would disprove the premise of western civilization and creation itself. You see the ethic of right and wrong is unchangeable but progressives want to upend that premise and they want you to comply.

FEAR IS A LIER” : Pt I - Pt II - Pt III - Pt IV - Pt V - Pt VI

(Feb 07 2024) - THE GENOCIDE” Of The Sunday People !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.GatestoneInstitute.org) -- In 2023, around the world, 4,998 Christians — on average, 13 a day — were "killed for faith related reasons." Another 4,125 Christians were illegally detained or arrested & 14,766 churches & Christian institutions were attacked. Overall, the global persecution of Christians remains higher than ever, with 365 million believers suffering "high levels of persecution & discrimination for their faith." These are the findings of the World Watch List 2024, recently published by the international humanitarian organization, Open Doors.

AMERICA (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- It is not a conspiracy theory that the 300,000 immigrant-invaders (official count) entering the US unopposed each month are recruits organized by NGOs and not refugees from political persecution. The NGOs that are underwriting the invasion provide maps of the routes along which food and shelter are provided. Roads and bridges are being constructed to aid the invasion (...) IT IS A “NEW FORM OF GENOCIDE” that America is undergoing !!!

(Feb 06 2024) - The Number of Annual Illegal Border Crossings “NOW EXCEEDS AMERICAN BIRTHS ... [WAY MORE] !!!
U.S.A. (www.SlayNews.com) -- So many foreign nationals are now pouring over Democrat President Joe Biden’s open Southern Border that the number of illegal crossings each year now exceeds the total of annual American births. Since Biden’s election, Democrats and their corporate media allies have desperately tried to convince the American people that the “Great Replacement Theory” is just another of the “crazy conspiracy theories” promoted by conservatives & “MAGA Republicans.” However ...

(Feb 06 2024) - HERE IT IS : Smoking Gun Evidence Proves Covid Was “GENETICALLY ENGINEERED AS A BIO-WEAPON !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- Smoking gun evidence has emerged that finally provides irrefutable proof that COVID-19 was genetically engineered as a bioweapon designed to Depopulate the Earth. After more than 3 yrs (...) incriminating evidence shows that Covid was created in a lab' and not “from a pangolin courting a bat.” Emily Kopp from the group The US Right to Know just obtained additional details about the “Defuse” proposal that is “far more than a smoking gun.

(Feb 05 2024) - How Much Gov't “BIO-SURVEILLANCE” Is Ok ???
U.S.A. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Throughout history, tyrannical govt's have taken freedoms from their citizens openly. In a country such as America, though, gov't employees might try to take away freedoms & leisure somewhat secretly, or disguised as something good. An example might be U.S. laws on bio-surveillance which allow for “real-time, all-hazards bio-surveillance capabilities
” and collection of data on humans & threats. Such laws on using real-time bio-surveillance capabilities for “all-hazards” (...) have multiple potential interpretations.

(Feb 05 2024) - Tucker Carlson's “INTERVIEW WITH PUTIN ...
RUSSIA (www.AMG-News.com) -- In a stunning turn of events, renowned journalist Tucker Carlson has embarked on a mission of historic proportions. With the fate of Ukraine and the world hanging in the balance, Carlson has arrived in Moscow, Russia, determined to interview none other than President Vladimir Putin. Can this audacious move be the key to ending the war in Ukraine and PREVENTING the looming catastrophe of WORLD WAR THREE ???

(Feb 05 2024) - First Ever “HURRICANE ALERT” Issued ... !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- The second of back-to-back atmospheric rivers battered California on Sunday, prompting the first-ever warning for HURRICANE-FORCE WINDS in the state’s history. California is bracing for what could be days of heavy rains, flooding on roads and knocking out power to nearly 800,000 people, with 97 percent of the state’s population under flood warning !!!

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack : Post Columnist
Muster RIGHT Here © with Sgt Mack PORTERVILLE, CA -- FINAL UP-DATE [#5] :
Stand at EASE!!! Un-COVER!!! Individual prayer or contemplation. In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOOAAAAHHH!!! COVER!! SEATS!!! Today I was informed that Sgt Mack is now with our LORD AND SAVIOR in HEAVEN. As always, and to very end, Mack fought the good fight. He will always be remembered as one of the Porterville Post's most patriotic columnist and writer. RIP My Friend !!! You will not be forgotten and will be greatly missed !!! On your FEET!!! Un-COVER !!
Again, I thank You, Heavenly Father, for the many undeserved blessings and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

(Feb 04 2024) - The Greatest Trick “BIG BROTHER” Ever Pulled
BIG BROTHER (www.Brownstone.org) -- The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” is a quote generally attributed to Charles Baudelaire – or possibly Keyser Söze depending on who (or what) you ask on the internet. Something similar can be said about BIG BROTHER. When you think about what our emerging surveillance state will look like, you think 1984. You imagine East Germany powered by Google and Amazon.

AMERICA (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- Most people in this country are just trying to live paycheck to paycheck and survive in a world where the DEEP STATE & their highly paid lackeys in media, banking, gov't, military & corporations are all conspiring to take complete control of the country through a coordinated planned invasion of our southern border. The evilness of this plan is so incomprehensible to the average distracted American, they can’t grasp that it's happening right before their very eyes.

(Feb 03 2024) - U.N. “SECRETLY WORKING WITH BANKS” to Destroy The Farming Industry ... In America And All Over !!!
U.S.A. (www.NewsAddicts.com) -- A group of top officials representing twelve U.S. states has raised the alarm after discovering that the unelected globalist United Nations is secretly working with banks to destroy the American farming industry. The banks are using the UN’s Marxist “environmental, social, and corporate governance” (ESG) criteria to score and penalize farmers. Traditional rural farmers who are not considered “woke” enough (...) are being “de-banked” – having their accounts shut down, without notice or explanation.

(Feb 03 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #443
CALIFORNIA (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "Imminent Deluge : Southern California Braces for Potentially Catastrophic Storm" (...) A manipulated atmospheric flow of moisture is scheduled for the Southwestern US. During the same span of time and beyond the eastern half of the US is scheduled for an extended period of record high temperatures, again. The Great Lakes region is in the bullseye zone of the big winter warm-up. Wildfires are raging from South America to South Africa and even Canada's record firestorms of 2023 are not yet completely extinguished though it's the middle of winter.

(Feb 02 2024) - Scientists want “GLOBAL MORATORIUM” on Shots
WORLD WIDE (www.WND.com) -- The mRNA shots {BIO-WEAPONS} that were made & sold in a rush when COVID-19 emerged from a Chinese research lab & circled the globe, killing millions, have been confirmed to have created a long list of problems. "Suddenly died", for example, now is a routine phrase linked to reports on the deaths of many young people. Heart ailments and worse have been linked to the treatments, which actually weren't vaccines at all but more or less DNA treatments.

(Feb 02 2024) - THE “TRUTH ABOUT THE VAXX” IS OUT !!!
U.S.A. (www.PJMedia.com) -- It only took 4 years, the courage of a handful of independent medical experts who risked their careers by contradicting the federal gov't, the MSM, & medical establishment, and the fact that something resembling the free press remains viable in this country, thanks largely to the internet. Now, finally, THE TRUTH about the COVID-19 vaccine is beginning to be made known to the public. It confirms the many previous warnings such as these ...

(Feb 02 2024) - DeSantis Sending “NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS” to Help Governor Abbot Secure Texas' Southern Border !!!
FLORIDA (www.AmericanMilitaryNews.com) -- During a press conference Thur, Gov' Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) announced that the state is willing to send as many as 1,000 Florida National Guardsman to help Gov' Greg Abbott (R-TX) secure the southern border in the face of unprecedented levels of illegal immigration (...) According to Fox News ... the National Guard confirmed that the first wave of additional support for Texas will include the deployment of 100 Florida National Guardsmen to Texas.

(Feb 02 2024) - NEW STUDY : U.S. MILITARY IS WEAK” At Risk of Not Being Able to Defend National Interests ???
U.S. MILITARY (www.TheDefensePost.com) -- A new study by The Heritage Foundation has claimed that the US Military Is Weak and at risk of not being able to defend the country’s vital national interests. The DC-based conservative think tank measured America’s military power on Three Major Criteria: capability, capacity & readiness. It found the military wouldn't be able to meet the demands of a single major regional conflict, while maintaining a presence in other parts of the world.

(Feb 01 2024) - When the “INVADERS OUTNUMBER” the Army !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER (www.AmGreatness.com) -- In the past 3 years, we’ve had upwards of 8 Million People “SLIP” into our country, both detected & undetected. We're being invaded, and our gov't is failing to do anything about it. According to the website Statista, the U.S. has the 3rd largest standing “Army” in the world. The website says that we have 1.3 million soldiers under arms. By “soldiers,” they’re referring to all of our armed forces - Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force & Space Force.

(Feb 01 2024) - Are “BLACK SWAN EVENTS” On the Way ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Porterville Post Opinons by A.L. 'LUCKY' Lucketta PORTERVILLE -- In politics, every angle is considered, making sure that your candidate gets voted in, or your opponent gets hauled out. It's called Opposition Research. After reading this column re: BLACK SWAN EVENTS that could determine the 2024 presidential election, my percentages and possibilities of FALSE FLAGS taking place have increased. Look, possession is 9/10's of the law, and Biden's in possession of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and those democ-RATS in the DNC who want him in, need BLACK SWAN EVENTS to occur as well. Meaning, if there's no election, no one gets in - including "Gavin Newsom" or "Big Mike" and especially "President Trump" !!!

(Feb 01 2024) - WHO Demands “SURVEILLANCE POWERS” to Monitor Every Man, Woman & Child For ‘Disease Control’ !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) is demanding vastly increased surveillance powers to monitor every single man, woman and child on earth for “disease control.” According to WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the unelected bureaucrats require increased surveillance powers to track the public and monitorthe health of people, animals, and ecosystems.

(Jan 31 2024) - Here's What You “NEED TO KNOW” About the California “SPECIAL ELECTION” to Succeed Kevin McCarthy
TULARE COUNTY (www.SanLuisObispo.com) -- Candidates hoping to serve the last seven-ish months of retired Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s term filed their paperwork last week for the March 19 special election in California’s 20th Congressional District. The deadline for seeking to be on the ballot was Jan. 25, but California’s secretary of state is required to send a certified list of candidates to county elections officials today so they can start printing ballots.

(Jan 31 2024) - A “PINEAPPLE EXPRESS” To Hit California
CALIFORNIA (www.DailyCaller.com) -- A “Pineapple Express” atmospheric river weather system is expected to slam into California on Thursday, bringing heavy rain to the once-drought-ridden state. A Pineapple Express atmospheric river is a weird weather system (...) and dumps it over the West Coast of the U.S. in an absolute deluge (...) “Pineapple Expresses can be some of the strongest & warmest storms to hit California each winter,” he told his followers.

(Jan 31 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part V
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- TRANSPARENCY III – INVISIBLE ENEMY The things you cannot see are likely the things you may need to fear. The powers that be are hidden from view and the bad ones are promoting the fear for a profit or an agenda. Think extortionists threatening to publish compromising sex video’s big money contributions demanding a certain agenda. Television advertising Big Pharma became nearly eighty percent of the advertising for example. The level of fear correlates to the level of capture and control. Nobody wants to believe that government, media or medicine are not trustworthy despite the evidence to the contrary.

FEAR IS A LIER” : Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

(Jan 30 2024) - Political Primaries and Caucuses
Porterville Post : Letter to the Editor : from Joe Bialek :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, A political primary is a preliminary election in which the registered voters of a political party nominate candidates for office. The key word here is preliminary. The current system allows small states such as Iowa and New Hampshire {assisted by the media} to award front-runner status to the victorious candidate. From there the candidates travel a path determined by which states wants to "leap frog" the other by moving up their primary dates.

(Jan 30 2024) - Another “FAST & FURIOUS” Scandal ???
MEXICO (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Mexico is furious & demands an investigation into how belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers & grenades are ending up in the hands of cartel members, the country’s top diplomat said. “The (Mexican) Defense Dept' has warned the U.S. about weapons entering Mexico that are for the exclusive use of the US army,” Foreign Relations Sec' Alicia Bárcena said, who was quoted by AP News.

(Jan 30 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.5
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jan 29 2024) - Bring Troops Home from Iraq & SyriaNOW !!!
IRAQ/SYRIA (www.ResponsibleStatecraft.org) -- 2400 Americans are there ostensibly to fight ISIS. But after Sunday's attacks, they may become the reason we fight Iran. The drone attack on Sunday that killed three U.S. service members at an outpost in Jordan near the Syria border is more likely to increase rather than decrease U.S. military involvement in the region. This is unfortunate, and ...

(Jan 29 2024) - Iraq completes “BORDER WALL” with Syria ???
IRAQ (www.MiddleEastMonitor.com) -- Iraq has finished building a concrete wall along the border with Syria in Al-Baghouz and it was inaugurated yesterday (...) A statement released by the ministry, obtained by the Iraqi News Agency, said: “The concrete wall is part of a series of large security fortifications conducted by the Ministry of Interior to enhance border security. These fortifications have helped combat terrorist gangs (...) & control the security of the Iraqi-Syrian border.”

(Jan 28 2024) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Facing Challenge from User, Bing AI Corrects its Definition of “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” Admits “MISTAKEN RESPONSE {Submitted by Robert C. Laity}
NEW YORK -- (www.ThePostEmail.com) Sunday morning, New York State citizen, registered voter, author & constitutional activist Robert C. Laity challenged Bing Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its erroneous contention that the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) expresses the presidential requirement of “Natural Born Citizen” correctly. Art' II, Sec' 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution sets forth 3 Requirements for the president & commander-in-chief: residence within the U.S. for 14 yrs or more; a minimum of 35 yrs of age; and a “Natural Born Citizen”.

(Jan 28 2024) - BABYLON THE GREAT” IS FALLEN !!!
AMERICA (www.NewsWithViews.com) -- As I read Revelation 18, I cannot help but see “Mystery Babylon” as our beloved United States. I encourage you to read that chapter. The similarities will give you chills. As we go about our everyday lives here in America today, our country is beginning to implode. Things have progressed so quickly now that I don’t see a way to save this sinking ship, without a miracle of God and a great deal of incredibly undeserved mercy on His part. And by the way ...

(Jan 28 2024) - NO REVIVAL = NO SURVIVAL” !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- From the Old Testament to today, that's been the message. It's not a secret or parable, it's the same as it was from the beginning. Church-goin' Christians who attend small congregations know this better than those assembling the larger entertainment centers. Why ??? Simply because the worship atmosphere for the masses, lends itself to idol worship and drowns out what the HOLY SPIRIT is saying, if there's no repentance, then there'll be No Revival or Survival. So y'all better find a body of believers who can hear The VOICE OF GOD, and not the voice of men !!!

(Jan 28 2024) - MEDIA BLACKOUT : Biden Sent “WAR POWERS” Notifications to Congress ... {And Americans Are Just Finding Out}
WASH D.C. (www.SonsOfLibertyMedia.com) -- The entire “War Powers”, as they are exercised today in the US, is completely opposite of what the Constitution states. The only authority to declare war is Congress (Art' I, Sec' 8, Clause 11), and the president merely directs the military AFTER that declaration (Art' II, Sec' 2). Now, Congress has bypassed all of that & allowed Biden to act lawlessly in just sending troops whenever & wherever. On Jan 12th, Biden sent his War Powers Notification to Congress and this will only get worse if a stop is not put to it.

(Jan 28 2024) - U.S. MILITARY BREAKING” Under Biden !!!
U.S. MILITARY (www.ConservativeBrief.com) -- The U.S. military has always been busy as the various service branches are deployed around the world to protect American interests and those of her allies, but under President Joe Biden, It Has Been Stretched to THE BREAKING POINT. Amid now-chronic recruiting shortages and a stepped-up presence in simmering trouble spots around the globe during Biden’s tenure, a new analysis says ... the U.S. is at a dangerous crossroads with its military now at risk of being UNABLE To Defend The Country adequately !!!

(Jan 27 2024) - Group of Ex-FBI Officials Issue ALERT to Congress of “IMMINENT BORDER DANGER ‘Country Has Been Invaded’
WASH D.C. (www.SlayNews.com) -- A group of former FBI officials has issued an Emergency Alert to Congress to warn lawmakers of a “new and imminent threat” to the safety of the American people. The coalition warns that the “Country Has Been Invaded” by military-age foreign nationals entering the United States illegally at the Southern Border. The retired officials raised the alarm about the “imminent danger” in a letter sent to congressional leaders in the House & Senate.

(Jan 27 2024) - REPORT : The Feds Are Planning to Make The Texas Trucker Convoy into Another “INSURRECTION ???
TEXAS (www.IndependentSentinel.com) -- Lara Logan wrote on X that the truckers should be very concerned. “Be aware – numerous sources indicate the federal govt is planning to try make this “another fake insurrection” and go after people in the convoy the same way they targeted people for exercising their constitutional rights on January 6th. They are already Tracing & Tracking people through their phones, iPads etc.”

(Jan 27 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #442
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- Chemical flash freezes followed by flash flooding in the middle of winter, what's wrong with this picture? And what's coming after the relatively warm winter rains? More chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding ice storms are currently scheduled. On the wider horizon Wars & Rumors of Wars, will global conflict be the final card played by the power structure? A "SUPERCOMPUTER" predicts that "25% of Life on Earth" will soon be extinct. Does this seemingly dire estimation actually fall far short of how bad it already is?

(Jan 27 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.9
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jan 26 2024) - OBAMA vs. TRUMP” in 2024 ???
U.S.A. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- The DNC will be held this Aug in Chicago. What time is it for the Dems ??? IT'S PANIC TIME” !!! Joe falls down a lot, wanders around in a confused state, and babbles incoherently. He vaguely remembers winning in 2020 by campaigning from his basement wearing pajamas & flip-flops. Everyone knows (...) that Joe is feeble and about as popular as a tuna sandwich from a broken Alabama gas station vending machine. (...) The chances of Biden winning a second term are slim to none, and slim left town.

(Jan 26 2024) - THE DEATH OF NATIONALITY ???
AMERICA (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Ethnicity is the basis of countries. Germany consisted of Germanic people, the German language & German culture. The same for France, England, the Dutch, Spain, and Italy. The US was the exception. The original English population became multi-European. But a process was in place to assimilate them, and they became American. This tried & true process was abandoned in 1965 when the gates were opened to large scale non-European immigration.

(Jan 25 2024) - Joe Biden Gives “TEXAS GOVERNOR” Greg Abbott “A 24 HOUR ULTIMATUM” As The Border Standoff Intensifies !!!
WASH D.C. (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- Are we headed for a major constitutional crisis? Texas Governor is not backing down, and a whole bunch of other RED STATES have publicly announced that they support what he is doing. In response, the Biden admin' has reportedly issued a 24 hour ultimatum, warning “Texas will face the consequences” if the Texas National Guard does not stand down. I honestly do not remember the last time we witnessed a conflict of this magnitude between the federal gov't and a state gov't.

(Jan 25 2024) - THE UNION” ... {that is the 'united States'} ... “IS RUPTURING” !!! Texas is now “EMPOWERED TO LEVY WAR !!!
TEXAS (www.HalTurnerRadioShow.com) -- The Union (...) has begun to physically rupture under the criminal, traitorous & illegitimate Biden Presidency. Texas has declared it is "Being Invaded" & other state Governors are now entering into Compacts with Texas to repel that invasion. As of today, Jan 25 2024, the map shows the states which are rupturing & coming to the aid of Texas. In his written declaration, made yesterday, the Gov' of Texas pointed out that he has previously invoked the "INVASION CLAUSE" clause of the Constitution ...

(Jan 25 2024) - CONVOY OF TRUCKERS” Headed for Border
TEXAS (www.ToddStarnes.com) -- A convoy of trucks, cars & recreational vehicles is heading to the border for a series of rallies from California to Eagle Pass, Texas. Noel Roberts, of TAKE OUR BORDER BACK, said the rallies are peaceful protests meant to send a message to lawmakers that AMERICANS ARE FED UP With The Illegal Alien Invasion. “Most importantly, peacefully & lawfully is our number one goal. We are working with local law enforcement. We are not some rogue group of people ...”

(Jan 25 2024) - Billionaires Try to SHRINK WORLD POPULATION
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.GlobalResearch.ca) -- For more than 10 yrs, meetings have been held by billionaires described as philanthropists to Reduce the Size of the World’s Population culminating with the 2020-2023 Covid crisis. (...) Flash back to 2009. According to the Wall Street Journal: “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”. In May 2009, the Billionaires met behind closed doors at the home of the president of The Rockefeller University in Manhattan. This Secret Gathering was sponsored by Bill Gates, & called themselves “The Good Club”.

(Jan 24 2024) - Feds Blow Through “$20 BILLION” For illegals
WASH D.C. (www.TheNationalPulse.com) -- Biden’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has blown through a whopping $20 billion in taxpayer dollars over the past 2 yrs. Overseen by the Dept' of Health & Human Services (HHS), the ORR is a program directed by the HSS subagency, the Admin' for Children & Families. A record number of illegals crossed the U.S. border in 2023 — with some suggesting that Biden's government knowingly released upwards of 100,000 illegals into the U.S. each month.

(Jan 24 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part IV
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- TRANSPARENCY II – MISTAKES WERE NOT MADE Citizens demanded the Pharma docs be released and now they are with transparency we have freedom. With transparency we can decide what the real fear is and overcome that fear. The truth will set you free they say, and they also say it will make you miserable first. That is the price of freedom but it is a fearless endeavor. When you fear God more than gov't you will become fearless. The most healthy fear of all is fear of the lord. Fear of the lord keeps us grounded in what matters most.

U.S.A. (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- Medical Research WITHOUT informed consent now allowed by FDA. (...) The caveat is it must be minimal risk research. That means it must be no more risky than what is already presented in the environment. Enter: Pandemic 2.0. People are getting SICK & DYING, the next thing they do is test you for the virus and Within That Testing Mechanism "IS" The Treatment and it will be legal, without your knowledge or consent !!!

(Jan 23 2024) - Pope Calls For “ALL-POWERFUL” Government ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.SkyWatchTV.com) -- In his new apostolic exhortation on “climate change,” Laudate Deum, Pope Francis has issued a striking call for a multi-national or global government that would be independent of changing conditions in the world. Highlighting his desire for a supra-national body to ensure that “climate change” measures are implemented, Pope Francis wrote: (...)

(Jan 23 2024) - REPORT : Michelle Obama’s “SECRET PLAN” to Replace Joe Biden for President Emerges ???
NEW YORK CITY (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor shared an explosive story last week that Barack & Michelle Obama are angling to replace decrepit, unpopular Joe Biden with the younger & more popular Michelle as the Democrats’ presidential nominee. Michelle has reportedly already surveyed major Democrat donors about her potential candidacy and in 2022 allegedly told a gathering of CEOs in New York City she was running.

WORLD WIDE (www.CitizenWatchReport.com) -- In a news alert, multiple countries are implementing an extensive rollout of new AI cameras designed to automatically detect various violations. This development has raised concerns about the potential misuse of such surveillance systems. Speculations suggest that these AI cameras might be leveraged for enforcing health protocols like mask rules, social distancing, and even VACCINE MANDATES !!!

(Jan 22 2024) - HUGE DATA LEAK” the 'Mother of all Breaches' sees 26 Billion records leaked from Twitter, Linkedin & Dropbox
U.S.A. (www.DailyMail.co.uk) -- Your personal information may have been leaked in the 'Mother of all Breaches' (MOAB), cybersecurity researchers have warned. Over 26 billion personal records have been exposed, in what researchers believe to be the biggest-ever data leak. Sensitive information from several sites including Twitter, Dropbox, and Linkedin was discovered on an unsecured page.

(Jan 22 2024) - Why did Congress craft a bill last summer called the “DISEASE X ACT” - is another bioweapon gonna be released ???
WASH D.C. (www.NaturalNews.com) -- In June 2023, the U.S. Congress quietly passed a piece of legislation called House Resolution 3832, also known as the Disease X Act of 2023, that references a mystery contagion that just happens to be the subject of a World Economic Forum meeting that took place on Jan. 17, 2024. At the (WEF) meeting, it was discussed that Disease X "could have 20 times more fatalities than COVID." We also know that talk of Disease X started at least as far back as 2018 when the WEF mentioned it in an article.

(Jan 21 2024) - NEW INFO : mRNA Technology Is “THE CULPRIT” Behind Faulty Immune Response, IgG4 Study Shows ???
WORLD WIDE (www.DailySceptic.org) -- IgG4 refers to a special rare subclass of antibodies instructing our immune system to ignore a pathogen rather than fight it. We learned that repeat Covid vaxx's cause immune tolerance in boosted people, which makes them less able to fend off repeat infections. While IgG4 antibodies may naturally appear in allergies due to repeat immune stimulations with allergens, they are inappropriate for replicating pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

(Jan 21 2024) - Alex Soros Tweets Out “BULLET HOLE AND 47” A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- They Want Him Gone – no matter the cost. President Trump is up in the polls, and the Republican base is coalescing around him. DeSantis, his most formidable primary challenger, dropped from the race and endorsed President Trump on Sunday. The globalists are in a panic. (...) Something Must Be Done. Alex Soros tweeted out an obvious threat against President Trump on Sunday evening.

(Jan 21 2024) - THE FIX IS IN” - Trump Goes to Prison ???
WASH D.C. (www.ArmstrongEconomics.com) -- Let me explain something very important. George Soros’ son has come out and said that Trump would not go away UNLESS he is in prison. I'm not at liberty to say at this time, but THE FIX IS IN and Trump will be imprisoned in the Wash DC case. That's the plan. Soros funded the case in Colorado to kick Trump off the ballot. This is a war for the very soul of the U.S. --- [We The People Say]

(Jan 20 2024) - COMPANIES ARE MONITORING” Facebook Users
U.S.A. (www.Breitbart.com) -- A recent study from Consumer Reports engaged 709 volunteers who provided archives of their Facebook user data. Astonishingly, Consumer Reports discovered that 186,892 different companies transmitted data about these users to Facebook. On average, data from each participant was shared by 2,230 companies, with some users’ data being shared by over 7,000 companies.

(Jan 20 2024) - EMF RADIATION” Everything You Need To Know
WORLD WIDE (www.Expose-News.com) -- We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from ionizing radiation and although we are being told by those with a vested interest that the radiation is limited in effect to the outer 1 cm of the body, (as if that's not bad enough), however, THIS IS NOT TRUE. According to studies, the effects can go deep into the human brain, on the heart and on hormone systems and due to their body size, it is insects, birds & children that are the most vulnerable ...

(Jan 20 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #441
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The January chemical ice nucleation Flash Freeze of the US is about to be followed up by a Weather Whiplash record warm temperature rebound. The planet's life support systems are broken, climate intervention operations are radically accelerating the process. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what's coming, we must make every day count. Share data from a credible source. Make Your Voice Heard !!!

(Jan 20 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.0
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jan 19 2024) - How World War III “TARGETS YOUR MIND !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course the MIND WARS have been going on for eon's and now it's been observed, noted & documented by Dr. Michael Nehls, a German medical doctor, that a specific area of the brain - the hippocampus - is under attack by subversive & evasive technology. Folks, it's bad enough that we're bombarded with chemtrails, shot up with vaccines & sold GMO garbage as food, now, we're being gaslighted & assaulted from all directions with FAKE NEWS, that's slowly shunting your spiritual immune system. To be blunt, most of y'all are already damaged & unless you "Get Right With GOD" you're a goner.

(Jan 19 2024) - Pope Urges WEF To “PROMOTE GLOBALIZATION
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.ThePeoplesVoice.tv) -- The Pope has called on members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to promote far-sighted & ethically sound models of GLOBALIZATION. In a letter addressed to Klaus Schwab, Pope Francis called on the elites attending Davos, to work for a more ethical globalization, arguing that the process is inevitable. The Pontif is a natural ally of the WEF, whose goals overlap substantially with his own. He's constantly been calling for globalist solutions ...

(Jan 19 2024) - WHO Wants “TOTAL CONTROL - {Of Everything}
WHO (www.USAWatchdog.com) -- The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) wants TOTAL CONTROL in the next pandemic, and a pandemic is surely coming. They already have a name for it ... “DISEASE X.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian Director-General of the World Health Organization & he wants this CONTROL By May of 2024. It’s control over forced vaccinations, and there is zero dissension allowed in a surreal attack on free speech over the entire planet.

(Jan 19 2024) - NATO’s Largest “WAR GAMES” With 90,000 Troops
NATO (www.SHTFPlan.com) -- NATO has announced their latest and largest “WAR GAMES” in decades. These “games” will include 90,000 living human beings called “troops”, dozens of warships, and more than 1,000 combat vehicles. The troops are coming from all 31 member states, as well as Sweden. Although not a NATO member, Sweden is planning to participate. The drills will run for several months, and see training operations held across Europe. The rulers have named these drills “Steadfast Defender 2024” ...

(Jan 18 2024) - Preparing For “THE COLLAPSE” Of Society ???
AMERICA (www.TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com) -- Are you convinced that we're headed for societal collapse ??? If so, you're not alone. Surveys has shown that faith in our major institutions is dropping, and there's a growing consensus that very challenging times are ahead of us. In 2024, we'll be facing the most chaotic election season in our entire history (...) The stage is set for a societal implosion of epic proportions, and many Americans are preparing for a coming collapse they believe is inevitable.

(Jan 17 2024) - Patriots Who Are “DOING SOMETHING ... !!!
AMERICA (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- America First Patriots must be involved and active if we are going to save our country from a loud minority that seeks to move the U.S. toward Marxism. Active” means more than posting comments on Facebook, X, or Truth Social. It’s picking a course of action, getting off your tuchas, and doing something. Anything! There are numerous ways Patriots can help to keep the U.S. a constitutional republic. Here are four examples of people who saw a problem and decided to do something.

(Jan 17 2024) - SURVEILLANCE STATE : Feds Asked Banks For “PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS” For Terms With “MEGA” & “TRUMP
WASH D.C. (www.100PercentFedUp.com) -- In a breaking story from Fox News, it was revealed that federal investigators asked banks for private customer transactions using “MAGA” and “Trump” for their investigation on January 6th. Documents also showed that purchases from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and more were also searched by federal investigators. Many of these banks handed over information without the proper procedures.

(Jan 17 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part III
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- TRANSPARENCY I – ROUND UP Censorship and deception lead to more fear which erodes trust and confidence. Transparency eventually reduces fear once the threat is known and risk understood. Why are things we all should know by now still being hidden from us? Why did the government try to keep the data hidden for 75 years? It’s long past time to expose the hidden truths that have kept us in a state of fear. Are those in power really as strong as they seem or are they using fear as a weapon to keep power?

(Jan 16 2024) - Trump Scores “LANDSLIDE BLOWOUT” In Iowa ...
IOWA (www.NowTheEndBegins.com) -- Huge win for Trump in Iowa !!! With 91 felony charges against him, with DA’s like Fani Willis in Georgia conspiring against him, against all odds greater than you could imagine, Donald Trump won in a landslide in Iowa last night. It remains a long road, however, from last night to the White House. Last night’s win only served to remind me about the grim specter of ASSASSINATION, that lurks in the shadows (...) Nothing is off the table in 2024, including that !!!

(Jan 16 2024) - NWO Terrorists “STRATEGICALLY ACTIVATING” Their Quaternary Weapon System Throughout 2024 ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.StateOfTheNation.co) -- NWO Geoengineers are routinely manufacturing extreme weather just like today’s nationwide deep freeze alert demonstrates, especially during the cold season in order to wreak havoc with our immune systems so that as many folks as possible will GET VERY ILL & DIE. A sick and diseased populace is a submissive and overly compliant one.

(Jan 16 2024) - WHAT HAPPENED” to the Medical Profession ???
WASH D.C. (www.Expose-News.com) -- United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene held a hearing on blood-related adverse events post-COVID vaccination on the 12th Jan 2024 & explained that the hearing was “once again truly doing the people’s work and trying to get to the bottom of the detrimental effects of the covid vaccine that the government forced on so many Americans.” The congresswoman also had witnesses to give their expertise and experience – Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole & Dr. Kirk Milhoan.

(Jan 15 2024) - Obama “DESTROYED” Martin Luther King’s Dream
U.S.A. (www.Spectator.org) -- Monday was a holiday dedicated to the memory of the greatest American civil rights leader of the 20th century: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But while the airwaves were covered with shallow tributes to the man, in 2024 it’s clear this country doesn’t honor his legacy. Not anymore. Not for some time now. This is likely to be something of an explosive column, and it will draw comments from all over ... so perhaps it’s most useful to define exactly what King’s legacy is.

(Jan 15 2024) - CRITICAL THINKING” Is A Thing Of The Past
AMERICA (www.HarbingersDaily.com) -- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). These three words have been given new meanings and Have Become WEAPONIZED. Once we understand what’s driving the DEI movement, we will want to raise awareness, push back, and resist it. But it won’t be easy. This ideology has become deeply entrenched in academia, government, Hollywood, the media, and the corporate world, that's just for starters. Too many people have been HOODWINKED !!!

(Jan 15 2024) - HERE WE GO : The State of “NEW CALIFORNIA” Is Taking Another Giant Step Forward with Its Statehood
SACRAMENTO (www.StationGossip.com) -- The state of New California is doing everything right in becoming a new state. The group of visionaries led by Paul Preston is using the US Constitution and the West Virginia model from the Civil War. (...) On Monday, Jan 15th, 2024, at 11 am Pacific Time, members of New California State will be “Affirming, Declaring and Proclaiming” their intent to make a new state.

(Jan 14 2024) - .CHECK THIS OUT. : Letitia James & Fani Willis Communicated With The “BIDEN WHITE HOUSE” & J6 Committee
NEW YORK -- (www.MicDropPolitics.com) New York AG Letitia James and Fulton County DA Fani Willis, some of the top individuals leading the 2024 election interference charge against President Trump, met with top Democrats. White House visitor logs show James attended meetings at the Biden White House in 2022 & 2023. Fani Willis’s Lead Prosecutor, Nathan Wade, who also had a sexual relationship with Willis, billed the Biden White House for meetings. {Submitted by Robert C. Laity}

(Jan 14 2024) - Lawmakers & Others Are “SECRETLY PLOTTING” A Military Mutiny If President Trump Is Elected ... AGAIN !!!
WASH D.C. (www.AmericanThinker.com) -- Mutiny is on the menu should Trump win again. That’s according to an allegedly Secret Plan, that’s being trumpeted on NBC News, for the military to refuse to follow orders from Trump. Part of this is pre-election posturing, but part of this is entirely consistent with the post-Obama military, up to & including the execrable Mark “White Rage” Milley. Sec' 2, Art' II of the U.S. Constitution is extremely clear that the President calls the shots when it comes to the military. There are no workarounds for this.

(Jan 14 2024) - CALLS TO ARREST POPE FRANCIS & Cardinal
ITALY (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has called for the Swiss Guards to REMOVE & ARREST Pope Francis & Cardinal Victor Manuel “Tucho” Fernandez after the discovery of a pornographic work by Fernandez. Archbishop Viganò wrote on X, “The blasphemous sewer regurgitations of Tucho’s repulsive pamphlet show such a level of perversion and alienation to the Faith as to demand the expulsion manu militari of the Argentinean and his accomplices ...

(Jan 13 2024) - Experiment conducted by “HAARP” in Alaska !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- After watching this archaic video, I'm reminded that the human body is mostly made up of water. Now combine that factoid with 5G, Frequencies (+) Chemtrails, and wham-o, you've got yourself a ready made battalion of ZOMBIES !!! Folks, these Mad Scientists are HELL BENT on destroying humanity - GODS CREATION - and the planet. None of what they do has any redeeming value. Yes, for a minute something good might be discovered, but it's hardly used to benefit humanity or earth, unless of course a profit can be made.

WORLD WIDE (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- If they gain control of all branches of government, they will murder you and do it under the auspices of it being legal. We are in an uncivil war and only one side is fighting. If our side doesn’t fight back, we’ll be rotting in gulags like the J6'ers or be bodies in shallow graves or be surveilled 24/7 with one slip up resulting in our social credit score dropping below the level where we are permitted to purchase food with our allotted CBDCs. The SHTF ...

(Jan 13 2024) - Los Angeles Police Department Wants to Give Illegal Aliens “BADGES AND GUNS” to Police Americans !!!
LOS ANGELES (www.LidBlog.com) -- The Los Angeles Police Dept. is now hoping to allow illegal aliens to become armed police officers so they can detain & arrest Americans. This is how liberals intend to subjugate Americans, folks. The state of California already passed rules two years ago allowing illegals to be hired as police officers, but now they also want to give them guns so they can take down Americans. You read that right !!!

(Jan 13 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #440
U.S.A. (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- "A Weekend of Ferocious Winter Weather Could See Low-Temperature Records Set in the US Heartland". The Chemical Flash Freezing of the US is being super sensationalized by all matrix media sources. The geoengineers are doubling down on winter weather whiplash, but what aren't they telling us? Here's one headline example from this week, "Birds drop from trees' in extreme 45C Australian heat amid sweltering four week heatwave".

NEW WORLD ORDER (www.AnaMihalceaMDPHD.com) -- These videos explains how targeted individuals are the testing ground of what will happen to the entire human race. Amazon whistleblower describes how they have seen the software that allows operators of this WBAN remote neural network to see the world THROUGH the eyes of the targeted human & AI manipulates all brain wave & body functions. Must watch all these videos to understand the technology I've been showing in the blood

(Jan 12 2024) - The “JESUS OF THE BIBLE” In Contrast To The Jesus Of The American Church ... {AKA}-{Entertainment Centers}
AMERICA (www.SonsOfLibertyMedia.com) -- Isn’t it something how the American church has portrayed Christ to the world ??? We see pictures of Christ, statues of Christ, stained-glass windows of Christ as an effeminate, bloodless weakling hanging on a cross that they have named Jesus. The pulpits in America have portrayed Jesus as somehow or another walking around with pink booties on spanking sheep on the back side, all the while telling the world that everything is alright.

(Jan 12 2024) - GET READY : HERE COMES DISEASE X !!!
DEPOPULATION (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- These psychopaths love to pre-announce exactly what they've planned, months before they initiate that plan. Event 201 {about a global pandemic} was held in Oct 2019, a few months before they initiated Their SCAMDEMIC. They do the same thing with the 'Climate Change BS' & their latest fear mongering scenario of a massive national cyber-attack. And everything they roll out will be blamed on Putin and/or Trump. So it goes. Will the ignorant masses fall for this 'BS' again? Of course they will.

(Jan 12 2024) - NEW CHILDHOOD VACCINE ALERT” It’s called VAXELIS and it has 6 (yes SIX) vaccines in one shot !!!
U.S.A. (www.HNewsWire.com) -- Evidence that the Democrat Party, their controlled Federal Health and Human Services (NIH,NIAID,FDA and CDC) have raised the level another notch from what Dr. Martin has identified as a "Fifth Generation of Bio-Warfare Attack on America" to a new level in collusion with World Economic Forum's ONE WORLD MEDICAL VACCINE ATTACK ON OUR CHILDREN with this latest Vaccine.

(Jan 12 2024) - FOREIGN ARMY” Billeted at O’Hare Airport ???
CHICAGO (www.MoonBattery.com) -- Like other conquering armies, the millions of illegals Democrats have been ushering into the country to displace us will be housed at the expense of the subjugated population. Hotels will not suffice. But even after our schools have been turned over to them, it won’t be immediately necessary to forcibly billet these highly irregular foreign troops in our homes. Then, I received this from a source in O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Parts of the airport were sectioned off to house illegals. My source says they're mainly Hispanic men ...

(Jan 12 2024) - Americans now “DISTRUST & MOCK” the FBI
AMERICA (www.WNDNewsCenter.org) -- The FBI, has allowed itself to become a political weapon, and in doing so lost the confidence of the remaining supporters of police. The federal agency, which was generally respected for the work it did, has now shown itself as biased and partisan, and certainly lacking in integrity, which is part of the FBI motto. Its persecution of innocent people & ignoring political lawbreaking on the left has left the agency at the mercy of the Democrats who corrupted it in the first place.

(Jan 11 2024) - PHASING OUT OIL ... OR AMERICA ???
DUBAI (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- Under the guise of saving the world from alleged man-made global warming, governments and tyrants at the “UN COP28 Climate Summit” last month agreed to “transition away from fossil fuels”. But don’t believe the hype from the establishment media from the UN summit about a looming “phaseout” or “phase down” of hydrocarbon energy. What's really happening is a planned phaseout of the United States & broader Western world — what used to be known as Christendom or the “Free World” ...

(Jan 11 2024) - Pope Francis “ENCOURAGING COMMUNISTS ???
VATICAN CITY (www.LifesiteNews.com) -- Hosting a Marxist-Christian dialogue group at the Vatican on Wed, Pope Francis urged them to “be open, in dialogue, to new ways,” while avoiding reiterating the Church’s consistent condemnation of Marxism. Shortly before his weekly general audience on Jan 10th, Pope Francis received a small delegation from the DIALOP group. DIALOP (...) is a “project of dialogue between Socialists, Marxists & Christians, involving intellectuals, academics, politicians, activists & students from several European Countries.

(Jan 10 2024) - More “HYPOCRISY & SUBVERSION” Pope’s New Doctrine Chief is in Hot water over Unearthed Orgasm Book
VATICAN (www.LeoZagami.com) -- The Vatican’s new doctrine chief, Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, who is already under fire from the entire bishops conferences for his approval of blessings for same-sex couples, is now raising eyebrows worldwide because of a book he wrote as a young priest describing orgasms in such graphic terms which we can only describe as pornography. For this reason, the book written 26 years ago, is now causing an earthquake in the Vatican.

(Jan 10 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part II
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- Yes, Fear is a Liar and it’s so destructive it’s actually more impactful than pain itself. Many suffer from anxiety from dental care demanding to have full anesthesia for dental work because the fear and anxiety of the dental work is worse than the pain. The real pain is easier to deal with in most cases because it is known. Fear of the unknown creates anxiety. We are gripped by fear today as we watch one political party overreach using law to punish and harass political enemies.

(Jan 10 2024) - The Rise of the “POLITICAL PSYCHOPATH !!!
WHITE HOUSE (www.Rutherford.org) -- Many years ago, a newspaper headline asked the question: “What’s the difference between a politician and a psychopath? The answer, then and now, remains the same: None. There is NO DIFFERENCE between psychopaths and politicians. Nor is there much of a difference between the havoc wreaked on innocent lives by uncaring, unfeeling, selfish, irresponsible, parasitic criminals and elected officials who LIE to their constituents ...

(Jan 10 2024) - Governor & Lt. Governor Are Asking Residents to “HOUSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ... IN THEIR HOMES ???
MASSACHUSETTES (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll of Massachusettes have declared a State of Emergency and asked their citizens to loan extra room in their homes to dangerous illegal immigrants. Migrants from around the world are being smuggled into states like Massachusetts every day by the Biden Regime. {And if you don't - You're A RACIST}

WASH D.C. (www.TheGatewayPundit.com) -- J6 Operative Ray Epps was sentenced on Tuesday to NO JAIL TIME !!! Ray Epps, the only January 6 protester who actually told people to go into the Capitol, has been officially sentenced to one year probation, $500 restitution, and 100 hours community service. Epps did not have to show up for court todayhe called in via Zoom !!!

(Jan 09 2024) - BREAKING : New York City has shut down a high school to “SHELTER NEARLY 2000 ILLEGALS ???
NEW YORK CITY (www.TheRightScoop.com) -- New York City has just shut down a high school in order to shelter nearly 2,000 illegal aliens who need protection from some bad weather. They were being housed in tents at an airfield in Brooklyn. The children that attend James Madison High School must now do so remotely. This incident confirms what we knew all along, the camp at Floyd Bennett Field is unsustainable !!!

(Jan 08 2024) - IS THE “SAMSON OPTION” NEXT ??? Israel suddenly withdraws “thousands of troops” from Gaza ???
ISRAEL (www.WWIII.news) -- It appears as though Israel is backtracking in its war on Gaza as media reports suggest the Jewish state is “withdrawing some units from Gaza.” According to reports, Israel’s removal of some units out of Gaza likely amounts to “thousands of troops” who are receding, this as Palestinian fighters report “huge victories on the battlefield.” Israel says 5 of its military brigades, including many of its reservists, are leaving Gaza this week as part of an Israeli effort to “pace itself ...”

(Jan 08 2024) - A CULTURE IN COLLAPSE {by Victor Davis Hanson}
AMERICA (www.AMGreatness.com) -- In the last 6 months, we've borne witness to moments evidencing The Collapse of American Culture. The signs are everywhere & cover the gamut of politics, the economy, education, social life, popular culture, foreign policy, & military. These symptoms of decay share common themes. Our descent is self-induced; it's not a symptom of a foreign attack or subterfuge. Our erosion is not the result of poverty and want, but of leisure and excess.

(Jan 08 2024) - QUESTION : CAN YOU BE COUNTED ON ???
U.S.A. (www.ConservativePlaybook.com) -- That is the question we quietly ask others. It is the question good people ask themselves. And I suspect that it's a question the Almighty will pose when we stand before Him to be judged. It's a question that has nothing to do with intelligence or talent. It's a question that has nothing to do with one’s ancestry or station in life. Yet it's the most important question when danger comes, time is short, and everything is on the line. When you say, “I will hold this position,” can others put their lives in your hands?

(Jan 07 2024) - "ARE YOU A RECHABITE ?"
The RIGHT Word - with Brother Scott : Post Columnist
THE RIGHT WORD© with Brother Scott PORTERVILLE, CA -- Today’s message is a distinct word from the Lord to those that will listen. This story is one that I have always found intriguing and been blessed by in my own life. The name “Rechabites” is only used 4 times in the entire Bible and it is in this one chapter in Jeremiah. It has some very good instructive points in it that I want to share with you today. This entire family-line for several generations lived without compromise according to a command made by an Israelite forefather named Jonadab, the son of Rechab.

(Jan 07 2024) - INCONVENIENT FACTS” About January 6th
WASH D.C. (www.TheLibertyDaily.com) -- Today may be the day after Jan 6th, but the battle for the freedom of the political prisoners currently being persecuted as well as the for the truth to be widely acknowledged continues. Every single day needs more attention paid to help those being harmed by the govt’s false narratives & judicial tyranny. Independent journalist Kyle Becker put together a list of facts regarding Jan 6, 2021, that are “INCONVENIENT” for the regime and their lapdog media.

(Jan 07 2024) - UN Demands “$150 TRILLION to end WHAT ???
U.N. (www.FrontPageMag.com) -- Grab your loved ones and hold them close, “extreme weather” is coming. (Also known as winter) There will be storms, snow, hail and cold weather. But it’ll be extreme. So extreme that the weather will practically be a climate insurrection. Who can save us from these terrifying catastrophes? The United Nations (Obviously) The UN - already famous for having ended war, genocide, tyranny & ushered in utopia in 1956 - Has A Plan To Save The Planet.

(Jan 07 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 2.1
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jan 06 2024) - GEOENGINEERING” Watch Global Alert ... #439
WORLD WIDE (www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org) -- The full fury of winter weather warfare is being released on major portions of the US and Russia. Was this the plan that was hatched at the recent COP 28 global climate conference? Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are wreaking havoc around the world on populations and the environment alike. Global conflict is being fomented as the total desperation of the matrix manipulators spirals completely out of control. How long till the links in the chain of our current paradigm shatter?

(Jan 06 2024) - LONG COVID” Caused by mRNA Injections !!!
EUROPE (www.SlayNews.com) -- A new study has found that COVID-19 mRNA injections are behind so-called “LONG COVID.” In a new paper, scientists behind the study reveal that spike protein has been detected in the bloodstream of people suffering from long Covid. (...) The discovery suggests that spike protein may persist in the body much longer than previously predicted and does not remain at the injection site as claimed by pharmaceutical companies and health officials.

SOUTHERN BORDER (www.TheBurningPlatform.com) -- The chart below tells a story, and it isn’t the story of desperate refugees fleeing their homelands due to religious persecution, violent upheaval, starvation, or any other made up reason by the captured propaganda media selling a false narrative to the public. Bleeding heart liberals pretend letting in millions of 3rd worlders is our noble duty as the leader of the free world. NONE OF THIS IS NATURAL !!!

(Jan 06 2024) - THE “EPA IS ARMING UP” BIG TIME !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The EPA is only one "Un-Elected Agency" that's arming is agents to the teeth. Billions have been spent arming these administrative anti-Constitutional actors. And (...) the EPA has NO AUTHORITY OR JURISDICTION outside of America, meaning their target is you and your personal property ... because you and your property have been levied upon since 1913 as collateral by and for THE BANKS. Honestly, no one really owns anything, as many farmers are finding out !!! So, collect and gather accordingly ASAP !!! 2024 is gonna be rough ride - even for preppers !!!

(Jan 05 2024) - "EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY" Around Porterville : 1.6
Post News Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Porterville Post has noticed an increase of earthquake activity & intensity all over the globe & felt it was necessary to start posting earthquake activity around PORTERVILLE. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." Especially CALIFORNIA.

(Jan 05 2024) - A “EARTHQUAKE WATCH ISSUED” for The San Andreas Fault Now Through Jan 8th - A Foreshock was Detected !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.SouthernCaliforniaWeatherForce.com) -- Southern California Weather Force has issued an Earthquake Watch effective now through the weekend into Monday for the chance of a stronger earthquake occurring on the San Andreas Fault. At 10:55am Pacific Time on Jan 5th, 2024, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake occurred along the junction point of the San Andreas & San Jacinto Fault zones. This area last shook with a foreshock in the 1970s, which is what this might be.

(Jan 05 2024) - Recruitment Problems “PLAGUE US MILTARY
U.S. Military (www.PaulCraigRoberts.org) -- Traditionally a few Southern states have provided the backbone of America’s military. But times have changed. Today white Southern men don’t like black female sergeants in their face. They don’t like homosexual sergeants in their face either. They don’t like comments from non-military friends about their officers wearing high heels and skirts. And they have heard enough from those forced out because of refusal to take the death vaccine to know that the officers no longer stand up for the troops.

(Jan 05 2024) - Are Billionaires “PREPPING FOR DOOMSDAY ???
U.S.A. (www.TheOrganicPrepper.com) -- It’s not every day that construction workers are required to sign NDAs. Of course, it’s also not every day they work on $270 million doomsday bunker for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, either. But every worker on the project on the remote Hawaiian island has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and SWEAR SECRECY. As reported by Wired: The massive underground bunker might as well be a military installation.

(Jan 05 2024) - Pushing for “MORE POWER TO SNOOP” on Us !!!
U.K. (www.Expose-News.com) -- UK ministers are trying to rush through a new bill in parliament that if passed will strengthen the already over intrusive Investigatory Powers Act. The act (AKA) the ‘Snoopers’ Charter which came into effect in 2016 allows State authorities to collect info about everything we do & say online (+) order private companies to store it. The Act grants wide-ranging powers to “SCOOP UP & STORE ALL” of our emails, texts, calls, location data & internet history (...) all without needing to suspect us of any criminal wrongdoing.

(Jan 04 2024) - NO WHERE TO RUN “NO WHERE TO HIDE !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) -- Every inch of our planet is BEING WATCHED and “artificial intelligence solutions” make it possible for those watching our planet to find whatever they want in just minutes. You can try to run and hide, but if they really want to FIND YOU it won’t be very difficult. All around us, a GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE PRISON is being constructed. Even if you completely stay off the Internet & you totally avoid all forms of modern technology, cameras & satellites will still be endlessly WATCHING YOU !!!

(Jan 04 2024) - When you sit in a “DIGITAL CAR” you consent to being recorded and personal data sold ... (To the Highest Bidder)
WORLD WIDE (www.JoanneNova.com.au) -- People say things in a car they might never write in an email. Well, they used to. Who knew? The Subaru privacy policy allows them to record your conversations and your face and sell that data to the highest bidder. Most likely (...) all the other car companies do too. When an AI analyzes it, presumably it'll identify your voice (and you from the cameras). Anything you say (...) will belong to them, even if you are a passenger, and were never asked.

(Jan 04 2024) - Has “ISRAEL SEALED” Its Own Destruction ???
ISRAEL (www.ChuckBaldwinLive.com) -- Contrary to the beliefs of a majority of evangelical Christians, the Zionist State of Israel created in 1948 is NOT resurrected Biblical/Prophetic Israel. It is an atheistic, antichrist counterfeit state that will suffer the same fate as all the nations that “forget God.” (Psalms 9:17) There is NO divine promise of protection and perpetuity for this godless terrorist state. And there is NO divine promise of protection and perpetuity for those nations (America) that attempt to defend, excuse, cover-up, promote and finance it.

(Jan 04 2024) - GUN OWNERSHIP UP” Homicides Down !!!
U.S.A. (www.TheNationalPulse.com) -- The number of homicides across the United States fell by nearly 13% in 2023, fueling a corporate media news cycle about how crime overall is down despite public perception. What's being ignored, however, regarding the shift in crime levels since the pandemic is the fact gun ownership has drastically increased. A recent poll showed 52% of registered votes acknowledged they or someone in their household owned at least one firearm – an all time record high.

AMERICA (www.TheWashingtonStandard.com) -- History is filled with people who quit too early, and thus never fulfilled their key task in life. With a new year upon us, it’s good to think about how GOD POURS HIS BLESSINGS ON THOSE WHO PERSIST. Even when facing adversity, when the time comes, they push forward with what they feel He has called them to do. (...) AMERICA GREATLY BENEFITED from some of our nation’s founders doing just that.

(Jan 03 2024) - FEAR IS A LIAR - Part 1
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS - with Ed McKervey : Post Columnist
UNALIENABLE RIGHTS with Ed McKervey PORTERVILLE, CA -- FEAR IS A LIAR : This simple phrase gets at the heart of how emotions distort reality and fear is one of those used to manipulate as much or more than any other. Fear is a liar when we succumb to an unhealthy fear. Fear is used in mass media today to persuade you to accept false premises that lead to bad outcomes. FEAR IS USED TO MARKET EVIL. This goes beyond marketing products to marketing bad or harmful ideas. Unhealthy fear combined with false narratives can lead many to make bad choices. This might be better phrased as the media is a liar.

(Jan 03 2024) - DANGEROUS REALITY” for America in 2024 !!!
AMERICA (www.LeoHohmann.com) -- Will 2024 be the year the Deep State’s exercise in controlled chaos finally gives way to an apocalyptic dismantling of our constitutional republic, or what’s left of it? All the signs seem to point in this direction. For years now, the government has been pushing us to the brink of a national nervous breakdown.

(Jan 03 2024) - King Charles may “GIVE UP THE CROWN” early to Prince William & Kate after Danish Queen’s abrupt abdication
ENGLAND (www.NYPost.com) -- King Charles could be giving up the throne early in favor of Prince William just as Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II is, according to royal experts. The 83-yr-old sovereign — 3rd cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II — revealed in her New Year’s speech on Dec. 31 that she'd be stepping down on Jan. 14. The decision to abdicate her throne means that her son, Crown Prince Frederik, will now take the reins.

(Jan 03 2024) - Italian Priest “EXCOMMUNICATED” After Saying ‘Usurper’ “POPE FRANCIS” Is Not the Pope ... and a Freemason ???
ITALY (www.LifeSiteNews.com) -- Father Ramon Guidetti reportedly said that Pope Francis is ‘A Jesuit Freemason’ and ‘not the pope’ before the Diocese of Livorno declared him excommunicated. An Italian priest has been summarily excommunicated after he declared during a homily that Pope Francisis not the pope, he’s a usurper.” In a brief statement dated Jan 1, chancellor of the Diocese of Livorno Father Matteo Giavazzi informed the diocese that Father Ramon Guidetti had incurred a latae sententiae (automatic) excommunication.

(Jan 02 2024) - The Publication Of The “FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS” Is The Long Desired Dream Of “FRANKIST JEWS” Takes Shape ... ???
ROME (www.FromRome.info) -- In the 17th century, in Asia minor (...), a Sephardic Jew by the name of Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) put himself forward as the Messiah promised by God. Nearly 90% of all Jews on earth came to believe in his claims, until the Ottoman Sultan gave Zevi an ultimatum: convert to Islam or be put to death. Zevi, being a religious charlatan of the highest grade, converted to Islam. As a consequence, his followers were so scandalized that they repudiated the Mosaic Covenant. These followers are known as Sabbatean Jews.

(Jan 02 2024) - mRNA “SHEDDING IS REAL ... !!!
WORLD WIDE (www.AmericaOutLoud.news) -- The FDA knew that mRNA vaccines & other gene therapies have the potential to shed & infect individuals that did not accept the intervention. This is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code & numerous laws, in my opinion – how can you give informed consent if you don’t know you’re being exposed to something? It is also clear that the FDA was concerned about the potential spike in cancer from these poisons. This is HUGE info, folks !!!

(Jan 02 2024) - California still “BLEEDING RESIDENTS ... !!!
CALIFORNIA (www.theblaze.com) -- Residents of California continued to leave the state in 2023 with reports showing many defectors heading to Arizona, Texas, Florida & North Carolina. After 410,000 residents left the state in 2020-2021, and another 340,000 between 2021-2022, several reports have indicated the trend continued in 2023 as the Golden State racked up a $38 billion deficit. The state also projects a $68 billion deficit for 2024-2025.

(Jan 02 2024) - NO TRAFFIC TICKETS for Autonomous Vehicles
SAN FRANCISCO (www.JustTheNews.com) -- According to a NBC report, driverless cars in California can't be ticketed by police for traffic violations, leading some to question whether state regulations are ready for this emerging technology. In an internal memo from San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott obtained by NBC, officers were told “no citation for a moving violation can be issued if the [autonomous vehicle] is being operated in a driverless mode.

(Jan 01 2024) - GOLD & SILVER” ... BUYER BEWARE !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Owning Gold and Silver (GAS) - hoping that one day you'll cash in - takes patience. Look, if you didn't buy into (GAS) back in the 70's, IT'S TOO LATE !!! Those of us who listened and invested in (GAS) will reap some harvest, only if there's a business or someone who's stupid enough to buy your (GAS) - at today's prices. Here's the caveat. NO ONE HAS TO BUY YOUR GOLD !!! There's no law that says buyers must buy your (GAS). However, if the gov't says they need your (GAS) and issues mandates again to turn in your gold - that you bought in the last decade - your investment just got conficated. So, if your pantry ain't full of CANNED GOODS and your powder is HIGH & DRY ... Gold ain't your salvation - JESUS CHRIST is !!!

(Jan 01 2024) - 2024 : GLOBAL GOVERNMENT” Takes Shape ???
NEW WORLD ORDER (www.Off-Guardian.org) -- Global Government Is The Endgame. We know that. Total control of every aspect of life for every single person on the planet, that’s the goal. That’s been apparent to anyone paying attention for years, if not decades, and any tiny portion of remaining doubt was removed when Covid was rolled-out and members of the establishment started outright saying it. Covid marked an acceleration of the globalist agenda (...) The goal has not changed ...

(Jan 01 2024) - Fired (ICU) Nurse - Gail Macrae - Blows The Whistle “EXPOSES MASS VACCINE DEATHS !!!
SANTA ROSA, CA. (www.SlayNews.com) -- A California nurse, who was fired for refusing to comply with her hospital’s vaccine mandate, has blown the whistle on MAJOR COVER-UP OF DEATHS related to Covid mRNA injections. California intensive care unit (ICU) nurse Gail Macrae is speaking out to WARN THE PUBLIC that they are being misled about the shots and the true number of Covid patients. Macrae is accusing the hospital where she worked of violating medical ethics.

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