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»  (Jan 31 2008) - GOT JESUS ?
by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Porterville Post Editor

There comes a time in a person's life when he knows he's in over his head. Circumstances may have made taken a turn for the worst and without GOD's intervention ... you knew all may be lost.

For the most part everyone who finds his way - finds it because of his need to get out from under that circumstance and by reaching out to GOD. Instinctively he hopes there's someone out there in the great somewhere who will hear his prayer and come to the rescue.

And yet, most of us knew we were in hot water as we continued to ride-it-out. Our hearts were geared towards our selfish needs and desires. Even with many accomplishments, we were still miserable and didn't know why ? Our souls were lost to the quests and conquests which by design left most of us empty and void. "What profit a man if he gain the whole world and yet loose his soul".

So let's just cut to the chase. Our world is in a lot of hurt and so are the people. The pain of not knowing that all of your hard work and efforts to secure a good living actually lay's in the balance of others who control your job, money and way of life. It has caused you and yours, great anxiety.

It's time to face the facts. We are too close to Armageddon, WWIII, or the End of days. No one knows when it's all going to end but we can surely see the signs of the times and if you can't see it ... then you need to make a change TODAY !!!

GOD came in the person of JESUS CHRIST to make a way to redeem mankind. By ourselves we'll continue to mess our lives up and GOD knew this. Now you can argue that GOD's not real and it's just a religion for losers. However, those claims fall by the way-side once GOD's HOLY presence is revealed to that person.

If you're ready for GOD's presence and direction, consider this prayer ...

Dear LORD,

I humbly ask you to come into my life. I admit that I have sinned before you and many others. I believe that you sent JESUS CHRIST to die for the sins of the world and for me. I truly repent for my sins and behavior and ask for your forgiveness. From this day onward I ask that you guide and direct my path. I ask that you change my heart and my mind. And I pray this in JESUS CHRIST.

Welcome ... to the Kingdom of GOD !

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