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(Intro & Bio) - RIGHT To The End© with Pastor Randy Minnick :

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Grace and peace be multiplied unto you. I am Randy Minnick. Welcome to "Right To The End" a column that seeks to help enlighten and otherwise educate Americans regarding our nation, it's laws, and it's heritage. The aim is also to expose the perpetrators of darkness and evil in our land.

I'm a 62 year young married Christian minister/teacher and computer tech with a varied background. My history includes having been a professional salesman, police officer, heavy equipment operator, psychiatric technician, and paramedic. Other interests include ham radio (WA6IXI), computers, aviation, photography, and music.

The fact that I've been invited to contribute to the "Porterville Post" is an indicator that my heart pumps red, white, and blue. I believe that the Constitution is the law of the land and that it should be obeyed by all, period. Likewise, my loyalty is to my God, my family and my country.

(July 08 2016) - We Are Not "You Guys" ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- An Open Letter to Today's Youth : Young people, I'm not totally sure of all of the dynamics by which you were reared. However, it is obvious that they are not the same as when I was your age. I see you everywhere and watch you as you carry out your life on this earth with a mindless disregard for others but especially your elders. Am I trying to target you as though there were those of my generation who were not like you? Not at all. But, your generation is quite different in that there is a profound lack of understanding.

(May 07 2016) - Foreseeing Evil But not Insanity
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Our founding forefathers were a brilliant lot. Not one of them can be accused of being illiterate, without knowledge, without wisdom, without understanding, without common sense, or without at least an abiding interest in God and His ways. They crafted a constitution that was tailor made for a new united nation under God, one that could only stand if the values they cherished and codified were guarded with all vigilance. They worked as a unified and focused team to assemble a nation the likes of which had never before been seen upon the earth.

(Feb 06 2016) - One Nation Under Filth
PORTERVILLE, CA -- This writer can remember a time when it was entirely unacceptable to use colloquial and street language on television. It wasnt a matter of denying that such language existed or that good people didnt use it. It was a common sense attitude that recognized that children would be watching and listening. Folks knew that there was no need to defile them with such language or to purposely teach them how to perfect its use. It was understood that there was no positive result that could come from steeping our children day in and day out in such an environment.

(Dec 21 2015) - Change Everything Except What Appears
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Deceit is defined this way: A stratagem; a trick. The quality of being deceitful; falseness (http://www.yourdictionary.com). Since the early 1980s (when I began to be clobbered with the realities of politics), Ive noticed that politicians (and those with a political agenda) were neck-deep in deception. They would say something but that something was always as shrouded in lies and half-truths as the planet Jupiter is shrouded with gases. It was quite noticeable that, if there was a promise made, it simply never came to fruition.

(Nov 11 2015) - There Is Hope !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- I dont recall the exact program (its been a few years) but I do remember the incident. Liberal poster boy, Alan Dershowitz, and a particular right winger (whose name escapes me at the moment) were being interviewed on a talking-heads program of some kind on whatever news program. The guy on the right made a simple comment in passing concerning a person of color. Dershowitz went straight to the moon as if someone had uncorked a phosphorous grenade in his skivvies. Out of nowhere he scowled and growled, That was a racist remark! I was stunned because it was so far from a racist remark that it was ridiculous.
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